Wednesday, July 12, 2017

FH3 Hot Wheels: PRIME Day

It's Prime Day and what better way to honor such a day of whatever that means to online shoppers than taking a spin round Hot Wheels Thrilltopia with some of the feral machines known to many, those that rev themselves to the prime meridian of their lives and whether if its against the likes of a HALO jumper, a mid-engined sportscar, or just for the fun of it, these prime specimens are all about business and leisure without compromise.

These are the prime specimens in question; the original Ford F-150 SVT Raptor with its 6.2L V8 engine, the 250HP Renaultsport Megane which is questionably the last three-door Renaultsport Megane in history as its replacement will be available as a five-door only, and the track-only finale of the legendary Pagani Zonda, the Zonda R.

Those three machines are humming to the sounds of the prime and despite being different in every tangible way, they are always in sync to the prime of their lives as they are proud to do whatever they want. The Raptor, for instance, once raced a HALO jumper and lost, the Megane once raced a mid-engined German roadster and lost, and the Zonda R, well, it tries to impress the driver with everything at its disposal. No matter the situation, the song of prime is what kept these machines alive for the prime of their lives as they enjoy their most insane races of their lives.

Since this is Prime Day, the Raptor, the Megane, and the Zonda are ready for their most insane race of their lives once more but first...

These prime specimens have been given improvements to survive Hot Wheels Thrilltopia. The Zonda R has became an inch replica of the Zonda Revolucion. The F-150 SVT Raptor became the Velociraptor by Hennessey. And the Megane RS250 became the Megane RS N4. The Revolucion replica is my idea while the Velociraptor and the Megane N4 are borrowed from a well-known expert in replicas. Guess I should give them credit after this. Anyway, with all set, these heavy beasts are ready for the prime of their lives as they are facing against a jurassic menace lying beneath the Hot Wheels tracks like bats out of hell.

This is exactly why they called PRIME Day because these prime specimens enjoyed the most insane races of their lives and even though their races are very dangerous, they feel like it should be like this all day. How's that for an epic soundtrack? From Arizona to Rockingham, this is business and leisure without compromise. This is PRIME and they are all made for their most insane moments in the prime of their lives.

Speaking of which, the Hot Wheels Goliath Circuit event's opened for business and looks like we'll end this note right here as I'm going to prepare the most insane race in my life right here in Thrilltopia. Until then, the journey continues...

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