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Mazda CX-5 2013 ANNIVERSARY Special Model


It's been a year since the Mazda CX-5 crossover released in Japan since February 2013 and thanks to its 2.2L SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine, it became the best fuel efficient crossover Mazda has ever made without sacrificing its fun to drive factor. Annoyingly, it was now a Top Gear favorite ever since a race between this and the VW Tiguan at the caravanners' site, carrying caravans. The sheer power of the diesel engine really did destroyed the caravan it was carrying.

For the 2014 model year, the CX-5 adds the 2.5L SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine from the new Atenza. It produces 188PS of power, 250Nm of torque, and yes, mated with the SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed double clutch Automatic Gearbox, which is the only transmission available on the CX-5. This will be equipped on the newer 25S and 25S L Package grades for the CX-5 in late October 2013.

Also, Mazda featured a special edition "2013 ANNIVERSARY" model to commemorate its 1st year and for the special edition model, you can have either the 2.5L petrol or the 2.2L diesel engine but the special model features special equipment such as Off White Leather Seats, Door Trim, Red paneling on the dashboard, red stitching on the shift lever and steering wheel, 10-way power seats, 19-inch aluminum wheels, and a serial number plate.





The special model is limited to 999 units available and three exterior colors are available; SOUL RED PREMIUM METALLIC, BLUE REFLEX MICA, and JET BLACK MICA. It costs 2.835 million Yen for the 25S 2013 ANNIVERSARY 2WD up to 3.423 million Yen for the XD 2013 ANNIVERSARY 4WD.

Press Release:

"So Good"

On the September 20, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang

- Protest gags

- Ikaw at ang Ina knows about...Facebook invites

- Mr. Assimo gets choked

- The drama continues on ANTONIETTA as Xander plots revenge against Antonietta

- Bubble Gang does KFC Original Recipe and Hot & Crispy by spoofing this as KSP Original Recipe and Hot & Crispy! So Good!

- Tata Lino helps out others

- They're complaining about the upcoming GMA drama, PRINCESA NG BUHAY KO

- There's more tensions from the Sec. De Anim case

- Brod Pete and the gang answer life's toughest questions on ANG BAGONG DATING DOON

- Is he confident about the woman in the window?

Cars GT6 Should Put (Volume 10)

In a galaxy far far away, just off our backyard, lies Leopaul's Blog; boldly pushing the boundaries of car culture because there's some CARS GT6 SHOULD PUT.

Cars like...

1) Alfa Romeo 4C '13

WHY: The 4C brings Alfa Romeo back to the sportscar race and things are off for a promising start. With the turbocharged engine from the Giulietta, Dry Twin Clutch transmission, and a whole load of cutting edge technology, this Elise-fighter really tries to be a lightweight Italian thoroughbred and I hope GT6 should feature this latest Alfa Romeo sportscar just for the fun of it.

2) Chrysler 300 SRT8 '12

WHY: Back in GT5, the old 300 Hemi C was featured and I am utterly disappointed that Gran Turismo didn't feature the latest model. Hopefully for this new GT6, they should better feature the new 300 SRT8 with the 6.4L HEMI V8 engine on it. Things are looking pretty good for this high-performance version of the flagship Chrysler sedan and if it does get the spotlight, that is worth the swag. Arrgh, if GT6 forgot about the new Chrysler logo and stuck with the old one, I would be very disappointed.

クライスラー 300 SRT8 試乗レポート/今井優杏

3) Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 '12

WHY: The Challenger SRT8 we had on GT5 had a 6.1L HEMI V8 engine on it but I feel there's a bit less oomph on the old version here so what I want on GT6 is to feature the updated version of the Challenger SRT8 complete with the 6.4L HEMI V8 engine like most present-day SRT8 models had. With added capacity, it adds more power and more fun for this muscle. Come on. 6.4L HEMI, it's not complicated to feature any SRT8 model with the 6.4L HEMI V8 on it. PLEASE!!!

CATS Motors brings in Dodge Challenger SRT8

4) Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography '13

WHY: There is a brand new Range Rover out there and if only Gran Turismo should feature the brand new model, it should worth a treat when I take this new Range Rover somewhere on dirt and on snow because when I fit this new model with dirt and snow tires, I want to point out how does the new Range Rover fare from its off-road heritage. Do please, for the love of offroaders, feature the new model but only the one with the 5.0L V8 supercharged engine on it.

Range Rover

5) Nissan Fuga Hybrid '10

WHY: The hybrid-powered Nissan Fuga may be a hybrid but it's also one of the most responsive hybrid cars on the markets today because with this combo, not only it has the power of a V8 engine but also a fuel economy of a compact car. 3.5L V6 hybrid powerplant with the one-motor twin-clutch system makes this hybrid saloon behave like a normal saloon car without all the drama. I bet this can make a wonderful addition to the GT6 car roster.

The results please? So, if Polyphony's still on the rethinking process whether these cars I've mentioned will be featured on Gran Turismo 6, whether in game or as a DLC, you can't say that I didn't had a bit to do with that.

Take that to Kaz Yamauchi!

SYRIA UPRISING: French man arrested for 'provoking' terror online

A 26-year-old webmaster of a jihadist website linked to al-Qaeda has been arrested by French security forces in Normandy on charges of "provoking" terrorism, just as the government warned that hundreds of homegrown Islam extremists were signing up to fight in Syria. Identified as "Romain", he was detained for his admin role of Ansar al Haqq website, a "reference" for the radical Islamist movement, and as a translator of magazines put out by militant group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Paris prosecutors said.

Story: FRANCE24

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Family reunions preparation

A group of South Korean Red Cross officials crossed the border into North Korea to arrange accommodations for South Korean families who are scheduled to meet with their relatives in North Korea next week. The advance part of about a dozen Red Cross officials entered North Korea via the border office of the eat coast and headed to the venue of the temporary family reunions at the Mount Kumgang resort.

Source: Arirang News

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Let's Do The News! (September 20, 2013)

Here are some moments that you have missed...

- Philippines and Taiwan braced themselves for Typhoon Usagi (known as Bagyong Odette) which meteorologists say could become the most powerful typhoon this year. It was 560km east-southeast of Taiwan and 360km from the norther Philippines on Friday morning, weather officials said. As of 12:29 PM Philippine Standard Time, Batanes has been placed under Storm Signal No. 4 and expect winds of at least 185kph for at least 12 hours but PAGASA said that Odette was packing maximum winds of 205kph near its center, with gusts of up to 240kph. Be warned that this typhoon will continue enhancing the Habagat and bring moderate to occasionally heavy rains and thunderstorms to the rest of Luzon, including Metro Manila and Western Visayas.

- With the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 became law, DepEd said that they'll begin drafting the implementing rules and regulations for this said law and with this, private and public elementary and high schools are required to address cases of bullying in their schools.

- Chuseok is one of the four major holidays celebrated in Korea. It can be referred to as the "Korean Thanksgiving" and is celebrated on the brightest full moon of the year which occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, between September and early October on the solar calendar. Chuseok happened last September 19, 2013 but did you know that here in South Korea, Spam, which is a famed canned meat, became a low-key, national love affair? Why Spam is a hit among South Koreans? BBC News explains...

- From its 1st day of release, GTAV secures a 8 million US Dollar first-day tally, making it one of the best-selling games of the year and oh, it even beats the 5 million dollar record set by last year's Call of Duty Black Ops II.

Honda unveils the Mobilio MPV at the Indonesia International Motor Show.
2014 Honda Mobilio

- Remember the Mobilio? Yes, it's that MPV that was replaced by the Freed five years ago. Now, Honda announced the return of the Mobilio, only this time, as a low-cost MPV based on the Br__ (vowels blocked to prevent search engine hijinks) low-cost hatchback. It was showcased at this year's Indonesia International Motor Show.

- Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former Nintendo president that revolutionized the brand by transforming into a global video game giant, passed away at the age of 85.

- Here's one you may not expect: Bandai Namco Games announced an iM@S Channel for the PS3. Reports say it could be another one of NBGi's free-to-play games for the PS3 since Tekken Revolution and Ace Combat Infinity. It will come out soon and oh, reports said that they're planning two titles such as Shiny TV, which features revamped versions of iM@S PSP games in full HD. Each idol will have their own content for 1500 yen. Plus, and this is rather an interesting one, G4U or Gravure 4 You coming on iM@S Channel. Volume 1 costs 300 Yen while Volumes 2 to 9 will cost 1500 yen.

- Continuing the Gran Turismo 15th anniversary celebration, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi presented the trailer for the upcoming documentary at the Jalopnik Film Festival. It's called KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Drive and this upcoming documentary is all about how Kaz Yamauchi gave birth the ever-legendary Gran Turismo franchise and his ever-longing development through car culture.

- Also in the world of Gran Turismo, 24-year-old Portuguese Miguel Faisca became the winner of the Nissan GT Academy 2013 after the final selection round of the 5th GT European Academy. From a rough week at the race camp at Silverstone Circuit, Miguel finally proven himself that he's got what it takes to be a real racing driver. He will return to Silverstone in October to begin his intensive training program alongside the winners of the German, Russian, and USA Race Camps, to acquire his international racing license.

- listed the top 17 things you should check out (and turn off) right away in Apple's new iOS7 operating system.


SYRIA UPRISING: Putin vows to get Syria rid of chemical weapons

Russian president Vladimir Putin vowed himself to accomplish a plan to destroy Syria's chemical weapons. At a conference on Thursday, Putin referred on the agreement between the US and Russia that urges the Syrian government to surrender its chemical weapons. Putin noted that although he could not be 100% certain, recent moves make him confident that the plan will be accomplish. He also noted that Syria agreed to cooperate and applied to join an international agreement banning chemical weapons.


SYRIA UPRISING: Pro-al-Qaeda fighters clash with Free Syrian Army

An al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group overrun a northern Syrian town following heavy clashes with Western-backed opposition forces. The Free Syrian Army says they're engaged in fierce fighting against al-Qaeda linked militants in the town of Azaz near the Turkish border from Wednesday through Thursday. 6 People were killed in the fighting, making Azaz now controlled by the Islamic extremists almost entirely.


THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: N. Korea holds U.S.$ 6.5 tril. worth of mineral resources

A recent report estimates that North Korea hold 6.5 trillion US Dollars worth of mineral resources. The report by ruling party representative's office says that North Korea has 20 types of economically viable resources and it adds that it has the world's second and third largest reserves of magnesite and graphite respectively.

Story: Arirang News

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Luther - Songs and Score from Series 1, 2 and 3

Luther - Songs and Score from Series 1, 2 and 3

A dark and grueling crime drama aired on BBC, Luther centers on the role of DCI John Luther, played by actor Idris Elba, a dedicated but obsessive cop who solves one of the most grueling crimes in Great Britain as well as dealing with his psychological issues. This show started in 2010 and the recent third season was aired earlier in Summer 2013 and boy, this show can't get even more darker and even more grueling than this. Thanks to Idris Elba's dramatic performance, Luther has become one of the BBC's most popular crime drama series and just in time for those who survived through the recent three seasons of the hit TV series, the official soundtrack of BBC Luther is finally here. Yeah, finally, it's finally here for Luther fans to listen to some of the music as heard from the hit TV series, as well as the theme song, Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. So, if you're a Luther fan and enjoyed most of the music tracks heard from the series, this soundtrack is for you especially when it has 22 tracks overall in a single disc. Courtesy of Silva Screen Music.


  1. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
  2. Paul Englishby - The First Case
  3. The Heavy - Big Bad Wolf
  4. Paul Englishby - Carnage
  5. Gil Scott-Heron - Me and the Devil
  6. Paul Englishby - Luther Does Things His Way
  7. Robert Plant - Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
  8. Paul Englishby - John Luther
  9. Nina Simone - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
  10. Paul Englishby - Unlucky Young Couple
  11. Emiliana Torrini - Gun
  12. Paul Englishby - Attack In the Attic
  13. Suede - She
  14. Paul Englishby - The Children
  15. Joan As Police Woman - Flash
  16. Paul Englishby - Double Crossed
  17. Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
  18. Paul Englishby - He’s Behind You
  19. Hanni El Khatib - I Got a Thing
  20. Paul Englishby - Alice
  21. Grinderman - Palaces of Montezuma
  22. Kasabian - Black Whistler

Revolution Original Television Soundtrack

Revolution Original Television Soundtrack

One of NBC's most talked-about survival action drama from the studio of executive producer J.J. Abrams, Revolution is set in a world where an unknown phenomenon wiped out electricity 15 years ago and highlights on a small group of people who still holds hope that someone will come and light their way. It centers on a story of a young woman named Charlie Matheson (played by Tracy Spiridakos). Ever since her father was killed and when her brother Danny (Graham Rogers) is kidnapped by the militia, Charlie is on a quest to find her estranged uncle Miles (Billy Burke), a former US Marine who now lives a solitary life. With her uncle Miles and a rogue band of survivors, Charlie sets out to save her brother, bring justice to those who have been wronged by the militia, re-establish the United States, and in find a way to restore the power.

The first series aired on NBC since Autumn 2012 until early Summer 2013 for 20 episodes, each filled with grueling twists that thickens the storyline and with the second series coming this month, the soundtrack based on the first series is now up and running for fans who won't forget the pain, the agony, the sorrow, and the courage as seen on the first series of NBC's Revolution. All 35 tracks were composed by Christopher Lennertz and each track really is as gripping as the series itself, from the start of Charlie's story all the way to the Tower where in the end of first series when after the power was restored, Randall Flynn unleashed a military strike in front of our heroes before killing himself.

Revolution returns on September 25 for a second season only on NBC. Check local listings.

Available at:


1) Revolution Opening Theme
2) Charlie's Theme
3) Ben's Death
4) Life After Iphones
5) The Plane Gang
6) Road to Wrigley
7) Magic of the Pendant
8) Showdown - What Now
9) Reflection - Randall's Visit
10) Grace's House
11) Truth About Miles
12) Rachael Kills Strausser
13) Matheson Adaigo
14) The Lighthouse
15) Maggie Dies
16) Maggie's Elegy - Neville Transforms
17) Rachael Draws
18) We're Saving This One
19) Hairless Ewoks
20) Pendant in the Open
21) Blowing It Up
22) Family Reunited
23) Helicopter
24) Danny Down
25) Requiem
26) Charlie Thanks Miles
27) Revelation
28) Strategizing - General Matheson
29) The Drone
30) Aaron and Priscilla
31) Fly Away
32) Entering the Tower
33) Dark Tower
34) Meeting the Others
35) Genesis of Power

SYRIA UPRISING: $1B, 1 year needed to destroy Syria's chemical weapons

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad promised he would surrender Syria's chemical weapons but warned that it would take at least a year to do so and cost one billion dollars. His latest appearance came as the UN envoys debated a draft resolution that would encourage the US-Russian plan to secure and neutralize his banned weapons in international law.

Let's Do The News! (September 19, 2013)

Mimes blocked your path? Here are some moments that you had missed.

- Just before this week's Tokyo Game Show 2013, Microsoft announced that the XBOX One will be released in Japan next year. Not sure when but let's recap; in November 22, X1 will be available in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States for $499. The Playstation4, on the other hand, will launch in the United States and Canada on November 15, in Europe and Latin America on November 29, and in Japan on February 22, 2014 for hundred dollars less.

- Iran, once a sinister country for their nuclear regime, is also one of a few places where people love to surf. Get this, an Irish woman, named Easkey Britton, is the first ever woman to surf through Iranian tidal waves.

- Some reports regarding the Washington Navy Yard mass killings described that the man responsible for the bloodbath, 34-year-old Aaron Alexis as "obsessed with violent video games" and played them for "hours on end". Fox News interviewed University of Missouri associate professor of psychology Bruce Bartholomew who said, "More than any other media, these video games encourage active participation in violence. From a psychological perspective, video games are excellent teaching tools because they reward players for engaging in certain types of behavior. Unfortunately, in many popular video games, the behavior is violence." Wall Street Journal reported that one of Alexis' pals said he undergone marathon sessions of FPS while The Telegraph reported that he played Call of Duty and Biohazard (Resident Evil) for up to 16 hours and friends believed it could have pushed him towards becoming a killer.

- Today is the day Apple's new iOS7 went public and this latest operating system for Apple is available only to 5th generation iPod touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Mini, as well as new models like the 5S and the 5C. So, what do you guys think of the new design? Refreshing or revolting?

- It's been less than a year when Frederator Studios' CARTOON HANGOVER went online but by the statistics, here's what Frederator Studios' CARTOON HANGOVER crunched up by the numbers;

170,000,000 minutes viewed +24%
1,000,000 subscribers +16%
60,000,000 video views +28%
14,000,000 unique visitors +27%

Providing web cartoons like Bravest Warriors, Rocket Dog, Bee & Puppycat, Superf*ckers, and others, it seems that CARTOON HANGOVER is off for a promising start with a long list of supporters everywhere for a thing that is Too ____ For TV. Well done, Frederator, another milestone passed.

- Moving on to the Zamboanga Stand-off, as recently there were two soldiers and an official were killed in a middle of a stand-off between the MNLF rebels against the military forces. The clearing operation from the military troops continues as expected.

- Here's a very sad story somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, which is the venue for the 2020 Olympics. There was once a senior Japanese man in the name of Kohei Jinno who was onced moved out from his Tokyo home ahead of the 1964 Olympics to make way for construction of the main stadium. Now, he has to move again because the public housing complex where he and his wife live, close to the stadium and the site of his former home -- currently a parking lot -- is slated to be destroyed as part of construction of a new stadium for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The New Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport, if my memory serves me correctly, the Range Rover Sport is a premiership footballer's favorite SUV but sadly, even though it's a Range Rover, it isn't a real Range Rover because in the past, what's underneath is just components from the Land Rover Discovery, so this is nothing more of a faux Range Rooney rather than a real one. Sadly though, it feels a bit more of a commoners' car rather than a rough-and-tumbling beast that loves to play with Mother Nature, before this one consign to the history books, good news! There's a new model coming up!

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

This is the all new Range Rover Sport. It costs about over 20,000 less than the normal Range Rover, and on paper, the new model is now the most dynamic and the most sportiest in the Range Rover lineup. It maybe a new model but with it stay true to its promises by its name? Remember; RANGE ROVER SPORT. The words "RANGE ROVER" determines its true off-road potential while the "SPORT" determines its...well, sportiness. Does it stay true to its promises? Well, don't get to hasty because let's start with the basics.

Like its normal Range Rooney, the Range Rover Sport now sports an all-aluminum chassis, which benefitted 400kg of weight loss. That seems to be rather impressive, indeed, to have its 400kg weight lost but still, good job for those working behind the scenes. In terms of engine choices, you can have either a 3.0-litre LR-TDV6 diesel that accelerates from 0-60mph in 7.1 seconds, a 3.0-litre LR-SDV6 diesel engine that accelerates from 0 -60mph in 6.8 seconds, and for the more hardcore enthusiasts, a 5.0-litre LR-V8 supercharged petrol engine that accelerates from 0-60mph in 5.0 seconds. Well, that was unexpected, there were two diesel engines and one supercharged Jaguar engine available for the RR Sport but there's more to it than that because this car has been through a lot of challenges. In Pikes Peak, the Range Rover Sport set the record for the fastest ascent in a production SUV, which is good then but that's just the tip of an iceberg because the with the Range Rover Sport, it promises to conquer the deeper, higher, and colder challenges thanks to its cunning performance figures that really stand out against its rivals.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Like the Range Rover, the new Sport comes with the new generation Terrain Response which adapts the vehicle’s settings to suit the terrain automatically. It's becoming one of the most intelligent offroaders ever made and it's pretty much the same as the normal Range Rover that our Springer Spaniel drove against a self-driving military truck and won against it. Ooh, yes. That new Terrain Response really is worth the smart and oh, there's even that part where it detects the water level as well, which is great if you're trying to monitor the RR Sport's progress in the water levels. For offroading, the new Sport really is worth bearing the Range Rover name.

So, what about the Sport name? Does the new model still bears the Sport in the Sport Utility Vehicle name? Well, you remember the part where The Stig drove this and see if its faster against the Mini JCW GP in a time attack. Even though it's just an SUV made for offroad purposes, the new Range Rover Sport can also be a perfect track-day car and judging from its dynamic performance, when you set this one on DYNAMIC MODE, it feels like it wants to give a Porsche Cayenne a run from its money. It feels like blowing a lovely bunch of watermelons with TNT or blowing up sacks of flour with naphthalene. Ding dong.

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport interior

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport interior

Like the Range Rover, the Sport still features tons of luxury equipment and for an added treat, there is now a third-row seating at the back, which means the new model became the first-ever Land Rover model to come with third-row seating which allows you to seat two kids at the back and yes...expect the whole "ARE WE THERE YET?" questionnaire which annoys most parents all the time. Good thing you can shut them up with a fair bit of entertainment but sadly, entertainment stuff goes to the 2nd row seating.

But still, no matter the outcome, the new Range Rover Sport is becoming a British equivalent of the uber-ugly Porsche Cayenne and even though it's becoming a performance-oriented super SUV, it still hangs on to the promises. It has the right to bear the name Range Rover Sport.

The SE model (available from January 2014) will costs about 51,550 GBP up to 74,995 GBP for the Autobiography Dynamic, with additional costs from options and accessories.

Available Colors: Fuji White, Indus Silver, Ipanema Sand, Scotia Grey, Nara Bronze, Corris Grey, Firenze Red, Aintree Green, Loire Blue, Santorini Black, Luxor, Causeway Grey, Chile, Mariana Black, Barossa, Havana, and Barolo Black.

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover

Top Gear USA S04E03


On the third episode of American Top Gear, Season 4, we learn more about the basics of rallying. Tanner Foust, being adept in this sport, invited Adam and Rut for some rallying 101 but there's a twist; they have 24 hours for these two to prepare against Tanner.

While school smarts doesn't seem to work, Adam and Rut get some rallying 101 with one of Tanner Foust's most formidable rivals. While these two are busy in their training, Tanner introduced us to the all-new Mini Paceman, which is essentially a three-door version of the Countryman, and then undergo a different kind of challenge to see if this has the same rally heritage as the original Mini. In the end, the Paceman finished 5th place in the podium.

Meanwhile, Adam and Rut are being chased by Bucky in a 2-lap race without being overtaken. Sadly, it's been turned into one heck of a do-or-die match and in the end, Bucky defeated these two. Since Adam and Rut never been used to rally, they come up with a plan...

The next day, at Hell's Canyon, it's now turned into a rally car vs. road car vs. powerboat-ish thingy as Tanner's in a Subaru rally car while Rut's in the brand-new Aston Martin Vanquish, and Adam's in a 1400hp powerboat with a jet engine from a helicopter.

In the end, the 1400hp powerboat, with Adam in it, took first, Tanner with the Scooby rally car came second, and Rut with the Vanquish, despite a crack in the windshield near the finish, came last. It's an odd of  1 in 2 shots.

SYRIA UPRISING: Syrians treated in Israeli hospitals

Despite that both Syria and Israel are officially at war, there are some wounded Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals. Since the Syrian uprising began in March 2011 Israeli policy has remained neutral, at least publicly.

Story: FRANCE24

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: N.Korea seeks unconditional resumption of talks

North Korea's top nuclear negotiator seeks unconditional resumption of the stalled six-party talks on the country's nuclear program. First Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan addressed some officials from the 6 parties and researchers at a symposium in Beijing. A Chinese Foreign Ministry think tank organized the forum for the first time in 2 years.


Jobert Supladito, IHAW NA!

On the September 18, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment, Tito Bhoy interviews one of the most prolific showbiz analysts, Jobert Supaldito. Tito Jobert used to be seen on The Buzz but despite that, he's been busy tackling scandals, intrigues, and mysteries in the world of showbizness.

Meanwhile, there's more funny pics in ETO NA POST; such as ways of cooling your laptop, cooling your car, fried chicken with a fighting stance, mop on a windshield, and bring your own...grabbing thingy on a train.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

L.A. Tenorio, IHAW NA!

L.A. Tenorio is the guest of the day on the September 17, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment. Although he's the point guard of PBA's Barangay Ginebra San Miguel team, he's one of the members of the Philippines' GILAS basketball team, the runner-up team from the FIBA Asia Cup which their win against South Korea sends the Philippines to next year's FIBA World Cup in Spain. Yes, really. Good luck to them...

Doctor Who Series 7 Original Television Soundtrack

Doctor Who Series 7 Original Television Soundtrack

Over the course of the seventh season of BBC Doctor Who, we've seen The Eleventh Doctor facing off against the Parliament of the Daleks, brave through the Dalek Asylum, ride along a triceratops with Rory and his dad, Brian, face off against the Gunslinger in the wild wild west, the Slow Invasion, the Weeping Angels in New York, the wi-fi connections, Akhaten, facing off against the Ice Warrior in a Russian submarine, a haunted house, the center of the TARDIS, Sweetville, Cybermen and the Fields of Trenzalore. It was the season that we bid goodbye to Amy Pond and Rory Williams and with the introduction of The Impossible Girl, Clara Oswin Oswald, the world of Doctor Who is going to be a big one for The Doctor and his latest partner.

Here it is, just before the 50th special begins, the soundtrack that covers through the course of the seventh season has arrived. We've asked for this, we've wished for this, now it's here for us to listen the masterful background music curated by Murray Gold and performed by The BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Ben Foster. This two-disc CD features all of the songs featured from the seventh series with the exception of the 2011 and 2012 Christmas Special (due this fall). It covers from Asylum of the Daleks to The Angels Take Manhattan, from The Bells of Saint John to The Name of The Doctor, this grand total of 74 tracks (37 tracks each) in a two-disc packaging brings Whovians a feast of a lifetime to reminisce back the greatest moments of Doctor Who Series 7 in a background music kind of way. If this is really the soundtrack we want for our DW OST collection, then this is really as it.


 - They Are Everywhere
 - Save Us
 - Dalek Parliament
 - Oswin Oswald
 - Towards the Asylum
 - A Probe In the Snow
 - Amy and Rory Together
 - The Terrible Truth
 - Dinosaurs On a Spaceship / Pterodactyls
 - Brian
 - Take a Ride On Tricey
 - Make Peace
 - Welcome to Mercy
 - Out West
 - Gunslingers
 - The Salvation of Kahler Jex
 - Our Little Town’s Prosecutor
 - Cubes
 - While We Waited
 - Brian’s Log
 - New York New York
 - I Am You
 - Melody Malone
 - Little Angels
 - My Husband’s Home
 - Hide the Damage
 - Almost the End
 - Together or Not At All - The Song of Amy and Rory
 - Goodbye Pond
 - Cumbria 1207
 - Monking About
 - Spoonheads
 - Clara?
 - A Turbulent Flight
 - Bah Bah Biker
 - Up the Shard
 - I Might Change My Mind

 - The Leaf
 - Something Awesome
 - Market Day
 - Merry Gejelh
 - God of Akhaten
 - The Speeder
 - Never Wake
 - The Long Song
 - Infinite Potential
 - Always You, Never a Replacement
 - Cold War
 - Skaldak
 - I Am a Ghost
 - A Machine That Makes Machines
 - Crimson Horror
 - Sweetville
 - Thomas Thomas
 - Hedgewick's World
 - Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
 - Upgrade In Progress
 - The Dream of Cyberia
 - What a Brain
 - Can’t Win
 - Your Orders Come from Me
 - Other Good News
 - The Impossible Girl
 - Cyber Army
 - The Emperor’s Wife
 - Some Wednesday
 - To Save the Doctor
 - A Letter to Clara
 - What Is His Name?
 - A Secret He Will Take to His Grave
 - Trenzalore
 - I Am Information
 - Pain Everlasting
 - Remember Me

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: UN accuses N.Korea of human rights violations

Systematic and gross human rights violations are taking place in North Korea. Based on the interim report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday, it seems that the United Nations accuses North Korea over the human rights violation. The committee conducted interviews last month with families of Japanese and South Koreans abducted by North Korea as well as defectors from the country.


SYRIA UPRISING: 40% of Syrian children drop out of school

According to the United Nations Children's Fund or UNICEF, the Syria uprising forced 40% of the Syrian children drop out of school. The conflict has damaged about 4000 elementary and junior high schools and around 2 million children aged between 6 to 15 cannot continue their education. Most of these Syrian children believed to have fled the country or evacuated to safer places.


Let's Do The News! (September 18, 2013)

Richard: Anyway, the news and while on the subject of GTAV right now since it's already out now worldwide, I heard that those fans are struggling to get one right now and oh! There's a report saying there was one chap who got attacked and got his game stolen near the supermarket. No kidding! It's true!

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: So you're saying is that there was once a chap in London who was attacked after he left a store in north London just an hour and twenty minutes after the notoriously violent video game went on sale? Wow, no wonder the most notoriously violent video game we know as Grand Theft Auto V is so notoriously violent, there are idiots wanted to steal one of those for their liking.

James: Yeah, that's a game worth stealing and guess we're in a middle of PSA here about GTAV because here's a tip, be careful when you're buying a game on a release date because there are crooks everyone who are going...well, knock you unconscious with, what the reports say, a brick, get stabbed, and have all of your belongings as well as your newly bought game stripped out for good. Ouch...

Jeremy: Yeah, that's gotta hurt indeed. Take our advice if you don't want to be wind off like this poor chap who lost his eagerly awaited GTAV game.

Richard: So, uh...are you willing to buy one?

James: Well, no.

Richard: Oh...what about you?

Jeremy: Only if it's a little bit convincing.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Oh, anyway, there's some more grueling news indeed know the Navy Yard shootings happened in Washington DC? Well, that's quite unexpected for such a...what?

(audience murmuring)

Jeremy: Thanks for explaining about that. Anyway, back to the whole Navy Yard shooting spree, I wonder what motivates this maniac into killing people in the Navy Yard?

Richard: I dunno but hey, the story behind the culprit who got gunned down by the cops has something to do with a little backstory.

Jeremy: Backstory? Don't laugh people. Don't laugh, please. We're in a middle of a very serious concern. I' mean what's more serious than the brutal killings happened in the past year? You know, the Virginia Tech shooting, than last year's Dark Knight Rises brutal killings at some theater in Colorado, and also last year's Sandy Hook killings. Anyone remembered those? Hope so because you know those "NEVER FORGET" stuff mentioned?

(audience laughing)


James: Sheesh, don't get all tension for this. Anyway, backstories. Few weeks before the rampage at the Navy Yard, he heard voices and said that there were people sending vibrations through the ceiling to keep him from sleeping from his room somewhere in Marriott hotel. Guess there are some psychological issues for this guy here.

Jeremy: By psychological, any details.

James: The cops reported that he was being followed and worried that the people were going to hurt him.

Jeremy: I'm sorry, what? There were people going to hurt him?

James: (nods head)

Jeremy: wonder such psychological issues prompted him to kill 12 innocent people at the Navy Yard. Which reminds me, who are those people who were killed by the mass shooter?

James: Well, due to security concerns, I can't tell the names. I'm sorry.

Jeremy: Oh...

Richard: Oh wait! Some reports said that guns are not to blame for what it's known to be the 5th mass shooting in 2013 in America. Some's video games.

Jeremy: I'm sorry, what?

Richard: Some say it's video games, which are clearly killing people every day in mass shootings. And yes, there goes the whole gun and video game debates, just like in Connecticut regarding the whole regulations and restrictions yada yada yada...

 Jeremy: So, who's to blame in all those mass shootings? Video games or real guns? Well, it may be a strong debate worth arguing about but since the jury's still out, feel free to debate on those because we may never know which is to blame.

Richard: Speaking of which, bad news regarding this because there's a message from Disney regarding the whole Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic tour. Here's the memo from Disney to everyone, would you like me to read what it says?

Jeremy: Well, go on then. What's it saying?

Richard: It says...(ahem):

"Due to the ongoing police investigation in the Washington DC Navy Yard area, the Disney Junior "Doc McStuffins' Doc Mobile" visit scheduled for Tuesday 9/17 has been cancelled. We regret the disappointment this causes our young guests and their parents. We hope to reschedule in the future and will update you as soon as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the senseless events that occurred today."

Richard: That's a message for parents everywhere who are living in Washington right now regarding this whole incident. Like as they said, they're apologizing for their inconvenience.

Jeremy: Thank you very much for saying that. Now, moving on to the new Datsun brand because now, they've launched the second model of the new Datsun lineup somewhere in Indonesia. Here it is...

Datsun GO+
Datsun Go+

James: What was that?

Richard: No freaking way! That's way too hideous!

Jeremy: I don't know what that car is but apparently it's an MPV based on the first ever Datsun model which started life as a Nissan March/Micra K13. It's got a 1.2L petrol engine mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Well, that pretty much sums it up then.

Richard: Yeah, there's no need to explain that because that thing's too hideous to look at!

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Tickle's Teaser, ladies and gents because...Daihatsu teases next-generation Tanto and here's some of the teasers just for the warmup before early October reveal...

2014 Daihatsu Tanto teaser

2014 Daihatsu Tanto teaser

2014 Daihatsu Tanto teaser
James: Well, I had to say, it's a good job they've retained the Tanto's trademark pillarless door on the passenger side though but question you think it will have the Radar Support system like what the Daihatsu Move had as well as the improved e:S technology in it?

Jeremy: Yes.

James: Do you think it's going to be more fuel efficient than the Suzuki Spacia, its main rival for the 2014 Tanto?

Jeremy: That, we're going to find out next month. Fingers crossed because it will still spark the whole Suzuki vs. Daihatsu debacle. Can't believe this year that Suzuki launched newer models this year like the facelifted Swift, the new Spacia, the Spacia Custom, the MR Wagon Wit, the all new Carry truck...what's next for Suzuki?

(audience laughing)

James: Beats me...we don't know what's next for this.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Thank you very much. He he he...Anyway, that is the end of the news, folks!

Grand Theft Auto V


GTA V (XBOX 360)

The latest installment of the boredom-killing, crime committing, high-praising, highly-criticized, Grand Theft Auto series gets an ingenious spin as the brand new Grand Theft Auto V takes hardcore players to the fictitious world of Los Santos, the city where Grand Theft Auto was to Los Angeles in real life.  Anyway, enough analogy for now, what's like to play GTAV? Well, time to get the job done folks because here in the grueling world of Los Santos, you are in the role of one of three main protagonists in this game and the best thing is, you can switch each one for your liking. Each character has their own unique abilities and how you use it is all up to you.

Michael is a retired bank robber and living comfortably in an unofficial sort of witness protection program. He gets what he wants but he's still miserable. Franklin is a former gangster looking for real opportunities as a repo man for an Armenian car dealership. Whoever can't make the payments, it's Franklin's responsibility to "repo" them. And lastly, Trevor is a drug user and a former colleague of Michael's. This guy's had a lot of anger issues to deal with. All three had different stories but what they had in common is...they're all in this together in a town full of fame and fortune.

Like most GTA games, you start with the easiest stuff but as it progresses, missions are getting tougher and tougher and you'll gonna need a lot of firepower and some armory to clear through the missions with ease but don't take it too seriously, you'll gonna need some cash and some wits to obtain weaponry in both the free roam and in missions. It's tough surviving the bloodbath and no matter how determined you are, it's still the same old, same old until you finished the mission.

In keeping up with the hard work, each character has its own unique abilities. As Michael, you can slow down time during gun battles for precise targeting of enemies, while Franklin has better driving ability, allowing you to get through corners and swerve through built up areas without a scratch, and Trevor take less damage from enemies and can perform a much deadly melee attack on his enemies. Play to their strengths and you're fine.

Amazingly though, in the tradition of hijacking forms of transportation, GTAV offers more rides to hijack than ever. From family cars, taxis, cop cars, sportscars, scooters, motorcycles, whatever you name it, stealing those never felt so exhilarating but that's just the tip of the iceberg because in here; it's by land, by air, and by sea. Not only just the cars and bikes you're hijacking but it's the boats and aircraft you might be hijacking and with numerous choices, the world of Los Santos and Blaine County has so many opportunities to offer.

If you're not in the middle of missions or butchering some cops and robbers, there are so many lifestyles GTAV has to offer. You can go shopping, yoga, golf, tennis, triathlon, scuba diving, jetski, and anything else that will really kills your boredom. Ah yes, living the life like a boss, that's the way to do it!

Also, if you want to kill some time even further, there's even GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE offered on this game and you can join the fun with other players worldwide as you can enjoy numerous lifestyles in Los Santos, aside from the butchering, the killing, the shooting, and whatever you want.

There's no doubt about it, the latest installment from the demented minds of Rockstar Games really pulled it off very quickly and Grand Theft Auto V is off for a very promising start. The best game in ages is now made even better and even more addicting than ever. Even more addicting than drugs, I think. If you got bored doing nothing, then this is the game to have because with such new mechanics, GTAV will surely make you occupied for hours. Amusing? Oh yeah...


There are limited editions offered. The special edition offers not just the game but there goes the steelbook casing, a blueprint map of Los Santos, special ability boost, stunt plane trials, bonus outfits, tattoos, and additional weapons. The Collector's Edition, on the other hand, has all of the stuff from the special edition with the addition of GTAV security deposit bag with logo key, a New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Cap, customizable characters for GTA Online, and unique vehicles and garage property. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: N Korean officials to attend nuclear symposium

Update courtesy from NHK World:

Senior North Korean officials are in Beijing to attend a symposium on Pyongyang's nuclear program.

North Korea sent its top diplomat, First Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan, and Ri Yong Ho, the chief negotiator to the 6-party talks.

The symposium will take place on Wednesday in the wake of reports that North Korea may have restarted a nuclear reactor in Nyongbyon, in violation of UN resolutions.

Analysts say North Korea sent its top diplomat as a sign that it's eager to resume the 6-party talks without pre-conditions.

The United States, Japan and South Korea say they won't be sending their top envoys to the symposium. They say Pyongyang has yet to take concrete action towards denuclearization.
Sep. 16, 2013 - Updated 16:36 UTC

SYRIA UPRISING: Ban submits Syria report to UNSC

Update taken from NHK World:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has submitted to the Security Council an investigators' report confirming chemical-weapon usage in Syria.

He received the report on Sunday and released a statement on Monday.

The investigators collected blood and environmental samples. And they interviewed survivors and other witnesses in the Damascus suburbs where the alleged chemical attack took place on August 21st.

They reported that almost all samples tested positive for the nerve gas sarin.

The investigators also identified surface-to-surface rockets capable of carrying chemical agents.

But they did not say which side used the rockets.

US and European officials say photos attached to the report indicate the rockets belong to the government forces of President Bashar al-Assad.

Ban said any use of chemical weapons is a crime. He called on the international community to hold the perpetrator accountable.
Sep. 16, 2013 - Updated 20:50 UTC

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: S.Koreans cross border as Kaesong reopens

Update taken from NHK World:

South Koreans have headed for the border town of Kaesong in North Korea, as a jointly-run industrial zone in the North resumed operations following a five-month hiatus.

On Monday, trucks from South Korean firms were seen gathering in front of a gate leading to the complex. The trucks crossed the demilitarized zone, carrying raw materials.

A South Korean man working at Kaesong says he hopes that his company as well as inter-Korean relations will improve when the complex reopens. He added that his firm suffered because there was virtually no work for five months.

South Korea's Unification Ministry says that about 820 workers will enter the industrial zone from the South on Monday alone.

The North is expected to follow suit by sending its workers there.

Hopes are running high that the resumption of the industrial park will further thaw inter-Korean tensions. In recent weeks, bilateral relations have shown signs of improvement.

The Kaesong complex had been closed since April because North Korea abruptly withdrew its workers.

North and South Korea agreed to resume operations last Wednesday.
Sep. 16, 2013 - Updated 06:17 UTC

Let's Do The News! (September 17, 2013)

James: Right, the news and before that, I just wanna say massive congrats to Bijou from Hamtaro for beating out Poof for the top spot in the HOW CUTE IS YOUR CHARACTER segment yesterday. Can't believe it's her tantalizing eyes, like every Ham-hams in the series, really stand out in the cuteness rating, not even Isabella can knock her out.

Richard: Yeah. You can't beat her right now...or will there be because right now, there are two characters remaining in our segment and my bet can't beat Bijou while the other can beat her to the end. I can't say the answer for a moment but stay tuned to this blog for the last two weeks of this segment. I bet Bijou can't hold off the position any longer now, get it?

(audience laughing)

James: I bet Bijou's going to stay in the top rank till the end.

Richard: She won't!

James: She will.

Richard: She won't!

James: She will.

Richard: She won't!

James: She will.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Guys, enough now. Enough about that whole Bijou nonsense right now even though you went a bit of Thalia Zucchi-ish yesterday for her to see if she's cute than the others. Because it's time to get serious.

(audience laughing)

Richard: What do you mean?

Jeremy: Because...I got a message sent by some pharmacist dude and it's enclosed by this golden envelope. Says here "Those special segments you covered, regarding North Korea and Syria, doing week in reviews is not enough. There's still more out there so instead of doing week in reviews, why not covering it day by day instead of the whole rubbish week in review stuff?"

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Well, challenge accepted then. Instead of doing the whole Week In Review stuff, we decided to go on a day-by-day basis on those special segments, regarding the whole North Korea threats, the Syria uprising...

Richard: Then, there's the Zamboanga City standoff, don't forget that.

Jeremy: Yeah. Also that. Thanks for the reminder. Anyway, how's everyone who've watched Liv and Maddie yesterday? Hands up...

(audience raising hands)

Jeremy: Well, what do you think?

James: Not bad. Off for a promising start for the twins though.

Jeremy: What about you Richard? Hmmm?

Richard: (shivering)

Jeremy: What's wrong?

Richard: (shivering) That nerd.......

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Oh wait. I remember now, you do realize that Maddie Rooney does look like the majorette nerd from Brainiac, right? Oh I get it know. It reminded her of some teenager electrocuted by the Brainiacs.

(audience laughing)

Richard: Oh come on...Maddies' too nerdy!

(audience laughing)

James: What makes her think she's geeky?

Richard: Her glasses...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Ah! Looks like poor old Richard can't contain himself when looking at Maddie's geekness! I don't believe it! Look if it makes you feel anything worse, go hide yourself when this geek showed up. Bury your gold!

(audience laughing)

Richard: No! I'm not a gold-digger you idiot!

Jeremy: Oh, okay then. Sorry about that, best to hide in the restroom while it's geekfest all round.

(audience laughing)

James: Weird, I'd never seen him getting reacted this way every time when he sees geeks or nerds. Which reminds me...Geek or Nerd? What's the difference? We're doing this for the geek or the nerds of ladies everywhere like...

Richard: Like who?

James: Name any girl who's geeky or nerdy?

Richard: Uh...Ritsuko from The iDOLM@STER, Eileen from Regular Show, Yomiko Readman from ROD, um...Angela from Fish

James: Okay, heard that enough. Thanks. Now anyway, Geek or Nerd? What's the difference? To find out, here's a clip from Head Squeeze's Number Hub where Hannah Fry crunches more than just numbers to differentiate geeks and nerds. Just watch...


(cheers and applause)

James: That served the point.

Richard: Yeah. That really was and I had to say, I can't believe NERD is almost an anagram of DRUNK or it came from an acronym of Northern Electrical Research Development, where they get that word. But still, I'm allergic to geeks and nerds!

(audience laughing)

Richard: What a generous chap you are.

Jeremy: Yes. But now, let's get serious because...oh! There's some news that a Chinese woman who was killed in an electric shock done by the charger of her Apple iPhone 5. Well, that sounds totally unpleasant because everyday we kept charging our iPhones without faults but that latest news though, that latest news about a Chinese who was killed by charging an iPhone, what would you do now?

James: Guess there's the moral in this news about this one because based on that report you just said, this Chinese lady was died after being electrocuted while trying to make a call with her iPhone 5 while it was charging. The victim's sister posted on one of Chinese equivalents of Twitter that (ahem) "(I) hope that Apple Inc. can give us an explanation. I also hope that all of you will refrain from using your mobile devices while charging,"

Richard: Refrain from using gadgets while charging?! Really? Well, I played with my iPhone while charging and nothing seems bad for me.

Jeremy: Yeah. I was charging my laptop's batteries while doing stuff. Nope. Nothing bad for me.

James: Weird. How's that possible. The moral of the incident points out that since she was killed by the charging iPhone, does this mean that while all of our gadgets are charging, don't use it just yet?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Not sure but Apple's working on the case right now to see what's the cause of this but the theories go maybe right now. Don't you think her hands were extremely wet when she handled that phone that caused her death?

James: Uh...I'm not particularly sure. Hey, you said that they're working on this cause, right? So stay anonymous, please.

Jeremy: Yeah, best to stay anonymous for us.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, that is the end of the news! So let's get some fixing done...

Monday, September 16, 2013

How Cute Is Your Character? - Bijou

I've been bringing in the cutest characters in the history of cartoons and games, whatever they came from, and facing all three tests; getting kissed, hugged, and resist against Isabella from Phineas and Ferb, in a bid to top my CUTENESS RANKER leaderboard.

Today's cute character is...


Is it Bijou one of the hamsters from the Hamtaro TV anime series that was targeted for the little kids and she's the female hamster that shows strong interests to Hamtaro and then she was Hamtaro's companion in the Hamtaro Ham-ham Heart Break game for the Game Boy Advance?

Well she looks cute but...HOW CUTE IS BIJOU?

Bijou is definitely one of the cutest Ham-hams in the Hamtaro series but for our first test, just how kissable is Bijou? After just one kiss, seems that Bijou's getting a bit...happy. Bijou loves getting kissed thanks to being such a cute Ham-ham! This gives her a kissable rating of 7 out of 10

How about the second test? Just how huggable is Bijou? Well, since she's so cute for a Ham-ham, it maybe too small for Bijou to be hugged but luckily, if there was such thing as a stuff toy of Bijou hidden in your closets, Bijou loves getting cuddled and hugged. Look at Bijou, she's as calm as the first day of spring. This gives her a huggable or should I say cuddling rating of 9 out of 10.

And now, the final test...Isabella, do your thing. Shield your eyes or else you'll be knocked out by her cuteness! As for Bijou however, just look at her when she looked at Isabella's. So far, I don't see any abnormalities but 10 minutes later...her eyes are sparkling...but would Bijou get knocked out by Isabella's cuteness? Uh...I think that's a no. Bijou's tantalizing eyes seems to counteract Isabella's cuteness and with's an 8 out of 10.

Bijou from Hamtaro garnered a grand total of 24 out of 30 points, beating the likes of The Fairly Oddparents' Poof and claim the top spot!

1) Bijou - 24/30
2) Poof - 23/30
3) BMO - 22/30
4) Mokona - 22/30
5) Catbug - 20/30
6) Mog - 19/30
7) Adipose - 16/30
8) Pinkie Pie - 15/30


Wow Mali Pa Rin! - 9/15/13 (PILOT)

Yes, it's a brand new Wow Mali and the new and improved prank show on TV5 just got a whole lot crazier than before. It's even got more mindless and crazier than you can say...WOW! So, it's a new show so what are the pranks did the Wow Mali guys pulled out this time in the opener?

First up, there's the BATANG TAXI DRIVER. The youngest takes on the biggest prank as the kiddie taxi driver and whoever's riding with him, gets confused by thinking that he's a bit too young to be a taxi driver. Yes. Yes he is.

In the NGARAG REPORTER segment, celebs like Direk Joey Reyes, Prety Trizha, Ogie Alcasid, Alberto Bruno,  Regine Tolentino, Dani Castańo, Eula Caballero, Tuesday Vargas, and the others just don't really get it when the reporter's gone gibberish. That's right. This reporter's NGARAG!

Then, Mr. Fu is on the OH CAM ON segment where practical jokes take on the real world in real people. This week, see if someone deserves some respect from this behavior in WALANG BASTUSAN.

And, it's all drama down in Wow Mali as MY HUSBAND'S LABAS is on as the story as goes...well, you get the idea. Husband reveals his gay secret, blah blah blah...

Wow Mali Pa Rin! airs every Sunday nights on TV5!

SOME SAY: Next-generation Suzuki Alto will make 2013 Tokyo Motor Show debut?

Seventh-generation Suzuki Alto

As of now, the Daihatsu Mira e:S is now the most fuel-efficient petrol-powered car in the world with the fuel consumption of 33.4km/L based on Japan's JC08 Mode cycle but word from Suzuki is that they're not throwing in the towel just yet in the name of fuel consumption because some say, they're planning a next-generation of the Suzuki Alto kei-car for 2013 Tokyo Motor Show debut. Well, that's a rumor anyway but some say, their next Alto will be aiming for the 34-35km/L mark and possibly, it will be more fuel efficient than the Mira e:S' 33.4km/L fuel economy.

Is there a possibility? The jury's still out there...

Goin Bulilit - 9/15/13

On the September 15, 2013 episode of Goin Bulilit...

- In Mutyatya ng Masa, Doors Bigornia will make a homeless family's dream to meet John Lloyd Cruz come true!

- Relief goods gags

- In How How, I Know How with Islaw, Islaw (Clarence Delgado) brings in special guest celeb John Lloyd Cruz on how to tie your necktie

- Goin Bulilit music video of Manhid Ka

- Ano Daw Pork jokes

- Evacuation center gags

- John Lloyd Cruz hosts a quiz show

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sofia the First - Songs from the hit Disney Junior Series

Sofia the First - Songs from the hit Disney Junior Series

It's been quite a while since Disney introduced us a princess that the little girls like and the newest Disney princess, Sofia, is off for a promising start in the new show, Sofia the First. Once a Disney Junior original movie from last year but now a full-fledged TV series earlier since January 2013. The new preschool show airs every mornings on Disney Junior. The story that goes...(ahem) "My name is Sofia. It used to be just me and my mom. But then Mom married King Roland. Now she's the queen of Enchancia..." Anyway, now living her new life as the princess, it's not quite easy for her living her new life with her new royal family. Meet new friends, explore new worlds, and find out what is the true meaning of being a princess, that's what the perspectives this show will feature. It has a good storyline, very colorful characters, and surprise appearances from the classic Disney princesses including Cinderella, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. All of which is very nice but it doesn't matter, the newest addition to the Disney Junior lineup is a favorite among little girls in their kinder years.

One of the things little girls love the most about Sofia the First is the songs featured on the newest TV series and like most preschool shows, once you hear it, you'll never stop singing on those very catchy tunes especially the theme song that remains stuck in my sister's head right now. Anyway, there's an official soundtrack out now which features songs from the hit Disney Junior series and most of their favorite Sofia the First songs were featured in this CD which is great to have little girls listening through the whole 13-track offering made possible by the cast over the course of the series. Also on this soundtrack were "Rise and Shine" performed by Ariel Winter, the voice of Sofia, and "True Sisters" (Sofia and Cinderella Duet) as heard from last year's Disney Junior original movie which became the base for the TV series.

Sofia the First airs on Disney Junior.


1) Sofia the First Main Title Theme
2) Anything
3) Princess Things
4) Make Some Noise
5) Cedric the Great
6) Royal Fun
7) Perfect Slumber Party
8) All You Need
9) Blue Ribbon
10) I Belong
11) The Goldenwing Circus
12) True Sisters
13) Rise and Shine

Let's Do The News! (September 15, 2013)

James: Right, the news and there's some big news earlier because...hey, has anyone caught up with the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez?

(audience murmuring)

Richard: Hang on then pal, why are we covering this up?

James: Beats me, I don't know why but in cased you missed it, after 12 rounds, it's that bastard Mayweather who won the match by unanimous decision against "Canelo". Get it? Still undefeated for this high-profile and controversial boxer of that category.

(some applause and booing)

Jeremy: Yeah, actually, this is the kind of reaction we're waiting for because what occurs to me that Mayweather is the idiot who called Pacquiao bad things, especially the drugs issue in which Pacquaio never does to maintain his clean record. He's also the idiot who called Pacquiao "a legend" ever since his two losses against Bradley and Marquez last year. Remember?

Richard: Oh yeah. I remember that bloke who said that. If Pacquiao loses to Rios in November, maybe Mayweather's statements are true and he needs to retire for good but it's still a long way ahead so better yet, let's wait for the judgment and if it does, it's the end of Pac-man as we know it. No's Manny Pacquiao we're referring.

Jeremy: So, with Mayweather scored another win in his undefeated win ratio, let's move on to even more worse news the next four to five decades, Scotland will be banning petrol and diesel cars on their roads. Don't know why but...

Richard: But what, Jeremy?

(audience laughing)

James: Don't you think it's been causing too much bad weather for the Scots? You know? Too much emissions out there that's causing too much global warming and then sea levels are rising to unpredicted levels.

Jeremy: Yeah, and it seems that the Scots are trying to resolve the whole (mocking) "global warming" issue by banning the use of petrol and diesel cars by entering the Scottish roads and be soon implementing electric cars for road use. That all sounds creepy to see a road full of electric cars but that's a very lame idea, if you know what I mean?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Think about it, with Scotland banned all cars that run on fossil fuel, what's gonna happened? And with all cars runned with electric power, don't you think that's more than enough for the power companies to survive this trend until it goes...REVOLUTION?

(audience laughing)

James: What do you mean by REVOLUTION?

Jeremy: It's that show I was watching where in the catastrophic future, the world was cut off from power and there was this young girl trying to find her family when her father was killed by the militias and find the way to restore the power. Well, the first season was ended and there's a new season coming this month and it's worth the trauma when you watch it. Still even more traumatizing to watch than The Walking Dead though...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Now, bad news, Billie Piper is a victim of pram theft. Yep, another celebrity had his or her pram stolen and in case you don't know what a pram is, it's what the Brits called for strollers. We don't know why but it's still worth noticing.

James: Wait...hang on...isn't that Billie Piper the actress who will be returning on November 23rd's Doctor Who 50th anniversary special that has Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Jenna Coleman alongside?

Jeremy: Yes she was. I heard that she was married to Laurence Fox a few years ago and they lived in West Sussex with their two kids, one who was aged four and the other who was one year old. Anyway, the shocking news that her pram got stolen, that's something I don't really know about it but I guess the cops are busy investigating the case.

Richard: So...are you suggesting that these two should better buy themselves a new stroller?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: You're not trying to be sensitive on those pressing issues, don't you?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, some good news about Orphan Black because...

Richard: Oh wait, hang it...BEST DRAMA in Entertainment Weekly's EWwy Awards?

(audience laughing, then cheers and applause)

Jeremy: I was gonna say that but anyway, all thanks to one of the most recent dramas of 2013 which stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and the clones.

Richard: It's too bad Helena, who was one of the clones, died on that show.

(audience laughing)

Richard: So, wherever you are, their victory goes to the Clone Club and yes, it was the best drama we had ever watched since spring. I was quite pleased about this surprising announcement. Which reminds me, it's all down to three remaining in our HOW CUTE IS YOUR CHARACTER segment and last week, Poof obliterated our ever-favorite BMO in our CUTENESS RANKER leaderboard so for tomorrow...ah...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: What is it?

Richard: Well, we're keeping this a secret until tomorrow but I'll do give you a sneak peek for tomorrow's segment. goes...Ham-ha!

(audience laughing)

James: Is it...a hamster?

Richard: James! You're trying to make the guessing game a bit easier but anyway, that's for tomorrow. A hamster, not me, will be on our segment and find out if he's the cutest. So...that's the end of the news!

Jeremy: That's my line!!!

(audience laughing)

Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Us, car enthusiasts, the cars we prefer or we dream off depends on what our personal tastes should be. Whether if its Italian exotics like the Aventador and the F12berlinetta, French hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron, American muscles like the Camaro and the Mustang, and Japanese street racers like the Z and the GT-R. We all dream to have one of those but any particular reason what this little chump doing here?

This is the brand new Ford Fiesta ST, the latest hot hatch made possible by the American carmaker, Ford, and what we have here is once a car everyone can afford, now made even as tangier as siling labuyo sprinkled through an ice cream sandwich. Sure it may not be as flashier as the dream cars but as a hot hatch, the brand new Fiesta ST would be a must-buy of the year because not only as cheaper as a million dollar sportscar, it's the most enjoyable Ford yet since the classic Capri, the Sierra, and the Escort.

Here's a thing, remember the episode from Top Gear when this car compared to the Renaultsport Clio and the Peugeot 208 GTi? Well, you get the idea but we're talking about the North American-spec Fiesta ST. Like its French rivals, the Clio RS 200 EDC and the 208 GTi, the brand new Fiesta ST comes with the 1.6: straight-four engine but unlike its French enemies, it's down by 3 horsepower, therefore it develops 197HP of power with a 0-60 time of under seven seconds. It may not be faster than the French but here's the idea; while the 208 GTi costs 32,900 dollars and the Clio RS 200 EDC costs 33,500 dollars, in France, the Fiesta ST, the lesser of the three, costs 21,400 dollars, making it the cheapest and by the cheapest, time to cue the triumphant music soundtrack while describing what's what about the new ST.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST interior

2014 Ford Fiesta ST interior

Anyway, while the ST is cheaper than its French hot hatch rivals, it has loads of equipment on it such as fat 17-inch alloy wheels, RECARO seats, big exhausts, and a swooping design that really stands out the crowd. All of which is nice but with that 3 horsepower deficit, the Fiesta is surely gonna have a pasting in a drag race but you'll never know because it's lighter and has more torque than the rivals and if the options were: 1) win, 2) come second, and 3) come third, the answer will be the third option even though when you're shifting the 6-speed gearbox manually like a man. However, what's like for the Fiesta ST when you give it some corners?

Amazingly, you can corner this American hot hatch like a half-wit and the Fiesta ST loves corners. That's because the Fiesta ST comes with twist-beam rear axle to prevent understeer, the lower center of gravity height and ride height versus the base model, and unique sport suspension features; making the Fiesta ST one of the best handling cars in ages and when you turn the Traction Control off, it really is off. Ford really managed to get it right about the Fiesta ST because in here; it's not what it can do, it's HOW it can do.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST
So, what I like about the Fiesta ST is its value, the handling, the features, and its sheer charisma that stands out the crowd. However, what I really don't like about the ST was it's 3 horsepower less than the 208 GTi and the Renault Clio, the front face seems a bit looking like Harukasan from Puchimas, and overall, the name. ST...Why did they name it after a lady towel? Doesn't matter though because this is the hot hatch you can buy. I honestly never seen a car is as exciting and as likeable as this. That's how I like this Fiesta.

Available colors: Performance Blue, Green Envy, Race Red, Molten Orange, Ingot Silver, Oxford White, and Tuxedo Black.

Photo: Ford Motor Company
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