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Bubble Gang - September 16, 2016 #BGFridayBash

On the September 16, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Hangover gags

- More jungle fun with the Jungle Belles

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Hindi sigurado kung uulan, pero sigurado ang tawanan, makinig ka lang sa 'ming...KWENTUHAN!!!

- In this week's Enkangtodo, the Hungres are facing a powerful enemy too heavy to handle!

- Another Buhay ng Bakla session

- Today's cases in Mas Pinabonggang Sumbong Sumbong Kay Bonggang Bongbong are women coloring their hairs, picturetakers at a birthday party who missed taking a pic of someone blowing a cake, and men who are bisexual but never met a woman.

- Men getting showered on the chatter

- More news for mommies in Balitang Ina

- Basa Basa Pik!

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Meeting in New York this week

The top diplomats from South Korea and Japan will hold a meeting later this week in New York to discuss countermeasures against North Korea's recent nuclear test. The bilateral meeting between South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se and his Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida, will be held on Sunday local time, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session. The two diplomats will discuss the current agenda items on the UNSC and other measures against the North. They are expected to discuss the issue of forging the General Security of Military Information Agreement, a military intelligence sharing pact. The long protracted issue was discussed during summit meeting between President Park Geun-hye and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Laos earlier this month.

Meanwhile, North Korea may take further provocations following its recent nuclear test, according to Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho. North Korea watchers see the senior official's comments as a protest against the US B-1 bombers that flew over South Korea on Tuesday in a show of force against the Korean Peninsula's biggest nuclear test to date. Some say, it's part of the North's efforts to soften new UN sanctions that are all but certain to come.

Source: Arirang News

Second Generation Honda Freed

It's been eight years since Honda gave us a compact minivan, the Freed, which is as practical as the other recreational vehicles offered from its range. Now, the Freed has been regenerated for its second iteration and it promises to be more convenient than ever while delivering class-leading fuel consumption perfect for the long journey ahead.

2017 Honda Freed

The new, second generation, Honda Freed, is what really happens when you make one of the most practical MPVs in the market even better by adding tons of convenience, fuel efficient performance, and a host of tech to make everything meaningful for the average household. So, with the new model, what's it like to be in the new Freed?

First impressions can be somewhat average and when you look at the way it looks, you can really look at the signature "Solid Wing" face that most Hondas had since the third-generation Fit, making it very noticeable but look closely on the rear and you can see that the back looks highly reminiscent of the old Suzuki Solio you used to had a few years ago. In broad context, it looks a bit half-baked for a people carrier to have such design.

2017 Honda Freed interior
2017 Honda Freed interior

One of the most redeemable key points about the new Freed is its interior and while this is even more roomier compared to the last one, you have a lot of choices to make in terms of carrying people or stuff depending on your lifestyle. For models with third-row seating, it can be either a six or a seven seater, depending on the variant, and unless there are any soccer moms putting kids on the second row seats, whichever you'll seat on the new Freed is above average as long as you're not moaning about. Of course, if you're not a big fan of third-row seats, there's an even spacious alternative; a five seater variant called "Freed+", which trades third-row seats for bigger boot space as well as a special utility board that can separate the boot space to two rows; one at the top and one at the bottom, which is perfect to carry lots of garage sale stuff you bought on the weekends. Also, it can be useful for all kinds of trips such as fishing trips, camping trips, diving trips, bad trips, whatever trips you're having on the weekends. It's kinda like the old Spike model in so many ways and this MPV knows the customers are onto something here.

2017 Honda Freed

The new Honda Freed can be offered with a normal 1.5L petrol engine connected to a CVT gearbox or a hybrid variant with the 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox on it. When I said "dual clutch", Honda says it's SPORT HYBRID i-DCD (intelligent Dual Clutch Drive). I know. It's been around for three years since the Fit and it's been around in most everyday models like the Vezel, the Shuttle, the Jade, and the Grace. With such combo, fuel economy is an estimate 27.2kmpl based on the JC08 Mode standards. For the first time in a hybrid compact minivan, there is a four-wheel drive variant which is great for any weather conditions, be it rainy or snow, or road conditions.

Because it's surprisingly compact, it's just feels so easy to drive, easy to park, and easy to live with. Whether on the city center or on the open roads, the new Freed truly feels at home anywhere. It also packs Honda Sensing, which comes with lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and blind-spot warning. Connectivity aside, the internavi service on the new Honda Freed now comes with Apple Carplay compatibility, meaning your iPhones can feel at home in this car.

Should you buy it? The new Freed starts at 1,880,000 up to 2,748,200 Yen, which sounds expensive compared to its main rival, the Toyota Sienta. Sure, both the new Freed and the Sienta are seven-seaters and they come with hybrid variants with similar fuel efficiency, but despite the comparative pricing, the new Freed is bigger and spacious compared to the Sienta and when the previous model had its share in the ASEAN market, there's high chance that the new generation Freed could make it to the ASEAN market so it can take its rivalry with the Toyota Sienta elsewhere. There's going to be a buzz from elsewhere about what's it all about the new Honda Freed anytime and it's more than enough to take it as an ideal compliment, no matter the odds.

Available colors: Blue Horizon Metallic, Citron Drop, Cobalt Blue Pearl, Premium Deep Rosso Pearl, Mandarin Gold Metallic, White Orchid Pearl, Luna Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Let's Do The News! (September 16, 2016)

- Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Friday questioned Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III for going "out of bounds" in denying Senate protection for self-confessed Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato. Trillanes said that he will inquire if Pimentel has the authority to overrule the ruling of the Senate justice committee.

- According to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, the convicted drug lord and robbery gang leader Ampang Colangco will testify against Senator Leila de Lima at the congressional inquiry next week. President Rodrigo Duterte identified Colangco as one of the two drug lords already imprisoned but are still directing operations of their crime groups.

- Donald Trump Jr., the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, made headlines over his anti-semitic speech regarding the use of gas chambers to make a political attack. Meanwhile, Trump doubled down on his tax plan benefiting billionaires while he continues to refuse to release his own tax returns. Earlier, he released his medical records on the Dr. Oz show.

- Recovered from her sickness, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's back on the campaign trail at North Carolina.

- A huge meteorite weighing about 30 tons has been discovered in Argentina. Scientists say it is one of the biggest meteorites ever found in Earth. The meteorite was found in the country's northern province of Chaco. A local astronomy association unearthed it using a crane on the 10th of September. Over four millenniums ago, a meteor shower hit the area where the meteorite was found, leaving some craters.

- In case you missed last night's special announcement at the end of the Pokemon XYZ one-hour special, Pokemon Sun and Moon will become a TV anime series coming to TV Tokyo this November 2016. From new Pokemons, Team Skull, new characters, and Ash goes to school (?), life in Alola couldn't get even more exciting.

- More Resident Evil/Biohazard news! Announced at the TGS 2016, the latest 3D CGi film, Biohazard (Resident Evil) Vendetta will hit theaters this Spring 2017. Also, a new Biohazard 7 clip showcasing "the Bakers".

- Based on the new Volvo V90, the new V90 Cross Country features the same stuff as found on the normal V90, now with added ground clearance and all-weather capability as an all-wheel drive sport utility wagon.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country
- The final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ever made was auctioned for $76,000 and proceeds will benefit Feeding America Riverside San Bernardino and Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

- General Motors reported that the Opel Ampera-e, the European version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, won't be sold in the UK as a Vauxhall due to expense and risk, probably all thanks to the Brexit issue.


Audi SQ7

In the not too distant past, when the first-generation Q7 didn't had a high-performance model, they once offered a V12 variant, which is by no means one of the rarest attempts to create a V12-powered SUV, a breed unknown to many. That diesel-powered V12 Q7 was a rare breed for the privileged few and treated it to be a super SUV in its own right but sadly, like dinosaurs, it was extinct. In today's Q7, you don't expect to have a big diesel engine to be bolted to it but instead, a much milder, yet menacing, version has stepped in and it wants to capture the essence from its prehistoric predecessor, except for every single detail.

2017 Audi SQ7
2017 Audi SQ7

This is the brand new Audi SQ7 and this semi-high performance full-size crossover SUV is just one of the main reasons why performance is becoming a new normal, especially when it's diesel-powered. Sure, despite big setbacks facing today's diesel engines because of today's headlines but the new SQ7 really despises the setbacks and, in return, it does taking cases seriously on the road.

Behind its athletic styling inside and out, the SQ7 is powered by a brand new 4.0L V8 TDi engine with the world's first electric powered compressor. While it produces less than the old Q7 V12, 435HP and 900Nm compared to over 500HP of power and 1000Nm of torque, it's quicker to 100kph compared to the old Q7 V12, 4.8 seconds versus 5.5 seconds while top speed limited to 250kph, couple that to its lightweight construction, 8-speed automatic gearbox, and signature quattro permanent all-wheel drive. Although as strong as a beefed-up Russian female bodybuilder, its average fuel consumption of 7.4L/100km really means it's surprisingly frugal of a semi-high performance SUV of that size, well-fit for a family vehicle doped for perfection.

Because it's lighter and quicker than the old Q7 V12, you might think that the SQ7 handles better than the old Q7 V12 and the answer is...slightly improved. It maybe lighter compared to the old Q7 V12 thanks to its extensive use of lightweight materials as demonstrated on the normal model but there's still a hint of mildness when you drive it like a sportscar. If it gets understeer, you'll be having a big expression of dragging a very heavy object from point A to point B and when that thing drops on your foot, even when you're wearing shoes, you'll be amputated...quickly. 

Although you'll going to need a lot of force to corner it in the event of understeer, the SQ7 really ups the challenge for those who aren't afraid to say "challenge accepted" and if they get it right, the SQ7, despite the bulk, is a potent competitor compared to sports SUVs, including the Porsche Cayenne or even the Bentley Bentayga.

The price of this hunk of diesel greatness? It starts at 89,900 Euros and that's less expensive compared to the heavyweights, including the Bentley Bentayga. Despite the high-price tag, the new SQ7 really is a potent successor of the old Q7 V12, even though it has a smaller V8 diesel engine, and if drivers get things right to master this diesel behemoth on the road, feels like this day will never end and they will have more fun going places in a semi-high performance SUV that despite its size, it remains a fun family car full stop.

Photo: Audi AG

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: US and China exchanged views on new UNSC sanctions

The United States and China have begun exchanging views on the level of new UNSC sanctions against North Korea for their fifth nuclear test.

Last week, the Security Council held urgent consultations to discuss the North's nuclear test. After the meeting, they condemned the test and pledged to immediately begin working on a new resolution to impose sanctions on the North.

 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urged the council to unite and send a strong message against the Korean Peninsula. In the meantime, South Korea has yet to find any traces of radioactivity from North Korea's latest nuclear test confirming the country remains safe from nuclear fallout.

The commission added South Korea's background radiation currently remains at the usual level of 50-300 nanosieverts per hour, apparently unaffected by the North's nuclear test.

Source: Arirang News

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Let's Do The News! (September 15, 2016)

- One of the witnesses from the "Davao Death Squad" claims that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the death of supporters and bodyguards of his then political rival, former House Speaker Prospero Nograles. Self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato said their squad kidnapped about four supporters and bodyguards of Nograles. He said Nograles and Duterte ran for city mayor six years ago.

- He also said that Senator Leila de Lima, who headed the Commission of Human Rights, was among the targets of Duterte, who was once the Davao City mayor. According to Matobato, Duterte ordered someone to ambush De Lima, who was investigating extrajudicial killings in Davao in 2009. He said his group was hiding and waiting to attack De Lima and her team who were looking at a mass grave at Laud Quarry, where the slain have been buried.

- The United States's memorandum of understanding has been reached to Israel. In the White House statement, this new 10-year security assistance MOU to Israel is the most historic part of President Barack Obama's commitment to Israel's security. It will come in effect within the next three years and the funds will be used for the missile defense system and other equipment.

- An updated statement regarding Hillary Clinton's health has been released from her doctor saying she is healthy and fit to serve as the next US president if elected. It says the candidate is recovering well from pneumonia with antibiotics and rests. She will return to the campaign trail on Thursday when she is due to speak in the battleground state of North Carolina as well as the UN General Assembly in New York next week.

- The people of Flint, Michigan, became enraged over the recent visit of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, condemned it as a photo-op that did nothing to help Flint families recover from the ongoing water crisis. What's worse, his speech, where the part goes about attacking Clinton, got interrupted by a pastor.

- Mitsubishi Motors unveiled their GT PHEV crossover concept prior to its Paris Motor Show debut next month.

- The open-top version of the Mercedes-AMG GT was launched as well as the new GT C Roadster, the open-top equivalent of the GT R. It's set to appear on next month's Paris Motor Show.

- New on THE IDOLM@STER Platinum Stars; a new DL Live, 吹き抜ける一陣の風, is now up and running and players can perform better to win a brand new, high-ranking, Wild Obsidian costume for use in-game!


- Of course, after the success of the live-action Resident Evil/Biohazard movies, another CAPCOM franchise will be getting a Hollywood treatment, this time it's Monster Hunter.


THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Chuseok holiday in S. Korea

President Park Geun-hye extended her Chuseok greetings to the Korean people today posting a video message on her Facebook page. President Park said South Korea is facing through difficulties as threats from North Korea continue to pull them back. The president added that the government is maintaining all-out national security based on strong international cooperation.

Meanwhile, in telephone talks with Seoul's Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se today, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi agreed the time was right to step up the presure on North Korea following its nuclear and missile provocations. Yun called for a quick adoption of a strong UNSC sanction against Pyongyang and stop further threats. In response, Wang Yi was quoted as saying the recent nuclear test is a violation to UNSC resolutions that damages peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula.

Then, South Korean PM Hwang Kyo-ahn urged the Coast Guard to be on alert for further threats from North Korea near the Northern Limit Line in the West Sea. He also ordered the Coast Guard to crack down on illegal fishing by Chinese boats in South Korean waters.

Later, the top diplomats from South Korea, the USA, and Japan will hold a meeting this week in New York to discuss countermeasures against North Korea's nuclear test, the foreign ministry in Seoul said Wednesday. The trilateral meeting will be held among South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. They will meet Sunday (local time) on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let's Do The News! (September 14, 2016)

- While Typhoon Ferdie is heading to Taiwan, a new typhoon has entered the Philippines. Called Gener, it was located 45km northeast of Itbayan, Batanes, packing maximum sustained winds of 220kph and gusts of up to 255kph as of 0400 hours local time. Signal number 4 remains hoisted over Batanes while signal number 3 is still up over the Babuyan Group of Islands.

- President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday that he won't allow government forces to conduct joint patrols of disputed waters near the South China Sea with other countries, apparently scrapping a deal his predecessor reached with the US military earlier this year. Duterte's also considering acquiring defense equipment from Russia and China.

- Due to the hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii because of raw scallops as a probable cause, the Philippine government has suspended distribution of seafood. Hawaii's Department of Health last month identified frozen scallops served raw at a sushi chain as the probable cause. The Hawaii outbreak has sickened over 250 people.

- Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his new proposals for his childcare affordability plan during his rally with Ivanka Trump on his side. Trump's plan allows for a federal income tax deduction of childcare expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents. It is capped at the average cost of care in the state and is available in single-income households making up to $250,000 and $500,000 in joint-income households. The Clinton campaign denounced it as "half-baked policies leave 21st century families behind."

- According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, over 301,000 people died over the course of five years of the Syrian civil war. That includes Syrian government troops and rebels with 86,000 civilians died, including over 15,000 children and about 10,000 women.

- Ariel ditches the Atom's massive rear wing and trades it with ground effects with the new Aero-P Atom concept. Although not suitable for track racing purposes, This conceptualized Ariel Atom features a rubber skirt on the bottom of the tub where two fans create a vacuum-like effect, resulting to more drag and only operates at high speeds, the fans don't generate any drag and can create massive downforce at low speeds.

Ariel Aero-P Atom Concept

- Ken Block is back in his new GYMKHANA 9 clip, starring the Ford Focus RS RX!

- The official trailer of Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, has arrived. The film hits theaters this Valentines Day 2017.


Audi S4 B9

Based on the brand new and more technologically advanced Audi A4, the semi-high performance variant, the S4, in saloon and Avant versions, may have lost some of the charm points from its previous model, such as the loss of the manual gearbox and supercharger, but it's got AMG's C43 range in its crosshairs. So, is it better than before?

2017 Audi S4
2017 Audi S4 Avant

At first glance, the brand new S4 looks very identical to the normal A4 but when you notice some subtle changes on the exterior and interior to make it look semi-sporty but by stark observation, it's catered to be as elite as an honor student at a very prestigious academy. Remind you of any?

Anyway, once you're done digging out what's new, in and out, what's underneath is what matters because for the new model, the 3.0L TFSi engine loses its supercharger, resulting to become a turbocharged semi-high performance vehicle which a very average sound that makes you wanna go "hmmm". No bark though but the power output of 354PS of power and 500Nm is pretty impressive for a turbocharged engine but it's still short of power compared to Mercedes-AMG's C43. Still, could be worse, the only offering of an 8-speed tiptronic gearbox is one gear short compared to the C43's 9G-TRONIC as well. While it maybe restricted to 250kph, the 0-100kph time is now 4.7 seconds, which is vaguely the same as the C43's but get this; because the S4, like the A4, is utilized on an MQB platform like all good VW Group machines, it's 60kg less than the C43, resulting to combined fuel consumption of 7.4L/100km, compared to the C43's 7.8L/100km. How's that for a semi-high performance car?

As a light car compared to the C43, the new S4, with its signature quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, is a potent multirole that can handle through bends with mildness, even when it feels under the weather. Because it's lower than the base A4, courtesy of its sport-tuned suspension, its low center of gravity results to even better handling but it's still basically milder in body language and if you can sense its understeering woes, hope you got your painkillers ready because this going be an achy-breaky feeling.

Should you buy it? The S4 is priced at 59,300 Euros for the saloon while the Avant is priced at 61,150 Euros, competitively priced to the AMG C43 range, and while it produces less power than the C43, the S4, despite the loss of its supercharger and manual gearbox, still works like what a semi-high performance should and while this is classified as a sports car, it's still a luxury car ticking all the right touches in partial terms of endearment. Is it better than before? Don't be silly but it's a good fun finding out.

Photo: Audi AG

Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai/Mijuku DREAMER

The Love Live! Sunshine!! TV series is almost nearing its climax as fans from around the world are nearing the end of how Aqours was formed from their hardships they've faced so far. While the climax of this hit TV series is drawing near on us, two insert songs heard from past episodes have arrived in this latest maxi single CD inspired from the hit TV series.

Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai/

In episode six of Love Live Sunshine, fans saw, Chika, Riko, You, Yoshiko, Ruby, and Hanamaru performing the song 夢で夜空を照らしたい while in episode nine, with the senior year gals Dia, Kanan, and Mari finally joining forces with the gang, the song 未熟DREAMER was performed at the end of that episode. These two new songs from Aqours are now yours to listen apart from your growing Aqours playlist and when you had the chance, these songs will be soon arriving in a future update of Love Live! School Idol Festival. Get your thumbs ready while you're at it.

Expect more songs inspired from the LLS TV show coming soon and before getting ready for the show's climax, best to know that you're more than welcome to be part of the Aqours fandom whenever, wherever, whatever.

01. 夢で夜空を照らしたい
03. 夢で夜空を照らしたい (Off Vocal)
04. 未熟DREAMER (Off Vocal)


On Monday night, the most powerful quake to date in the Korean Peninsula occurred in Gyeongju, 371 km southeast of Seoul. Gyeongju reported over 100 minor aftershocks following the magnitude 5.1 and 5.8 quakes that caused some people to evacuate their homes. Aside from that, the Korea Meteorological Administration reported 3.1 and 3.2 magnitude quakes early Tuesday. About 14 people were hurt and 642 property damage claims have been filed so far. The South Korean government will assess the situation and draw up measures for post-quake relief and rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, South Korea and the United States will beef up measures to deal against threats from North Korea following their fifth nuclear test. After a two-day Korea-US Integrated Defense Dialogue, the Ministry of National Defense and the US Department of Defense issued a joint statement that called for the North to renounce its nuclear program in a "complete, verifiable and irreversible" manner.

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se said Tuesday that the areas that need close ties with Japan are increasing following the latest threats from North Korea. Yun's remark came amid the two nations seeking tougher sanctions against North Korea in defiance of continued calls from the international community to stop its nuclear program. It also came after the issue of signing the General Security of Military Information Agreement was discussed during the summit meeting between President Park Geun-hye and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Laos last week.

Source: Arirang News

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Let's Do The News! (September 13, 2016)

- President Rodrigo Duterte wants the US troops to leave Mindanao right away but the United States maintained its commitment to the Philippines despite the recent statement. Duterte warned the US troops that they are in danger of being kidnapped by terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said that the US will not respond to Duterte's comments unless an official request is made. The Palace clarifies that Duterte's comments is not yet a policy.

- The pregnant victim of the deadly Davao blast died at the hospital, making her the 15th casualty in the blast. Vicenta Depalubos Asperin, 21, passed away at the Metro Medical and Research Center around 2217 hours local time. Asperin, who was six months pregnant, had been in a coma for 11 days.

- Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, daughter of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, asked their family's critics to forgive her father. Imee made the appeal to their family's detractors in her speech on the 00th birthday of her father in BAtac City, Ilocos Norte. She said her father is only human and prone to mistakes.

- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opened a luxury hotel in Washington on Monday, while demonstrators gathered outside. The Trump International Hotel is a renovated former post office built in the century near the White House. It opened nearly two years ahead of schedule. Hotel officials say peak season room rates start at around 900 dollars a night and go up to 25,000 dollars. They say they are fully booked from opening night.

- Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was revealed to have pneumonia following her 9/11 memorial incident, says she is feeling much better and hopes to return to the campaign trail in the next few days.

- The president of the International Paralympic Committee says that the Rio 2016 Paralympics was a complete success with over 120 world records had been registered so far in the Games. It was a great opportunity to learn about something new, and the athletes' performances frequently surprised the spectators.

- The Senate will hold a hearing next week regarding the aggressive sales tactics by Wells Fargo employees that led to a $185-million settlement package with federal and state regulators. Last week, Wells Fargo was fined with a hundred million dollars to the CFRB and fired 5,300 workers for improper sales practices five years ago. 

- General Motors announced that their upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV will have 238 miles of range, more than what Tesla's Model 3 can do.

- Caterham honors the 60th anniversary of the Lotus Seven with this retro-inspired Seven Sprint special model, which will be limited to 60 units.

2016 Caterham Seven Sprint


Infiniti Q60

From concept to reality, the brand-new Infiniti Q60 marks a brand new turn for Nissan's luxury brand as it readies to "empower the drive" for luxury car buyers looking for a luxury sports coupe that will give the Germans a run for their money. Ready or not, the new Q60 will give the stern Japanese car enthusiasts a taste of what will their new Skyline Coupe will look like.

2017 Infiniti Q60

Although this is an all-new model and a two-door derivative of the Q50 saloon (which is sold in Japan as the Skyline), the Q60 name is not new to us because that was once used on the previous Nissan Skyline Coupe V36, once called the Infiniti G37 Coupe until the name change. Now that the Q60 is the two-door Q50, it features all of the stuff that you get from the Q50 saloon while delivering that sporty feeling that you get from most Germans.

The Q60's exterior design is almost similar to the concept car last year, making it an undeniable proof that the are some good cars trying to inspire its design from concept cars, not like Subaru that features a much exciting concept car at first but made it into production with such bland results.

2017 Infiniti Q60 interior

The interior looks very similar to the Q50; the dashboard, the two monitors, the a/c, everything, but the Q60 is themed to be a sportscar rather than a sports saloon and even though it's got two doors, it's still has room in the back as long as they can survive squeezing through the back. Also, it's boot space is big enough for stuff to go golfing. For a sportscar of such caliber, it's all business as usual for the new Q60 coupe.

2017 Infiniti Q60

For a two-door version of the Q50, the new Q60 still has that clever Direct Adaptive Steering which delivers precise handling and quickly communicates road surface feedback to the driver but this is a brand new update to this clever steering stuff. It can now steer quicker and smoother as before and when driving on unstable roads, it constantly, automatically, making subtle changes for better stability, while decreasing feedback and vibration through the steering wheel. It's got a dynamic digital suspension which can change how it drives at the push of the button or it can adapt through different behaviors while cornering or going through unstable road conditions. It feels somewhat robotic, if you know what I mean?

The Drive Mode Selector offers over 336 customizable driver settings that can tailor your driving style based on its steering, engine, and suspension inputs. It can be very complicated to fiddle it on your own but if you're not sure how to fiddle it, you can select between Standard, Snow, ECO, Sport, and Sport+. This is like changing the settings of your TV set by color, contrast, brightness, warmth, etc.

Under the hood, the Q60 offers a powerhouse cast of turbocharged engines and because these turbocharged engines are proven to be quite a charm for the Q60, they can be carried over to the Q50 as well. There's the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine sourced from Mercedes-Benz and the brand new 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo engine featuring friction-reducing technologies, and new cooling and valve timing systems. In the high-end Red Sport 400 variant, that bumps up to 400HP of power while promising a 26MPG HWY fuel consumption. They;re all mated to a 7-speed automatic with Adaptive Shift Control.

2017 Infiniti Q60

The Q60, as a luxury car, offers a wide array of safety tech such as Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Haptic Feedback, Blind Spot Warning, and the brand new Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection. This new update alerts the driver to moving objects detected within the display image, delivering a better perspective around the driver.

The starting price for the new Infiniti Q60 is $38,950 for the 2.0L model while the 3.0L model starts at $44,300. The Red Sport 400, the one with the 400HP 3.0L V6 turbo on it, is priced at $51,300. With that pricing, that puts it within reach of rivals such as the BMW 4-Series, Audi A5, Mercedes C-Class Coupe, and the Lexus RC.

What can I say about the Q60? Well, with the concept-turned-reality design inside and out, a wide selection of turbocharged engines with no-nonsense performance, and its dynamics that really cater the driver very well, this could be one of the best luxury sport coupes ever sold to the market today and I believe that Infiniti manage to get things right to deliver a sports coupe that delivers the right amount of performance to please the car enthusiasts everywhere. I am very desperate for one of these right now.

Available colors: Dynamic Sunstone Red, Midnight Black, Majestic White, Iridium Blue, Hagane Blue, Liquid Platinum, Graphite Shadow, Black Obsidian, and Pure White.

Photo: Infiniti

Monday, September 12, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: North Korea rejects Obama's condemnation

Sourced from NHK World:

North Korea says it will proceed with its nuclear arms development by improving the quality and quantity of its stockpile.

A Foreign Ministry statement released on Sunday reacted sharply to Friday's condemnation of the test by US President Barack Obama.

Obama said the test posed a serious threat to the security of the region and to the peace and stability of the world.

The US president stressed that his government will increase sanctions against the North in cooperation with Japan and South Korea.

The North's statement said the ultimate aim of its nuclear program is to protect the nation's dignity and its right to existence from repeated US nuclear threats.

North Korea is expected to also reject a statement condemning the test issued by the UN Security Council on Friday.

The North is expected to maintain its hardline stance, while the international community tries to increase pressure on the country.

Let's Do The News! (September 12, 2016)

- Typhoon Ferdie (Meranti) has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility yesterday and expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds over parts of Luzon and the Visayas until Thursday, according to PAGASA. As of 4PM yesterday, Ferdie was located at 1,280km east of Casiguran, Aurora with max sustained winds of 120kph near the center and gustiness of over 150kph.

- Reports told that President Rodrigo Duterte approved the Indonesian government to execute convicted Filipina Mary Jane Veloso. The Jakarta Post reported that Indonesian leader Joko Widowo said Duterte okayed the execution. The legal process will be followed up by Attorney General M. Prasetyo. Last year, Veloso was reprieved as she was scheduled to be executed by firing squad in Indonesia. She was sentenced to death in 2010 for drug trafficking.

- Netizens are drawing flak over the Official Gazette Facebook post on Sunday regarding the 99th birthday of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos. What provoked them was a part of the original caption that tagged as historical revisionism. It reads "In 1972, he declared martial law to suppress a communist insurgency and secessionism in Mindanao. In 1986, Marcos stepped down from the presidency to avoid bloodshed during the uprising known as "People Power." Edited, and then removed.

- Hillary Clinton, Democrat Presidential Candidate, attended and left the September 11 memorial service prematurely and she was caught almost being collapsed while returning back to the vehicle and when got out from her daughter's apartment two hours later, she felt well. It is revealed that her doctor that she was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration. Her doctor said that Clinton was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. At this morning's event, she became "overheated" and dehydrated. The doctor examined Clinton and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely. She will remain at her Chappaqua home to rest and her Californian schedule on Monday and Tuesday was cancelled.

- Fighting continues across Syria on Sunday despite a ceasefire scheduled for the following day. The United States and Russia agreed on a ceasefire in Syria to take effect at sunset on Monday. The US supports opposition rebels while Russia supports the government of President Bashar al-Assad. But fighting and numerous airstrikes were reported across the country on Sunday as the agreement sets no rules prior to the ceasefire.

- Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson blew up his own house to make room for a new one. According to reports, he gained permission from the local town council to explode his home. Reason why he destroyed his house is because he plans to upgrade to a bigger one.

- A crossover variant of the new Opel Karl/Vauxhall Viva called the Rocks and while it looks tough on the exterior, it's still the same Karl/Viva five-door compact we all know about.

2017 Opel Karl Rocks

- MAGES' Idol Incidents multimedia project will be getting a TV anime adaptation set to air on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji this January. Those who are unfamiliar with, 5pb. Games and MAGES had announced the project as a social smartphone game two years ago with a slated release in fall 2014 but it's still in development. We're not really sure why they made an anime out of a game that hadn't came out yet after years of delay.

- After the success of the first KING of PRISM by PrettyRhythm film, another film is set to release in Japan in the summer of 2017, titled called KING of PRISM: PRIDE the HERO. The KING of PRISM movie was the spinoff of the Pretty Rhythm franchise that highlights on the story of the boy group "Over the Rainbow". It was shown in theaters last January 2016.

- TV personality Kris Aquino has officially left ABS-CBN.

- Actress Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat were finally married.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2001, 15 years later...

September 11, 2001...I'll never forget it...

It all started as an ordinary day back in downtown New York City, but hours later, terrorists hijacked four jet airliners filled with passengers. They crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York City, while a third plane hit a wing of the Pentagon, the American military HQ, in Washington D.C., and a fourth airplane crash landed somewhere near Pittsburgh. Over 3,000 people have died in that tragedy. Following the WTC incident, it is believed to be the work of the so-called al-Qaeda mastermind named Osama Bin Laden, who allegedly staged the attack on New York, although some reports say the terrorists behind the attack are Saudi-based but they are deeply connected to it.

Not taking any chances, then-President George W. Bush, a Republican who won the 2000 election against Democrat Al Gore with the most number of electoral votes following problems in electoral votes in Florida, declared war on terrorism but his so-called war against terrorism led the United States to nigh nowhere including the war on Afghanistan and Iraq two years later. It even gave birth to the Department of Homeland Security, which maintains national security by any means.

15 years had passed since the horrendous incident and it's been five years since the US troops killed Osama Bin Laden, the whole topic of "war on terror" has been around with us when we talked about global affairs. The terrorist organization Al-Qaeda may be decimated following Bin Laden's death but terrorism keeps on growing like a viral outbreak, thanks to the infamous Islamic State militants that caused havoc not just in the Middle East but also the rest in the world; including Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, name any city where terrorists staged attacks that were inspired by the Islamic State militants.

Islamophobia has been with us following the attacks caused by the terrorists who want to radicalize the Islamic religion for nefarious purposes and everybody likes to blame Islamic people for everything but in my mind, Islamic people are not the bad guys because these terrorists have unleashed attacks on Islamic nations too. Whatever that is, those infamous extremists really want this world to burn just to radicalize the Islamic religion and praise the Prophet Muhammad for nothing but slaughter.

A lot of good people, even soldiers fighting for their homeland, have died fighting against the harsh realities of terrorism. Even today, people like us are trying to brace the unpredictability terrorism thrown on us and how to deal with the aftermath. Right now, the pain we felt post-9/11, both physically, mentally, socially, psychologically, and politically, are still in our minds today and we are still very unsure what possible consequences will be facing on us if the world keeps on changing.
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