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On the September 20, 2014 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Arrow gags

- Court hearing with Ex-Vice Mayor Dodo Be-Nice gets a mockery!

Chikki Manica

Sec. De Anim

Ex-Vice Mayor Dodo Be-Nice

- Dexter the Binatilya tries to fight off against an approaching jolog.

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...fansigns!

- Bubble Gang does McDonald's Everyday McSavers by spoofing this commercial as WCDONALD'S EVERYDAY WCSAVERS! Love ko to!

Bubble Gang does McDonalds!

- One of Don Cantoni's associates is heavily wounded!

- Ano ba ang mga nangyayari, kuwentuhan natin di kaya ng dati, puro kanta na lang tayo pare, salita ay di natin masabi...

- More big questions answered in ANG BAGONG DATING DOON INTERNATIONAL!

- Wedding with the demons!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Direct Audio

Launched on the PS2, XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Gamecube on the 27th of November, 2003, R: RACING EVOLUTION is a little more than celebrating 20 years of Namco's racing games, which was started it all from Pole Position, Final Lap, Winning Run, Ridge Racer, and MotoGP. This game, for the first time, featured fully-licensed vehicles from all over the world spanning from tuner cars, classics, muscle cars, and racing machines. Yes, we did heard that XBOX versions had players trying out a Hummer H1 Open Top.

In the Racing Life mode, which served as the career mode of this game, players buckled themselves on the tale of Rena Hayami, a young woman who, after an accident, forced to leave her job as an ambulance driver and live her life as a racer for the G.V.I., with the help of Stefan Garnier.

At last, after over a decade of waiting, the original soundtrack for the memorable racing game has arrived and it features a total of 17 music tracks based on the game, including the game's theme song "Show The World", which was composed by Yu Miyake and vocals by Stephanie Cooke from King Street Sounds, the same lady who did the ending theme song from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, titled Blue Skies.

This music CD is perfect for those who still remembered this game a decade ago.


Disc 1:
1) Show the world (Short Version)
2) Select Screen1
3) Select Screen2
4) Deep Resonance
5) Liquid Soul
6) Mars Landing
7) Divas
8) Funk-A-Tronic
9) Rising

Disc 2:
1) T Minus Ten
2) Monte Carlo
3) Carmine
4) Boombox
5) Time Compression
6) Scene 15 BGM
8) Show the world

Gran Turismo 6: The GT-R NISMO


The GT-R is one of the all time bests that was once built from a hermetically-sealed factory and always in tune to the sound of speed. It has a wide reputation of crushing the competition three times of its price tag and every speedo boy in the world wished to have one of those because...this is the ultimate in the JDM aristocracy.


With the introduction of the new GT-R NISMO, the pride of Japan has now been toughened up to continue its never-ending quest for speed and while the brand new GT-R NISMO was heavily inspired from its involvement in numerous motorsports, especially the Super GT and the FIA GT3 as well as its involvement at the Nurburgring, the reworked performance of Japan's mightiest supercar truly salivated us with the promising powerhouse we deserved from Nissan and thanks to Gran Turismo 6, we can now live the dream of driving one.


I am one of the lucky ones who can't wait to try out the full potential of this toughened version of Godzilla and this car really seduces everyone to go back playing GT6 and drive this beauty as much as they want from their heart's content.

 City of Arts and Sciences - Night_4

So, how did Nissan decided to create a much improved version of the GT-R even though the GT-R is by no means one of Japan's biggest contributions to the world of sportscars since the Silvia and the Fairlady? Let me give you a little secret between us because while Nissan announced the development of their most extreme GT-R to date, they've sent out their hardened veterans on reserve and what are they doing? They're very busy collecting data from the world's finest exotics. After moments of data collecting from its opposition, they began analyzing what should their ultimate GT-R be aside from adding more power and be more aerodynamic than the normal one.

Moments later, they've pooled in their available resources and then trying out in the Nurburgring where it recorded a lap time of 7:08.679, which is faster than what the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package would do. The final result? A GT-R that is proven to be track-focused and road-legal at the same time. This is it. This is the prime specimen Nissan has been looking for through the years and when the GT-R NISMO is born, the world stood still and fell silence.

Tokyo R246_1Eiger Nordwand - Short TrackSilverstone Grand Prix Circuit

Having spent nearly five minutes on this car, I'm starting to adore its GT-R NISMO newly-found characteristics not just as a track-focused road-legal machine but also a modern grand tourer the world has ever faced. This is way beyond being a modern grand tourer because it balances dynamism and precision, making it a good car to drive even at the hands of a rookie. And when the weather starting to come bad and the roads have gone wet, the GT-R NISMO laughs at the face of nature thanks to its amazing 4WD system and its incredible traction that stands out from any roads.

With the improved 3.8L V6 twin-turbo engine, race-inspired aerodynamics, clever suspension setup, its double-clutch gearbox, and several man hours spent into the development of this car, the GT-R NISMO is aimed to deliver the best lap times the most than most of its European rivals would do and that gives me an idea because...

Tokyo R246_2

I want to see how good the GT-R NISMO is and to find out, I need a proper rival to do the job and yes, a wild Lexus LFA appeared but this isn't the Lexus LFA we'll be using...

Tokyo R246_3

Yup, it's this. The LFA Nurburgring Package. A special version of the LFA heavily inspired from the one used in the Nurburgring 24 Hour Races and like the GT-R, this is a track-focused and road-legal machine that is primed and ready to take on the world's finest on the road and on the track.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_5

So, here we are. Two prime specimens are now in place for the biggest duel of their lives as two track-focused versions of Japan's finest sports cars of all time slugging against each other in none other than Suzuka Circuit. Yes. The whole Suzuka Circuit we're talking about as both the LFA Nurburgring Package and the GT-R NISMO will be having a samurai swordfight to the death and whoever's the fastest wins.

Suzuka CircuitSuzuka Circuit_1Suzuka Circuit_2

First up, it's the LFA Nurburgring Package from Lexus. The hardcore version of the limited-to-500 unit supercar that stunned the world since its 2009 Tokyo Motor Show debut. Just 50 out of the 500 units were made with this package that comes with the added 10HP power on the 1LR-GUE V10 engine, improved gearbox, and a host of aerodynamic features. It even comes with a fixed rear spoiler for added downforce. It went round the Nurburgring in 7:14.64 and that's quicker than the recently updated 2013MY (2014MY) Nissan GT-R's 7:18.6 lap time. Incredible. On mid-December 2012, the last Lexus LFA ever built is armed with the Nurburgring Package and it's been colored in Whitest White.

Anyway, while it performed some amazing moves since this is the track-focused version, the LFA Nurburgring Package found no issues while surviving Suzuka but unlike the GT-R, the LFA is rear-wheel drive, meaning this car can get some misbehaving oversteer that costs this car some time but despite its rude behavior, the LFA gets the job done quicker than serving a pizza.

Suzuka Circuit_3Suzuka Circuit_4Suzuka Circuit_5

Now, it's the turn of the GT-R NISMO and not only it packs more power than the LFA because of its 591HP power output from the 3.8L V6 twin turbo engine, its track-based aerodynamics inspired by those from the GT3 and GT500 racers as well as its clever 4WD system makes it more easier to handle than the LFA. Although there are a number of downsides apart from understeering and too much grip, the GT-R NISMO tries to be "feel at home" on the Suzuka Circuit and it behaves very well in corners that the LFA Nurburgring Package misbehaved for a brief period. Remember this has a lap time of 7:08.679, which is faster than the LFA Nurburgring Package, but is it faster here?

After a hot lap round Suzuka, here are the results;

LFA Nurburgring Package - 2:20.783
GT-R NISMO - 2:12.960


So, a surprise result then, thanks to the GT-R NISMO's improved capabilities as a racing machine built for the road and track in mind, not only it beats the LFA Nurburgring Package by several seconds but...I truly believe it's ready. It's finally prepared to take on the world because that's what the GT-R NISMO wanted to be for the pride of Nissan. I guess this ends here but in the meantime, time for the GT-R NISMO to have a well-deserved break at Andalucia.

Circuito de la Sierra - Time RallyCircuito de la Sierra - Time Rally_1Circuito de la Sierra - Time Rally_2Circuito de la Sierra - Time Rally_3Circuito de la Sierra - Time Rally_4Circuito de la Sierra - Time Rally_5

In case you haven't noticed it by now, what you're looking at here is GT6's biggest track yet. Called Circuito de la Sierra, this original track is based on the roads of Andalucia, Spain. Because this is bigger than the Nurburgring, concentration is a must if you want to survive their biggest circuit offered on GT6 but in the meantime, goodbye!

Let's Do The News! (September 19, 2014)

Things we learned today...

- Typhoon Mario is expected to leave the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Sunday morning, according to weather reports. So far, the Philippine capital has been submerged in flood, all because of the hanging habagat that enhanced this monster of a typhoon.

- Citizens from Scotland had vote NO for the nation's independence.

- Apple's iOS8 operating system has arrived but what's it all about?

- Terror group Al-Qaeda is posing a even more deadlier threat to its rival terrorist group ISIS against the US government, according to a top US official.


- Peugeot's Quartz Concept crossover is ready for its Paris Motor Show appearance.

Peugeot Quartz Concept

- Citroen will showcase their fuel-efficient concept car based on the C4 Cactus budget crossover that will promise 50kmpl of fuel economy on this year's Paris Motor Show.

Citroen C4 Cactus Airflow 2L Concept
- IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Asphalt 8: Airborne revealed their San Diego update with the addition of a brand new (and highly difficult) San Diego Harbor track and there's some additional challenges exclusively on the iOS8 models such as the new iPhone 6. Also, keep an eye out on new cars such as the Savage Rivale GTR, Mazda Furai Concept, Maserati MC12, Peugeot Onyx Concept and Koenigsegg's fastest masterpiece known as the One:1. If you see one of them via time-limited events, seize this opportunity to win an early access to one of these machines!

- Who eats hotdogs the most? Man or hamster? Watch this amusing clip where World Eating Champion Takeru Kobayashi takes on a hamster on the hotdog eating duel.



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Do The News! (September 17, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- The Mayon Volcano has spewing lava earlier as residents are rushed to leave the site of the deadly eruption immediately.

- Due to the ongoing bad weather because of the outgoing Typhoon Luis and an incoming LPA set to become a typhoon in a few days, the Department of Transportation and Communications has suspended six domestic flights from Manila going to Butuan and Surigao and vice versa.

- Renault revealed a concept car that previews their take on the VW XL1 eco-car called the Eolab. It's set for its Paris Motor Show debut in a few weeks.

Renault Eolab
Renault Eolab Concept

- Kazari Uiharu and Ruiko Saten from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun gets the BEACH QUEENS treatment as these figures from Wave will be available this March 2015 starting at 6,200 Japanese Yen.

Beach Queens Kazari Uiharu

Beach Queens Ruiko Saten

- Good Smile Company introduced a new line of figures called figFIX. Unlike the figma figures we know, the figFIX figures are fixed in a specific and well-known pose of each character while the head part make use of the same joint as the figma range. The first figFIX will be Shimakaze from the browser game most Japanese otakes keep blabbering about called Kantai Collection (KanColle). Donned in her half-damaged state, FigFIX Shimakaze is ready for its April 2015 release at its 3,611 JPY pricing before tax.

figFIX Shimakaze -Half-damaged ver-

- Real Racing 3 introduced its Version 2.6 update with a new menu interface, 8-player cross-platform multiplayer, updated race replays, new Racing School events, and the addition of two legendary classics such as the Lamborghini Countach and the Lamborghini Miura.

- Moments after being freed by the authorities, actor Billy Crawford is going to Canada along with his co-hosts from It's Showtime TV show for a concert.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's Do The News! (September 16, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Gran Turismo 6 released their Update 1.12 featuring the game's biggest track yet that is the Circuito de la Sierra, which is inspired from the roads of Andalucia, Spain, as well as the addition of new cars such as the Toyota FT-1 Graphite, FT-1 VGT, and the much awaited Nissan GT-R NISMO, plus loads of improvements.

- The Mercedes-Benz B-Class MPV has now been facelifted in time for its Paris Motor Show debut!

2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

- The Mockingjay Lives! Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 film!


- CHECK THIS OUT: There's this music streaming site that is specialized in Asian hit songs, especially K-Pop, J-Pop, or anime songs. It's called MuzikAzia.

- Malaysian carmaker Perodua revealed their budget compact car that will tackle against the likes of the Mitsubishi Mirage. Enter Axia. The new model is powered by a 1.0L petrol engine which delivers a fuel economy of 21.6km/L (by Malaysia's EU Mode standards) when mated with a manual gearbox. Prices start from around 24,600 to 42,500 Malaysian Ringgit. That's around $8,300 to $14,300.

2015 Perodua Axia

- The Supreme Court issued a stop on the Commision on Audit ruling against the Development Bank of the Philippines' productivity award.

- The Philippine Navy vessels are still scouring on Southern Leyte in the hopes of finding a missing passenger in the MV Maharlika Dos shipwreck.

- Holden's HSV brand unveiled their most powerful ute made by the Australians. Enter the Maloo GTS. The Maloo GTS is powered by the same engine that powers the Camaro ZL1. It's a 6.2L Supercharged V8 engine developed a hefty 576HP of power and 546lb-ft of torque.

2015 Holden HSV Maloo GTS

- Austin and Ally's Laura Marano stars as Amy Harridan in the new movie titled A Sort of Homecoming. Here's this clip that sums it up...

- Prince Harry is now 30 years old.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Let's Do The News! (September 15, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- The NDRRMC clarified that the three people died were from a sinking ferry, not one of the casualties caused by Typhoon Luis. The ferry sank off San Ricardo in Southern Leyte.

- If voters vote YES for the independence of Scotland, not only it will not be part of Great Britain but it will also means exit from the European Union and NATO.

- Mitsubishi Motors will recall over 830,000 vehicles globally due to problems with engine and brakes.

- Comedian Rowan Atkinson was reportedly crashed during the Goodwood Revival event. Miraculously, he survived...just.

- Meanwhile in Japan, the smart fortwo electricdrive has spawned a special "edition Disney" model with bits themed after Mickey Mouse! It costs 3,990,000 Japanese Yen (around $40,000)

スマート フォーツーエレクトリックドライブ エディションディズニー
smart fortwo electricdrive edition Disney

- The missing Nigerian Air Force Alpha Fighter Jet was found crashed somewhere in the Adamawa State.

- The US Air Force has a change of plans for Europe rotations following the Ukraine Crisis six months ago as their airmen rotating through the European Union should expect a higher op tempo that includes rapid deployments, joint training, and more temporary missions in Eastern Europe.
- The world's top foreign ministers will be meeting up in Paris, France, on Monday for talks about how to put an end to the conflict caused by the ISIS.

- The victory of Sweden's Social Democrats, Stefan Lofven, will lead to form a new government but will not work with the far-right pact.

- I Didn't Do It actress, Olivia Holt, will lend her voice as Spider Man's female alter ego, Spider-Girl, in an upcoming episode of Marvel's Ultimate Spider Man: Web Warriors only on Disney XD. Web Warriors is the subname of the latest season of Ultimate Spider Man as our favorite webslinger accepts his admission to The Avengers and throughout this season, Spider Man will enter the Spider Verse, and he'll team up with his alter egos.

- Check out your first look on the upcoming Adventure Time video game titled Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. Ready to puncha some bad guy buns in this latest AT game? Who wants to play this game?


Forza Motorsport 5 - 2014 Renault Spark SRT_01E at Circuit de Catalunya GP Circuit

Continuing on taking the Spark-Renault SRT_01E to the world's best tracks on Forza Motorsport 5, my long-term experiment with this zero-emission racing machine that is used for the newly-established FIA Formula E Championship is having its shakedown in Spain's Circuit de Catalunya.

The Circuit de Catalunya was located somewhere in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in September 10, 1991, this circuit has been the main setting for the Formula 1 Spanish GP as well as the Catalan MotoGP Grand Prix. This track has been certified by ISO 14001 standards for minimise the negative impact on the environment by managing external impact of noise, encourage sustainable mobility, and to favor landscape integration by extending the green areas.


The Spark-Renault SRT_01E has no negative impact on the environment because of its zero emissions but it's showing signs of determination as it hones its nerves of volts to the corners of the Catalunya. I think this machine is all going well but next time, let's go to Germany where the SRT_01E takes on the Nurburgring GP Circuit.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Forza Motorsport 5 - 2014 Renault Spark SRT_01E at Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

Continuing on taking the Spark-Renault SRT_01E to the world's best tracks on Forza Motorsport 5, my long-term experiment with this zero-emission racing machine that is used for the newly-established FIA Formula E Championship is having its shakedown in France. One part of France to be exact: Le Mans Circuit de La Sarthe. Unfortunately, because the XBOX ONE's Game DVR only records up to 5 minutes, using the full circuit is not a good idea so it would be best to take on the short version that is the Bugatti Circuit.

The Bugatti Circuit on the Circuit de la Sarthe is the home base for the famed Pescarolo Sport. It was once hosted a motorcycle version of 24 Hours of Le Mans and in history, it was used for the International Formula 3000 Championship and DTM as well. Named after Ettore Bugatti, the founder of Bugatti, this purpose-built racetrack features the Ford Chicane at the end of the lap, a pit complex, and a Dunlop Tyres bridge on the straight. Number of corners? 11.


Well, looks like there's no issues with the Formula E car in this place right now. Next time, the SRT_01E will take on Catalunya next.

Tropa Mo Ko Nice Di Ba?! - September 13, 2014

On the September 13, 2014 episode of Tropa Mo Ko Nice Di Ba?!

- Street vendor gags

- On this episode's ANINO ABUNDAT, the guest for this segment is none other than...Sen. Mancy Binat!

- GANDUMB and GANDUMBER girls don't know how to scare away a bird!

- Mr. Sabeeh, swabe master from all over the universe, is back to answer your questions!

- Tattooing the PAMINTA 101 way!

-  The GANDUMB and GANDUMBER girls don't know how to sort the laundry!

- It's time for BATTLE OF THE BRAINLESS Celebrity Edition!

- Poke-Pokan Na in SISIDLAN NG BUNGA!

Doctor Who S08E04

Doctor Who S08E04

I wish we had more time to ask questions about today's episode of Doctor Who Series 8, titled Listen, but that's gonna have to wait. While we were busy watching the last minutes of this episode, we've encountered a flashback scene from last year's DW special, with the War Doctor on it. Nevertheless, we do learned one thing; FEAR IS A SUPERPOWER. Fear is like a companion. A constant companion, always there. Man, that feels...

And now, some BTS:

Next episode preview:

FIA Formula E Championship - Beijing

The inaugural match for the first ever FIA Formula E has finally begun in Beijing, People's Republic of China. Even though the spectators literally fell silent on the silent racers because the Spark-Renault SRT_01E machines used for the maiden match are purely electric and you'll hear almost nothing coming out apart from the whooshing sounds and the tire squeals but upon witnessing a last-minute crash between Nick Heidfeld from Venturi Formula-E Team and Nicolas Prost from e.dams, the suspense really builds up to the cliffhanger worth hanging for.

On the opening match, it was Audi Sport ABT's Lucas di Grassi who won the opening match followed by Andretti Autosport's Franck Montagny and Virgin Racing's Sam Bird.

A whole new chapter in the motorsport history has finally begun and the FIA Formula E story continues in Putrajaya, Malaysia, this 22nd of November, 2014.


Image: Top Gear
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