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Hello readers, it's me again. A couple of months ago, I once checked out an app from a Philippine-based developer Applabs. Yep, I once tried CarCrazee, an app that lets you share pics of cars with your fellow car enthusiasts. Now, Applabs came out with a new app for those who are addicted to puzzle games and this one's a little bit interesting for puzzle app lovers.

Called EnviroPop, this new puzzle app for the iPhone/iPod Touch is a wondrous collaboration between Applabs Digital Studios and the World Wildlife Fund Philippines. In fact, this is the first time I've seen a puzzle app made in collaboration with an organization dedicated to conserve and protect endangered species from harm. The objective then is simple, to save our undersea pals, you have to tap at least three hazards and swipe them away with your fingers. You have to match three same hazards and then swipe them away. The more hazards you get rid of, the more points you'll get but if Chi-Chi the Giant Panda is beside a hazard chain, which is a rare treat on this puzzle app, your score will be multiplied five times.

You only have one minute to play this game and if you're happy with the score after one minute, feel free to share your scores on Facebook just to brag your pals for a challenge but it's for fun.

The full app game will cost you $0.99 and proceeds will go to the WWF-Philippines' marine conservation programs. What it is, with that sort of cash, is an fun and addictive app game for a cause. This is a great game if you want to be part of the environmentalists dedicated to help save little sea critters from hazardous wastes and illegal practices such as trawling and dynamite fishing.

I'd recommend this puzzle game not just for those who want to ease the boredom with some puzzle games but also for the nature lovers who are pledged for a clean environment.

EnviroPop Website:
EnviroPop Facebook:
EnvrioPop Twitter:
EnviroPop Lite Version:
EnviroPop Full Version:

Red Nose Day 2013

March 15, 2013, it was the day Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) 2013 started and it celebrates its 25th anniversary with some laughs, some dares, some musics, all in the name of helping out the children in need. Yes seriously, this Red Nose Day was the BEST RND ever than the 2011 RND and gets better because most of the fans really anticipated over One Direction's One Way or Another, a new song made for Red Nose Day 2013. I know, lots of 1D fans always posting up their dares days before RND 2013 using the hashtag 1D4RND.

Also, singer and judge of The Voice UK Jessie J dared to shave her hair off on this venue. As a result, I kinda accepted Jessie J's new look minus the hair because she shaved it all without a trace.

Then, famed comedian who starred at Call the Midwife as Chummy and in her own sitcom, Miranda Hart completed her Mad March, a series of challenges Miranda takes on in various cities in Great Britain, despite she injured her knee on the first day of Miranda's Mad March.

What's more, comedian Ricky Gervais revived his main character role in a special Office sketch. Yes really, it's the man who played David Brent, the main character boss from the original UK TV version of The Office. Then, Little Britain's David Walliams showed a sketch alongside the likes of supermodel Kate Moss, football player Frank Lampard, Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Grant and veteran comedian Ronnie Corbett.

On BBC Radio 2 on that same day, the famed comedianne duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders showed up and they're familiarising themselves with the station's schedule and presenters. Good to say welcome back you two...

There has been several fun moments in Red Nose Day 2013 apart from the much awaited One Way or Another by One Direction. There has been some special sketches, fun and activities, music, and more. Plus, Matt Smith from Doctor Who is welcomed in RND 2013. There was a Call The Midwife-Doctor Who crossover sketch as well!

As of that, Red Nose Day 2013 has raised a record-breaking 75 million pounds worth of donations and...what can I say? This year's RND really was a success! Not only they bring laughs to all but to help the underprivileged children from here and the UK. It's all for a great cause...


Forza Motorsport 4: 2010 Joss JT1

Why I haven't seen this Aussie fellow?

While most of the supercars are made in Europe, it seems most countries outside Europe, including the United States are joining the supercar fray. A country that is Australia is not alone because they too are joining the supercar fray.

Joss Development, under the directorship of Matthew Thomas and Laurajean Thomas, dedicated this project to create what has been known to be Australia's first supercar while using the know-how learned from races such as Formula One, Le Mans, and other forms of motorsports here and around the globe.

The Joss pre-production concept made an appearance at the 2004 Melbourne International Motor Show in March 2004 and it gathered massive praises from the public and went on to also show at Adelaide and Sydney Motor Shows at the same year.

The test vehicle was powered by an all aluminum 6.8L V8 engine that develops 440bhp of power and 420lb/ft of torque while mated to a Porsche Carrera 2 G50 transaxle 5-speed manual with reverse via linkage system.

In terms of bodywork, the test prototype wears epoxy based GRP for the main body while carbon fiber and kevlar reinforcement were used for strengthening needs. All that bodywork leads to an estimated curb weight of 940kg.

Because of its light body combined with a big V8 engine, 0-100kph takes about three seconds and an estimated top speed of over 300kph.

As of now, Joss are still looking for partners to invest funding in the project but if that project come to fruition, this will be the pride of Australia the world will appreciate for.

Forza Motorsport 4: 2010 Devon GTX

The Dashing Debonair

Unveiled at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the Dodge Viper-based Devon GTX is the initial product of Devon Motorworks and it was conceived by Swedish designer Daniel Paulin and Devon Motorworks founder Scott Devon.

The noticeable design features of the GTX comes with an aircraft-quality carbon fiber body, "up and forward" articulating doors, two-tone wheel surrounds, minimal front/rear overhangs, dual center exhaust ports and carbon fiber racing seats.

The GTX comes with the 8.4-liter (510 cubic inches) V-10 engine that produces 650 horsepower (484.7 kW) at 6100 rpm and its mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Former Ford executive engineer Andy Benedict was in charge of the product development for the GTX while assembly and manufacturing are headed by Clive Hawkins, founder of the Aria Group. Dr. Joseph Katz, Chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at San Diego State University, supervised the aerodynamic testing for the Devon GTX.

In vehicle validation and testing, courtesy of former 24 Hours of Le Mans champion Justin Bell, the Devon GTX set an unofficial lap record at California's Willow Springs Raceway.

It maybe scheduled to produced in 2010 but recent economic downturns shelved the car's hopes for production.

"Eyes on your Fries!"

In the March 15, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Alien gags

- Your ex has caught you...IN THE ACT!

- The guys are on a shooting on something that promotes...WALKING!

- An action star takes questions personally on a peace conference

- Eyes on your Fries! Bubble Gang does McDonald's Fries by spoofing this commercial as WCDONALD'S FRIES!!!

- Pickup Lines!!!

- It's time for another round of SINUNGALING SINO GALING?! This time, it's the couples edition!


- Are you ready to join the Gay Scouts? Remember the oath, the law, and the LAGING GANDA motto!

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Aiza Seguerra, IHAW NA!

On the March 14, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment, Tito Bhoy interviews singer and songwriter Aiza Seguerra and he talks about how Aiza got some tattoos, about her child star pasts, and her singing talent.

Meanwhile, Krissy and Senator Merriam are back once again for some more hot topics in KRISSY and ME... Hot topics include:

a) Empress in the FHM cover sparks outrage

b) Noontime show host got angry to his co-host and said "YOU DON'T DO THAT TO ME!"

Forza Horizon: The Speed of Fear

Awaiting its prey

The first time I drove the Ultima GTR in FM4 last year, I still can't lay a finger about this extraordinary kit-car that was once independently lapped the Top Gear Track faster than any other car Stig drove, even the Atom V8 or the Huayra. It maybe light, tricky to master, and odd-looking but this is a perfect racing machine for those who want it small and light that can topple the "David and Goliath" effect, proving the small but mighty can take down the largest and overpowered machines in the world.

Here, in the world of Forza Horizon, it's all about being in Nostalgia mode because what reminds me is a distant past from my childhood era. This car really reminded me of RAGE RACER's Age Vainqure, not quite as quick as the others but better in the handling department. This is all about the speed of fear in one of Britain's finest kit car known as the Ultima GTR. It's about as serious as your Sir Chief but the levels really plant a smile on your face..

Let's Do The News! (March 15, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Habemus Papam, Pope Francis

Well, not quite as we expected to be but the whole Catholic population welcomed the new Pope, which will effectively become the successor of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. Not only that, we have finally witnessed the world's first Latin American Pope, hailed from Argentina. The Argentinian that was once known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, aged 76, is now Pope Francis. HABEMUS PAPAM!

Who is Pope Francis? Read the profile at:

A New Chinese Leader...

As I heard, there's a new president in China that completes China's 10-yearly transition of power. The name, Xi Jinping, is China's new president who was appointed to the Communist Party's top post in November, replaces Hu Jintao, who is stepping down.

Further details:

DW Head Honcho Caro Skinner left...

Sad news for DW fans that Doctor Who's executive producer and the right-hand woman to showrunner Steven Moffat, Caro Skinner, is leaving Doctor Who to join BBC Drama Production in London. She leaves the show in good shape, with a brilliant new run of blockbuster episodes starting on Easter Saturday.

"It has been an honour to have been a part of Doctor Who, and a privilege to have worked with Steven Moffat and Matt Smith on this extraordinary show.  I have hugely enjoyed my time in BBC Wales and would like to thank Faith Penhale, and our wonderful production team for their unending commitment and brilliance.  I will miss them all enormously, but I’m leaving Doctor Who in fine form, with the new series starting at Easter and the fantastic plans for the 50th Anniversary already underway.  I am delighted to be now returning to BBC Drama Production in London as an executive producer, and the new opportunities and projects that will bring." - Caro Skinner


Citroën DS3 Racing Gold Mat

Citroen DS3 Racing Gold Mat
There's a new version of the DS3 Racing, the hotter version of the Citroen DS3 which was inspired from the DS3's WRC involvement. Called the Gold Mat, the special model features a matte-black body highlighted by a matte-gold roof, rear wing, mirrors, and Citroën chevron badging. It still features the same improved 1.6 turbo engine from the original DS3 Racing.

The DS3R Gold Mat is limited to 3000 units worldwide, that's three times more than the sold-out original!


Toyota Corolla meets HyunA

Don't call this a CF, okay, but anyway, Toyota USA featured a two-minute clip of the Toyota Corolla with famed K-Pop personality HyunA. This clip's called My Color and it's not quite to be called a CF but watch this clip and find out...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forza Horizon: Pre-Order Cars available for the public

Hey there! Missed one of those pre-order cars for Forza Horizon? Thinking that you've chose the wrong pre-order car or you want to have more than what you've bargain for? Guess we're in luck because announced and went on sale yesterday, those pre-order bonus cars are now available on the XBOX Marketplace for 400MSP and for that, you'll be able to complete the set of five pre-order cars and you will be thankful for that.

Cars you'll be getting, in cased you missed one, are...

Nissan 370Z - Nissan's latest incarnation of the Fairlady Z, codenamed Z34, carries the legendary Z-car tradition within its modern look, athletic stance, and its 3.7L V6 engine mated with a 6-speed manual transmission that comes with SynchroRev Match, where the gear matches the sound of the revs.

Don't be deceived by its headline

Aston Martin Virage - Aston Martin's grand tourer that slots between the DB9 and the DBS offers a perfect balance between style and performance.

Yes, really. It really is...

Volkswagen Golf VI R - The high-performance version of the sixth-generation Golf offers athletic footwork in hatchback proportions.

Waking up the neighbors, eh?

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - AMG's halo car which is the spiritual successor of the gullwing-doored 300SL packs some elegance on design with some spartan performance.

A perfect bounty for a storage hunter

Ferrari 458 Italia - The latest V8 grand tourer from Ferrari offers exceptional balance in the performance scale and attracts a mass scale of fans everywhere.

Pretty, isn't it?

Now that you have all five pre-order cars, which of these five tickles your fancy?

Top Gear USA D-Day prepping

The boys are Prepping for D-Day

The boys of Top Gear USA are making the ultimate post-apocalypse vehicle for not much money and these guys are on a "prepping" when the end is nigh.

Cheaper than the MRAP and using the Toyota Camry (which is America's best selling car for decades) as a basis, their D-day car is loaded with some deadly contraptions (and some electric fences to spice things up) that can survive the dystopic wastelands.

Getting in, use of weapons, how fast, and failing the GPS, their dystopic Camry sure is getting interested until on the final challenge where they've been faced against The Stig in the dystopic Lincoln Town Car while looting as much supplies as possible before The Stig hunts the boys down. That was the opportunity to use its full capabilities as a hardened survival machine.

In the end, despite The Stig triggered one of two smoke mods, the boys made it at the finish line and their D-day Camry is capable when the time has come....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tirso Cruz III, IHAW NA!

On 3/12/13's Banana NITE's Ihaw Na segment, Tito Bhoy interviews veteran actor Tirso Cruz III about being Budoy's real dad, the dad of the character Kris played on Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, and some other stuff...

Meanwhile, Angelica Panganiban showcases some more funny pics from the internet in ETO NA POST. Funny pics such as the wet floor sign in the fountain, WANTED COOKED, and some small selection from the Banana Split inbox.

And now, top stories from KANDILA;

1) Bagong Pakulong MRT Bus, pumalpak. Naipit sa trapik. - New idea from MMDA? Put the bus in top of the MRT!

2) La Salle Lady Spikers, nasungkit ang tropeo ng UAAP Volleyball Championship. - Heh, what what? Na-SUNGKIT ang tropeo!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Do The News! (March 12, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

New Generation Range Rover Sport teased

The all-new generation Range Rover Sport, the sport-focused brother of the new generation Range Rover has been teased on its all new video. Check out this teaser video and find out...


Kurobas death threat cancel Shadow Trickster Osaka 2 event

Well, it seems that the whole death threat issues against Kuroko no Basuke manga and anime has always been making too much headlines for the otakus. Now, this is the latest news straight out from the Kurobas death threat malarkey as Studio You, the company that organizes the Kurobas-themed Shadow Trickster dojinshi event across Japan, announced that the Shadow Trickster Osaka 2 event planned for April 7 has been cancelled. Need to remind that the first was originally scheduled for November of last year but cancelled due to numerous death theats...


First of the NMKV venture unveiled - it's the new eK Wagon!

2014 Mitsubishi eK Wagon

2014 Nissan Dayz

The first kei car under the Nissan-Mitsubishi joint venture is non other than the all new 2014 eK Wagon and its Nissan equivalent (which will replace the Otti) the Dayz. Although details remain too little for now, both of these kei cars will be launched in Summer 2013 across Japan. Need to remind you that what you're looking up here is the third-generation eK Wagon from Mitsubishi and for this generation, it will be offered in normal version and the uber-stylish eK Custom. For its Nissan Dayz equivalent, it will be offered in the normal version and the Highway Star model which is different to the eK Custom from Mitsubishi. The 2014 Mitsubishi eK and the 2014 Nissan Dayz is the first of the NMKV joint venture.

Jeremy Clarkson in "hot water" after Australia visit

Top Gear Africa Special ending

Sure Jeremy Clarkson announced that Top Gear will return this summer but there's a baffle of news that really sends this infamous Top Gear presenter in hot water. This time, it was after his visit in Australia with James May for promoting the Top Gear Festival in Sydney. Some Aussie media warned Clarkson not to come back to Australia (ever) after he hit out at a group of photographers at a Sydney restaurant saying, “You can take them out of England, but you can’t take the convict out of them,” as they tried to photograph him with his former mistress.

Huh? Well that doesn't seem right to snap a pic of a womanizing Jeremy Clarkson. Well, guess Australia bids "good bye and good riddance" to Jeremy Clarkson as he and May left to NZ to continue the promotion (or better yet for a shooting of the upcoming 20th season)


Kathryn Bernardo, IHAW NA!

In the March 11, 2013 episode of Banana Nite, Tito Bhoy interviews Kathryn Bernardo about how it feels about being a famed young actress, about being with Daniel Padilla, or something else from her...

Then, Krissy and Senator Merriam are back for more talks in KRISSY AND ME. This time, they're showcasing some hats for some HAT TOPIC!

Forza Motorsport 4: 2003 Renault Sport Clio V6

Paradise in the hottest hatch from the past!

There was one main reason why Renault created the first ever mid-engined hot hatchback based on the second-generation Clio (known in Japan as the Renault Lutecia) and that's because there wasn't enough room to place the 3.0L V6 so what they did here is remove the back seats and place the V6 engine midships.

The V6 engine that powers it was lifted from the Laguna while shifting was provided by a 6-speed manual gearbox. For a car with little size and big power, the Clio/Lutecia V6 comes with a specially designed struts and with the grip done by wide tires, the Clio/Lutecia V6 transformed into a road-hugging machine when it faced a corner. What's more, the V6 Clio transformed an front wheel drive car into a midship RWD rocket.

At the 2002 Paris Motor Show, a facelifted Clio V6, under the banner "Phase 2" was revealed and it comed with an improved V6 engine that generates 251HP of power, revised suspension geometry and larger 18-inch rims.

Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Clio V6 at Series 2, Episode 5 of BBC Top Gear and when handed to The Stig, it set a lap time of 01:36.2 at the Top Gear Test Track in "very wet" condition.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Japan's 3.11 tragedy and two years later...

Tohoku region

On March 11, 2011, the Tohoku region from Japan has been heavily battered by the most powerful earthquake recorded in Japan and tsunami following a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant that caused much radiation and misery to many. There are compelling accounts of life before and after the 3.11 tragedy and some honest descriptions of their recovery, full of drama and incident.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of this tragic event happened at the Tohoku region. About 20.851 people died or remain missing as of now while 315,000 people were still living in temporary shelters.


When that disaster happened, it seems that Japan has just went to their knees, considering the parts shortage, contamination concerns, power shortages, and most of the bad things happened in Japan. Moments later, it stood up again thanks to the generous support from all over the world.

For those from the Northeastern Japan, we are thinking about you and we wish you all the very best you can. That is my message to them and with one year passed, it seems that the Tohoku region still hasn't get away from their nightmares of last year's but I'm sure they'll find a way.

As a fan of all things Japanese, I surely wish for them to stood up again. The sun is rising for them.

What's in our Car Town garage today? (March 11, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2000 BMW Z8

So what's it all about this BMW Z8? Well, because BMW makes the best driving machines for decades, the Z8 has the most wonderful design for a roadster like this because it was heavily inspired by the BMW 507, it comes with the same 4.9L V8 engine from the BMW M5, and in the Bond movie The World Is Not Enough, they even got James Bond to drive it. Sadly though, this is just more of a marketing ploy and worse of all, the Z8 turned out to be awful and in the hands of an owner, they never know what comes next. Good thing, this car was discontinued in 2003.

2000 BMW Z8

2007 Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 GT

The number 722 on it was a tribute to the 300 SLR racer that Sir Stirling Moss used at the 1955 Mille Migla where, as of now, holds an unbeatable record. For this race-spec version of the McLaren-Mercedes SLR, it still comes with the same 5.4L Supercharged V8 engine, the same 5-speed auto, and the same carbon fiber bodywork but the 722 GT deducted over four hundred kilograms of weight by stripping out its interior and replace it with race-focused peripherals. Also, the carbon brakes had been replaced by steel discs for enhanced braking and the suspension's all firmed up to eat the racetrack. At the price of half a million quid, customers are entitled for a one-make race series where professional racers and wealthy owners gathered for a race and the package also provides the hospitality unit, the pit crew, your own racing suit and a helmet. All they had to do is land their helicopter, get out, get in, and do motor racing... (with thanks to Jeremy Clarkson)

2007 Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 GT

2012 Vorsteiner GTRS 3

The GTRS 3 is Vorsteiner's tuning program which uses the BMW M3 E92 as its foundation for Vorsteiner to tune this German V8 sportscar. As a motorsport-derived tuner car, the Vorsteiner GTRS 3 comes with a complete replacement carbon fiber front bumper, extended front fenders, extended side skirts, rear quarter panel fender arch extensions, and a wide-stance rear bumper with integrated carbon diffuser that brings this tuner car a powerful stance that stands out the crowd.

2012 Vorsteiner GTRS 3

That concludes Series 19 of Top Gear...for real!

Top Gear Africa Special ending

That's it for real! That really concludes the 19th season of BBC Top Gear! Hard to say that James "Captain Slow" may marked himself in history as the discoverer of the true source of the Nile (and two other blokes who were Clarkson and Hammond)

To put it this way, the conclusion of the Africa Special pits the three morons to a race to the true source of the Nile River. Despite the results, it seems that the theorem of Dr. Burkhart Waldecker and Joanna Lumley about the true source of the Nile was false and Top Gear's discovery were proven right.

Okay, okay, so this is just more of a cocking about for this show but I had to say that the search of the true source of the Nile brings to an end of BBC Top Gear Series 19.

I know that you guys disappointed about this but Jeremy Clarkson, via his Twitter account, announced...

Thanks for watching. We'll be back in the Summer.

That's right! They'll be back in the Summer. See you soon...I hope...

Six Nations 2013: In cased you missed this week...

Scotland vs. Wales

In cased you missed the semi-finals of the RBS Six Nations 2013 rugby match, here's a few reminders about this round...

a) England Rugby defeated F.I.R. at the score of 18 to 11.


b) For the first time, there's a tie in a battle between France and Ireland at the score of 13 all.


c) Wales defeated Scotland at the score of 18 to 28. That's 18 pts for Scotland and 28 points for Wales, our hero team thanks to the adverts played at BBC Cymru Wales.


At the end of the semis, England's still in the lead by 8 points while Wales is 2nd place at 6 points and Scotland's 3rd place at 4 points. Next week sees the finale of the RBS Six Nations 2013.

Wales, if you're listening, the end is near for this year's Six Nations Rugby. You're facing against England on the finale.

For those who are supporting for the Welsh at the Six Nations; wave your flag, make sure you have enough curry for halftime, wear your red socks, pull yourself around, stand up beyond somewhere wherever you are, and scream your heads off because...WE CAN DO THIS!

On Saturday, March 16, it's Italy vs. Ireland at Stadio Olimpico on 14:30 GMT. Then, it's  Wales vs. England at Wales Millennium Stadium on 17:00 GMT. And then, it's Scotland vs. France at Stade de France on 20:00 GMT.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Forza Motorsport 4: 1997 Mitsubishi GTO

There was a time Mitsubishi made a sportscar
cooler than the LanEvo!

The Mitsubishi GTO was sold in the US as the 3000GT and also on that country, with partnership of Chrysler, a version of the Mitsubishi GTO called the Dodge Stealth was offered with a different body style but retains the same mechanical components as the GTO.

The GTO uses the same platform derived from the Diamante sedan while it was powered by a 3.0L V6 engine, in natural aspiration or twin-turbo options. The turbocharged V6 produces 276HP of power and 307.3ft-lb of torque.

The GTO also comes with numerous automotive technologies such as all-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, electronically-controlled suspension, and anti-lock brakes. It even comes with an active aerodynamic system that adjusts the front and rear spoilers based on the car's speed, along with the active exhaust system that modifies the exhaust note.

For 1993, the retractable headlights were replaced by fixed headlights and the turbo variant is mated with a Getrag 6-speed manual transmission.

Production of the GTO ended in 2001.

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 48

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It appears someone tries to attack my blog, eh? Let's see what's the trace of this attack coming to my blog...

chevrolet trax commercial song
chevy trax commercial song
chevrolete trax cimmercial song

He he he....I don't know what is this chevrolet trax commercial song. We don't even know what's the title of the song heard in this Chevrolet Trax PLAY THE CITY commercial...

Nice for me to put a massive sinkhole in my blog eh? He he he....

Also, I got an email from a stranger who wants to know...(clears throat)

Hi.I was searching for a certain commercial song in the net and I came across your blog, and more certain - the post "Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 44". You see, you're my age (maybe we're close as a taste in music), and, as I suppose, you know more commercial songs than me. Well, if it's not a problem for you, I'll be grateful if you just send me a list of names and tracks - I'll search for them myself, just want to have an example of quality music :)Thank you in advance, and sorry if I annoyed you in any way.Waiting for your answer
Well Ms. Spasova, since the damage is done, time for me to showcase you another set of five Driving Musics because my so-called pain inhibitor's already off...

5) Glad You Came by The Wanted - from the 2012 Toyota Camry Extremo Thai TV Ad

4) The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel - from the Renault ZOE commercial

3) My Friends by Frenetic Sound - from the Chevrolet Traverse "Imaginary Friends" commercial

2) Play It by Victory - from the Cadillac XTS "Night Out" commercial

1) SING YOUR SONG by THE BAWDIES - from the 2013 Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Clean Diesel commercial

There you go, folks. Another set of five Driving Musics (Car Commercial Songs) that hopefully might like....

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