Sunday, July 16, 2017

FH3 Hot Wheels: The Big Finish!

If you get up to 100 medals during your Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels adventure, you'll have access to the biggest Hot Wheels experience ever witnessed, which is none other than the Hot Wheels Goliath event. This event serves as the ultimate challenge where their insane driving experience they felt at the Hot Wheels Thrilltopia will be heavily tested in this ultimate rollercoaster ride where one single mistake will spell disaster for the driver.

For this final challenge at the Thrilltopia, I've selected FH3 Hot Wheel's hero car, the legendary Twin Mill, one of the most iconic Hot Wheels toy cars ever made, and because this is the hero car of FH3 Hot Wheels, there's a saying; Where it all began, where it all will end.

Of course, most of you saying there is no way your Twin Mill hero will survive Hot Wheels Goliath because this is an S2-class race and this car's S1-class and even if it tweaked to meet its regulations, there's no way it can take on powerful opponents. There will be Regeras, FXXKs, and Huayra BCs hounding on my backs like thieves at night and I understand that but this is the hero car so let the hero car win just once, ok? Let heroes finish what they started and that's my point.

Some folks are right though because even though it possesses almost a thousand and a half horses from its twin engines bolted at the front, it feels very heavy to handle and in this extreme circuit event, there is an extremely high chance that the Twin Mill will end up on a major slippage or fall on the ramp because of some jerk doing big miscalculations on where he will launch his favorite hero car at. But no matter the risk, I want to do this for the honor of Hot Wheels and nothing's going to stop me from giving a proper sendoff to the Hot Wheels Thrilltopia.

Without further ado, here goes...

After so much mud, sweat, and gears later, I finally did it! I finally owned the HW Goliath with the hero car and man, looks like I don't want to do that thing again unless I need a much suitable fast car for this task.

So, I finally conquered some of the extreme tracks on the rest of Horizon Australia. In the main campaign, I took down the Goliath Circuit with the Centenario. In Blizzard Mountain, I won the Kingmaker to claim the Ford Focus RX from Gymkhana 9, and now, I have beaten the Hot Wheels Goliath with the Twin Mill. It's all in the heroes' line of duty; finish what they have started.

Now that I finished the extremes, what's next? Well, we got a lot of mess to clean this up after all these tough challenges because even though I braved through the toughest, the journey's not yet over because there are plenty of leftovers around Horizon Australia, Blizzard Mountain, and Thrilltopia that need to be cleaned. I guess it's all up to me now but if I have some impressions about the cars I'm driving, I'm free to do so, but in the meantime, the journey continues...

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