Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doctor Who S10E05

Doctor Who S10E05

The recent episode of Doctor Who Series 10 left the viewers literally breathless over the sudden twists and turns this episode truly delivers.

Titled "Oxygen", The Doctor and his allies, Bill Potts and his right-hand man Nardole, ventured through a mysterious space station that is swarming with zombie-like victims in spacesuits that uses artificial intelligence that monitors their conditions. With every breath counts, the trio must survive the infested space station and search for survivors while committing the ultimate sacrifice where the difference between life and death has been blurred.

That was quite a twist and not only they left them breathless but also sightless as well knowing the risky sacrifices The Doctor pulled one off to make sure things go smoothly in times of desperate measures.

After we got our minds blown from the recent episode, here's what they say about "Oxygen" in the recent DW Fan Show webcast.


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