Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Orphan Black finale

BBC America's sensational TV series, Orphan Black, is all about a show having too many versions of actress Tatiana Maslany herself and because of such uniqueness, it garnered a whole bunch of fans known to themselves as #CloneClub, and for five seasons, this show is all about Sarah Manning seeking for answers about herself while stopping a scientific conspiracy that will forever change not just her life but the clones around her. And now, here we are, the series finale that will make us miss this show a lot while remembering all the moments the #CloneClub has done for the fans.

Orphan Black finale
Word of warning, folks. Watch the episode first before coming back because of, ahem, the s-word.

Anyway, the finale picks up where last week's episode left off, as Sarah Manning is on a race against time to save her sestra Helena and put a stop to John Westmorland, the "father" of the Project Leda clones, once and for all. As the rescue mission escalates to tensioning heights, Helena's about to go into labour while they're on the run from John and Virginia Coady. As Sarah met up with Detective Art Bell while searching for Helena, Helena was caught by Coady and when Art found her, he was caught by Coady as well while telling him to do something on Helena until Helena killed Coady with a screwdriver Sarah gave to her for self-defense. With Coady dead, Sarah makes her final showdown against John and following her blind shots, John suffocated her but she survived and Sarah killed John once and for all. With both dead, Sarah returns to Helena and Art and after several flashbacks, Helena gave birth to the twins.

In the aftermath, the Clone Club's lives are back to normal, but not for Sarah who still can't cope up with the loss of her foster mother, Mrs. S. In the Hendrix residence, where Helena and her babies are also living with Donnie and Alison, Donnie meets up with Helena and her babies while he and Alison are getting ready for the baby shower. Cosima, meanwhile, still piecing up some info about the remaining Project Leda clones and one such discovery is a Colombian clone named Camille.

Later, Helena finally had the baby shower she dreamt for, in a nod from a Season 3 opener, only this time, everybody's in the party, until the arrival of Sarah, who refused to take the scholarship exam and tries to hide the truth from everyone else. After the party, Sarah's in the patio, alone, while the rest of the Clone Club come together to tell their secrets. Felix, meanwhile, met up with Rachel outside the Hendrix residence and she talked to Felix about what's next for her following the aftermath. Before Rachel left, she gave Felix a little something to show for the Clone Club; a complete list of Project Leda clones.

Following the revelation, the Clone Club are back to the way things were and that concludes the story of Orphan Black. We hope you had fun watching a thrilling, yet enjoyable, sci-fi drama series about her having several copies of herself and like you and I, we've enjoyed this show from the beginning to the very end. The show may be well and truly over, but the spirit of the #CloneClub lives on to the hearts of fans.

#CloneClub forever!!!!

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