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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

When the first live-action movie adaptation of CAPCOM's hit survival-horror franchise, Biohazard (Resident Evil) came out 15 years ago, fans worldwide have some mixed reactions upon witnessing the first five films from the first one to Retribution back in 2012. Some were pleased, some were thrilled, and some were disgusted that it doesn't feel like it came from the games. In Japan, watching these films made them want to forget about the games it based upon and focus mostly on the films because...let's be honest. It's more fun to live with it rather than play with it. And now, here it is, the final installment of the Resident Evil movies is here and this final hurrah will definitely end the RE films with a bang for a buck.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Action starlet Milla Jovovich reprises her badass role as Alice, the woman who used to work for the Umbrella Corporation turned into a bio-organic weapon in her own right in her bid to eradicate Umbrella in the face of the earth. In this final installment, the battle between the final traces of humanity against Umbrella is on its last legs and Alice returns to where the nightmare began - The Hive in the now derelict Raccoon City. As Umbrella prepares its final strike against the last remaining survivors of the dreaded T-Virus outbreak, how will Alice end the nightmare, even if it means to end herself by any means necessary.

Apart from Jovovich, the film brings back Ali Larter as Claire Redfield, Iain Glen as Dr. Alexander Isaacs, and Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker, as well as introducing Orange is the New Black's Ruby Rose as Abigail, The Night Shift's Eoin Macken as Doc, William Levy as Christian, Fraser James as Michael, and Japanese idol Rola as Cobalt.

All RE films look like they'll be more complicated to watch than any other zombie movies you're familiar with but they're not. They're basically hardcore and it doesn't really matter if you're not a big fan of the Biohazard films because for the non-fans, this film will let them go easy on them but for the longtime fans, this film will hit them with everything they got with familiar elements as seen on the games such as Claire's outfit as seen from Biohazard Revelations 2 as well as the awesome triple-barreled Hydra shotgun that packs a punch in lesser shells. How many references can you see in this final RE film? Not much but see if you care.

What made this film so amazing that Japan got their first dibs on this film last Christmas before the rest of the world grabbed their last hurrah and because it's a hit among Japanese moviegoers, people made them forget about...hmmm...well, you get the idea but not bad for their final hurrah.

It seems ashamed that we wave goodbye to the Resident Evil films with this Final Chapter that is absolutely brilliant but also completely useless.

My rating: 3.8 out of 5.

The Cute Wall (Volume Seventeen)

Now, the moment of truth is time because it's now time to do...THE CUTE WALL!


And look what I just got! It's the latest Yokai Watch sold at most toy stores in Japan. Although this is different from past Yokai Watch models, I can still summon one of my favorite Yokais as seen from the show.

Hold on there, shorty. Since when did you like Yokai Watch? I thought you're more of a Pokemon guy but now this?

Yeah. Can't believe this whole Yokai Watch thing is very relatable in real life.

Probably because of misdeeds and troublemakings like everyone else in the world does?

(audience laughing)

Well, honestly yes. That's why I love this show and would you like to see who's on the list today?

After you...


Is astronaut?

No. Well, you may call it but truth be told, that cute looking critter in the space suit is definitely a Yokai. It's USApyon.


Yes. See his name here? It's got an American taste to it because USApyon's one of the newly discovered American Yokais.

American Yokais?! You mean there's more than one place in this whole world that has been surrounded by troublemaking Yokais?!

Yeah. Although the USA in USApyon refers to the country of origin, the USA can also referred to "usagi" or bunny. Therefore, he's a rabbit or that's what I think it is.

Hate to break it to you but USApyon's not a rabbit but therefore he was basically a ferret who used to belonged to a renowned scientist before he died and became the Yokai we now known as USApyon. He's the partner of a young girl I don't know who is she but she was named as a certain Inaho Misora.

Yeah. Since this girl possesses the Yokai Watch U Prototype, that makes her an enemy or friend of Keita Amano (Nate Adams) and Jibanyan in the little game of who gets the most Yokai medals. Kinda like (mumbling).

(audience laughing)

Well, now that you get the idea but USApyon does have a clever catchphrase like a few Yokais know about. He keeps saying the "dani" word at the end of the sentence, much like "zura" for Komasan and Komajiro.

Apparently, USApyon likes to say it that way because it's in the character of being a cute Yokai in a space suit. Oh, and would you like to know what else USApyon can do?

Let me guess, can it fight?

I don't know but most say, when USApyon's mad, his helmet's gone in black smoke and red eyes popped up on his helmet. Then he shoots his laser gun!

(Pew! Pew! Pew!)

Aaaahhhh!!! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!

That's Vader Mode to you! USApyon Vader Mode!

(Pew! Pew! Pew!)

(Pew! Pew! Pew!)

(Pew! Pew! Pew!)


Stop shooting me, USApyon! I'll put you on the CUTE spot and you'll stop shooting me, okay?

(audience laughing, then applause)

Easy for you to say it. I got to say that USApyon really is a cute little space otter that you really don't really want him when he's angry.

I agree. Don't wanna hit by that thing, please.

(audience laughing)

Who do you have next?

Happierre and Dismarelda
Hey! They're...

Happierre and Dismarelda. Anyone who got enspirited by Dismarelda brings them bad vibes but when Happiere's here. He negates Dismarelda's bad vibes and things back to the way things were. Come to think of it, Dismarelda's always in a bad mood while Happierre is always the Yokai with good vibes.

Seems you did some homework here but what puzzles me about Dismarelda is she kinda reminds me of someone.

Someone like...



Anyway, because Dismarelda's giving me some bad vibes, I should sadly put her on NOT CUTE while Happierre can stay in CUTE...because he's cute when he keeps on smiling. I love his smile. Makes me want to stare at his face all day long.

(audience laughing)

Who else?


Who's this? I thought it was Jibanyan but he isn't. Apparently he's Jibanyan's American cousin.

Yes. He's Jibanyan's American cousin. His name is Tomnyan and...

Would you excuse me for a sec?

Anyway, like I said, he's Jibanyan's American cousin who loves to eat delicious sticks and plays a guitar. He's a cool cat who loves to say his catchphrase "meow" because he's as American as...

(gun cocks)

What are you doing?!

That ugly-looking cat's got to go.


That cat's hideous-looking and he has got to go. Stay away.

What are you talking about? Don't tell me...






Darn it! What are you you little kitty? This is the most powerful bio countermeasure weapon ever made. How come it doesn't work on Yokais like him?

Looks like your cool looking pistol didn't work on Yokais like Tomnyan, huh? Too bad.

(audience laughing)

Grrr....Gonna get another one.

(audience laughing)

Hmph. Never mind about that, care to tell where to put Tomnyan?

(audience murmuring)

Did I hear cute? Okay then. It's CUTE you go for Tomnyan!


KK Brothers


Are those Komasan and Komajiro's American cousins?!

Yes, you nincompoop. They are the KK Brothers. K. Koma and K. Jiro. They're like Komasan and Komajirou, only American and without the swirls, which is a shame for all of us. But on the bright side, you can still stare at those flaming spiraling bits on their forehead. Ooohh...



They glow just like Komasan and Komajirou's. Makes me want to stare at those flames for longer. Ooohhh....


Anyway, since they're Komasan and Komajirou's American cousins, they shared the same cuteness as the normal counterparts as well as their catchphrases only Little Miss Hanamaru would love.

As in...Zura?!

(audience laughing)

You talk just like them because you love these guys! I knew it!

Yeah. Yeah. I love Komasan, Komajirou, and the KK Brothers as much as Hanamaru Kunikida and I have to say let's put these KK Brothers to the CUTE spot where safe. But I wanna keep on staring on the flames on their forehead.

(audience laughing)

Speaking of which, why is there a bat hiding in the wall?

A bat? No. That's Yokai Hidabat, silly.


He's a shut-in who likes to live inside the closet most of the time and never goes out indefinitely. Which reminds me, are they any other people elsewhere who were shut-ins and hermits?

(audience laughing)

Most people aren't like Hidabat and if anyone got enspirited by Hidabat, they wouldn't leave inside their bedrooms for the rest of their lives.

(audience laughing)

But look at Hidabat. This Yokai looks and sounds so cute. Makes me want to hug Hidabat!

Really? Can you really hug a Yokai?

No. Not really. Getting close to a Yokai is like want to be inspirited by those.

(audience laughing)

Still, I want to place Hidabat on the CUTE spot where safe.

Safer than getting out, I dare say.

(audience laughing)



Excuse me, who's thingy?

Hey, you never met Manjimutt. He's a weird looking Yokai with some silly jokes to tell.

But he's a dog-man-dog...errr...whatever that is.

(police siren)

Wait, what? Excuse me?

(police chattering)

He broke out of jail? Again? For the thousandth time?!

Wow. He got out of jail more than almost anyone. Probably Nate kept summoning him. That's why.

(audience laughing)

Oh well. Better put him to SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE so he'll won't mind.

I heard that!

(audience laughing)

Got any more of your Yokai friends?! AHHH!


Who's that? A robot?!

Not just a robot. It's Robonyan. The robot cat from the future.

Robot cat from the future? I thought it was Doraemon.

Yeah but sadly Doraemon is so last century so they made a Yokai robot to get that title. So, Robonyan. What to like about Robonyan? Well, he's a can-do all robot that does all things like most robots do. Did I mention that he can make lots of chocobars coming out from his mouth?


Not just chocobars but he makes food straight from his metallic mouth.

Kind of unsanitary, eh? But no matter. I wish to eat some more mojos from last dinner.

(audience laughing)

He's a robot of many talents. He can become almost anyone using high-resolution 3D imaging because in the future, they don't copy. They become.


Hey. You know the worst-case scenario when robots took over the world and kill us all with their lasers and machine guns? Guess what? Did you know that robots can unleash chemical attacks as well?

(audience laughing)

Chemical attacks? Can robots do chemical attacks?

Simple, they release some sort of toxic gas from their butts.

(audience laughing)

Robonyan did farted when he got attacked by some big-butt-faced Yokai named Cheeksqueek. That, ladies and gents, is the future. Robots not only kill us all with their big weapons, they can also do chemical attacks from their butts! Beware!

(audience laughing)

Oh, and one more thing. See this cool looking weapon I got? It looks like it resembles by someone that goes "free wee for everyone".

(audience laughing)

Watch as I'm gonna do to Robonyan!



What did you do to Robonyan! Wait, what? Robonyan does like getting pierced by that...weapon?

Don't know. Robonyan says its either defragmentation or disk optimization but whatever that is, this is getting weird for him getting stabbed by the wee wee.

(audience laughing)

Still doing toilet jokes, hiuh? Anyway, enough doing stuff on Robonyan for now because with all his cool stuff and his endless array of gadgets in store for him, that's why I love this robotic Yokai, even though now he's been upgraded to a new and more powerful Robonyan F.

Robonyan F

What are you doing?!!

He looks cute when he got pierced by B3-NK1's weapon. Hey! I got it right about the name! But anyway, best to put him on CUTE because every time he gets pierced by B3-NK1's weapon, the more beautiful it gets.

(audience laughing)

You're sick, man. Sick as parrots.

Excuse me...who's that?!



(cheers and applause)

That's the legendary Yokai Shogunyan!

Legendary Yokai? There is such thing as Legendary Yokais?

What? Legendary Yokais are like Legendary Pokemon that you need to save the game first before getting them? Buddy, this is Yokai Watch. Not Pokemon. And Legendary Yokais require collecting specific Yokais to unlock them. Shogunyan is one of them.

But Shogunyan's like Jibanyan, only more powerful than him with his sword and armor. Wonder what else he can do?


Ahh! He's chopping the CUTE WALL! Everybody get out!



Remind me not to bring a Legendary Yokai who likes to cut down everything without knowing.

Sorry about that. It's a shame to bring a Legendary Yokai like Shogunyan.

So, to clean up the mess he made, he should be in SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE. End of discussion.

(audience laughing)

Look. Enough Yokai for now. Let's put something different or we'll end up like this again. I'll be on the bathroom break. Be right back, okay?

Okay. Now, enough about Yokais for later and move on to other stuff because who else to like than Pokemon Sun and Moon's Mimikyu and Mareanie?



They're one of my favorite Pokemon to play in Sun and Moon and love their battle styles. Because Mimikyu's Disguise ability is like giving me one free turn of no hit, it gave me the chance to boost its attack power and then deliver a devastating blow. What I like about Mareanie is its Merciless ability that delivers a critical hit on poisoned opponents. Just imagine delivering the Acid Downpour Z-Move on the opponent that was poisoned by the Toxic attack. That's how I like them. They're cool...




What did I tell you about putting bad guys on the wall? Put it on SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE or I'll blow your head off.


They're Team Rocket stuff. Jessie has a Mimikyu, James has a Mareanie. And these bad guys belong to the SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE spot. Come on. Don't make me do this.

Okay, okay.... Sheesh...

(audience laughing)


Nico Yazawa
Takane Shijou
Azusa Miura
Makoto Kikuchi
Anzu Futaba
Touma Amagase
Shota Mitarai
Hokuto Ijuin
Teru Tendo
Kaoru Sakuraba
Tsubasa Kashikawa
Kyouji Takajou
Minori Watanabe
Kyosuke Aoi
Yusuke Aoi
Shiki Iseya
Haruna Wakazato
Hayato Akiyama
Jun Fuyumi
Natsuki Sakaki
Rui Maita
Chio Hazama
Jiro Yamashita
Jill Valentine
Rebecca Chambers
Claire Redfield
Ada Wong
Ashley Graham
Sheva Alomar
Helena Harper
Sherry Birkin
Moira Burton
Natalia Korda
Miyabi Fujiwara
Risa Shirakaba
Rin Kurosawa
Mia Fey
Rayfa Padma Khura'in
Yoshiko Tsushima
Sion Todo
Aroma Kurosu
Hibiki Shikyoin
Ako Saotome
Yuri Katsuki
Victor Nikiforov
Chiri Tsukikawa
Lori Loud
Lucy Loud
Lola Loud

Rin Hoshizora
Hibiki Ganaha
Minami Nitta
Ranko Kanzaki
Miku Maekawa
Sumire Hikami
Juri Kurebayashi
Nono Daichi
Hime Shiratori
Tsubasa Kisaragi
Yuzu Nikaido
Yozora Kasumi
Maya Fey
Pearl Fey
Ema Skye
Trucy Wright
Kay Faraday
Athena Cykes
Mirai Kasuga
Shizuka Mogami
Tsubasa Ibuki
Shiho Kitazawa
Umi Kousaka
Megumi Tokoro
Yuriko Nanao
Serika Hakozaki
Anna Mochizuki
Kana Yabuki
Nao Yokoyama
Riko Sakurauchi
Dia Kurosawa
Mikan Shiratama
Mahiru Kasumi
Lily Shirogane
Pepper Taiyou
Lynn Loud
Lana Loud

Tunip the Vegimal
Queen Delightful
Serena's Pancham
Umi Sonoda
Eli Ayase
Hanayo Koizumi
Maki Nishikino
Nozomi Tojo
Miki Hoshii
Yukiho Hagiwara
Iori Minase
Ritsuko Akizuki
Kanako Mimura
Chieri Ogata
Miria Akagi
Rika Jougasaki
Kirari Moroboshi
Riina Tada
Rin Shibuya
Mio Honda
Ice Bear
Hinaki Shinjo
Madoka Amahana
Kokone Kurisu
Nina Dojima
Yume Njino
Rola Sakuraba
Laala Manaka
You Watanabe
Kanan Matsuura
Ruby Kurosawa
Hanamaru Kunikida
Mari Ohara
Sophy Hojo
Dorothy West
Reona West
Fuwari Midorikaze
Koharu Nanakura
Non Manaka
Lincoln Loud
Leni Loud
Luna Loud
Lisa Loud
Lily Loud
*K. Koma
*K. Jiro
*Robonyan F

Doc McStuffins
Mabel Pines
Star Butterfly
Honoka Kousaka
Kotori Minami
Haruka Amami
Yayoi Takatsuki
Chihaya Kisaragi
Ami Futami
Mami Futami
Uzuki Shimamura
Ichigo Hoshimiya
Aoi Kiriya
Ran Shibuki
Akari Ozora
Chika Takami
Mirei Minami
Luan Loud

Bubble Gang - January 27, 2017 #BGEmperor

On the January 27, 2017 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Emperor gags

- Behold, a special kind of camera unlike any other!

- The dancing cop

- Meet your friendly biker in town, Go! Go! Pareng Roger!

- The trouble of accessing your favorite website.

- Mas Pinabonggang Sumbong Sumbong Kay Bonggang Bongbong takes on taking vids of men touching women on public places, selfies in inappropriate places, and people posting pics at Facebook and comment if they didn't like it.

- Angry men protesting against ban on porn.

- Breaking up is really a hard thing to do...

- Dealing with the man who's lost in translation...badly.

- Basa-basa pik!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: The Last V12 SUV on Earth

The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG is definitely the last V12 SUV in the face of planet Earth. Sure, there are a few 12-cylinder SUVs roaring around the badlands like a Yeatsian beast but this is the one and only SUV in its existence to have a V12 engine on it, therefore its an endangered species that's going to face total extinction for many years to come...just a bit.

It has a 6.0L V12 twin-turbo engine mated with an AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G‑TRONIC automatic transmission system, which is unorthodox for a V12-powered AMG but with the rise of nine-speed gearboxes on the AMG stable, feels like this setup won't be there for long and any hope to see a V12 AMG car with a nine-speed gearbox on it is long gone because AMG won't be making that kind of setup until further notice. 

Cars like the AMG S65, the AMG SL65, and this one are the last of the breeds using this particular setup and while on the subject of The Last V12 SUV on Earth, this Yeatsian beast needs some bucket lists to be filled in before its imminent demise in the not too distant future and yes, we are going to miss this roar of the heavyweight AMG SUV when its gone for good...for a moment in time.

Before this Last V12 SUV on Earth face its untimely fate soon, time to give this heavyweight the moment to shine at the Australian Outback and this will be the moment this G-Wagen will never forget.

Like the last of the Aka-Bo speakers that perished years ago, the age of the V12 SUV will soon be too, although there is a twelve-cylinder SUV out there roaming in style but the engine is different from what the Merc possess and no matter the outcome, it will still be respected elsewhere from petrolheads everywhere as The Last V12 SUV of Earth. It may not be friendly to endangered species, I dare say, but the more I enjoy driving the G65 AMG, the better the experience will be for a mammoth driving like there's no tomorrow.

Thanks for the memories, G65 AMG. I will surely miss your V12 engine in your big body when your gone very soon.

The Grand Tour - Episode 12

The Grand Tour Episode 12

SUVs are the main topic of this week's episode of Amazon's original series, The Grand Tour. In this episode, the trio are setting off to Germany to see which SUV is the best. James May believes that it's the expensive and the most powerful SUV ever made, the Bentley Bentayga, while Jeremy Clarkson thinks it's the Range Rover, and Richard Hammond knows that it's the less powerful but more affordable Jaguar F-Pace.

The trio settled their difference through a road trip through German cities, including the one with the F-bomb on it, and it all ends with an offroad race in the outskirts of Nuremberg.

Before that, Jeremy Clarkson's at the Eboladrome, killing animals with Lexus's high performance four-door saloon, the GS F, film extraordinaire Tim Burton is the latest celebrity victim to be succumbed to the show's Celebrity Braincrash, and a life in a day of a car with launch control.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations are a threat

South Korea's defense minister Han Min-koo says that North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations are a direct threat to the nation. 

This statement comes following North Korea's preparation to launch a long-range missile. Han visited the missile base in Seoul on Friday to encourage soldiers in the New Year holidays. During his visit, Han emphasized that North Korea's provocations are a direct threat to the country as it continues to develop nuclear and ICBMs so its troops need to be prepared for more threats. South Korea's defense ministry says that there are signs that North Korea is preparing for an ICBM launch.

Meanwhile, three officials from Ewha Women's University appeared before the independent counsel's office on Friday for allegedly providing favors to the daughter of Choi Soon-sil, whose behind the South Korean presidential scandal. Four officials have been detained on allegations that the university gave undue favors to Choi's daughter.

Source: Arirang News

Let's Do The News! (January 27, 2017)

- In the Jee Ick Joo murder case, the owner of Gream Funeral Services where the body of the abducted Korean businessman was brought, clarified the alleged cremation of the victim's body. Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre presented funeral service owner Gerardo Santiago to the press. Santiago once disappeared in the middle of the issue of the murder of the Korean businessman after the funeral service was revealed and then returned home from Canada due to alleged death threats according to Aguirre comes from two groups who want to kill him.

- PNP Chief Director General Ronald "Bato" Dela rosa admitted that they failed to conduct a full lifestyle check on SP03 Ricky Sta. Isabel when they accepted him at the Anti-Illegal Drugs Group. Dela Rosa said that the process was skipped due to Sta. Isabel being recommended by Superintendent Rafael Dumlao, who was incidentally part of the Jeek Ick Joo murder case.

- Following the said murder case, President Rodrigo Duterte issues an apology to South Koreans. During his speech at the ground breaking ceremony of a power plant in Maasin, Leyte, Duterte vowed he will put whose responsible for this crime to justice.

- In response to a major assault by a powerful jihadist group, the major Syrian Islamist rebel group Ahrar al-Sham said that six other factions joined forces with it in northwestern Syria. Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly allied with al Qaeda as the Nusra Front, launched the attack on a number of Free Syrian Army groups this week, accusing them of conspiring against it at peace talks in Kazakhstan this week.

- White House officials are proposing higher taxes to help pay for US President Donald Trump's plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, according to reports. Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Thursday that the White House will propose a 20-percent tax on products from countries that the US has a trade deficit with. He said that the administration is considering discussing the specifics with Republican lawmakers. This comment comes following Trump's idea of pushing for tax reforms on Mexican imports to pay for the cost of building the wall.

- A US magazine moved the minute hand of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock to 2 and a half minutes from midnight, thirty seconds less than few years ago, warning people are close to end civilization with nuclear weapons, climate change, and other factors. This warning comes as the United States and Russia remained at odds in a variety of theaters, including Syria, as well as North Korea's repeated nuclear tests.

- Russian President Vladimir Putin vows to export the latest MiG fighter jets to other countries. Putin observed flight tests of the MiG-35 fighter conducted on the outskirts of Moscow on Thursday by video link. The latest model is reported equipped with a missile system capable of hitting both land or sea targets from outside the enemy air-defense system. Putin stressed that it will help markedly boost the Russian air force.

- British PM Theresa May expressed hope to further strengthen bilateral ties with the United States. May is visiting the US to hold talks with President Donald Trump in Washington on Friday, making it the first summit talks for the new US president since last week's inauguration. May told groups of Republicans in Pennsylvania that the two countries shared the same values of freedom and democracy, stating that they will enjoy a special relationship which must be renewed for a new age.

- Codemasters announced that Dirt 4, the latest installment of the Dirt rally racing series, will launch this June for PS4, XBOX One, and PC.

- The same upgrades from the Aston Martin Vanquish S, now in the new open-top Volante version.

2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S


Volvo V90 Cross Country

When Volvo brought back the V90 estate, which is based on the revived S90 flagship saloon, the Swedish car company want to do more with their recently revived flagship estate by giving it some crossover essentials that is deemed unnecessary for a wagon like this but because the future is becoming more crossover-prone than any other type of car, it succumbs itself into a crossover utility wagon that is the closest thing as you can get from the XC90 SUV.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country

The Volvo V90 Cross Country is a V90 estate for those who are all work and all play; those who spend their office work on weekdays, then going out on the great outdoors on weekends, day offs, and holidays, rain or shine, day or night. It maybe a crossover with some heightened ground clearance to make it look rough but underneath, this is still the same V90 as we know it, the same flagship estate Volvo the upperclassmen have gone for due to its advanced technology that does not copy but becomes one.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country
2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country interior

Of course, being a V90 with some rough look on the outside, you still expect the same interior you'd expect from a normal V90. You still have a lot of toys to fiddle with on the dashboard, the same five-seater layout with the rear legroom well accommodated for a wagon with 5-Series standards in terms of luxury, the same spacious boot space that accommodates from 560 to 1,526L of luggage, and overall, it's a well-balanced tourer fit for any lifestyle from suburban to outdoors, from city streets to countrysides.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country
A wide selection of 2.0L petrol and diesel engines are offered on the Cross Country variant, mated with either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic. The most powerful in the range is the T6 version with 320PS of power and 400Nm of torque. It does 0-100kph in 6.3 seconds and onwards to 230kph. Try that on your Outback, mate.

Because all models are fitted standard with all-wheel drive, the V90 Cross Country is fit for any kinds of road conditions that are shifted from climate change time after time and no matter which road condition you're going on, for better and for worse, rest assured that this Volvo is a fitting take on nature's madness and above all, it's armed to the teeth with Volvo's cutting edge safety tech courtesy of Pilot Assist, the most advanced standard safety package on the market today and it makes good use of its sensors, camera, front radar, and autonomous emergency braking for collision prevention. Nothing says as prepared as boy scouts camping on the haunted woods in extreme conditions.

The Volvo V90 Cross Country starts at 378,000 Kr (around Php 2,130,000), which sounds more costly to own than a normal V90 estate but more affordable to own than the XC90 SUV, which makes it as close as you can get from that Swedish behemoth. Although some remain unappreciated that the V90 ended up on the growing list of cars getting crossovered but in times of nature's madness, some find no other choice than be alongside the Volvo that gets through the extra mile than any other estates elsewhere. The more they know, the better they'll be accommodated with this Volvo that fits well on any weather forecast now and almost forever.

Photo: Volvo Cars

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Let's Do The News! (January 26, 2017)

- Senator Leila de Lima said that the CCTV footage provided by the Philippine National Police failed to show SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel involved in the Jee Ick Joo murder case. PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group director Senior Superintendent Glenn Dumlao showed series of CCTV footage exhibiting the supposed vehicle of Sta. ISable used to kidnap Jee in his Pampanga residence.

- Former President Benigno Aquino III explained that the PNP Special Action Force was sent on a covert mission in Mamasapano, Maguindanao two years ago. In his speech in Malacañang during the meeting with the families of the slain SAF members on Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte questioned why SAF commandos were sent on  Mamasapano operation in January 2015 when "SAF is organized and geared into the service to meet the challenges of urban terrorism."

- A group of environmental NGOs expressed concern over the proposed move to repeal the Mining Act of 1995. The Philippine Business for Environmental Stewardship said that the House of Representatives committee on natural sources has started conducting technical working group meetings to replace it with Alternative Mining Bills.

- Reports told that US President Donald Trump will restrict nationals from certain Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States as well as temporarily deny entrance to refugees from all over the world. Trump will temporarily ban visitors from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, or Yemen via an executive order as well as temporarily halt the country's refugee program.

- The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram had used a woman with a baby on her back for a suicide attack in Nigeria, according to UN officials. On January 13th, women carrying explosives blew themselves up near a security checkpoint at a market in the northeastern Nigerian town of Madagali.

- Skoda adds the Scout variant of their newly launched Kodiaq midsize SUV, set for March's Geneva Motor Show premiere.

2018 Skoda Kodiaq
- The Ford Mustang fails the ANCAP safety test due to its lack of safety assist systems and underlining airbags, resulting to a poor result at the crash test.

- Aikatsu Stars gets renewed for a second season with two brand new characters coming soon at this latest season such as Elza Forte and Kirara Hanazono. In this new season, the Yotsuboshi Academy will be facing a stiff competition from a rival school known as Venus Ark, a school that is basically an onboard cruise ship and that's where the two new characters popped up, giving more challenge for Yume Nijino and the rest.

- Popular K-Pop Girl Group Wonder Girls will be officially disbanded after ten years and they will be releasing their final digital single in honor of their 10th anniversary.


BIOHAZARD 7 -resident evil-

For two decades, CAPCOM's Biohazard (Resident Evil) franchise first coined the survival horror craze and forever plagued millions of players worldwide with its puzzle-solving, gut-wrenching, fear-induced, choice-making, gameplay that will leave them traumatized at the end but only a select few wanted for more. At last, in honor of the series' 20th anniversary, the long-awaited installment has arrived on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, as Biohazard 7 -resident evil- welcomes players to a new kind of fear they will never forget.

BIOHAZARD 7 -resident evil-
Grotesque Ver. (PS4)

BIOHAZARD 7 -resident evil-
Grotesque Ver. (XBOX One)

Biohazard 7 brings players to abandoned farmhouse in a fictional village somewhere in Louisiana. Upon receiving a message from a woman named Mia, Ethan Winters set off to this abandoned mansion to find her. Upon their reunion, things turned out to be bad during their escape until the unwelcome arrival of the Baker family dragged him down to this very hell he set foot. Now trapped under the grips of the Bakers, Ethan has to do whatever means necessary to escape from them and find out the truth.

One of the biggest changes in Biohazard 7 is it now sets in first-person perspective, giving your eyes a taste of fear you might come across room after room after room. Because the gameplay pays homage to the first game, there are some puzzle-solving mysteries to uncover as well as dealing with enemies in a fight-or-flight situations, not to mention stealth in case of...the Bakers sniffing you out. Throughout this place, you will encounter those monsters known as the "Molded", and how you deal with those creepy looking monsters is up to you because with ammo is scarce (as well as health items), fighting them isn't the only way.

Thanks to its RE ENGINE, Biohazard 7 features a larger than life graphics that even your 4K Ultra HD can appreciate its liveliness of this horror game and for those who have the PSVR, playing this game in VR mode is a very nightmarish experience. Here's hoping you'll survive trying to finish this game while you're wearing the PlayStation VR.

Apart from the traumatic fear it delivers, Biohazard 7 has some surprises in store for the gamers, not to mention the possible endings they might come across. Even though they beat the game, some brave-hearted few willing to come back for more will brace themselves for DLC content coming later this year, from Banned Footages to the additional "NOT A HERO" scenario.

Although this isn't as action-packed as fans hoped for from past installments, those looking for fear in the right angles really dared enough to play this new installment and find out for themselves as this game lives up to the survival horror fame. As a matter of fact, this game not only is terrifying, it's VERY punishing and not for the faint-hearted because with so much fear popping out by surprise, you would definitely not want to play that game in the middle of nightfall or when you have the urge to go for a bathroom break.

This is definitely one way of honoring two decades of Biohazard in the most terrifying manner they ever done for the players who demanded more.

"Welcome to the Family, son."

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let's Do The News! (January 25, 2017)

- The family of executed overseas Filipino worker Jakatia Pawa grieved as news flashed on television of her death Wednesday. Jakatia was sentenced to death by a Kuwait court seven years ago for allegedly killing her employer’s 22-year-old daughter.

- With the rising number of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno on Wednesday said that the Philippines’ plunge in the World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index is no longer surprising. Sereno cited that the Philippines’ rank in the WJP Rule of Law Index released last October, went down from 51 in 2015 to 70 in 2016.

- President Rodrigo Duterte asked the public to ignore his outbursts as he expressed hopes that the Catholic Church would "come to terms with the truth." Duterte said there are things that the Church has to realize, including the plight of the poor.

- The Israeli government plans to build 2,500 settlement homes in the occupied West Bank. The city of Jerusalem also approved a plan on Sunday to build about 560 housing units in East Jerusalem.

- US President Donald Trump asked the chief executives of the country's top automakers to help create jobs at home. He explained his efforts to cut taxes and ease regulations, and strongly urged the automakers to build their plants in the US.

- The Russian government announced that they will not take part in the upcoming UN negotiation talks for a nuclear ban treaty. The Russian envoy said this is not a matter that should be decided by a majority vote. The envoy also said the decision ignores the international security environment based on nuclear deterrence.

- Sumo wrestler Kisenosato has become the first Japan-born wrestler in 19 years to be promoted to the highest rank of Yokozuna, or Grand Champion. Kisenosato won the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament which ended on Sunday.

- Did you know that the new Ford GT's 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine produces 638bhp at 6,250rpm, and 550lb-ft at 5900rpm?

- The Pokemon Bank app has now been updated with Sun and Moon compatibility. That means you can transfer your hardworked Pokemon from past titles to Sun and Moon. As a bonus, players will receive a special Mewnium Z to unleash Mew's brand new Z-move, Genesis Supernova.




Launched since late last year, THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution is one of the launch titles for the PlayStationVR for the PS4 console and in their first VR outing, in collaboration with Maihama Amphitheater,  fans can enjoy live concerts of their favorite Cinderella Girls at the comfort at their own living room using the PlayStationVR. Although sacrilege by iM@S purists, most would say its a dream come true to jump into the new kind of Cinderella Girls experience and as a reward for becoming part of the Viewing Revolution, there's a new single featuring the theme song of the PSVR launch game.

Yes! Party Time!! is the theme song of THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution and in this CD, not only the game's theme song is featured but also two songs as heard in the game such as GOIN'!!!, and アタシポンコツアンドロイド. If you enjoyed these songs in the Viewing Revolution game, you can listen these songs with your own ears rather than your own eyes. Still, it's all part of the Cinderella Girls craze you and I are currently craving on if you're in the mood for all things iM@S.

1) Yes! Party Time!!(M@STER VERSION) 
2) GOIN’!!!
3) アタシポンコツアンドロイド
4) Yes! Party Time!!(M@STER VERSION) オリジナル・カラオケ
5) Yes! Party Time!!(VR VERSION)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let's Do The News! (January 24, 2017)

- The Jee Ick Joo murder case is far from being resolved three months after his kidnapping and apparent murder, and the recent arrest of one of the prime suspects in the case. A commotion even ensued last week at the NBI HQ in Manila, when the wife of Senior Police Officer 3 Ricky Sta. Isabel, who is being accused as a key figure in Jee’s kidnap-slay, saw that one of the police officers taking him into police custody was someone he had mentioned in his affidavit.

- Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre still has a lot of explaining to do about the fifty million peso bribery scandal involving his former officials at the Bureau of Immigration, senators said at the start of the senate inquiry into the issue yesterday. The possibility of his involvement came out during the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing where former officials gave conflicting statements on how they got hold of the fifty million pesos from retired police general Wally Sombero.

- President Rodrigo Duterte compared himself to his newly American counterpart, Donald Trump, when it comes to his attitude, but he believes that Trump should not be underestimated. The two latest leaders both use tortured metaphors and known for their harsh comments, among other characteristics. Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, who attended Trump's inauguration last weekend, said Trump's protectionist stance is similar to Duterte's independent foreign policy.

- Meanwhile, the Trump administration vows to defend territories that are in international waters, including the South China Sea issue. Responding to a question about China's claims over islands in the disputed area, press secretary Sean Spicer says that "we are going to make sure we defend international territories." Apart from that, President Trump signed a presidential memorandum formally withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, as promised from his campaign, then providing military assistance to Egypt.

- The World Health Organization warned nations to keep an eye on outbreaks of bird flu, stressing that fresh infections have been reported in birds in nearly forty countries since November.  According to WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in poultry or wild birds have shown a steep increase. She said the WHO has been put on high alert by the rapid geographical expansion of the outbreaks and the number of virus strains currently co-circulating.

-  Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto vowed that his country will neither confront or submit to the United States under the Trump leadership. Pena Nieto was speaking before business and political leaders in Mexico City on Monday against a backdrop of US President Donald Trump's high profile criticism of his country. Pena Nieto said "the solution is dialogue and negotiation" while pledging to protect national interests and not yield to criticism from the United States.

- Bernie Ecclestone was reportedly removed from his position as the head of Formula One following leadership shuffle planned by the new owners of F1. Liberty Media. He will be replaced by Chase Carey, who was appointed F1 chairman after the Liberty Media deal. Apart from that, F1 veteran Ross Brawn and former ESPN marketing executive Sean Bratches will have an undetermined post in the F1 executive structure.

- Action star, former Republican California governor, and reality TV show host Arnold Schwarzenegger collaborated with an Austrian company Kreisel Electric to create an electrified Mercedes G-Class SUV during an event in Kitzbuehel. He even took a test drive of this electrified G-Wagen as well as orchestrated it for Kreisel to install the electric powertrain, resulting to a electric hunk of metal with 186 miles of driving range.

- Fans of THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls should take a look at this brand new Full Swing Yell Yuki Himekawa figure courtesy of Kotobukiya. This brand new figure is yours to order for 11,000 Yen plus tax and will be delivered this June.

Full Swing Yell
Yuki Himekawa

- For Love Live Sunshine fans, there's the new Riko Sakurauchi figma, available for pre-orders starting at 5,833 Yen plus tax and delivers this July. This is the second addition to the new Love Live Sunshine figma range starting with Chika Takami and there will be more to come soon.

figma Riko Sakurauchi

- Tekken 7 will be heading to PS4 and XBOX One this June 1st and for PC users (via Steam) on the next day. This latest installment features console-exclusive extras such as "The Mishima Saga" Story Mode, as well as bonus extras including a special code to unlock Eliza as well as special Fated Retribution accessories for your favorite fighters.

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