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Cars GT6 Should Put (Volume 15)

In a galaxy far far away, just off our backyard, lies Leopaul's Blog; boldly pushing the boundaries of car culture because there's some CARS GT6 SHOULD PUT.

Cars like...

1) RUF 3800S '13

WHY: The RUF lineup from Gran Turismo needs to be expand with the latest RUF machines but my suggestion would be the 3800S. Based on the 981 sportscar, the RUF 3800S is powered by a flat-six 3.8-liter engine producing 420 HP (309 kW) at 7,400 rpm and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque reached at 5,600 rpm. I just hope the 3800S will be featured on GT6 so I can compare this to the old 3400S.

2) Jaguar XKR-S '12

WHY: The current Jaguar XK featured in Gran Turismo 5 is available only in the normal XK and the high-powered XKR but why not the XKR-S?! Sheesh, I just hope that Gran Turismo 6 should feature the best V8-powered Jaguar ever made and that's the Jaguar XKR-S. With the supercharged V8 engine developing 550PS of power, it's the most powerful road-going Jaguar ever made. This hot model can be quite a perfect treat if PD had the chance to feature it.

3) Cadillac CTS Vsport '14

WHY: There's a brand new Cadillac CTS out there and the new model comes with the top of a line Vsport model which comes with a twin turbo V6 engine under the hood. Word from Cadillac is that it lapped the Nurburgring in 8:14.10, faster than the NSX or the Lexus IS-F, making it one of the most capable premium saloons offered in the USA. I just hope that PD reconsiders the Cadillac lineup and add the new CTS on GT6 soon.

4) Lancia Thema 8.32 '86

WHY: They said that the Thema 8.32, the one with the Ferrari engine on it, is Italy's answer to the the BMW M5 but sadly, no one even remembered this eccentric Italian sports saloon. If they feature this rare Italian saloon, maybe everyone will change their mind about this classic saloon.

5) Suzuki Swift Sport '11

WHY: In the last GT5, we only got the 2005 and the 2007 model which kinda looks the same as well as its performance but for GT6, I want the latest Swift Sport to be featured in this game because judging by its hot hatch credentials, the new Swift Sport might be all right as a contender to its rival, the Fit RS and the Vitz RS. For the fun of it, I want to compare this to the old one and I have my fingers crossed.

The results please? So, if Polyphony's still on the rethinking process whether these cars I've mentioned will be featured on Gran Turismo 6, whether in game or as a DLC, you can't say that I didn't had a bit to do with that.

Take that to Kaz Yamauchi!

Teng bros., IHAW NA!

Jeric and Jeron Teng, the fierce sibling rivalry occured in the UAAP because they came from different schools with different teams, were the guests of the day on the October 26, 2013's Banana Nite, IHAW NA segment.

Meanwhile here are the top three tips, according to Alex, for girls to get through when their boys are fatty in LAUGH THREE...

1) Use the past to get through such excuses!

2) Blame where did he bought the shirt!

3) Call your resbak!!!


The second part of the 18th anniversary special of GMA's longest running comedy gag show, Bubble Gang, really brings more kicks, more puns, and more laughs, all in the name of celebrating the show's 18th year. On that episode...

- Pool party gags

- Special guest Mike Enriquez meets its impersonators in the Bubble Gang spoof of 24 Oras called 4 ORAS! PASOK!!!

- Bubble Gang fan testimonials

- Special performances with the cast

- Atlit with Diego

- Bubble Gang does Myra by spoofing this commercial as MAITA!

- The best athletes from the Philippines seek help to Tata Lino!

- Doing the audition sketch to the audience

- 6 new Bubble Gang members are performing in the Bagong Gang segment and it's announced! Jan Manual is the ultimate male Bagong Gang and Denise Barbacena is the ultimate female Bagong Gang! Welcome to the show anyway!

- IyoTube

It's been quite an fun-packed anniversary special because as a fan, I will never stop watching the best comedy gag show in the Philippines no matter the circumstances. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the special much as I do.

The Juan Dela Cruz ending

The supernatural action drama series, Juan Dela Cruz, starring Coco Martin as Juan Dela Cruz, comes to a gripping end and on the finale...the showdown between the two Juans, Tagabantay vs. Anak ng Dilim, with Rosario (Erich Gonzales) at stake, commences. The Anak ng Dilim, as revived by the weakened Peruja, attacks very viciously while Juan, using all the weapons in his Bakal na Krus, is going all out against his ego. As the battle rages on, it seems Juan is almost losing against his evil ego and with the Anak na Dilim slithered Juan, the crowd got panicked over fear and Rosario's life is on the knife-edge.

Just as when Rosario's about to fall, the Bakal na Krus swooped back to Juan and rescued Rosario. With Juan revived, the battle continues and when Peruja tries to use her last resort against Juan, he managed to defeat not only the Anak ng Dilim but also Peruja. With the final battle truly over, is Rosario okay?

She's fine. Alive and well. In the end, Juan and Rosario finally married.

That concludes the story of the tagabantay once known as Juan Dela Cruz.

San Mig Coffee Mixers win 2013 PBA Governor's Cup finals

San Mig Coffee Mixers

After seven games in the finals of the 2013 PBA Governor's Cup, the victor goes to the San Mig Coffee Mixers after trouncing rival team Petron Blaze Boosters at the score of 87 to 77. The crowd at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum were astonished by such results and thanks to player Marc Pingris scored 19 pts, 17 rebounds, and 5 blocks, San Mig Coffee had the upper hand to win the title they lost last year.

Report: Interaksyon
Photo: PBA

Friday, October 25, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 25, 2013)

The big news today...

1) Discovery Communications, the parent company of the Hub Network, is pleased to announced that Season 4 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic will start on November 23rd at 10:00am ET/ 7:00am PT only on the Hub Network! The season opener will be a two-part, back-to-back, episode where the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle must balance her new duties and her friendship with the other ponies.

2) The 1-Series Coupe is dead. Welcome to its upgraded successor, the all-new BMW 2-Series Coupe.

2014 BMW 2-Series

3) Ken Block collaborates with Need For Speed!  Need For Speed will be sponsoring Ken Block's upcoming Gymkhana Six next month. In part of the collaboration, a specially-designed Ken Block Mustang will be featured on Need For Speed Rivals!

Ken Block X Need for Speed collaboration

4) In the world of Gran Turismo, Sony is pleased to announced that the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 6, will be collaborating with the Ayrton Senna Institute, a non-profit organization established in 1994 by Ayrton's sister, Viviane, promising to help the education of Brazilian children. Contents regarding the legendary F1 racer, Ayrton Senna, will be provided through online updates, providing players to explore Ayrton Senna's career. Who knows? You might be wearing the legendary Ayrton Senna race suit or even race through the track where he died, Imola. Let's hope...

GT6 x Ayrton Senna Institute collaboration

5) Comedian Michael V signs his contract to host TV5's Killer Karaoke.

Source: TV5 Facebook page

6) After accusing China of constructing on Scarborough Shoal, the probe set by the AFP said that the US Navy, not China, is responsible for the concrete blocks in Bajo de Masinloc. Case closed.

7) Two things will end tonight: the PBA Governors' Cup Game 7 between San Mig Coffee Mixers vs. Petron Blaze Boosters, and the series finale of ABS-CBN's fantasy action drama Juan Dela Cruz.


Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 58

Information about your query "who sings the song in the new october 2013 mitsubishi commercial"

Dear, idiot responsible for this unnecessary search query (in case I warned everyone you can't use chatty questions as search queries and I also warned that they should not turn the search engine into a chat box),

Your query "who sings the song in the new october 2013 mitsubishi commercial" may have content that is owned or licensed by whoever copyright holder behind the song as heard from a car commercial. In some cases, it's like you received an e-mail from YouTube that your video that has third party content match and then later, it may be blocked or ads may appear next to it.

Your claim is not penalizing your search browsing status. Acknowledge or dispute, welcome back to the segment where solves every car enthusiasts' questions about the title of the song of car commercials...with the risk of MATCHED THIRD PARTY CONTENT on their status. Acknowledge or dispute, it's your choice. This is DRIVING MUSIC on Leopaul's Blog.

Before they can say "Dispute Rejected, Claim Reinstated", here are another set of five Driving Musics that is worth "matched third party content"...

5. Zadok The Priest (Handel): Zadok The Priest by King's College Choir, Cambridge/Academy of Ancient Music/Pavlo Beznosiuk/Alastair Ross/Benjamin Bayl/Stephen Cleobury - from the Ssangyong New Chairman W commercial

4. Handel: Serse - Ombra Mai Fu by Yoshikazu Mera, Shiego Genda, and the Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - from the 2002 Hyundai Terracan commercial

2. 이해할께 by 조규만 - from the Daewoo Lanos II commercial

1. What You Won't Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell - from the Mitsubishi Motors America Outlander Sport "New Beauty" commercial

So, there you go. Another set of five Driving Musics waiting for you to get a copyright notice every time when you get a hold on those driving musics. 

Driving Music from Leopaul's Blog is the segment where solves every car enthusiasts' questions about the title of the song of car commercials...with the risk of MATCHED THIRD PARTY CONTENT on their status. Acknowledge or dispute, it's your choice.

Third-generation Cadillac CTS

Several years ago, the Cadillac CTS is their entry level sport saloon that shaken the brand's rubbish image and when Richard Hammond tested it on the Top Gear TV series, the CTS is more than just a good American car, it's a good car for a stop and deserves to be in UK judging by the fact that it's sold in left-hand drive European markets. It used to be the top trump against the Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, and the BMW 3-Series but because last year's ATS sports saloon took the spot, guess there's no room for the new CTS but instead of throwing it away...

2014 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac decided to keep it but only this time, they made it larger and slotted to compete against the BMW 5-Series, the Audi A6, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. That's right, the good American car that behaves like a European premium saloon in its class, now made even better but just how good it is? Cue the music as heard from Brainiac's I Can Do Science Me segment.

As Jeremy Clarkson told that Cadillacs are for pimps and pensioners, some people disagree because Cadillacs are kinda more like bad boy John Travolta. Cool at first but then seriously uncool and then...bang! Cool again! Think of it like...Pulp Fiction but that's just a different story for a different day.

It all started back in 1999 when General Motors try to save Cadillac from its demise, Cadillac initiated the brand's Art and Science design philosophy, which brings them back to their roots with cutting-edge design and high-end technology. The first car to apply such a thing is the CTS in 2002 and judging by its behavior, Cadillac's image of being a pensioner's car has been shaken off and then later, it's joined by the status symbol favorite, the Cadillac Escalade. These are just some of the reasons why Cadillac back to being the coolest.

Anyway, forget about the science lesson, onto the new model. Because Cadillac was so focused to make the CTS almost as European as its rivals, you wouldn't realize that they've used the Nurburgring as the basis to develop the new model and thanks to such progress, the new CTS tries to set standards to its midsize premium sedan class and with its Nurburgring lap time of 8:14.10, that's about as quicker than the old NSX, the old Cayman, or even the old Lexus IS-F! Unbelievable...

2014 Cadillac CTS
Judging by how it looks, the new model looks kinda similar to the smaller ATS and the apathetic XTS premium saloon and why apathetic? Because the XTS is just a Chevy Impala underneath and for such judgment, I think this new CTS could be all right. When you first drive the new model, you are kinda unhappy with it because sometimes first impressions are not so good but with a little practice and when you get used to it more, the new CTS can be the car worth living for. Sadly though, there are faults...

2014 Cadillac CTS interior

I once checked the interior of the new model and once again, the designers always adopting the whole Dead Space theme because on the dashboard, you can see those buttons that look like Isaac Clarke's helmet which makes changing the volume and temperature a bit more difficult and when you keep on tapping dull as a gastropod. When you hold the button...meh, same thing. There's also a bigger problem as well because when I tried changing the speedo display, it's a bit too twitchy and this is a lot harder to manage than the XTS. I once checked the speedo of the ATS and the XTS and because they can be changed easily, I love the way Cadillac done to the speedos. Sadly on the CTS, that's a different story and unless you find a way, you'll be stuck in such a small display and you can't read it while on the road. My eyes are too small for this! This is much worse than electrifying weather reporter Sian Lloyd!

2014 Cadillac CTS
Most American cars sometimes afraid of the corners and when they faced one, American cars will feel like stripping of their dignity and send home to their mommies. The CTS, like its previous incarnations, won't be like that because thanks to its Nurburgring-honed dynamics, handling a corner is okay. Much like what a very cute character would say that everything is okay. However, when you switch the traction control off, the CTS loves to show off its true nature and if you're much of a Brainiac, you could just shred some tires for the heck of it. Engine choices? Well, you can have a 2.0L Turbo engine or a 3.6L V6 engine on it but on the top-of-the-line Vsport version you'll get the 420HP 3.6L V6 Twin Turbo engine which produces the equivalent power of V8-powered sedans without all the drama. Normal models are fitted with a 6-speed automatic gearbox but the CTS Vsport, with the turbo V6 engine on it, is mated with an 8-speed gearbox.

Price? The new model starts at around US$45,100, less than the 5-Series but more than the A6, making the all new CTS one of the most competitively-priced premium saloon on the market today.

The verdict? Well, while the new CTS is a bit twitchy on the technological details as well as my personal experience on changing the car's speedo through the settings, it's still a good American car for a full stop. It still behaves to be almost European and it corners like a European car and overall, it still retains its coolness no matter where it takes you. Thanks to the CTS, Cadillac is no longer a car made for senior citizens but made for those who want a bit more bling and flash.

Available colors: Phantom Gray Metallic, Radiant Silver Metallic, Black Raven, Opulent Blue Metallic, Silver Coast Metallic, Red Obsession Tintcoat, Majestic Plum Metallic, White Diamond Tricoat, and Black Diamond Tricoat.

Photo: General Motors

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/25/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- The Korean won strengthened against the greenback to W1,054.3 during trading in the afternoon session on Thursday, its highest level so far this year.

-The parliament's welfare committee conducted an audit of the National Pension Service, where the government's plan to link the basic old-age pension to the compulsory national pension took up the bulk of the spotlight

What's in our Car Town garage today? (October 25, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1988 Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Countach

To celebrate Lamborghini's 25th anniversary in 1988, the special edition Countach was launched in honor of that said occasion. This model is mechanically similar to the 5000QV but the styling changes can be somewhat controversial, probably because of the intakes that mimics its Testarossa rival. Notably, the model's design was penned by Horacio Pagani and it's powered by Lamborghini's 5.2L V12 engine in the middle.

1988 Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Countach

2010 Land Rover Range Rover

Updated with the same supercharged 5.0L V8 engine derived from Jaguar, the Range Rover combines luxury, performance and off-road capability enthusiasts are after. It remains popular among high-profile personalities, even in the USA.

2010 Land Rover Range Rover

2013 Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine

At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Hyundai partnered with The Walking Dead to create a one-of-a-kind Zombie Survival Machine for the event in honor of The Walking Dead's 100th volume. This zombie-proof machine is based on the 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe, which debuted at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show, and judging by its zombie-proof weaponry armed to the teeth, you can be sure that it's worth the kill against the horde of the undead.

2013 Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's Do The News (October 24, 2013)

The big news today...

1) Here we go, Hyundai officially teases the press with their official sketches for their upcoming full model change of their flagship Genesis premium sedan.

2015 Hyundai Genesis comptuer rendering
Upcoming Genesis full model change rendering

2) Reports told that the reason why Charles Morgan from the Morgan Motor Company got dismissed is because of four counts of misconduct. Find out by clicking here

3) Caterham's budget-friendly Seven 160 is all about back-to-basics especially when it's fitted by a 660cc turbo engine from Suzuki which develops 80PS of power. Because it's lighter, 0-60mph takes about 6.5 seconds and flatout, it would be reaching 100mph, enough to overtake a moped of some sorts...

Caterham Seven 160
2014 Caterham Seven 160

4) Go behind-the-scenes with HARI and Atoy Customs on developing the Tucson Zombie Survival Machine. Watch the video:

5) Independent Philippine petroleum company Seaoil collaborated with STP by adding the latter's premium additives to its product offerings. Thanks to STP, Seaoil believes that its share in the local petroleum market will rise from 4% to 12% within the next three years and their products come with proprietary friction-busting formula that significantly improves engine performance.

6) FC2, a video-sharing company, is the target of a major lawsuit filed by seven video and film production companies, suing FC2 65 million yen in damages for video content without permission.

7) Come Spring 2014, The Avengers gets an anime treatment with the first ever Marvel TV anime aimed squarely for Japanese boys titled Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. TOEI Animation were responsible for the first ever Marvel anime and distributed by Walt Disney Japan.

8) Uh-oh....Hakusensha will launch Lala Melody web magazine, which updates in a weekly basis to include essays, author interviews, and many more.

9) New on the PS3 iM@S CHANNEL app is the Mini Album 04 "Earnest" with Chihaya Kisaragi on THE iDOLM@STER SHINY TV and G4U Vol. 2 (the one with school uniforms and school swimsuits) is now included on iM@S CHANNEL.


Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo, Ho, Matey!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo, Ho, Matey!

As any kid would know, Jake and the Never Land Pirates is just one of the most enjoyable Disney Junior shows any kid would love when it comes to every adventure-loving toddlers enjoying this show more than I am, this preschool show is worth noting. Our baby boy enjoys watching it all the time. Anyway, after enjoying last month's Never Land Rescue special, a brand new soundtrack is opened and this new volume features 20 new songs straight from the hit Disney Junior preschool show, including the fan favorite Pirate Rock Recipe from, yes, the Pirate Rock Band as seen from the closing credits of the show. There's a lot of pirate-worthy songs kids love to listen to this newest volume of the soundtrack and oh, be sure to tell your parents if you want one because with this, you and your family can spend more fun listening to songs inspired from the hit Disney Junior TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It's worth more than gold doubloons so let's buy it at iTunes or Amazon and listen!

Watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior! Check local listings.

1) Ahoy Ahoy
2) Lead the Way Jake
3) Pirate Rock Recipe
4) Gold Doubloons
5) Tiki Tree Limbo
6) Pirate Island Hideout
7) Bubbly Blue
8) The Codfish Reel
9) Hook's Hooks
10) Belay
11) Never Bugs
12) Rattle Yer Bones
13) Bootbuckle
14) X
15) Starfish Serenade
16) Buccaneer Bike Ride
17) Pirate Pogo
18) Sea Legs
19) Yo Ho Mateys (Ship Hop) Away
20) Goodbye Crew

Top Gear USA S04E05

Top Gear USA S04E05

Top Gear USA has gone two-wheeling as the boys trying to attend the annual festival dedicated for bikers at Sturgis, South Dakota. The winner will send to a duel between a sportbike and an Ariel Atom while the loser gets shipped to a very dangerous stunt.

It's an unpleasant start because Adam, Tanner, and Rut began with boring mopeds and if whoever finished the first challenge, swaps their moped to a quicker Yamaha V-Star motorcycle. Here's the catch; two will get, one will leave in a moped. The first challenge involves riding stability by maneuvering through the corners without getting spilled. With Rut out because of his recklessness, only Adam and Tanner are permitted to ride the Yamaha motorbikes.

In the second challenge, only two of the presenters will swap their Yamahas to their Harley-Davidson bikes, which is faster. This challenge involves its cornering ability. However, the twist is whoever crossed first, loses. With Adam crossed the line first, both Tanner and Rut swapped to Harley bikes.

Having managed to crossed through Sturgis Bike Week, the boys are dressed for the occasion and all they have to do is they only have 15 minutes to get through the festival without causing too much of a ruckus, especially while carrying members of the band Sweet Cyanide. Sadly, Rut's making a ruckus while Adam and Tanner crossing through the finish line just before the soundcheck. With Rut claimed that Adam cheated because of the sidecar attempt, Adam will face a terrible consequence while as for Tanner...

Tanner Foust pits a duel between an Attack Performance sports bike vs. the Top Gear favorite, the lightweight Ariel Atom. Like speed? Get this...

Ariel Atom

The race between the bike and the Atom at the Auto Club Speedway road course and this duel is definitely worth noticing because once again, it's Tanner vs. biker. Tanner never lost against a biker but will his honor retained? I think that's a no. Although, the Atom has a stronger power-to-weight ratio than a Veyron, the sportbike still has the upper edge. Well, here we are...his first loss.

Meanwhile, the episode ends with Adam Ferrera blown up in a Volvo rigged with some explosives. Despite explosions, Adam cheated death and in general, it was American Daredevil Mr. Dizzy survived the blast.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/24/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- The South Korean government's campaign to stimulate corporate investment may be beginning to bear fruits.

- The South Korean government aims at creating 180,000 new jobs by four years time through future tech investments

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Derick Hubalde, IHAW NA

Once a son of a renowned basketball player, stepped into modeling, and he portrayed the villainous Zuma in Galema: Anak ni Zuma, Derick Hubalde was the guest of the day on the October 22, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment.

Meanwhile in Peke o Totoi, Kean Cipriano differentiate what's true or what's false such as in the case of sabunutan, in a relationship that draws attention, and pinching.

Let's Do The News! (October 23, 2013)

The big news today...

1) Apple unveiled the latest generation of the iPad tablet called iPad Air. Yes, I know, another year, another new Apple product for the unsuspecting masses and as for the recently unveiled iPad Air, Apple claims that this is the lightest and thinnest they ever made, weighing just a pound and measures 7.5mm thin.

For details:

iPad Air

Also, Apple tweaked the iPad Mini to have Retina Display and this renewed version will hit stores next month, in time for the holiday shopping season.

2) Beat successor? Honda will showcase their kei-roadster concept car at this year's Tokyo Motor Show and this concept sports kei car is called the S660 Concept. At first glance, it looks more like a NSX mini-me but it signals their comeback to the segment that once dominated by the so-called ABC kei sportscars.

2013 Honda S660 Concept

3) Shocking news in Malaysia as the body of a missing 15-year-old girl found in suitcase after a horror cosplay date in Sham Alam. The 15-year-old girl, as described by someone from Facebook, has short hair, 163cm of height, and she's missing since October 21st by around 11 in the morning. She went out to meet her friends but not one of her friend drop here at Kelana Jaya LRT by around 3PM. Reports said that she's an anime otaku


4) According to a TV5 interview with Philippine Red Cross chairman, Dick Gordon, Bohol mayor Maribojoc is a liar. Full interview here:

5) Twerking? In the DENR anniversary party?! A picture of dancers doing the twerking in the DENR 24th anniversary making the rounds in the internet. This pic was caught two years ago and...which came first? Those or this year's Miley Cyrus doing the twerking at the MTV Music Awards? Oh well...


6) Back where it belongs - celebs Roderick Paulate and "Tyang" Amy Perez sign contracts with ABS-CBN. Welcome back to the Kapamilya network!


7) DID YOU KNOW? World Bank allegedly loaned 900M USD to the Philippines to fight poverty but went instead to the pockets of Lucio Tan.

8) With the new TV drama POSITIVE airing on TV5, Filipinos are into the topic of HIV. Just how well known is this HIV disease? Find out:

9) Child star Ryzza Mae Dizon wants the President of the Philippines to be on her show! Read this:


THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/23/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- The Defense Ministry has announced the initial results of its investigation into allegations that its Cyber Warfare Command carried out a smear campaign on the internet last year.

- South Korean president Park Geun-hye held a summit with visiting Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski.

Kia All New Soul

In the previous model, the Kia Soul (쏘울) is one heck of a boxy crossover which tries to blend into the urban atmosphere from its spunky character within and as years gone by, it's still more of a spunky character but having been around for five long years, the Soul has been totally transformed for its first ever full model change and here it is...

2014 Kia Soul
Well, here it is and I can't say whether if this full model change really is refreshing or revolting but generally, it feels a bit more revolting than refreshing and judging by its looks, the new generation Soul took some further inspiration from the Trackster Concept from the 2012 Chicago Auto Show. I'm not so sure why but I think the new model tries to be more of an acceptable part of the clique if it got any. The big science question is...what's new for the "All New Soul"?
2014 Kia Soul
Like I told, the new Soul took some styling cues from the Trackster Concept, giving this compact crossover more spunky than the previous model and when it comes to banana milk fandoms and K-Pop fandoms, you can't really tell the difference. Personalization aside, the new Soul can now be available with some stylish two-tone coloring and as for the available 18-inch wheels, they can be colored in either gray, red, or black. Here's a fast tip; if you're going in yellow, don't go for red. It won't win you many friends.

On the inside, well, things really shaken up a little because the new interior looks more conservative and more clique-friendly than the old model and getting in and out isn't much of a fuss unless they're on the right settings.

The new Soul features next-generation UVO infotainment system which comes with a smartphone app that provides new levels of connected car telematics, a suite of new safety and security features, navigation, infotainment, and so much more. The new UVO really made the new Soul aimed squarely on today's millennials and with UVO, there's so much you can do with it such as using your smartphone as a car key and when some nasty thieves stole your Soul, UVO's got your back.

2014 Kia Soul interior

One thing you will notice on the all new model is the Advanced SPAS (Smart Parking Assist System). This next-generation parking safety system uses some sort of witchcraft to detect parking spaces and in case you don't know how to park your car by yourself, the new Advanced SPAS can park either parallel or now reverse by itself hands-free. This is just like the episode when Jeremy Clarkson demonstrates the Cee-Apostrophe-D's SPAS on a parking space. Silly, sinister, but true. You could just finish changing up your clothes just before this Soul's parked by itself. Clever, isn't it?

2014 Kia Soul interior
The new Soul is available in two engine types available and be warned Filipinos, you can't have them because one: GDi engines don't work on Philippine soil and two: doesn't work in a Euro 2 country in the Philippines. Yep, the All New Soul features a 1.6L GDi petrol engine that generates 132PS of power and the 1.6L VGT diesel EcoDynamics engine churning 128PS of power. In the diesel model, bearing the EcoDynamics banner, it comes with Idle Stop and Go function which cuts the engine off when stopped and then starts it again when setting off, to save fuel. Rule of thumb though, you can't have it because of the fuel issues you're facing now, Filipinos. The 1.6L GDi engine doesn't work on dirty Philippine fuel, especially the ones with manganese on it, while the 1.6L VGT engine doesn't work in the Philippines because this engine is Euro V compliant and not compatible in a Euro 2 country like the Philippines. You have been warned. Questions on that?

Pricing? Get this, the new model starts at 14,450,000 Korean Won so that makes it more of a fair value than Nissan's very own bet, the Juke. Just to tell you, while these two are catastrophically ugly, the Soul is much more fair than the Juke and unlike the Juke which relies on bland XTRONIC CVT, the Soul is mated with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed auto so therefore more engaging to drive than the Juke. However, when it comes to their fun-to-drive factor, both of them will never get the nod because judging by their performance figures, they're just too...regular.

So there you go, if you want a compact crossover but don't have the budget to buy a Juke, get yourself a new Soul. May not be good looking at first but it's more than enough to bring your friends for a road trip, just to let you know.

Available colors: Electronic Green, Acid Green, Toffee, Inferno Red, Mustard, New Vanilla Shake, New Vanilla Shake Two-Tone Roof, Newport Blue, Newport Blue Two-Tone Roof, Clear White, Clear White Two-Tone Roof, Clear White Red Zone Package, Bright Silver, Titanium Silver, and Cherry Black.

Photo: Kia Motors

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 22, 2013)

The big news today...

-CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Two NAIA employees caught playing online games while on the job. No wonder NAIA is called the worst airport in the world because of those employees!


-  The PBA committee condemned about a racial slur for San Mig Coffee Mixers import player Marqus Blakeley because some fan called him "Monkey".


- The Alfa Romeo 4C lightweight sportscar lapped the Nurburgring in 8:04.40. Watch the clip and see for yourself...

- The folks at WeLoveFine are holding a Bee and PuppyCat design contest and the winning design will receive a trip to Los Angeles to visit WeLoveFine and attend WonderCon 2014. Designs will be judged by the woman behind this short web toon and responsible for the Fionna and Cake episode from Adventure Time, Natasha Allegri, and a cat? Or maybe a dog? No, it's PuppyCat!

Just to let you know: in their Kickstarter update, about $319,189 were backed by 6,449 supporters and the deadline is 23 days left. Keep on backing this project!

- Some say that Universal Pictures optioned the rights to remake the Philippine crime thriller OTJ: On The Job. Reports told that Baltasar Kormakur will write, direct and produce the American version.

- Kanebo received over 15,000 complaints over a whitening cream that caused them skin blotches thanks to a chemical contained in popular skin-whitening creams.

- TRENDING: US President Obama caught a woman suffered a fatigue while in a middle of a speech.


- As of now, about 190 people died in the October 15 earthquake in Bohol.

- French president Francois Hollande discussed reports about the USA's NSA espionage on French citizens in a phone call with US President Obama.


- More bullying news as there is a report that a 9-year-old kid, named Fred Aston Mendoza, is in critical condition and suffered an internal bleeding after getting his butt kicked by bullies.


- After years of sticking with Vhong Navarro in the sitcom Toda Max, it's official that Angel Locsin returns to primetime via an upcoming teleserye titled The Legal Wife.

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How to pass a day without talking

In one episode of Adventure Time, pals Finn and Jake try to pass the day by not talking. I wonder what's the meaning of this but hey, I wanna do this one day so I can give my family a peace of their mind without my disturbing voices. So here are the top five ways to pass a day without talking.

Number 1: The Sign Language - Sign language is a common way of communication for deaf people but if you're not and if you're...well, talking. It might be best to learn sign language before initiating a day without talking. Mastering sign language by yourself can be a lot more tricky but with practice makes perfect. Be careful though, most of your friends and family don't know what you're doing.

Number 2: Stack lots of paper! - Like Finn and Jake, best to stack papers with words and when the time comes, you'll know when you're ready because sometimes, they might want to reply you with something. If unprepared, someone's going to be disappointed.

Number 3: The whiteboard and marker trick - If papers are wasteful and if you want to save some papers, best to have a whiteboard that you can carry and a marker. Just be sure that the marker is not permanent or else you can't remove it and you have to wait for several days to remove it. According to Brainiac, a permanent marker is permanent for about 6 days or so and using one of these is not recommended.

Number 4: Use the speech function from your computer! - For Windows users, try using the Narrator function or if you're an iPhone user, use the smartphone's VoiceOver. Your friends and family can't tell if the computer talks about...well, whatever.

Number 5: The Stephen Hawking approach! - If you truly idolize Stephen Hawking, you want to be like him too.

These are the top five ways to pass a day without talking. Just be careful though...

If your friends and family, especially a computer one, know that you're not talking, they'll know it's not you or for worse, some bikini babes will attack you until you talk.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: The story so far (10/22/13)

The story so far from the Korean Peninsula:

- South Korean president Park Geun-hye called on the nation's police to do its best to root out four "social evils" for the public's safety and happiness.

- Parliamentary oversight hearings Democratic Party lawmakers on the National Assembly's judiciary committee said National Intelligence Service agents posted some 55-thousand comments on Twitter and other social networking sites against opposition candidates Moon Jae-in and Ahn Cheol-soo in the weeks leading up to the presidential election last year.
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