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Aikatsu Stars (movie)

First aired on TV Tokyo in the spring of 2016, Aikatsu Stars is the successor story of the hit Aikatsu franchise and it centers on a brand new story of friends Yume Nijino and Rola Sakuraba as they are going to fulfill their quest to become the school's finest idols in the same way the four elite students, called the S4, did with their pride and prestige. Using their Aikatsu Cards, the stage is theirs to amaze the spectators. While the little girls have been enjoying the whole Aikatsu Stars show for 18 weeks and it continues to progress, there is now a movie version of the hit TV series that will serve as the turning point to the tale of Aikatsu Stars.

Aikatsu Stars (movie)

Of course, fans like you and I got the whole Aikatsu Step song that Yume performed in the TV show stuck in our heads and on this movie, no one can escape the rhythmic whim of the Aikatsu Step song if you progress through the brand new storyline that sets as a turnaround from the hit TV series. In the movie; Yume Nijino, Rola Sakuraba, Koharu Nanakura, Ako Saotome, and Mahiru Kasumi are on the wonderful Aikatsu Island not just for the fun and show of it but this is where their friendship are put to the test and how far will they go for the legendary dress audition the academy, even the S4, is talking about lies beneath theirs. 

Anyway, no time to chitchat about that now because even though this show is still fresh off the Aikatsu franchise since the recently-concluded original Aikatsu, this show picked up lots of fans in spite of a small share in the world of anime idol girls, even little girls aged 8 and below got into the fun with the Aikatsu Stars gig. You can trust them on this because while this is plainly a girly kiddy show and made for family viewing, even the most astute of idol anime addicts can get fallen to the trap of kawaiii-ness this movie get just like in the hit TV show because, well, this is idol anime stuff and we know it about five hundred idol girls ago.

For those who missed the Akari generation of Aikatsu, don't fret because before this movie starts, there's a movie short featuring the girls from the original Aikatsu anime, which was recently concluded since late March. In the short, Aoi Kiriya, Akari Ozora, Ran Shibuki, Ichigo Hoshimiya, and the gang are on a new adventure about the magical Aikatsu card. No time to explain that but it's great to have the original Aikatsu gals returning on a short clip before their successors became the main event every little girls with their mommies and daddies waiting for. This is going to be the ideal Aikatsu experience they don't wanna miss.

Now, let's all sing the Aikatsu Step song that is now stuck on everyone's heads now while watching this film! Idol girls...

My rating: 3.1 out of 5.

Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 8

August 12, 2016 - DAY 8

At this day at the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympics, the main events are Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling Track, Equestrian, Fencing, Judo, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Trampoline Gymnastics, and Weightlifting.

At the Men's Individual Archery, the winner of the Gold medal goes to Ku Bonchan from South Korea while the silver medal goes to Jean-Charles Valladont and bronze goes to Brady Ellison from the USA.

Ethiopia's Almaz Ayana and Tirunesh Dibaba made a 1 and 3 finish at the Women's 10,000m dash while Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot from Kenya placed 2nd. In the Men's 20km Race Walk, meanwhile, China made a 1-2 finish thanks to Wang Zhen and Cai Zelin while Dane Bird-Smith placed 3rd.

Two boxers took home the bronze medal this day; Joahnys Argilagos from Cuba and Nico Miguel Hernandez from the USA for the Men's Light Fly Semifinals.

China wins the Women's Team Sprint Finals followed by Russia, placed 2nd, and Germany, placed 3rd. In the Men's Team Pursuit Finals, meanwhile, Great Britain wins the gold while silver goes to Australia and bronze goes to Denmark.

Team Germany won the Dressage Team Grand Prix Special followed by Great Britain, silver medals for the team, and the USA, bronze medals for them.

At the Men's Foil Team Fencing, the United States and France were concede to the controversial Russian fencing team. As I said controversial, that's because they are one of the Russian players cleared to enter the Olympics amid the doping scandal that battered them.

Emile Andeol from France wins the gold medal at the Women's 78kg judo match while the silver medal goes to Cuban Idalys Ortiz and bronze goes to Yu Song from China. Meanwhile, at the Men's 100kg, Teddy Riner from France wins gold while Hisayoshi Harasawa from Japan gets silver, and bronze medals go to Israeli Or Sasson and Brazilian Rafael Silva.

Female Dutch scullers, Ilse Paulis and Maaike Head and male French scullers, Pierre Houin and Jeremie Azou, are the winners of the LWT Double Sculls.

Henri Junghaenel from Germany wins the 50m Rifle Prone Men's Shooting followed by South Korea's Kim Jonghyun, silver, and Russia's Kirill Grigoryan, bronze. At the Skeet Women's shooting, Italians Diana Bacosi and Chiara Cainero won gold and silver while Kimberly Rhode from USA won bronze.

Swimmers who won gold medals are Madeline Dirado for the women's 200m backstroke, Joseph Schooling from Singapore for the Men's 100m butterfly, Katie Ledecky for the Women's 800m Freestyle, and Anthony Ervin from the USA for the Men's 50m Freestyle.

Spain's Marc Lopez and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal won the men's doubles tennis against Romania's Florin Mergea and Horia Tecau while USA's Steven Johnson and Jack Son won the Men's Doubles Bronze Medal Match.

At the Women's Trampoline Gymnastics final, Canada's Rosannagh Maclennan won the gold medal while silver goes to UK's Bryony Page and bronze goes to China's Li Dan.

North Korea's Rim Jong Sim obliterated Darya Naumava from Belarus and Lidia Valentin Perez at the Women's 75kg Group A weightlifting while Iran's Kianoush Rostami crushed Tian Tao from China and Gabriel Sincraian from Romanian at the Men's 85kg Group A. Those gold medal athletes belonged to two nuclear states starting to get fired up following their win, though. Hold on, I did mention about a North Korean winning their first gold medal at the weightlifting competition in Rio. Can I consider it as a "threat from North Korea"? Although unsure about it, I'll just let it go for now since this is the Olympics and this is no time for telling what's North Korea up to.

Anyway, onto the medal tally, USA still leading with 20 gold medals, China bagged 13 golds, both the United Kingdom and Japan got seven gold medals, and South Korea got six golds.

For full schedule and results:

Francis Aglabtin is Lola's Playlist Ultimate Winner

Source: Official EB
Facebook Page

Over the months, we've seen kids from across the nation serenading us, even Lola Nidora, with hit songs from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, in a segment titled Lola's Playlist on Eat Bulaga. On this day, this is the grand finals of the competition that gave us the LSS or Lumang Song Syndrome, enriching our newfound love for hit classic songs from the last century.

The grand finals pit three young boys; Francis Aglabtin, Benedict Aboyme, and Joshua Torino, for one last time in the ultimate battle to be crowned as the ultimate winner in the grand finals.

In the end, although unsure about what plot twist Lola Nidora said yesterday, there can be only one and the winner is...Francis Aglabtin!

Congratulations to Francis Aglabtin for being the ultimate winner in the grand finals of Eat Bulaga's Lola's Playlist!

#BubbleGang - August 12, 2016

On the August 12, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Dungeon gags

- A new marketing plan involving perfumes...

- A not-so-unanimous decision between the two hosts!

- Time to get wet, buddies!

- Another Buhay ng Bakla song coming at ya.

- Bystander, Bystander in the Inside, English Language Today Will Be Applied, Our Song Will Be Understand Worldwide, It's Because Our Friends Are...STATESIDE?!

- Drug addicts reluctant to give in to authorities!

- Road rage gone wild!

- Basa-basa-pik!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Let's Do The News! (August 12, 2016)

- Onto the upcoming Marcos burial, President Rodrigo Duterte insists that the law does not prohibit the burial of late President Ferdinand E Marcos at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani whether he was a hero or not. He said that while the cemetery's name bares a qualifier "bayani", it is merely a "generic title" and not all who are buried there are heroes.

- Meanwhile, former president Fidel V. Ramos, acting as a special envoy to China, met with his old friends in Hong Kong to discuss the relationship between the two countries. Ramos met with former Ambassador to Manila Fu Ying and China's National Institute for South China Sea Studies President Wu Shicun to discuss ways to resolve the dispute between the two countries.

- A submarine belonged to the Royal Australian Navy has arrived at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo Friday morning. The Philippine Navy said the Australian submarine arrived 0900 hours local time for a port visit and will be there until the 27th of August. PN delegates rendered the customary welcome ceremony on the ship and crew, headed by Commander Jason Cupples.

- Libyan forces say they have captured the Islamic State's headquarters int he coastal city of Sirte. The US-backed forces said on Wednesday that they captured a convention center that served as the Islamic State militants' base in the city center. The militants had once controlled hospital and university buildings in Sirte as well.

- Tensions between the Russians and the Ukrainians are worsen following Moscow's detention of people it calls Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea. Russia's security service FSB said on Wednesday that it captured saboteurs who had been preparing to target Crimean infrastructures. It added that a Russian soldier and an FSB worker were killed during the operation.

- New Pokemon Sun and Mon info on the radar. The latest information involves a group of bandits known as Team Skull, new Pokemon as well as new Alolan forms to familiar Pokemon such as Raichu, Marowak, and Meowth. That's right!

- The Code Geass franchise will celebrate their 10th anniversary this year with a special event happening at the Maihama Amphitheater on the 27th of November.

- The 2nd DL Live for the PS4-exclusive THE IDOLM@STER Platinum Stars, called "Sweet x2 Live!" will be available on the PlayStation Store on the 17th of August. Prizes for clearing this DL live include high-ranking accessories including the brand new "Sweet Pop Flower" costume, set to the highest rank!

- Patrick Stewart announced that he will be reprising his role of Professor X in an upcoming Wolverine sequel, due 2017, but presumably, this will be the last time reprising his role in the world of X-MEN.


Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 7

August 11, 2016 - DAY 7

Archery, Artistic Gymnastics, Canoe Slalom, Cycling Track, Fencing, Judo, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Shooting, Swimming, and Table Tennis are the highlights of this day at the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympics.

Focusing on the gold medal winners, here are the list of the gold medalists at this day;

  • Chang Hye Jin from South Korea for the Women's Individual Archery
  • Simone Biles from USA for the Women's Individual All-Around Gymnastics
  • Ladislav and Peter Skantar from Slovakia for the Canoe Double C2 Men Final
  • Maialen Chourraut from Spain for the Kayak K1 Women Final
  • Team GBR for the Men's Team Sprint Finals
  • Team Romania for the Women's Epee Team Fencing
  • Kayla Harrison from USA for the Women's 78kg Judo
  • Lukas Krpalek from Czech Republic for the Men's 100kg Judo
  • Team Germany for the Women's Quad Sculls
  • Eric Murray and Hamish Bond from New Zealand for the Men's Pair Rowing
  • Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozlowska and Natalia Madaj from Poland for the Women's Double Sculls
  • Martin and Valent Sinkovic from Croatia for the Men's Double Sculls
  • Team Switzerland for the LWT Men's Four
  • Team Fiji for the Men's Rugby Sevens
  • Ma Long from China for the Men's Singles Table Tennis
  • Ryan Murphy from USA for the Men's 200m backstroke
  • Barbara Engleder from Germany for the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women's Shooting
On the medal tally as of now, USA bagged 16 golds, China got 11 golds, Japan got 7 golds, Australia and South Korea got 5 golds.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Let's Do The News! (August 11, 2016)

- Onto the imminent burial of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos, Palace officials expect the late dictator's burial "fit for the president". Marcos is set to be laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City, under the direct order of President Rodrigo Duterte. The plan has been met with protests by groups recalling his atrocities during the martial law years.

- Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. and Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida urged China to respect the rule of law and maritime security in disputed waters. They made the statement on Thursday at a press briefing in Davao amid recent news of China's rapid construction of hangars to house fighter jets on some parts of the Spratlys.

- In New York City, police apprehended a male who climbed through the Trump Tower with his suction cups. The climber aimed to meet up with Trump personally, although Republican presidentiable Donald Trump's not here because he's been at battleground states, continuing his attack against his rival Hillary Clinton. The attacks, this time, involves recently leaked e-mails regarding connections between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation as well as the sudden appearance of the father of the slain Orlando mass shooter at a Clinton rally somewhere in Florida.

- Delta Air Lines has cancelled about 2,000 flights globally due to system error caused by a power outage earlier this week. The US airline says a power outage in Georgia hit its computer systems on Monday, forcing them to cancel about thousand flights on the day. Delta also cancelled additional flights on the next day as it failed to recover the systems completely.

- In Pokemon GO-related news, the Philippine National Police issues safety tips for those who are playing the hit smartphone app game.

- Mercedes-Maybach is teasing a coupe concept ahead of its Pebble Beach premiere.

- Skoda showcased its first teaser for its upcoming flagship SUV, the Kodiaq.

- Hyundai Motor Company teases their third-generation i30 hatchback, previewing its new design.

- Former Daily Show host and comedian Jon Stewart is creating an animated comedy show for HBO. The series might be schedule to air as early as September but could debut later in the fall. The idea of the show will be an cartoonish spoof of a cable news network with an Onion-like portal, according to HBO programming president Casey Bloys.

- James Reid and Nadine Lustre are currently at Greece for the shooting of their new drama, Till I Met You.

- Today marks the 56th Weeksary of AlDub. Anyway, while we're not talking about Kalyeserye stuff because AlDub are still on their Moroccan vacation, there's good news because a TV drama starring themselves is in the works! Finally!


Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 6

August 10, 2016 - DAY 6

On that day of the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympics, the main sporting events of the day includes Artistic Gymnastics, Canoe Slalom, Cycling Road, Diving, Fencing, Judo, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Weightlifting.

Kohei Uchimura from Japan wins the Men's Individual All-Around Gymnastics while Oleg Verniaiev gets the silver medal and Max Whitlock from the United Kingdom gets the bronze.

At the Kayak K1 Men Final, Great Britain's Joseph Clarke is named the champion while 2nd place goes to Peter Kauzer of Slovenia and Jiri Prskavec from the Czech Republic,''

Kristin Armstrong from the US wins the gold medal at the Women's Individual Time Trail Cycling Road while silver goes to Russia's Olga Zabelinskaya and Holland's Anna Van Der Breggen. At the Men's Individual, Fabian Cancellara from Switzerland is the champion followed by 2nd placer Tom Dumoulin from Holland and 3rd placer Christopher Froome from the UK.

At the Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard Final, UK's Jack Laugher and Chris Mears are the winners of this match, trumping the likes of USA's Sam Dorman and Mike Hixon and China's Cao Yuan and Qin Kai.

Inna Deriglazova from Russia wins the Women's Foil Individual Fencing while Hungarian Aron Szilagyi wins the Men's Sabre Individual.

Japan scored double wins at the judo match with Haruka Tachimoto wins the Women's 70kg judo followed by Mashu Baker wins the men's 90kg match.

At the 50m Pistol Men's Shooting, South Korea's Jin Jongoh defeated the likes of Vietnams Hoang Xuan Vinh and North Korea's Kim Song Guk for the gold medal while at the Double Trap Men's match, Fehaid Aldeehani from the Olympic Refugee Team wins the gold medal while silver goes to Italy's Marco Innocenti and Britain's Steven Scott.

Ding Ning from China defeated her compatriot Li Xiaoxia and North Korean Kim Song I at the Women's Singles Gold Medal match, Kazakhstan Dmitriy Balandin wins the Men's 200m breaststroke, Spain's Mireia Belmonte Garcia wins the women's 200m butterfly, Kyle Chalmers from Australia wins the Men's 100m Freestyle, Yanmei Xiang from China for the Women's 69kg Group A weightlifting, and Kazakhstan's Nijat Rahimov for the Men's 77kg Group A.

For full results and schedules:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: UNSC won't issue N.Korea statement

Sourced from NHK World:

The member countries of the United Nations Security Council have failed to agree to issue a statement condemning North Korea's ballistic missile launch, due to Chinese opposition.

North Korea fired what are believed to be 2 Rodong-type medium-range ballistic missiles last Wednesday. One of them apparently flew about 1,000 kilometers east, and landed within Japan's exclusive economic zone about 250 kilometers off Akita Prefecture.

Japan called an emergency Security Council meeting to discuss the matter. UN diplomatic sources say the United States presented a draft press statement criticizing the launches. But China is reportedly reluctant to endorse such a statement.

Other Security Council members that have criticized the missile firings are also suggesting that they want to avoid sending the wrong message to North Korea.

Other diplomatic sources say China's foot-dragging reflects its strong opposition to the deployment of an advanced US missile interceptor system, called THAAD, in South Korea.

Let's Do The News! (August 10, 2016)

- The Malacanang officials has allayed fears about President Rodrigo Duterte's statement on martial law, which is an offshoot of Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno's serious concerns on the inclusion of some judges in the administration's anti-drug campaign. Communications Secretary Martin Andanar noted that Duterte has tapped the executive powers he has under his disposal to pursue the drug campaign, added that the president is careful about undermining any institution in the government. 

- Meanwhile, Chief Justice Sereno chose to mum about President Duterte's remarks against her, saying there is no need for her to respond. Duterte oppose Sereno on Tuesday saying the issuance of warrant takes months and the resolution of criminal cases also takes years or forever.

- The bereaved families of 2 Americans killed in the 2012 attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, have sued Democratic presidentiable Hillary Clinton. They say the-then secretary of state is responsible for the incidents. About four years ago, a group of militants attacked the US consulate, killing the US ambassador to the country and three others. It was also referred in one of Clinton's e-mails regarding the locations of the ambassador and others. A Clinton campaign spokesman said there have been nine different investigations into the attack but no connections of her and the attack.

- Meanwhile, US Republican presidentiable Donald Trump, meanwhile, criticized his rival Clinton in a North Carolina speech on Tuesday, saying that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment. Referring to the presidential power to nominate Supreme Court judges, Trump said "If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do." Trump then added, "Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know." The US Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms." US media describing his latest remark another gaffe that appear to urge gun rights supporters to attack Clinton. The Clinton campaign also criticized the remark as dangerous and they state that the person seeking to be the US president should not suggest violence in any way.

- Russian and Turkish leaders have agreed to restore bilateral ties damaged by Turkey's shooting down of a Russian warplane last November. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited St. Petersburg on Tuesday and met Russian leader Vladimir Putin for the first time since last year's incident. Erdogan apologized for the incident in a letter he sent to Putin in Jun. Putin suggested at a news conference that Russia will gradually lift its economic sanctions.

- Meanwhile, in Pokemon GO-related stuff, the first Pokemon GO master in the US, Nick Johnson, arrives in Japan for a media tour, courtesy of Expedia. Then, developer Niantic Labs begin removal of controversial PokeStops such as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum while adding PokeStops at Toho Cinemas across Japan. Lastly, they launched a campaign to attract tourists in quake-hit Japanese prefectures, including the Kumamoto Prefecture.

- Retired Lamborghini test driver, Valentino Balboni, has set up his own aftermarket parts company to supply aftermarket parts specifically for Lamborghini. His first product, a titanium exhaust system for the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV, will debut at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

- Hot on the heels on the upcoming Death Note movie, there's a three-part mini series airing on Hulu Japan next month. The three-parter highlights more on characters such as Tsukuru Mishimi, Ryuzaki, and Yuki Shien.

- The first teaser trailer for the final installment of the live-action Resident Evil/Biohazard films, titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, has now gone live. This movie will hit Japan this December and then globally this January 2017, starring action starlet Milla Jovovich as Alice who sets to end this nightmare by going back to where it all started; The Hive at Raccoon City. Expect zombie-slaying, BOW butt-kicking, thrills in this film.


The list of the remaining non-turbo hot hatches

Some say the Swift Sport is the last
NA hot hatch in car history

A certain Top Gear article says that the current-generation Suzuki Swift Sport will be the last naturally-aspirated hot hatch in automotive history and its successor model, to be based on the next Swift coming soon, will be turbocharged. Yes, this model will go down in automotive history as the last non-turbo hot hatch ever made...or is it? If they do some fact checking right now, there are some few hot hatches in history that still hasn't gone turbocharged since then, well until their replacements came into view or got discontinued at some point. Aside from the Swift Sport, what other hot hatches that still has naturally-aspirated engines?

2015 Toyota Vitz
Here, we have the Toyota Vitz RS. The first-generation model had a turbocharged variant before but here on its current-generation state, there's no sign of turbo since then, unless if there is a Mazda-based replacement for the Vitz in the works right now, which will spell doom to this hot model. Anyway, this hot Vitz comes with a 1.5L 1NZ-FE engine which produces 109PS of power and 136Nm of torque, while mated with either a CVT or a 5-speed manual. A five-speed manual, get it? Although not as fast as any other today's hot hatch go, the Vitz RS still has its practicality charm that its normal Vitz would do day by day. Let's not forget, this car is priced at 1,883,127 Japanese Yen.
2015 Toyota Vitz RS G's
Don't forget that this Vitz RS model even comes with an available G's model packed some stylish aerokits, sport-tuned suspension, and a sporty dark interior that suits its sporty character. This is as hot as any hot hatches can get.

2014 Honda Fit RS
The current-generation Honda Fit RS is also a non-turbocharged hot hatch. Although it has the same 1.5L petrol engine as the Vitz RS, it has 23PS more than the Vitz RS and if you gone for the manual, it has one gear more than the Vitz RS as well. Because this is a Honda, speedo boys love to make things with this Honda, especially when it gets fitted with optional aero kits courtesy of Mugen or Modulo. Although fun to look and drive at, the pricing is somewhat of a slouch because it's around 43,000 Yen more than the Vitz RS. Still, it's value well spent for a non-turbo hot hatch that is built for some business and leisure for the rest of your lives.

2014 Nissan March NISMO
Although, the current K13 Nissan March will soon be replaced, this March NISMO reminds us that this non-turbocharged hot hatch is still defiant in its last breath. There are two kinds of NISMO March models to choose from such as the entry-level model which comes with the HR12DE engine mated with the XTRONIC CVT, which is a bit of a nonsense for performance-oriented enthusiasts, and the driver-focused March NISMO S model which comes with a HR15DE engine specially tuned for this model, producing 116PS of power and 156Nm of torque, while mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. We like the S model with the 5-speed gearbox on it because this is by no means one of the sportiest variants in this generation and despite this model is fading away soon, there are still speedo boys who are feeling jelly because they haven't drive this thing in ages, even video games.

Nissan Note NISMO
Another one in the list is the Nissan Note NISMO. Apart from the base NISMO model which comes with the 1.2L DIG-S engine and a CVT, there's the NISMO S model which uses the same 1.5L engine from the March K13 NISMO and it's mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. It may sound unfair to have a smaller, supercharged variant mated with a boring CVT instead with a manual but that's fine by us because the Note NISMO S model, with its non-turbocharged 1.5L engine and a 5-speed manual, shows that you don't need turbos for a hot hatch that can live up to the fullest, unless you had a bucket list to spare.

2016 Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster has been with us for five years now and even though it even comes with the hotter Veloster Turbo D-Spec packed with an improved 1.6L T-GDi engine producing 204PS of power and mated with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox, this naturally-aspirated version is one of the main reasons why we love the Veloster five years on...even in the wrong barrels. Even though it performs poorly as any other hot hatches I know and love, the Veloster is still considered hot in a unique way, apart from the unique three-door design where the additional door is on the passenger side. It comes with the Gamma 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection engine, which produces 140PS of power and can be mated with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic (with an additional DCT Pack that comes with Sport Mode on it). It's priced at 18,450,000 Korean Won and despite being unloved by its weird behavior, it's still a hot hatch in its own right.

We are very thankful that there are still living non-turbo hot hatches right among us up till now but sadly, these endangered species won't last to live until one of them is sent to the great highway in the sky or be reincarnated with a turbocharged consequence. As long as they're living right now, be sure to pick them up right away like there's no tomorrow for these non-turbocharged hot hatches.

Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 5

August 9, 2016 - DAY 5

Today's events at the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympics include Artistic Gymnastics, Canoe Slalom, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Judo, Shooting, Swimming, and Weightlifting.

Starting with Artistic Gymnastics, Team USA won the Women's Team Final while Russia earned silver and China earned third, which is kind of a coincidence with USA came 1st, Russia came 2nd, and China came 3rd, is like in hierarchical order as presumed but this is not the time for that regarding these three world superpowers because this is the Olympics after all.

Denis Gargaud Chanut from France wins the Canoe Single Men FInal against Matej Benus from Slovakia and Takuya Haneda from Japan.

At the Women's Synchronised 10m Platform Final, China's Ruolin Chen and Huixia Liu won gold while Jun Hoong Cheong and Pandelela Rinong Pamg from Malaysia won silver and Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion from Canada won bronze.

In Equestrian, the winning team for the eventing team jumping final goes to France followed by Germany and Australia. In individuals, German Michael Jung wins gold followed by France's Astier Nicolas and USA's Phillip Dutton.

At the Men's Epee Individual, South Korea's Sangyoung Park is crowned the victor, defeating the likes of Hungarian Geza Imre and Frenchman Gauthier Grumier.

At the Women -63kg Finals, Tina Trstenjak from Slovenia wins the gold while silver goes to Clarisse Agbegnenou from France and bronze medals go to Anicka Van Emden from Holland and Israeli Yarden Gerbi, At the Men's 81kg final, it's a catastrophic loss for Travis Stevens from America as Khasan Khalmurzaev scored another gold for his Russian compatriots, which remain controversial following doping reports that ruined their image and spectators viewed them as arch-enemies at this year's Olympics. Behind the US-Russia rivalry aside, even in judo, Japan's Takanori Nagase and Sergiu Toma from UAE took home bronzes.

At the 25m Pistol Women's shooting, Anna Korakaki from Greece wins gold while Monika Karsch from Germany wins silver and Heidi Diethelm Gerber from Switzerland won bronze.

Team USA scored two gold medals at the 200m Freestyle Final with Kathleen Ledecky and star swimmer Michael Phelps emerged as champions. Meanwhile, at the 200m individual medley, Katinka Hosszu from Hungary defeated Great Britain's Siobhan-Marie O'Connor and Madeline Dirado, while Team USA won the Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay against the British and the Japanese.

In weightlifting, Wei Deng from China wins the 63kg Group A match against North Korea's Hyo Sim Choe and Karina Goricheva from Kazakhstan while Zhiyong Shi, also from China, won the men's 69kg Group A against Turkey's Daniyar Ismayilov and Kyrgyzstan's Izzat Artykov.

Onto the medal count, USA's in the lead with 9 gold medals, China scored 8 golds, Hungary and Australia scored 4 golds, and annoyingly, Russia scored just 3 golds.

For full schedules and results:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Let's Do The News! (August 9, 2016)

- The low pressure area off Cagayan province will likely intensify into a tropical cyclone by Friday, further enhancing the habagat affecting Luzon. PAGASA based such forecast on current data indicating the LPA's possible development into a tropical cyclone by then. It its 5 a.m forecast, the LPA was spotted at around 1,200km east of Cagayan's Aparri municipality as of 4 a.m. of the same day.

- Former President Fidel V. Ramos said that he wants to focus on points of common interest with China as part of efforts to smooth relations with Beijing rolled by the South China Sea dispute. Current leader Rodrigo Roa Duterte has asked the 88-year-old Ramos to become his special envoy to pave the way for talks with the PRC following the international arbitration tribunal last month invalidated China's claims in a case put forward by the Philippines.

- Back to the imminent burial of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, Senator Risa Hontiveros filed a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the crimes of Marcos render him unfit for a hero's burial. Hontiveros stressed that the Libingan ng mga Bayani is designated for Filipino soldiers, war veterans and citizens considered as heroes and martyrs. Former presidents may be buried here except for those who convicted crimes. Hontiveros stressed that human rights violations committed under the late dictator's 20-year regime.

- China recently built three operational runways on the Fiery Cross, Mischief and Subi Reefs in the disputed Spratly Islands, part of the Philippines' exclusive economic zone. Despite China's claim that it are not militarizing the disputed seas following the tribunal, rapid construction of hangars in the Spratly Islands indicate that it is ready to deploy military aircraft to these outposts.

- The Islamic State extremists have forged an alliance with the Taliban from Eastern Afghanistan and they claimed responsibility behind the suicide attack at a hospital in southwestern Pakistan that reportedly killed at least 70 people.

- A new challenger has stepped into the 2016 US Presidential Race. The new challenger is named as former CIA officer Evan McMullin, who despises both Trump and Clinton in terms of different issues and he has launched his own independent bid for the White House. Despite his slim chances to win the elections, reports say he has the support of an anti-Trump conservative organization, and could win votes from Republicans wary of the party's nominee. Also, 50 former Republican national security officials released an open letter, saying they will not support Trump.

- The president of the Russian Paralympic Committee was dismayed over the IPC decision to ban all Russian paralympians from competing at the Rio Paralympics following revelations over Russia's doping program. Vladimir Lukin said an overwhelming majority of Russian Paralympians will be banned from competing despite not being guilty of doping. He also criticized the IPC for punishing athletes before an investigation by the World Anti Doping Agency is completed.

- In Pokemon GO-related news, there was a college student in San Francisco who was fatally shot while playing the game. Police stated that the 20-year-old college student was playing the game before being shot just before 10:00 PM on Saturday near Aquatic Park. Police haven't identified or arrested the assailant. Meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl got involved in a car accident on the 12th of July while playing Pokemon Go. She borrowed her mother's phone to play and then 30 minuted later, a car crashed into her while crossing the street. In Davao, Philippines, a player of the game assisted a man suffering from heatstroke. A 29-year-old male was playing the game when he saw a man vomiting blood and in weak condition. He administered first aid and dialled the emergency number. Now, Islamic leaders from Malaysia are calling on Muslims to stop playing the game. The statement was released on Friday, a day before Pokemon GO became available to the Malaysian public. It states that Muslims should not use the app, saying that the game is harmful and could lead to gambling which is prohibited under Islamic teachings. 

- Streaming service Hulu is ceasing its free streaming service and shift entirely to a paid subscription model while moving its ad-supported free streaming to a new service by Yahoo called Yahoo View, which will carry anime, K-dramas, and movies, as well as the latest five episodes of shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox, eight days after their original air date.

- Yes, you are doomed. the Nendoroid carrying the dreadful "666" number has unleashed and it was based on Elias Ainsworth, the sorcerer who appears on the manga "The Ancient Magus' Bride", which is due for a three-part anime project with the first part hitting select theaters this Saturday. Anyone who wish to dare keeping him home can order him for 4,444 Yen (plus tax) and deliveries will be made this December. You have been warned.

Nendoroid Elias Ainsworth

Meanwhile, Rem from Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World and Deadpool now got their own Nendoroids as well. Details are on the link.

Nendoroid Rem
Nendoroid Deadpool
Orechan Edition


Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 4

August 8, 2016 - DAY 4

Artistic Gymnastics, Diving, Fencing, Judo, Rugby, Shooting, Swimming, and Weightlifting are the main focus on the fourth day of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Starting at Men's Team Artistic Gymnastics, the best from Japan has won gold, beating the likes of the controversial Russians and the Chinese. On the Men's Synchronised 10m Platform Final,

China's Aisen Chen and Yue Lin are named victors and won gold medals while David Boudia and Steele Johnson from USA placed 2nd and Great Britain's Thomas Daley and Daniel Goodfellow placed 3rd.

At the Women's Sabre Individual Gold Medal Bout, the two Russians, Sofya Velikaya and Yana Egorian, dueled each other for the Gold and Yana defeated her compatriot for that medal. Meanwhile, Olga Kharlan from Ukraine gained the bronze medal. Talk about timing that these Eastern European foes got thrown into the mix even at Olympic standards.

Brazil's Rafaela Silva won the Women's 57kg Judo finals against Mongolia's Sumiya Dorjsuren while Shohei Ono from Japan defeated Rustam Orujov from Azerbaijan to secure the Gold Medal.

The Australian Women's Rugby Team are named champions at the Women's Rugby Sevens match while New Zealand wins the silver medal and Canada wins the bronze medal.

Niccolo Campriani from Italy wins the 10m Air Rifle Men's Finals against Serhiy Kulish from Ukraine and Vladimir Maslennikov from Russia while Josip Glasnovic from Croatia wins the Trap Men's Shooting match against Italy's Giovanni Pellielo and Edward Ling from Britain.

In Swimming, Yang Sun from China wins the Men's 200m Freestyle while Katinka Hosszu from Hungary wins the Women's 100m Backstroke, Ryan Murphy from USA won the Men's 100m Backstroke, and Lillia King won the Women's 100m Breaststroke Final respectively.

And finally, in weightlifting, Sukanya Srisurat from Thailand defeated her compatriot Pimsiri Sirikaew and Cn Taipei's Hsing-Chin Kuo for the Gold Medal while Colombia's Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera defeated Eko Yuli Irawan from Indonesia and Farkhad Kharki from Kazakhstan for the gold.

For full schedule and results:

Monday, August 8, 2016

Let's Do The News! (August 8, 2016)

- The Marcos family has sent representatives to look for a site at the 103-hectare Libingan ng Mga Bayani in Taguig City where they want former President Ferdinand Marcos buried. Representatives of the family coordinated with the Army regarding entry to the Libingan ng Mga Bayani as well as coordinating with the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office as it is the agency tasked to supervise and monitor activities in the military cemetery. Malacañang on Sunday night said the PVAO was tasked to supervise the planning and preparation for the internment of the former president. Past reports state that President Rodrigo Duterte approved the transfer of Marcos' remains at the cemetery and scheduled on the 18th of September.

- Vice President Leni Robredo said she is opposed to the planned burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos' remains at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The vice president lamented the atrocities done by the late dictator during his decade-long regime as reasons that the Marcos does not merit a hero's burial. Robredo said the interment of Marcos "will not bring unity to the country" as President Duterte, who made the Marcos burial a campaign promise, believes. This statement came following President Duterte's announcement that he will fulfill his campaign promise to allow the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani since he is a former soldier and president.

- Iran executed a nuclear scientist over his alleged ties with US spies over the country's nuclear program but who returned after claiming he had been abducted and tortured by the CIA. State-run media announced that Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist caught up in espionage, was executed. No one knows where or when the execution took place by Amiri's initial death sentence had been reviewed by an appeal court and that he had access to a lawyer. Amiri disappeared in Saudi Arabia since 2009 and resurfaced a year later in a set of online videos filmed in the US. He returned home with a hero's welcome and an arrest. In an interview, Amiri claimed he was kidnapped by spies while US officials said he was to receive money in exchange of information regarding Iran's nuclear program. Following the historic nuclear deal last year, he has reportedly been executed with no reason. Amiri's case was once mentioned in one of the e-mails from Democratic Presidentiable Hillary Clinton, fuelling suspicion on her while on the trail to the November elections.

- The Turkish government has held a massive rally for democracy in an apparent show of solidarity following the failed coup attempt last month. Over a million people marched into Istanbul on Sunday. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the crowds that the sheer number of participants would overwhelm "enemies" just like the day of the defeated coup. Erdogan also said he will support the death penalty reinstatement when approved by the parliament.

- The International Paralympic Committee has passed judgment on all Russian athletes from competing at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games. The decision announced by the IPC was made in response by the World Anti-Doping Agency of Russia's state-sponsored doping practices. WADA recommended the Rio Paralympics reject the entry of Russian athletes. Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko called the decision unheard of an incomprehensible while Russian Paralympic Committee President Vladimir Lukin told local media that this decision is political and the nation will take the matter before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

- Order books for the upcoming Honda NSX hybrid sportscar will be opened across Japan on the 25th of August.

2017 Honda NSX

- Iran may have been on the headlines regarding the $400 million "ransom" deal sent by the US as well as the execution of a nuclear scientist over espionage, but now, in Pokemon GO terms, Iran is the first country in the world to ban this popular app game due to security concerns.

- At yesterday's KanColle special event, it has been announced that the long awaited movie version of the hit browser game franchise is set to hit theaters on the 26th of November.

- Of course, Tatiana Maslany's multirole stint in Orphan Black is nearing at its end with next year's final season, but the breakout actress is set to appear in movies such as a true-to-life story titled Stronger, inspired from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, due next year, and a romance flick Two Lovers and a Bear, co-starring Dane DeHaan. Tatiana Maslany was in The Other Half, which was first debuted at this year's SXSW.

- Coco Martin remains unclear about why actress Maja Salvador suddenly left ABS-CBN's hit action-drama series FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. Maja recently posted her farewell message for her co-stars and co-workers through her Instagram account. Coco responds it's because of her upcoming projects aside from the hit TV show.

From Maja's instagram account:

'Salamat Ang Probinsyano Family. 
Thank You sa Staff and Crew 
Thank You Direk Malu
Thank You Direk Avel
Thank You Direk Toto 
Thank You Dreamscape
Thank You Sir Deo 
Thank You Coco 
Thank You Cocojams mahal ko kayo.
Salamat sa suporta niyo at sa grabeng pagmamahal sa amin ni Coco. 
This is Spo1 Glenda Corpuz now signing off.'


Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 3

August 7, 2016 - DAY 3

For Day 3 of the Rio 2016 Olympics, Archery, Cycling Road, Diving, Fencing, Judo, Shooting, Swimming, and Weightlifting are the medal events for the day.

In the Women's Team Archery match, South Korea wins the Gold Medal while Russia wins the Silver Medal and Cn Taipei wins the Bronze medal. At the Women's Road Race, Anna Van Der Breggen of Holland placed 1st while Emma Johansson from Sweden is in 2nd place and Elisa Longo Borghini of Italy placed 3rd.

At the Women's Sync. 3m Springboard competition, Tingmao Shi and Minxia Wu from China won the gold medal while Tania Cagnotto and Francesca Dallape from Italy snagged the silver medal and Australia's Maddison Keeney and Anabelle Smith took home the bronze.

Daniele Garozzo from Italy is the victor of the Men's Foil Individual, defeating the likes of USA's Alexander Massialas and Russia's Timur Safin.

Majlinda Kelmendi from Kosovo wins the Women's 52kg judo against the likes of Odette Giuffrida from Italy and Natalia Kuziuttina from Russia while Fabio Basile from Italy wins the Men's 66kg judo against the likes of Baul An from S. Korea and Masashi Ebinuma from Japan.

Mengxue Zhang from China wins the 10m Air Pistol Women's Finals against Vitalina Batsarashkina from Russia and Anna Korakaki from Greece while Catherine Skinner from Australia wins the Trap Shooting match against Natalie Rodney from New Zealand and Corey Cogdell from the USA.

In the Women's 53kg Group A match, Shu-Ching Hsu from Cn Taipei wins the Gold Medal while the Philippines' very own Hidilyn Diaz wins silver while South Korea's Jin Hee Yoon wins bronze.

And finally, in the Women's 100m Butterfly Final, Sarah Sjostrom wins the match while Penny Oleksiak from Canada placed 2nd and Dana Vollmer from the USA placed 3rd.

For full schedule and results:

Forza Motorsport 6: Three Kings

Ah, Italy. Home of the three kings of exotic hierarchy that shaped the world of cars. From Bologna, you have Lamborghini. From Maranello, Ferrari. And from Modena, Pagani. Those three speed-driven factions don't seem to be getting along very nicely; with Ferrari always the king of the supercar realm, Lamborghini as a second-rate, trying-hard, bully of the bunch, and Pagani as the ranked outsider who wants to came out on top one day.

Today, I got a selection of three Italian V12 kings which represents the pride and valor held by the company that made them. From Lamborghini, it's the Aventador LP700-4. From Ferrari, the F12berlinetta. And from Pagani, the Huayra.

As kings, these cars are built to reign than to serve, but as rivals from different factions, it's hard to sum up how these three stack up. These cars have been around for half a decade since their launch, well, the Lambo and the Pagani had, but despite the changing climate of the car world, these kings are still reigning strong with better versions but rest assured that these original versions are still be remembered by most due to its revolutionary breakthrough these cars possess.

The F12 maybe the most powerful of the three but because the F12 is a class apart from these two, apart from the fact that both the Lambo and the Huayra are mid-engined royalties, it can't just storm in recklessly because despite its power advantage, its drivetrain is what confuses these two. Although the Aventador and the Huayra's V12 engine produces the similar power output, the Aventador is the most fun car to drive because its ancient engine sounds so natural to our ears (because it's naturally aspirated), its gearbox is so fun to shift than double clutches, and overall, it's so generous to drive even if you're not paying attention. The Huayra, though, even though it's a rear-wheel drive scaremonger, is just plain serious. Serious about getting the best lap times with its capabilities as a track weapon and a grand tourer in its own right.

With the three kings set to settle things once and for all, let's find out which is the best Italian V12 king by lapping these three round Monza.

At the end of the lap, I have the results. The Aventador did it in 2:05.499 while the F12 did it in 2:06.937 and the Huayra finished in a blisteringly quick 1:58.706. Which means, the outsider from Modena trumps the big-shots of the Italian exotic hierarchy.

Lamborghini and Ferrari may have been rivals of the supercar race but in the end, it was the order of the Pagani that brought this fight to a presumable closure because the Huayra was made to deal against the big-shots like the Aventador and the F12berlinetta, even though these three have the same V12 engine with different configurations their makers had made for themselves. The V12 may soon be a dying breed like what happened to the V10s due to today's climate but as long as these kings keep on fighting, this battle will keep going on until they gave up their cylinders as a sign of the times in the automotive industry, unless they find many ways to preserve it like what the LaFerrari did.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rio 2016 Highlights - Day 2

August 6, 2016 - DAY 2

In the second day of the Rio 2016 Olympics, focusing on the Medal events, South Korea won the Men's Archery match, followed by USA and Australia.

On the Fort Copacabana, venue of the Men's Cycling Road Race, Greg Van Avermaet finished first place, followed by Jakob Fuglsang from Denmark, and Rafal Majka from Poland.

In the Women's Epée Individual, Emese Szasz from Hungary defeated Italy's Rossella Flamingo and Yiwen Sun from China.

In Judo matches, Paula Pareto won the Wonen's 48kg Final while Russia's Beslan Mudranov historically won the Men's 60kg Final. A first for a Russian athlete following recent issues facing Russian athletes.

Virginia Thrasher from USA and Xuan Vinh Hoang from Vietnam scored gold in the 10m Air Rifle match, Sopita Tanasan from Thailand wins the Women's 48kg Group A, Kosuke Hagino from Japan and Katinka Hosszu from Hungary won 400m Individual Medley, Australia's Mack Horton for the 400m Freestyle Final, and Team Australia for the Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay Final.

For full schedule and results:

Forza Motorsport 6: Finally, a new Cadillac!

Finally, the recent Turn 10 Summer Car Pack on the Forza Motorsport 6 XBOX One game featured a brand new Cadillac complete with the new logo that the folks should have put it since day one and the new Caddy with the new logo featured here is none other than...

...the most powerful Cadillac ever made, the brand new CTS-V. Finally, a Caddy with lots of power fans can finally drive in-game. People have been asking for this car to put in this game long before Forza Motorsport 6 hits stores and after several months later, here we are, a new Caddy that is a sure favorite when they first drive it. So, what's it all about this new favorite Cadillac?

The all-new Cadillac CTS-V, based on the third-generation CTS, is the most powerful Cadillac ever made, courtesy of its supercharged 6.2L V8 engine sourced from the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06, but it produces 640HP of power and 630lb-ft of torque while mated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, capable of going 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and top speed of over 200mph.

Apart from its powerful engine fitted for a Cadillac, the new CTS-V features track-honed dynamics, a more rigid structure for better body motion control, a more functional design, and a performance-focused cabin.

The new CTS-V represents the pinnacle of Cadillac's V-Series and with this model, it combines the comfort and subtlety of a luxury premium saloon with the thrill and track-honed dynamics of a sportscar, all in one dynamic package car enthusiasts wanting for more.

There's no need to be extremely jelly right now because fans finally got the Cadillac they've been longing to have since the day FM6 was launched. As the most powerful Cadillac ever made, there are some key points regarding this four-door equivalent of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 because even if it has the same engine, it produces 10HP less than the Z06 and because this is a four-door saloon, it's heavier as well. When compared against the likes of the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, its speed is the main reason why Cadillac made this car but in terms of handling, it's anyone's guess. The M5 is a balanced ride that feels so easy to drive. The E63 AMG S with 4MATIC feels a bit mild but menacing. For the new CTS-V though, despite its power advantage, its handling can be a bit tricky to hold on and it's kinda clear why the Americans made their high-powered cars like these too dynamic for professionals to let loose. In fact, I don't understand why until I go to Laguna Seca to prove my point.

A few moments ago, I once drove both the Dodge Charger Hellcat and the Tesla Model S round the track and by amazement, the electric saloon blew the 707-horsepower beast out in the open with a 1:48.430 lap time, a second quicker compared to the all-powerful Hellcat. I mean hey, you remember back in the American Top Gear when this CTS-V lapped round a certain track quicker than the two, right? Since the new CTS-V picks the Charger Hellcat and Tesla Model S as prime targets in terms of track-honed capabilities, let's put the theory to the test by beating my personal best set in the zero-emission Tesla saloon, shall we?

The lap time I set on this car? 1:47.796. Almost a second quicker than the Tesla Model S I drove round the track a few moments ago. A close shave but it's a fair share for the new Cadillac CTS-V when compared to America's super saloons like the Tesla Model S and the Dodge Charger Hellcat. I mean, isn't that why the CTS-V won the tug of war against the Hellcat, despite the Hellcat having more torque and more power than the CTS-V? Don't ask how but whatever it is, the CTS-V is the track-capable super saloon compared to the other two, although less comparable against the Germans in terms of dynamics too complicated for the novices to understand.

Like I said, it's about time this game featured a new Cadillac, complete with the new Cadillac logo, that should have been put in the first place and although a challenge to drive compared to the M5 and E63 S 4MATIC, the new CTS-V is going to be a sure-favorite Cadillac among fans everywhere. Whatever means necessary, this new Caddy will do its best to please its fans who've been begged to have a new Caddy to put some smiles.

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