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On the November 1, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Holdapper gags

- It's the Full Moon! And are you making stories about a werewolf?

- Now, back with the tambays as they are faced with some supernatural issues only one ispiritista will save the day...sort of.

- Noon at Ngayon jokes about the use of lipstick

- Need help? Ask Tata Lino anything!

- Nothing beats an astronaut. Bubble Gang does Axe Apollo by spoofing this commercial as X APOLLO. LEAVE A MAN COME BACK A HERO.

Bubble Gang does Axe

- Senyora Antonietta continues her kontrabida ways...

- Noon at Ngayon jokes about ligawan.

- Gerry Gerinimo examines new school supplies such as ballpen diaper, penpen de sarapen, mongo pencil, luler, ipad paper, foilder, asking tape, scratch tape, medium brown envelope, pantal pen, fountain pen, and scissor salad.

- The kind kidnapper

- James Wang, the hotshot from Japan, investigates on a crime scene.

What's in our Car Town garage today? (November 2, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1996 Lotus Esprit V8

With the Esprit production ended in the year 2004, this signalled the end of a Lotus V8, therefore this is better known to be the last of the V8 Lotuses ever made. Although redesigned by Julian Thompson, the Esprit V8 features an all-aluminum twin turbo 3.5L V8 engine which develops around 350bhp of power, therefore a 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds and top speeds of over 175 mph. It may not be a half-decent supercar but the Esprit still retains the British bulldog spirit from within.

1996 Lotus Esprit V8

1932 Ford Rat Rod

A rat rod is another kind of hot rod which may look unfinished based on their status but it was made simply to be driven. This clear example of a rat rod is a 1930's Ford Model A and judging by the way this rat rod looks, this unfinished exterior looks more intimidating and as for the driving essentials, it takes an expert to master the past-century beast but still it's worth the sound rather than using it as a marketing display. Be wary though that because this hot rod's slammed to the max, getting through the ramps and humps will be extremely difficult.

1932 Ford Rat Rod

2013 Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine

Hyundai makes the rounds again when they came back at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con in collaboration with The Walking Dead to create another Zombie Survival Machine. This time, their new Zombie Survival Machine displayed at the SDCC 2013 was based on the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. Now fully armed with weapons including chainsaws on the front bumper, machine guns on the hood and the roof and a whole lot of zombie-proof inventories, this Veloster is worthy enough to take down the army of the undead.

2013 Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine

Top Gear USA S04E06

(*sorry for the late post)

On that episode of Top Gear USA, the boys try to turn their used car of choice into car boats. Adam goes for the 80's Jeep Wrangler while Rut goes for the 1999 Golf Cabrio and Tanner goes for the sporty Plymouth Conquest, which is one of the Americanzed versions of the legendary Mitsubishi Starion.

The first challenge involves the speed test and find out if their car boats still capable on the highway. In the first challenge, Adam's Jeep Boat is the slowest and the most pathetic on the road whereas Tanner wins the challenge

Build quality is the next challenge for their car boats and it involves slalom cornering. Again, the Jeep boat is rubbish on this challenge while Rut's cabrio loses its top. Another win for Tanner and his Turboat...

As the boys headed for the next challenge, Adam's Jeep boat is facing some mechanical issues.

With Tanner and Rut arrived on their destination at the park, Adam arrives with the new set of... small wheels for his car boat.

With their boats on deck, the challenge involves crossing through the Lake Ontario from New York to Toronto. Will they sink or float? Things are getting to pretty risky for the boys...

With the Conquest and Wrangler faced their fate on the seas, only the VW Cabrio boat stands up and with Adam and Tanner now in Rut's VW, the journey to Toronto gets even more troublesome upon their encounter with the Canada Coast Guard.

Sadly, as the journey continues, the VW's motor gone caput, leaving the boys stranded on Canadian waters. Not for Tanner because he summoned his mate on a jet ski to get Tanner out.

With Adam and Rut stranded on Canadian waters, they risked everything and they managed to turn the motor on but can they make it?

12 hours later, they almost made it to Toronto and onto the finish line, they worked together to send the VW Cabrio on the land. Success at last! Or is it? Oh well...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Let's Do The News! (November 1, 2013)

The big news today...

Bee and PuppyCat Kickstarter update

With less than 13 days left, about 8,860 backers pledged $432,494 out of the $600,000 target for the Bee and PuppyCat Kickstarter project. So, what are you waiting for? Back this project while you still can!

Mugen Power 2014 Odyssey

2014 Honda Odyssey
As with the launch of the new fifth-generation Honda Odyssey, Mugen Power tweaks the new model with some sporting credentials to keep this flagship MPV a bit more sleek and sporty.


More on the NSA scandal...

Continuing on the NSA scandal, it seems that Indonesia summoned the Australian ambassador in Jakarta over a report that his embassy was among diplomatic posts in Asia being used in a vast American surveillance operation.


Meanwhile...the Departments of National Defense and Foreign Affairs will be tasked to verify reports that the Philippines became a hub for the NSA tracking communication networks in Asia.


The homeless ban from McDo JP

McDonald's Japan issued an apology after it was revealed that one of their branches posted a "homeless ban" notice for more than a year. This notice, triggered online debates, said staff at the west Tokyo branch "would refuse entry to people deemed improper," citing poor hygiene and homelessness as examples.


Yurindo Bookstore removes KuroBas items temporary

The KuroBas threats are still looming around here especially when the second season of the series still kicking on TV sets. On the developing story, Yurindo bookstore announced that they'll be temporarily removing merchandise from the said show from its 35 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba. Reason why is because they received a threat letter last month stating that the sender would harm the bookstore chain and its customers if it didn't remove the merchandise.


Mitsubishi's 2013 Tokyo Motor Show concepts

Mitsubishi concepts for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi pulled the wraps on three concept cars making a world premiere at this month's Tokyo Motor Show. In the middle, that's the GC-PHEV, a concept SUV powered by a 3.0L V6 supercharged MIVEC engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and incorporates PHEV technology. In the right side, that's the XR-PHEV, a crossover powered by a 1.1L turbo MIVEC engine with PHEV technology. Finally on the left, it's the Concept AR which comes with the 1.1L turbo MIVEC engine with a mild hybrid system.



THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/31/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- North Korea won't be making the first move to restart the six-party talks at least, that's what the country's foreign minister says.

- Tensions between China and Japan over territorial claims to an island chain in the East China Sea could ignite a war, according to China's state-run Global Times.

- Korea's listed companies are turning in their third quarter report cards and things aren't looking so good.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

HALLOWEEN 2013: Happy Halloween!!!

Well, it's that time of the year again, Halloween. It's probably one of the best holiday of the fourth quarter of the year and in this event, people love to get out with their favorite costumes and go trick or treating. Sometimes, they want to party hard all night long. For a few, they want to do something bolder by going to some place haunted. That's what Halloween's all about.

So, got any plans for this year's Halloween? For me, that's a top secret but still I'm in to the Halloween spirit like the whole neighborhood. When darkness falls, we all have to party hard for this time of the year.

On behalf of many, HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!

HALLOWEEN 2013: The Lazy Man's Guide to Carving Pumpkins

On this segment:

Pumpkins are the best thing to do this Halloween and every year, people love to carve pumpkins with whatever they've desired but in the world of the lazy men, carving pumpkins take a lot of work so how can to speed this pumpkin carving up?

The electric drill should do nicely and what lazy men do is to make a big circle on it to create the eye of the pumpkin. Two holes should be enough.

Anyway, what about the mouth. Most pumpkins have scary zig-zag shaped mouth and doing this is not the lazy man's way so how can we make it even more scarier? Stick it with a knife and then slice them zig-zag to create a mouth!

Some pumpkins have lights but candles can be too somewhat flammable for the pumpkin. Recommendation? Battery-operated candles! You can find one of these at your local hardware store.

Within minutes, one scary pumpkin, made to decorate your home in time for All Hallows Eve.

That truly was the Lazy Man's Guide to Carving Pumpkins...

Fifth-generation Honda Odyssey (RC1/RC2)

2014 Honda Odyssey

In the previous generations, the Honda Odyssey set the benchmark of being the only MPV available from Honda and this minivan's well known to target families because of its convenience, practicality, and performance suitable for the breadwinner.

So, here we are, the newer, more bigger, fifth-generation Honda Odyssey. With the chassis code of RC1 (RC2 for 4WD models), the all new Odyssey has now been transformed from once a target against the Wish and Premacy into a flagship minivan which targets against the Nissan Elgrand and the Toyota Alphard. Even though it's bigger than the predecessors, the new model is the first ever Odyssey to feature dual-sliding doors. A first for this generation!

That's right and even though this is the first ever Odyssey to feature dual-sliding doors, I have to say that the new model has now been graduated from an MPV targeted for breadwinners into a luxury MPV targeted for high-profile personalities. And as for the interior...

2014 Honda Odyssey interior

2014 Honda Odyssey interior

Well, it maybe more of a lookalike to the interior of the Nissan Elgrand E52 but because it's now a flagship MPV, the new RC Odyssey can also be available with two reclining ottoman seats on the second row, that is when you go for the 7-seater model and when you're seating on one of those, this is more of a first class flight rather than going through the economy class but sadly, driving in one of these doesn't give you the first class feeling but more of an "economy class". However, we'll talk about that later on but anyway, back on the interior. The seven-seater model is more of a class act but for those who have bigger families may be opted for an eight-seater variant. Depending on the variant, you can expect an optional rear entertainment system which people at the back can enjoy watching movies while stuck at a long traffic. Convenient though, feels like I really wish that our MPV should have that kind of entertainment system but who cares? Most of the Japanese MPVs of today has those nowadays...

Anyway, back to the "economy class" section and why? Because on the new model, the only engine available is Honda's new 2.4L i-VTEC engine made under the EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY banner and for the Absolute model, which is the top-of-the-line model for the new Odyssey, it promises class-leading fuel economy of 14.0km/L in JC08 Mode standards, that's about more than what you expect on the Toyota Alphard and the Nissan Elgrand! So, being the most fuel-efficient in its class may not be a bad thing but it's still more of an "economy class" in the performance ratio because basically, it's mated with a CVT gearbox while on the Absolute model, the CVT gearbox comes with a 7-speed manual mode operated via paddle shifters. It may not be as exciting as the old model but the new Odyssey RC1 tries to be more "business class" rather than being placed on the "economy class" and safety wise, it's been loaded with numerous safety features such as VSA, Motion Adaptive EPS, Emergency Stop Signal, and oh, the same feature as seen on the new Fit which is the City Brake Active System, a low-speed autonomous braking system, intended to help avoid typical city center shunts. Sounds bizarre but use with extreme caution because sometimes, this bizarre autonomous braking system, like you expect from Volvos, doesn't work all the time. The more you know...

Prices start at around 2,490,000 Japanese Yen, which is about a 70,000 yen hike over the previous RB2 model so that is a lot of money but it's a great value because the new Odyssey RC1 is affordable than the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand.

2014 Honda Odyssey

So what do I like about the new Odyssey? Business-class interior for the Absolute model, 2.4L engine more fuel-efficient than the Alphard and the Elgrand, and the value that shunts the competition. What I don't like about is its "economy class" characteristics. That's all so if you're in Japan, well, see you tomorrow but if you're in Australia, Hong Kong, or China, please wait... As for the right-hand drive ASEAN can I say this? Well, To Be Determined, perhaps.

Available Colors: Premium Venus Black Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Glamorous Mauve Pearl, Premium Deep Rosso Pearl, White Orchid Pearl, Super Platinum Metallic, and Modern Steel Metallic.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Let's Do The News! (October 31, 2013)

The big news today

1) Honda announces recall for 2014 Fit Hybrid

2014 Honda Fit

Honda issued a recall on 4,833 units of the all-new 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid mated with a 7-speed double clutch gearbox. Reason for this sudden recall is because of the hybrid model's double clutch gearbox getting some problems. Honda will issue a fix on the DCT glitch as possible.

Middle class Filipinos by 2030

During his televised speech, Philippine President Noynoy Aquino said that in the year 2030, about 4 out of 5 Filipino families will be "middle-classed" Is this true?

NSA claims Europeans did the spying.

As the NSA scandal continues, there are some reports saying that NSA or the National Security Agency claimed that it was the Europeans did the espionage and then handed the info to the Americans. WHAT'S THEIR EXCUSE?

In other NSA-related news...

NSA tapped directly into communications links used by Google and Yahoo to move huge amounts of email and other user information among overseas data centers. It was based on the leaked documents from fugitive Edward Snowden and has used weak restrictions on its overseas activities to exploit major US companies' data to a far greater extent than realized. Forewarned but I'll check out more on the NSA scandal as the story develops...

Volkswagen is WRC manufacturers' title of 2013

VW claims WRC manufacturers' title in only its debut season
Volkswagen wins WRC 2013 Manufacturer's title

Even though the German carmaker debuted this season, Volkswagen became the first to snagged the manufacturers' trophy and the final round of the WRC 2013 season at Rally Spain, courtesy of Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia.

A "new found friend" for Pope Francis

A young boy makes the rounds during Pope Francis' speech on the stage. You know what this young lad did to the Pope? He hugged him, which makes it quite a touching feat. Awww....

The return of something gold for flagship Toyota MPVs.

Toyota Alphard TYPE GOLD II

Toyota Vellfire Golden Eyes II
Toyota brings the gold back to our two favorite luxury MPVs, the Alphard and the Vellfire. For the Alphard Type Gold II special model, it comes with a gold Alphard emblem, smoke colored plating on the grille and the back door garnish, TYPE GOLD II emblem, smoke plated fog lights, special aluminum wheels, gold metering, gold wooden trim, Alcantara seats, and so much more. On the Vellfire Golden Eyes II, same gold wooden panels but you can expect the same gold headlamps from the last Golden Eyes model. Expect the Golden Eyes II emblem on the back.

They both start at around 4,070,000 Japanese Yen and comes with a 2.4L and a 3.5L V6 engine.

Japanese bookstores to retain KuroBas items despite threats

Despite the ongoing threats against Kuroko's Basketball, most of the Japanese bookstores like Kinokuniya, Sanseido, Junkudo, and Miyawaki decided to keep those because they want to uphold freedoms of expression. However, a report from Yomiuri TV news program aired a report on the ongoing threats and showed some of the threat letters sent to convenience stores, newspapers, and TV networks. Not only it singled out KuroBas but they disparaged manga related to pirates, ninja, and gourmet. Wait a minute...


HALLOWEEN 2013: What to wear on a Halloween party?

Welcome to the special HALLOWEEN 2013 segment of Leopaul's Blog, the segment that sucks blood to live like what vampires do.

On this segment:

Teenagers enjoy throwing the biggest Halloween parties at home and of course, if you want to be part of the party, you need to be stand out from the crowd. Maybe the costumes you'll be wearing will give you the attention guests deserve so what to wear on a Halloween party?!

1) Vampire fashion

Well, forget about Dracula, everyone knows that thanks to Twilight and Vampire Diaries, vampires are hot. So hot. Rather that dressing up as Dracula, think of the vampire fashion you'll be wearing. Gothic and dark, it's all vampire fashion to us so the more punkish and dark your clothes are, the more attractive you'll become to inspire the look of a blood-sucking immortal.

2) Zombies

Zombies are so in right now thanks to The Walking Dead so if you are planning to dress as the flesh-munching undead for the party, have enough make-up and some ragged clothes to wear because...that's how zombies look like; wearing ragged clothing with some blood spills, creepy-looking faces, and a scary stance that is a proof of being a flesh muncher. Mmm...brains...

3) Science Fiction

Whether if its Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, or any other forms of sci-fi stuff any geek would think of, you are always more than welcome to be. Word of warning though, being R2D2 or a Dalek is impossible. Oh yeah, word of warning though...DON'T YOU DARE DRESS YOURSELF AS A TARDIS. A TARDIS is a thing, not a character. Well, Idris is the Tardis so you're suppose to be her. Think about it folks, if you're going to be the TARDIS for the party, be warned that it's gonna take a cardboard box and blue paint to do it. That's annoying, isn't it? I REPEAT, A TARDIS IS NOT A CHARACTER so don't dare to cosplay as that.

4) Cartoon Characters

Classic or modern, it's your pick. Like in previous installments, deciding which cartoon character you'll be dressing as for the party is hard work and there are some characters that are uniquely impossible to cosplay like Lady Rainicorn (because she's long and it takes some dragon dancing tricks to do it), Lumpy Space Princess (because of her appearance impossible to mimic unless mascot trickery), the imaginary friends from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, oh and those from that new cartoon I watched called Wander over Yonder. There are some or few cartoon characters impossible to cosplay so don't even try. Oh and don't even think about dressing as humanized versions of animal characters...even Pokemon. Kigurumi...that's what they suppose to be.

If you're planning to be Dipper Pines for the party...this is worth the shot because it takes a blue vest, red shirt, and some black-ish shorts but what about the hat? WeLoveFine has one. As for to mimic the sweaters she wore in the series? Well, it's all up to you...

5) Video Games

You love video games, so do we! Dress up as your favorite video game heroes and villains at the party so your guests will know that you had your game on! Oh yeah! Get'cha head in the game!

6) Anime characters

Some people who are going to the Halloween party will be wearing as their favorite anime heroes and villains so whether if its Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, SAO, Attack on Titan, or any other anime otakus know, you are always more than welcome. Parties are getting used to those anime otakus nowadays.

7) Monsters

Monsters from horror movies are what every hardcore faithfuls want to be for the party so if you're going out as a wolfman or a headless man or a white lady or a manananggal or's your call. Be whatever monsters you want for the party.

8) Killers

Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Jigsaw, there are so many notorious killers as seen from horror movies and whichever horror slashers you'll be guaranteed a more killer look when you come to the party. Oh and safety first before you go. You don't want to scare the partygoers away with your weapons, which in case just props rather than real ones.

So there you go...these are the best stuff to wear when you're coming for the Halloween Party with your mates. Time to get your scare on and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Boo-hoo!!!! 

Amy Perez, IHAW NA!

Amy Perez is well known to be part of the Palibasa Lalake cast, one of the presenters at MTB, and every Filipinos call her Tyang Amy. With her returning to ABS-CBB, she's the guest of the day at October 30's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment.

Meanwhile, the difference between Sosyal and Di Sosyal such as calling on a low-batt phone, passing the crisps, and watching TV.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/30/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- A 21-member delegation from the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee made a rare visit to the Kaesong Complex.

2) Top military officials of South Korea and USA launched the sixth installment of their military cost-sharing talks

What's in our Car Town garage today? (October 31, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2014 Ford Ranger Dakar

Production of the Ford Ranger in America halted in 2011 due to poor sales but in the rest of the world, that's a different story because the T6-spec Ford Ranger has a wide reputation in Asia, Africa, and Europe. With the new Ranger enjoyed acclaimed success, Ford prompts to send the new Ranger to the Paris-Dakar this 2014. For the upcoming participant of the 2014 Paris-Dakar, this Ranger is fitted with a fully composite body and a 5.0-liter V8 sourced from the Mustang muscle car. It's mated with a six-speed sequential gearbox, liquid-cooled rear brakes and the 132-gallon fuel tank.

2014 Ford Ranger Dakar

2011 Ford Explorer

After numerous teasers, the fifth-generation Explorer was unveiled in the summer of 2010 and sales commenced in the winter. Unlike its predecessors, the new Explorer is now a full-size crossover utilized in Ford's D4 platform. Despite being a full-size crossover, it's still an SUV capable of conquering any terrain with the use of Hill Descent Control (HDC), Hill Ascent Assist (HAA), four-wheel electronic traction control and Terrain Management. Downsizing aside, the new Explorer is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine which produces about a similar output as the old model's V8 engine it ditches. With the new Explorer proven to be a hit among American families, it was hailed as 2011 North American Truck of the Year.

2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Lotus Evora GTE

The top-of-the-line Lotus Evora GTE is what Lotus claims to be one of the most powerful Lotuses to date and the Toyota-sourced 3.5L V6 engine it powers has been uprooted to 434HP of power transferred through the back wheels. It was originally meant to be sold in China only but Lotus want to expand sales of the GTE to a wider audience and so word has been given...not even Danny Bahar himself who was sacked by Lotus over a scandal.

2011 Lotus Evora GTE

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 30, 2013)

The big news today...

1) Bagyong Vinta

The 29th storm of 2013, Vinta (international name Krosa), is now bearing down on the Philippines and threatens to bring heavy rainfall across Luzon along with the risk of flooding and landslides. Watch out though, it's gonna be a stormy Undas this year.

Further details:

2) New Mini World Premiere

For the first time, the revelation of the new new generation Mini will take place at 3 cities, 3 continents, and 3 days. The unveiling will be take place in Los Angeles, London, and Shanghai. There's going to be performances as well during the grand unveiling. Fenech Soler will perform at London this November 18, Passion Pit at LA this November 19, and Gossip at Shanghai this November 21.


3) Subaru to premiere new Levorg at Tokyo Motor Show

Subaru Levorg teaser

At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will unveil an Impreza-based sport wagon under the name of Levorg. What's in the name? Well, it's a portmanteau of the words LEGACY, REVOLUTION, and TOURING. This Impreza-based wagon will come with next-generation Subaru Eyesight safety system and it will come with Subaru's Direct Injection Turbo engine. Also in the Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will showcase the Viziv Evolution Concept and the Exiga-based Crossover Seven Concept.


4) Daihatsu Kopen Concept

2013 Daihatsu Kopen Concept

The Daihatsu Copen was discontinued last year but this concept version, called the Kopen Concept, coming at this year's Tokyo Motor Show will showcase its potential return. The name sounds "konfusing" because they replaced the C with a K in the naming. It's now KOPEN, not COPEN. Never mind about that but the "koncept model" (pun intended) is powered by a 660cc turbo engine and that's it.


5) Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Edition

Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Edition

The special-edition BRZ Premium Sport Edition wants to be a classy one for the rear-wheel driver sportscar for the masses. Available only in Japan, this luxurious version of the BRZ comes with 17-inch STi alloys, black door mirrors, and tan leather upholstery with the words BRZ on it.


6) Iron Spam

Reports in Russia suggested that cyber attackers are launching spam attacks using chips hidden in electric irons and kettles imported from China.


7) Bee and PuppyCat Kickstarter update

So far, with less than 15 days left, 8,373 backers pledged $412,396 for the Bee and PuppyCat Kickstarter update. Be sure to back this project while you can!

8) More Sherlock manga

While season 3 of BBC Sherlock will be next year, December 2013's Young Ace issue announced that the manga version of the hit TV series will return and it will interpret the show's second episode titled "The Blind Banker".


9) G4U! Vol. 3 now at iM@S Channel

The iDOLM@STER G4U Volume 3 is now at iM@S CHANNEL for the Playstation3. Yes, it's the one with winter casuals and vivid bikinis but for those who bought it digitally via iM@S Channel will receive a special PS3 Custom Theme.



HALLOWEEN 2013: Tips during the Undas traffic

Welcome to the special HALLOWEEN 2013 segment of Leopaul's Blog, the segment zombies came here like a wrecking ball. Coming up...

On this segment:

All Saints' Day is on November 1st, 2013, which is the day after Halloween. All Saints' Day is a holiday where families visit the graveyard to pay respects for the fallen. However, there's more to it than that because what to expect on All Saints' Day is heavy duty traffic. That's right. Slow-moving traffic that will surely leave you dead after long hours of traffic. No wonder it's a non-working holiday but hey, if you and your family had your ride to the cemetery and expect a very long traffic during UNDAS 2013, what are your best ways to kill your boredom when the annual heavy Undas traffic kicks in?

1) Pack lots of snacks, meals, and drinks on your trip

The heavy traffic on the way to your cemetery will leave you thirsty and starved on the road. The best thing to do is before you leave your home and to the cemetery is to pack enough snacks and drinks on your trip. Either your mom's fully-cooked meal sealed in Tupperware boxes or crisps such as Chippy, Nova, Ding Dong, Tortillios or whatever junk food you know, make sure you have enough snacks while getting stuck in traffic. Oh yeah, as for drinks, stock up on whatever you want; mineral water, soda, sports drinks, iced tea, whatever drink you want but one more thing; NO ALCOHOL. Remember the whole "don't drink and drive" law.

2) Entertainment

Long traffic usually means boredom for the people heading to the cemetery and the best to do is open up your car's radio and set to FM frequency because everybody needs music. Get it? If radio isn't enough, either your portable TV (if you had one), your MP3 player, or your hand held console (like your PSP, DS, or Vita) would do but be sure that it's fully charged before on the go.

3) Servicing

Your car is nothing more of a traveling companion when you need it so it's best to service it before you go. Make sure the parts are working fine as well as the lights, the brakes, the oil, and the electric supply. Oh and if you're brave enough through the high gas prices, be sure to full tank your car. It maybe an expensive solution but if you're not into driving, seek public transportation or hitch a ride with a buddy.

4) Internet connectivity

 A long road away from home usually means one thing, you can't do internet because you're miles away from your home's broadband but not to worry. If you brought your laptop and any other Wi-Fi capable gadgets, make sure that you have a mobile Wi-Fi with you. For example, Smart has a mobile prepaid Wi-Fi that you can reload it for about 200 pesos or higher to have 5-days of internet connectivity. Make sure that it has enough load (or charge) in order to go internet surfing while on the move. Oh yeah, if you guys made it to the cemetery, be sure to check in from your Foursquare! Your friends will notice that you came from a long trip this Undas!

5) Defense

A long trip can be somewhat risky because there are some jologs wanted to steal your ride or doing some kind of a Mad Max-style of attacks. Defensive driving may be unnecessary in an event like this but this can save you and your family from bad people trying to hurt you on your way to the cemetery. If you have long objects surrounded on your car, these can make a vital defense in case some crooks approached you with a gun pointing at you. Keep Calm and Aim for the Head. Time to say rest in peace, crooks!

6) Don't let the kids say "Are We There Yet?"

If you had kids with you on your trip, then you're in bad luck because the only question kids will tell you on your way to the cemetery is the dreaded ARE WE THERE YET? Tell your kids no, stop asking questions, and ask them to play with their toys. Silence is virtue on this trip.

7) Do your All Saints home

If you're not in the mood to travel, why not do this at home? Make a faux tombstone (out of your cardboard) and be sure to have candles so you can pay respects without travelling through the long traffic!

So there you go, these are the best ways to kill your boredom when the annual heavy Undas traffic kicks in. Have a nice road trip this All Saints' Day!

Nissan axed Dualis - new model will be Europe-only

Nissan Dualis (2007-2013)

Nissan's Euro-inspired crossover, the Dualis, will be discontinued for the Japanese market while the next version of this model will be Europe-only. In Europe, the Dualis from Japan is known as the Qashqai.

The next-generation model, not destined for Japan sale, will be unveiled this November 7 and it uses the Renault-Nissan Alliance's CMF platform used on the third-generation X-TRAIL, due this winter season.

As a rule in this blog, I don't cover Japanese cars not sold in Japan so when the next Qashqai comes, sorry, we're not going to cover it for you because it's an un-Japanese Japanese car. You get me? Good.

So farewell to the Dualis crossover. This car has been around for six years since its 2007 debut. You did us proud...

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/29/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- South Korean government's debt-relief program introduced earlier this year is doing its part to assist those in need.

- South Korea is ranked one of the top places to do businesses in the world and it has been advanced by one rank to seventh in the global ranking in terms of business environment. The finance ministry said that SoKor kept its place in the top 10 out of 189 countries on the World Bank's Doing Business ranking for the 3rd year.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 29, 2013)

The big news today...

1) St. Jude Storm

The worst storm to hit Britain since 1987, the St. Jude Storm, caused 61,000 homes in Britain without power, four people died, and caused major rail and road disruptions earlier.


2) Superstorm Sandy - One year passed...

Last year, the worst storm to hit the USA, East Coast to be precise, was Hurricane Sandy and this superstorm killed at least 117 people while many communities still struggling to rebuild their lives.


3) Spy tensions

Tensions grown in the White House regarding the nation's intelligence gathering and why US President Obama never know about the extent of the operations.


4) Range Rover LWB

Land Rover Range Rover L

The first-ever long-wheelbase Range Rover was revealed and this stretched version measures a full 5.2 meters from the nose to the tailgate. 14cm of legroom was added, making it a fit for a royalty.

5) Suzuki's kei-crossover

2014 Suzuki Hustler

Crossovers isn't limited to hatchbacks and wagons, kei cars can also be too because at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki will launch the new kei-crossover called the Hustler and annoyingly, this kei-crossover is based on the current-generation MR Wagon.

6) Bee and PuppyCat kickstarter update

Over 8000 backers pledged almost 400,000 US Dollars on the Bee and PuppyCat kickstarter project. That's about 200,000 US Dollars left and with about 16 or 15 days left, can you help Frederator Studios fulfill its dream to become a series? Pledge at:

7) Illest goes car tuning

Illest may be a fashion brand familiar to car enthusiasts but for the first time, they'll be joining the car tuning ranks under the Illest Coachworks banner and the first to work on is a bodykit based on the 2014 Lexus IS.

8) Tsutaya pulls out KuroBas items

There's no stopping over the Kuroko's Basketball threats since last year when locations linked to KuroBas creator received threat letters. Now, reports told that Japanese rental chain, Tsutaya, pulled out most of the Kuroko's Basketball DVD and manga rentals. They made this decision after analyzing the current situation. What comes next? Find out later as the KuroBas threats deepens...

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/28/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- South Korean PM Chung Hong-won said that President Park Geun-hye did not receive the assistance of the National Intelligence Service during last year's presidential elections.

- While the country is sinking further to political disarray over the spy agency's election meddling President Park has a new top prosecutor Kim Jin Tae, former deputy chief of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

HALLOWEEN 2013: Loser candies to avoid

Welcome to the special HALLOWEEN 2013 segment of Leopaul's Blog, the segment that bits everyone and turns them into zombies. Coming up...

On this segment:

Loser Candy

Well, it's that time of the year again when the kids dressed up as their favorites and then head out to the suburbs to get some candy for the fun of it. Of course, being kids, they are too picky and they don't like "loser candy" which is a term as heard from a Gravity Falls episode. The loser candy probability can be somewhat CRITICAL and you'll never know when will loser candy hits you, making your trick-or-treating the worst so what are the "loser candies" you should avoid this Halloween?

1) Sugar-free candy

As kids, they have cravings for sugar coated confectionery but some neighbors think they are concerned because of, well, diabetes or toothache, and what they will do is taking the reversal that is...sugar-free candy. They may look like candies but sugar. If you encounter those, AVOID. Oh and if you're diabetic and if you don't want the risk of losing a leg, don't go trick-or-treating. Just saying...

2) Pixy Stix

These powdered candy known as Pixy Stix is far out one of the worst candies to avoid for Halloween because they're far too...well, bland for their taste and sweetness. It's about as rubbish as...drinking unsweetened tea at McDonald's.

3) Chocolate-dipped apples

Come on, no kid in the world wants that. These apples dipped in chocolate on a stick are considered "loser candy" kid of today likes fruits disguised in chocolate. See one of these from your neighbors and AVOID.

4) Hard candy

Whether if it's mint flavored, fruit flavored, or for worse, taste like medicine, this is the one to avoid because there is a risk that your teeth can't handle the hardness. If I were in that situation, I would rather just swallow it rather than biting it.

5) Mounds or Almond Joy

They may look like chocolate but when you ate one of those...(vomiting) Why would they made these piece of crud? Nobody likes those for Halloween!

6) Jelly belly

These beans taste like plastic and no matter the color and the taste of those, they will always taste like plastic. AVOID these loser beans on Halloween.

7) Candy corn

Invented by a Philadelphian, candy corn is made of wax, sugar, and corn syrup. By the looks of it, it looks like a corn's kernel but if you manage to eat one...these candy corns can be a bit blah and makes you as disappointed as a man during the Great Depression. AVOID this loser candy when you see one.

8) Licorice

Licorice is considered a "loser candy" and best to avoid one of these if you don't want your jack-o-lantern get jacked up with a pile of rubbish.

9) Circus Peanut

As Candy from Gravity Falls may say "Circus peanut? This is loser candy!"

10) Wax candy

From wax lips to wax cola bottles, these wax candies are the ones to avoid as well because...who would rather eat some wax or something? Ahem...wax Museum or Star Wax of polishing wax of whatever...who would eat wax as a candy?!

11) Necco Wafers

These two-centuries old candies are the king of "loser candies" because not only it's old but the chalky taste of those thin candy wafers in a pack makes it the ultimate "loser candy" to avoid this Halloween.

12) Asian candies

WATCH OUT! Some of your neighbors bought out some candies straight from Asian stores. See one of those suspicious-looking candies straight from Asia and AVOID. No kid likes those for Halloween.

There are so many loser candies your neighbors might throw at you but beware...not all neighbors may give you candy but sometimes un-edibles or for worse...FRUITS! If you don't want to wind up in that situation, use science to determine which of your neighbors serve the best candies, which serves "loser candies" or both. Be careful, some may come up with a surprise attack on your jack-o-lantern full of candies.

So there you go, next time when you're out trick-or-treating this Halloween, use the data gathered from this segment and find out which "loser candy" you should avoid from your neighbors.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Doctor Who The Snowmen OST

Doctor Who The Snowmen OST

Last year, fans of Doctor Who took part of the 2012 Christmas special, titled The Snowman, and that TV special is worth a cliffhanger worth chewing for because of the enigma lies into Clara Oswin Oswald and in the end, The Eleventh Doctor is on the search for her. Anyway, enough about that because here comes the soundtrack to the Christmas special but for this soundtrack, not only The Snowmen was covered but also the 2011 Christmas Special titled The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe. Two Christmas specials now in one music CD, giving it a total of 32 tracks as composed by Murray Gold, conducted by Ben Foster, and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales as well as the Church End Festival Chorus.

Those who prefer buying it physically will be in luck because the booklet for this release is reverse printed to allow the purchaser to display either of two covers for both soundtracks. You can prefer either The Snowmen or The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe but more importantly, you can now sit down and relax while listening to the BGMs from the two Doctor Who Christmas specials.

  1. Geronimo
  2.  Dressed In a Hurry
  3.  Bumps
  4.  Ditched At Sea
  5.  Madge’s Theme
  6.  Armchair Waltz
  7.  I Know
  8.  Quite a Tree
  9.  Into the Present
  10.  Baubles
  11.  The King
  12.  The Queen
  13.  Interrogation
  14.  Lifeboat
  15.  You’re Fired
  16.  Flying Home for Christmas
  17.  Safe Landing
  18.  Never Alone At Christmas
  19.  Friendship
  20.  A Voice In the Snow
  21.  What’s Wrong With Silly
  22.  Psychotic Potato Dwarf
  23.  Remember the Worm
  24.  Clara Who?
  25.  Clara In the Tardis
  26.  Governess Clara
  27.  Hello Mates
  28.  One Word
  29.  Sherlock Who?
  30.  Antifreeze
  31.  Clara Lives
  32.  Whose Enigma
Available at:

HALLOWEEN 2013: Best horror movies for a movie marathon

Welcome to the special HALLOWEEN 2013 segment of Leopaul's Blog, the segment that knows which of your neighbors had loser candy and you should avoid. Coming up...

On this segment:

Horror flicks are what every teenager and adult's favorite treat on the dead of night. Most horror flicks include some ghosts, monsters, demons, and most famously, zombies. Yes, zombies are now part of every horror fan's mind right now and in an event when zombies became part of our daily lives, that's worth traumatizing. Now, if you're in a mood for movie marathon with your friends and family, what are the best horror movies to watch for Halloween? Using our past experiences, I will determine which of the best scary movies you should want to do a bit of a horror movie marathon with your friends, if you got any...

1) The Child's Play series

Yes, the Child's Play series is notably one of the most scariest films to watch and it's not recommended to watch with the kids's about a spirit of a serial killer possessed through a toy named Chucky. Such gore scored this maniacal ginger-haired killer toy numerous sequels like Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Bride of Chucky, and Seed of Chucky. If you want the ultimate wet-in-your-pants thrills, I'd suggest to find yourself the killer DVD collection packed with all the Child's Play movies. Worth the scare, right?

2) The Friday the 13th movies

In superstition, Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, but in horror movies, Friday the 13th is about a killer in a hockey mask named Jason hunting down hapless teenagers. There are 12 movies of this franchise, including the killer Freddy vs. Jason movie where the masked killer meets his match: the man with a viciously long claw named Freddy Krueger.

3) A Nightmare on Elm Street

Anyway, on the subject of Freddy Krueger, this madman is the one to scare for in A Nightmare on Elm Street. There are seven Elm Street films from the first one up to Wes Craven's New Nightmare but deciding which of the Elm Street movie is the scariest and gory is all up to you. It's worth the slash when it comes to your craving for fear.

4) Saw

Hello...I want to play a game. Yes, the sadistic killer known as Jigsaw is notorious for the insane contraptions where most of the victims died while a few managed to survive. The Saw series has been one of my favorite in the horror movie department but sadly for me, I only liked the first two. The seventh and the final chapter was gory but really is the end for the franchise, which is sad. Yes, there are seven Saw films from the start to finish and if you're a faint at heart, best to look away while you can because you can't take the gore from such a scary franchise.

5) The George A. Romero's zombie movies

The 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead was fine but has anyone seen the original 1979 version? Well, never mind about that but the George A. Romero zombie movies were the ones that defined the zombie movie trend by storm and the franchise is well known to be "one of the most daring, hypnotic, and absolutely vital horror films of the past decade" ( Whether if it's Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead or Land of the Dead, these zombie movies are more of a treat if you are in the urge for some zombie movie marathon this Halloween with your mates.

6) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Inspired from real events, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about a group of teens taking a detour from a road trip to Texas and what happens next is beyond their darkest fears. It maybe a cult favorite but sadly, this genre can be a bit of an overrated for us but if you get the hang of it, then this might be more gory than any other horror movies you know. Be warned though, EVIL WEARS MANY FACES.

7) Scary Movie

If too much horror is on your mind, how about a mixture of horror and comedy to bring you some good vibes on Halloween? Yes, the Wayans bros. made a series of spoof films based on some of the most notable horror movies known to mankind. The latest was Scary MoVie, which is the fifth installment of the film and it spoofs films like Paranormal Activity, Mama, and so much more.

8) Battle Royale

Okay, so maybe not much of a horror but this is definitely one of the most bloody brutal movies made by the Japanese. In a dystopian future where the Japanese economy collapsed, the government established the Battle Royale where a group of school kids kill each other until the only one survived. I was amazed that Tatsuya Fujiwara, the one who played Light from the Death Note movies since 2006, was in that movie but more importantly, this killer Japanese movie is worth traumatizing. I watched the first one and trust me on this, it really shocked my mind till the end of the film.

9) The Conjuring

One of 2013's most scariest movies ever seen by many, The Conjuring was inspired from real events and it's about a group of paranormal investigators called upon to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. It maybe known to be one of the most terrifying cases the world has ever faced but watching this movie 'till the end will keep you wandering.

I got a list of recommendations when you want a bit of a horror movie marathon this Halloween but whichever movie you want is all up to you.

10) Insidious
11) Jennifer's Body
12) Resident Evil movies
13) Silent Hill
14) The Purge
15) World War Z
16) Warm Bodies
17) Mama
18) The Amityville Horror
19) The Ring
20) The Grudge
21) The Last Exorcism
22) Paranormal Activity

...uh, there are too many recommendations to list but I'll leave this up to you...

Let's Do The News! (October 28, 2013)

The big news today...

1) McDonald's no longer supplying Heinz ketchup

Heinz ketchup

In the US, the name Heinz has been in the top of the average American family food chain because it's known to be one of the most popular ketchup brands in America. No matter the restaurant, no matter your grocery shopping is, Heinz is always there. However, there's some plot twist going on because the fast food king McDonald's is dropping Heinz as a supplier to their hamburger condiment because of the management changes that put them closer to Burger King, one of its key rivals in the fast food nation.


2) Michael V: Give Wally another chance this Christmas

While Michael V recently signed a contract to be the host of TV5's Killer Karaoke, the famed comedian asks his fans to give his fellow comedian, Wally Bayola, another chance this Christmas. You may remember that Wally Bayola was involved in a sex scandal that tarnished his reputation as well as his suspension from Eat Bulaga.


3) OFW wows X Factor Israel

An OFW named Rose "Osang" Fontanes wowed the crowd and the judges from the Israeli version of The X Factor and she even earned a standing ovation after performing Shirley Bassey's This is My Life.


4) Seiyuu said he can't swim

DID YOU KNOW that in reality, seiyuu Mamoru Miyano, who was the voice of Rin Matsuoka from Free!, admitted that he can't actually swim? Ooh, the irony...


5) Bee and PuppyCar Kickstarter update

As of now, there are 7,610 backers pledged $376,475 for the Bee and PuppyCat kickstarter project. There are 17 days left so PLEASE…BACK THIS PROJECT if you can!

6) Dove Cameron as an assassin in a new movie...

The rising Disney star Dove Cameron really got her a really good start ever since she began her big break in the recent comedy series, Liv and Maddie. Now, there's more to come for the rising star because Hollywood Reporter reports that she'll be taking part in an upcoming comedy movie titled Barely Lethal, where she'll be playing as an assassin who tries to live a normal high school life.


7) Better In Stereo MV

In case you missed it, the music video of Better In Stereo by Dove Cameron, which is the theme song of the Disney Channel TV series, Liv and Maddie, is now here!

Thank you.

F1 2013 Indian GP

F1 2013

It seems that Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel can get himself a good night's sleep because not only he managed to win the 2013 Formula 1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix in New Delhi but he managed to claim the title as "F1 2013 World Champion", making this his fourth consecutive win in his career. Originally, to claim his "world champion" title, Vettel needs to finish in 5th place or better to defend his title but he placed first place so his title as "world champion" has defended. He defended it against the likes of Mercedes' Nico Rosberg and Lotus' Romain Grosjean.

However, his flamboyant driving after crossing the finished line cost Red Bull a 25,000 Euro fine and a reprimand for failing to go straight to parc ferme.

With Vettel secured the crown, there are only three races left and the next race is on Abu Dhabi this November 3, 2013.

Goin Bulilit presents Kalaro

Goin Bulilit shifts in to "scary mode" as the special episode titled Kalaro really mixes the fun with some scary stuff, sure enough to give you some halloween fun on the mood.

Bulilits Clarence, Bugoy, Brenna, Chacha, Belinda, Carl, Harvey, and JB ventured through a haunted house to retrieve back Clarence's basketball but as they ventured through the haunted house, it turns out that the house begins to play tricks on our Bulilits especially when faced against a ghost maid (played by guest celeb Karen Dematera) that haunts the Bulilits down.

GB presents Kalaro

It maybe as scary as finding your way out into the haunted house and escape from a ghost maid trying to scare you but overall, this special episode really is kinda funny.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 27, 2013)

The big news today...

1) Solar Flare

(Photo: NASA / SDO)

Yesterday, the sun erupted with one of the strongest solar flares it can unleash, just days after firing off an intense solar storm at Earth.

2) Blind Girl Sings Wrecking Ball goes viral

The controversial Miley Cyrus song, Wrecking Ball, really is as controversial as Miley getting nude in the music video but it has some benefits as demonstrated by a Filipina blind child singing ‘Wrecking Ball’ gone viral at Facebook with more than 72,000 shares in two days.

3) Storm of St. Jude in Britain

The storm that will hit Britain, named St. Jude, puts everyone at high alert because forecasters warned that with St. Jude packing hurricane-level gusts of up to 90mph and torrential rains, it has the possibility of being the worst storm since 1987, which the Great Storm killed 18 people, removed 15 million trees, and caused 2 billion UK pounds worth of damage.

4) Bee and PuppyCat Kickstarter update:

As of now, there are 7,466 backers pledged $369,136 for the Bee and PuppyCat kickstarter project. There are 18 days left so PLEASE…BACK THIS PROJECT if you can!

Thank you.

5) Puchimas 2nd season coming this Spring

It's official, the second season of Puchimas - Petit Idolm@ster - will premiere in April 2014 and like the first series, it will be streamed on the Nico Nico Douga website.

6) Hello Kitty meets Mitsubishi Mirage

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage

For the 2014 model year, the Mitsubishi Mirage spawned a limited edition Hello Kitty package, which will be limited to 400 units available. The special Hello Kitty 40th anniversary package comes with a bright pink paint job, custom Hello Kitty ribbon-shaped hub caps, and Hello Kitty upholstery. It will be on sale on the Japanese market next month at the starting price of 1,116,570 Yen.

7) More KuroBas threats...

Once again, ever since the second season of Kuroko's Basketball aired, more threats approaching and this time, reports told that 7-Eleven Japan and other companies received new threat letters regarding chemicals in snacks. It's noted that they put agricultural chemicals in various Kuroko's Basketball confectionery snacks in a 7-Eleven store in Chiba Prefecture.

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