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Let's Do The News! (April 20, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Name of Doctor Who Season 7 finale revealed!

The title of the season 7 finale of BBC Doctor Who was finally revealed to the public won't going to like this...'s titled THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR, and that season finale says it all. "His Secret Revealed". Oh my stars. This season finale will take place next month and on that episode, Alex Kingston returns, reprising her River Song role and guess what? Do you think it's going to be a first encounter between Clara and River? Spoilers!

If you recall the Season 6 finale titled "The Wedding of River Song", there's something about "The Impossible Question" that will threaten The Doctor's life. It's the question that must never been answered. Hidden in plain sight, the question he's been running away from all of his life. Do you think The Impossible Question has to do about...THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR?! Find out soon when we get there but be warned...this could trigger some serious chain reaction from the fans.

Lamborghini planning final Gallardo special

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Performante

The Lamborghini Gallardo is reaching the end of its lifespan and before this car is heading to car heaven, Lamborghini mulls a final Gallardo featuring a stripped-out interior, rear-wheel drive, and a 6-speed manual. Of course, this would be the last model to be fitted with this gearbox. Very sad though because in truth, most Lambos with flappy paddles outsells the manual Lambos.

MG3 coming to UK!

2014 MG3
Revealed at this year's Shanghai Motor Show, MG Motor announced that the MG3 compact car is coming to the UK in the second-half of 2013 and it's going to be a promising rival to the Vauxhall Adam. Can it? Anyway, designed and built from UK, the new MG3 was heavily inspired from the MG ZERO concept car and it comes with the 105PS version of the VTi-TECH petrol engine mated with a 5-speed manual.


2014 Skoda Superb minor change

For 2014, the second-generation Skoda Superb flagship liftback and wagon models have been given a minor change inside and out. To be launched in European markets this Summer, the 2014 Superb range feautres a redesigned exterior which seems to be obvious, a reworked interior that looks a bit the same, fuel-efficient engines, high-tech gizmos, and a new Automatic Parking Assistant now available in both the hatchback and the combi.


50th Anniversary Special Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50 Anniversario

Revealed at this year's Shanghai Motor Show, this is another one of Lamborghini's 50th anniversary present since the threesome Veneno special. The special Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario kinda more like an Aventador J now with the roof on it but get this; the 6.5L V12 engine now has an additional 20PS of power, so it's powerful than the standard Aventador LP700-4. And, it's limited to 100 units, each of which will come with a Forged Composite badge featuring the "50°" logo and a serial number.


Boston bombing suspect arrested

Justice is served for those affected from the Boston Marathon bombings as authorities arrested a suspect named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (age 19) in Watertown. He and another suspect responsible for the bombing engaged in a gunfight against the cops in a Boston suburb. That other suspect was killed on the shootout earlier. Cops made a door-to-door search all over the Boston suburb until some say that Tsarnaev was hiding in a boat placed in a house's backyard. "We Got Him!": That's what the cops say when they apprehended the suspect and justice is served.

"CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won,"


Remembering Sarah Jane - Two Years On...

Sarah Jane Smith and K-9

In case you missed it, April 19, 2013 marks the 2nd death anniversary of Elisabeth Sladen, a veteran actress who played Doctor Who companion, Sarah Jane Smith from the past, and then made a comeback on Series 2 and 4 of BBC's Doctor Who between 2006 and 2008, and then star of a kid-friendly spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures up to her death in April 19, 2011 after her loss against pancreatic cancer at the age of 65.

Right before she died, she once wrote a memoir of her life. It's an autobiography of her tracing back from her first appearance as Sarah Jane Smith on the 1973 Doctor Who story "The Time Warrior". She even explains about her time with Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor) and Tom Baker (4th Doctor) as well as life outside Who. Oh, and for the record, she once appeared Coronation Street, Z-Cars and Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em, among many others where she appeared on.

While we're too short for words, she's still the one who will be missed by millions, even the kids who became part of her journey from Doctor Who to Sarah Jane Adventures. If you had a DVD of the final season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, you'll see that there was this special feature called Goodbye, Bannerman Road. It's about a tribute to Sarah Jane Smith according to people involved, even 11th Doctor Matt Smith is well qualified to explain why Sarah Jane is the ultimate Doctor Who companion of all time. Yes, he once made an appearance in the 4th season of Sarah Jane, which also features Katy Manning who was also one of the classic Who companions, Jo Grant. Anyone saw that?

Anyway, it's been two years when Elisabeth Sladen died but no matter the outcome, there's still more who are loyal to her, even the Whovians new and old alike. I'm so glad to have a well-respected actress who marks a significant milestone in Who history and hey, since it's the 50th Anniversary of Who, there's still more to like about Sarah Jane.

"Mahaba-habang inuman..."

On the April 19, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Crying at the Emergency gags...

- On our top story; our newscaster explains something something...

- Is he proven a criminal? Let that explain to the kidnapped witness...

- This guy loves jailtime so much, he wants to stay in jail!

- Tata Lino is back again for more quotes to live by...

- Bubble Gang does San Miguel Light by spoofing this commercial as SAN PIGIL LIGHT! Mahaba-habang inuman...

- Getting to know about the poorest denial...

- A meeting at the conference room about image changing to society...

- Michael V examines the myths of manlihood's love for sports.

- Guess these two are dreaming about themselves...or are they?

- IyoTube

Threats from North Korea - A Week in Review (April 20, 2013)

April 15, 2013:

- The London School of Economics criticized the BBC for arranging an academic trip to North Korea to secretly film a documentary. They criticized this broadcaster for putting them at risk while failed to provide enough info to the students in advance.

- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets up with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tokyo to reaffirm alliances as North Korea's belicose threats continues.

- North Korea celebrates 101st birthday of the nation's founder, Kim Il-Sung. Current president, Kim Jong-Un, visited the Kumsusan Memorial Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang to pay tribute to his grandfather.

April 16, 2013:

- Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said that Japan will not be fooled by North Korea's "ultimatum" that it will threaten to start the war at any time.

- North Korea made new threats after a mass protest against North Korea somewhere in Seoul in Monday, demanding that the North must stop its provocative actions, including apparent preparations for a missile launch.

April 17, 2013:

- North Korea rejects US call for dialogue based on taking steps toward denuclearization. It was announced by the state-run media that the US Secretary of State John Kerry was arrogant and hostile according to North Korea's foreign ministry.

- Meanwhile, the Panmunjom village is remained calm and it continues to let foreigners in via tours.

April 18, 2013:

- North Korea demanded that the retraction of UN Security Council resolutions against it as a condition for returning to dialogue with the international community. The North's National Defense Commision criticized as an unacceptable proposal made by the US and South Korea.

- Japan's missile destruction order against oncoming NoKor missiles is here to stay until July.

April 19, 2013:

- North Korea sent high-ranking military delegation, led by Vice Minister of People's Armed Forces Kang Pyo Yong, to Africa, contradicting its readiness despite the rising tension in East Asia.

What's in our Car Town garage today? (April 20, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2012 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

When BMW decided to join the eco car game, they conceptualize what would their green car be for the German carmaker. Sure, hybrids can be somewhat boring to drive but when this concept machine showed up at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, this is the kind of machine that changed its course. The Vision EfficientDynamics promises the same fun-to-drive value of a BMW while staying true to its eco-car genes. What's so cool about this machine is that it even has a starring role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in 2011. As a PHV, the Vision Efficient Dynamics is powered by a three-cylinder diesel engine combined with two electric motors. When all three kicked in, it churns out 356HP of power and 590lb-ft of torque while delivering CO2 emissions of just 99g/km.

2012 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

1969 Shelby GT500

For 1969, the Shelby GT500 received some minor cosmetic changes and a change in length by about 4 inches. Some leftover 1969 models of the Shelby GT500 (and its GT350 stablemate) were reissued with 1970 VINs under the supervision of the FBI and for 1970, they even come with a front chin spoiler and two black hood stripes. There are a few 1971 and 1972 models were made by request of some Belgian dealer and marketed as "Shelby Europa" for the European market.

1969 Shelby GT500

2012 Kia World Challenge Optima

The Kia Optima (known in Korea as the K5) is one of the most successful midsize sedans made by the Korean manufacturer so what if this has a chance to be in the world of motorsport? Having learned its lesson from the Forte Koup, the Optima joined the ranks of the World Challenge series in 2012 and on the eight round of the 2012 season, Michael Galati propelled the Optima to the brand's first ever win at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario.

2012 Kia World Challenge Optima

Friday, April 19, 2013

Let's Do The News! (April 19, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

JM: Okay, let's do the news!

JC: Right and anyway, I'd received this newsletter earlier on and it's from someone I'd never know. It says here that CISPA, the one that the Senate trashed it last year, has been passed on the House of Representatives.


JC: No! I'm not joking, folks. It's true, CISPA has been passed by the House of Representatives. You heard the news, right?

RH: Uh...I think we really don't know about CISPA but what's that?

JC: Little man, don't you know? CISPA is a kind of act that turns the websites you love such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook into government spies that unsuspecting traces your every move and that's annoying. Get it? That's annoying! It's like a lady undressing herself unsuspectingly been peeped by some Peeping Tom.

(audience laughing)

JC: I know, it's all boso-boso, but CISPA is definitely annoying! What would you do when CISPA becomes a law? Anybody?

(audience murmuring)

JC: That's exactly what you said! DON'T USE THE COMPUTER when CISPA becomes the law!

(audience laughing)

RH: Really? So you can't use Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or other forms of social media because the Feds are keeping an eye on your move? Well, that's sound rubbish to me. I would rather do those things despite those.

JC: Well, fine for you little man.

(audience laughing)

JC: But still, even though CISPA has passed by the Senate, it's not yet been turned into law unless the US President has the power to either approve it or veto it. So, if he approves CISPA, then we're doomed and if we're not careful, we're barred.

(audience laughing)

JC: So, take note, Mr. President, please VETO the CISPA because netizens from around the world don't like this kind of thing because of privacy issues!

(audience laughing)

JM: Oh! Hey now! With a Doctor Who episode titled HIDE is fast approaching, I've heard that episodes 10, 11, and 12 for DW Series 7 has been named and here it is, look...


JM: As you can see from those images about, it seems that next week involves on the TARDIS interior, next next week involves

(audience laughing)

JM:...and then the next next next week features a totally new look from the feared Cybermen. Come to look at it that I'm starting to like the new look of those Cybermen. Now they had this sort of glowing stuff on their chests. That's brilliant.

JC: Yeah, indeed brilliant take on one of The Doctor's oldest foe but you know what? I think it looks great to be a "collector's item" but sadly the blokes from Underground Toys had no plans to make those 2013 version of the Cybermen...

(audience laughing)

RH: Yeah, that's a shame for that. Always wanted to play one of those...

JC: Yeah, let yourself dream of having one...

(audience laughing)

(iPhone vibrating, Homer: Better them than me!)

JM: Uh...what's that?

JC: Oh, it says "Homer has finished Snake Hunt!"

(audience laughing)

RH: Oh, I see you're busy with your Simpsons gig on your iPhone eh? Typical...

(audience laughing)

RH: I know. I often get addicted to this Tapped Out city-building game and gets better because it released an Level 28 update featuring those mafia men, some new buildings and that's about it. Oh, there's still more of those Whacking Day stuff going on until next month.

JM: Whacking Day? Oh wait! I remember it now. You're too busy collecting snakes for limited edition items and how many snakes do you got as of now?

JC: Mine think it's over a thousand and eight hundred snakes collected. Just two hundred more until I got myself a "snake rock" item in which for four hours, it hatches 10 snakes.

RH: Uh...okay...well good luck with the whacking day gig on The Simpsons, Jeremy....

(audience laughing)

RH: Now, anyway it seems that Dubai's Five-O had enlisted a new ride to catching up crims. Wanna guess what that car those Dubai rozzers get?

JC: Uh...wait, let me guess? Is it something Italian?

RH: Yes!

JC: Is it an Lambo?

RH: Correct! Here it is!

Dubai Police Lamborghini Aventador

RH: And that's not all, it seems that the Dubai rozzers also got a Ferrari FF for a change!

Dubai Police Ferrari FF
RH: Guess those Dubai cops really know how to play a game of "Hot Pursuit" eh?

JC: Yeah, and those Italian supercars really make good interceptors on Dubai roads. I wonder if those can deploy spike strips on the move?

(audience laughing)

RH: Jeremy?

JC: Oh sorry. Must have played too much NFSMW on my way home.

(audience laughing)

JC: Now anyway, let me tell you a story, folks. Chaps, listen up. Now, everytime I scroll down every feed on Facebook, I often see everyone's statues, say what's going on in their community, sharing pics, so on, so forth. However, what I find it annoying what those stuff from Facebook that don't matter. Wanna guess what that is? Anyone?

(audience laughing)

JC: Whatever. What I find it annoying is when people shared pics that says "Like for Jesus, Share for Jesus, Scroll Down for Satan". What was that? What should I do?

(audience laughing)

JC: And then there was those things that don't matter like the thing that are relevant to daily life such as "This is how mom folds. This is how I fold", and then there's a pic that depicts those tags you can commonly see on your clothes, which is for washing instructions, and then "this is how it feels like" with some cactus on it. Also, there's this comparison between a man from the 80's and a man from today.

JM: What?

JC: You know? The man from the 80's is thin and has a small TV but the man of today has a big HD TV and a big tummy...Ahem...

(audience laughing)

JC: It seems most Facebook users often share some stuff that don't matter. If you're reading these, stop sharing such nonsense. Okay?

RH: What about those pics that most Facebook users share that makes you vomit?

(audience laughing)

JC: Well, I really don't wanna see those morons sharing pics that made me vomit uncontrollably.

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, that is the end of the news.

Ella Cruz, IHAW NA!

Aryana actress, Ella Cruz, guested on the IHAW NA segment from the April 18, 2013 episode of BANANA NITE and in here, she talks about being a mermaid, her achievements, and much more.

Meanwhile, Angelica showcases some funny Facebook pics on another ETO NA POST segment. Pics include sleeping in the bed floating through the flooded village, the difference between female soldiers from two Koreas, how can you're welcome if you have no entry?, the bottom secret, and beers in the aquarium.

Also, Chazz is on the metro, daring anyone to reach their tongues to their noses in CHAZZ DO IT segment. Sadly, no one can even reach their tongues to their noses!

Forza Horizon: Rated ZAGATO

In reality, when a restaurant is labeled "Rated ZAGAT", then you'll know that it's a kind of restaurant that passed the likings from ZAGAT. Here in Forza Horizon, I wanted to give this game a "Rated ZAGATO" because not one but two Zagato models arrived on the party. One is pure British and the other one is half-Italian, half-American, if you know what I mean... But first...

This car feels like it's ZAGAT rated

Let's start with the V12 Zagato. Although, I maybe familiar with that car because I drove one on Forza Motorsport 4, the V12 Zagato is all about the power, beauty, and soul of an Aston Martin, enveloped with the timeless beauty done by a coachbuilder, Zagato. It is one of the most potent rides I have ever driven, not by the fact because it's an V12 Vantage underneath it but it is because the V12 Zagato, in racing-spec form as seen on Villa D'Este in 2011, feels like it's a wild party diguised as an intimate get-together. Get it? Intimate Get-Together! Now where did I heard that word? From a kids show that I often watched?

V12 Zagato is movin' to the beat

Because the V12 Zagato, as I explained, as a wild party disguised as an intimate get together, it sure knows how to move in to the beat and unlike any other Aston Martins that are a bit too dynamic for my tastes, it feels a bit normal, a bit well-behaved, and it really tickles me hardcore. This is the same feeling I'd expect on other Italian supercars but with a bit of "tea party" spilling through my driving fancies. This car will make you as fancy as an village idiot from a family of geniuses.

A dynamic point of view

I love this kind of Zagato machine so what on Earth have been thinking when this coachbuilder's joining forces again with Alfa Romeo when they made this?

Combination of Italian design with American powertrain

This is the TZ3 Stradale Zagato. This car is part of the April Top Gear Pack on Horizon and by the looks of it, it's not half bad, knowing the fact that it looks more like a modern equivalent of the Giulia TZ2 Zagato from the past. Good thing, the producers did the right thing, featuring an Alfa Romeo that was never been taken by a rival video game and that's the result. I'm starting to feel that I like this more than the Giulia TZ2 Zagato from a rival game but more importantly, it's a Dodge Viper underneath it!

Timeless beauty

Really?! This car was a Dodge Viper underneath it?! So this must be the first time I drove an Alfa Romeo that combines the design of Italian coachbuilder with the powertrain of an American sportscar. Sure, Chrysler was owned by Fiat so this is the cunning result of what happens when two worlds collide. Therefore, it still has the same V10 engine from the Viper, the same 6-speed manual from the Viper, the same interior from the Viper, and overall, the same dangerous driving feel that I can expect on the Dodge Viper SRT-10. Interesting...

Beat it, kid! Mine's more valuable than yours!

For car with an awkward-looking design, this car requires a skilled driver to master the fundamentals of the TZ3 Stradale and unlike the V12 Zagato, the TZ3 Stradale is a monster of a machine with the same dynamic and challenging driving feel of an V10-powerer American sportscar. It can kill even the most unskilled driver when fallen to the wrong hands but with enough practice, this is more rewarding. It's really really, that rewarding when you're careful.

Those ZAGATO-designed cars are just one way that even in Horizon, there's still some time living the fancy life because of its rarity, its unique looks, its driving feel, and everything that treats you like royalty. If you were Colorado's Ridge, Rave, or Rage of a racer, those two really know how to change courses because they're both fancy cars for the speedo boys living the fancy life in car heaven. Oh, just don't get fancy too much because it's going to be quite a disgusting feat.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's in our Car Town garage today? (April 18, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1976 Ford Gran Torino

Basically, this is one of the most iconic "screen legends" in the automotive world probably because it was the "Striped Tomato" from a classic detective show Starsky & Hutch. With such popularity of the car as seen on the TV show, Ford made a limited-to-1000 replicas of the special "Starsky & Hutch" Gran Torinos which comes with a special paint option, but required the deluxe bumper group and dual color-keyed sport mirrors as mandatory options.

1976 Ford Gran Torino

1999 Plymouth Prowler

If you happen that if you see one of those Prowlers on the street, chances are that you're looking on a future classic that is very rare on American roads. The Prowler features some hot-rod styling cues that nods back from classic hotrods while it uses the same platform that was used on Chrysler's LH-cars. Under the hood, the Prowler comes with a 3.5L V6 engine which develops 214HP but in 1999, it was replaced with a more powerful version which develops 257PS of power while being mated with a 4-speed automatic.

Back in 1998, a Prowler was sealed in a mausoleum as a time capsule somewhere in Oklahoma and experts are looking forward what would a Prowler look like when it was sealed when the time capsule is opened in 2048, when it will be returned to Chrysler.

1999 Plymouth Prowler

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Using the second-generation Camaro as its basis, the Z/28 model of the Camaro features a high-performance LT-1 engine which churns out 360HP of power and 520Nm of torque, providing more performance than the previous 4.9L V8's that was applied on the 1967-69 Z/28 models. Available transmissions were either a 3-speed auto or a 4-speed manual.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Matteo Gudicelli, IHAW NA!

On April 17, 2013's Banana Nite, Tito Bhoy interviews guest celeb, Matteo Gudicelli, about his personal paraiso, his interests, his time with Jessy Mendiola since Paraiso, and other stuff that comes in Matteo's mind.

Meanwhile, Melai Cantiveros is here again for another Laugh Three and this time, Melai gave us three tips if you're getting sweaty on the go...

1) Pick a fight on someone who sells halo-halo

2) Pretend you're a beggar and knock on someone else's car!

3) Pretend you're fainting!

And then...THE FLASHER is flashing his...something scare off unsuspecting victims! (Oops! This is RATED SSPG, don't forget!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Banana Nite 4/16/2013

On the KANDILA segment from April 16, 2013's Banana Nite, here are the stories;

- PHIVOLCS found a way to determine earthquakes with something Facebook!

- There's a new gang out there that causing too much crimes in Metro Manila...and they called it the AGAW-DAMIT GANG!

- While the weather in the Philippines is too hot, the DOH secretly thank this hot climate...for lessening chances of sexual intercourse...because they're too sweaty!

Meanwhile in ETO NA POST, we take a look at some funny pics from Facebook such as a sign that mentions "menstrual period", leave your "step-ins" before going to the steeping stone, and someone who doesn't want to leave the marker at the whiteboard.

And then, the Tres Kumpares have gone fishing!

Forza Horizon: The 1000 Club

So, a whole new challenge unfolds in Horizon...

Sure, I may have conquered the Festival and the Horizon Rally but the party's not yet done for others because they want something more to keep the party going and this is what Horizon came up with...

It's called the 1000 Club and this new type of challenge brings players to bring their favorite car through series of challenges and for every challenge it cleared wins a medal to collect. This task isn't easy though because each car has either five or six challenges to complete and overall, there are a thousand challenges to complete. Some might be easy but others can be somewhat tricky and it requires about 120% of your skill in driving or tuning to get it done neatly.

Some challenges require you to pull some driving skills, especially drifting or jumping but others can be a lot of challenge like getting from point A to point B within the alloted time, stay within the top speed in an amount of time, drive clean, avoid triggering speed traps, so on, so forth. The challenges test your mettle as you go on.

For example, I'm driving the 2013 SRT Viper GTS and the challenges I'll be taking are the following;

2) Drive About 150mph for 10 seconds
3) Set a speed of 85mph or better at the Rt. 38 Speed Trap while drifting
4) Win a race at the Gladstone Cell Tower Street Race Hub
5) Drive from Red Rock Outpost to the I-70 Freeway within 3:10

Some tasks would be easy for me but some would be a lot difficult so if I manage to clear one of those challenge, I get a medal but if I want more, I have to play harder to collect and then swap for another car for more challenges.

The 1000 Club Expansion Pack is all about variety so if you have that car that's worthy on the challenge you're well suited for, give it a shot and then move on to cars with challenges you find it tricky. Try and try until you earned more and more medals for your bragging rights.

There are new achievements for you to complete on the Horizon 1000 Club DLC and if you were thinking "oh geez, I can't get that in so much!", here's a tip: One medal per car is enough to be counted. So if you're focused on collecting those new achievements, just do it. And when you're done with the achievements, you're free to complete all the challenges per cars.

Aside from new achivements, there are two new cars joining on the challenge and these are...

1) RUF CTR2 - a boxer sportscar with some stylish looks and spartan driving manners

The Spartan

2) Ford F-100 - a nostalgic pickup truck from the 1950's is an exquisite choice for the classic car connoisseurs

Woo! Look at me!

Remember, those two new cars have different challenges to take on and when you're in one of those, feel free to take on their challenges for the hunt of many medals as possible!

So there we have it. The Forza Horizon 1000 Club expansion is all about taking challenges in your favorite cars and I have to say, this is a great expansion for those who want to get to know about their cars better through series of challenges set for their cars. Are you in?

Hot Import Nights return to the Philippines

Listen up, import punks and speedo boys in the Philippines because Hot Import Nights, America's largest lifestyle custom car show, is returning to the Philippines! Yes, you heard it right! Hot Import Nights 2: Manila brings back the largest custom car show from America to the Philppine capital with more noise, more fun, more custom cars, and everything else in store for this event! Joining the fun were four international models that will make HIN2: MANILA even more hotter than ever. From Taiwan - Eva Skye. From USA and Philippines - Jeri Lee. From USA and Canada - Danielle Riel. And from Europe - Nicole Duminie. What's even more interesting that the president and vice president of HIN and Xtreme Drift Circuit will be participating at this venue as judges for the carshow in search for the best custom car.

HIN2: MANILA is fully loaded with custom car show, drift battles, concert, r/c drifting, VIP part, and much much more. It's on April 20-21, 2013 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. This was organized from the producers of Bumper to Bumper Carshow and Metro Rides.

See you there!

Facebook page:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ruby Rodriguez, IHAW NA!

On April 15, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment, in a different way, we see Tito Bhoy interviews Ruby Rodriguez from another network. Now that's a different approach...interviewing someone who came from a different network but hey! It's worth a try!

Meanwhile. Melai Cantiveros gave us three tips just in case you got tripped over in front of a crowd in Laugh Three.

1) When being tripped over, try laughing yourself louder

2) Pretend you're taking a workout

3) Pretend you're injured!!!

Let's Do The News! (April 16, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Boston Marathon Explosions

At least three people (including an eight-year old boy) were killed and over 144 victims were woundend in a twin explosions happened at the finish line of the world-famous Boston Marathon race. No one knows who's behind this terror happened in Boston while police are searching for the whereabouts of the explosion. This is a very tragic moment for those who are fallen from a terrible tragedy. I know, it's very tragic but who's to blame? No one knows. No one really knows who's behind it.
If you have any info, here's one of the following hotlines;

Boston Mayor's Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500
Boston Police line for witnesses who may have information: 800-494-8477

EA to close The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and Pet Society in mid-June

The cause of declining players of the social games from EA such as SimCity Social, The Sims Social, and Pet Society pushed the American video game maker to retire those social games on the 14th of June, 2013 as part of "sharpening its focus to provide games for new platforms and mobile". Such decision is not an easy task to make but it's for reallocation of servers and resources to popular social games. Those who still had a balance of in-game currency are encouraged to spend it before these games were shut down on June 14 and no longer available to play.

The Forza Horizon 1000 Club

Available tomorrow for free, the 1000 Club expansion for Forza Horizon features over a thousand challenges that test your cars' limits such as sending a Ford Raptor crushing as many objects, send a LanEvo flying at the Carson Golf Course, and more challenges that add longevity to Horizon. Also, it comes with ten new achievements to hunt and two new cars to own such as the RUF CTR2 and the Ford F100 pickup truck.

Are you ready?

Bugatti's world record reinstated by Guinness World Records

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Following the sudden announcement that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport stripped off its world record title due to mechanical issues and being kicked by the Hennessey Venom GT from America, there's a good news that the "fastest production car in the world" title has been returned to the Veyron SS. Good news! A spokesperson said that after several evaluations, Guinness World Records is satisfied that the change to the speed limiter does not affect the fundamental design of the car or its engine. Happy now?


Monday, April 15, 2013

F1 2013 Chinese GP

Fernando Alonso wins the Chinese GP
It's the first win for Ferrari on this season's Chinese GP race at Shanghai and such a cunning strategy really led Ferrari's Fernando Alonso to victory while leaving Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen in 2nd place and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton in 3rd place. It seems that everyone's predictions about who's going to win the Chinese GP were right and wrong but never mind about that.

This race was bad luck for Red Bull's Mark Webber because on the practice days, he ran out of gas. Then on race day, he lost control on his F1 machine after a collision with Red Bull Junior Eric Vergne.


Race - Alonso storms to superb China victory 14 Apr 2013
Fernando Alonso delivered the perfect race for Ferrari in China on Sunday afternoon, to catapult himself back into the title hunt on a day when points-leader Sebastian Vettel could only manage fourth for Red Bull behind runner-up Kimi Raikkonen in the Lotus and third-placed Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton led from the start for Mercedes, but could not contain Alonso’s challenge by the fifth lap as first the Spaniard's red car swept by on the left-hand side and then his team mate Felipe Massa's F138 snatched second place on the right-hand side.

The leaders quickly ditched their fragile soft-compound Pirelli tyres - Hamilton and Nico Rosberg on the fifth lap, Alonso and Raikkonen on the sixth, Massa on the seventh. That left all of them to run to the flag on varying sets of mediums, whereas Vettel, McLaren’s Jenson Button and Sauber’s Nico Hulkenberg were amongst those to start on mediums and would thus have to make very late stops to switch to softs.

These out-of-kilter circumstances put Hulkenberg into the lead from laps seven to 14, but when he encountered a delay with the right-rear tyre at his pit stop it put him behind Vettel, who had been chasing the Sauber and had stopped at the same time.

By the 15th lap Button, yet to stop, led Alonso and Sergio Perez in the second McLaren, who also had yet to pit. Hamilton at that stage was fourth under pressure from Raikkonen, with Vettel sixth.

Alonso, however, caught and passed Button on the 21st lap, before pitting again on the 23rd. That temporarily put Vettel back into the lead from Hulkenberg between laps 24 and 28, when Alonso sliced confidently back in front of Vettel to set up his 31st career triumph.

As Vettel stopped for more medium tyres on the 31st lap, Hamilton and Raikkonen moved back into second and third. The Finn had collided with Perez on the 16th lap, sustaining some damage to his front wing, but over the remainder of the race the Lotus had the edge over the Mercedes despite increased understeer, and after Hamilton’s final pit stop on the 37th lap Raikkonen had the advantage.

Out front, Alonso was never really troubled, nursing his tyres yet maintaining a fierce pace. Raikkonen and Hamilton battled to keep Vettel and Button in sight, and moved ahead of them when they duly pitted for their soft tyres. Button did so first, on lap 49, followed by Vettel on 51. The German was ever so slightly delayed, and that cost him his podium chance.

Raikkonen clearly wasn’t going to catch Alonso, but he still had to keep an eye on Hamilton who was still pushing hard even though his tyres were all but finished. But it was Vettel who was really on the move as he slashed the gap mercilessly to Hamilton. It didn’t help that the Mercedes driver came across Caterham backmarker Giedo van der Garde on the last lap, and that enabled Vettel to get right on to the Mercedes’s tail. 

Hamilton finally sliced by the Dutchman, but as Vettel also lunged aggressively by he ran wide in the next corner, and that was enough to save Hamilton’s podium position. By the flag he was still just two-tenths of a second ahead of Vettel as Alonso led Raikkonen home by 10.1s with Hamilton a further 2.1s adrift.

Button kept going to take a respectable fifth for McLaren ahead of Massa, who lost his early pace when he got stuck in the midfield after having to make his first stop a lap later than Alonso. Daniel Ricciardo was in the fight for points right from the start, and took his Toro Rosso to an excellent seventh, ahead of a battle between Paul di Resta’s Force India (another to stop late for softs), Romain Grosjean’s Lotus and Hulkenberg. Di Resta was lucky to survive a brush at the end of the first lap with team mate Adrian Sutil, which momentarily pushed him off the track.

Perez was 11th, leading home Jean-Eric Vergne’s Toro Rosso and the Williams’ of Valtteri Bottas and Pastor Maldonado. Jules Bianchi took 15th for Marussia after a race-long fight with Charles Pic, which saw the red and black car finish just two seconds ahead of the Caterham. Further back, Max Chilton beat Van der Garde for 17th.

Sutil was one of four drivers to retire from the race after his Force India was assaulted by Esteban Gutierrez’s Sauber under braking for Turn 14 early on, an incident that will see the Mexican rookie drop five places on the grid in Bahrain as a penalty. 

Mercedes’ Rosberg retired with a broken rear anti-roll bar, and Mark Webber retired when his Red Bull lost its right-rear wheel as he tried to creep back to the pits - an incident for which Red Bull were fined 5000 Euros. 

Webber had started from the pit lane with a heavily readjusted car after his fuelling problem in qualifying, but after a strong showing in the opening laps he was delayed in a clash with Vergne which damaged his front wing.

The stewards investigated several drivers after the race for possible use of DRS under yellow flags - notably Vettel, Webber, Raikkonen, Bottas, Ricciardo and Chilton - but decided not to issue any penalties. 

After three rounds, Vettel still leads the title chase with 52 points, from Raikkonen on 49, Alonso on 43, Hamilton on 40, Massa on 30 and Webber on 26. In the constructors’ stakes, Red Bull have 78, Ferrari 73, Lotus 60, Mercedes 52, and McLaren and Force India 14.


So far, on the driver's standings, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel was still in the lead by 52 points while Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen is three points behind him and Ferrari's Alonso is now 9 points behind Vettel. Okay, good. So, will they highly criticized Bahrain GP happen in April 21? Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's Do The News! (April 14, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

2014 Acura RLX
JC: Really don't like this...really don't like this...

JM: Anyway, let's do the news!

JC: Anyway, Bugatti, a couple of weeks ago, they had lost the crown for the fastest car in the world because of technical reasons. Now, they've launched a new version of the Grand Sport Vitesse, it's called the WRC. Here it is...

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse WRC
JC: This is the car that set standards as the fastest open-top car in the world with a top speed of 408.84kph, which was set at VW's top secret facility at Ehra-Lessien.

JM: 408? Kph? That's about...

JC: 254 miles per hour.

JM: That's about less than the Supersport Veyron but to be honest, that was worth of try for Bugatti to claim the record as the world's fastest convertible ever made.

JC: Exactly. And, it will make appearances at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show this April and it will be limited to 8 units, each costs 1.99 million euros, which sounds eye-watering if you know what I mean. And if you have that one and drove one of these at the German Autobahn, rest assured your face will peel off...

(audience laughing)

RH: Yeah, getting peeled off more than driving an Ariel Atom by yourself without an helmet...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, last year's Fighter of the Year, Nonito Donaire, as I heard, he took a fight against Guillermo "Chacal" Rigondeaux.

RH: Okay...

JC: And he lost. Donaire lost the title to Rigondeaux. I know, very sad news for the Filipino boxer but at least the fight was fair and I think let's congratulate Donaire no mater what the result is...

(cheers and applause)

JC: Anyway, tomorrow's the celebration of North Korea's founder, Kim Il-Sing who was the father of Kim Jong-Il and the grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-Un. I was on alert on some ridiculous activity going on, regarding test firing missles at the sea and the threat that war occurs when Japan shoot down missles.

RH: On alert? How do you keep making tabs regarding tensions at the Korean peninsula?

JC: I told's the North Korea threat detector-inator!

(audience laughing)

RH: THe NoKor threat detector-inator?

JC: Simple...when I'm noticing something fishy going around North Korea, this thing will trigger a device that says... (mimics Paw Pilot) SPECIAL ALERT! SPECIAL ALERT!

(audience laughing)

JM: So, when North Korea's making provocations, it would say (mimics Paw Pilot) SPECIAL ALERT! SPECIAL ALERT!

(audience laughing)

JM: You're going to make tabs on what's what. Kinda brilliant but rubbish idea though. We have BBC to cover up the North Korean crisis. We don't need your NoKor threat detector-inator thingy that you made up.

JC: Okay, okay...But...I had something interesting for me to tell you...

JM: What?

JC: Anyway, I went on the internet and I found this...

(audience laughing hysterically)

RH: Uh...okay. That's seem to be peculiar...

JC: I know, right? I know... Anyway, I found this, okay? There's an upcoming Date A Live PS3 video game coming up and what I heard that on this game, players can go beyond the “date,” and even see their love interest as a pregnant wife in the future after marriage. Wha...what's that?

(audience laughing)

JC: This is utter nonsense! A PS3 game based on an anime series and then it will feature "pregnancy endings?"

(audience laughing)

JM: Well, actually, it's going to be as weirder than other dating sim games I've encountered...

(audience laughing)

RH: Thanks for notifying, you jerk...

JC: Anyway, while I'm not interested on that game, why don't you try it for a chance and see which pregnancy ending fits you...

(audience laughing)

JM: Huh? Why would I do that?

JC: You said you like dating sims so I think you might be interested on it.

JM: No, I'm not!

(audience laughing)

JC: Well, never mind about that. Anyway, that is the end of the news and by tomorrow, I shall be on duty on North Korea's celebratory suspicion.

RH: And then...let Paw Pilot tell you "Special Alert" when noticed...

(audience laughing)

Acura RLX

As we all know, last year, Honda killed off the unsuccessful Legend flagship sedan leaving the brand only one sedan left in its lineup and that's the Honda Accord, which will be converted into a hybrid-only sedan as well as it will spawn a plug-in hybrid model as well. If you are in North America, there's more sedans offered in the lineup and for its America-only Acura brand, what was once known as the RL has changed.

2014 Acura RLX
This is the Acura RLX. Hideous, isn't it? It's about as boring as watching a romantic drama that is fitting for late bloomers. It's a kind of car only fitting to someone whose friends and employees called him Sir Chief. (laughing) It's a Sir Chief's car! That's what is!

2014 Acura RLX interior
Look at the outside, this car would be fine if this one is sold and badged as a Honda in Japan but that won't happen because Honda killed off the Legend. Like many Acuras, the front view's been stuck with this ghastly looking front grille which feels like the eagle's beak has been flattened by a roller. That's odd but forget about the grille because the overall look for the RLX is about as bland as your Sir Chief in his stripey jumper. I hate stripey jumpers so that's why I don't like the RLX's looks.

As for the interior, this is a bit complicating because on the dashboard, I can see two screens; one on the top and one on the middle which slots above the car's air-conditioning...Huh? What's the purpose of a car having two screens on the dashboard? This is like you're watching a TV show on the same screens! That would be so duling if you know what I mean? So those two screens on its dashboard, the top screen is where it displays maps, song currently playing, and other stuff, while the second screen is where your fingers go. That's right, it was made for touching.

Now under the bonnet is an all-new 3.5-liter Direct Injection SOHC i-VTEC V-6 engine matched to a Sequential SportShift 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters. That car produces about 310HP of power and  272lb-ft of torque. Because it is a first model to implement Earth Dreams Technology, it reaches an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 31MPG highway. Really? Earth Dreams Technology? Perhaps introduce it first in Japan but oh well. That won't happen for Honda to introduce a V6 sedan with some Earth Dreams Technology.

Also, the SH-AWD that the previous model favored for has been thrown away and replaced with a rather hopeless front-wheel drive powertrain and come equipped with something called P-AWS or Precision All Wheel Steer. Some say, this is the industry's first left/right independent rear-wheel toe angle control which uses an all-electric system that enhances driving dynamics. So how's that affect the RLX's driving feel? Not so much, it feels exactly the same as an ordinary FF flagship sedan. It doesn't handle very well than the SH-AWD and it lacks sporty character on it. I'm afraid that P-AWS needs more enhancement because I think this is about as dull as an ordinary pencil sharpener. It doesn't give you better results than a pencil that was once sharpened by a power sharpener.

And then there's the pricing...It starts at $48,450 minus the destination charges while the navigation system would be a $2,500 extra. If you want a full-optioned RLX, you'll need more than $60,450 to have one. That's a bit pricey and that's costlier than the Cadillac XTS or a Buick LaCrosse. So, such pricing would add some rubbishness to the RLX, I'm afraid.

2014 Acura RLX
So, the Acura RLX, the replacement to the RL (known in Japan as the Honda Legend) can be a possible contender for the worst car of 2013 because it's not that nice to drive, it's not that nice to look at, it has two screens that doesn't make any sense, it's not that more fun to drive because of its rubbish P-AWS, it's made by a car company that should have known better, it's not Japanese and worst of all, when will Honda make and sell sedans in Japan?

Photo: Acura

Doctor Who S07E08

Cold War it cold out here or what? Nope, that's just the Cold War episode of Doctor Who Series 7 where The Doctor and Clara are on a race against time to stop an Ice Warrior from destoying a submerged Russian nuclear submarine along with the crew on it.

One thing I didn't understand is...does The Doctor had a doll? Uh oh...

Also, the old man just said to Clara about time travelling... "Ultravox, do they split up?". That line made me smiled a bit...

Anyway, never mind about that but that Ice's good that a classic Who monster has returned in a modern Who series. (Which also makes it a good collectible if Underground Toys got that memo...)

Next week...HIDE. The one where Jessica Raine from Call the Midwife guests stars! It's also the one where...well, you know... "I'm The Doctor, and I'm afraid"

See you next week...

Forza Horizon: Barn Find: Shelby Daytona

The Brotherhood

By the moment you found the Shelby Daytona Coupe as a barn find, you are wielding a legendary machine that several class wins at Sebring and Le Mans, GT-class wins at Monza, Nurburgring, and Reims, and 23 land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

This car is perfect for such a Colorado landscape because the Daytona Coupe truly feels at home in the open road goodness in Horizon and no matter how long you've been driving with this timeless and priceless classic, the Daytona Coupe sure loves to play around in Colorado as long as you're not fiddling with its pristine inspiration. You can either go nuts or go concours with it but the Daytona Coupe loves to do either ways.

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