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This is Sony's foray to the future of virtual reality gaming at the comfort of everyone's home and this will be the hallmark to the history of video gaming as far as anyone can see to it. Welcome everyone to the brand new PlayStation VR, which is basically a PS4-compatible hardware that requires complex installation that will take hours to set it up from scratch.

If by complex, care to read the instruction manual first? If you read it completely, you will see how much do you need to connect this new thing to your PS4. For a gaming system with a starting price of 44,980 Yen plus tax, perhaps you're going to need more because to deliver the best experience out of the PSVR, you'll gonna need a PlayStation Camera and a PlayStation Move accessory to deliver the best out of the PS VR because there are some games that require those kind of mechanism. That's gonna cost you your monthly payday from work, if you know what I mean?

Sure, I don't want to make this long but for starters, here's how to use it. Inside, there's a Processor Unit, USB Cable, AC adaptor, stereo headphones, HDMI cable, AC power cord, VR Headset connection cable, the PS Camera (if you bought the bundle for 49,980 Yen plus tax), and the PS VR. Of course, the PS Camera is required to do so and to attach the PS VR on your PS4, first disconnect the HDMI cable from the PS4 connected on the TV (HD or 4K preferably) to the Processor Unit. Then, attach the HDMI to both the PS4 and the processor unit. Next, attach the USB cable in one end to the PS4 and the other end to the Processor Unit. Connect the AC power cord to the AC adapter for the Processor Unit. The VR Headset Connection Cable should be attached to the front of the processor unit and make sure all symbols are aligned to each connection. Then, attach the headphones to the jack of the inline remote from the VR headset connection cable.

Having solved the complex budget and installation conundrum, what's it like to be in the stepping stone of video game history that sets the benchmark of virtual reality that started with the Oculus Rift? Playing alongside with normal PS4 games you had in your collection, the PS VR is a great way to keep yourself busy and distracted from the busy day ahead but in games that require the PS VR, this is serious stuff as you're going to need to be claustro-avoidant so no one will bother your experience. Oh yeah, since your ears are on the headphone while your eyes are connected to your PS VR, be sure to play moderately and responsively because the next time your mom and dad call you out, you won't even listen to a word they're saying. Piece of advice here.

At launch, the PlayStation VR offers you some good games that can unleash the true potential of its VR capabilities such as Summer Lesson, THUMPER, The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution, and Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Edition, In the coming moments, more games are coming such as Driveclub VR, Tsumiki BLOQ VR, Eagle Flight, Biohazard 7 resident evil, and more. There's so much games you can try out but if you're not even bothered to try out any normal PS4 games or watch a movie while wearing the VR, feel free to engage the VR's Cinematic Mode.

So, the PlayStation VR maybe costly to own and more complexing to install without the PS Camera but with such experience, you will be hooked to your PlayStation 4 even more, and more, and more until your parents leave you in the dark because you didn't listen on what they're saying. Good luck with your new PS VR!

Bubble Gang - October 14, 2016 #BGHearing

On the October 14, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Hearing gags

- The trouble with cellphone recalls

- Women gone nuts with approaching men

- The Jungle Belles are dealing with their gay victim

- Another Buhay ng Bakla session

- The PPAP spoof with Jacky Woo

- More Patok Taktiks examined

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Maupo Na Kayo Sa Harapan, Palamig ng Ulo sa Kwentuhan, Ulo Din Ang Topic Ng...PAG-USAPAN?!!

- Dog puns involved in a lovers' quarrel

- Basa-basa-pik!

The Return of Kalyeserye

Photo: Official Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Yes, you heard it very correctly. After weeks of waiting, Kalyeserye's back in Eat Bulaga and today sees the return of Lola Nidora, Lola Tidora, and Lola Tinidora in the mansion as they are invited to a pamanhikan of Alden and Maine. Believe it or not, AlDub's engaged and the proof is on their engagement rings. Lola Babah was present as well and she was impressed upon hearing the announcement.


So, with everyone very happy about the recent pamanhikan, another big news has arrived and yes, they're not joking (or are they?), AlDub's getting married! But the question is when? When will their wedding take place?

That's one question that needs to be answered soon so keep watching Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more Kalyeserye antics!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Let's Do The News! (October 14, 2016)

- Numerous supporters of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos began a four-day trip from Ilocos Norte to Metro Manila on Friday to show support for the burial of the former president at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Called the "Kailian March", it started from Paoay Church and it set to arrive in San Fernando City, La Union, tomorrow and will pass by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor soldiers and guerillas killed during the Second World War. On Sunday, they will travel through the provinces of Pampanga and Bulacan, and on Monday, they are expected to arrive in Metro Manila.

- The prosecutor from the International Criminal Court said that extrajudicial killings will fall under their jurisdiction. Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said the Philippines is a party to the ICC, which examines, investigates and prosecutes crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Bensouda called the reported killings of over three thousand drug suspects in the Philippines "worrying" and vowed to follow developments in the country within the coming weeks.

- Supreme Court Senior Associate Antonio Carpio warned that President Rodrigo Duterte can be impeached if he surrendered the Scarborough Shoal to China. Carpio noted that Duterte would be violating the Constitution if he concedes to Beijing on the issue of the Scarborough Shoal.

- His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand passed away at the age of 88 on Thursday. He died peacefully at Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital. He was longest-reigning monarch since he took power in 1946.

- Former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres was named as the next United Nations Secretary General. The appointment came on Thursday after the Security Council named Guterres the 9th UN secretary-general. Outgoing secretary-general Ban Ki-moon applauded the decision and he's optimistic that Guterres will shape the United Nations while dealing with the current issues.

- The Kurdish Peshmerga forces created their improvised battle-ready vehicles to combat against the Islamic State militants. Their improvised military vehicles consist of armor, guns, and rocket launchers fit for battle through the ISIS strongholds in Iraq.
- The long-going news about exploding Samsung phones endangered the sale of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' parts supplier, Magneti Marelli.

- Former F1 driver and endurance racing driver for Porsche, Mark Webber, will retire at the end of the FIA World Endurance Championship season.

- Here comes a new challenger! The Pincer Pokemon Scizor joins Pokken Tournament on the latest arcade update. Now, you can unleash its bullet punches of fury in the arena.

- For fans of THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, three of your favorite idols are dressed for pool as their latest addition of FREEing's S-Style figure brand. You can have either Uzuki Shimamura, Anastasia, or (!!!) Minami Nitta as they're ready for order starting at 3,222 Yen each and deliveries will commence this April.

FREEing S-Style Uzuki Shimamura
FREEing S-Style Minami Nitta
FREEing S-Style Anastasia


Forza Horizon 3: My #Forzathon toy!

See this S14 Silvia here? I won this from a one-day only Forzathon challenge in Forza Horizon 3. To those who know what Forzathon is, its a series of challenges offered through the week. Last week involves set of comedy horns, which packs a joke of a honk when you honk at your nearest driver. Now, they've offered this special car by doing this particular challenge like this:

"Score 35,000 points in a Drift Zone with the Toyota Trueno to win the Nissan Silvia K's 94"

I know it had to be any drift zone, be it a completed one or not, but if anyone can get to the target drift score set for this Forzathon challenge with the specific car, anyone can get this S14 Silvia for keeps and like you and I, we got the keys to the S14 Silvia, one of the most popular drift cars for speedo boys elsewhere. If you missed it, there is a chance it will appear on future events.


Speedo boys will happily notice that the S14 Nissan Silvia is just one of the selected few to come with bodykits and the bodykit offered is a Rocket Bunny kit, which makes it less discreet but with some stance to woo the speedo boys elsewhere. Ah, speedo boys. They sure love to meddle with their cars not just by looks but the way it drives and because the S14 Silvia is a popular drifting machine for the speedo boys, they can turn theirs into a freak show by giving it lots and lots of power and turn its handling unnecessarily out of control. Sounds dangerous but that's the way they want to do with their newly acquired Forzathon prize.

Excuse me while I'm taking a little time out with my new toy...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Let's Do The News! (October 13, 2016)

- President Rodrigo Duterte has formed a task force that will ensure a safe environment for members of the media amid growing concerns over the harassment of journalists who have been reportedly critically of the administration. The creation of the presidential task force on violations to the media's right to life, liberty, and security is the first administrative order of Duterte as he signed the order two days ago.

- According to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, high profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian will be placed under the witness protection program if he tells the whole truth behind the Bilibid drug trade. Aguirre noted that he doubts some of Sebastian's statements when he testified at the House of Representatives Committee on Justice's inquiry last Monday.

- The Chinese government is looking forward to developing relations with the Philippines as President Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to arrive in Beijing from the 18th to the 21st of October. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing stands ready to work the the Philippines to advance bilateral relations in a "sound and steady manner."

- In the current situation of the US Elections, thousands of emails are released almost daily by WikiLeaks, which are posing threat to the Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, making it as ammunition for her Republican enemy Donald Trump against her. Meanwhile, reports told that accounts of two women who claim that Trump inappropriately touched them years ago.

- The US Defense Department is alarmed by the Islamic State's use of drones as weapons. The Pentagon says Kurdish troops in northern Iraq found a drone that had crashed and took it back to their camp to investigate. It suddenly exploded, killing two Kurdish troops and hurting two French special forces personnel who were providing military training.

- The new generation BMW 5-Series was officially unveiled and it's now bigger, lighter, more efficient and more technologically advanced than the previous model.

2017 BMW 5-Series

- Audi reportedly ceased production of their R8 e-tron electric sportscar with less than 100 built. One of the probable causes for its untimely demise is its pricing and very limited market reach.

- SCG's new supercar, the SCG003S, has uncovered and it will be packed with a carbon-fiber chassis, a 4.4L V8 twin-turbo engine producing over 750HP of power, and a top speed of over 350kph. It has a pricing of over a million pounds.



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Let's Do The News! (October 12, 2016)

- In an act of defiance against extrajudicial killings, Senator Leila de Lima filed a bill which defines extrajudicial killing and provides for its penalty amid the high rise of killings of drug suspects. The Senate Bill 1197 seeks to strengthen the Commission on Human Rights, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Philippine National Police in investigating extrajudicial killings.

- Meanwhile, a bill seeking the creation of a Philippine mental health council and a national mental health care delivery system has been filed by the House of Representatives by an Ifugao solon to promote mental health protection and improve mental health services in the Philippines.

- A recent Pulse Asia survey shows that President Rodrigo Duterte's trust rating slightly fell by 5% from 91% in July to 86% in September. Results of the nationwide "Ulat ng Bayan" survey released on Wednesday showed a more pronounced "ambivalence toward presidential performance in his first three months in office."

- 14 people are reportedly killed on the attack of a Shia shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan. The attack occurred on Tuesday evening when the shrine was crowded with worshippers there to observe the holy day of Ashura. The gunman exchanged fire with security officers, but was later shot to death.

- In the race to the November 2016 elections, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rallies with former Vice President Al Gore while sharply criticizing her Republican foe Donald Trump over his stance on climate change. Meanwhile, Trump continues to lash out against Republican leaders, highlighting rifts within the Republican Party less than one month before Election Day.

- Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it had decided to start a study toward a cooperative relationship with Suzuki Motor Corporation.

- In his attendance at last weekend's New Yorker Festival, 007 actor Daniel Craig responded the question on his role's future, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the best job in the world. I’ll keep doing it as long as I still get a kick out of it. If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly.” About last year, after the success of the latest 007 film SPECTRE, Craig lashed down some harsh comments about continuing his James Bond role but in truth, he's taking a little break from the James Bond franchise, which he's done, working on a heist film Logan Lucky with director Steven Soderbergh.

- Actor Robin Padilla believes that the late Dick Israel was a victim of "medical marijuana oppression."

- Eat Bulaga's Alden Richards confirms that he and Maine Mendoza will make special appearances in the upcoming Enteng Kabisote film.

- The first trailer of the 2017 Power Rangers film is now up and running.  Check it out.


Seat Ateca

This is known to be as SEAT's first ever crossover utility vehicle in history and because this is the first in SEAT's lineup, the new Ateca is a solid all-rounder that fits through everyone's lifestyles at work or at play. Be it a daily driver or a weekend getaway vehicle, the Ateca is all about multitasking at a crossover's pace. So then, what's it all about the Ateca?

2017 Seat Ateca

At first glance, the new Seat Ateca looks like a jacked-up Leon with some sorts but in reality, it's basically a Tiguan underneath so you might expect the similar behavior you can expect from the latest VW Tiguan only this time in Seat's perspective.

2017 Seat Ateca interior
2017 Seat Ateca interior

The inside is just typical SEAT from within but if you're very busy digging deeper on the Ateca's interior, you can spend most of the time toying around with its ambient lighting, class-leading space for some bare necessities before setting off from one point of interest after another, five-seater capacity which is typical for a crossover, Full Link connectivity, and some concessions of comfort and convenience that balances what you can work and you can play. Nothing says mixing business and pleasure in a very unique and clever packaging so it's like a nice stay at a very posh condo in the city.

2017 Seat Ateca

Because the Seat Ateca's riding on the same platform used on the VW Tiguan, you can expect the Ateca to behave just like the Leon as if the new Tiguan behaves like a Golf. MQB relatives, if you know what I mean, but that's just the first half of it because the biggest key point of the Ateca is the available 4Drive system, which uses a newly made multi-plate coupling with hydraulic actuation and electronic control. Seat says that it reacts quickly on different driving situations and in general, the Ateca's four-wheel drive system is a great all-rounder that can be taken anywhere, rain or shine.

Under the hood, the Ateca offers a wide array of engine choices such as a 1.0L TSi, a 1.4 TSi, 1.6L TDi, or a 2.0L TDi engine. They are varied with different configurations, you know. Meaning if you want something powerful, you should go for the 2.0 TDi engine, which produces 190PS of power and 400Nm of torque, or if you want something economical, there's a 1.6L TDi ECOMOTIVE engine that delivers a claimed CO2 emission of 111g/km. Gearbox of choice? Depending on the variant, it can be mated with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DSG.

As a technologically advanced crossover, the Ateca comes with a wide array of tech such as Traffic Jam Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Front Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Top View cameras, Park Assist 3.0, Emergency Assist, and High Beam Assist.

Should you buy it? The SEAT Ateca starts at 20,440 Euros, which is five grand less than its relative crossover, the VW Tiguan, making it a good value for those who can't afford the latest VW Tiguan. With that kind of pricing, SEAT's first SUV makes it a healthy competitor in the world of compact crossovers and if the underdog is taking its first steps in this category, so be it.

Available colors: Azul Mediterráneo, Blanco Bila, Rojo Pasión, Blanco Nevada, Plata Brillante, Gris Rodium, Beige Capuccino, Marron Mato, Azul Lava, Verde Jungla, Naranja Samoa, and Negro Magico.

Photo: SEAT, S.A.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let's Do The News! (October 11, 2016)

- Before President Rodrigo Duterte leaves China for a state visit, he would set aside the Scarborough Shoal for now but vowed to ask the Chinese government to allow Filipinos to fish in the disputed sea. Duterte is schedules to visit China from the 18th to the 21st of October to strengthen ties between the Philippines and China, which have been strained by the sea dispute.

- According to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, the annual joint military exercises of Philippine and American armed forces in the country might be suspended next year, following President Duterte's recent pronouncement. Lorenzana said the agreement on the Balikatan exercises is subject to change yearly and it has yet to reach the agreement on the joint military exercises for the 2017, which the parties are supposed to sign in November.

- A low pressure area will intensify into a tropical cyclone within 24 to 72 hours, according to PAGASA. The weather disturbance is expected to bring cloudy skies with moderate to occasionally heavy rains and thunderstorms over eastern Visayas and Caraga. Flash floods and landslides are possible within the area.

- Despite petitions against hosting next year's Miss Universe pageant in the Philippines following series of issues, the Department of Tourism believes that the country and willing to host the pageant. The government's decision to accept the Miss Universe Organization's offer to stage the pageant has an "over whelming support among Filipino women and their families, according to the department.

- German police apprehended a Syrian refugee, bringing an end to a manhunt launched by the discovery of explosives in his apartment. The 22-year-old male was arrested by police, acting on a tip-off that he was at the home of another Syrian in Leipzig. Police are now investigating his possible links with the Islamic State group.

- Paul Ryan, a top Republican and speaker of the House of Representatives says he will not defend or campaign the party's presidential nominee Donald Trump. He made the comment during a conference call with Republican lawmakers on Monday.

- The United Nations has appealed for an estimated 120 million dollar aid for Haiti, which was battered by Hurricane Matthew and is grappling with a worsening cholera outbreak, The violent storm moved north over the Caribbean and wreaked havoc on coastal nations last week before making landfall in the US South, bringing storms and heavy rain

- BMW will unveil the new-generation 5-Series this 13th of October.

- Michiyuki Kawashima, the lead vocalist of Boom Boom Satellites has passed away. Kawashima's been fighting his 4th brain tumor relapse.


FIA Formula E 2016-2017 - Hong Kong

The 2016-2017 season of the FIA Formula E Championship has kicked off in Hong Kong, where new and returning drivers are beginning the start of a long battle to the top spot of the rankings in this zero-emission electric car racing franchise, which is now on its third season.

On the winners' circle, e.Dams' Sebastian Buemi kicked off this season with a win followed by ABT Schaeffler's Lucas Di Grassi, despite problems with his car, who placed 2nd, and Mahindra's Nick Heidfeld who placed 3rd.


The next race will be at Marrakesh, Morocco, this November 12th.

F1 2016: Japanese GP

Photo: Associated Press

So, with Mercedes got their constructor's championship title at the end of the Japanese Grand Prix of the 2016 Formula One season, the heated debate between the team's drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg is becoming a key topic of this season and Japan has been the turning table between the two.

With the tables turned, Rosberg is named as the winner of the race while Hamilton, despite his poor start, managed to finished third following a close-combat endgame between him and Red Bull rookie Max Verstappen, who finished 2nd.

Following Rosberg's win, the gap between him and Hamilton is now up to 31 points (313 vs 280) and with four more races this season, there's no telling when will the tables turned between them, perhaps some luck that will even the odds. So, the next race will be on the USA this 23rd of October.

Forza Horizon 3: A Wooden Opportunity

I only have two barn finds left two find and I've been given two choices; one that won't take me a lot of time to wait but can be downright slow or the other that is a gorgeous keeper to drive but takes a lot of time to wait before it's restored. Truth be told, I've gone for the first choice.

Care to see what that is? Let's find out...


That super rare barn find in question is a Ford Super Deluxe, one of the post-WWII Fords ever made in history and this one's woody in terms of appearance. If by woody, it IS woody just by looking the wooden sides that makes it very unique for a vintage post-war car in America. Historians told that this is known to be the last of the all-wood bodied cars before the steel transition at the end of the 1940's and although as extinct as the dinosaurs from prehistoric times, this fossil unearthed from the barn is a clear reminder why we love cars as much as our grandparents do in their time.

Although it is a slow car, with only 90 horses produced on a big V8 engine, it's a car worthy to take on an adventure if you have a free time away from your festival duties, All it needs now is to play yourself a nice song from your grandma's music collection to soothe yourselves but not so much.

Having enjoyed myself driving the classic woody wagon, I spent some extra time at the festival driving one of these bad boys I mentioned here.


See this Willys Jeep I drove? I made it to look like what an owner-type jeep behaves, only this time in offroader duties, just like old times huh? Driving a war machine used for American troops during the second world war and reemerged into a commoners' favorite that takes on all shapes and sizes.

As I recalled, this machine originated the Jeep name although there are some puzzles about the origin of the Jeep word via this car, although it was claimed from the slurring of the letters GP, the military term for General Purpose while others say it came for a character named "Eugene the Jeep" from the Popeye cartoon strip.

With driving now, explaination later, I took this little owner-type jeep I made myself for a spin round a rainforest on a misty day to see how adventurous and thrilling a classic jeep can be. Things get a little muddy out here...

Man, I love a good adventure driving post-war classics out in the Australian open roads and while I'm having a blast driving these American post-war classics, I still have some unfinished business to do because the journey continues...

Monday, October 10, 2016

Let's Do The News! (October 10, 2016)

- A French newspaper calls Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte a "serial killer president" because of his bloody war on drugs, sparking protests from his supporters. The French daily Liberation's front-page report is the latest criticism from the foreign media of the Duterte administration's war on drugs, which has drawn international flak for human rights violations and alleged extrajudicial killings that killed 3,700 suspects as of now.

- The Moro National Liberation Front has scored the Office of the Ombudsman for reviving a 15-year-old graft case against its founding chairman Nur Misuari. The MNLF website said the case against Misuari was dismissed by former ombudsman Aniano Desierto. The MNLF claimed the revival of the case came after President Duterte announced that he would issue safe conduct pass to Misuari.

- Convicted drug lord Jaybee Sebastian believes that the recent riot at the New Bilibid Prison might have been caused to prevent him from testifying before the House Committee on Justice, which is investigating the drug trade at the penitentiary. Sebastian, testifying before the panel, said that retired Chief Inspector Clarence Dongail, an inmate, started the riot where he was stabbed and another inmate was killed.

- US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sized each other again in their second presidential debate held at the Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri. The recent debate is at a town hall format where undecided voters got the chance to ask them questions regarding today's issues. As usual, the two trade insults against each other different issues but in the end, Clinton proved she's worthy.

- Ten people in the US are killed after Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the southern part of the country on Saturday. The hurricane brought strong winds and heavy rain to Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

- Ethiopia declared a state of emergency as anti-government protests turn violent. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn gave a televised address on Sunday, saying he needs to ensure the safety of its citizens. One week earlier, police fired tear gas at protesters in the southern state of Oromia, triggering a stampede that killed over 50 people.

- 140 people are reportedly killed when an air raid struck on a funeral in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Saturday's attack targeted those mourning the death of a senior member of an anti-government group. Fierce fighting continues between the Yemeni government troops and rebels.

- Tesla's Autopilot software is facing some backlash not just here in America but also abroad as the US state of California and the European country of Germany are facing problems with Tesla's autonomous driving software.

- Germany wants all combustion engine vehicles to be banned within the year 2030 and this could potentially spread throughout the European Union.

- The title of the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special was named as "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" and it will be aired on Christmas Day 2016. Also, the first trailer of its spinoff drama series Class is now up and running. The new show will air on BBC One next year alongside Doctor Who so check out both of the clips and which one are you excited for.


Super GT 2016: Thailand

Of course, with the best of Formula One racers having their day in Japan for their F1 2016 season, the Super GT's finest drivers went to the Chang International Circuit in Thailand for their seventh leg of the 2016 Super GT season but Thailand's the penultimate part of the season because by next month, an epic two-part finale will take place in Twin Ring Motegi. Why a two-parter? Glad you asked because the third round, which was supposed to held at the Autopolis, was cancelled due to the Kumamoto quakes last April and hence made the final round, which will take place at the Twin Ring Motegi next month, a two-parter.

Anyway, onto Thailand, and with all that twists, suspense, and the inevitable crash, even on ASEAN soil, it seems that no one can stop the thrill from those brave Super GT racers vying for the top spot at the rankings and at the end of this 66-lap battle, the #19 WedsSport ADVAN RC F, driven by Yuji Sekiguchi and Yuji Kunimoto, wins the GT500 class while the #25 VivaC 86 MC, driven by Takeshi Tsuchiya and Takamitsu Matsui, wins the GT300 class.

As mentioned, the two-part Super GT 2016 finale will be at the Twin Ring Motegi. Part One will be on the 12th of November while Part Two will be on the 13th of November.


Jubilee of Mercy: Marian Jubilee

The Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy kicks off today at the Vatican City with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica.
Jubilee of Mercy logo

Last weekend at the St. Peter's Square, groups of pilgrims and individual participants took part at the Marian Jubilee, which is part of the ongoing Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy celebration. There are solemn celebration of the Eucharist in honor of Our Lady at the Basilica of Saint Mary Major as well as the Recitation of the Holy rosary, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and more,


In the final day of the Marian Jubilee, Pope Francis believes that "it's often strangers and even people from other religions who remind us of the Christina virtues of humility and thanksgiving, of which Mary is a prime model". He states that Mary didn't just listen, she acted, based on the different angles of religious perspectives.

Next month, there will be Jubilee for prisoners, and then the Closing of the Holy Doors that will signal the end of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy celebration.

THREATS OF NORTH KOREA: 10 years since the first nuclear test

The first nuclear test in North Korea, since Kim Jong-Il's dictatorship, began on the 9th of October, 2006, and Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of North Korea's first nuclear test, and the first month since the recent and the most powerful nuclear test to date.

There were a total of five nuclear tests occurred in North Korea. The second was in May 2009, the third was in February 2013, and the recent two tests; one by January of this year and the latest last month. The previous two were under Kim Jong-Il's rule while the other were under the rule of his son, the current leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-Un. Concern is rising that the North may start another as it aims to establish itself as a "nuclear power".

Experts believed that the Korean Peninsula is honing its nuclear technology with each test. The first test said to have had an explosive yield equivalent to less than one kiloton of TNT. The recent test is estimated at 10 to 12 kilotons.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong HO told the UN General Assembly last month that the nuclear program is a self-defensive measure against the United States, stressing that his country will continue to strengthen its nuclear arsenal.

The South Korean government is on high alert for possible threats from North Korea.

Source: NHK World

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The Grand National

See this little bad boy from the 80's? This is just one of the cars you can win at the Midnight Battle. It's the second out of the four midnight battle cars to win in Forza Horizon 3 and this is the Buick Regal GNX, a cult classic that remains one of the baddest examples of an American muscle revival in the 80's. Anyway, no time to talk more about this car, see what happens when I pit against that kind of car...

After my second Midnight Battle win that earned myself the keys to the car, I had a little quiet digging about this car and as far as I concerned, it's just one of the expert-level cars for tuners who wanted to get the most out of this bad boy and because this is classified as one of the muscle cars on the road, some power-hungry drivers wouldn't bother to give a big hood and a thousand horses on this Buick. In fact, no one bothers why...

So you may asking why would you want to give this Buick GNX a thousand horses and there's a main perspective for this kind of conundrum; you wanted this car to go fast in Bugatti Veyron levels. However, there's a major catch to this one; it's a nightmare to drive because if you're going to give this car the power equivalent of a Bugatti Veyron, be very careful about the torque it delivers because when the race starts, that wheelspin start is a technical act to follow and when you get off; be very careful on driving this thing because a slight mistake could be a major disaster but still, it's an adventure that has some perspective to it.

Call it a disaster or an adventure but hey, at least I still have the best day ever in this classic Buick Regal GNX though. With two more Midnight Battles to go, nothing's like taking a break than burning the midnight oil. That's perspective to you.

Google's Panoramio services to end this November

Google's photo geotagging service, Panoramio, will cease its services after the 4th of November, 2016. Users who linked their Panoramio profile with their Google accounts can access their photos on an Google Album archive and will be added on the Contributions at Google Maps.

About two years ago, Google announced that they will be retiring Panoramio in order to focus on photo-sharing experiences directly inside Google Maps but user feedback prompted to postpone such plans and worked to add features to Maps that better support the level of engagement users enjoyed with Panoramio.

Now, Google will terminate the Panoramio services this November 4, 2016 and Panoramio users, which are linked to their Google accounts, can enjoy Google Maps with its new photo upload tools and Local Guides program. If Panoramio users linked with their Google account, most of the Panoramio photos will be copied to the Google Album Archive and appear in the Maps Contributions panel.


Back in 2014, we announced our intention to retire Panoramio in order to invest our efforts into improving photo-sharing experiences directly inside Google Maps. In response to your feedback, we postponed these plans and worked to add features to Maps that better support the level of engagement that you have enjoyed with Panoramio. Today, with photo upload tools in Google Maps and our Local Guides program, we are providing easy ways for you to share your photos with an active and growing community. As such, we’ve decided to move forward with closing down Panoramio. To make this transition easier, we’ll provide several options to continue sharing photos through other services. If you choose, you can also export all your data and take it somewhere else.

If you have linked your Panoramio profile with a Google account, all your Panoramio photos will be copied to the Google Album Archive at full resolution after Panoramio goes away. These copied photos will not use any of your Google storage quota. Your Panoramio photos that appear in Google Maps will continue to appear in Maps, unless you delete them later from the Maps Contributions panel. Note: You must link your Panoramio profile with a Google+ account for your photos to be automatically copied.

After November 4, 2016, you’ll continue to have access to your photos in Panoramio for a year, but you will no longer be able to add new photos, likes, or comments. Below, we’ve included resources to help you manage or export your data.


This is the last Australian Ford ever made

Photo: Ford Australia
It's a sad moment in the history of Australian motoring as after over nine decades of producing cars for the Australian motorists, including homegrown favorites such as the Falcon, the Territory, and the high-performance FPV range, Ford signalled the end of producing cars in Australia as the last car they ever made, a blue Ford Falcon XR6 saloon, was rolled off the assembly line at its Broadmeadows plant on Friday. Last July, the last ute they ever made, a Falcon Ute, rolled off the line.

The decision for Ford to cease their Australian production will result to a loss of 600 jobs at the very plant where the Falcon was made for 56 years and 3.5 million units. Ford will continue to import vehicles in Australia while local engineers will contribute to development of the models sold there.

On a similar note, GM's Holden ended production of their Cruze Hatchback as well. Of course, Toyota and General Motors will end their production in the Land Down Under next year and when it does, it will officially be the end of Australian car production as they knew it.

Are there any Australian-made Fords will you miss?

Forza Horizon 3: The Devil Z...sorta

As stoic JDM speedo boys believed, a first-generation Datsun Fairlady Z remains one of the most important forefathers of the JDM sportscar realm apart from the 2000GT from Toyota and the Cosmo from Mazda but apart from being one of the founding fathers of every speedo boys' favorite, it remains one of the unsung heroes of the seinen manga/anime genre when it became the star of the Wangan Midnight franchise as the Devil Z, the demon of the Wangan expressway that main character Akio Asakura braved enough to master this powerful machine. We always wanted the S30 Fairlady Z to look like the mythical demon of the Wangan Expressway, until now...

You have to thank this game's new "bodykit" feature because if you equip this car with the Rocket Bunny kit, you now have a Z that has a closer resemblance to the Devil Z. A dream come true, huh? But not quite yet because in order to become the Devil Z, apart from its looks, it has to behave like one, and that means giving it lots and lots of power but do it at your own risk because if you give it too much power, it's going to be very undrivable due to the nightmarish torque that plunge you through to an unavoidable wheelspin nightmare so you might want to balance on how fast it goes and how good to handle. I know, I tried making this one with a thousand horsepower output but that wheelspin's killing me badly so I tone it down a little.

My recreation of the Devil Z isn't much of a Devil Z I hoped for but it's one heck of an enjoyable ride if I had to take a little time off from my Festival duties, like, you know, street races. Let's see how much I can work on this recreation of a mythical Wangan legend. My Devil Z isn't ready yet.
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