Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Maine!

The folks at GMA's Eat Bulaga have celebrated the 21st birthday of everyone's favorite Dabarkad, Maine Mendoza, better known as Yaya Dub.

It was the biggest birthday bash ever thrown in honor of the Dabarkad that became a phenom in the show's Kalyeserye segment. The presenters, the lolas of Kalyeserye, even Alden Richards are present in the party as well as everyone around her.

In the middle of the party, Alden gave Yaya Dub some presents; a pendant, some pet birds, a drawing, a notebook, and a present so secret, we really don't know what that is.

What's even more surprising is a split second kiss for AlDub that is too fast for our eyes to see but it was worth it.

Happy Birthday Maine!

Photo: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Stars of 2016 Geneva Motor Show

2017 Bugatti Chiron

The 2016 Geneva International Motor Show is going on now until the 13th of March, 2016, and the list of debutantes, minor changes, full model changes, even concept cars, are in store for the visitors ahead. So, let's meet up the stars of this year's Geneva Motor Show.

2016 AC Schnitzer ACL2 Concept
2016 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder Touring
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
2017 Alfa Romeo MiTo
2017 Aston Martin DB11
2017 Audi Q2
2017 Audi RS Q3 performance
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive
2017 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S
2017 Bentley Mulsanne
2017 Bentley Mulsanne EWB
2017 Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner
2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed
2016 Borgward BX5 Concept
2016 Borgward BX6 TS Concept
2017 Bugatti Chiron
2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
2017 Citroen C4 Cactus Rip Curl
2016 DS E-Tense Concept
2016 Citroen SpaceTourer
2016 Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen Concept
2016 Citroen e-Mehari by Courreges Concept
2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso
2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth
2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth
2016 Fiat Fullback Concept
2017 Fiat Tipo 5-door
2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon
2016 Honda Civic Hatchback Concept
2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR
2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe
2017 Lamborghini Centenario
2017 Lexus LC 500h
2017 Maserati Levante
2017 McLaren 570GT
2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet
2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 4Matic Cabriolet
2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 4Matic Coupe
2016 Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach Guard
2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
2016 Morgan 4-4 80th Anniversary
2017 Morgan EV3
2017 Opel Ampera-e
2016 Opel GT Concept
2017 Opel Mokka X
2016 Pagani Huayra BC
2017 Peugeot 2008
2017 Porsche 718 Boxster
2017 Porsche 911 R
2017 Renault Megane Estate
2017 Renault Scenic
2016 Rimac Concept_One
2016 Rimac Concept_S
2017 Seat Ateca
2017 Skoda Octavia RS 4x4
2017 Skoda Octavia RS 4x4 Combi
2016 Skoda VisionS Concept
2017 Spyker C8 Preliator
2016 SsangYong SIV-2 Concept
2017 SsangYong Tivoli XLV
2016 Subaru XV Concept
2017 Toyota C-HR
2016 Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept
2017 Volkswagen Up
2017 Volvo V40
2017 Volvo V40 Cross Country
2017 Volvo V90 Estate

...and more.

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen

In the hit 2013 action flick Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler played the role of a disgraced Secret Service Agent Mike Banning who is on a mission to save the White House from North Korean terrorists and prevent world chaos. It's been three years passed since Olympus Has Fallen but now, Agent Banning is back and this time, he's on a mission to take London back against an armed terrorist group plotting to assassinate the world leaders.

London Has Fallen is the sequel to the hit 2013 action flick and in that film; following the attack on the White House three years ago, the British prime minister unknowingly died and the world's top leaders will attend his funeral, unknowingly that the prime minister's funeral is nothing more than a trap set up by the armed terrorist group, bent on hunting down the world's top leaders, including the US President (played by Aaron Eckhart), and cause world chaos. It's up to Agent Banning to put a stop to this latest insurrection and take London back before it's too late.

You can really feel just how bewitching and traumatizing the first part of the film is, witnessing how terrorists blown up the rest of London in one fell swoop and watching is like you're in a disaster flick, but seeing Agent Banning on a mission to take London back, his daring moments will really take you back to the moment he stopped North Koreans in the first flick three years ago. Sadly, he's not facing against North Koreans but rather a terrorist group similar to the real world's Islamic State, so you may actually wondering if the enemies he'll face in this new film looks broadly similar to the terrorist group we are facing in the real world.

While this latest assignment is all "God Save The Queen", the fight scenes are all "Rule Britannia" and you can really feel the tension, the suspense, and the thrills this movie delivers and this film bites more than Olympus. Anyway, no time for Brit pop culture references but if you are looking for some real thrills in your next Spring movie watchlist, consider this. No, actually, you'd better be brave enough to sustain the latest (fictional) impact within city limits and survive your way to the end of the flick.

My rating: 3.4 out of 5.


On the March 4, 2016 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Patayin ang aswang gags

- We interrupt your lunch for a special report!

- Putak Taktiks for the girls are examined.

- Istambay, Istambay sa Looban, Lungkot ay atin munang takasan, Tungkol din sa takas ang usapan, Si Erning na galing...BILANGGUAN?!

- Boys are talking about that weird stuff from that woman's undersides.

- Carrot man jokes

- More words to live by from Tata Lino!

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...FamBond posts...

- A politician tries to break the world record.

Disney's Zootopia

Disney's Zootopia

This is the latest animated film ever to be brought up by the creative minds from the wonderful world of Disney. It's called Zootopia and in the world of Zootopia, animals are behaving just like us, doing their hectic lifestyles, and enjoy whatever on their hearts' content. In this mammal metropolis, everything is possible.

So, how did the innovative people behind hit animated Disney films such as Frozen and Big Hero 6 came up with this unique environment where animals of all kinds get together in the big city? Well, for starters, the people behind the film imagine what would it be like if animals play the part and do all sorts of stuff normal people would do such as shopping, going to work, exercise, politics, crimes, whatever all sort of stuff. That's where the idea of Zootopia was born.

The film centers on two protagonists; Nick Wilde, your basic city fox (who turns out to be a scam artist, by the way), and Officer Judy Hoops, a female cadet police officer who strives to fit in with her larger colleagues, and together, they can get through all sorts of Zootopia, knowing what is like to be wild in the urban jungle they're stepping on.

From the Sahara Square, Tundratown, Rainforest, Savanna Central, Little Rodentia, even straight to Mayor Lionheart's office, the world of Zootopia really is every animal lovers' fantasy come true as the movie tries to impress younger viewers the wonders of this mammal metropolis while dealing with a rather good storyline that doesn't feel much as exciting as the other Disney films. Think about it, coming up with the world where animals living like us, it's definitely possible in the world of cartoons but in terms of fandom, they should probably do better than that because getting to portray as their favorite Zootopia characters seems difficult than they ever imagine so please don't. Let the little kids dress up as their favorite Zootopia characters because little kids are better than grownups when it comes to dress as animals.

Either way, Zootopia may not be one of the best films to show this Spring season but this is the ideal family movie to watch especially those who want to get their wild side on even in this modern landscape you and I are stepping on.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Jubilee of Mercy: 24 Hours for the Lord

The Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy kicks off today at the Vatican City with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica.
Jubilee of Mercy logo

As the Catholic world prepares for the Season of the Lent, Pope Francis began the "24 Hours for the Lord" with a penitential celebration in St. Peter's Basilica, which is part of the ongoing Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

The initiative, promoted by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, is on its third year and will place emphasis once again on the importance of prayer, Eucharistic adoration and the sacrament of reconciliation,

At 9:00 PM local time, people received the sacrament of confession and Eucharistic adoration in the churches of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Piazza Navona), Santa Maria in Trastevere (Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere) and the Sacred Stigmata of St. Francis (Largo Argentina). On the next day, the church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart will remain open for confessions until 4:00PM local time.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: NoKor condemns human rights bill

Earlier, North Korea warned the world that they will be readying their nuclear weapons and use it by any means necessary, and they also warned that they will take stern actions to protest the recently adopted UN sanctions resolution against the Korean Peninsula.

Now, the Korean Peninsula warned that the passage of the bill on human rights in its country and anti-terrorism bill by the South Korean parliament is a "grave provocation" and constitutes a huge crime against it. According to the spokesperson for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, the North already warned that the bills counted as a declaration of war against Pyongyang and they will use any means necessary to deal with the recent move.

Source: Arirang News

Friday, March 4, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: NoKor leader urges to ready nukes

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says his country's nuclear weapons need to be ready at any time.

According to the report from the newspaper of the ruling Workers' Party, the North Korean leader made the remark while ordering the exercise involving the testing of their newly-developed rocket launchers. Kim reportedly discussed the latest UNSC sanctions resolution and next week's US-South Korean joint military drill, calling the situation extremely critical as he ordered the nation's military to turn to pre-emptive attack mode in the face of growing threats from enemies. The North Korean leader warned the US and South Korea to strengthen his nation's nuclear forces further and have them strike anytime.

The US Defense Department official insisted there is no evidence that Pyongyang has made its nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a ballistic missile.

Source: NHK World

Let's Do The News! (March 4, 2016)

- Presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe and her running mate Senator Chiz Escudero assured Mindanao of 30% from the national budget as her party resumed their campaign sorties. Poe and Chiz are known to be the first presidential party to campaign in Zamboanga City. Poe said that with that kind of budget, more roads, dams, and assistance for the agriculture programs will be added.

- The Paranaque City Police filed a case of murder before the Prosecutor's Office against four suspects in the murder of a 26-year-old Solaire Resort and Casino assistant manager Edgel Joy Durolfo. In the press conference at the Southern Police District HQ in Taguig City, Paranaque Police chief Senior Superintendent Ariel Andrade said the complaint for murder filed against the suspects is anchored on the findings of the SPD Crime Laboratory which conducted an autopsy on the victim's body.

- Reports state that the Japanese government mulls leasing five of its retired training jets to the Philippine Navy. Based on the report, the Philippines will use the TC-90, used by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force, for air patrol missions in the South China Sea. This jet has a radius of action twice of the aircraft currently used by the Philippine Navy and will be able to cover most of the islands in the Spratly Group. However, the TC-90 doesn't come with radars and other devices as they will only be used for visual monitoring over the Spratly Islands.

- The tsunami warning buoys installed off the coast of Indonesia were badly damaged during last Wednesday's M7.8 quake. According to Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency, none of the 22 buoys are functioning well. The buoys are part of a tsunami early-warning system and they've set them up with help from other countries after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami killed over 160,000 people. The Indonesian government is expected to come under pressure to review its disaster preparedness plan.

- Check out the first trailer of the newly revived Ghostbusters films featuring female comediennes taking the role of the Ghostbusters as well as the iconic Ecto1.

- Just keep swimming, people, because the new trailer for the upcoming Disney-Pixar film Finding Dory is here!

- Slightly Mad Studios announced that the hardcore Pagani Huayra BC will be appearing in the Game of the Year Edition of the critically acclaimed racing simulator game Project CARS, coming this Spring 2016.

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye, as Yaya Dub's birthday party draws near, one big plot twist comes in and that plot twist is none other than the arrival of Yaya Dub's stepmother named Caitlyn Smash, also known as Dudang. While Dudang is giving Yaya Dub some gifts, she even handed her a present that will be opened tomorrow. What's even more shocking is the note written to Yaya Dub, insisting if she is ready to be in love. Who wrote it? What location will Yaya Dub's birthday part occur? When will the secret be out? Tune in tomorrow for the full reveal as Eat Bulaga celebrates Yaya Dub's 21st birthday!


Forza Motorsport 6: The 991 911 Turbo got you noticed

Oh, Porsche, it's good to be back in the world for Forza thanks to the recently launched Porsche Expansion pack available on Forza Motorsport 6 XBOX One game for only $19.99 and one of the Porsches I am recalling now since last year's FH2 is the 991-spec Porsche 911 Turbo S, noteworthy of being the most powerful version of the 911.


For a quick review, the 911 Turbo S's 3.8L flat-6 engine, which is mounted at the back of the car, produces 552bhp of power and 516lb-ft of torque. Because of is low center of gravity, 4WD powertrain, and its 7-speed PDK, this car does 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 318kph.

I once said that even the 911 Turbo S is all about straight-line speed, the handling feels very mild to get through the corners, probably because of its electric power steering and 4WD, resulted to its grippy character. I also once said that you  can't compare this to the GT3 because while the GT3 is focused more on handling terms, the Turbo feels as sensitive as a big breasted 20-year-old woman trying to do things at her own pace but despite that, the 911 Turbo S has some quality you can trust.

991 (2)

Speaking of which, because I'm playing Forza Motorsport 6 and now I'm driving a Porsche in the brand-new Virginia International Raceway, I think I had the perfect idea to show how good the 911 Turbo S and for the ideal experiment, I'm going to compare this against the most high-browed Japanese car of all time, the Nissan GT-R.

But first...

991 (3) gtr

Don't blame me, blame the cars' personalities that made me worked on those IDOLM@STER-themed designs for these cars. From here, you can see my 991 911 Turbo outfitted in an Azusa Miura manner while the R35 GT-R is peppered with its Ritsuko-ness. Anyway, with the design set, I am settling this experiment on VIR at around...9:02am.

Normally, I would have done this a 9:02pm, because of the song, but because it's so dark, trying to get through the first corner is a nightmare due to poor visibility at nighttime, so that's why I'm settling this experiment in the morning. Well, with morning set at VIR, let the comparison begin.

Both of these cars managed to launch perfectly at the start but when they meet the corners, their four-wheel drive systems are starting to do their worst as their grippiness will determine the fate of these cars. In the 911 though, its mild driving feel makes it more accessible to get across the corners. The GT-R is facing a stiffer competition against German's mightiest even though its handling can adapt through various scenarios with precise movements.

At the end of the lap, the results are in. The GT-R did it in 2:14.849 while the 911 Turbo did it in 2:13.002, meaning the 991-spec Porsche 911 Turbo S is the clear winner of this comparo. So, even though the 911 Turbo is all about power that goes in the wrong side of the car, its low center of gravity and a mild driving feel makes it more accessible at almost any racetrack it see fit, as long as you take things slowly and keeping it together.

Drive the 911 Turbo S at Forza Motorsport 6's Porsche Expansion pack, available now.


For batch 9 of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER range, inspired from THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER sub-brand, idols straight from the 346 Productions such as Yui Ohtsuki, Yuka Nakano, Asuka Ninomiya, Yumi Aiba, and Kyoko Igarashi are making their full-voiced album debut just like the rest of the idols from the previous batch.

Yui Ohtsuki
Yuka Nakano
Asuka Ninomiya
Yumi Aiba
Kyoko Igarashi

Like most of the previous CINDERELLA MASTER batches, each CD comes with a character song, a drama part to get to know about each idol, and a bonus track that is surprising to the listeners. 

One more thing about this latest batch because while you will spend most of the time getting to know more about these latest additions, there is a chance that one of these songs heard in one of these newest additions might make it in a future update in THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage app game so watch out for these, until then feel free to getting to know the ninth batch of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER range!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: NoKor fires projectiles into Sea of Japan

According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, North Korea has fired six short-range projectiles into the Sea of Japan.

The projectiles reported to be either rockets or missiles and they flew about 100 to 150km before falling into the sea. They were fired at around 1000 hours local time from Wonsan on the east coast.

The ministry says the launch was possibly an act of defiance against the toughest-ever UNSC sanctions against North Korea imposed hours earlier.  

South Korea is on alert over the possibility of another provocation by the NoKor in the near future and the annual joint military exercise with the United States is set on Monday,

Source: NHK World

Let's Do The News! (March 3, 2016)

- The Chinese ships that surround the Quirino (Jackson) Atoll near Palawan have left after completing their mission to remove a stranded Filipino fishing vessel in the area, according to Beijing's foreign ministry yesterday as it reiterated China's indisputable sovereignty over the atoll. According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, China's Ministry of Transport had sent the vessels that Filipino fishermen claimed were preventing them from dropping their nets in the atoll.

- Last night, a M7.8 quake hit Padang, West Sumatra, of Indonesia, and so far there are no reports of casualties during the quake. The Department of Foreign Affairs said that no Filipinos are either hurt or died during the recent Indonesian quake.

- COMELEC has extended the deadline for absentee voting application to the end of March, enabling more members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, teachers, and media who will be working on Election Day to register and vote.

- The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to tighten sanctions against North Korea following the recent nuclear test and missile launch. The sanctions include a ban on exporting jet fuel to North Korea, as well as a limitation on imports of coal and iron ore from the country. Also, member states are required to inspect any cargo that enters or leaves their territory heading to or from the North.

- The Tokyo Electric Power Company is expected to soon get approval to start underground freezing around the reactors of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. This measure is aimed at creating a frozen wall to cut the amount of groundwater flowing into reactor buildings.

- New Pokemon XYZ toys from Takara Tomy on the radar! On the Moncolle side, the star of this year's Pokemon film, Volcanion, is joining the Moncolle toy lineup and in addition, the Shiny Mega Gengar and Shiny Mega Gardevoir is joining the lineup as well. These new additions will launch this April with the shinies cost them 650 yen while the Volcanion Moncolle toy will cost 1,500 Yen. Also, there's a new Ash-Greninja plush toy with some magnetic arms and legs perfect to cling on metallic objects as well as walls! The toy will arrive this April for 2,980 yen.

- Disney have big news in store! First off, they've announced that the new High School Musical film is in the works and nationwide auditions for the new HSM film is on the way! Also, the 2014 hit animated film, Big Hero 6, will spawn a 2D-animated TV series coming to Disney XD this 2017!

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye, today is the 33rd weeksary of AlDub and with the Yaya Dub birthday week continues, the lolas thrown Yaya Dub a surprise birthday party for her as well as an invitation with her friends, a flash mob, and even Alden Richards! In the end, Lola Nidora's going to give Yaya Dub the secret box until a phone call ring in and it came from Daddy Dod! What could this be? Tune in next time and find out!


Get to know about the Elite Force!

When different heroes collide, the lab doesn't get a whole lot mightier than this! Disney XD will air tonight a brand new show called Lab Rats Elite Force.

In the premiere, Chase (William Brett) and Bree (Kelli Berglund) were summoned by their creator Mr. Davenport to his penthouse, he introduced to his Lab Rats a team called the Elite Force comprising of Chase, Bree, and three others, which is none other than Kaz (Bradley Steven Perry), Oliver (Jake Short), and Skylar Storm (Paris Berelc) seeking vengeance against those who obliterated Mighty Med into pieces.

The Elite Force is a ragtag group of heroes that combines their bionic abilities and superpowers. Of course, while Chase and Bree got their bionic abilities, Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar got superpowers. Betcha we didn't realize that Kaz and Oliver are polar opposites because while Kaz can now unleash his firepower, literally, Oliver's got ice and water powers, although some of Oliver's powers needs some work. Sadly, both sides of the power don't get along very well but together, they can take down any powerful foe they may up against.

Of course, in the premiere, we can expect Descendants' Booboo Stewart making a special appearance as one of the villains who destroyed Mighty Med and trying to hunt down every superhero on the planet.

The newest show airs on Disney XD tonight at 8:30PM central and pacific and if you want to watch it right away, go to your WATCH Disney XD app. Parental approval is advised.

Photo: Disney

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Let's Do The News! (March 2, 2016)

- The camp of presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe denies report that she is carrying two social security numbers when she lived in the United States. The Daily Tribune reported that Poe committed a US federal felony by obtaining and using an American SSN from a dead person under her name. Poe allegedly had been listed with two SSNs, one in her names and another from a deceased report. A spokesman states that these reports are without basis and absurd.

- The traditional Filipino fishing ground near Palawan has been taken over by the Chinese, where they have stationed up to five ships to keep local fishermen at bay, according to reports. The Quirino or Jackson Atoll, which has been a rich source of catch for a long time for fishermen from Palawan, Southern Luzon, Western Visayas, and Manila, is now under Chinese control.

- US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter stressed that China should not pursue militarization in the disputed South CHina Sea as it would result in conflict among claimant states. Carter recalled that Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier said that his country will not militarize the sea despite its reclamation activities.

- The Philippines joined 16 other countries in a three-day counter-terrorism meeting held in Chang Mai, Thailand. The Interpol meeting in Thailand addressed the emerging terrorism trends and information-sharing on foreign terrorists throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Among the trends discussed in the meeting were the use of the internet by terrorists for radicalization and law enforcement evidence-gathering procedures relating to terrorist groups using social media.

- In the recent Super Tuesday presidential primaries for the race to become the next US president; it seems that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored the most town wins than any other candidate, increasing their chances to become nominated for the November 2016 elections. As of right now, Trump scored seven town wins than any other Republican candidate while Hilary Clinton scored seven town wins than her rival Democrat Bernie Sanders, who scored four town wins. The next primaries will occur on the 5th of March at Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, and Nebraska.

- Tech giant Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have testified before Congress over Apple's rejection of a government request to unlock an encrypted iPhone. Apple has refused to unlock the smartphone used by a suspect in last year's San Bernardino killings. The company is citing the need to protect privacy. A hearing will be held later this month at the federal court in California.

- BIG NEWS IN THE WORLD OF FORZA MOTORSPORT! First off, the long-awaited Porsche Expansion for the Forza Motorsport 6 game is now available for $19.99 and apart from keeping all 21 Porsches in the garage, players can challenge their love for Porsches in additional challenges as well as the all-new Virginia International Raceway.

Second, Forza will harness the capability of Windows 10 PC with the new Forza Motorsport 6 APEX game, coming this spring 2016 for Windows 10 PC users at no cost.

2017 Lamborghini Centenario

And with the grand unveiling of the special Lamborghini Centenario, a machine made in honor of Ferruccio Lamborghini's 100th birthday and powered by an improved 6.5L V12 engine developing 770PS of power, Lamborghini announced their collaboration with the Turn 10 Studios to have the Centenario featured in an upcoming Forza game this year. Sure, with all 40 units (20 coupes and 20 roadsters) already sold out before its announcement, the recent collaboration will have Lamborghini fans swoon with joy. That's not all, fans can take on the special FM6 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series, where players can take on two full seasons of Rivals and League events (the first season begins now until the 22nd while the second season takes place on the 22nd to the 12th of April) and stand a chance to win special event-exclusive Super Trofeos including different versions of the new Huracan Super Trofeo.

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga kalyeserye, as Yaya Dub's birthday draws near and while we really don't know what's inside the little box that Lola Nidora kept, the lolas and AlDub are warming up before the big day by doing some party games to keep them prepared. The question now remains is when will the box open? Tune in next time and find out!



Moment Ring

μ’s Final Love Live concert is on the Tokyo Dome this 31st of March to the 1st of April, 2016, and to celebrate the grand farewell of the world famous school idol group that propelled Love Live into one of the most successful franchise in the world, the final single from μ’s, titled MOMENT RING has arrived and by any means necessary, the two final songs from the school idol group μ’s will surely become the ultimate parting present for all the Lovelivers worldwide before their Final Love Live concert at the end of March.

There's also a parting gift for fans in store because for a limited time only, there's a serial code that will unlock a random Super Rare μ’s idol for use in the Love Live! School Idol Festival app game.

The Love Live! μ’s Final LoveLive! ~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~ concert is on the Tokyo Dome this 31st of March to the 1st of April. The μ’s would like to thank to all the Lovelivers for five years of gratuitous success since their first single launched in 2010 and wishes them to support the second generation of school idols, Aqours, in Love Live! Sunshine!!

02. さようならへさよなら!
03. MOMENT RING(Off Vocal)
04. さようならへさよなら!(Off Vocal)

Six Nations 2016: Round 3

In the third round of the 2016 RBS 6 Nations championship, the Welsh Rugby Union is becoming a rugby force to be reckoned win after their victory against France's FFR at the score of 19-10. The key persons of winning the recent rugby match are Dan Biggar, who scored the most points from the kicking tee, and George North , whose try made the half-time under the Welsh's rule against the French.

Under cover of the battle, the FIR Italia was trounced by Scotland at the score of 36-20 while the England Rugby defeated the IRFU at the score of 21-10.


The next round begins with the IRFU battling against FIR on the 12th of March at 1330 hours following with England Rugby vs. Wales on the same day at 1600 hours and Scotland vs. the FFR on the next day at 1500 hours.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Let's Do The News! (March 1, 2016)

- A former COMELEC chief advises Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao to delay his final fight against Timothy Bradley, due next month, to avoid legal repercussions. Pacquiao's final fight against Tim Bradley is scheduled on April 9, which is exactly a month before the elections and such coverage would surely provide him an unfair advantage against other candidates, according to Sixto Brillantes, the ex-COMELEC chief.

- The Philippine Information Agency website has been hacked and published bogus reports against presidential candidates Mar Roxas and Vice President Jejomar Binay. The bogus reports states that Mar Roxas was resigned while Binay has admitted owning a hacienda in Batangas.

- UFC Philippines Inc, a division of NutriAsia, won the rights over the PAPA catsup brand against Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing Corp, The Supreme Court granted UFC's petition to stop BFMC from using the "Papa Boy & Device" for its commercial lechon sauce.

- As "Super Tuesday" draws near, the US State Department released the last batch of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private computer server, bringing the total number of emails that were withheld or censored for containing information now-deemed classified to over 2,000. 

- A United Nations panel reports on a man holding a Japanese passport helped North Korea evade longstanding UN sanctions. The UNSC's Panel of Experts on North Korea released its annual report, accusing the NoKor of continuing to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in defiance of Security Council resolutions. It says Pyongyang slipped through sanctions by modifying imported civilian goods for military purposes.

- The Bugatti Chiron has been officially unveiled prior to this week's Geneva Motor Show debut. The successor to the legendary Veyron comes with an all-new W16 engine producing over 1,500HP of power and 1,180lb-ft of torque. Equipped with the most modern technology made for this new car as well as the improved 7-speed gearbox from the Veyron, the top speed is limited to around 261mph. Apart from that, the Chiron comes with a new bodywork that delivers a drag coefficient of just 0.35 in Top Speed mode.

2017 Bugatti Chiron

- The first-ever Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet was unveiled prior to this month's Geneva Motor Show in base and the all-new C43 AMG 4Matic variant.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet
2017 Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic Cabriolet

- The production version of the Koenigsegg Regera is now complete and while it doesn't bother about the likes of the star of the Geneva Motor Show, the Bugatti Chiron, its PHEV powertrain developed for the Regera is capable of going from zero to 248 mph in 20 seconds. While the Chiron develops less than 1,500HP of power, the Regera's power output is expected to be more than 1,500HP!

2016 Koenigsegg Regera

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga kalyeserye, it's still Yaya Dub's Birthday Week and the lolas are busy cleaning their temporary house and after minutes of punching jokes with AlDub, the lolas are clearing out their trash when suddenly, Lola Nidora found a small box. What's in the box? Tune in next time and find out!


Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's Do The News! (February 29, 2016)

- The Philippines called on the People's Republic of China to respect the forthcoming decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration on the case of the South China Sea dispute, following the accusation by a Chinese official saying that the Philippines made a political provocation in seeking international arbitration over the sea row. Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said that the Philippines, as well as the global community, are asking China to respect the forthcoming ruling and together advance an international rules-based regime,

- With the Nationalist People's Coalition adopted presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe and her running mate Senator Chiz Escudero as their bets, the two candidates admitted that the endorsement of the NPC will be a big help to their campaign in the May 2016 elections.

- The remains of the late President Elpidio Quirino was transferred from Makati's South Cemetery to the Heroes' Cemetery in Taguig City. February 29, 2016 marks the 60th death anniversary of the sixth president of the Philippines as he will be named as the third president to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, joining the ranks of the late President Carlos Garcia and Diosdado Macapagal.

- The Syrian opposition posted online footage of what is says that government forces continuing their attacks despite the ceasefire agreement took effect on Saturday. Opposition forces state that Russian-backed government forces conducted airstrikes and shelling in different parts of the country. Government forces appear to be claiming the targets are terrorists groups that are excluded from the ceasefire.

- Last Saturday's South Carolina primary sees former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beaten Bernie Sanders by a huge margin. Clinton gained 73.4% of the votes with Sanders got 25.9%. She won three out of the first four rounds of the Democratic nomination contest and with the so-called "Super Tuesday" draws near, which will be held in over 10 states (half have high percentages of black voters), looks like her goal of being the first female leader will be on the balance.

- Mazda reportedly that they will stop selling minivans including the the Premacy, the Biante, and the MPV and expected to replaced by an SUV in the near future.

- Your next Domino's delivery will soon be quicker than expected because the fast-food joint showcased their Chevrolet Spark-based DXP pizza delivery vehicle packed with every gadgets your local pizza delivery man will be jealous of.

- Box-office director Wenn Deramas passed away at the age of 49 due to his cardiac arrest, according to reports. Direk Wenn worked on numerous hit films such as the Ang Tanging Ina trilogy, Volta, D' Lucky Ones, Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo, Petrang Kabayo, two Praybeyt Benjamin films, This Guy's In Love With U Mare, Sisterakas, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy, and last year's film Beauty and the Bestie. He's also behind hit TV shows such as Mula Sa Puso, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan, Marina, Kampanerang Kuba, Walang Kapalit, Dyosa, Kahit Puso'y Masugatan, and Flordeliza. He was awarded as Most Popular Director at last year's Box Office Entertainment Awards alongside Cathy Garcia-Molina.

- In case you missed the recent Eat Bulaga kalyeserye, the Yaya Dub birthday week kicks off with the guesting of international recording artist Dawin, famed for his song Dessert, who performed onstage and even had a duel with Lola Nidora. What's next on Yaya Dub's birthday week that all leads up to Yaya Dub's birthday? Tune in next time and find out!


Winners of the 88th Academy Awards

The 88th Academy Awards has been one heck of a politically-correct but mind-boggling take on the biggest annual award in honor of the people who worked very hard in the development of movies that pushed the very boundaries of entertainment and whoever wins this award will always have that honor and some bragging rights in store for the winners. For those who missed the recent Oscars, here are the list of this year's winners;

Best Picture: Spotlight
Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)
Best Actress: Brie Larson (Room)
Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies)
Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl)
Best Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (The Revenant)
Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short
Best Film Editing: Mad Max Fury Road
Best Cinematography: The Revenant
Best Animated Film: Inside Out
Best Original Score: The Hateful Eight
Best Original Song: Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith (007: SPECTRE)
Best Sound Editing: Mad Max Fury Road
Best Sound Mixing: Mad Max Fury Road
Best Visual Effects: Ex Machina
Best Production Design: Mad Max Fury Road
Best Costume Design: Mad Max Fury Road
Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max Fury Road
Best Documentary Film: Amy
Best Documentary Short Subject: The Girl on the River: The Price of Forgiveness
Best Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul
Best Animated Short: Bear Story
Best Live Action Short: Stutterer

Mad Max Fury Road

In conclusion: Of all the films that win the recent Oscars, it looks like Mad Max Fury Road, the dystopian action film that starred Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, won the most awards than The Revenant and this year's best film Spotlight. "What a lovely day" to have the recently revived Mad Max franchise scored the most awards since Fury Road hit theaters last year and these films deserve a two thumbs up.

The 11th Goin Bulilit Awards Night

The 11th Goin Bulilit Awards Night

The cast of Goin Bulilit are honoring the best performances in the 11th annual Goin Bulilit Awards Night, aired on the February 28, 2016 episode of Goin Bulilit. Sadly, this is also the episode where one of the Bulilits will leave the show...because this is the 11th graduation night.

But first, the Awards Nights and here are the winners;

Best Bloopers Award - Izzy
Best Reaction in a Gag Award - Bugoy
Best Stunt Award - Bugoy
Bulol-lit Award - Clarence
Gaya Gaya Award - Clarence as David Charlton
Best In Drama Award - Chun Sa
Best Reaction In A Practical Joke Award - Mutya in Kubo-t
Best In Costume Award - Dagul as Rapunzel

Congratulations to the winners of the Goin Bulilit Awards! Speaking of witch, after the whole Sinetch Itey segment, the latest Bulilits are bidding the show farewell as part of the annual graduation night are Bugoy, Brenna, Harvey, and Casey. We wish these outgoing Bulilits the best of luck on their future endeavors as part of life's growing moments. 

20 Years of Pokemon: Of Pokemons and lunchtimes

Pokemon and lunchtime, not two stuff expressed in the the same sentence but for a country like Japan, the Pokemon madness doesn't spread in other objects, but also lunchtime as well. Of course, I've seen plenty of Japanese people posting pics of lunch boxes stuffed with Pokemon-themed lunches and posted it to social media to show how much Pokemon love can be added to every Japanese people's lunch boxes, if you know what I mean.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

20 Years of Pokemon: Pikachu Outbreak in New York

The United States of America hugely honored the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise and to celebrate such a wonderful commemoration of one of the most successful franchises in the world, there was a Pikachu outbreak occured at the streets of New York City.

Check out the pics of the outbreak courtesy of the official Pokemon Instagram.

Source: Official Pokémon Instagram
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