Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's Do The News! (June 21, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Two Filipinos in Dubai got arrested for crossdressing. According to Gulf News Organization, a male Filipino fashion designer and a Filipino tailor got arrested by Dubai police in a metro station last March because of wearing women's clothing. In UAE, it's unlawful for men or women dressed as opposite sexes in public places. The two apprehended Filipino crossdressers have a possibility of being deported from Dubai for breaking the law.

- Check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming Phineas and Ferb Star Wars TV Special, set to air this 26th of July on Disney Channel.

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars on Disney Video

- Philippine President Noynoy Aquino greenlights the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike Project, which is estimated to be completed within the next seven years.

- The Land Transportation Office apprehends some illegal bus operators and fines them one million pesos each. It happened a day after the government imposed stricter penalties against colorum transports.

- After a 30-day hiatus, the World Touring Car Championship will have the Nurburgring on their 2015 season.

- French authorities charged 10 netizens for warning motorists of incoming speed cameras on Facebook. A prosecutor said that those who charged violated the law because most drivers could look up the Facebook page in question on their smartphone while driving to identify the location of speed cameras.

- With SRT officially part of Dodge and the Viper is back to its original home, they're going to feature their new Dodge Viper GTS-R, complete with its throwback livery, at Watkins Glen next week.

- A duo of bespoke special edition models from Ferrari were unveiled in Shanghai such as the F12berlinetta Polo Edition and the FF Dressage Edition.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Polo Edition
Ferrari F12berlinetta Polo Edition

- BMW's new lightweight M4 lapped the Nurburgring in around seven minutes and fifty-two seconds, faster than the E93 M3 Coupe predecessor.


- Teen actress Zendaya is now the endorser for Madonna's Material Girl fashion range.


Bubble Gang - June 20, 2014

On the June 20, 2014 episode of Bubble Gang...

- "Anak nyo po" gags.

- How much money the bank robbers stole from the bank? We may never know...but they're sucked at maths.

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...taking pics of your face sticking on your date!

- More teleserye cliches thrashed by Antonietta!

- More wise words from Tata Lino!

- Blind Items are revealed...

- IyoTube in Bruno Mars' Locked Out of Heaven!

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 9

At the end of the 9th day of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil, the fans' excitement and the pride of nations are heavily demonstrated as the world's premiership football match continues to grow into a much heated one.

In the match between the Italians vs. the Costa Ricans, it looks like the heavyweights of the Italian national football team were heavily battered by Costa Rica at the score of 0-1 as if it's like David has beaten Goliath in biblical times. Then, two European contenders; Switzerland and France, slugged against each other in a do-or-die match at Arena Fonte Nova and in the end, the French national football team had the upper hand against the Swiss at the score of 2-5. And finally, Honduras vs. Ecuador. The endgame sees the Ecuador national football team trumped against Honduras at the score of 1-2.

Those three games are already as exciting as the past matches and as winning teams are working their way to the second stage, will tomorrow's next three games cut the mustard?

Friday, June 20, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 8

On the 8th day of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil, both the matches between Colombia vs. Ivory Coast and Uruguay vs. England are ended spectacularly in the score of 2-1. That's Colombia and Uruguay that won this day's match while the match between Japan vs. Greece ended with absolutely no score each. That's right. No goals scored in the match between the Japanese vs. the Greeks.

So, what's for tomorrow in Brazil? Oh yeah! The Italians are taking on against Costa Rica while the Swiss national football team take on the French and Honduras vs. Ecuador. There are three games going to be occured tomorrow.

Let's Do The News! (June 20, 2014)

The big scoop today...

Hong Leong Bank got bashed over their "racist" commercial featuring a Filipina Domestic Worker. This commercial in question was removed after receiving a slew of negative comments.

- Thousands of commuters, mostly from Metro Manila and Cebu City, got stranded by the transport protest caravan started by numerous transport groups, aimed against heavier fines on colorum vehicles and other violations.

- D-Sport unveiled their first tuning program for the all new 2015 Daihatsu Copen kei roadster.

- Alpina revealed their 4-Series-based B4 Bi-Turbo in coupe and cabriolet guise. It's powered by a tuned 3.0L six-cylinder engine that develops 410bhp of power and 443lb-ft of torque, making it identical to the BMW M4 F82.

- Senator Bong Revilla Jr. surrendered himself to the Sandiganbayan after the arrest warrant was released against him over the pork barrel scam. He is the first to be arrested for plunder and graft charges.

- Here comes the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie; How to Build A Better Boy, starring ANT Farm's China Anne McClain and Lab Rat's Kelli Berglund as well as Marshall Williams.


- IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Asphalt 8: Airborne soars higher with the Version 1.4.0 update. In this update; there are six new cars coming to you via Time-Limited events (including the ME412, 2015 Mustang GT, and many others), the addition of extra nitrous tank booster, car collections to complete to score bigger prizes, and in time-limited events, the rental fee is replaced with the Fuel system.

- Amazon is joining the smartphone war as they've introduced their first ever smartphone called the Fire. The Fire is Amazon's first smartphone with two new technologies such as Dynamic Perspective and Firefly, giving customers a clear glimpse to the world in its own lens. It's available exclusively on AT&T and pre-orders are open for booking.

Amazon Fire


Gran Turismo 6: VW GTi Roadster Vision GT

Circuito de MadridCircuito de Madrid_1Circuito de Madrid_2

What you're looking at in this beautiful town of Madrid, Spain, where I was taking my practice sessions in GT6, is a Volkswagen that unlike any other Volkswagens you've seen in your whole life, it represents man, machine, and Gran Turismo synchronized in perfect harmony.

Circuito de Madrid_3

Yes, this is what I'm talking about. This is Chapter 4 of the Vision Gran Turismo story and it's the turn of Volkswagen to tell the tale about how they made this machine to represent this car company to the world of Gran Turismo while digesting every GTi tale in history. Yes, it says GTi but this is the GTi Roadster Gran Turismo, the GTi that was pushed to the limits of being the GTi that ends all GTis in the world of Gran Turismo.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night

To explain what I'm on about, I went to Madrid, Spain, to take on a special challenge to keep the VW GTi Roadster Vision GT in the game. Doesn't matter what lap time you're setting, just one lap is enough to keep it but for me, I wanted to see its muscle, its passion, and its true grit of being a bewildering racing machine that possesses the DNA of the GTi.

My goal is to beat the Gold target time of 1:22.000 but amazingly in my such luck, the odds are around 1 to 5 to beat the target time and I did it in around 1:21.721. So, how does this open-top racer got here so quick? The secret lies from the 3.0L twin-turbo VR6 TSi engine which develops over five hundred horses of power and 665Nm of torque. It was fitted with a 7-speed DSG with sports programming for a smoother and more direct shifting feel like no other but with the added drama on it.

Aside from the raw power delivered through all four wheels, the GTi Roadster is highly aerodynamic enough to generate enough downforce, giving you the same experience as you felt from track-day cars.

Overall, the VW GTi Roadster Vision GT is possibly a hyper open-top hatch with no roof that can leave you gurning like a megalomaniac when you spent several man hours driving it and I think the folks at VW had done a really good job creating a car that, like I said, represents man, machine, and Gran Turismo synchronized in perfect harmony.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_1

I think we can end this story about the GTi Roadster but it's not over yet because I need to find somewhere else to enjoy the extreme performance of this GTi concept roadster and I think I know where...

Red Bull Ring

Welcome to the world of Red Bull Ring, a new track on Gran Turismo 6 as part of the long-time partnership between Gran Turismo and Red Bull. The Red Bull Ring is an ultra high speed circuit with long high-speed sections and tricky tight corners between. After over a decade of hiatus, this track, situated in Spielberg, Austria, returns for the 2014 Formula One season.

Red Bull Ring_1

With the track ours for the taking, it was nice to let the VW GTi Roadster concept taking a little alfresco driving in the Red Bull Ring and this is the perfect way to end this story.

Red Bull Ring_2Red Bull Ring_3


Make: Volkswagen
Country of Origin: Germany

Drivetrain: 4WD
Max Power: ???
Max Torque: ???
Weight: ???

Head of Design:
Klaus Bischoff

Director Exterior Design:
Oliver Stefani

Director Interior Design:
Bachorski Tomasz

Director Design Lifestyle and Performance:
Friederike Plock-Girmann

Team Manager Exterior Design:
Tobias Sühlmann

Team Manager Interior Design:
Boris Grell

Designer Exterior Design:
Domen Rucigaj
Malte Hammerbeck

Designer Interior Design:
Guillermo Mignot

Designer Color and Trim / Design Lifestyle and Performance:
Miroslava Kurpasova
Gösta Niessner
Cornelia Gröpel

Project Management:
Stef Scheepers

Director Data:
Alfred Oechsner

Data Exterior:
German Hornstein

Data Interior:
Michael Müller

Director Online Marketing:
Judith Wilhelm
Philipp Matthes

Red Bull Ring_4

Stay tuned for more of Vision GT!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let's Do The News! (June 19, 2014)

Things we learned so far...

- With the launch of the new Copen Robe, Daihatsu announced that there's going to be an X-Model coming late 2014. It will be heavily inspired from the Kopen future included XMZ Concept Car as seen from last year's Tokyo Motor Show!

Daihatsu Kopen future included XMZ Concept

- Italy's Mt. Etna volcano was erupted in a spectacular fashion.

- The attacks on Iraq is so life-threatening, the Department of Foreign Affairs advised most OFWs in Iraq to leave immediately.

- REPORT: Next Resident Evil/Biohazard live-action movie will be the last.

- DLC Catalog 2 for the PS3-exclusive THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL game is announced! From special appearance of Million Live's Seika Hakozaki, to brand new outfits, and three new songs such as キミ*チャンネル, MEGARE!, and オーバーマスター. 

The following new DLC outfits for this catalog are:

1) Tea Time Happiness
2) Summer Breeze Colours
3) Noble Chic Rhombus
4) Ion Tail Image
5) Beyond the Stars
6) Corduroy Country
7) Violet Lightning
8) Pastel Del Sol

They're available on the Playstation Store this 25th of June.

- The Peugeot 508 range has been facelifted with a new face and a new Euro 6 engine.

2015 Peugeot 508

- Chinese carmaker Qoros envisions a saloon for the year 2020 with the Qoros 9 concept, which design was penned by a Korean.

Qoros 9 Sedan Concept
Qoros 9 Concept

- Seven new cars are added on the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update, including a 6x6 monster offroader called the Dubsta 6x6, the game's equivalent to the G63 AMG 6x6 in real life.

- Shake It Up actress Zendaya to star in an upcoming Aaliyah biopic as Aaliyah herself!


FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 7

The World Cup action continues to erupt as FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil is now on its seventh day and on this day, the Dutch defeated the Australians after the score of 2-3 while Chile shows Spain who's boss at the score of 0-2 and Croatia strips the Cameroon football team's dignity and sent home with nothing after the 0-4 score.

Tomorrow, the Ivory Coast returns to take on Colombia while England takes on Uruguay and the Samurai Blue-donned Japan national football team returns to take on the Greeks.

Daihatsu Copen Robe (LA400K)

The Daihatsu Copen, the first kei roadster made by Daihatsu that was once targeted by millennials when other kei-car predecessors from its rival companies ceased to exist. A well-engineered sporty kei car that demonstrates even the smallest of cars can have so much fun in the right way. Sadly, it was gone from the lineup two years ago, leaving fans wondering what might have been for the last remaining kei-roadster but that death kneel was just temporary because...two years later, the Copen is back!

2015 Daihatsu Copen Robe

Yes, the kei roadster from Daihatsu is back to redefine the long lost genre that started a few decades ago but who cares about it? They're kei cars and kei cars stay in Japan as it will be. Anyway, this new Copen is called the Copen Robe and it features an all new look that was inspired from the concept car as seen from last year's Tokyo Motor Show.

2015 Daihatsu Copen Robe interior

From every angle, you can see why Daihatsu decided to retain the concept looks to its reborn Copen and I have to agree on that because that looks even more aggressive than its predecessor's roundy shape. The old one looks more toyish in the design department but for this new one, you can really tell it's as sharp as a swiss army knife in interesting ways.

On the interior, it's now more driver focused than ever because what you can only see is nothing but a steering wheel, some instrumental panel, some aircon and that's it. You don't get a radio until you offer it as an optional accessory but if you did opt in for that, the DIATONE SOUND NAVI is offered. Sure, why would you want a sat-nav on your Copen? Nobody knows why and nobody cares but with or without the radio, the Copen is very much an enjoyable weekend car.

Since this is a kei car, it's powered by a 660cc engine and it's turbocharged so it produces the kei-car maximum limit of 64PS power output and 92Nm of torque. This tiny engine can be mated with either a CVT gearbox or a 5-speed manual gearbox. The CVT gearbox comes with a 7-speed manual mode that lets its 7 simulated gears do the talking. Daihatsu says that this mode is direct and quick on the shifting department but if you want to get the most out of it, try the one with the 5-speed manual gearbox. Sounds old-school but this is really how you want to drive the new Copen.

The CVT gearbox on the Copen Robe will give you a fuel economy of around 25.2kmpl while the one with the manual transmission will return at around 22.2km/L.

2015 Daihatsu Copen Robe

Because it weighs less than a Ford Fiesta, the new Copen's lightweight structure benefits its fuel efficiency and its fun factor of being a sportscar. It comes with a new body structure called D-Frame that is more stiffer and more aerodynamic than its predecessor. To keep it simple, the new Copen doesn't come with those hydraulic or power steering nonsense but instead, they've go for the rack-and-pinion steering, which is kind of a throwback to us. It also comes with a McPherson struts on the front and torsion beam on the back so when you handle this one; it feels more like the Copens of yesteryears. It maybe a kei car and it maybe a front-wheel drive car but it feels more precise and agile as it should be.

2015 Daihatsu Copen Robe

So, how much for this new Copen Robe? For the 5MT model, it costs 1,819,800 Japanese Yen ($18,200 estimate), while the CVT model costs a cheaper 1,798,200 Japanese Yen ($18,000 estimate). At that price range, you could afford a more boring compact 2BOX car but no matter because no matter how reasonable this pricing the new Copen Robe could be, it's good to see that kei roadster back in its new twist.

Available colors: Liquid Silver Metallic, Pearl White III, Bright Silver Metallic, Black Mica Metallic, Matador Red Pearl, Toniko Orange Metallic, Jaune Yellow, and Clear Blue Crystal Metallic.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Top Gear USA: 80's Power

The boys of Top Gear USA are reminiscing the VHS era by finding out which of the 80's cars is the best for five grand. For Tanner, he goes for the super-cool V8-powered Chevy Camaro IROC while Rut goes for the JDM Toyota MR2, and Adam opts for the Buick Grand National. Annoyingly, Adam just cheated for this car because he spent 15 grand on it!

In the first challenge, the boys are wearing suits covered in popping candy that pops when splashed with water. The cars are in the car wash and it demonstrates how durable the 80's car can be. In the end of the first challenge, looks like the cheater in the cheating Buick had won.

The next challenge involves how close these 80's car can get to the claimed top speed. The Buick's top speed is an electronically limited 124mph while the Chevy is 115mph and the MR2 is 130mph. For Rut, the closest he can get on his MR2 is somewhere at 100mph. Then, it's Tanner's turn and he done it in 110mph. Lastly, it's Adam and he learned that cheaters never prosper. He may have the fast car but mechanical failures blown Adam and his car away.

After that, Tanner and Rut went to Willow Springs for the next challenge. They have to race through the course before the passenger's doing 80's stuff. Tanner has to beat someone with the Rubik's cube while Rut tries to beat against a lady rewinding her cassette tape. It's a close call but Rut and the MR2 wins.

With the score levelled with one point each, they're now facing a final challenge courtesy of special guest, Lou Ferrigno, an 80's celeb. The final test is "car sumo", testing the car's brute strength. In that match, Adam was the overall winner but since he cheated buying the Buick, he's disqualified; giving Tanner the keys to the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

Tanner finally enjoyed driving the Ferrari F12 and he even got a chance to drift alongside a Chevy Camaro race car.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Do The News! (June 18, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class range has been officially given a minor change for the 2015 model year on the normal, CLS63 AMG, Shooting Brake, and CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake.

- Bentley revealed their limited-edition Continental GT3-R, a road-going version of the GT3 race car. This limited-to-300 special model comes with an upgraded 4.0L V8 engine developing 580HP of power. It will go from 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds!

- Meanwhile in Seattle; a student of the University of Washington was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill "only" women in the school campus, similar to the Santa Barbara shooting spree done by Elliot Rodgers a few moments ago.

- The Powerpuff Girls are revived! It is said that the popular TV series gets a reboot in 2016 on Cartoon Network. Excited to see Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup once again?

- Lawmakers in the Philippines mull about road and traffic safety to be taught in schools.

- Jojo Lastimosa, a veteran basketball player and director of the Alaska Milk Power Camp, joins the National Training Camp of the Junior NBA Presented by Dutch Lady Vietnam to be held at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, from July 13 to 15.

- According to FFXIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida during last week's E3 2014, there's going to be an update on A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV where, in the first time ever, two players allow to perform a ceremony pledging their love or friendship to one another "regardless of race, creed, or gender". Yes, same-sex relationships will become POSSIBLE in the world of FFXIV. Creepy...

- ANT Farm's China Anne McClain is named as the winner in SING YOUR FACE OFF after her interpretation as Whitney Houston as well as performing the song "The Greatest Love of All".


FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 6

Belgians took down Algerian footballers at the score of 2-1, the Brazil v Mexico match ended with a score-less draw, and the fight between the Russians and the South Koreans also ended in a draw but with 1 goal each. All of these were some of the events occurred from the sixth day of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil. Well, only the Belgians we're highly interested with after their win against the Algerians, anyway. The last two matches were rather not surprising because of their drawn finish; scoreless in the fight between Brazil and Mexico and with one point each in the Russia vs. SoKor battle.

Tomorrow; three matches will occur and it starts with the Australians trying to give the Dutch a good kicking.

GT6: Cars that are Gran Turismo exclusive - Daihatsu Midget II

Goodwood Hillclimb

Today, it's the kei-truck made for the rural Japanese small business owners, the Daihatsu Midget II. Taking its name from its three-wheeled predecessor, the Midget II was once available in either a single seater or a two seater, giving this truck a motorcycle-like feel of its infamous ancestor. When production ended in 2001, about 14,000 units of these trucks were produced; in truck form, cargo form, single seater, or two-seater.

This Midget II will run through the Goodwood Hillclimb but at what time will it post?

Goodwood Hillclimb_1Goodwood Hillclimb_2Goodwood Hillclimb_3Goodwood Hillclimb_4

It posted a 1:29.802 lap time! Despite being a commercial kei truck, its lightweight body really shattered its notion of being an everyday workhorse.



If you know this secret message above, that means "MY TOP TEN FAVORITE GRAVITY FALLS MOMENTS". Now, moving on...

Gravity Falls, Disney's popular paranormal comedy cartoon show about the twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, spending their summer with their "great uncle" or Grunkle Stan in the Mystery Shack, located at a mysterious town called Gravity Falls. When stranger stuff are lurking around the streets of Gravity Falls, it's up to the twins to uncover the mystery that surrounds this village. With mysterious creatures lurking per episode, a wide array of wacky characters, and a surreal fun storyline that begs to call it "the next Adventure Time" while some accidentally mistaken it as...well, Camp Lakebottom. Well, both of those feature strange stuff per episode on the contrary.

What's more bizarre that at the end of the episode, there's a secret message during the credits roll and those viewers really wanted to know what's that secret message means. Some in random letters, some are number messages, and yes, you get the idea.

This show has been around since its 2012 debut with 20 episodes, a handful of shorts ranging from Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, Mabel's Guide To..., Fixin with Soos, and Mabel's Scrapbook, and the news of an imminent second season this summer. That's right, you hear it. There's a new season coming this summer and to celebrate the imminent return of the Mystery Twins, here are my 10 favorite Gravity Falls moments I have ever witnessed.

10) If you can have one video game character come to life and become your bodyguard, who will it be and why? That's the question that comes to mind when Dipper summoned a video game character named Rumble McSkirmish from Fight Fighters when he tried to use the so-called "ultimate power" combo. Originally, he wanted to have his video game character to give Robbie a good kicking but when bad things happened, it's up to Dipper to stop Rumble. Those video game references on it really got my inner geek going.

9) One of my favorite parts in the Bottomless Pit episode is the "Voice Over" part. Because Dipper has a humiliating voice, he's so humiliated, they're all making fun of him, especially when Soos made a techno remix out of it. Then, he encountered Old Man McGucket to get some help with his voice. By using one of Old Man McGucket's experiments, Dipper's voice sounds more manly but the situation is worse than he thought.

Party Mode!

8) Who wants a Lamby Lamby Lamby? I do! I do! In the episode "The Inconveniencing", in order for Dipper to save Mabel and a bunch of teenagers, including Wendy, he has to confront against the ghosts running amok from the abandoned convenience store. Those ghosts as it turned out to be an elderly couple died from a heart attack after being attacked by teenagers after banning them from the store. To do that, the ghosts asked him to do a funny dance and that's how Dipper got to do the Lamby Lamby Dance. With the costume set, he's doing the dance to please the ghosts, setting everyone free. Still a good moment to enjoy than getting high on Smile Dip that Mabel had. THE FUTURE IS IN THE PAST! ONWARDS, AOSHIMA!

7) In the "Double Dipper" episode, Dipper has a lot to do on his list while the Mystery Shack throws a wild party. He wants to spend the night with Wendy but complicated things set them apart until Dipper encounters a mysterious copy machine that makes copies of himself but sometimes, more isn't better because the Dipper copies are having a mind of their own. Like paper, the Dipper copy can get dissolved by anything liquid, even water.

6) Dipper may not be as manly as you are but in one episode, those Man-otaurs taught him to be more of a "man" rather than being a wimpy kid he is. The funniest moment I've ever seen on that episode is...wait a he listening to Icelandic pop sensation BABBA? Disco girl, coming through, that girl is you! (laughing) Looks like he's not the only one who listens to such girly songs because a mythical creature the Man-otaurs ordered Dipper to slay, known as the Multi-Bear, is one of them.

5) Quite possibly the ugliest Mabel Pines look you have ever seen in the episode titled "Boss Mabel" but it's probably one of my favorites...and possibly the funniest. In that episode, Grunkle Stan challenged Mabel to see who's better at managing the Shack while he's on a day-off, being a contestant of some game show. You might say that being a boss is all fun and games but when things gone haywire, great power comes with great responsibility. If you disagree, tell it to the complaints department...the trash bin kind of thing.

Best S.E.L.V.E.S.

4) Loser candy...those kinds of candies kids avoid every Halloween but here on Gravity Falls, Summerween is what happens when they combined Summer and Halloween together. In that episode, there's this monster called the Summerween Trickster, who turns out to be a monster made of "loser candy" and seeking revenge against picky children. Soos, the Gravity Falls equivalent of Spongebob's Patrick, ate the loser candy, pleasing the Trickster thinking that he liked those loser candy. In the end credits, Mabel's pet pig, Waddles, is the boss in his boss costume with some memes on it. I CAN HAS PROMOSHUN? NO PROMOSHUN. Wow, looks like we're pigged out.

3) The one with...Mabel got kissed by a merman. You know what I mean? In that episode, Mabel encountered a handsome guy in the pool who turned out to be a real merman who wanted to get out from the pool and back where he belongs.

I'm kinda sorry about that guy...

Reminds me of the prisoner from the Boysen commercial. Ha ha ha... ♫Habang buhay, ako sayo’y maghihintay…♫

2) This episode is Mabel Pines at its best when she and her friends, Grenda and Candy, got their hands on SEV'RAL TIMEZ, a boy band turned out to be genetically-engineered clones, while Dipper tries to prove Grunkle Stan's theory that Robbie's song contained a secret "mind control" message that hypnotized Wendy...and it takes rewinding it to find the answer. Oh come on, the one with the boy band clones Mabel and the pals taking advantage of is one of my favorite Gravity Falls moments yet, in fact it's so pretty funny, it almost tastes like...well, that one episode from Bob's Burgers where Tina and Louise went to the concert of a boy band and then the youngest member is what captured the eyes of Louise. I was just saying, okay?

1) Ain't no Freaky Friday but that body-swapping episode really punched my guts out when a mysterious carpet found at some vacant room caused Mabel and Dipper swapped bodies. In that episode, Dipper is so sick sharing the bedroom with Mabel and when they heard about a vacant room Grunkle Stan is talking about, Dipper and Mabel compete for that vacant room until this "Electron Carpet" turned the tables between them!

The craziest part is while Mabel is in Dipper's body, Grunkle Stan made him or her read a book called "WHY AM I SWEATY?". The reaction?

Goodbye, childhood!

There's a whole first season catch-up of Gravity Falls as well as all the shorts airing July 26 to July 27 on Disney XD while the first episode of the new season starts on August 1st on Disney Channel. Check local listings and don't miss it!

Oh and for verified users of the WATCH Disney XD app, you can watch the first two episodes of the new season of Gravity Falls on the day season 2 premieres!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 5

In the fifth day of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil; three matches occurred with the first two ended with a huge twist no other football fan can hardly imagine.

In the Germany vs. Portugal match, a triple threat of Thomas Muller never let their Portuguese enemies scored a single score in the match, ending the game with 4-0, scoring one for the Germans.

Meanwhile, neither Iran nor Nigeria has enough power to nuke themselves out in the playing field. The score is none despite spending four quarters trading fires in the football warfield.

And in the Ghana vs. USA match; it's USA that delivered their sweet revenge against Ghana since they've knocked them out four years ago, ending the score of 1-2 in favor of USA. Absolutely smashing.

Tomorrow in the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil; Belgians vs Algerians, Brazilians vs Mexicans, and Russians vs South Koreans. This could be very one-sided.

Disney showcased their first pic of "Descendants"

Courtesy of the official Disney Channel PR instagram post (@disneychannelpr), this is what is known to be the first official pic for next year's Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. Just look at Booboo Stewart (as Jay), Cameron Boyce (as Carlos De Vil), Sofia Carson (as Evvie), and Dove Cameron (as Mal), this is how "Good To Be Bad" kicks in judging by their outfits they've wore. Ah yes, they're good to be bad. Wait, what?

The DCOM, Descendants, will air on Disney Channel next year. Shooting took place in Canada last month with the cast and crew.

Balitang Six Six for June 16, 2014

Breaking news from the June 16, 2014's Banana Nite's BALITANG SIX SIX:

- Extreme close-ups get a smack in the face!

- A wrestler gets the most embarrassing moment of his life when one of the ring's cords got snapped!

- Soldiers noticed a falling tree...and then missed it!

- Male model's having problems at the runway!

- Man tries to jump through the ship but he missed!

- La-Z-Boy fights back against the customer!

Let's Do The News! (June 17, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- US President Obama sent 275 Marines and Army troops to the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, in an event where recent attacks occurred. Secretary of State John Kerry says that the US could work alongside with Iran in an effort to stop the recent attacks from extremists.

- HE'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE: The Sandiganbayan issued a travel ban against Senator Jinggoy Estrada, who's recently charged with plunder linked to the PDAF scam.

- Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is reportedly out of coma and discharged from Grenoble University Hospital in France, almost six months after his skiing accident at the Alps. Now, he's recovering at an unknown location.

- Nissan revealed their Vision Gran Turismo concept called the CONCEPT 2020 VISION GRAN TURISMO. Although some say this could hint the next GT-R, this Concept 2020 marks the next chapter of Nissan in the world of Gran Turismo and it's set for next month's GT6 update.

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

- Mitsubishi Motors recalled 920,000 vehicles worldwide due to a light switch glitch that could prevent headlights and blinkers from working.

- OH NO! Looks like Peppa Pig's appearance at the Priory Park Playgroup's Summer Fair fundraiser hits the snag as the Peppa Pig costume they've just ordered for the event got detained at UK customs because it violated intellectual property rights.  The fundraising manager said they've ordered what it claimed to be an "official" Peppa Pig costume but as it turned out...the one bought from eBay came from a Chinese seller and was confiscated on the way to the British isles.


- Renault's lightweight Megane RS 275 Trophy-R reclaimed their Nurburgring lap record for front-wheel drive vehicles from Seat's Leon Cupra 280 after posting the lap time of 7:54.36! The UNDER8 prophecy from Renault has finally fulfilled!

Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R
Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy-R
- The BMW M division decided that instead of powering up the engine outputs of their models, they've decided to cut back on weight. As demonstrated by their new M3 F80 saloon and the M4 F82 coupe, weight loss DOES work.

- As you may heard, Alice from the musical duet member, ClariS, left to focus on studies. However, in a TV interview with the remaining girl from ClariS, Clara, despite Alice graduated from the duet, ClariS WILL NOT disband.

- Mercedes-Benz teases the upcoming 2015 CLS-Class minor change with their new LED headlamps.

2015 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class minor change teaser

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