Saturday, June 15, 2013

"P199 Combos"

On the June 14, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Bridal shop gags

- Police checkpoint...on the rocks (literally) by a bicycle

- Breaking up is VERY hard to do...unless you're on a break down.

- Words to live by from Tata Lino

a) Sino pa pumatay sa mga baboy? Di ba, tayo'y mga tao pati naman high-blood, sinisisi mo pa? Hiyang hiya  sila sa'yo, no?!

b) Ang babaeng hindi marunong maghain, nababagay lang sa lalaking di marunong kumain

c) Madaling sabihin kung ikaw ay maganda pero mahirap hanapin kung saang banda

d) Pag may sinuksok at walang madukot, may mandurukot.

- Bubble Gang does Dunkin Donuts P199 combos by spoofing this ad as DON KING DONUTS P199 combos!

Bubble Gang does Dunkin Donuts

- Ang Bagong Dating Doon with Brod Pete and pals...

- An interview about men  who are revealed as gay...

- Sumbong Sumbong kay Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong tackles on the most annoying cases such as people wearing big headphones in public places, photographers taking incorrect jump shots, and women love to wear high heels but difficult to walk.

- Just an ugly word of advice...

Marcelito Pomoy, IHAW NA!

PGT2 winner Marcelito Pomoy is the guest of June 14, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment and in here, we get to know what life feels like for Marcelito Pomoy after declared the winner of PGT2 and his cool vocal tricks that lead to his win.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bang tries to impress his date but as it turns out, it's Mr. Bang vs. the waiter over his date!

Threats from North Korea - A Week in Review (June 15, 2013)

And now, the week in review of what's what at the Korean peninsula...

June 10, 2013

- Sunday's working level talks between the North and South Korea got themselves rolling toward the resolution of long-standing inter-Korean issues, but the preliminary shows that the two Koreas have a long road ahead of them.

- One of Korea's suspended nuclear reactors, the Hanbit 3, resumed operations, and it's been producing electricity since Monday afternoon.

June 11, 2013

- The North and South Korean government cancelled their plans for government talks. Seoul's Unification Ministry said just a few hours ago that the North called off Wednesday's inter-Korean talks at around 7 p.m., saying that it will not be sending its delegation to Seoul.

Ministry spokesperson Kim Hyung-suk said "North Korea sent a unilteral notification saying that it will postpone its plan to send a North Korean delegation due to the level of our top negotiator. We formed a five-member delegation led by Vice Unification Minister Kim Nam-shik and the North said its five-member delegation will be led by Kang Ji-young, director at the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, claiming he is a high-level official."

June 12, 2013

- Pyongyang cut off its communication line with South Korea, moments after the decision to call off their scheduled inter-Korean talks for now. The hotline, which was cut off earlier this year, was re-opened last week to prepare for the government-level talks that were supposed to take place this Wednesday. Seoul's Unification Ministry says North Korea seems to have cut off its inter-Korean channel at the border village of Panmunjom on Wednesday, just days after it was reopened.

June 13, 2013

- South Korea condemned over Pyongyang's attempt to distort the reason for the cancellation of the planned inter-Korean talks, urging the North to come to the bargaining table to resolve major issues.

- The US House of Representatives delivered a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking to re-designate North Korea as a "State Sponsor of Terrorism".

June 14, 2013

- Still no word from Pyongyang ever since North Korea cut the inter-Korean communication line at the border village of Panmunjom three days ago over the cancelled inter-Korean talks. Seoul continues to assert that they will not be the first to offer to re-start the talks, but added that they're still open to dialogue with the North.

- Power authorities were hoping two of the nation's 23 nuclear reactors would resume operations this week, but as of Friday only one is back online. The Hanbit 3 reactor has been running at full capacity since Thursday, adding one million kW that is more than enough to provide electricity to roughly one million households.

Ina Kapatid Anak ending

So, how did it end? Let's see...

With Celyn (Kim Chiu), Margaux (Maja Salvador), Teresa (Cherry Pie Picache), and Beatriz (Janice De Belen) now under the hands of Mio (John Regala) and fulfilling his ultimate revenge against them, he commanded his so-called son, Diego, whose real name was Joshua, to kill Teresa but since his refusal to kill Teresa, Diego was killed in a conflict and Mio vowed revenge.

With moments of tormenting Teresa, Mio was shot by Julio (Ariel Rivera) but Mio shot Teresa before he was killed by the police.

After the whole terror was over, while at the hospital, Teresa said to her so-called daughter, Celyn, is to live in peace with Margaux, her real twin sister.

With Celyn and Margaux finally together, and with Lucas (Eddie Guttierez) now imprisoned for his sins, it's all's well that ends well when Celyn, who's now with Liam (Xian Lim), and Margaux, who's now with Ethan (Enchong Dee) gave birth to their babies.

That concludes the story of Ina Kapatid Anak

Ina Kapatid Anak ending

Friday, June 14, 2013

Let's Do The News! (June 14, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

JC: Unbelievable man! That's definitely quite a spectacular attack for Miami Heat.

RH: Yeah!

JC: So...I can't believe it's turning into a game of catch up because look...Spurs got Game 1, Heat got Game 2, Spurs got Game 3 with their 16 3-pointer record per game, and now Heat took Game 4 at the score of 109 to 93 against Spurs!

RH: I guess it was TOO HOT TO HANDLE. Eh?

(audience laughing)

JC: Yeah but one thing I really don't understand is that Miami Heat's always attracting too much foul every time when they're trying to make a score. Is this all part of a plan to prevent Miami from scoring or is it just phoney-baloney?

(audience laughing)

RH: I don't know. Maybe all those whistle-blowing against Heat gives Spurs a fighting chance to shoot, to dunk, or 3-pointer, whatever their disposal's throwing at...

(audience laughing)

JC: So, now that they're all tied by 2 wins and Game 5's on Sunday (Monday if you're in Asia), do you think it's going to be the Spurs' turn or will Miami takes it again for the win?

RH: I don't know but it's all in the order now. My money's on Spurs for the moment...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, let's do the news!

JM: Okay, the news and listen up you millionaire big boys, there was this derelict car factory somewhere in America is for sale at around $975,000 (£622,400) and here's the pic...

The old Packard plant
(audience laughing)

RH: Oh wait...under 630,000 Pounds for some abandoned building? What's that?

JM: Well, this is the old Packard car factory. It's being auctioned off for under 630,000 Pounds due to tax delinquency for this 43 plots of land that will make up for this site. This building's built in 1903, closed in 1958, and has since been vandalized, pillaged and dismantled by trophy hunters.

JC: You know, if someone had that kind of money to buy this abandoned building, I might be expecting they'll turn this one into another hideout for the bad boys...

(audience laughing)

JC: I mean look at it! So derelict and so deserted, I bet that those turbo nerds use this as their safehouse and if by turbo nerds, that's another word for speedo boys.

(audience laughing)

RH: So now you're saying, another description for the word "boy racer" is speedo boy and now turbo nerd. Where did you get that word from, Clarkson?

JC: It's from Adventure Time! (ahem) IMAGINATION IS FOR TURBO NERDS!

(audience laughing)

JC: But anyway, it's not what they meant to use it because I have to use this new word to describe a "boy racer" because "speedo boy" is just so...last year but still I would use those words "speedo boy" and "turbo nerd" in case there's a boy racer in his modified car. It's like being chased by cops and then you're saying I'M A TURBO NERD! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

(audience laughing)

JC: Also, when there's a new car that doesn't offer a turbocharged model, mostly Japanese cars, a certain "turbo nerd"'s going all Dr. D and then it's going to be some sort of "BEHOLD! THE TURBO-INATOR!"

(audience laughing)

JC:...and then goes bam bam bam, every single car has the "turbo" prefix, unnoticed! This is irritating!

(audience laughing)

JC: Now, while we're a bit too early about the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival, there's going to be a twist happen at this year's film festival this Christmas 2013. Wanna guess what kind of twist was that?

RH: Lemme Mano Po?

(audience laughing)

JC: Come on, there's no more Mano Po for now. Anyway, the big twist for this year's festival is...wait for it...wait for it...No ‘Enteng’, ‘Panday’, ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’ in next MMFF!


JC: Yep. That's going to be a very big bombshell out there because this year's festival will no longer had  Enteng Kabisote, Ang Panday, Ina Montecillo and the rest of the horrifying creatures of the “Shake, Rattle and Roll”. Very sad but still, it's work in progress for what will be the eight films going to compete for this year's MMFF and the list will be revealed this June 18...

JM: But still, no Enteng Kabisote, no Panday, no Tanging Ina (because it's already ended in LAST NA 'TO), and no Shake Rattle and Roll because it's stopped at The Invasion.

(audience laughing)

JC: Speaking of invasion, anyone heard the news about some farmer in China arrested because of killing an alien?

(audience laughing)

JC: True! Here's the clip...

(audience laughing)

RH: So it turned out to be somewhat a fabricated story and the alien he killed was just an image made of rubber. So, no such thing as alien?

(audience laughing)

JC: Possibly but there's some more alien sightings because recently, in Holland, some Dutch accidentally took a picture of what this photographer thought to be some sort of UFO. I saw that in the Good Morning Club earlier and that news really questioned about the whole extra-terrestrial malarkey... I wonder if that pic does state if that one's a UFO or not. What do you think, folks?

(audience murmuring)

JC: Anyway, those who are using Facebook just now might have noticed that there's a new feature that works like Twitter. It's the hashtag feature that when every time clicks on this hashtag...well, this is just like Twitter except it's bigger in Facebook...

(audience laughing)

RH: So, Facebook's trying to be just like Twitter except they're bigger on the Facebook space, eh? Do you think Facebook tries to generate as much "trending topics" as possible just like Twitter?

(audience laughing)

JC: If possible, yes because Facebook's a bit big and Twitter's a bit small but despite differences, they're both a win-win in the social media craze because this is the world we live in. It's the 21st century. This is where everything changes, and you got to be ready!

(audience laughing)

JM: Anyway, that's the end of the news and guess what? We are nearly there to find out which is the best Phineas and Ferb song of all time and it's all down to two: It's now Summer Belongs To You vs. Everything's Better With Perry. So, what do you think folks? The finishing musical number from the Summer Belongs To You special or the opening musical number from Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension? The best way to find out which song became the top of the pops is tune in this June 28, Friday, at 8PM/ 7PM Central and find out!

Breaking news from the June 13, 2013's Banana Nite's Kandila segment!

Breaking news from the June 13, 2013's Banana Nite's Kandila segment!

- Thanks to CCTV cameras, most shoplifters are caught in the act...especially those who are cheating to their husbands!

-  Several complaints from classmates about the lack of resources from public schools have appeared...but students find it a bit fine unless a teacher is flirting to someone...

- Beyonce Knowles get slapped at the back by some and because of that, gets punched by one of Beyonce's bodyguards...poor Beyonce fan. He's getting traumatized...

Meanwhile in LAUGH THREE, here are some three tips on how to deal with someone snoozing next to you while on the FX

- Think of a plan to move the snoozer...

- Make some noise

- Pretend you're sleeping and snore louder!

What's in our Car Town garage today? (June 14, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2005 Jeep Hurricane Concept

Revealed at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, this cross-eyed curiosity during the age of the Daimler-Chrysler not only can approach and climb a 64-degree angle, but the Hurricane Concept is powered by not one but TWO 5.7L Hemi engines, one above the front axle and one above the rear axle! With two engines kicked in, total power output is 670HP and torque output is a hefty 1000Nm, resulting to a 0-60 time of under five seconds.

2005 Jeep Hurricane Concept

2010 Mini Clubman S

Quite an odd addition to the Mini lineup, the Clubman is more of a swiss army knife rather than an enjoyable estate car. Of course, Mini is now a BMW brand, making it too German in the eyes of many, but it still has a British spirit and the Clubman's assembled at Cowley, Oxford, which makes it very British, just like the good old Minis of yesteryears. For added oddity, the Clubman has this bi-parting rear doors known as Splitdoors and a pair of bi-parting side doors known as the Clubdoor. This special door is located on the passenger side of the car...

2010 Mini Clubman S

2009 Honda Fit

It's more than just a compact car for everyone but the Honda Fit is no doubt one of the most fun to drive compacts ever assembled. Of course, it's a Honda and it was notoriously a favorite among the "boy racer" scene and annoyingly, most Honda owners love to spend most of their cash on applying some modifications to make some noise in the neighborhood. For the Honda Fit, however, this is a bit more than that because with an improved ride and handling thanks to its reworked chassis and more rigid bodywork, the Fit from Honda sure knows how to keep itself dandy with ease...

2009 Honda Fit

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sam Concepcion, IHAW NA!

Singer and actor, Sam Concepcion, is the guest of the IHAW NA segment from June 12, 2013's Banana Nite and in here, we're checking how is Sam Concepcion's current status with Jasmine Curtis, about his singing career, his fame, and whatever Sam's talking about. He even demonstrates Tito Bhoy how to do the moonwalk as well!

Meanwhile, in KRISSY AND ME, Krissy and Me are talking about some more hot topics! Such as...

1) Charice, nag-out na. Inamin na siya ay isang tomboy.

2) Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, nag-resign bilang senate president.

Kia -The New K5-

If you look back at Kia's midsize sedan called the K5 (known worldwide as the Optima), you could be forgiven thinking that it is one of the most successful midsize sedans sold in South Korea. The fact is though, it isn't because ever since the ninth generation Camry arrived in South Korea, it toppled down every single car in its category, including the Kia K5, thus winning the 2013 South Korean Car of the Year. The Koreans are not pleased...

So, since its world premiere in New York earlier in the year, Kia finally showcased The New K5 just in time for summer in South Korea and it's been built for one purpose: to offer mid-size sedan consumers new premium amenities and convenience upgrades, as well as a refinement of the world-class design that so completely transformed the brand.

2014 Kia K5
Now, when they said new, what they mean is that this is a "minor change" for this midsize sedan. It's a cosmetic facelift done for the K5 ever since its debut in April 2010. What Kia says that The New K5 is the cornerstone of Kia's design evolution and epitomizes the goal of producing cars that are highly attractive and value for money. Underneath the bonnet lies three different engine types;

First is the Nu 2.0L CVVL engine which produces 172PS of power. Second, a Nu 2.0 LPi engine that runs on liquefied petroleum, the same kind of fuel that was used to cook your meals, which produces 155PS of power when mated with an automatic or 157PS of power when mated with a manual transmission. And finally, for the enthusiasts, a more robust 2.0-liter Theta II turbo GDI (T-GDi) engine which delivers the power of a V6 while maintaining the fuel consumption of a 4-cylinder engine. 271 PS of power and 37.2kg-m of torque.

It's too complicated to explain why and I've been barred by Kia Motors from explaining them properly so instead, here comes a kindergarten explanation...

2014 Kia K5 interior

The issue was the way it handles and although Kia says that even though it has a performance on par with the other European midsize saloons, it's somewhat too confusing for newbies many but even though it's confusing, the dynamics is not quite bad. It still comes with a sportier suspension and a steering tuning, therefore delivering better handling and better driver feedback but as a concept, it's a bit too firm and it would rather faint at the wrong hands if you're not quite careful. What's new on The New K5 is this: the Drive Mode Select which allows the driver to adjust transmission shift points and steering weight, offering owners a customizable driving experience. You can select in either Normal, Sport, or Eco, respectively. Setting in Normal mode feels're riding in a kiddie ride at your nearby convenience store. Eco Mode feels were having a piggyback ride with your parents while you were a baby. And when set to Sport Mode, it's more're getting fell off from the tail end because of the cloud density.

2014 Kia K5
And getting fell off from the tail end is the redesigned front and rear fascias and the brand's signature "Tiger Nose" grille. An updated rear diffusers and a sweeping trunk lid adds even more aerodynamics on the once-successful design, and lighting them up are striking front LED positioning and fog lights, along with clear, newly designed LED rear lamps. As for the interior, there's a new 4.3-inch TFT LCD instrument cluster on the dashboard, available 8-inch Navigation System, new seat designs, and a new steering wheel look.

And then, there's a The New Price; it's now 20,250,000 Korean Won for the entry level model up to 29,950,000 Korean Won for the top-of-the-line model.

Anyway, Toyota Motor Corporation, you and your Camry thingy. Your gauntlet has been picked up by a familiar foe from the Land of the Morning Calm...

Available colors: Snow White Pearl, Bright Silver, Platinum Graphite, Satin Metal, Abyss Blue, Smoky Blue, and Aurora Black Pearl.

Photo: Kia Motors

Munching at Marinepolis Sushi Land Tukwila

Now, earlier, we've visited another restaurant in the Northwest Washington and this time, it's another Japanese restaurant but it's not as fancier as the Benihana that we visited last month. It's another of those all-you-can-eat resto but it's not quite as generous as the King Buffet in Renton. Let's take a look...

This is Marine Polis Sushi Land, but this is the Tukwila branch which is located near the Westfield South Center and to explain what's what, I have to take a look on the inside...

Now this is somewhat harsh... "Please sign in and wait to be seated", This is just like you're in the hospital or in a fish market or in the delivery or whatever you know, taking a ticket and then waiting to call your ticket number that you had.

And then there's this familiar conveyor belt-style machinery where several Japanese sushi meals are here and if you see the sushi that you might just like, be sure to pick up before this one leaves but there's some clever pricing...

Excluding the drinks and the tax, meals served in green plate costs $1 while meals served in orange plate costs $1.50, then meals served in blue plate costs $2 and meals served in purple plate costs $3, the highest. While the conveyor belt showcased sushi choices in green, orange, and blue plates, those purple plate meals, like the noodles we just ordered, are available for ordering purposes.

That sounds clever and if you're in a mood of watching your budget, choose wisely and don't overdo much or else you don't have enough money to pay for all of the sushi meals you just ate.

I was trying to convince my parents to be super careful on the budget because of the clever pricing displayed on each plate color but because they didn't get it, they could just munch on and on and on until our budget runs out dry... If I recall, we've reached over 50 US Dollars on the sushi meals and drinks and that's outrageous! We've wasted so much money on this sushi!

So, there we have it. If you're watching your budget, handle with care because thanks to the clever pricing displayed on each plate per meal, chances are that you're running out of cash easily at Sushi Land. You'll run out of cash more than playing too much slots at either Tulalip, Muckleshoot, or Snoqualmie casino. I strongly advise to be careful on the budget because if it's too much, your cash advance's going to ran out pretty dry. That's all.

Marinepolis Sushi Land
Tukwila - Southcenter Mall
100 Andover Park West 160 

Tukwila, WA 98188


Playing around with the Disney Photo Finish app in my iPhone

And while stuck in traffic...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

THIS TIME FOR REAL: 2014 Opel/Vauxhall Insignia minor change

2014 Opel Insignia

2014 Vauxhall Insignia

Now, when Buick previewed the 2014 Regal to the New York Auto Show, most of the European keen observers wondering what would their 2014 Opel/Vauxhall Insignia would look like. You know that the Buick Regal is a rebadged Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, how come the US Buick Regal showed up ahead from the original counterparts?

Anyway, with so much demanding what would the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia 2014 facelift would look like, finally, some fresh batch of official pics of the 2014 Opel/Vauxhall Insignia facelift showed up and it will making a premiere at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. With a revised exterior, new interior and a new batch of engine choices like the two new-generation Turbo gasoline units and the 99 g Turbo diesel, the new 2014 Opel/Vauxhall Insignia facelift is just one step ahead of time.

It's available in either a 4-door saloon, a 5-door liftback which looks the same as the 4-door model, and a Sport Tourer.


Let's Do The News! (June 12, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

2014 Suzuki Spacia Custom

JM: this available only in Japan?

JC: Yes. Yes it is but I tell you what, the biggest reason why they want this more than the normal Spacia because of this. The normal model is a bit too bland, too vanilla, and too boring to look at so with the Custom model, the direction goes the wrong way around. It always happen to ever kei car when it spawned a stylish "custom" model.

JM: So, you're saying that a kei car with its "custom" model can easily outsell a normal kei car because of some attractive design?

(audience laughing)

JC: Yes. Yes it is so can we do the news now?

RH: Time now for the news and in case you were asking, the San Antonio Spurs takes over Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals against Miami Heat at the score of a devastating 113-77 and I'm receiving too much negative comments about the Spurs took over Game 3, probably because of its record-breaking 16 3-point shoots in the game.

JC: Yeah. 16 3-pointers for San Antonio Spurs? I can't believe that such 3-pointers making the Spurs unstoppable at their tracks. No wonder the Spurs came up with a totally aggressive tactics against the Miami Heat and not only it's bad for the Heat, it's also bad for the coach of Miami Heat named Erik Spoelstra whose leadership skills as a coach didn't do so well.

(audience laughing)

JM: Yeah and if that keeps that up, pretty soon the Spurs takes over the championship. It's a dream when...(laughing)

(audience laughing)

JC: Oh...(laughing) I know what this is...

JM: It's like in a dream when Wendy punched Dipper but that's Dipper's nightmare.

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, I'm starting to receive some negative comments about Spurs winning Game 3 and here's one now...

(audience laughing)

JC: ...and now...

(audience laughing)

JC: ...and now...

(audience laughing)

JC: That's exactly what angry NBA fans felt when Spurs took over Game 3 and if that could happen overnight, the whole social media's going to think how moronic is San Antonio Spurs is. Anyway, Game 4 is on Thursday (Friday if you're in Asia) and let's see how far the Spurs can go...

JM: Yeah...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, there's more bad news out there. This time, the whole world's been talking about the leaked documents from the NSA done by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. It's about the US Government has been using the internet to watch, record, and track huge numbers of normal people from every corner of the globe and gets worse. The government has all of their phone calls, they know where they are, and what they're doing.

RH: So, actually, what Obama just said, perhaps the main reason why he's defending internet surveillance, is because he just abusing his power just to prevent (mockingly) terrorism but is everyone a terrorist?

(audience laughing)

JC: That's an odd question. Because the US Government is spying on every conversation, it seems that everyone in the US that has a gadget is considered a terrorist, even if they had a smartphone because you know most of the smartphones had cameras on it and it seems that the US Government is taking advantage of it to hound you down even after hours.

(audience laughing)

JC: That's sounds scary as you asked and oh, if you are concerned about privacy, please be sure to sign a petition at so that the whole world will know that the US Government, especially Mr. President, to stop acting like Big Brother to us and that's wrong. It's bad to society and it's bad to the First Amendment. My minds hate this kind of malarkey!

(audience laughing)


RH: What?

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, it's more of a good news to us because the next Forza Motorsport 5 on the XBOX ONE console will have...wait for it...OPEN WHEEL RACING!

RH: Wow!

(laughing, then applause)

JC: You heard that right. FM5 will be featuring Open-Wheeled cars for the very first time! Here's a teaser clip...

(cheers and applause)

RH: Wow! This new chapter's starting to win me over!


JC: Hammond, stop screaming like a fangirl. You're making it awkward...

(audience laughing)

RH: Sorry...

JC: Anyway, that is the end of the news...Remember,

Suzuki Spacia Custom

The Suzuki Spacia was launched in Japan since March 2013 and it is now Japan's third best selling model after the Toyota Aqua and its rival, the Honda N BOX. I'd never know that the Spacia, which is the replacement for the 5-year old Palette, became the best selling Suzuki in Japan, so best selling, it outsells the Wagon R by a huge margin. It was one of the most successful cars ever sold because of its tall height and eco-friendly performance but the one thing they didn't like about the Spacia is the looks's a bit too vanilla to look at.

Now, however, there is a solution, it's called the Spacia Custom. You get the same attributes from the normal Spacia except now, you're rolling the streets of Shinjuku in style.

2014 Suzuki Spacia Custom
Think of the all new Spacia Custom as the successor of the already stylish Suzuki Palette SW with some sparkling LED eyes as seen on the current Wagon R Stingray but it is quite difficult to explain why...

Firstly, it costs about 1,412,250 Japanese Yen, that's about over 200,000 yen more than the standard Spacia but surprisingly, cheaper than an entry-level Daihatsu Tanto Custom. Of course, you can still expect Suzuki Green Technology implemented on the Spacia Custom. You can expect the Ene-Charge, the Idling Stop, and the Eco-Cool and with this kind of green technology and the CVT as standard, fuel economy is about 27.8kmpl for the naturally aspirated model while the turbocharged model, that is the highlight for the Spacia Custom, has a fuel economy of 26kmpl.

So, job well done but anyway, forget about the performance and eco story for the Spacia Custom. Let's concentrate on the main reason why there are so many Japanese kei car customers out there who want a Spacia are really interested over the Custom version. Well, you know them but even though the Spacia is the best selling Suzuki in Japan, no one really interested on how it looks...especially the big red smiley face on the Spacia logo.

2014 Suzuki Spacia Custom
I've been busy reading the comments out of from the Japanese community saying that they should better wait for this than rather having a normal Spacia with a big red smiley face at the back because not only it's better looking than the normal model but it really reflects their personality. Think about...a change in demographics because as the Japanese population is getting a bit older and more "selfie", the Japanese carmakers are trying to respond very quick to meet the demands and with this, I'm sure your Tito or your Ninong wouldn't rather having you for a ride because this was made by "selfies", for "selfies".

Question, how "selfie" is the new Spacia Custom, perhaps? Well, checking on the design process it looks pretty much the same as the old Palette SW it replaces. I mean, look at the "sparkling LED eyes" at the front, that's kinda look like it's been cut from the Wagon R Stingray and then pasted it on the front of the Spacia. Later on, with the Stingray's front, Suzuki had gone mad with the styling details and then...the big red smiley face from the Spacia gone! The tall kei car targeted for mommies had been converted into a visual kei's bedroom.

2014 Suzuki Spacia Custom interior
In a car like these, the all new Spacia Custom was not made for those who are soccer moms. This was made for those punks who want to "rollin" in style. It's also made for those who are feeling a bit "casual Friday" and for idiots who wished they wanna made a rollercoaster at their own backyard. Hey, wait a minute! That's someone else's idea! You know? The rollercoaster in the backyard? Okay, never mind about that but even it was made to be a head-turner, it's still behaves like a normal car. It's even, as experts claimed, lighter than a Daihatsu Tanto Custom or a Honda N BOX Custom.

2014 Suzuki Spacia Custom
In the interests of convenience, the Spacia Custom never fails in the dimension game because the room is measured at 2215mm long, 1375mm high, and the distance between your foot from the inside to the outside is 340mm, making it a benchmark for the tall kei wagons out there and because the seats are foldable, you can have it either as a relaxing bed for an outdoor break, fold rear seats for luggage purposes, and fold the half of to make room of your bikes or whatever something long.

Because everyone in Japan is growing too much interest to the Spacia Custom, I'm betting that it will outsell the standard model by a huge margin because everyone demanded to have one of these and because of all the stylish looks made for the selfies in Japan and the modest performance, it's an easy choice to have one of these rather than the normal Spacia despite it's over 200,000 yen more.

Available Colors: Steel Silver Metallic, Cool Khaki Pearl Metallic, Luna Grey Pearl Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl 3, Phoenix Red Pearl, Mysterious Violet Pearl, and Pearl White.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's Do The News! (June 11, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

JM: That one or the GTi?

JC: Uh....(mumbling)

(audience laughing)

JC: I think I would rather stick to the GTi instead because it's more powerful, more sublime, more fun, and enjoyable to have than the GTD. Think about it, the GTD is nothing more of a GTi with some underpowered diesel engine that meets with the Euro 6 emission rubbish but even though it's underpowered, it still behaves just like a GTi.

JM: Yeah, and can we do the news, now?

RH: And the news, ladies and gentlemen and since it's E3 week, the next-gen console wars has just begun because Sony finally unveiled the the flesh. Look...

Sony PS4


RH: Take a look at it, it looks nice but there's a hint of confusion though.

JC: Oh yeah, right. How does it compare to the Xbox One?


RH: Well, first of all, the pricing. Because while Microsoft announced that it will be cost around $499, the PS4 costs around $399, making it a hundred dollars less than the X1 so why did Sony manage to cost it a hundred dollars less?

JC: I don't know man. But let's talk first about the XBOX One first. Anyway, it says here that the new X1 checks for an internet connection to ensure that all apps are updated and games required cloud access can be played. Says here that most games can be played offline for a day before re-establishing a connection. Also, with X1 games can be stored via cloud services, an owner can log on to a friend's console and access their own games. That sounds clever...

(audience laughing)

RH: Yeah, pretty clever. And here's the best X1 bit...players can let friends borrow their games if the borrower is on his/her friends list for 30 days.

JC: Really? You can borrow a game from a friend?

RH: Indeed and since a lot of XBOX fans concerning about privacy issues, the X1's Kinect will not record and upload conversations. That was verified by Microsoft so this thing's not spying on you. Don't worry.

JC: So...even with the X1 off, does the Kinect mic still operates?

JM: Well, yeah. It responds only to the "XBOX ON" command but it can also be turned off.

JC: Well, what a relief. So, what about the PS3?

RH: There's some good news though. Although, there's a bit of bad news so let's start with the good parts. First off, like the PS3, the PS4 is region-free, meaning you can play any kind of PS4 game you like even if it came from another country. Also good is that the PS4 will not have additional restrictions on used games.

JC: So...which means...

RH: Yeah. I know. Users can trade, borrow, lend, or sell games like previous-generation console games! Brilliant!

(cheers and applause)

JC: So, what's the bad news?

RH: Bad news is...well, the console will require a PlayStation Plus service subscription for online multiplayer games. If you don't know what that is, it's a premium subscription for PlayStation gamers. Much like the XBOX Live Gold but with some added fanciness like free or discounted games offered on the PlayStation. Anyway, PS Plus subscription costs 1,300 yen (about US$13) for 90 days in Japan, and US$9.99 or 6.99 Euros for 30 days in those respective regions.

JC: So...main question is...the X1 or the PS4?

(audience laughing)

RH: Oh man...that's going to be way too difficult. I know, I had the cash but I can't decide just yet...Can we move on?

JC: Oh, okay. Anyway, Tekken's going to launch it's first ever Free-To-Play game called Tekken Revolution and it's available only on the PlayStation Network on the PS3 console and it offers eight characters in Arcade mode as well as online Ranked and Player Matches. Also, TR will be implementing a level-up system which gamers can boost their character's Strength, Endurance and Vigor, to create a combatant tuned to individual play styles. That's clever but impressive.

JM: Yeah, but why only on the PS3? Why not on the XBOX Live?

JC: Well, sadly James, there's a hint of a problem because a concerned Tekken fan asked the series creator, which goes by Harada-san, asking why the Tekken Revolution is available only on the PS3 and why not in the X360 console. He said "Ask Microsoft yourself. I already asked them about free to play of the console last year."

(audience laughing)

RH: Wait...Harada-san already asked Microsoft about this last year? I wonder...

JC: We don't know. Maybe Microsoft kinda rejected the offer because...think about it folks, sales of the XBOX 360 had been plummeted over the weeks and this kind of move, which Harada-san stated, that it wasn't the choice of Namco Bandai. Whatever that means, this is disappointing to label Tekken Revolution a PSN-exclusive but...something's fishy going around here...

RH: What is it?

(audience laughing)

JC: Oh, never mind about that. I was just...thinking...Yep...My mind just says...(mimics Isabella) "Whatcha Doin?"

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, BIG NEWS!

JM: What?

JC: No no...Not Good News, BIG NEWS! You know that Tatiana Maslany, the gal who took a big break as the heroine from the recently concluded BBC America drama, Orphan Black? The one that she was nominated for the CRITICS CHOICE AWARD? Well, good news! She won!

RH: She won?

JC: Yes! Tatiana Maslany, thanks for being Sarah and the other clones in Orphan Black, won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series! Here she is...

Tatiana Maslany

JC: Loud and proud!

(cheers and applause)

JM: Yeah, and the main concern for Ms. Tatiana Maslany about winning the award are her clones going to react?

(audience laughing)

JC: Not sure about that. Be patient and oh! That reminds me! TVR! The once defunct carmaker behind the Tuscan and the wild Sagaris, it's back!


JC: No, really! TVR's back! That's THUNDEROUS NEWS! Says here that TVR is now back and has a new owner...

RH: Let me it Russian?

(audience laughing)

JC: Nope. Some British businessman both the rights to TVR and the new owner of TVR goes by the name of Les Edgar. He bought the rights from its former Russian businessboy. The new owner says that he had a lot of ideas for the sports car brand and "won't make the mistakes that have been made in the past".

RH: So...what could that be for the new TVR?

JC: We're not sure but oh! That's the end of the news!

RH: And actually, while wrapping up this segment, check out the exclusive trailer for the upcoming Phineas and Ferb MISSION MARVEL TV Special. Watch the trailer:

Volkswagen Golf VII GTD

2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD

The latest Golf GTi is hands down one of the best GTi ever made for the unnecessary selfie who wants a proper hot hatchback that does everything he wishes for but in a terribly twisted way, there's the diesel cousin, called the Golf GTD. Think of the GTD as a Golf GTi...with the fuel of Satan on it because this is a diesel-powered hot hatch you may not want to add to your collection but in times like these, do you consider having one of these in your garage? A GTi with some diesel credentials on it? This is a kind of thing that make you go hmmm...

First and foremost, it is available in either a 3-door or a 5-door, a 6-speed manual or a DSG, and they're all powered by a 2.0L turbodiesel engine which produces 184PS of power, less than the petrol-powered equivalent but VW says it's 14PS more than the old GTD model of the 2009. That sounds uncanny for a diesel powered hot hatch which seems to be not quite as hot as a Golf GTi but for this new diesel engine, VW says that it exceeded its expectations to be...Euro 6 compliant. Yeah, I know, the whole Euro 6 emission standard will be implemented next year but such improvement really knows that this GTD did prepared for the future. It's like "here today, ready for tomorrow" and hey, kinda sounds familiar about that tagline. Do you where is this kind of tagline?

Oh, well, you don't need to tell me but the new GTD has a naught to 60 time of under eight seconds and flatout, it can do about 143mph, making it the fastest diesel-powered Golf ever made. So, not bad for Volkswagen though, let's not forget that a diesel powered Seat Leon FR is cheaper than that. Anyway, how about being a driver's car? How does the new GTD show its affinity to the driver in mind?

Well, thanks to the new MQB platform, it feels a bit more civilized even on the bumpy roads. It doesn't want to get itself shattered while facing the corner thanks to some sporty dynamics implemented on it. Even though it's sharper than a normal Golf, the new GTD is not as aggressive as the petrol-powered GTi equivalent. It's not quite stiffer as it felt in the handling department but the steering is just too quick and very nimble. It's like eating a duck after using it for an experiment where you're figuring out if a duck's quack can echo. Trust me on this, even the duck's quack can echo and that's general science.

But the Golf GTD isn't a duck's quack that can echo through an closed space, this is like pub science where you're pulling experiments on the pub until you'll get kicked out by the pub owner. It may perform under than the petrol-powered GTi but it's still got that bang that VW fans love.

Photo: Volkswagen

Dominic Almelor, IHAW NA!

On the June 10, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment, we see Tito Bhoy inteviews Dominic Almelor, one of the TV reporters from the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. In here, Dominic tells us more on his daily routine, his busy life as a reporter, and something else...

Meanwhile, there's more funnier like looking on some funny pics in ETO NA POST such as an ENTRANCE ONLY sign that you cannot enter, a new BMW animal, students covering their heads with books while taking exams, a large snake having a birthday, and a one cent drop.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's Do The News! (June 10, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Heat takes Game 2

Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals sees Miami Heat making a comeback against San Antonio Spurs at the score of 103-84. With Heat win, the scores are now tied to one. Will Miami Heat makes it again or will Spurs block the Heat? Game 3 starts at Tuesday (Wednesday if you're in Asia). See you there...

Mexicans gone nude as a protest...

In other weird news, here in Mexico, thousands of Mexican cyclists had gone nude to protest against aggressive drivers and carbon emissions from cars -- and the conservativeness of central Mexico's Jalisco state. Some are nude, some wearing undies, while some wearing swimsuits, cycling through Guadalajara for 12 miles, aiming to highlight the fragility of riders and the risks they face on busy roads but it can be a chance to take aim at the conservative climate in that state. A woman in a swimsuit said that "daring to cycle naked pushes beyond the limits of the Catholic sense of morality"


The Pugad Baboy malarkey

Ever since the Philippine Daily Inquirer suspended and censored the highly popular Pugad Baboy comic strip, The Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) condemned the PDI for their dismay over the newspaper's failure to stand by Pugad Baboy creator, Pol Medina, Jr., saying that the creator's suspension over the installment touching on homosexuality in Catholic schools can "set a dangerous precedent" that threatens free expression. Hmmm...that can't be right...but how?

Reason for this censorship to the Pugad Baboy is the strip that mentioned Catholic school St. Scholastica's College in the context of what one cartoon character called the "Christian hypocrisy" over the issue of homosexuality. After the school, which is the St. Scholastica's College, threatened to issue a lawsuit against PDI, Medina was suspended and later PDI publisher Raul Pangalangan apologized over the matter. Same goes to Medina which later resigned on Friday.

For 20 years, Pugad Baboy served not just the sense of humor but also satire and relevant social commentary, including what's what in the world of Philippine politics.


Concerned over Mandela's hospitalization

As Nelson Mandela, the man behind the anti-apartheid propaganda, remains in the hospital in Pretoria because of his "serious but stable" condition, South Africans and world leaders were deeply concerned about his condition and therefore offer their thoughts and prayers to him. Mandela's "serious but stable" condition" involves on a renewed lung infection that triggered global concerned on once they called him the "South African hero".


2014 RR Sport sets new records at Pikes Peak

While the all new 2014 Range Rover Sport may be more of an enthusiast-centered Range Rover of all, it's also set standards for production vehicles as it sets a record time of 12 minutes 35.61 seconds – averaging 59.17 mph (95.23 km/h) on the winding asphalt road, making it one of the quickest production cars in the world to lap quicker at the Pikes Peak.


BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

If you think that the 5-Series Gran Turismo is far out the most hideous looking Bimmer ever made, just wait until you meet up with its even hideous little brother from another world.

2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo
This swivel-eyed curiosity is the all new BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo, the one that was once hideous now made even hideous, probably because of its design so hideous, it's like marrying a renowned designer of all things beautiful to someone with a hideous looking braces on her teeth. Eewww...

However, the unproportional design of the 3-Series GT is the least of our problems because there are several key points you might aware about this curiosity. First of all, there was this typical BMW interior because this is somewhat the same interior you can expect in other BMWs but sadly, never mind about that because even though it's been loaded with several gadgetry catered for the techie kind of person, even the internet connectivity, or iPod connectivity, or heated seats, or whatever concession of conveniences you can expect, it doesn't make any difference and because of the roof line that looks like its big brother, the 5-Series Gran Turismo, it's as cramped as jogging down a miniature submarine through the hunchback's...well, back!

2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo interior
So, what's exactly wrong with this baby GT Bimmer, anyway? Apart from its hideous "doof" look and its stale interior, what else is wrong? Anyway, about the way it drives, the 3-Series GT is smoother than the Touring version of the 3-Series but the long wheelbase of the 3-Series GT really ruined the steering behavior. It's like having a baker getting zapped and then when customers come to the bakeshop and said, "Hey! Why is this birthday cake look like it's been zig zagged?". Probably because the baker can't keep up with the electric shock that messes her work? Yes...Very...

2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

Engine types for the 3GT include three petrol engines, including the one that produces 306PS of power, and 3 diesel engines for those who often got the green thumbs and want to be somewhat more intellectual when they get there. Whichever engine types you're choosing, you can either opt for a 6-speed manual or an oversized 8-speed automatic transmission but no matter the outcome, the results of being a dull driver's car remains the same.

The Germans are trying to express their serious sense of humor on their cars just to give drivers an awkward smile on their faces but sadly, this car doesn't have a sense of humor and it's not funny. It's still as corny as a c-list celebrity who often spends his time stealing jokes on the internet or as nonsensical as a college dropout who wants to get a job at his nearest fast food joint and that's for nerds who don't bother about everything surrounding his life.

This car isn't a C-List celebrity stealing jokes or a college dropout working at McDonald's. In fact, this is even more worse than those and with the 36,150 EUR intro price, it's too expensive as well. In fact, with with the money that was meant to buy a 3-Series GT, I should rather spend it Renault Megane 265 and with all that leftovers, I could just spend it for minor home renovations with such budget left and some groceries.

Photo: BMW
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