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On the August 28, 2015 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Si Eric na Cellphone ang Laruan, Tungkol Sa Buhay N'ya ang Usapan, Simulan na Natin Ang...LEVEL 1

- Water Delivery gags

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...FOMO.

- A Beautiful Interview between two women who knew politics very well...

- Bubble Gang does Bear Brand Sterilized Milk by spoofing this commercial as BEAR BLONDE STERILIZED MILK! Gabi-Gabi. Bawi sa Tibay.

- More words to live by with Tata Lino!

- Let's see what political promises Bote Botante has to say...

- Surgeons know how to deal with an operation...with music!

- #KlaroAngDiskarte brought to you by Sprite!

- Will one of the Bubble Gang survive Tsugi o Chorva?!

The moment when you saw iM@S and Love Live stars singing together

THE IDOLM@STER and Love Live, two of the biggest names in the world of idol anime malarkey as every otaku knows, are obviously not two things you'll read in the same sentence. Believe it or not, because both of these are the most successful franchises in the anime world, everyone's fighting which idol franchise is the best. Those IM@S fans refer to them as "Ps" or "Producers" and those Love Live fans refer as "Livers", don't usually get together because with these two, it's an all-out war much like any other famous rivalries in history.

However, at this year's AniMelo concert, which held at Saitama Super Arena from the 28 to the 30th of August, 2015, that argument holds no valid because for the first time, these idol anime titans collide each other to perform hit songs as heard from both THE IDOLM@STER and Love Live franchises.

The AniMelo concert is the biggest concert held every late summer and it's all dedicated to anime songs. It features performances by AKINO from Bless4, Yuka Iguchi, Kanako Ito, King Cream Soda, TRUSTRICK, Momoiro Clover Z, LiSA, and many others.

Everyone rejoiced when they saw some 765 PRO ALL-STARS gals as well as the rest of μ's performing together on a concert they will never forget.

The Flor de Liza finale

Over the final days of ABS-CBN's afternoon drama, we've witnessed how the story reaches its climax in a more dramatic fashion. We saw Ida spent her final days of her life, we saw Teacher Daisy plans her final attack to kidnap Flor, and how Crisanto risked everything to save Flor and Liza from Teacher Daisy's the cost of Flor's life.

In the finale, everyone prays to bring Flor back as she's currently hospitalized. While she was hospitalized, she saw her mother in her dreams and with the two reunited, Flor wants to be with her mom for good but Ida said Flor's not ready to join her because there are others in need of her, even for Liza despite her sinister efforts of getting rid of Flor for several moments.

After spending moments with her mother, Ida, Liza woke up and everyone, including Liza, are very happy to see Flor returned to life. Back home, everything's in peace now.

The story ends with Flor and Liza spending time at the beach as they hoped for while Ida narrates that everything ends but not for what we do for our loved ones.

This concludes the story of Flor de Liza.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Let's Do The News! (August 28, 2015)

- The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party has decided to hold its presidential election on the 20th of September. The nation's PM Shinzo Abe is most likely to be reelected as the party's chief as there are no opponents at first.

- The Japanese government dismissed an article by the Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency, which demanded Emperor Akihito to apologize for his nation's aggression.

- An arrest warrant has been issued against the unknown suspect behind the second Bangkok bomb blast on a pier a day after the shrine bombing that killed 20 people. A police spokeswoman said a court issued the warrant based on the CCTV footage of a man in a blue shirt kicking a bag into the water near the pier on the night of the 17th of August, soon after the shrine blast.

- The Malacanang continues to monitor the situation at Padre Faura in Manila in the midst of the protests held by Iglesia Ni Cristo members against Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. Yesterday, De Lima's birthday was celebrated by mass protests by INC members as they marched to the office and blocked her from leaving the vicinity.

- The all new smart fortwo cabriolet was unveiled in time before its Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

- Get to know the teams that will come clashing each other on the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, coming to cinemas this May 2016.

- Believe it or not, the Philippines is the 5th worst traffic in the world, behind Iran, Thailand, South Africa, and Egypt.

- In case you missed the latest Eat Bulaga kalyeserye, the long lost triplet named Tinidora, played by Jose Manalo, was introduced. With Lola Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora present, they're better known as Kalye's Angels. Apart from Tinidora's introduction, the secret of Yaya Dub is slowly revealing but what's next? Keep watching Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 and find out!


FH2 Storm Island: Rallying the Fiesta ST


Ford's Fiesta ST may be a pocket rocket on the streets but because of the Ford Fiesta's involvement in the world of rallying, it's hard to question if this Ford Fiesta makes it the perfect rallying machine even if you're continuing your quest on surviving Storm Island. Well, while I'm still doing what the so-called Storm Island survival guide told, I decided to call on my Fiesta ST again and this time, giving it the necessary equipment needed to survive Storm Island such as heightened suspension, rally tires, and a low-range gearbox. I can keep the design I made since my Horizon Festival journeys because it looks so my mind.

Now, what concerns me the most is even though this is a very small car that promises to outfox the big boys, it can't keep up in the straights, where Evos and Subies have the upper lead because of their power advantages. The only blessing for the Fiesta is its defensive driving, some luck, and some fate. Of course, since this is Storm Island, half of everything is luck and the other half is fate, so the Fiesta ST will give all of it to win and continue my survival to the finale.

Well, that really sums it up, but nevertheless, the Fiesta ST managed to survive and won one of Storm Island's challenges and with 11 wins in my disposal, looks like I have unlocked another Gauntlet challenge for me and by surprise, I only need one more championship win to unlock the Island Finale! How lucky was that? Anyway, with my survival to Storm Island is nearing its climax, what should I do now is up for me to decide...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let's Do The News! (August 27, 2015)

- Shocking news in the US state of Virginia as a 24-year-old female newscaster and a 27-year-old male cameraman working from WDBJ TV station were shot down on air by a gunman named Vester Flanagan, a 41-year old male who used to work at WDBJ. Flanagan was fired by the station 2 years ago after his colleagues complained about his offensive remarks and problematic behavior. Police say that the gunman shot himself to death after being spotted about 300km away from the shooting scene.

- In response to the recent shooting at the Virginia TV station, an official from the White House states that this is just one of another examples of gun violence that is becoming all too common in the USA, and he urged Congress to act on gun control.

- Onto the Tianjin blasts, Chinese prosecutors detained 11 people over the warehouse explosions that killed 139 people on August 12, according to reports. The prosecutors found that the city's authorities failed to supervise the logistics  company that runs the warehouse where hazardous chemicals were stored.

- The Japanese government plans to limit the cost of building the stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by around 155 billion yen or 1.29 billion dollars. The government reached an agreement a day before relevant cabinet ministers are expected to endorse the new construction plan.

- Senator Sonny Angara is mulling on proposing higher tax exemptions on the amount of goods and items from Overseas Filipino Workers who sends their goods to their families via balikbayan boxes.

- Justice Secretary Leila de Lima launched an investigation against the stem cell doctor of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, following the report that Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park continues to practice alternative medicine amid facing murder and estafa cases. A certain family filed a complaint against the said doctor after their family member died after undergoing alternative medicine treatment at the Green and Young Health and Wellness Center in Tagaytay.

- The all-new Kia Sportage crossover was officially unveiled in time before its world premiere at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show.

- An estate version of the brand new Renault Talisman flagship was unveiled before its Frankfurt debut next month.

2016 Renault Talisman Estate
- AlDub fans are not pleased over technical difficulties over GMA7's signal on SkyCable as the network filed a formal complaint to the National Telecommunications Commission against cable provider SkyCable because of poor signal quality, causing most of the AlDub fans missing what's what during their on-screen antics on Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving kalyeserye that had everyone in the world watching.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All New Suzuki Solio (MA26/36S)

2016 Suzuki Solio Bandit

2016 Suzuki Solio

Before you ask, yes, this is the all-new Suzuki Solio, and for this latest generation compact MPV made by the same manufacturer that brought you the very fuel-efficient Alto and the unique kei-crossover Hustler, it's now taller than the old model, more roomier, and now, a lot more fuel-efficient with thanks to Suzuki's first ever mild hybrid technology, which is uncanny for the world leader of fuel-efficient vehicles at first.

2016 Suzuki Solio interior

2016 Suzuki Solio Bandit interior

Like the previous model, the Suzuki Solio is available with two different styles; the normal Solio and the rather stylish Solio Bandit, which is ideal for those who want to wear sunglasses at the nightlife. No matter which Solio you'll choose, the keystone pops as you enter inside, which Suzuki says it's now more taller and more roomier than the previous model. Because it's more taller than the old model, it's perfect to fit four basketball players in it after their fourth quarter. Roominess aside, the new model still has more room for your stuff. There's even a sub trunk at the back of the car where you can store some of your stuff discreetly.

2016 Suzuki Solio

2016 Suzuki Solio Bandit

Now, the important bit of the new Solio, which is its performance. Like I said, this new model comes with Suzuki's first ever Mild Hybrid technology that works in tandem with SUZUKI GREEN TECHNOLOGY  Under the hood is Suzuki's brand new K12C Dual Jet engine producing 91PS of power and 118Nm of torque, while coupled with an Integrated Starter Generator, Lithium-ion Battery, an updated idling stop system, and CVT, which is rather unsurprising for an average driver. With these, the fuel economy is now 27.8kmpl based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards.

In the issue of safety, the new Solio comes with the available dual camera brake support system which detects incoming pedestrians and vehicles and it can even engage an auto brake in an event of a pre-collision scenario. There are other safety features such as Lane Departure Warning, Stagger Alarm Function, Preceding Vehicle Start Alert, Emergency Stop Signal that warns drivers at the back, ESP, and 4-wheel ABS.

The brand new Solio starts from 1,454,760 to 2,176,200 Yen while the Bandit starts from 1,825,200 to 2,249,640 Yen.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

Let's Do The News! (August 26, 2015)

- A year has passed since the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and Israel stopped fighting at the Gaza Strip and people are living here in dire conditions after the conflict that killed 2,200 people on the Palestinian side and 70 on the Israeli side.

- Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and US President Barack Obama agreed to continue closely coordinating policies over North Korea as well as the problems in the global stock market.

- The Turkish government agreed to join airstrikes against Islamic State militants. The US Defense Department is very pleased about Turkey's move in the ongoing fight against the IS.

- Because the Bureau of Customs continue to impose taxes on goods sent by Overseas Filipino Workers to their families via balikbayan boxes, a group promoting the rights and welfare of OFWs declares "Zero Remittance Day" this Friday.

- A top consumer protection agency in Russia asked retailers in the country to stop selling certain detergent brands from US and German from the market. Rospotrebnadzor, the agency, made the announcement saying it conducted inspections and none of the products meet safety criteria. They are also inspecting household chemicals and detergents made by other companies.

- Shocking news for IDOLM@STER fans everywhere: Akiko Hasegawa, the seiyuu behind Miki Hoshii, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday.

- Check out what you can expect on the upcoming Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon RPG game , coming to 3DS next month in Japan and soon worldwide, in this latest trailer showcasing its gameplay mechanics. Ready to be a Pokemon and team up with some other Pokemons to save the world once again?

- For Bond fans across UK, advance box office for the upcoming 007: Spectre film will open on the 7th of September, 2015, at 0700 hours UK time. UK fans have the chance to book their tickets in advance to see the latest Bond movie starring Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond. For the first time, this movie will open to the public on the same night as the World Premiere in London on the 26th of October.

- Veteran actor Albert Martinez is still coping over his loss of his wife Liezl because of breast cancer five months ago.

- Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda confirmed that his wife Neri Naig has suffered from miscarriage.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's Do The News! (August 25, 2015)

- Stock markets in the People's Republic in China continue to falter, a day after their worst economic plunge since eight years ago caused market losses around the world.

- After their Inter-Korean Talks, South Korea managed to stop their anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts as part of a deal to defuse tensions.

- Typhoon Goni (known as Ineng) caused havoc through Japan's southwestern main island of Kyushu and is moving north over the Sea of Japan. As of noon, about 48,400 households in the Kyushu and Chugoku regions are experiencing power outages.

- In response from outrages from most Overseas Filipino Workers, the Bureau of Customs stopped their random inspection on balikbayan boxes. The decision was made after Philippine President Benigno Aquino III met with Customs chief Alberto Lina and Cesar Purisima earlier in the day.

- Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said that there is no formal offers from the Liberal Party to become former DILG Secretary and presidential candidate Mar Roxas for the 2016 elections.

- After being struck by debris from a crash during the IndyCar ABC Supply 500 last weekend at Pocono Raceway, driver Justin Wilson was announced dead on arrival, according to reports. He was 37 years old.

- It is revealed that seiyuu Eriko Nakamura, well-known for her role of Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER franchise, is recovering at home after a recent hospitalization. She had been hospitalized due to poor health for a week and later discharged a few days later.

- Mio Honda from THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls gets her very own figma courtesy of Good Smile Company. She's available in stores in January for 5,556 Yen plus tax. Time to put your deposit on that one!

- Last week, the final four contestants from The Voice Kids Season 2 was announced and for a more shocking one, none of the hopefuls from Team Sarah were ever make it to the top four. The four contestants competing for the finals are Reynan Dal-Anay and Esang Torres representing Team Lea and Sassa Dagdag and Elha Nympha representing Team Bamboo. Singer and show's coach Sarah Geronimo thanked their supporters despite none of her hopefuls couldn't make it to the grand finals.

- Are there any more oddballs coming to hamper the AlDub mayhem? In case you missed the latest Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving kalyeserye, viewers were introduced with a brand new character named Tidora, played by presenter Paolo Ballesteros, who is the so-called younger sister of Lola Nidora, played by Wally Bayola. Tidora may look like Lola Nidora but she's different in every intangible ways, even her henchmen mostly named Bernardo. If that wasn't enough, Lola Nidora tasked Alden to go to Bicol and buy her some pili while riding a carabao, part of the challenges she called "Countdown To Tamang Panahon". Keep watching Eat Bulaga tomorrow if Alden can make it or break Lola's latest challenge.


F1 2015: Belgian GP

Image: Getty Images
The Belgian Grand Prix on this season's Formula One is such a blast even with new regulations occurring for the mid-season. Just when we thought it's all about Lewis Hamilton gunning for the win as usual but this Grand Prix changes everything when Nico Rosberg snagged his 39th win of his career and his 80th podium finish.

The biggest blast occurred in the case of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel as he tries to overtake Lotus' Romain Grosjean for third place but when they cleared Eau Rouge, Vettel's right rear tire blew off, leaving Grosjean taste podium in third place.

Onto the overall rankings, Hamilton's still leading by 227 with Rosberg remained 2nd for 199 points and Vettel remained 3rd for 160 points.

The next race is set at Italy on the 6th of September.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Let's Do The News! (August 24, 2015)

- The Palmyran ancient temple of Baalshamin was destroyed by Islamic State militants, according to Syrian officials and activists. According to reports, the IS placed numerous explosives into the World Heritage site and then blew it up causing much damage to the temple.

- The American heroes who helped subdued the gunman on a train from Amsterdam to Paris told that it was their survival instinct that led him to react. The off-duty US airman, Spencer Stone, told the reporters that he just woken up from a sleep when he saw a gunman and moved to restrain him last weekend. Helping alongside were US National Guard Alek Skarlatos and US student Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman. They will be rewarded for their bravery with the Legion d'Honneur from the French president.

- Last weekend, in the midst of crossfires in the demilitarized zone, the North and South Korean leaders held their Inter-Korean talks. Right now, it has reached the third day and the delegates are believed to be making a final effort to ease the latest tension between the two Koreas.

- Return to the Bangkok Bomb Blast, the Thai police suggested that the suspect behind last week's deadly attack at the heart of the nation's capital may have already left the country. Thai police have obtained an arrest warrant for the man caught on cam shortly before the explosion.

- Typhoon Goni (Ineng in the Philippines) is 70km west of Kume Island, Okinawa, at 1000 hours Japan Time, moving northeast at a speed of 30kph. It is expected to approach the main island and Kagoshima's Amami region.

- The Bureau of Customs explained that they're keeping an eye on suspected smugglers allegedly using Balikbayan Boxes for technical smuggling and beginning this October, they will be implementing strict rules on these parcels.

- Some say, the members of the popular boy band One Direction have decided to take a brake from their boy band gimmicks and pursue their own solo careers beginning in the spring of next year. That's kinda sad for the Directioners reading this news.

- Pokken Tournament, an arcade fighting game in cooperation with Pokemon and Tekken, is coming to the Wii U console next year. Gotta Get Ready For The Next Battle as you can play as your favorite Pokemon from Pikachu, Pikachu Libre, Charizard, Suicune, Weavile, Gardevoir, Machamp, Gengar, Lucario, and Blaziken, with more to come very soon, as you fight against tough rivals to become the winner!

Pokken Tournament

- For 2015, the best trainers from around the globe have been gathered at Boston, Massachusetts, to compete in this yea'rs Pokemon World Championships. The winners of this year's championship, via Card Game and Video Game (all contestants required Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire games for this), are;

  • For the TCG Masters Division, Jacob Van Wagner from the USA whose deck includes EX cards of Keldeo, Jirachi, Shaymin, Mewtwo, and Wailord.
  • For The TCG Senior Division, Patrick Martinez from the USA thanks to his great use of his Manectric-EX cards.
  • For the TCG Junior Division, Rowan Stavenow from Canada whose deck includes powerful Landorus-EX cards, three Crobat cards, three Golbat cards, four Zubat cards, four Hawlucha cards, a Shaymin-EX, and a Lucario-EX.
  • For the Video Game World Champion Masters Division, Shoma Honami from Japan who relies solely on defense before attacks. His prize-winning Pokemons include a Kangaskhan armed with a Kangaskhanite, Heatran, Incarnate Forme Thundurus, Therian Forme Landorus, Cresselia, and an Amoonguss.
  • For the Video Game Senior Division, Mark McQuillan from the UK, thanks to his offensive tactics and use of Cresselia's Skill Swap and Trick Room, allowing his slower Pokemon like Machamp to strike first. The Pokemon he used in winning this category are Cresselia, Therian Forme Landorus, Machamp, Charizard (with a Charizardite Y), Sylveon, and Heatran.
  • For the Video Game Junior Division, Kotone Yasue from Japan. Thanks to her Gardevoir's Trick Room, her Tyranitar and Heatran strike first for the win. Her Pokemon used in the finals include a Tyranitar, an Amoonguss, an Incarnate Forme Thundurus, a Therian Forme Landorus, a Heatran, and a Gardevoir armed with a Gardevoirite.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The YaKie Wedding Part 2 on EB's #KiligPaMore

A few weeks ago, there was a wedding between Yaya Dub and Frankie Arinolli (played by Jose Manalo) at a certain closed court and everyone's invited on that wedding. That YaKie wedding was meant to Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) in order to pay the ransom for the diary of secrets that was stolen by the riding in tandem. Alden's going to rush to that wedding to stop it but it was too late. Yaya Dub fainted and the wedding ended in disaster.

On yesterday's Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving kalyeserie called #KiligPaMore, with their lesson learned, they decided to do the YaKie wedding again and this time, it's a race against time because of Lola's imminent death as forewarned by the Dr. Tan-Ning. If you remember correctly, her projected time of death would be 2:30 PM Philippine Time on the day of the wedding so every second has to be count in this jam-packed wedding.

Instead of a closed court, the wedding took place at a certain area with air-conditioners on it just to prevent Yaya Dub from fainting like last time.

As for Alden, he's so disappointed that he lost the fight against Frankie for the love of the inaudible lady who only speaks in sound bites from other shows or movies. Sure, he's going to rush to the wedding but inevitably, Lola's Rogelio henchmen blocked his way. With so many Rogelios blocking his way, looks like Alden has failed his destiny to meet up with Yaya Dub as usual.

However, as the vows exchange, once again, the perfect wedding came to a premature end, this time the cops have arrived and they learned that the pastor in charge of the wedding is a fraud! If that wasn't enough, Dr. Tan-Ning is also a fraud and admits that Lola will never die at all! In short, this wedding is a fake! As a matter of fact, there's still forever for AlDub!

What's next for AlDub, Lola Nidora, and Frankie? Do we expect more thrills from this segment? Keep watching Eat Bulaga every weekdays for more of EB Problem Solving's kalyeserie!

What's meant to be will ALWAYS find its way.
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