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Let's Do The News! (February 9, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Mommy Elvie dies

If you remember shows like "Mommy Elvie @ 18" or "Mommy Elvie's Problematic Show", chances are that you'll remember Mommy Elvie Villasanta, the mother of comedian Ariel Villasanta, the dude behind the adventures of Maverick and Ariel. Sad news that Mommy Elvie died at 84 due to breast cancer. Some say, her body was brought to the Arlington Memorial Chapels in Quezon City but it will be transferred at the Christ The King Church in Greenmeadows. Public viewing's on Sunday.

Rest in piece...Mommy Elvie...


Party Pilipinas was placed on 6-month probation

The MTRCB placed GMA's Sunday noontime show, Party Pilipinas, on a 6-month probation after airing a "sexually-charged" episode since January 27. It must have something to do with sexy opening number done by Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino. Here's an excerpt from the official MTRCB Twitter account @MTRCBgov:

"MTRCB also directs public apology to be published in a newspaper of general circulation by 09 February 2013," 


Goodbye iron, hello cat! Monopoly reveals new token!

A couple of months ago, the famed board game, Monopoly, asked the public that which of the classic tokens will be saved or be gone forever and which new token will be chosen. Monopoly fans had a shot of chance to save one of the classic tokens (the racecar, the boat, the hat, the thimble, the dog, the iron, the wheelbarrow, and the shoe) and chose which new token will be...the "New" token for Monopoly (the cat, robot, ring, guitar, and helicopter).

The nation has spoken and it's....GOODBYE IRON, HELLO KITTY!

Yes, the car is the "new" Monopoly token while the wheelbarrow token is gone...forever. Reclusion perpetua... The classic tokens like the racecar, the boat, the hat, the thimble, the dog, the wheelbarrow, and the shoe are safe and retained while being welcomed by the newcomer token which is THE CAT!


The 2013 edition of Monopoly featuring the newest token, the cat, is coming soon. If you have some fond memories with the iron token, there are some remaining Monopoly board games available. Buy now before the iron token is permanently gone!

Majutsu no Index's Accelerator inspires Dakimakura cover...

Well, this is strange. While we're not on the verge of talking about dakimakura covers of some male anime characters, something odd sprung into our heads. On this latest offering, the crazed Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu No Index (movie coming this month!) anime series inspired a dakimakura cover. This hugging pillow of Index's Accelerator is made possible by our pals from Cospa and it's going to be featured at this year's Anime Contents Expo. Prices start at around 9,000 Yen.


Toyota Camry is 2012-2013 Korea Car of The Year

2012 Toyota Camry
Well this is embarrassing for the Korean automotive industry. It seems that a Japanese car, for the first time, won the Korean Car of the Year because of its value on price, performance, safety and fuel efficiency. The Toyota Camry is the first foreign model to win the award since it was first presented three years ago. But why? How could a Japanese car won a COTY Award that is deserved to be on the homegrown heroes? Well, I already said the reason so who cares? Maybe the guy who's in charge of Toyota Korea just got lucky that they never got an award like this and hey...Korea's loss is Japan's gain in terms of KCOTY awarding... (sigh)


"Everyday WcSavers"

On the February 8, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Chinese New Year gags

- This situation's like a boomerang....once it's thrown, it goes back...

- Pickup Lines!

- Bubble Gang does McDonalds Everyday McSavers by spoofing this commercial as WcDonald's Everyday WcSavers!

- Tata Lino is back for more quotes

- Don't you just love a good facial surgery? Makes them feel young!

- The gayest boxing match you'll ever seen on television...

- An interview with some athletes accused of using steroids...

- IyoTube

Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's Do The News! (February 8, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

Woman: Hello there and welcome to Have I Got News For You. My name is [BLEEP] and before we begin, let me just say that our thoughts go to those who have been affected by a devastating earthquake and tsunami that some say it took five lives and destroyed houses somewhere at Solomon Islands. We're praying for your hopes of speedy recovery, everyone at Solomon Islands.

(cheers and applause)

Woman: Anyway, top stories today. Power Rangers....where are they now? Well, there's your answer what happened to your favorite childhood heroes...

Everyone Is Doing The Harlem Shake v.3 Right Now - Watch More Funny Videos

(audience laughing)

Woman: Then, if you're a big fan of those Call of Duty games then, you'll be surprised that there's been some warfare going on and no, they're not on the Middle East for some desert storm or some reenactments...this one's for you...

Sniping: Paintball Edition - Watch More Funny Videos

(audience laughing)

Woman: And who else ever heard a witness who is as insane as this guy?

The Most Insane News Story You’ll See Today - Watch More Funny Videos

(audience laughing)

Woman: Whoa....and that's the top stories and let's begin the discussion. On the left panel, let me introduce you to our guests at the left. First off, some Girlet Endorser who has amassed her fortune for endorsing products that expose its secrets. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to [BLEEP]!

(cheers and applause)

Woman: And next up, some Boylet Mischeso who has some dramatic hysteria at the airport. It's [BLEEP]!

(cheers and applause)

Woman: And now onto the right panel. She refers to herself as Celeb Higpit Sinturon, someone who is a bit cheap and belt-tightening during her Christmas vacation. Who is she? It's [BLEEP]!

(cheers and applause)

Woman: And lastly, some Beki Celeb who tries to level his social status up the ante but nobody's bothered by his newly-found social status unless he's off the cam...

(audience laughing)

Woman: ....Beki Celeb is....[BLEEP]!

(cheers and applause)

Woman: And these are our guests for today's show so who wants to start with?

Beki Celeb: Oh! Oh! Oh! Miss! Miss! I have something to say....

Woman: What is it about?

Beki Celeb: I'm getting confused every time when new ABS-CBN dramas of 2013 start and then at the start it says "DREAMSCAPE Entertainment Television" on it...What's DREAMSCAPE?

Dreamscape Entertainment Television
Girlet Endorser: I really don't know what DREAMSCAPE Entertainment Television is...Even since the first ABS-CBN drama of 2013, which is titled Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, starring Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino, and Anne Curtis, aired last month, this symbol appeared. It says "DREAMSCAPE Entertainment Television". Later on, with new dramas such as Kahit Konting Pagtingin, the first TV drama for "Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs" Angeline Quinto, the action-packed fantasy drama titled "Juan Dela Cruz", and then the upcoming TV drama starring Angelica Panganiban titled "Apoy Sa Dagat", those TV dramas of ABS-CBN will come with the DREAMSCAPE seal when it starts...

Beki Celeb: Whoa! I need to be specific, [BLEEP], I need to know what's DREAMSCAPE Entertainment Television is.,,,

Woman: [BLEEP], between you and me, I think DREAMSCAPE is nothing more of a new company. It's a new division of ABS-CBN perhaps? I think so because ever since Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw started, it's the first ABS-CBN TV drama of 2013 and the first from DREAMSCAPE Entertainment Television. Beginning 2013, DREAMSCAPE Entertainment Television is what I'm thinking of it as the teleserye division of ABS-CBN. Don't know who's in charge but I think ABS-CBN's in charge of DREAMSCAPE...

(audience laughing)

Woman: Does this ring a bell?

Beki Celeb: Uh....that works. Thanks, [BLEEP]. You cleared my mind out of confusion!

Woman: You're welcome! And that was me solving the DREAMSCAPE dilemma. And for that, I just heard about who's going to be in a true-to-life story titled "Adventures in Space and Time", the one-time true-to-life-story in celebration of Doctor Who's 50th year.

'Doctor Who': David Bradley to play William Hartnell in 50th biopic

Boylet Mischeso: Yes, I heard that David Bradley's going to portray the role of Sir William Hartnell, the first ever Doctor Who when the series began in 1963. Sir David Bradley made a guest appearance on last year's episode of Doctor Who. He was in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" as the bad guy, in case you missed it. Oh and Jessica Raine, the lead actress from the hit BBC drama, Call the Midwide, will be on the biopic as well and she'll play as Verity Lambert, the very first producer of DW.

Woman: Interesting but....betcha didn't know that Miss Jessica Raine will make a guest appearance on Doctor Who soon you know...

Boylet Mischeso: Oh...Never heard of that. The lead actress of Call The Midwife? To guest on Doctor Who? Soon?

(audience laughing)

Woman: Yes, [BLEEP]. Jessica Raine's going to be guested on Doctor Who soon. End of sentence.

(audience laughing)

Boylet Mischeso: Okay...Whatever you say...

Woman: Anyway, this year's Chicago Auto Show, there has been some new models showing up in the open. On that venue, I just heard that Kia Motors made a world premiere of the newest addition. It's tentatively called K3 Hatchback, here it is...

Kia K3 Hatchback
ALL: Whoa....

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: K3 or Forte or Cerato hatchback...That new model look kinda different to the Europe-only cee-apostrophe-d inside and out. Looks nice though...

Woman: Yeah and I think it's not as sharp as its rival, the Hyundai i30. I wonder if it comes with the same specs as the normal K3 sedan...

Beki Celeb: Ma'am...details are classified. We'll not know about what comes onto that K3 hatchback...

(audience laughing)

Woman: Yeah, right....Probably too early to discuss about that. Anyway, you know those Justice League-themed Kias? First, there was a Batman-themed K5, later there was a Cyborg-themed Forte Hatchback, Flash-inspired Forte, Aquaman-themed Kia Pride, and then Green Lantern Soul...

Justice League-themed Kia cars
Boylet Mischeso: Cool. Imagine if I had one of those, I would be on some car show and awarded best themed car....

Woman: Ahem. Sir, that's not for you. Those are the cars made in collaboration of DC Comics' WE CAN BE HEROES campaign to help children from Africa. Anyway, there's another Justice League-themed Kia unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show and this time it's a K5 Hybrid themed after Superman, man of steel.

Kia K5 Hybrid Superman
ALL: Wow!

Boylet Mischeso: No freaking way! I think this is the best looking of the Justice League-themed Kias ever featured and the way they themed it, genius! I was thinking that it's made by some Superman fan...

(audience laughing)

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Do you think it belong to some guy who collects some Superman merchandises?

(audience laughing)

Woman: Ahem, no. This, like any other DC-themed Kias, was made by Kia in collaboration with DC Comics for WE CAN BE HEROES campaign.

ALL: Ohhh....

(audience laughing)

Woman: Anyway, forget about that and you guys have anything to said?

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Ma'am. Heard the news? It seems that Sarah G Live will be cancelled!

Sarah Geronimo will serve as a judge in The Voice; her show Sarah G Live will stop airing soon on ABS-CBN

Woman: Why?

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: I don't know...Maybe Sarah Geronimo!!!!!

(audience laughing)

Woman: What?

Beki Celeb: Sarah Geronimo!!!!!!


(audience laughing)

Woman: Guys! Would you please cut it out for a while and we're taking some serious issues here. I was talking about ABS-CBN removing that Sunday night TV show hosted by Sarah G...

Beki Celeb: I don't really know why but as I heard, Sarah Geronimo was been chosen as one of the judges for the upcoming Philippine version of the hit US reality talent search titled The Voice of the Philippines.

Woman: The Voice of the Philippines? Wait a minute....

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Familiar?

Woman: I don't know but I heard that when I was in California's Great America for ONE KAPAMILYA GO 2012, the one where I have to meet up with the stars of Walang Hanggan. There was those auditions for that reality show, which is The Voice of the Philippines, and....that's it...

(audience laughing)

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Oh...(coughing)

Woman: Hey miss, are you all right?

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: (coughing continues)

{gives Celeb Higpit Sinturon some water, drinking)

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: (clears throat) Sorry about that. I mean you heard of it?

Woman: Well, yeah...Need I say more?

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Oh no...No...Carry on, ma'am....

(audience laughing)

Woman: Thank you. Anyone else?

Boylet Mischeso: The Philippine AZKALS, they defeated Myanmar at the score of 1-0 in their friendly match at Yangon, Myanmar...

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Yangdon?

Boylet Mischeso: No. Not Yangdon. YANGON. Yangon, Myanmar.

(audience laughing)

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Oh, sorry about that. I thought that place reminds me of...well, you get the idea.

(audience laughing)

Porteria wonder goal lifts Azkals past Myanmar

Woman: Well, not only you can say thanks to the AZKALS to boost their reputation, it's OJ Porteria and the returning goalkeeper Neil Etheridge that kept everything under control to sharpen the AZKALS' skills in future matches.

(cheers and applause)

Woman: Okay, so what's next?

Girlet Endorser: Oh! Oh!

Woman: What is it, [BLEEP]?

Girlet Endorser: You know that Luther lead actor, Idris Elba? Guess what? He's on the cover of the March 2013 issue of British GQ Magazine. Look...

Idris Elba on the cover of GQ UK magazine

Boylet Mischeso: Wow, by the looks of it, seems that the Luther dude, Idris, is getting a bit fierce.

Girlet Endorser: Fierce as hell as he wants to be...

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: Idris. Are you sure that's Idris?

Girlet Endorser: Yes. That's Idris....something wrong?

Celeb Higpit Sinturon: I thought it was the TARDIS...Idris...

(audience laughing)

Woman: Whoa there....Well, this is getting a bit skeptical as this Celeb Higpit Sinturon thought that Idris is actually Idris the TARDIS...

(Audience laughing)

(Nokia Tune ringing)

Woman: Oh wait, my cellphone...

(reads cellphone message)

Woman: Oh dear! Looks like I'm going to be late at my appointed dinner date! Anyway, I would like to say thanks to all the panelists who've been invited for today's show and thank you very much for watching HIGNFY. Good night!

*work of fiction, made to spice up the segment

Forza Horizon: The Fun & Joy Cruiser...

For the first time ever in console gaming history, I can finally drive the Toyota FJ Cruiser on Forza Horizon thanks to the February Jalopnik Car Pack and what can I say? Maybe the FJ in the FJ Cruiser name really stands for Fun and Joy. It's a Fun and Joy cruiser but never mind the buzzcocks, ladies and gents, because there's a hundred reasons why I'm always wanted to drive one of those and that's too much so let's shorten things up...

Yeah right, it really was a Japanese Hummer!

The Eastern Steel

The main downside about the FJ Cruiser is...well not in terms of mechanical details, this car's getting a bit old. This car has been with us for seven years (three years since its Japanese debut in December 2010) but despite its age, there has been numerous buyers for this JDM off-roader. A Japanese off-roader with an American accent, the FJ Cruiser sure knows that it has always been the Asian-American party goer for the adventurous Horizon players. I once drove this one at the Carson Golf Course, which is near the Media Center, and in the game of Infection, the FJ Cruiser sure knows how to evade a supercar and wait a minute...supercars really don't work on a place like these. They may have more power and work only on asphalt but in such conditions like the Carson Golf Course because of rough terrain, it's difficult to keep a high-powered ride survive through these conditions and in the game of disaster.

This FJ Cruiser though, although its not a good substitute to the V6-powered Wrangler, it sure loves the jumps and humps of the Golf Course and thus making a game of INFECTION a little more interesting. Don't thank the off-roader, thank the X-REAS that served as the foundation for the FJ Cruiser's handling.

The Beast of the East strikes Horizon!

City Slicker

Even though Forza Horizon is a car-enthusiast's sandbox, the FJ Cruiser really turns Horizon into an ultimate hunting ground because sometimes the hunted has became the hunter. It may not be a good idea to race against other Speedo Boys in their high-performance cars but in playground games, this leviathan really hunts down its prey. Is it a hunter or the hunted? You decide the fate for the FJ Cruiser...

Finding the ultimate hunting ground

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Citroen DS3 Cabrio

The Citroen DS3...It's been around for three years but the X Factor behind the beauty of the DS3 still never gets old these days. It's the glam that keeps the DS3 fashionable and because this is the best looking hatchback made by the French, I was starting to be fascinated by its looks and its subtlety. From what I'm thinking at, the comfort of the DS3 has the premium of an expensive luxury car and with such gadgetry, there's something that really amazed me. This is somewhat France's answer to Fiat 500 of some sorts and hey, Citroen's taking the page from its Fiat 500 rival by creating a Cabrio version of Citroen's most fashionable hatchback in the world...

2014 Citroen DS3 Cabrio
Hmmm....even when they said Cabrio, guess this isn't more of an open-top treat but as I may know, it comes with the stylish canvas roof that can be opened or closed in just 16 seconds. With the canvas top closed, it looks like the same DS3 but with the canvas top opened, this is a DS3 on a totally new level. However, there is one drawback about this cabrio model and even though Citroen didn't take away the roof off, the DS3 Cabrio weighs 25 kilos more than the normal model, probably because of structural reinforcements around the boot.

Despite being 25kg more, I am glad to say that whoever accidentally owned a Citroen C3 Pluriel, the one with the very complicating roof mechanism on that takes the owner minutes or hours to open or close it, might find solace on the DS3 Cabrio. That's good news though, I want this one more than the useless C3 Pluriel, that's for sure. Besides, unlike the Pluriel, the DS3 Cabrio's canvas top can be closed and opened at the touch of a button. You'll be glad to have one of these though...

In terms of engine choices, the DS3 Cabrio carries on with the VTi 120, THP 155, VTi 82, and the e-HDi 90 Airdream engine choices here and depending on the engine types, the driver may chose between a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 4-speed automatic, and a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission. As for the pricing, it starts at 18,800 Euros, this is more pricey than the normal DS3 model but never mind about that, it's still one of the most stylish hatchbacks ever made with the canvas top on it that can be opened and closed  at the touch of the button though. In fact, I'm starting to like this poshier version of the hatchback that's already being the posh one. A DS3 is already posh but a DS3 with the canvas top on it is even more posh. It's what posh people want...metaphorically speaking...

Photo: PSA Peugeot Citroen

America's toughest cars

Another day, another American Top Gear...

This time, the boys are on the search for America's most durable vehicle. Adam chose a Chevy Caprice, Tanner chose a rear-wheel-drive Toyota Corolla coupe, and Rut chose a Volvo 240 estate.

They put these cars in series of torture tests. They tried dropping their cars, shooting it off, and some races. After series of tortured events, Tanner's Corolla won the challenge, giving him the chance to test out the brand new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG...

Tanner finds out if the G-Class has some military heritage on it and what he did is put it in the test by driving the G63 while being hunted down by the US Army.

The US Army thrown everything they've got; drone, helicopters, military vehicles, even infantry troops. Tanner did everything he can to lose the heat but then just right near the finish line, the troops set up a roadblock and...BUSTED! Tanner's busted!

He's busted by the US Army but good thing the G63 did the best it can.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ssangyong Korando Turismo

Back in 2004, Ssangyong launched a multipurpose vehicle that some say, this would be the take against other popular people carriers made by top Korean carmakers. When the Rodius first launched, this was the first MPV from Ssangyong that some say it captures the essence of a luxury car and the practicality of the multipurpose passenger vehicle. Sadly though when one man caught the attention of the Rodius, one comment spurred onto his mind...IT'S UGLY.

Yes, the Rodius is one ugly specimen built by the Koreans despite the fact that it was designed by a Brit. So ugly, it was named as "the ugliest car ever made" according to CarData. Too much criticisms spurred about its hideous looks so in 2011, the Rodius was axed...but in the summer of 2012, it came back (oh no) and it comes with the e-XDi200 diesel engine that produces 155PS of power and it's available in either a 6-speed MT or an E-Tronic Benz 5-speed AT.

After being on the block for 9 years, it seems that the Rodius finally gets a replacement and what could that be? Something that is better looking than the Rodius? Well, ladies and gents, Ssangyong's new MPV, the Korando Turismo, is the answer and...

2014 Ssangyong Korando Turismo

2014 Ssangyong Korando Turismo
...just as I thought. For a minivan that once "that looks like it got bottled in a pub brawl and stitched back together by a blind man", seems that the design flaw's getting worse than I expected. I mean look at the front view, that's not quite very nice. Other things that is not nice is when someone's in a Speedo and middle-aged people started to scream and the police warned him for gross indecency. The new Korando Turismo though, this is just another gross indecency on the road ahead. Despite calling this a much improved version of the Rodius it replaces, I wouldn't mind calling it another candidate of being "the worst car in the history of the world".

2014 Ssangyong Korando Turismo interior

2014 Ssangyong Korando Turismo interior
On the inside, heh, same old Rodius interior with the same old 11-seater capacity. Seems that there's nothing special about the new Korando Turismo's interior here but still, 11-seaters on a minivan is quite a rare feast for those who loves people carriers. Imagine that, you can bring the whole family to a vacation trip to Jeju Island, or take a ski trip to Pyeongchang, or cruising in style at Gangnam or whatever you want but in the Korando Turismo, I'm sorry to say that these don't work because it's still even more uglier than the Rodius it replaces.

Powering the Korando Turismo is the same old e-XDi200 diesel engine from the old Rodius. You still expect the same 155HP of power output and the same transmission choices of either a 6-speed manual or an E-Tronic Benz 5-speed AT. In terms of driving feel, this is worse than I thought. Even though you are in a standard FR layout or with the 4WD layout, the feeling for driving a Korando Turismo is like something's bothering your ear. Feels like that your ear's going to clogged with some watery stuff and no matter how many times your tring to unclog with either your finger or a cotton swab, it clogs again. It's as difficult as pinching your pimples from your face until those yellowy stuff from your pimples blown away.

So what we have here is a new MPV that looks even worse than the Rodius it replaces while retaining the same Rodius interior and the same engine that powers it but sadly though, this is not recommended for those who need clever sophistication. Besides, I wouldn't want one of these in my whole life unless someone's gonna use it for target practice at a remote province. The Korando Turismo from Ssangyong is horrid in the driver's eyes and even horrid for those who owned one. End of discussion.

AVAILABLE COLORS: Grand White, Space Black, Fine Silver, Cyber Gray and Wine Black.


코란도 투리스모 GT 2WD A/T - 29,480,000 Won
코란도 투리스모 GT 4WD A/T - 31,180,000  Won
코란도 투리스모 LT 2WD A/T - 26,770,000  Won
코란도 투리스모 LT 4WD A/T - 28,540,000  Won
코란도 투리스모 RT 2WD A/T - 33,940,000  Won
코란도 투리스모 RT 4WD A/T - 35,640,000 Won
코란도 투리스모 LT 2WD M/T - 24,800,000 Won

Photo: Ssangyong Motor Company

Forza Horizon: Pure Handling Delight

I didn't realize that this is happened. This is REALLY REALLY happened in the world of Forza. It seems that Subaru's first ever rear-wheel drive car, the BRZ, showed up as the star car of the February Jalopnik Car Pack and wow! Would you look at that, the FR-S twin from the Pleiades has finally been showed up to the party...

Better late than never but never mind the buzzcocks anyway because there is more than that when it comes to talk about the BRZ's arrival on Horizon...

A New Beginning

First and foremost, some people say they see some differences because both the FR-S (that's 86 to you and me) and the BRZ have slightly different faces. You can see them from their trapezoid-ish grille, the bumper design, and the headlight designs. As for the rear, well, everything's the same.

I See...No Difference

Some people say that in terms of handling, both the FR-S and the BRZ are the same but analysts say that their behaviors are different rather than being genetic twins from the Toyobaru cooperative. Analysts said that the BRZ has been given some mature suspension setup while the FR-S is focused to be more tail-happy so in short, the BRZ is a serious version of the fun-loving FR-S. While the FR-S does the troublemaking like a street fighter, the BRZ has some spartan driving manners. Despite that, they both love to drift in the open road.

Don't mind the Skyline on your right

By the first time I get inside the BRZ, I'm still ain't bovvered about this car even though it's just the Scooby version of the FR-S but after driving this car for several hours, I am relieved that the BRZ was deserved to be in Car Heaven, something that wants to spend all day partying at the ultimate automotive sandbox that is Horizon. I thought I'm going to hate this because of that moment that was foretold last year but all is forgiven when the producers gave the Subaru BRZ a chance of stardom in the world of Forza. You wouldn't even bothered driving one of these and give it some mods like every "Speedo Boys" do to their Japanese imports in Colorado. Wait a minute, why did I keep saying that? Speedo Boy? Forget about that...

Hidden in plain sight

BRZ doing tunnel runs...
It's good to see the Subaru BRZ featured on Forza Horizon via DLC but sadly though, I'm not sure if I'm going to like it or not. Despite that, let's just stick to the part that I like this car probably because it's boxer rear-wheel drive idea has some party animal instincts to rock the ultimate car enthusiast's sandbox only on XBOX 360.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Renault Clio/Lutecia IV Estate

2013 Renault Clio Estate
Couple of months has passed since the Renault Clio/Lutecia IV has arrived in the European market and I am starting to think this is the better looking Clio to date not only because it comes with Renault's new corporate look but it's because of the tech-savvy features including the Renault R-Link feature that lets me connect to music, navigation, and other points of interests I'm particularly interested in. For this new model, the new Clio targets the Astra, the Golf, the new Seat Leon, and other hatchbacks from its category and with the starter price of just 13,700 Euros, this new model is a bargain of its own right.

Come to think of it, there are some customers who want to put something more at the but, say a kayak or some camping equipment or tons of grocery shopping or any other heavy duty stuff to consider, seems that the new Clio IV's boot space just wasn't enough. Also, what if they need something a bit family-oriented, something that brings a typical French family to an average weekend trip to grandma's house or a knick-knack shop or a bungalow or any other destination the dad might consider? Well, there's an additional variant you might be interested in...the Estate version...

Even though it's a sports wagon version of the highly addictive Renault Clio IV it still comes with the tech-savvy features, especially the Renault R-Link feature for some connectivity pleasures for the driver who loves the techie in himself. This is just like when the kid-in-himself likes a delicious bowl of cereal while the grown up-in-himself likes the kid-in himself. Need to state the point again? Ahem, "the kid-in-me likes this bowl of cereal but the grown-up-in-me likes the kid-in-me". He he he he....

Besides, engine choices from the hatchback version carried on to the estate version, meaning I can expect a 0.9 12v Energy TCe, a 1.2 16V 75, a 1.5 8v dCi 75, or a 1.5 8v Energy dCi 90 engine, all being mated with a standard 5-speed manual transmission, which sounds to be desperate for a family-friendly station wagon version of a Clio.

Anyway, about the Estate version, this model's thirty percent bigger than the already much-roomy hatchback model and the sill has been made significally lower. With the combination of both the cargo area's flat floor and the foldable front passenger seat, the Clio IV Estate has a good load length, more than enough to carry a kayak or some camping equipment or tons of grocery shopping or any other heavy duty stuff to consider. I mean, not only this was made for the average French family but, it's made for those who really want to experience the great outdoors or even a Spring Break if you have buddies coming with you.

I mean yes, this new Clio Estate is a versatile and practical car for the Traveler's Tales, a car only someone who has a taste of poetry, art, and science can be seduced by such beauty of the new Clio's overall design. Sure, the hatchback's design of the Clio/Lutecia IV is a winner for me but the station wagon's look need to be a bit more sophisticated than its new and upcoming rivals from the block. It's an affordable car with some inner fancy living that tickles your fancy but still, I would rather wait for the upcoming Renaultsport Clio 200 because this kid ain't BOVVERED! Is it bovvered? Is it bovvered, though? Look at its face! Is this face bovvered? Face? Bovvered? It ain't BOVVERED! He he he....

Photo: Renault

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 47

Sigh....After a whole day spending several hours at the Super Bowl yesterday, looks like more are still figuring out which of the Super Bowl 47 ads are the best. Since this Driving Music segment is so special, I'll be tackling Game Day-related car commercial songs, songs that you've heard at certain game-day car commercials and instead of just five, I'll be listing the songs heard in Game Day car commercials. Ready? Go!

1) Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones - from the Mercedes-Benz USA CLA-Class "Soul" Game Day ad

2)  Metal Health by Quiet Riot from the Hyundai Santa Fe "Team" Game Day ad

3) Sun Blows Up Today by Flaming Lips - from the Hyundai Santa Fe "Epic Play Date" Game Day ad

4) I Wish by Skee-lo - from the Toyota USA RAV4 "Wish Granted" Game Day ad

5) Come On Get Happy by Jimmy Cliff - from the VW USA "Get Happy" Game Day ad

6) Can't Win Em All by Hanni El Khatib - from the Audi USA "Prom" Game Day ad

...huh guess I can only do six driving songs from Game Day car ads....oh well, good luck finding those songs and relieve the moments!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Top Gear S19E02

Top Gear S19E02
It's Episode 2 on the 19th season of Top Gear and this episode is another USA Road Trip special. On that special, we see Jeremy Clarkson's in the Lexus LFA, James May's in the all-new Aston Martin Vanquish, and Richard Hammond's in the SRT Viper. The trip begins in Nevada and it all ends just near the Mexican border. Too bad for Hammond though, he left for Mexico after he got lost in the race to the Mexican border.

It is proven that both the LFA and the new Vanquish performed very well while the new SRT Viper is a massive failure thanks to Hammond's

Despite being an hour-long special, Mick Fleetwood guested and he set a lap time of 1:45.4, faster than Rupert Grint!

The best SB47 ads according to Yahoo Sports

In the midst of a temporary blackout that shook the Mercedes-Benz Superdome at New Orleans, it seems that the triumphant win of Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers really shook the USA by storm. Sure, I do like Beyonce's Halftime Show concert but the Game Day commercials is what really captures us. There are some good ones, some bad ones, and some great ones as well

Ads include but not limited to a bond between man and horse, wishes (by upcoming RAV4 or by Bud Light), an epic day with the Santa Fe Long Body (which I am unsure if this one's going to be on sale in Korea soon but let's hope), getting up and be happy, the Doritos Goat, seniors acting like youngsters, a whisper fight, the next big thing from Samsung, the Miracle Stain discovered by the 49ers fan, the most powerful ads from Chrysler Group LLC, and many others.

Yahoo! Sports listed the best and worst ads of the Super Bowl XLVII and let's start with the best...

The best SB47 ads:

1) Budweiser Clydesdales "Brotherhood" commercial - this ad really made us cry...

2) NFL "Leon Sandcastle" ad

3) Jeep "Whole Again" ad - once again, Chrysler Group LLC really show some power with their newest ads and this one's really touching. It honors American troops as we speak...

4) Ram Trucks "Farmer" ad - another one of Chrysler Group LLC's most powerful Game Day ads I have ever seen.

5) Samsung "The Next Big Thing" ad - Definitely one of the funniest and the coolest Game Day ads from Samsung. How can you talk about Super Bowl without talking about the Super Bowl? Just ask those guys...

6) Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate with The Flaming Lips - With the help of The Flaming Lips, this family made the best adventures ever in a day!

7) Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class "Soul" ad - Would you trade your soul for a new CLA-Class?

8) Tide "Miracle Stain" ad - A Miracle Stain that resembles Joe Montana's face was discovered by a 49ers fan. Too bad his wife's a Ravens fan. Pun intended...

9) Iron Man 3 trailer - Don't miss this Summer blockbuster!

10) Best Buy "Asking Amy" ad - Comedian Amy Poehler ask questions, Best Buy has the answers...

11) Toyota RAV4 "Wish Granted" commercial - What would you wish for in the new RAV4?

12) GoDaddy's "" ad

13) Star Trek Into Darkness trailer - I'm glad Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch is joining on that film as the bad guy...

14) The Doritos Goat ad - If your goat loves Doritos, it just won't stop!

The Worst SB47 ads:

1) GoDaddy "Sexy meets Smart" ad

2) Budweiser Black Crown "Coronation" ad

3) Audi "Prom" ad - Bravery wins? Not in here it ain't...

4) Hyundai Santa Fe "Team" ad - Getting a team of brave kids is no easy task and I still don't get about this ad...

5) Pepsi Next "Party" ad

6) Oreo "Whisper Fight" ad - This ad laughed me a lot...

7) Hyundai Sonata "Stuck" ad

8) Coca-Cola "mirage" ad - Sorry folks but the Coke Showgirls took the Coke...

9) Volkswagen "Get In, Get Happy" commercial

10) Doritos "Fashionista Daddy" commercial

11) Taco Bell "Viva Young" ad - Seniors just wanna have fun

12) Century 21 "Wedding" ad

13) e*Trade "Save It" ad - The E*TRADE Baby plans for something big time if he's saving some cash...

14) Axe Apollo "lifeguard" ad - Nothing compares to an astronaut approaching the lady...

15) Speed Stick "Unattended Laundry" ad

16) Mio "Change" ad - Tracy Morgan speaks America's change for sports drink

17) Kia Forte "Hot Bots" ad

18) Gildan "Favorite T-shirt" ad

19) Pistachios "Gangnam Style" ad - CRACKIN GANGNAM STYLE....?!


The Bulilit Party List

On the February 3, 2013 episode of Goin Bulilit....


- CD/DVD gags


- MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino speaks out at Goin Bulilit's Cute & A portion

- Political Ad by Third Party List

- The corniest jokes on I'M CORNY!

- On Akalain Mo Nga naman, close encounters occurred as Rose meets Manuel, the man turned out to be Daniel's brother! Akalain Mo Nga Naman...

- Bugoy tells you which checkpoint is a checkpoint or an expoint and how can you get past

- Ready Get Set Goin in Swinging B

Six Nations 2013: Italy beats France by 23 to 18

Italy vs. France

Okay, now, I had reports from the Six Nations 2013 match and it's a report that says that F.I.R from Italy trounced FFR from France at Stadio Olimpico with the score of 23 to 18. Thanks to Luciano Orquera, the Italian rugby team propelled to a head start of the Six Nations 2013 match, much as England and Ireland got a head start.


Orquera leads Italy to stunning success in Rome

Luciano Orquera's virtuoso performance led a superb Italy side to a deserved 23-18 win over France - their second in succession on home soil against Les Bleus in the RBS 6 Nations.

France came into the game on the back of three wins in the autumn internationals, including an impressive dismantling of Australia in Paris.
However the Italians had shown a lot of promise as well, going toe-to-toe with the All Blacks for an hour and coming within two points of the Wallabies and lived up to coach Jacques Brunel's attacking ambitions.

Despite trailing at half-time, they produced a fantastic second-half comeback as Les Bleus faded. And when Martin Castrogiovanni went over with 20 minutes to go, and Orquera put Italy back in front, it looked like the spirit had gone out of the French.

Frederic Michalak, who had been so impressive in the autumn, did not get off to the best of starts when his kick-off went out on the full, setting up the first scrum of the game for the Italians.

In a frenetic opening it was the Italians who dominated the possession early on, and showing their new-found attacking intentions with Sergio Parisse's early score.

An initial break from Luke McLean looked to have stalled but Orquera spotted a hole in the French defence and scythed his way through before finding Parisse for the try, Orquera added the extras from wide on the left.

Having barely touched the ball, the French then began to put the pressure on the Italians, with an exquisite Michalak up-and-under causing problems in the Azzurri 22.

After spreading the ball right and then left, it was Louis Picamoles who showed his strength, holding off a couple of Italian defenders to stretch over.

However the Italians weren't about to let the initiative get away from them, and an Orquera drop goal on the quarter-hour, followed by a penalty two minutes later, helped them into a 13-5 lead.

In an entertaining encounter it was the French who threatened next, and after some powerful running full-back Yoann Huget was held up over the line after consultation with the TMO.

From the resulting five-metre scrum the Italians were a little over-eager in defence, giving Michalak an easy opportunity to open his account with a penalty from in front. The Azzurri still led 13-8 just before the half-hour.

Les Bleus looked to be getting into the game, and some fantastic offloading set up their second try to put them into the lead for the first time.

Huget made the initial break as Michalak spread the ball, before Fritz's quick hands released Fall to stroll over. Michalak's conversion put his side up 15-13.

The French made the early running in the second half, and after the Italian scrum and Andrea Lo Cicero, in particular, was penalised for lack of binding, Michalak added a penalty to make it 18-13.

With a five-point lead the French looked like they were taking control, and they should have extended their lead when Maxime Machenaud made a searing break through the Itailan defence.

However the scrum-half forced the pass deep in Italian territory, and the Italians produced a stunning counter-attack which finished with a delightful Orquera offload to Castrogiovanni who fell over the line for the try. Orquera's conversion put his side back in front with just over a quarter of the game to go.

Philippe Saint-Andre then made the decision to bring on Morgan Parra and Mathieu Bastareaud, with the game appearing to slip away from Les Bleus.

The feeling only increased with 12 minutes remaining when Kris Burton, having replaced the impressive Orquera, slotted a drop goal, to stretch the lead to five points.

With a minute to go France started to put the pressure on the Italians, and with the Azzurri forced to infringe, it was Davide Giazzon who was sent to the sin bin.

Les Bleus took the scrum but after the home pack was penalised at the first attempt, they held strong at the second, and when the ball was spread wide, Fall was forced into touch to Italian jubilation.


Next week, it's Scotland vs. Italy on February 9, 2013 at 14:30 GMT, France vs. Wales on the same date at 17:00 GMT, and Ireland vs. England on February 10, 2013 at 15:00 GMT.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Six Nations 2013 kicks off as England wins against Scotland

England vs. Scotland
The Six Nations 2013 kicks off and in the opening salvo, it's England taken down big-time rival Scotland for the Calcutta Cup, kicking it off with a great start of the game! Here's an article sourced from BBC Sport:

England overpowered great rivals Scotland to retain the Calcutta Cup and get their Six Nations campaign off to the perfect start.

A try on debut from Billy Twelvetrees and equally clinical scores from Chris Ashton, Geoff Parling and Danny Care, added to 18 points from the boot of man of the match Owen Farrell, were fitting reward for a dominant display.

Sean Maitland's 10th-minute try offered the visitors brief early hope of a long-overdue upset, but they led for less than four minutes.

A late rally after a brilliant length-of-the-field break finished by Stuart Hogg narrowed the margin but never threatened to overturn it.

Scotland have now gone 30 years without a win in the English capital and England's young side will now travel to Dublin with confidence high as they continue to develop quickly under coach Stuart Lancaster.

Farrell's penalty on two minutes had given his side an early lead, bullocking runs from Ben Morgan and Tom Wood then punching huge holes in the Scottish rearguard as Lancaster's men began at pace.
But it was Scotland who silenced Twickenham with the first try of the day. Mike Brown's clearing kick found Hogg in space, and the full-back ghosted between Mike Brown and Dan Cole before clattering through Alex Goode.

Debutant Maitland was free on his shoulder, only for Hogg to hold on, but after his forwards made further inroads the winger was able to dive over in the corner from three yards out.

Indiscipline at the breakdown from the Scottish forwards gave Farrell the chance to land a brace of penalties for 9-5, Greig Laidlaw adding one of his own to keep the match in the balance as the half-hour approached.
It was an open game, with both sides looking to put the ball through hands on a dry but bitterly cold afternoon.

And England struck next as their mobile forwards thundered at the Scottish defence.

Joe Launchbury took a short pass from Joe Marler and drove through a tackle, sucking in defenders, and the lurking Ashton took Ben Youngs's pass at pace to crash between Sean Lamont and Ruaridh Jackson and reach out to touch down.

Farrell's conversion and fourth penalty after a high tackle on Morgan made it 19-8, Laidlaw reducing the deficit to 19-11 at the interval with his second penalty after Wood transgressed.
England, so impressive in their previous match at Twickenham, the record 38-21 defeat of New Zealand, then took control as the second period began.

Quick ball and incisive drives set up possession deep in the Scottish 22, and a flat pass from Ben Youngs allowed Twelvetrees to take the ball at pace and thump through Dougie Hall and Jim Hamilton for his first international try.

It was fitting reward for a composed display from the Gloucester centre, only in the team because of injury to Manu Tuilagi.

The faultless Farrell added the conversion, and then threw a beautiful long miss-pass to pick out lock Parling loitering on the left wing for the Leicester man's own maiden England try.

Launchbury had a try ruled out for a high tackle earlier in the move, before the game meandered for a while as errors crept in on both sides.

Scotland then rallied, turning the ball over close to their own line and putting it through the hands before Maitland kicked ahead and Hogg won the race to touch down ahead of replacement Toby Flood.

But Scott Johnson's men could do little more to break down the well organised home defence, and when Care burrowed over at the death, a capacity crowd celebrated another encouraging victory.


At the end of the first round; both England and Ireland are in the lead by two points. After all, during England's win against the Scottish at Twickenham, I've received reports that Ireland's IRFU taken down the hopeless WRU from Wales at Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales. 30 to 22, the Irish beaten down the Welsh in a game of rugby....


Stay tuned for a rugby match between France and Italy later....

Photo: Getty Images

Forza 4: The Ballad of Civic Type R

The Ballad of Type R

Oh look, guess who's booked for a visit at the Top Gear Test Track on Forza Motorsport 4? Oh yes! It's those Civic Type R hatches that I'm surely missed. There was the first of its kind, the EK9 Civic Type R, famed for being the noise-making JDM hot hatch that loves to carve destruction to the residential zones...

...the EP3 Civic Type R that seems to be more of a gentleman's Type R but turns out to pack a deadly combination of agility, precision, and the burning desire to impress the crowd...

...and the FN2 Civic Type R, the last of the breed. When I said "last of the breed", I do mean it because this is the final Type R model to be offered in Japan.

I know, it's sad that with the FN2 sold out in Japan, this spelled the end of the Type R legend and if you heard the news about the next Civic Type R is due in 2015 and claimed to be the fastest at the Nurburgring, don't expect this future Type R to come in Japan because as we know, the Civic is dead in 2010. Why does the whole world gets the ninth-generation Civic while Japan missed out? Never mind about that but still, no future Type R for Japanese market, which really makes us sad because a true Type R has to be sold in Japan, accessible to every "speedo boy" on the planet. He he he, speedo boy...Why did I used that word?

Oh yeah, I did made the word "speedo boy" to a whole new meaning. Speedo boy is...some idiot obsessed at the car's speedo and obsessed about knowing the car's 0-100kmh time and its top speed but because it's a Japanese car, that doesn't work, SPEEDO BOY! A Speedo Boy is...often taking a video of a speedo revving while driving at the road but that's too distracting, right? Guess I should make a lyric about speedo boys, he he he....

But anyway, the Civic Type R, these are surely be missed and if there's a Civic Type R that is not offered in Japanese, guess I should turn away from then until Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has the chance....
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