Monday, April 17, 2017

Top Gear S24E06

Top Gear S24E06

The highlight of the sixth episode of the 24th series of Top Gear sees Chris Harris and Rory Reid embark on their first-ever Cuban adventure. With Harris in the Maserati BiTurbo and Reid's in the Chevy Camaro, the two set off in a Latin American country to explore more about the rich automotive culture and history of Cuba that dates back to the Bay of Pigs Invasion that changed everything about car ownership in Cuba.

Meanwhile, Matt LeBlanc's left behind in the Top Gear Test Track to demonstrate Mercedes-AMG's newest track toy, the more potent AMG GT R.

Then, Ross Noble returns to the show to talk about cars, toying around with heavy machinery alongside LeBlanc, and above all, set a lap time in a Reasonably Fast Car.

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