Saturday, March 2, 2013

"So Good"

On the March 1, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Painter gags with hassling poses...

- Paolo Contis discusses about different kinds of TEXTING on the TEXT EDUCATION sketch...

- It's time for another SINUNGALING SINO GALING!

- More quotes to live by from Tata Lino

a) Mga bagay dapat ginagamit sa tama at hindi sa maling silbing ito. Tulad ng kamatis na matatagpuan sa buong mundo, itinatanim para kainin at hindi binabato.

b) Parang pagsakay sa escalator ang pag-asenso. Kahit gaanong kabilis ang hakbang, hindi ka makakarating sa taas kung pababa ang sasakyan mo

c) Mga ganyang kalokohan, parang MP3 player. Dapat sinasarili mo na lang at hindi mo na sina-share...

d) Ang kalabaw, hindi sinasadyang kumakapal ang balat niya pero pag pinayagan mo yan, sinasadyang kakapal ang mukha niya kaya dapat sa putikang magtiis at wag siyang maglinis.

- Bubble Gang does KFC Streetwise Box by spoofing this ad as KSP STRETWISE BOX! Yan ang diskarteng STREETWISE! So Good!

Bubble Gang does KFC

- Pickup Lines!

- Listen to your dad and THAT'S AN ORDER!

- Basty Kulit, a little boy, is busy bothering the sari-sari store every day...

- Spending time with the kabit is much more convincing when you're sharing experiences...

Forza 4: Who let the A4's out?

Oh, look who's booked in at the Top Gear Test Track on Forza Motorsport 4. It's those high-performance variants of the Audi A4 through the years. The S4 B5, the S4 B6, the RS4 B7, and the  S4 B8, those were high-performance models of the Audi A4 through the years but those cars are arguing that which one is better. To settle those differences, my inner Stigness send me to lap these cars round the Top Gear track one by one by one to find out which of these "A4 on steroids" is the best...

Let's start with the S4 B5

Based on the Typ 8D (B5) A4, the S4 succeeds from the first Audi C4 S4 when it was debuted in 1997 as part of the Audi A4 B5 minor change.

The B5 S4 is equipped with a 2.7L V6 twin-turbo engine which includes a cast iron cylinder block with two aluminum alloy cylinder heads. This engine produces 265PS of power and 400Nm of torque while mated with a 6-speed C90 manual transmission.

The sedan version was launched in 1997 while the station wagon variant, called the S4 Avant, was launched a year later. In 1999, the B5 S4 went on sale on the USA. Production ended in 2011 although it was sold alongside the A4 B6 through 2002 in North America.

The S4 B5 also makes motorsport history when this is the car of choice for Michael Galati at the 2001 SpeedVision World Challenge where he won the GT title in a Champion Racing S4, winning 4 races and made it to its first manufacturer's Championship.

The S4 B5 crosses the line in 1:32.861...

Now it's the B6's turn...

Following with the success of the B5 S4, the S4 model is now based on the Audi B6 A4, which was based on the Volkswagen Group B6 (PL46) platform. It was available in saloon, Avant, and Cabriolet.

For this model, the S4 B6 comes with the 4.2L V8 engine that can go 0 to 60mph in 5.6 seconds  in the saloon with manual transmission (Avant 5.8 s, Cabriolet 5.9 s) but American car magazine Motor Trend managed to make the S4 B6 go from 0 to 60 in less than five seconds.

In the USA, the S4 B6 was subjected to the $1,700 gas guzzler tax (combined 20.2 miles per US gallon (11.6 L/100 km; 24.3 mpg-imp)) for the six-speed manual sedan.

The B6 Audi S4 did it in 1:30.163...

Next up, the RS4 B7

The first RS4 was introduced in 1999 and went on sale in 2000 as an Avant-only model. From its discontinuation in 2001, Audi produced 6030 RS4 Avant models.

In 2005, the RS4 returned and it was based on the B7 Audi A4. It was available in the European public in mid 2006 and later in North America and up to its discontinuation in 2008, 10,000 units were made. It was available in three body variants; a sedan, an Avant, and a Cabriolet version.

Powered by a 4.2L FSi V8 engine and mated with a 6-speed manual transmission, the RS4 can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds while top speed is normally limted to 155mph.

The B7 RS4 marks a departure from the Audi RS cars tradition (where the previous RS 4 and RS 2 were available exclusively as Avants.) ever since the first Audi RS6. Unique features of the B7 RS4 are the smaller, flat bottomed steering wheel (complete with "Sport" button), Recaro shell-type race bucket seats with electrically inflatable upper and lower side bolsters, and carbon-ceramic brakes.

In Top Gear Season 7 Episode 2, Jeremy Clarkson races the RS4 against mountain climbers at the French Alps and in the end, the mountain climbers defeated the RS4. It went round the Top Gear Test track in 01:25.7.

In Top Gear Season 10 finale, James May drove the RS4 while Jeremy Clarkson's in the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and Richard Hammond's in the BMW M3 at the Ascari Race Resort in Spain.

The RS4 did it in 1:23.201, meaning not only I beat Stig's record, it beats the other two but would that lap time be more than enough to be beaten by the current-generation Audi S4 B8? Let's find out...

From the moment the Audi B8 A4 was launched in the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, this model is now based on the Volkswagen Group MLB/MLP platform. A year later, Audi has launched an S4 model which was based on the current B8 A4.

Beginning with the B8, the saloon and Avant version was available while the convertible variant was replaced by the Audi S5 Cabriolet in 2009, the year when it went on sale for the European public.

For this model, downsizing occured because the B8 S4 replaced the 4.2L V8 engine with a 3.0L TFSi V6 engine with forced induction via a Roots-style Eaton mechanical supercharger.

Even though it's an S model, the B8 S4 competes with the BMW 335i and the Infiniti G37 since Audi discontinued the Audi B7 RS4 and Audi has never made a competitor to the BMW M3. Optional features on the B8 S4 includes active rear differential, active steering and ultra-quick electrically-adjustable shocks (both via Audi Drive Select Package).

APR Motorsport competed the B8 S4 at the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Grand Sport (GS) class.

As it turns out, the S4 B8 managed to do it in 1:28.223, that's about over five seconds slower than the RS4 but still more quicker than the previous S4 models so I therefore conclude that the RS4 B7 is the winner of my Top Gear Forza Motorsport 4 comparisons....

Go pick the RS4 B7...because it's sonorous...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Melissa Ricks, IHAW NA!

2/28/13's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment sees Tito Bhoy interviewing guest celeb Melissa Ricks.

And now one of KANDILA's top stories, PABINGO NG MAYNILA, NAGKAGULO NANAMAN! This happened after a game of bingo that caused big trouble.

Lastly, Jayson Gainza tries to eat his food with chopsticks in Tres Kumpares sketch, that is when he's having a bit of a trouble with it.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sa isang KANDILA

Here it is! On the 2/27/13's Banana Nite, it's the Bandila spoof we've been waiting for! Sa isang KANDILA! Hello? Oh yeah, it's KANDILA! In one of their top stories, CAMPAIGN MATERIALS SA LANSANGAN, NAGKALAT! You know what the Anti-Epal stuff is, right? Guess what? We know what the EPAL in the anti-epal malarkey is... ELECTION POSTERS ARE LOVELY! In short, EPAL.

Also, Ryan Bang checks out the most hillarious pics from FB in ETO NA POST. Pics such as a house's gates been enhanced to keep up with the car's back, a store owner has a sign says KAYA BAWAL ANG UTANG complete with the four signs, sleep-first tsine-last, and a tubero's phone number sign that says CALL ME MAYBE. Funny but solved a lot of problems!

Lastly, Iza Calzado, IHAW NA! Tito Bhoy interviews guest celeb Iza Calzado in the IHAW NA segment.

Unique taxis and a Mac

In the US Top Gear, we see the boys showed off their unique taxis made for the challenge. Tanner had a Scion xB taxi, Rut had an El Camino cabbie, and Adam come up with a Ford Ambulance Truck turned into a taxi.

Rut won the first challenge where the cabbie has to pick up passengers and luggages and head to the finish line, all three failed the second challenge that measures a taxi's comfort, and Tanner scored the most tips in the last challenge.

With Adam out, Tanner and Rut arrived at Miami to check out the McLaren MP4-12C supercar and see if it can take down a NASCAR racer driven by Carl Edwards

After five laps, seems the McLaren can't keep up against the over 900hp stock car but Carl Edwards gave a good praise about the 12C.

While it was nearly impossible to take down a NASCAR, the McLaren is the ultimate track weapon in its own right.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The UNLIMITED - Hyobu Kyosuke - Character Single series

The frightening and thrilling spin-off of the memorable Zettai Karen Children series, titled The UNLIMITED - Hyobu Kyosuke - , sure knows that this is one hell of a ride to discover who is Kyosuke Hyobu and how does the most feared ESPer from the terrorist organization PANDRA cope up with the fact that his days are numbered and how does the newest recruit from PANDRA who was unknowlingly a spy sent from the United States, Andy Hinomiya, discover the truth behind PANDRA and Kyosuke Hyobu. That series really does pack a massive suspense but anyway, let's not talk about the series because here comes the Character Single collection based on the characters from The UNLIMITED.

1) Kyosuke Hyobu (CV: Koji Yusa)

THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Character SINGLE/兵部京介 starring 遊佐浩二

2) Andy Hinomiya (CV: Junichi Suwabe)

THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Character SINGLE/アンディ・ヒノミヤ starring 諏訪部順一

3) Koichi Minamoto (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Character SINGLE/皆本光一 starring 中村悠一

4) Syuji Sakaki (CV: Kisho Taniyama)

THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Character SINGLE/賢木修二 starring 谷山紀章

5) The Children (CV: Aya Hirano, Ryoko Shiraishi, and Haruka Tomatsu)

THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Character SINGLE/ザ・チルドレン starring 平野綾&白石涼子&戸松遥

6) Yugiri (CV: Nao Toyama)

THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Character SINGLE/ユウギリ starring 東山奈央

Guess we got everything we need to know about those character songs featured in each maxi single CD, eh? If not, let me talk about the character songs you'll be listening to in each CD. First up, Kyosuke Hyobu performs BRAND NEW EDEN while Hinomiya takes care of that with Realize Mission. Then, Minamoto performs his character song called ミライノサキへ while Syuji Sakaki can do better than that with his character song called COME TOGETHER!!!! Lastly, the heroines you once know in the past known as The Children performed their new song called Triple Message and then, the mysterious Yugiri has a character song called タカラモノ.

Apart from that, Kyosuke and Hinomiya had their own arrangement versions of the song called DARKNESS NIGHT while Minamoto and Sakaki prepped up their own arranged versions of BRIGHTEST LIGHT. The Children trumps with their brand new third version of MY WINGS and for Yugiri, she has another character song to fill the gap called 未来物語.

Case closed...

Three new NFSMW DLC packs are headed your way!

2014 Ford Fiesta ST in NFSMW

The 2012 version of Need For Speed Most Wanted is the best NFS game ever at it garnered several awards and recognition but such success wasn't quite enough. Back in December, they've launched the Ultimate Speed DLC which features five hypercars that is too fast to break the law. Now, they've launched THREE new DLC packs on NFSMW! THREE DLC PACKS! It's available NOW on the PS3 and XBOX 360 while PC owners will have to wait till March 12.

First is the TERMINAL VELOCITY pack which expands the Fairhaven City map with the addition of Fairhaven International Airport. Explore through the terminals and runways with five new cars such as the Audi RS3 Sportback, the BMW 1M Coupe, the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the all new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, and the 2012 Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype (not to be confused with the 918 Concept featured on the game). Since the 918 Spyder Prototype is the Most Wanted car, that shouldn't be a problem for you if you have the right car to take down this nimble Porsche.

Second is the NFS HEROES pack which comes with five iconic cars that are sacred to the NEED FOR SPEED HISTORY such as the Lamborghini Diablo SV, the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 from Underground, Nissan 350Z from Underground 2, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and (you'll gonna love this) the BMW M3 GTR. As we all know, the M3 GTR was the cover car from the original 2005 version of NFSMW and since it's the Most Wanted car to beat, relive the glory!

Last is the MOVIE LEGENDS pack which comes with five cars famous for their movie appearance such as the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martin DBS, 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, and the 1967 Shelby GT500. Since the 1967 Shelby GT500 is the Most Wanted car, can you catch it before it's gone in 60 seconds? (pun intended).


Forza Horizon announces March Meguiar's Car Pack

March Meguiar's Car Pack features
the new Audi RS4 Avant

With Spring approaches quickly, the producers of Forza Horizon announced the March Meguiar's Car Pack, the car pack where six brand new cars showcasing the art of motion. Whether if it's high-performance Europeans, a one-of-a-kind Japanese supercar, a road-going version of a track version of a road car, and a French hot hatch classic. That's right, here are the cars you might be expecting...

2013 Audi RS4 Avant
2013 BMW M135i
2012 Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG
2003 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
1998 Nissan R390 GT1
2004 Peugeot 206 RC

This car pack costs 400MSP but for season pass owners, not only you'll get this pack for free, you'll also get the final Season Pass bonus car and that's the Joss JT1.

It's available next week...

Joey Marquez, IHAW NA!

2/26/13's Banana Nite sees Tito Bhoy interviewed guest celeb Joey Marquez in the IHAW NA segment...

Then, simbahan jokes!

Then, Krissy (Angelica) and Senator Merriam (Melai) had a talk show segment called Krissy & Me.

1) Senator Merriam, nahuling namimick-up sa Malate!

2) Senator Merriam, sinasabing laos si Krissy!

Then, another one of SSPG jokes. Sobra-sobrang pilyong gags bawal sa bata. Tulog na!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Suzuki Spacia (MK32S)

2014 Suzuki Spacia

If you like the Daihatsu Tanto or the Honda N BOX, then Suzuki tries to lash out with its new model that some say this is the replacement to the five-year old Palette tall kei wagon. Uh-huh, this car is the replacement to the Suzuki Palette, it's called the Spacia.

The Spacia, hmmm...this is a tall kei car suitable for those who are housewives or midwives but a different kind of midwives that doesn't have the "Call the Midwife" taste and yes, even though it's just another kei car for these kinds of people, Suzuki claims that this is an all new model, a direct successor to the Palette. Yep, I said that much but how does it differ to the Palette it replaces? First of all, the Spacia uses an entirely new platform so that now...wheelbase is now 2,425mm, that's 25mm more than the Palette it replaces and with that added 25mm of wheelbase really does sums it up to the generous interior space it deserves.

2014 Suzuki Spacia interior
On the interior, it's typical Suzuki kei car interior here and on the new Spacia, like its predecessor the Palette, accommodates up to four people. Thing is though that when you make usog-usog with the rear seats pushing to the back, you might be accommodating about 170mm of legroom and that's also generous. There's one thing though on the front seat because on one seat lies a secret compartment that kinda reminds me of the time the current Mazda Premacy had when it had a secret compartment under the seats. In the Spacia, it's all that simple, find the rope and lift it up so you can find a secret compartment to put something inside and that's convenient if you're hiding a very important stuff from your peers. Kinda feels like there's about 20,000 leagues under the sofa but this isn't the sofa, it's the secret compartment from the Spacia's other front seat.

In a more expensive model, there's one feature that customers going to like and that's the satellite navigation system that integrates Bluetooth connectivity. Which means, that if you have an Apple iPhone with the Mapple Navi app on it and when connected via Bluetooth, this is a wondrous tech-savvy feature that you don't have to use your smartphone as a GPS. Only the Spacia's sat-nav connectivity does the magic for you if you want to go to the nearest grocery or the hospital or back to your work as a midwife.

2014 Suzuki Spacia
Of course, with Suzuki being the leader in fuel efficient cars because the Alto Eco, the Wagon R, and the MR Wagon being the top trumps, the Spacia can easily trump the Tanto and the N BOX alike with its record-high 29kmpl of fuel economy based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards and it comes courtesy of the same fuel-efficient feature that you've expect on the current Suzuki Wagon R. Yes, we're talking about Suzuki Green Technology, Suzuki's new low-fuel consumption technology that won last year's RJC Technology of the Year award.

The Spacia comes served with Ene-Charge, Suzuki's very own mild hybrid energy mechanism, and a new idling stop system. How Ene-Charge works you say? Let's have a recap from last year's Wagon R, okay? Ehem...You see, this Ene-Charge system, with the R06A engine combined with an electric motor and li-ion battery, ENE-CHARGE comes with an regenerative braking system and uses some level of power assist to the internal combustion engine while it can also run certain electrical equipment. So, 29kmpl, how's that feel for a taller kei car that is more fuel efficient than the Tanto or the N BOX? Don't ask me, ask Suzuki because they're the no.1 in fuel efficient cars in Japan right now.

The Spacia also comes with a turbocharged version of the R06A engine complete with Suzuki Green Technology that you get on the current Wagon R. Power is now 64PS and fuel economy for the turbocharged version is 26kmpl.

Available only in Japan this March 2013, the Spacia really knows how to trump the Daihatsu Tanto and the Honda N BOX in terms of fuel efficiency. Yep, Suzuki Motor Corporation still knows how to defend its title of being the only carmaker that makes the most fuel efficient cars on the market today. And if you're reading this from India or Pakistan, NO, THIS FUEL-EFFICIENT KEI-CAR'S NOT FOR YOU, INDIANS AND PAKISTANIS. THIS IS A JAPAN-ONLY CAR. Thank You.

Available colors: Forest Aqua Metallic, Candle Orange Metallic, Silky Silver Metallic, Fizz Blue Pearl Metallic, Innocent Pink Pearl Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl 3, Pearl White, Forest Aqua Metallic White Two Tone Roof, Fizz Blue Pearl Metallic White Two Tone Roof, Candle Orange Metallic White Two Tone Roof, and Innocent Pink Pearl Metallic White Two Tone Roof.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

Daily Servings returned in Banana Nite!

With Banana Split Extra Scoop so successful at Saturday night, it's the perfect time for its weeknight spinoff called Banana Nite and you can think of it as Daily Servings in the evening!

Bea Alonzo, IHAW NA! That's Tito Bhoy (Jayson Gainza) interviewing guest celeb Bea Alonzo in the segment where they spoofed Bandila's IKAW NA segment.

And then...nightclub jokes!

And then... ETO NA POST, where Ryan Bang checks out the funniest pics from FB.

And then...jokes at the bed that is Rated SSPG

Then...Tres Kumpares in jail mishaps.

What's in our Car Town garage today? (February 26, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2013 Tesla Model S

What you're looking up here is Motor Trend's 2013 Car of the Year. Reason why Motor Trend picked the Model S as Car of the Year is because by any means of measurement, the Model S is a truly remarkable automobile. It's the first ever 4-door electric saloon car produced in California and it's offered in three battery packs; 40kWh for the base, 60kWh for the midrange, and 85kW-h for the flagship grade. In 85kW-h battery, it develops 270kW of power but for the Performance version, power is now up to 310kW.

2013 Tesla Model S

2008 Aston Martin Vantage

The V8 Vantage is the baby of the Aston Martin lineup and it slots below the V12-powered DB9. It is essentially a production version of the AMV8 Vantage concept car as seen on the 2003 NAIAS. It was powered by a 4.3L V8 engine that develops 380HP of power and 409Nm of torque while the engine was loosely based on Jaguar's AJ-V8 engine architecture. Let's not forget that Jaguar and Aston Martin belonged to Ford at that time, years before the Kuwaitis got Aston Martin and the Indians got Jaguar Land Rover.

2008 Aston Martin Vantage

2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage

What happens when you placed the DBS' V12 engine to the V8 Vantage? The result was the V12 Vantage, the high performance big brother of the V8 Vantage and slots near the DBS. Little known fact that Aston Martin used the V12 Vantage for their motorsports racing, from Super GT to the Nurburgring 24 Hours, replacing the DBRS9. Jeremy Clarkson once said that the V12 Vantage is "wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful" in the Series 13 ending of Top Gear even though he told the viewers that cars like these will soon be consigned to the history books thanks to such conditions...

2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Forza Horizon: Meet the VIPs

Ever since I have the Limited Collector's Edition of Forza Horizon, I have gained myself a VIP status and as a VIP in this game, I get exclusive in-game gifts designed by the Turn 10 staff, VIP Rivals events, expanded storefront, and an expanded MyForza gallery space where I got to store more pics and up to three video clips. Best of all, I got the chance to drive five cars made specifically for Horizon VIP players such as...

Pagani Huayra - Pagani's latest hypercar, the successor to the decade-old Zonda, really packs a divine wind against its rivals.

The Mighty Wind

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento - This dream machine from Lamborghini inspired its name from the periodic table of elements. Sesto Elemento...that's sixth element in Italian and it's CARBON to you and me...

The Sixth Sense

Audi R8 GT Spyder - Audi's hardcore model based on the R8 V10 Spyder comes with the same enhancements from its hardtop equivalent now in an open-top look.

Audi's Next Topless Model

Koenigsegg Agera - The successor of the bewildering CCX supercar from Sweden demands more fear and respect from drivers everywhere. By the moment you set foot on the Agera, your body becomes drunk with speed.

The Swedish Devil

Ruf RT 12 R - RUF's top-of-the-line model combines big power from the turbocharged engine at the back and some spartan driving manners.

The Spartan

Those who have VIP memberships got access to these perks and priviledges but for those who haven't got it, now's your chance because starting at 800MSP at the XBOX Live Marketplace, you can have these perks and privileges that Horizon provides for the VIP players. Hurry! It's never too late to be a VIP!

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Oscars 2013 winners

Missed the 2013 Academy Awards? If so, here are the winners of this year's Oscars, let's have a look!


BEST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

BEST ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE: Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

BEST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)

BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)











BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Skyfall by Adele (007: Skyfall)




BEST SOUND EDITING: 007: Skyfall, Zero Dark Thirty





In summary, movies like Life of Pi, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, and Argo scored big on this year's Oscars. Incredible!

Call The Midwife The Album

Call the Midwife was a true to life story written by Jennifer Worth that inspired a hit BBC TV drama series.  Jessica Raine played the role of Jenny Lee, a character inspired by Jennifer Worth who started her first day at Nonnatus House, a convent in one of the poorest areas in London. In here, she meets good-time girl Trixie, sensible Cynthia, and a newcomer named Chummy. For two seasons and last year's Christmas special, Call The Midwife has charmed viewers with a remarkable storyline and thanks to Jenny Agutter, Miranda Hart, Pam Ferris, and Jessica Raine, this show was a charming success, so successful that Call The Midwife will return sometime next year, which is a bit of a wait for fans. Worry not for Jessica Raine fans because the actress who played Jenny Lee on the show may come back as a guest on Doctor Who Series 7 Part Two and on the docu-drama titled Adventures in Space and Time starring David Bradley as William Hartnell, The First Doctor.

Call The Midwife The Album
However, if you are a big fan of the very popular BBC TV drama inspired by true events, then you'll gonna love this original soundtrack. Call The Midwife The Album is a two-disc original soundtrack which comes with musics heard from the first two seasons and the 2012 Christmas Special including original recordings from the 1950's, cast performances and musical interludes.

Yeah, I know some of the tracks featured are some oldies music but this track comes with some original background musics heard on the hit TV drama as seen on BBC, perfect enough to relive the life and times of Jenny Lee, a midwife who overcomes different obstacles to fulfill her potential at the community she rapidly learns to love.

Available at:


Disc: 1
1. Theme Tune
2. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
3. The Diamonds - Little Darlin'
4. The Champs - Tequila
5. Louis Prima - Jump, Jive An' Wail
6. Original Cast Recording - Elevator Rock
7. Musical Interlude - Urgent
8. Max Bygraves - Meet Me On The Corner
9. Musical Interlude - Biking
10. Perry Como With Ray Charles Singer - Magic Moments
11. Doris Day With Frank Devol & His Orchestra - Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
12. Junior Parker - Next Time You See Me
13. Mitzi Gaynor - I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
14. Musical Interlude - On The Pier
15. The Four Lads - Who Needs You
16. The Five Satins - In The Still Of The Nite
17. Dean Martin With Dick Stable & His Orchestra - Memories Are Made Of This
18. Musical Interlude - The Docks
19. Bill Doggett - Ram Bunk Shush
20. Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Raunchy
21. The Johnny Otis Show - Good Golly
22. The Chordettes - Lollipop
23. Perry Como With Ray Charles Singers - Hot Diggitty (Dog Ziggity Boom)
24. Eydie Gorme - Love Me Forever
25. Malcolm Vaughan - My Special Angel
26. Blossom Dearie - Someone To Watch Over Me
27. Original Cast Recording - The Brothel
28. Original Cast Recording (The Nuns) - Lord Now Let They Servant Depart In Peace
29. Musical Interlude - Slipping Away
30. Original Cast Recording (The Nuns) - Before The Ending Of The Day

Disc: 2
1. Original Cast Recording (The Cub Scouts) - My Special Angel
2. The Four Aces - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
3. The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
4. Ondrej Lenard/Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra - Carnival Of The Animals: Xiii. Le Cygne (The Swan)
5. Musical Interlude - Back To Life
6. Original Cast Recording (The Nuns) - Psalm 121
7. Perry Como With Ray Charles Singers - Catch A Falling Star
8. Doris Day With Frank Devol & His Orchestra - Everybody Loves A Lover
9. Petula Clark - Baby Lover
10. Tab Hunter - Young Love
11. Musical Interlude - Delivery
12. Original Cast Recording (The Nuns) - Psalm 91
13. Musical Interlude - In The Mirror
14. Andy Williams - Walk Hand In Hand
15. Bill Lee & John Kerr - Younger Than Springtime
16. The Four Aces - Stranger In Paradise
17. Musical Interlude - Country House
18. The Four Coins - Shangri
19. The Solitaires - Embraceable You
20. The Five Satins - Love With No Love In Return
21. Musical Interlude - The Letter
22. Original Cast Recording (The Nuns) Come Holy Ghost Our Soul Inspire
23. The Four Aces - O Holy Night (Cantique De Noel)
24. Elvis Presley - Blue Moon
25. Perry Como - (I Wonder Why) You're Just In Love
26. Musical Interlude - Anxious Wait
27. The Four Aces - Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love )
28. Musical Interlude - Giving Her Back
29. Original Cast Recording (The Nuns) - Psalm 51 Have Mercy Upon Me
30. Jane Morgan - If I Loved You
31. The Duprees - You Belong To Me

GM Korea Chevrolet Trax

Ever since in two years ago when Mr. Mike Arcamone finally axed the Daewoo brand for good and use the Chevrolet brand to its Korean made cars (with the exception of the Damas, Labo, and Alpheon flagship sedan) to boost its sales as well as its renaming the South Korean division of General Motors from GM Daewoo to GM Korea Company, it bridged the gap between Hyundai-Kia and Renault-Samsung, becoming one of South Korea's biggest carmakers. I know it was a good idea to kill of that ugly Daewoo brand for good because nobody in the world really liked the Daewoo brand after all but sometimes, even the Korean-made Chevrolets should have known better than that because I don't think they fared well against the competition. The Chevrolet Cruze, for instance, is facing sluggish competition against the Avante and the K3 while the Chevy Aveo (Sonic in most markets) is making a deadheat against the Kia Pride and the Hyundai Accent RB and the Chevrolet Captiva is losing its ground against the Santa Fe DM and the Sorento R. Sadly though, GM Korea doesn't have a competitor against the Hyundai Tucson iX or the Kia Sportage R so when they guys went to the drawing board, this is what they came up what known to be as a proper rival to the Tucson or Sportage...

2013 GM Korea Chevrolet Trax
This might be a potential contender, it's called the TRAX and by the name TRAX, people should not to be confused with the 2007 concept car of the same name that inspired Mudflap from Transformers 2 or that K-POP duo called The Trax. He he he he he..... Anyway, while the name sounds confusing for a Korean, what's underneath the Trax is the chassis that was used on the Opel/Vauxhall Mokka (Buick Encore). It's even built by the same factory where most Korean-made Chevys were made. Where? Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea! Not sure where? Look at the map, okay?

2013 GM Korea Chevrolet Trax
 Anyway, the Trax is a compact crossover that slots below the Captiva and as a compact crossover, the TRAX was made to be for those who are living the urban lifestyle, it's like a relaxed adult spending hours listening to Crossover FM on his/her iPhone app or at a sound system that is five times more expensive than an ordinary radio while living in a very luxurious condo somewhere in Filinvest. The Trax though is like that, it's like being me who spend the rest of my free time shopping at Festival or at SM Southmall for some stuff that I like to make myself comfortable. Judging from my free time doing a bit of shopping or relieving my field trip memories, the Trax is just something that I'm easing my worries about.

However, as an alternative to the Tucson or the Sportage R, this is a fair choice because with the starting price of just 19,400,000 Korean Won, the Trax is the affordable of the three. Engine choices of these three? Let's have a look... Sportage R has 2.0L T-GDi and 2.0L CRDi-VGT, Tucson is available only with 2.0L CRDi-VGT, Trax is petrol only at that time. It has a 1.4L turbocharged engine that produces about 140HP of power and 20.4kg-m of torque while being mated with the GEN II 6-speed automatic transmission that you may expect on the Malibu. Fuel consumption takes about 12.2km/L for the only engine offered on the Trax.

Sadly though, no 4WD offered on the Trax, which is a bit of a problem for a crossover of this size and seems to be that those Koreans who want to buy the new Trax might have a bit of a rethink because when the Trax was premiered at last year's Paris Motor Show, it has 4WD but when GM Korea brought it here, where's the 4WD? There's none! The Trax is available only in FF, same as the upcoming Scenic X-MOD that has no 4WD on sight.

As for the driving feel, the Trax is a bit more athletic, it's like a nimble hatchback that really shows its grooves but remember, the Trax is always an urban life vehicle designed and made for those who are as much comfortable as living in a condo in Alabang, not an SUV that you can make some ridiculous stereotypes.

2013 GM Korea Chevrolet Trax interior
The interior of the Trax seems to be a bit cheap, feels like it was made of cheap materials and Chevrolet should have known better when it comes to make eye-catching interiors. Despite it's low-quality interior, the one thing I'm going to like about the Trax is the fact that it has Siri. No, I'm not joking and I'm not making this up because Trax got Siri. That's right, it's your personal assistant you often love or hate on your iPhone is in the Trax and while your iPhone's connected to the Chevrolet MyLink, talk to Siri, Siri knows what to do as you give Siri commands but best to speak clearly or Siri won't understand what you're saying. Trust me, my pronunciations are not that good than yours. He he he he....

To sum up then, what I like about the Trax is that it's got Siri, the turbocharged engine, nimble handling that feels like a sports hatchback, and the same feeling you felt on your posh condo. What I don't like about the Trax that the interior design looks cheap, no diesel and 4WD powertrain on sight, and the design that looks a bit more boxy. Now then, for my moment of truce with the TRAX, Siri, go play me Blind by Trax!

Available colors: Pure White, Snowflake White Pearl, Switchblade Silver, Satin Steel Grey, Velvet Red, Sand Beige Brown, Espresso Brown, Hawaiian Blue, Royal Solid Blue, and Carbon Flash Black.


1.4 LS A/T - 19,400,000 Won
1.4 LS 디럭스 A/T - 20,150,000 Won
1.4 LT A/T - 20,900,000 Won
1.4 LT 디럭스 A/T - 21,900,000 Won
1.4 LTZ A/T - 22,890,000 Won

Photo: GM Korea Company

Six Nations 2013: Zero to Hero win for Scotland

Scotland vs. Ireland

Round 3 of the RBS Six Nations rugby match concludes with Scotland bagging a win against the IRFU with the score of 12 to 8. That's 12 points for Scotland and 8 points for Ireland. Seems the first half sees Scotland in a rough start against the Irish rivals but on the second half, with the Scottish had no tries, they managed to outrun the Irish, probably thanks to Laidlaw's....


Laidlaw's boot seals Scotland comeback

Greig Laidlaw kicked all the points as Scotland staged a fine comeback to sink Ireland 12-8 and chalk up back-to-back RBS 6 Nations victories for the first time since 2001.

Trailing 8-0 just after the break and having been outclassed in the first 50 minutes, Scotland romped back and Laidlaw's clinical kicking edged out Ireland, who slipped to a second straight Championship loss.
In complete contrast to Laidlaw, Ireland fly-half Paddy Jackson enjoyed a difficult debut, missing three kicks at goal before he was replaced.

For Scotland, having defeated Italy in the previous match, their hopes of clinching the RBS 6 Nations title remain very much alive after a first Championship victory over Ireland at Murrayfield in 12 years.

Despite Jackson's inaccuracy from the tee, Ireland were very much in the ascendancy in the first half but for all their knocking on the Scotland door, they could only take a three-point lead in with them at the interval.

Debutant centre Luke Marshall enjoyed a first cap to remember, making two superb line breaks but Scotland's scrambled defence kept Ireland out.

On six minutes Ireland got their first sniff of the try-line but Rob Kearney's grubber kick didn't find a way through the Scotland line and a minute later 21-year-old Marshall made his first blistering run.

Bypassing Ruaridh Jackson, Marshall scythed through and picked out Keith Earls on the left but with Brian O'Driscoll on the outside, the wing couldn't find the pass.

Ireland showed their intent by turning down a kickable penalty to kick for the corner but that backfired somewhat when Jim Hamilton stole the lineout ball.

Ireland kept coming however and Marshall made another break, this time on the right, only for his pass, which looked forward, to be knocked on by Craig Gilroy on ten minutes.

Scotland then found themselves down to 14 men on 16 minutes when prop Ryan Grant was sent to sin bin after bringing down Conor Murray who had taken a quick penalty but had not travelled ten metres.

Debutant fly-half Jackson shanked his first effort at goal on the international stage however before Scotland embarked on their first real attack, only for Johnnie Beattie's pass to Matt Scott to go forward.

Then it was Earls' turn to split the Scotland defence but he failed to see the supporting O'Driscoll inside and the Munster man was forced inside by Stuart Hogg and Sean Maitland.

Scotland were clinging on but were aided by Ireland's misfiring lineout as the score remained 0-0 despite ireland's dominance.

On 33 minutes an Irish driving maul was brought down by Scotland and again Ireland turned down the three points and kicked for the corner.

But while they won another lineout, they could not force their way through and settled for a kick at goal after Kelly Brown was pinged for not releasing, this time 21-year-old Jackson notching his first points on the senior international stage.

Scotland, despite being outplayed for the opening 39 minutes, were then given a chance to level things up on the stroke of half-time but Hogg, whose range is longer than regular kicker Laidlaw, just fell short from 50 metres.

The second half started with more of the same - Ireland maintaining their policy of keeping the ball in hand with Scotland again on the back foot.

And on 44 minutes they finally made the breakthrough. Bulldozing flanker Sean O'Brien made the break and after a few more phases that saw Kearney and O'Driscoll both go close, Gilroy spun his way over the line after he was fed by Murray. Jackson struck the near upright with his kick from the right, ensuring Ireland led 8-0.

Scotland then earned themselves a foothold in the match by winning a penalty in the Ireland 22 and Laidlaw made no mistake to get the hosts on the board.

Soon after Jackson drifted another penalty wide and when Scotland's powerful scrum earned another penalty in front of the posts, Laidlaw brought his side to within just two points on 59 minutes.

Buoyant, Scotland began enjoying some possession in the Ireland 22 and Beattie fell just short of the try-line when bursting through from the rolling maul.

Scotland had already been awarded the penalty however and when Laidlaw's speculative high kick into the in-goal area did not result in a try, the scrum-half booted his side into a 9-8 lead from the tee.

That prompted Declan Kidney to introduce Ronan O'Gara for his 128th cap and he showed all his nous when chipping ahead, but fellow replacement Luke Fitzgerald couldn't gather the ball.

However a moment of madness from O'Gara, who was wayward with a cross-field kick deep in his own 22, eventually saw Scotland win the penalty and Laidlaw give his side a four-point gap.

Ireland then won a penalty deep in the Scotland half and kicked for the corner with three minutes remaining and despite numerous phases just short of the visitors' line, Kearney ran into his own man and the chance was gone.


The third round concludes with England's in the lead by six points while Wales and Scotland had 4 points and Ireland and Italy has 2 points. Seems that France never won a single match in this year's Six Nations rugby. The fourth round will have a very different experience. Scotland vs. Wales, Ireland vs. France, and England vs. Italy...It all happens next month...

Top Gear Season 19 finale

Top Gear Season 19 finale

Here we go, fifth episode is the last of Top Gear Series 19 (or is it?) and on that episode, hilarity ensued because Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson  are off to make a senior-friendly recreational vehicle based on the cruddy Fiat Multipla car. Did they solved OAP transport? Yes, nearly...

Also, James May tries out the next-generation Range Rover and placed on a rather unusual test against some military truck. While we're not gonna tell the outcome, James May claimed that the all-new Range Rover is rather excellent, even though this new model is lighter than the previous model. More luxurious as well...

Lastly, James McAvoy is the STAR IN A REASONABLY PRICED CAR and he set a lap time of 1:43.6, a second faster than the time set by Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith!

That concludes Series 19 of Top Gear...or is it? Because next week sees the very first two-part Top Gear special...It's the AFRICA SPECIAL. Next week is Part One of the AFRICA SPECIAL as the boys return to Africa for a new challenge. Wonder what trouble will the boys face?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Six Nations 2013 - Another win for England and Wales

Italy vs. Wales

All right, the third round of the RBS 6 Nations is heating up and looks like England and Wales pummeled through the ranks against the French and the Italians.

First and foremost, the England rugby team really put a massive blow on the FFR at the once-messed-up-by-Top-Gear Twickenham stadium and if it weren't for Manu Tuilagi's try, England wouldn't got a 23-13 lead against France.


Tuilagi sinks France as England edge closer to Grand Slam

Manu Tuilagi picked up from where he left off at Twickenham, scoring England's only try in their 23-13 victory over France to maintain his side's pursuit of a first RBS 6 Nations Grand Slam since 2003.

Tuilagi last played on home soil for England when he inspired the Red Rose's historic victory over New Zealand, and he was at it again against France, darting over in the corner for his side's crucial score.
France were much improved from their first two matches with half-back pairing Morgan Parra and Francois Trinh-Duc excelling in a frenetic opening half - lit up by Wesley Fofana's wonderful try.

But with Owen Farrell - and latterly Toby Flood - keeping the scoreboard ticking over, and Tuilagi pouncing after the break, England secured their third straight win of the 2013 RBS 6 Nations and a third straight Championship win over les Bleus.

As they had done in their previous two matches, England took the lead in the opening two minutes - Farrell notching from the tee after Yoann Maestri was penalised for going over the top.

France showed their attacking intent soon after however as Trinh-Duc chipped through the middle of the pitch, Fofana fielded the ball and England were penalised at the breakdown.

Parra, in for Maxime Machenaud, kicked France level on five minutes a the opening exchanges continued at a ferocious pace.

Mathieu Bastareaud and Tuilagi both embarked on bone-crunching runs as both sides carried the fight to one another, and both winning numerous turnovers.

Yoann Huget also caught the eye in the opening quarter which remained 3-3 as both teams jousted without troubling the scoreboard.

On 27 minutes, Tuilagi almost grabbed the first try of the match, ripping through the French defence but as the try-line beckoned, Parra's last ditch tackle stopped the England centre in his tracks.

England recycled and Farrell looked for Chris Ashton on the right with the cross-field kick and while he was wayward, referee Craig Joubert had already awarded the penalty.

On the half hour mark came Fofana's moment of magic.

Bastareaud proved he's more than just a battering ram by attracting England defenders before releasing his centre partner, who evaded Courtney Lawes' tackle before scorching down the left, leaving Ashton and Ben Youngs in his wake.

England were then handed the chance to trim the gap to one when France prop Thomas Domingo didn't roll away from the ruck, and Farrell duly bisected the posts.

Parra had the chance to extend his side's lead at the end of the half but he didn't have the range from the halfway line and just after the break he was wayward again following a huge shove from the French pack.

And the hosts took advantage of that let-off when France were penalised for bringing down a maul on 47 minutes, giving Farrell a simple shot, by his standards, from les Bleus' 22.

The first-half pattern of both side's making headway then conceding possession ensued before Tuilagi's opportunistic try came on 54 minutes.

A towering kick from Alex Goode was fielded by France but England pressure saw the ball fall loose and Tuilagi pounced on the ball and romped into the left-hand corner.

Farrell pushed his conversion wide however, his first miss of the match, and England then needlessly conceded a penalty in their own half for being offside.

Frederic Michalak, on for Trinh-Duc, slotted the kick on 58 minutes to bring France to within four points at 17-13.

A rare error from Fofana then saw Farrell look to extend England's lead from all of 50 metres but he uncharacteristically fluffed his lines and injured himself in the process as Toby Flood entered the fray in his place soon after.

France then strung together numerous phases - a moment of magic from Michalak almost paying off when he chipped ahead - and England were forced to dig deep and keep their defence in tact.

But Flood did made his telling contribution with seven minutes remaining, giving England some crucial breathing space with a penalty after Bastareaud was called up by Joubert.

As France tired and England's replacements outshone their counterparts, Flood racked up a second penalty to ensure the game was safe, condemning les Bleus to a sixth consecutive RBS 6 Nations match without victory.


Also, seems that the kid from the Six Nations 2013 commercial from BBC Cymru Wales is going to be thrilled by the news for this because Wales bagged another win after defeating the F.I.R. Italia rugby team with the score of 9-26. That's 9 points for the Italians and 26 points for the Welsh. Such tries by Jonathan Davies and Alex Cuthbert would been enough to sink the Italians in the third round of the RBS 6 Nations rugby match.


Davies and Cuthbert reignite Wales' title defence

Second-half scores from Jonathan Davies and Alex Cuthbert saw Wales get the defence of their RBS 6 Nations crown firmly back on track with an impressive 26-9 victory over Italy in Rome.

Having ended a run of eight straight defeats against France last time out, Wales chalked up their second win of the competition with Leigh Halfpenny again excelling at full-back, notching 14 points.
Where the Welsh scrum came under pressure in Paris, it was rampant in Rome and that gave Wales the platform to set up the victory - Halfpenny taking advantage whenever the Azzurri were penalised at the set-piece.

Despite Wales' superiority in the first half, Italy were very much still in the game at 9-6 down at the break but Davies and Cuthbert both scored clinical efforts to wrap up victory as the Welsh road show now gears up for a trip to Scotland.

Buoyed by their victory over France a fortnight ago, it was Wales who made the brighter start, setting up camp in the Italian half in the opening stages of the match.

The Italian defensive line rarely looked threatened by Wales did make their territory count on seven minutes, winning the first penalty of the match which Halfpenny duly converted.

The visitors allowed Italy swiftly back into the match however and the Azzurri levelled up the scores with their first foray into the Wales 22 - prop Gethin Jenkins pinged for bringing the scrum down and Kristopher Burton slotting the three points.

Italy briefly threatened - Giovanbattista Venditti bursting down the left - but the greasy ball ensured attacking rugby came at a premium for both sides.

Instead, it was the set-piece which dictated matters and in that regard, Wales were on top. Another brutal scrum on 15 minutes gave Halfpenny his second penalty of the game and just three minutes later it was the same story - the full-back converted from 45 metres.

Dan Biggar was then called up on the halfway line for not releasing but Burton decided to go for the corner, only to misjudge his kick and find Cuthbert.

Cuthbert spilled the ball however and from the resulting scrum, Burton attempted a drop goal, only to drag his effort wide.

On the half hour mark, Italy rediscovered their form at the scrum and secured the penalty, Burton on target to trim to gap to just three before Cuthbert finally found some space on the right.

Biggar fielded a kick and found his winger inside and Cuthbert looked to be clear only for a last ditch tap tackle from Gonzalo Canale to avert the danger for Italy.

Wales' impressive forwards then won another penalty - their pressure on Italy forcing mistakes following a chargedown by Jenkins but this time Halfpenny missed from the tee, ensuring Wales took a 9-6 lead in at the break.

Italy came out of the blocks in the second half and almost grabbed the first try of the match after a kick ahead by Burton wreaked havoc in the Wales defence but Tommaso Benvenuti failed to gather the ball cleanly with the try line beckoning.

Undeterred Italy stepped onto the front foot again but Burton missed his second drop goal effort before Davies struck with the decisive try on 44 minutes.

Mike Phillips chipped over the top and the bounce of the ball evaded both Burton and Italy scrum-half Edoardo Gori - but not Davies, who kicked ahead and dotted down, Halfpenny adding the extras.

Burton brought Italy back to within a score with his third penalty of the match but Halfpenny responded in kind with a superb kick from out on the left.

On 59 minutes, Italy then found themselves down to 14 with captain Martin Castrogiovanni sent to the sin bin after for repeated infringement at the scrum and Wales made it count.

A fine drive from the forwards resulted in Biggar picking out the on-rushing Cuthbert who was not to be denied this time, streaking over in the left-hand corner with Halfpenny again on target with the conversion.

With breathing space on the scoreboard, Wales set out closing the match out but Italy wasted a good chance to hit back - Alessandro Zanni knocking on when on the overlap to sum up the Azzurri's day as the visitors eased to a sixth straight RBS 6 Nations victory over their hosts.


Now stay tuned for the match between Scotland vs. IRFU later...

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