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Let's Do The News! (September 7, 2013)

James: And now, the news and oh! I heard Rolls-Royce will be showcasing a concept car of some sort and some say, it's going to be based on the Phantom Executive Wheelbase. Here it is...

Revealed: Rolls-Royce Celestial concept
Rolls-Royce Phantom Executive Wheelbase Celestial concept

Richard: Wha...looks the same but what sort of concept was that?

James: Says here it's called the Celestial concept and this concept is a sheer sign how bespoke the craftsmen from Rolls-Royce are capable of. The Phantom Celestial concept was design following the "nighttime" theme on it and when you get inside...

Revealed: Rolls-Royce Celestial concept
Rolls-Royce Phantom Executive Wheelbase Celestial concept


Jeremy: Hold it...That looks rather magnificent for a car like this because what I think of it is a Rolls-Royce Phantom made for the stargazing in mind and what bothers me that if this car had a telescope on it, I wouldn't mind saying, (mockingly) "Hey chaps! Let's look at the stars in my Rolls-Royce!"

(audience laughing)

James: More me the stars. You know, it's hard to find stars on a mostly cloudy night but I think there's another way to see some stars in this kind of climate.

Jeremy: Like what?


(audience laughing)

Richard: Ow! What for?

James: Here you go, punching someone else's face. Another thing you can find some stars.

(audience laughing)

Richard: Knock it off, okay? Would you want me to show you the stars?!

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Guys...guys...enough about that and let's move on to more serious news. If I said serious, I mean, of course, some (bleep) news coming out from the block.

(audience laughing)

James: Uh...why the long face?

Jeremy: You see there was the news that the the boffins from the NSA inserted backdoors in various forms of encryption and they said it was promised...wait for it....wait for it...wait for spy on everyone around the world.


Richard: I'm sorry, what was that? Snooping or eavesdropping on our activities?!!

Jeremy: That's not all, reports just said that the NSA and its British equivalent unlock encryption programs that EVERYONE uses. If it says EVERYONE, the reports do mean it, just as Edward Snowden prophesied.

(audience laughing)

Richard: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down, Jeremy! Slow down? What do you mean that the whole thing that Edward Snowden leaked is nothing more than a prophecy that is waiting to be fulfilled by the NSA in terms of destroying America's privacy? I was quite scared by this one but...

Jeremy: Anyway, based on the reports I found on the internet, those secret programs codenamed "Bullrun" or "Edgehill" from Britain's GCHQ took three years spent at least three years trying to crack into protected traffic of the most popular Internet companies, mainly Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft’s Hotmail.

(ominous voice: The Bells of St. John are ringing...The Bells of St. John are ringing...The Bells of St. John are ringing...)

Richard: Uh...what do they mean...The Bells of St. John are ringing?

Jeremy: Yes. The Bells of St. John are ringing...not just us but on everyone. This whole NSA really is the sign that The Bells of St. John are ringing or for worse...well, I was gonna add the whole Metal Gear references here.

James: The PATRIOTS?!

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Yes. The PATRIOTS. That's the Metal Gear reference I was trying to say. Be warned, change your password, delete your internet history, delete all the cookies, logout after using, and better yet...


(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, moving on to the Syria crisis because I've been bothered about something from the G20 Summit at Russia, even for the US president who says that he will speak to the American people about why the US need to take military force against Syria. Besides, we have to wait until his upcoming speech from the White House next week, regarding about waiting for Congress and the public's response on the military action versus the Syrian government.

James: Well, I am quite bothered by this and guess what? There's more tensions into this and be warned, by the time we're mentioning this, I'm afraid that you'll becoming sleepless because of the tensions.

Jeremy: What was that?

James: Well, sorry, I can't mention that because if I said that, everyone will be sleepless by the time they go to bed tonight.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Come on, what is it?

James: No. I don't want to mention this.

Richard: Well, say it!

James: No way. I am not going to mention this.

Richard: SAY IT!!!

James: All right! All right! I'll mention this...and sorry for everyone around here for being restless on your way to bed tonight.

(audience laughing)

James: A report from CBS says that a senator from South Carolina warned that "Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor". This senator says that if America don't response, Iran, which is a rogue state, will not believe America's resolve to block Iran from making nukes and if it fell from the wrong hands will spell doomsday at the Charleston Harbor.

Richard: Well that was one painful warning to South Carolinians.

Jeremy: Yeah. That's a painful one and if it does, I think it will leave a massive crater at the top of the world.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: You guys don't see Adventure Time, don't you? There was this whole Graybles episode and then the storyteller's babbling about this episode.

Richard: Uh...would you mind?!

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, forget about that, moving on to this because the International Olympic Committee are on the meeting about which city will pass the torch after the 2016 Rio Olympics and as of now, three candidates are on the bidding table; Tokyo, Madrid, and now...Istanbul.

James: Istanbul on the bidding table for the 2020 Olympics?! Well, in my theory that if it does became, it will be another one of the emerging nation to take part of the Olympics but Tokyo, Japan...seems to be a decent candidate but with all that issues going on about the leakage of contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, I don't think Tokyo's going to be a proper candidate for the 2020 Olympics. That's my point but choosing which city will host the next Olympics is a hard task to do...

Jeremy: Well, you're right. I think Tokyo may not be a proper candidate for this considering the strong yen rate, the economic climate, and the whole Fukushima crisis thing that has been around since the 3.11.11 disaster. What's amusing here that the host city will be announced later and around 100 IOC members will vote after the presentations. So um...what's it gonna be?

(audience murmuring)

Jeremy: Well, I hear Istanbul or Madrid but no sign of Tokyo here...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, Renault announced a new version of the current generation Megane, more like Phase II of the third-generation Megane. Here it is...

2014 Renault Megane range
Jeremy: On sale early next year, to be revealed at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, and it has Renault's new signature front face as seen on the Twingo and the Clio.

Richard: Well, that looks convincing but sadly, feels like I don't like the new front face because it looks a bit too...convincing...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Now, as we know, Jaguar makes sedans and coupes while Land Rover makes SUVs. What I didn't notice that Jaguar is on the SUV scene now thanks to this...

Jaguar C-X17
(audience laughing)

Jeremy: This is the concept version of what if Jaguar make an SUV. It's called the C-X17 and as of now, no further details from now but what seems to be misleading because like I said, Jaguar makes sedans and coupes, not to mention a station wagon in the form of the XF Sportbrake but...this sparked a question: does Jaguar ever need an SUV?

Richard: Well, it's a big no for me because well, leave it to Land Rover and Range Rover because SUV is their speciality.

James: too. Jaguar doesn't need this because Land Rover has them covered. If they made this, I think it will hurt sales of both Land Rover and Range Rover's an SUV. Why would Jaguar want to make one?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, that is the end of the news and we'll leave you with another one of Bravest Warriors short titled Impossibomb. Yes. This is the fourth out of the five BW shorts before it all leads to a new season to this web cartoon coming this fall in

Richard: Oh yeah, before that, some big news for BW fans because on Saturday, September 7, at the Meltdown, Sunset Blvd., LA, there's going to be a special event just for the fans of Bravest Warriors. Numerous BOOM! Comics' artists, including Hannah Nance Partlow, will be there to draw something for the fans and oh! By 3:00PM to 4:00PM, there will be signing of autographs by the little kid who voiced the fan-favorite Catbug, Sam Lavagnino.

James: Be sure to come at the Meltdown, BW fans in LA because this is a sweet treat. Anyway, here's Minisode 4 of Bravest Warriors titled Impossibomb.

Karylle, IHAW NA!

Karylle is the guest of the day at Septemer 6 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment. Due to the fact that her real name is so darn long, it can't fit her twitter handle name, Karylle tries to succeed from Zsa Zsa Padilla, and strives herself as a singer. She was appeared in The Kitchen Musical.

Meanwhile in TNT: Tapatan Ni Tunting, Tunting (Ryan Bang) is on a face-off interview with a Nicki Minaj wannabe. Nicki's too fast to talk...


2014 MG MG3

Would you look at that, this is just another one of the ugly cars to come out this year and before you can say "kill it before it lays eggs", let's introduce to the weird-looking supermini that some say it's Britain's answer to the Dacia Sandero, Ford Fiesta, Kia Pride, Mazda Demio, and the Skoda Fabia, in case you're wandering.

It's called the MG3 and although this car maybe a brand new model, it's not new to us because this car's on sale on the People's Republic of China two years ago. Of course, the Chinese version of Top Gear do had a spin on one of these Chinese-British superminis. Talk about dual citizenship here but for this new model, like the MG6 GT and Magnette sedan, it's produced somewhere at Longbridge, which was in Birmingham if you look at the map.

2014 MG MG3
Just one question; how did it came here? Well, don't ask me, ask the folks from MG Motor UK because some say, they wanted to make a low-cost compact car that claims to be "Made in Britain, Sold in Britain" and tries to compete cheap cars made from, let's just say, South Korea or Japan or Romania or India or any other emerging countries you may know.

For the new MG3, I might say that if you drove one of these, people are thinking you came from a retirement home going out at the thrift store and then buy some stuff and then went back home, without realizing that you are labeled as a "hoarder" because of so many stuff inside your house, so much that your grandkids can't get through. Oh geez... If you're a youngster who just got a learner's permit, what can I say? This is rather an unpleasant one, more unpleasant than the prehistoric Daewoo Matiz, perhaps. Hmmm...

2014 MG MG3 interior

2014 MG MG3 interior

I was quite puzzled to see such thing existed because judging by its appearance, it feels a bit "Made in China" especially for a car that was "Made in Britain, Sold in Britain". However, there's a catch, although it maybe not as youth-oriented as it seems, more like another one of the cars your lolo and lola might drive, the starter price is £8,399 or about 581,000 Php, making it one of the cheapest cars available in the UK so that makes it good value on par against its rivals. Standard features include electric windows, stereo, USB connectivity, stability control, hill hold control, tire pressure monitor, daytime running lights, halogen headlamps, and immobiliser. Hmmm, not bad though, not bad, with the list of standard features as well as the fact that it has MP3 connectivity and USB connectivity, that sounds more fun if you're a fashionista going out to the mall listening to too much pop music on the radio. However, for more expensive versions, ranging from 9,299 GBP up to 9,999 GBP, you can have digital radio, Bluetooth, easy electronic air conditioning, and so much gadgetry added to this sub-10,000 pound supermini.

Gee, that sounds acceptable but sadly, the seats are a bit cheap as well as the seat support that should have made it better. What it feels like is like the same feeling you'd expect from a "banger" car from the 90's. Yes, this car's got the 90's feelings when it comes to interior comfort or perhaps, more like seating in the house of an informal settler. It's a good thing it's not like an "informal settler" on wheels but sadly, it feels like...visiting to a house with a very dirty restroom on it. Eeeww... Sadly, if you're as big as mine, I think this is not the best choice of the job because the room's seem to be too small for you and the seating's a bit too low for your back, making it too difficult to get in and get out on a height of yours.

And then there's the way it drives and what can I say? It's not quite bad in terms of handling but still, it feels a bit heavy for a small car and the 1.5L MPi DOHC VTI-Tech engine that develops 106HP of power feels a bit like, what the Earl of Lemongrab might say it, UNACCEPTABLE! I agree on what the folks are saying that the 1.5L petrol engine feels too big for a small car, especially when it was mated with an old-school 5-speed manual gearbox. 0-60mph takes about ten and a half seconds, and top speed, it can do about 108mph or about 174kph.

Of course, being a cheap car, the suspension's rather firm rather than being too classy or more European like the Audi A1, the Citroen DS3, the Renault Twingo, or the Fiat 500 but sadly, it behaves like Asian compacts so it feels a bit jittering and as uncomfortable as a cheap van we've rented on our long trip during a typhoon making havoc last month and if I was on that situation where I'm taking this on the British motorways, I would be scared by this one because for being such a small car, it's worth the risk driving this one on the motorways until you smell some fear coming out from your car. Frenetic, isn't it?

So, what's the good thing about driving the MG3? The pricing, the standard features that will keep you occupied for hours, and it's worth the shot of being a city car. Bad things? Well, it handles like hell, the personalization is a bit lame, the engine's too big for a small car, the suspension's poor, and overall, the design is a bit too unfriendly for me.

Available colors: Red Rose, White on the Tiles, Stuck on Blue, Newton Black, Smokey Blues, Silver Fox, Orange Marmalade, Hello Yellow, Cherry Bomb, and Lady Gray.

Photo: MG Motor UK

Cars GT6 Should Put (Volume 8)

Everyone knows that more and more car gamers everywhere are willing to prefer the upcoming Gran Turismo 6, coming this winter exclusively on the Playstation3 console, than the upcoming Forza Motorsport 5, coming this autumn exclusively on the new XBOX One console. However, despite the 1200-car lineup, there are some cars GT6 should put...

Cars like...

1) Ford F-150 SVT Raptor '10

WHY: The SVT-improved version of the F-150 truck, called the Raptor, is every off-roader's favorite and I do hope this high-performance truck will be featured on this game. If it does, it acts beautifully on dirt and snow courses.

2) Ferrari FF '11

WHY: This is the first ever Ferrari that has four seats and a very clever four wheel drive system that acts differently unlike any other 4WD cars ever driven. This should add some interesting twists on GT6 once this eccentric creation was featured so do please make it happen.

3) Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 '12

WHY: The ZL1 is the performance-oriented version of the Camaro which has a very powerful V8 engine combined with wide-range of gizmos that makes it a track-focused muscle car that was once honed at the Nurburgring. This should make a perfect rival to the 2013 Shelby GT500 if this car appears on GT6. Of course, with the 2013MY GT500 coming on GT6, I hope the ZL1 should come just for the sake of rivalry.

4) Shelby GT500 '67

WHY: The classic GT500 muscle car became famous for its appearance in the car heist movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" starring Nicholas Cage. Come on, we're a bunch of movie buffs here so do please feature Eleanor on GT6 because...WE KINDLY DO MEAN IT so please "Go Baby Go".

5) Lexus GS350 F-Sport '12

WHY: The latest Lexus GS is the first to incorporate Lexus' signature spindle grille and I sure hope this model should have a spot in the GT6 car list but what I was hoping for is the one with the F-Sport trim. When added, I just want to compare this to its Toyota Aristo predecessor.

The results please? So, if Polyphony's still on the rethinking process whether these cars I've mentioned will be featured on Gran Turismo 6, whether in game or as a DLC, you can't say that I didn't had a bit to do with that.

Take that to Kaz Yamauchi!

Threats from North Korea - A Week in Review (September 7, 2013)

And now, the week in review of what's what at the Korean peninsula...

September 2, 2013

- The two Koreas are currently holding the first meeting of the joint committee that will be the charge of ensuring the resumption of the shuttered Kaesong complex.

- China's top nuclear envoy, Wu Dawei has discussed reopening of the ling-stalled six-party talks with North Korea.

September 3, 2013

- Despite a marathon of talks over the resumption of the Kaesong complex, the two Koreas are in limbo.

- With clues that North Korea will be re-engaging in dialogue with regional neighbors, experts worldwide are bullish on the possible resumption of the stalled six-party talks.

September 4, 2013

- The nation's spy agency arrested a leftist lawmaker on charges of plotting to overthrow the government, putting it closer to launching a prosecution probe into the scandal.

- SoKor president Park Geun-hye embarked on an 8-day visit to Russia and Vietnam.

September 5, 2013

- North and South Korea agreed to reconnect the military hotline that has been disconnected since March amid heightened tensions.

September 6, 2013

- President Park Geun Hye addressed the issue of "high unemployment and unbalanced growth" in a lead speech during the second session of the G20 Leaders' Summit.

- US President Barack Obama and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were united as they expressed mounting concerns about North Korea's nuclear program.


On the September 6, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- "Sino ka?" Bubble Gags

- Mommy knows what you're instagram-ing at...

- The Adventures of Ruffa Mae Kwento in...Crime Scene

- Guess who's late for the meeting?

- Mr. Assimo in the middle of job interview...

- Bubble Gang does "Chik'n skin ni Mang Juan" by spoofing this commercial as "CHIK'N SKIN NI MANG JOHN". Packed with Sarap ng Pinoy!

- Mommy knows what you're twitting at...

- Special report about Sec. De Anim!!! This is going to be a dramatic one!

- Brod Pete and pals are answering life's hardest questions in ANG BAGONG DATING DOON!

- The Adventures of Ruffa Mae Kwento in...the emergency room!

- Tata Lino is once again helping everyone with some quotes!

- Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill does Mundo Mo'y Akin in...MUNDO MOYMOY AKIN!

Friday, September 6, 2013

KZ Tandingan, IHAW NA!

For the September 5, 2013 of Banana Nite, X Factor Philippines winner KZ Tandingan was the guest on the IHAW NA segment. Having won The X Factor Philippines and became a singing sensation, KZ's talents really did help her family from Davao. The songs she used on her audition was Ready or Not and Over the Rainbow and most of her songs she used really made a "standing ovation". When she was in high school, she suffered problems from her vocal cords.

Meanwhile on BISTODO (the BISTADO spoof), Julius Baba (Zanjoe Marudo) investigates illegal recruitment and as it turned out, the victim of illegal recruitment, IS an illegal recruiter herself!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's Do The News! (September 5, 2013)

Here are some moments that you have missed.

- With the announcement of the all new, third-generation Honda Fit or Jazz, Mugen Power will be providing customization to the new model, ranging from body kits, performance, handling, braking, interior, and other equipment. Check it out at

Mugen Fit

- Grand Theft Auto V, the latest installment of the hit franchise, is almost near and to up the ante, the folks at West Coast Customs created a one-off car based on one of the cars to be appeared on the said game. Yep, it's a real-life version of the GTA car you can hijack anytime, it's the Banshee!

The Banshee from Grand Theft Auto V

- For the Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota showcased the Vitz-based Hybrid-R concept car, demonstrating what if hybrid cars had the same tech as its Le Mans racecar. It may have some of the tech stuff from the TS030 Hybrid but the Hybrid-R has an uprooted 1.6L petrol engine connected to a pair of electric motors, thus developing almost 400HP of power.

Toyota Hybrid-R Concept

- The September issue of Pucchigumi featured a manga adaptation of the hit TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. No wonder, Japan got succumbed over the Bronies craze given the fact that this show is showing popularity in Japan. Awkward to have it adapted but 20% cool!

- This November 22, 2013, the XBOX One new-generation console will be available in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

- The fourth Transformers movie now has a title. It will be called Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Transformers: Age of Extinction teaser

- Continuing on the news regarding the Syria uprising, it seems that the US Senate Committee approved the resolution regarding the attack on Syria after reports of a deadly chemical attack that killed over a thousand people.

- With news regarding the sex scandal between Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh is now on everyone's head now, reports saying that Wally Bayola was suspended from Eat Bulaga.

- On September 14, 2013, a brand new comedy gag show on TV5 is coming to tickle you down until your pants got wet. Yes, Gelli De Belen, former Bubble Gang actor Ogie Alcasid, and some new gang are coming to make some smiles from your everyday stress because there's a new show called Tropa Moko Unli.

- Meanwhile in Russia, there was a young girl who stand out the crowd because of her muscles. Wow...

- MTRCB called the producers of the hit GMA morning TV show, The Ryzza Mae Show, regarding some scenes that are not suitable for very young audiences. Scenes like one of the guests who spit orange juice to Ryzza, while there was one of the guests who called her "malandi".

- The September 2013 issue of Esquire Philippines, dubbed the Fiction Issue, has actress Jessy Mendiola as the cover girl. Sneak peek:

- HURRAH! A figma based on one of the popular characters from Attack on Titan was announced. Yes, it's that feisty Mikasa Ackerman who gets the figma treatment. For preorders:

figma Mikasa Ackerman


Epi Quizon, IHAW NA!

Yet again, Banana Nite's knocking on fame and fortune as another one of A-list celebs is on the hot seat of the IHAW NA segment. Guest of the day for September 4, 2013 is Epi Quizon.

Epi or Jeffrey Quizon is one of the kids of the late comedy legend, Dolphy, playing golf is just one of Epi Quizon's hobbies. Like the others, Epi Quizon tries to follow Dolphy's footsteps and he's one of the most respectable actors in showbizness.

Meanwhile, what's better in situations like fortune telling, whitening, what to wear, had colds, and peeing. SOSYAL? DI SOSYAL?

Third-generation Honda Fit (GK2/3/4/5) and Fit Hybrid (GP5)

2014 Honda Fit

For over a decade, the Honda Fit (or Jazz in other markets) has been the mainstay of the Honda lineup and it has been favored for being one of the most notable hatchbacks to be seen on the roads today. It has been quite a commoner's car, even in Japan, and since the death of the Civic in Japan since 2010, the Honda Fit became every Japanese's Honda car for its costs and fuel consumptions. With so much new stuff changing hands, the Honda Fit is now regenerated for the third-generation and for the new look, it looks rather bizarre rather than the last two generations.

2014 Honda Fit

When I said bizarre, I mean take a look at this rather unpleasant look for the new model and there's a hint of nostalgia here because I just noticed that the new headlamp design looks like it came from the previous generation Accord or Acura TSX. Looks like there's a hint of cost-cutting here or maybe a fair bit of parts-sharing around here. However, the controversial exterior design is not the least of the problems here because for the new model, there are several grades available, made for every personal tastes. On the top, that's the one with the 1.3L i-VTEC engine while here is the one with the 1.5L i-VTEC engine on it. Below, is the speedo-boy favorite RS model offered with the same 1.5L i-VTEC but available gearbox options is either the 6-speed manual or the CVT gearbox, and the main attraction was the Hybrid model, which has its engine size increased from the previous model's 1.3 to 1.5L and the CVT's been thrown away in favor of the new SPORT HYBRID IDCD (Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive).

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid

2014 Honda Fit RS

But first, what is SPORT HYBRID IDCD? This is the second out of third part of Honda's new SPORT HYBRID powertrain and like I said in the past, this significantly advanced lightweight and compact one-motor system developed for Honda's next generation of compact cars combines a 1.5L engine with a seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox containing an integrated, high-output electric motor powered by the car’s lithium-ion batteries. When going and high speeds, both the electric motor and the engine kicks in for combined power while in low speeds, the batteries are in charge. For the all new Fit Hybrid powered with this new kind of hybrid technology, manufacturers claimed that the fuel economy is now bumped up to 36.4km/L based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards. It maybe 30% more than the old one but apparently, that's a higher number than the Toyota Aqua. Just to let you know, the Aqua has a CVT gearbox and the same 1.5L hybrid as this but because the new Fit has a 7-speed double clutch gearbox at hand, this is more engaging to drive than the Aqua.

If you opted for the S Package, you'll receive a couple of rather nice paddle shifters on it so you can let your Toyota Aqua rival do the complaining, saying why can't it be as engaging as the new Fit? Sorry, Toyota, but it seems that Honda's got the upper hand now. However, there are a couple of drawbacks for this one because while the new Fit Hybrid tries to be a better compact than the Aqua, I am struggling to say that having a double-clutch gearbox on a hybrid car is as nonsense as a bunch of pictures of bystanders looking up for no reason. Yeah, you can blame that on your Aling Maliit but be warned, chances are this is just like the whole Ang Joke Ko segment from Eat Bulaga. You got the joke but you almost had it.

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid interior

2014 Honda Fit interior

2014 Honda Fit RS interior
But still, it is as shocking as shocking a nerdy majorette twirler, because apart from its bizarre looks, nooks, and crannies, the Fit tries to be more of a commoner's car. For many, it doesn't matter if this new model has horrendous looks, but what matters most is this. The only reason why they would buy this car is because they want to drive this car. That's it. No ifs and buts. Just the simple reasons. Anyway, while I'd had the talk about the hybrid model, what about the rest of it? For the 1.3L model, you can have either a 5-speed manual, a CVT, or a CVT with a paddle shifters on the steering wheel. On the normal 1.5L model, only the CVT gearbox was offered. On the RS model, both the CVT and the 6MT were offered I'd suggest that an RS model with the 6-speed manual is worth the try if you're a speedo boy.

Oh yeah, for the 1.3L, what you may didn't know that idling stop was offered and with this feature, it shuts the engine off when stopped and then start again when you set off, to save petrol. What a unsuspecting catch though and as for the fuel economy, it reaches about 26km/L. That's about more than the March, more than the Vitz, and more than the Demio but annoyingly less than the Mirage.

For some 1.5L models, the fuel economy can get through 21.8km/L based on JC08 Mode standards.

Surprisingly, the brand new "FIT3" now comes with a clever safety feature called the City Brake Active System and for this one, the radar detects incoming vehicles at about 30kph or less. Also, City Brake Active System has an ability to prevent unintended acceleration, so for this one, safety is now the top priority for the Fit. Just to let you know, sometimes, the City Brake Active System doesn't work at some scenarios safely. Another safety feature is the Emergency Stop Signal which triggers hazard lights when drivers behind you are approaching and in the case of sudden braking when the vehicle is moving.

So, there you have it. The new Fit maybe as weird as a botched eye operation and as obvious to drive as the whole Ang Joke Ko segment but I think this is how its money well spent. The 1.3L model costs around 1.265 million yen, less than the Vitz's 1.3L model, while the HYBRID model costs less than the Aqua by almost 40,000 Yen. The commoner's car in Japan is now turned to be even more interesting than before and as for the HYBRID model, well, I don't care about it.

Available colors: Vivid Sky Blue Pearl, Attract Yellow Pearl, Premium White Pearl, Milano Red, Light Beige Metallic, Tainted Silver Metallic, Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic, Premium Northern Lights Violet Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, and Sunset Orange II.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.



Whether you like it or not, the American version of Top Gear has returned on History Channel for its fourth season and for its kickstart, the first episode of the season highlights on the boys comparing three supercars on an American road trip. For this road trip, Rutledge Wood chose the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale while Tanner Foust's on the British-made McLaren MP4-12C and Adam Ferrera's in the 6.4L V10-powered SRT Viper.

At the open runway, it seems that the MP4-12C takes it on the drag race thanks to its launch control technology. Then, the boys are in search for a genuine Amish hat at an Amish village and it looks like both Rut and Tanner had found genuine Amish hats, whereas Adam, found himself a rather flashy hat that doesn't look Amish. Later, the boys are in search for the biggest football field and it seems that Adam and the Viper takes it when he found the Arrowhead Stadium before Rut does. In the tunnel runs somewhere at Colorado, it seems that Tanner's got it, again thanks to its raw power of the MP4-12C. In the final round at LA, the rule is get a pic with a celeb first before heading to the finish. The loser is the one who'll pay the gas bill...and Adam is the one to pay despite he brought himself a celebrity.

Well, that's it for the pilot episode of the new season, next week will be even more for them...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Joem Bascon, IHAW NA!

Yet again, Banana Nite's knocking on fame and fortune as another one of A-list celebs is on the hot seat of the IHAW NA segment. Guest of the day for September 3, 2013 is Joem Bascon.

Known by his real name Joseph Emmanuel Bascon, Joem was first discovered from a comedy TV show, Let's Go, and now he's notable for his villainous roles since Noah. He's going to appear at an upcoming film this month called LIHIS. Yes, for his free time, he's exercising with a kettle.

Meanwhile in TNT: Tapatan Ni Tunting, someone named Justin Bieber Cruz is on a face-off interview.

RSM revises SM5 and SM7 for 2014 model year

Renault Samsung New SM5 Platinum

 Renault Samsung SM7

Renault Samsung Motors, the SoKor-only Korean affiliate of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, lightly revised two of the luxury sedans from their lineup, the SM5 and the flagship SM7, for the 2014 model year.

Starting with the 2014MY SM5, newly designed 16-inch alloy wheels and black faux leather were added on the PE trim while the SE trim had is price now 600,000 Won lowered. On the LE trim, it now comes with blind spot information system  and for the SE trim, LED lighting package was added. For the LE and RE trim, a class-first ABS front seat headrest trim was applied.

Now onto the 2014MY SM7, the addition of the blind spot information system and forward warning system has been implemented for added safety. On the RE and RE35 trim, dark chrome 18-inch wheels, silver and piano black interior trim are implemented.

As for pricing, the 2014MY SM5 now starts at 24,500,000 Won for the SE Art model (the special one) up to 28,700,000 for the RE Art model. The 2014MY SM7, on the other hand, now starts at 30,280,000 Won for the SE model up to 38,650,000 Won for the RE35 model.

Let's Do The News! (September 4, 2013)

Here are some moments that you may have missed:

- The fourth Transformers movie will feature a...Chinese car?! Well, a Chinese concept car called the GAC E-Jet is going to be featured in next year's Transformers. Yes, really. That's a new mix for the next Transformers movie...

- It seems that the whole Syria issue is still pretty much into us right about now and just for the pain of it, I just heard that not only the US but also the French and the Turkish are on the offensive side against Syria. Ouch. Right now, the Department of Foreign Affairs issued a mandatory repatriation for OFWs stuck in war-torn Syria. Over three thousand Filipinos remained in Syria as of now...

- Scion will be updating the FR-S sport coupe (better known to you and I as the Toyota 86) for the 2014 model year and as of now, I heard that for the 2014MY FR-S, Scion will be adding new knee cushions in their signature FR sports coupe. These cushions, located on the center console and door panels, will provide added comfort on the road.

- Apple will be announcing their next iPhone on September 10 but what is it? Will this be the one with the long-rumored iOS7 on it?

- Microsoft bought Finnish-based cellphone company Nokia, as announced by Microsoft themselves and they're on the verge to provide better quality and service for the customers.

- Toyota Motor Corporation updated the Camry hybrid saloon for the 2014 Model Year and for the 2014MY Camry, a new "Dark Blue Mica" color was added, giving a total of 8 exterior colors available. Also, three-point seat belt, pretensioner, and force limiter function were added for added safety. There's now a special edition  G Package PREMIUM BLACK model offered for a limited time. The special model offers dark brown wood grain, fabric and synthetic leather combination, inner auto-dimming mirror, soft leather door trim, smoke-like extensions on the LED head lamp and fog lamp, and super chrome metallic paint 17-inch wheels.

Toyota Camry

- Another celeb to be hit by another scandal is none other that Eat Bulaga's own Wally Bayola. Reports said that there was a video featuring Wally himself and Yosh, one of the EB dancers. No word ever came out from the two about the recent scandal.

- Land Rover will showcase an updated 2014 Discovery at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and for this new one, it has more driver aids and new engine types as well as its new look.

2014 Land Rover Discovery

Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's Do The News! (September 2, 2013)

Stranded on the island for days? Here are some moments that you have missed!

- The hit anime TV series based from the manga serialized from Kodansha's Shonen Magazine, Attack on Titan, is almost reaching its climax and it seems that the producers really want Attack On Titan to go out with a bang. A really big bang perhaps because the finale will be screening at the Marunouchi Picadilly 1 theater in Tokyo during a special event on September 28. This finale will be screened at 9:00 PM Japan Standard Time, hours before it airs on TV.

- The people at Studio Ghibli are sad to said this that the founder of Studio Ghibli and anime filmmaking legend Hayao Miyazaki retires at the age of 72. After years of creating some of the finest Studio Ghibli masterpieces such as Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, and most of the timeless classics a Ghibli fan would mention, it is confirmed that our beloved Miyazaki-sensei retires from producing feature films. That was explained during this year's Venice Film Festival.

- Moments after the Japan debut of the new V6-powered Lotus Exige S, it seems that the new Exige S will be making its first-ever Japanese debut at the 2013 Japan Lotus Day this October 27, 2013 at the Fuji Speedway. The Japan Lotus Day was started back in the Autumn 2009 and it's a gathering of Japanese Lotus owners to show their passion of the Lotus name, from historical models such as the Elan, Elite, Europa, and Esprit, to current models such as the Elise, Exige, and the Evora.

- The Nissan Juke NISMO, the first from the newly revamped NISMO range, has reached worldwide sales of 3700 units from the first seven months since its debut in January 2013. NISMO president Shoichi Miyatani commented that they are pleased that the NISMO car has been accepted in the market and this was made to provide the thrill and excitement the customer wants.

2013 Nissan Juke NISMO

- As we all know that Paul McGann is somewhat a one-hit wonder in the history of Doctor Who and he's what George Lazenby is to James Bond but question is, how did he managed to nabbed that role? This low-quality audition tape, as part of the DVD format of the 1996 Doctor Who TV film and now streamed from the official Doctor Who Youtube channel, will explain what's what.

- Whether you like it or not, Season 4 of Top Gear USA is coming on History this Tuesday and here's a sneak peek of fourth series. We can see Tanner in the MP4-12C, Rut in the Gallardo, and Adam in the Viper go all out.

- Hey girls, are you tired from all the Frizzies on your hair? Stuck in the same situation like what Isabella did at the end of the Robot Rodeo episode of Phineas and Ferb? Don't worry because there's a video clip about how to treat the frizzies. Click here.

- On another one of Doof's Daily Dirt, Dr D. makes a joke about the Auto-Correct function that your smartphone had. Watch this clip and find out why you should better turn off your smartphone's Auto-Correct function or else...

- It's September 2, 2013. Countdown to Christmas? It's 114 days left. Look, to avoid forgetting this countdown, might as well, left a countdown widget on my blog, okay? Its to your left.


How Cute Is Your Character? - Pinkie Pie

10 cute characters brought in by me will face my CUTENESS TESTS; getting kissed, getting hugged, and against Isabella's cuteness in a bid to top my CUTENESS RANKER leaderboard.

Today's cute character is...

Pinkie Pie

Is Pinkie Pie one of the main pony characters from the hit TV series My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and this pony's well known for her clown-like personality that gets the ponies into trouble easily?

Well, Pinkie Pie looks as crazy as a crazed dementia at a mental hospital but yes I know, she is cute. She is cute but...HOW CUTE IS PINKIE PIE?!

First test is...getting kissed. Just how kissable is Pinkie Pie? However, there's a bit of a twist. Before you kiss that Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie kisses you first and can't stop her kissing you and her craziness can't be contained. It's gonna be a hard task to restrain her before kissing her's a 5 out of 10 for the kissable rating.

Second test is...getting hugged. How huggable is Pinkie Pie? Sadly, same thing from the first test. Before you hug Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie hugs you first and her hugging's too tight for you to get yourself out. Like I said, you can't stop Pinkie Pie from being wired. Wonder why Pinkie Pie's being the "wired" type of pony? Anyway, it's a 5 out of 10 for her huggable rating. And yes, someone needs a trip to the hospital right now. You could get hurt if you approach to Pinkie Pie.

The last test is...against Isabella. Isabella says "Whatcha Doin?" this. What would Pinkie Pie do? At first glance, you might think that Pinkie Pie's fallen victim from Isabella's cuteness but then...Yep, it really is Pinkie Pie after all. Her craziness can't be contained and even in the test of resisting Isabella's cuteness, it seems that Pinkie Pie's hurting Izzy more than Izzy's cuteness hitting Pinkie. So, how can I rate her Isabella-resistance rating? Nah, leave it a 5 out of 10. It really hurts, you know?

Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony scored a grand total of 15 out of 30, sending her to last place behind the Adipose.

1) BMO - 22/30
2) Mokona - 22/30
3) Catbug - 20/30
4) Mog - 19/30
5) Adipose - 16/30
6) Pinkie Pie - 15/30

How cute do I rank it? Quite... HOW CUTE IS YOUR CHARACTER?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso II

2014 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

2014 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso interior

A couple of months ago, a brand new generation of Citroen C4 Picasso was showcased to the world and although the exterior looks a bit more vague than the old one, the interior is starting to be more redeemable rather than being too redundant for a people carrier because of its tech-loaded goodies as well as the clever touch screen. Sitting in here is like riding on a spaceship on wheels but as a warning, it feels a bit old fashioned.

Now, its longer brother, the Grand C4 Picasso is following suit as well and although it still looks like the new Picasso aside from its controversial looks, it's still a people carrier worth capable of carrying a typical French family who want to spend the remaining days of summer going places. The Grand C4 Picasso targets the VW Sharan, SEAT Alhambra, the Renault Grand Scenic, and the Peugeot 5008 respectively and although it maybe not as classy as the luxury minivans from Japan such as the Estima, the Alphard, the Elgrand, and the Elysion, the interior's still had the same tech-savvy goodness as expected on the normal 5-seater C4 Picasso especially the 12-inch HD screen for the instrumental panel, the addictive touch screen, the optional rear seat entertainment system, and so much more for the tech geeks.

Like its 5-seater cousin, the 7-passenger Grand C4 Picasso retains the choice of engines such as a VTi 120, a THP 155, e-HDi 115, and the e-HDi 90 Airdream engine respectively. Let's not forget that the e-HDI 90 Airdream engine, combined with an ETG6 gearbox, emits just 98g/km with a combined fuel economy of just 74.3mpg, the best in its class. What's more is that the Grand C4 Picasso is loaded with cutting edge safety features that cares the occupants more than the car itself such as the radar guided cruise control, Intelligent traction control, Lane Departure Warning System, blind spot monitoring, and the very clever anti-collision warning system that uses the front radar to alert drivers when this car's getting too close for collision. It also has the feature similar to Nissan's Around View Monitor and that feature's exclusive in this segment. Amazingly, the new Grand C4 Picasso also got Park Assist which can park the car automatically when it sees an available parking space. You can even read a book or drink coffee while this car's parking by itself. Clever, isn't it?

So, the new Grand C4 Picasso though, it may not be a good-looking MPV for seven passengers but with loads of gizmos and an array of fuel-efficient engines, not to mention the fact that they're planning a more Euro 6 compliant BlueHDi 150 engine sometime next year or so, it's worth a redeemable one. One thing to aware for is its pricing and it starts at 23,050 Euros, cheaper than the Grand Scenic.

Available colors: Blanc Banquise, Bleu Teles Nacre, Bleu Kyanos Nacre, Noir Onyx, Hichory Nacre, Gris Aluminium Metallic, Gris Shark Nacre, and Rouge Rubi Nacre.

Photo: PSA Peugeot Citroen

Let's Do The News! (September 1, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

Jeremy: Yes, we do hate it because of what was the announcement that Gran Turismo 6 will not feature Top Gear stuff but you know what, perhaps we do had a lot of backstories against the Corvette C7!

(audience laughing)

Richard: Like what?

Jeremy: Uh...never mind. There's so many painful moments caused by this. I just think that while because this car's too Gran Turismo series-exclusive since its GT5 debut as well as landing as the cover car of Gran Turismo 6, I finally found ourselves a car that we hate it more than just caravans.

Richard: Question, do we wanna blow it?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Oh come on, that would be super silly so let's do the news, then?

James: Indeed, the news and this just in from Proton...

Jeremy: Yes, we knew that. It's the hatchback version of the Preve sedan called the Suprima. Here it is...

2014 Proton Suprima S
Jeremy: What it was it has some of the nooks and crannies from the Preve sedan, 1.6L petrol engine, does 0-100kph in 9.9 seconds, top speed of 190kph and I believe this is as dull as the Chinese-made MG6, I think.

(audience laughing)

Richard: Yeah, and what sort of person would they buy this brand new Suprima?

Jeremy: Well, probably old men.

(audience laughing)

James: Old men?

Jeremy: I dunno. Since it costs about 15,000 Pounds, it is cheap but question is, is it cheerful? Is it a cheep and cheerful Malaysian hatchback? What do you think folks?

(audience murmuring)

Jeremy: Well, as for me, it's a no. What about you, Richard?

Richard: It's a no for me.

James: I think it's a no. Hey! Wait a minute, aren't we doing the whole Britain's Got Talent stint?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Think about this car. It maybe seem fine at first but as years pass by, this would be another banger to bang up with and trust me on this, this would be as dull as the Hyundai hatchback I think and if anyone had one of these, people would mistake this for a Forte hatchback, that's for sure.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Oh! I just remembered! You know those Syrian unrests that had been through the news for moments? Well, while the whole chemical attacks last month was particularly the scariest one, probably because it killed thousands of people in this troubled Arab country, what feared me the most that the whole Syrian intervention will cause the world market to raise gas prices to a record-time high and what feared me the most that gas prices will somewhat raised 2x higher. Think about this...while in the Philippines, if this whole Syrian crisis continues, expect gas prices to be raised by about a piso or two and that's not okay in a current situation like this.

Richard: Ouch. That's gonna be more pain in the pumps if I'm honest. I mean if this keeps on happening, do you think this whole 2x raise keeps on going every week with a rare chance of rollbacks?

Jeremy: Well, that's the theory anyway but that sounds scary for the motorists everywhere because...why did those Middle East tensions keep causing too much pain at the pumps?

James: I dunno. Perhaps, most of the countries import those from the Middle East and hey, you do had a point in here because if that whole Syrian outrage continues, especially the fact that the US awaits congress approval against Syria, this could spell doom for the motorists thanks to ultra-high gas prices. Question, do you think Syria is just one of the countries that supply petrol for the world?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: I dunno but if it does, no wonder they're using it for chemical weapons and that bastard Assad always playing dirty tricks, that's for sure.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I just noticed something that the man responsible for Disney's Gravity Falls TV show, whose name was Alex Hirsch by the way, will guest in Disney's Phineas and Ferb! Well, this is no joke but his twitter says it all. Hirsch tweeted (ahem) "recording a voice for P&F today!!!".


Jeremy: That's not all, here's the pic of Hirsch himself recording for an upcoming Phineas and Ferb episode...

Embedded image permalink
Gravity Falls' Alex Hirsch records for an
upcoming Phineas and Ferb episode

Richard: Wait, that's Alex Hirsch?

Jeremy: Indeed. What you're expecting at?

Richard: Oh sorry...I thought...Well, you know...

(audience laughing)

Richard: Anyway, there's more to mimic about Peugeot faces around here because I just heard that Peugeot revealed their updated versions of the 3008 crossover and the 5008 MPV. Here they are...

2014 Peugeot 3008

2014 Peugeot 5008

Richard: See? See anything here?

(audience laughing)

James: Yes. I can see those facelifted models. So, what's new about those?

Richard: Well, just their outsides, I guess. But never mind about that, what interests me the most is the new version of the 308. Concept car at the moment. Look...

2013 Peugeot 308 R Concept

Richard: This is the R version, it has a 270HP engine and I think this is a hotter hatch than the 208 GTi. One thing I didn't like this is the two-tone color that looks like...some sort of wrestler's costume...

(audience laughing)

James: Now, this is not the kind of car you would wanna drive through the London streets by night. I mean look at it, it looks like a new 308 in sneakers or worse, a boy racer's 308, that's for sure.

(audience laughing)

James: Imagine that if you drive one of these at a posh party, I think that the doorman will ask you to leave right now because posh parties are made for people wearing formal clothing but this car's not as formal as it seems, right? This is more like a party crasher or a wedding crasher, perhaps?

(audience laughing)

James: Hey, what date is it now?

Jeremy: Well, it's September 1st.

James: September 1? Wow, time flies so fast and seems that summer's almost over and Christmas is just 115 days from now. Guess it's Ber months after all and we're kinda near to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special this November 23rd and the 2013 Christmas Special on December 25th, which is the final adventure for Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. With Peter Capaldi (the 12th Doctor) upon us, guess this is the final four months with the Eleventh with us and...

Jeremy: Yes, James. That made us sad and hey, carpe diem!

James: Carpe diem? Oh wait, I already heard about it but anyway, it's the final four months for the Eleventh Doctor's tenure after all. Care to make every moment count?

Jeremy: Well, with two specials coming before the year ends, all I can say that saying goodbye to Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith is a hard thing to follow but hey, at least he did left us a big mark out in the Doctor Who history, if you know what I mean?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, after the whole Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel shenanigans we had last month, I just heard that something shocking is gonna happen at 2015's Avengers Age of Ultron movie, which is the sequel to last year's Avengers movie. Here's the shocking thing about the sequel...ready to hear? (ahem) One of the Avengers will face death.


Richard: Wait? One of the Avengers will die in the 2015 sequel?

Jeremy: Yes. One of the Avengers will die and that's shocking. Question is, whose Avenger will die in the Age of Ultron movie? As of now, we have to wait until 2015 to reveal the answer so the guessing game has begun.

Richard: Guessing game it is. Oh and guess what? A new Batman was named for the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film. Wanna guess who that is?

Jeremy: Yes. We heard that. Ben Affleck's the new Dark Knight for the upcoming film that pits Man of Steel vs. The Dark Knight.

Richard: Oh...but just one thing...if you were to choose between Superman and Batman, who would you be?

Jeremy: Well, I'm not a fan of those might as well not asking...

(audience saying Batman)

(audience saying Superman)

Jeremy: Oh, it's a half-half! Some like Superman because of his superpowers, some like Batman because of his...well...what else that makes Batman cool?

(audience murmuring)

Jeremy: The gadgets? Whoa, no wonder Batman has the best gadgets a caped crusader ever have. But still, Batman's too scary. No wonder parents tell their kids not to go faraway by telling them "Don't go too far, okay? There's Batman so do not go!"

(audience laughing)

Richard: Is Batman the scariest person kids ever afraid of?

James: I dunno!

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, that's the end of the news!

Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray

The saga began in 1953 when Chevrolet launched what is believed to be the king of American sports cars, the Chevrolet Corvette and six decades later, there has been six generations spawned with different tastes and different perceptions to keep "Kentucky's Pride" up and running and for every regeneration has a different story to tell, not to mention some terribly painful backstories later on, but now the whole world stood still as the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette was finally unveiled and for this seventh incarnation, things are about to be a little more different.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

It's a brand new Corvette for a brand new year. It's the year 2013 after all and a new year demands a new Corvette and since 2013 marks the Corvette's 60th year, the brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray really is the perfect icing in the cake to celebrate 60 years of the king of American sports cars. One thing I'm not particularly noticed that why did Chevrolet revived the "Stingray" name and for further explanations, the Stingray was used from the C2 Corvette of the 1963 and the C3 Corvette of the 1969. This is the third time the Stingray name was used on the seventh Corvette.

The thing is though, when you manage to drive one of these, you might have a feeling that you are the sort of a successful human being who cares about yourself rather than anyone else around you. It's the car made for selfies who had no regard for socialism and better yet, it's an epic long-distance cruiser if you want to spend the whole day off in the open roads. It's all about the freedom you decide on the road and for the new model, it's still worth a beauty to drive.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

There's more beauty than just being a beast for the all new Corvette Stingray and judging by its modernized design, the new model is as slender as can I say this in a Top Gear-ish tortured metaphor kind of way? Well, let's say in a Bella Thorne and Zendaya kind of way. Looks attractive and feels attractive. It seems that the whole R&D took several years and fundings to perfect the new model's look rather than tracing it from the 2009 Corvette Stingray Concept. One thing you may not like about it was the rear view because past Corvettes had these four-round rear lamps that became the hallmark of the Corvette design but for the new model, those were gone now and replaced by those Camaro-esque rear lamps to make it a bit more modern. It maybe a love-it-or-hate-it choice but the Corvette regeneration takes on so many forms to keep it fresh. So, do you like these new rear lamps rather than the traditional round rear lamps? Well, it takes time for decisions so how about the interior?

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Well, the new interior is starting to make any sense now and although it may hark back from the C4 Corvette, the brand new interior combines world-class craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. As for the seats, you can have either the Grand Touring seats if you're a bit mild on the road ahead or for the competition seats if you're a bit of a tangy type. Never forget that whichever seats you're in, it's still a well-honed craftsmanship because it feels as luxurious as a Rolls-Royce because all that time and effort in creating a well-defined interior is no rush. They didn't hurry up making one so everything around here feels so right all along. As for the new speedo, it's all in the drama because the speedo not only looks dramatic, it feels dramatic even though it's digital and there's more. Five modes feature five different speedo types at the turn of the knob. You can choose either WEATHER, ECO, TOUR, SPORT, and TRACK, and whichever driving style you choose, those speedos are really telling the truth while driving. With so much technology loaded on it, the brand new Corvette Stingray feels as futuristic as the pages of science fiction.

So, tell me about it. While I was saying there is much beauty in this beast, is it worth the beast I was expecting? Is the brand new Corvette C7 still the undisputed king of American sportscars? Well, this thing doesn't need any explanations because by the way it drives, it's a sheer sign that Corvettes still rule in the world of American sports cars. Then, there's the newly developed LT1 6.2L V8 engine that powers the new model. With direct injection and Variable Valve Timing, this new V8 engine churns up to 460HP of power, that's more than what you get on the latest 911 Carrera S! Also, having learned the idea from the latest 911 Carrera S, the new Stingray is the first ever American car to come with a 7-speed manual gearbox. I know, it maybe too much to have seven gears in a manual gearbox but with this, the weight distribution is just right and oh, the new gearbox comes with Active Rev Matching that simulates heel-toe shifting perfection at the touch of a button.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Here's a thing. Exclusive on the hard-top Stingray coupe model, there's this Z51 Performance Package that brings out the full potential of the new Corvette Stingray. You can expect larger rear wheels, dry sump oil system, Limited Slip Differential, bigger brakes, an improved suspension system, cooling systems, Aero Package, Magnetic Selective Ride Control and Performance Traction Management, and Performance Gear Ratios. Those special items available on the Z51 Performance Package really made it as competitive as the 911 GT3 without all the drama included.

The new Corvette Stingray from Chevrolet is starting to make further impressions to Corvette loyalists worldwide and with this though, I believe that this car finally made a benchmark on high-performance sports cars but as for me, I still had big doubts with it...

Think about it, while this is an entirely new model, it can still have its rear bumpers hissed over by its longtime rival, the V10-powered SRT Viper in the straight-line performance because, well as they said, it's less powerful than its C6 ZR1 predecessor that once proved to the world that Corvettes are better than Vipers but amazingly, there are some stuff that the new Corvette C7 Stingray redeem itself from the Viper. First of all, the braking distance because while the Viper stops from 60-0 in 110ft, the C7 stops from 60-0 in 99ft. Impressive isn't it? But there's more into the whole hellhole here because in the skid pads, the C7 Corvette does 1.05g, that's more G-force than the Viper's 1.01g! In slaloms, the C7 done it again by 73.5mph, 1.5 more than the Viper's 72mph. Unbelievable, those folks from Edmunds really know how the C7 Corvette can outsmart the big and powerful SRT Viper. Tsk...tsk...tsk...

There's this painfully emotional backstory facing between me and the new C7 Corvette I gonna summarize this, right? Anyway, it all began when the folks from Gran Turismo feature this on GT5 and I had high regrets that this would be a Gran Turismo-series exclusive and this car should not be featured on any other racing games, including the Forza Motorsport franchise. This is like when the PS3 version of THE iDOLM@STER 2 didn't feature the outfit what the XBOX 360 version offered as a DLC and this is none other than the Punkish Gothic. I was so infuriated by this move and this is how I got infuriated by this. Then, when the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 announced that the Top Gear Test Track is not included, that made me angry as well. As angry as an angry bird, I tried to demand everyone that if they love Top Gear and like playing the Top Gear Test Track as long as they want, better buy the XBOX One and Forza Motorsport 5 but they didn't listen. Instead, they would rather go for PS3's GT6 and who cares about it? Gran Turismo hates Top Gear anymore so for now, it's Top Gear hates the C7 Corvette. I was just saying anyway but still, it's worth the pain to hate this latest Corvette for being a Gran Turismo-exclusive. This is the kind of Corvette The Stig would want to blow this up with explosives because think about it....No Top Gear in GT6? That will enrage Top Gear fans just for sure, even me.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible

I kept explaining that if they would go for Gran Turismo 6 because for this, they are the kind of people who really hate Top Gear that's for sure and this is the first time I went into this super messy situation. The brand new C7 Corvette Stingray dislikes Master Chief, Gears of War, anything XBOX-ish, the Punkish Gothic from THE iDOLM@STER, even Top Gear and this is the only ride of the year I had ever expressed hatred to this machine. I just don't want Forza Motorsport 5 to feature cars that Gran Turismo-series only had. Alpines, the Jensen Interceptor, kei cars, Cizeta, the Nissan Deltawing, the Tesla Model S, the Fisker Karma, the Caterham, Daihatsu, Dome Zero, Tommykaira ZZ, Garaiya, GT350 Shelby, anything that the Gran Turismo series only had especially this. If that C7 Corvette showed up on Forza 5, that would be "unfair competition" and I really REALLY don't want that to happen so please do it a favor...

Anyway, enough about backstories and into the pricing because it begins at 51,000 US Dollars for the Coupe or if you want an open-top convertible, that starts at 56,000 US Dollars. Yes, the C7 Corvette Stingray Convertible has the same goodness as the coupe as well as the new V8, the 7-speed manual, the optional 6-speed auto, and the dynamic handling, only this time, with the open-top goodness on it. Let's not forget that they're still just the tip of the iceberg out here.

Available colors: Black, Laguna Blue Tintcoat, Crystal Red Tintcoat, Cyber Gray Metallic, Lime Rock Green, Night Race Blue Metallic, Torch Red, Blade Silver Metallic, Arctic White, and Velocity Yellow Tintcoat

Photo: General Motors
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