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Seat Leon Third generation (Typ 5F)

The SEAT Leon...if my memory serves me correctly, the Leon is nothing more of a Volkswagen Golf with a bit of se habla espanol because it is just a Spanish equivalent to the Golf. This car may have spawned two generations but it still won't deny that it's still a VW Golf after taking Spanish lessons. Besides, it does come with the same engine choices from the Golf as well...

2013 Seat Leon
At long last, a full model change for the Seat Leon and hey, do you think it still has the guts of other Leons to prove it has the wit to stay competitive? Do you think it's going to feel like Leon the Professional? Leon Guerrero? Leon S. Kennedy? Sadly, it's a no because this is just the same old Leon for nothing because even though it's an all new model, it still just based on the Golf 7 because of its new MQB platform developed by Volkswagen Group for future models. Let's not forget that future VW Group models will be using this new platform no matter which body style they're on.

2013 Seat Leon interior

First of all is the design and this one's rather looking similar. The new Leon is becoming more like the big brother of the recently facelifted Seat Ibiza compact car. When you put them both, just look at them. Their fronts really look like it was some sort of inheritance of genes, just like when a little boy has the nose of his father's and the pubic hair of his. Okay, it's going to be too cheesy for words but anyway, how about the interior? It seems that VW's doing the right thing to make the Leon more accessible for the drivers because most of the switches, buttons and controls in the new SEAT Leon are located exactly where the driver would expect them to be. New to the Leon is the techie-favored Easy Connect system which features a user-friendly touch-screen. For beginners, the Media System Touch gets a CD player with SD card slot, four speakers and a five-inch touchscreen while for the advanced yuppies, the Media System Colour includes a better screen, six speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and aux-in. Then, comes the Media System Plus, which adds iPod connectivity, DAB, voice recognition, eight speakers and sat nav, and finally, the SEAT Sound System, which upgrades to ten speakers and a sub-woofer. Sounds lovely and this is becoming a premium hatchback in its own right when most of the concessions to comfort and convenience are bundled together in the all new Leon.

2013 Seat Leon
There are several kinds of engines available on the new Seat Leon such as a 1.2 TSi, 1.4 TSi, 1.8 TSi, 1.6 TDi, and a 2.0 TDi engine. Choosing either of these engine lineups is like choosing for your Pringles flavor of choice at your nearest 7-Eleven convenience store but whichever side you're on, you might be expecting a choice of either a five- or six-speed manuals and seven-speed DSG twin clutch systems.

When you take your foot on, the Seat Leon feels like you're swimming with hard candy that smells like menthol and tastes like fruit...and menthol. They're like MAXX menthol candies to me when I'm driving one because when I bite one of these, it feels a bit rough but by not biting one of my MAXX's, it feels a bit okay to me, it soothes me right until the MAXX in my mouth is shrunken down to nothingness. That's how the driving feel of the new Leon feels like, having a piece of my favorite fruit-menthol hard candy in my mouth and decide if I'm going for the fast but rough way or the slow but sensual way.

It might be a VW Golf taking so much Spanish lessons but the new Seat Leon (Typ 5F) can make a decent opponent to the likes of the Citroen C4, Alfa Romeo Giuletta, Peugeot 308, or the brand new Renault Clio. As for me, I didn't like this new model in terms of its design because it looks like an oversized Ibiza to me. Seems like some alien boy's busy playing with his grow ray and he accidentally zap it on the parked Ibiza in Madrid until it grew into something. He he he... Anyway, as for the driving style, it's harsh but when you take it slowly, it's not that harsh. Remember the fruit-menthol candy reference I'm talking about. It was quite a surprise that VW Group invested a few Euros just to regenerate the Leon...only know is can the Leon cope up in Spain's current economic climate? I mean of course, there's been a huge debt crisis lingering on in Europe for several months now and I think the Leon might not work here unless it has the chance. Besides, now that SEAT is coming to China, will the Chinese appreciate the new Leon more? Spoilers...


León 1.6 TDI CR 90 CV (66 kw) Emoción 17.720 €
León 1.6 TDI CR 90 CV (66 kw) Reference 19.770 €
León 1.6 TDI CR 105 CV Start&Stop (77 kw) Reference 20.300 €
León 1.4 TSI 122 CV Start&Stop (90 kw) Style 20.330 €
León 1.4 TSI 140 CV Start&Stop (103 kw) Style 20.870 €
León 1.6 TDI CR 105 CV Start&Stop (77 kw) Style 21.900 €
León 2.0 TDI CR 150 CV Start&Stop (110 kw) Style 23.250 €
León 1.4 TSI 122 CV Start&Stop (90 kw) FR 21.790 €
León 1.4 TSI 140 CV Start&Stop (103 kw) FR 22.330 €
León 2.0 TDI CR 150 CV Start&Stop (110 kw) FR 24.710 €

Let's Do The News! (December 15, 2012)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Terror in the kindergarten

If you think that the mass murder during the showing of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at some theater in Colorado was the worst to happen this year, this one's gets worse, literally. There was a massacre occurred at some kindergarten in Newtown, CT. and some say, 20 kids were slain as well as others, including the principal, and the mother (who is a teacher of this kindergarten) of the suspect responsible of this mass murder. Wouldn't you believe it? 20 kids aged from 5 to 10 were slain, butchered, and killed by some heartless murderer.

That brings us a question, will our schools especially kindergartens need to be more secured in times of attacks like these? Those poor children...we can never reclaim their lives. We've lost a lot of children and a lot of hope for the holidays especially their futures. These deaths may be considered a fixed point and fixed points CANNOT be rewritten.


Astonishingly stupid...

Sure, Facebook ads are made to targeting users based on their interest. What if that content is tragedy? A concerned Facebook user noticed some ad about a shooting game while breaking his silence about a massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

Sickening and offensive targeted ad


This concerned Facebook user would say "You showed this kind of ad up during the Newtown massacre" ASTONISHINGLY STUPID for that kind of advertising...

2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra revealed

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

2014 GMC Sierra

Looks like you made it. That's the lyric of the song with the same title though and that's how you've expressed since the full model change of the Chevrolet Silverado and its GMC Sierra twin for the 2014 model year were revealed online ahead of its world premiere at next month's NAIAS in Detroit. Specs remain few for now but GM says that there's been downsizing of engines, meaning that these two pickups are now carrying 4.3-liter V6 and 5.3- and 6.2-liter V8 engines. Still, these next-generation GM pickup trucks are becoming one of the most dependable workhorses in North America. If your name starts with Dave, you can't get one because most Daves drive Ford pickups. (laughing)

Twinkie, anyone?

Oh, and speaking of twinkies...

Last shipment of Twinkies lands in Chicago

One of the most iconic snacks in America, which is the Twinkies (well known for its so-called shelf life), met its demise when the company that makes the Twinkies, which is Hostess, declared bankrupt. If you live in Chicago and if you love Twinkies, this is the last chance to buy one because the last shipment of Twinkies were landed in Chicago and once its sold out, it will spell the end of the Twinkie era until (if and when) the brand is bought and restarted. Quite ironic that Twinkies never die but seems that the financial trouble did killed one of America's most iconic snacks.

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class minor change revealed

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

For its facelifted version of the current-generation E-Class, it ushered a new age of the luxury brand. For starters, the four separate headlamps, an E-Class staple since 1995, were ditched in favor of a single one-piece unit on each side that encompasses all lighting elements. The same case happened on the new GS when the four separate headlamps were ditched and replaced with a one-piece unit. What I heard that this facelifted version, in sedan and estate model, will come with new engine choices and new technologies. Welcome everyone to the new age of Mercedes-Benz...

WALD customizes the 2013 Lexus LS

WALD Lexus LS (2013)

Seems that the facelifted Lexus LS flagship model is looking good enough to get some modifications for some "gangland style". With WALD, they made it possible to add some spice on the looks of the new Lexus LS! Set to be revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, no additional details given for this WALD Lexus LS modification program but what they did there is lowering its ground clearance, adding some muscular body kit, oversized rims that is enough to attract the yakuzas, and more that they will mention it later...

ARTISAN SPIRITS creates body kit for Lexus LFA

Artisan Spirits Lexus LFA

For the first time in LFA history, here comes the aftermarket injection provided by Artisan Spirits.  They're made from carbon fiber, there’s a front lip spoiler, side steps, rear under steps, trunk spoiler, and a front license plate holder. The full aero kit will cost about ¥1,500,000 (or $17,957 USD) in Japan, so that's costly if you have the rarest Lexus car in the world.

Elia tunes the Renault Dacia Duster

Elia Dacia Duster

German-based tuner, Elia, tries to get their hands dirty by modifying the Renault/Dacia Duster to bring some bling bling for the buck. Modifications to the Duster were done with some matte black styling kit that includes the wheel arch extensions, the lower halves of the bumpers, the mirrors and the door decals, along with an assortment of chrome accessories such as the front and rear bull bars, rocker panels and the 20-inch wheels.

If cops see you drive one of these, watch out though...Modified cars are becoming a leading cause of motoring-related criminal activities...

Our Norton AntiVirus subscription was expried...

Oh dear, it seems that our Norton AntiVirus software was expired today. Guess I'm gonna need to buy another one-year subscription to Norton AntiVirus...

Two epic flavors in one!

On the December 14, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Christmas dance rehearsal gags...

- Can I interest you with some bullet-proof shirt?

- This guy's too shy for some socialism

- Again, Tata Lino's back for more quotes to live by...

- Bubble Gang does Selecta Cornetto Black and White by spoofing this commercial as Selesta Surenetto Black and White! Two epic flavors in one!

- Tessie Tomas guests stars in a sketch called Showbiz Dynasty as some politician who's bothered about showbiz dynasties...

- Brod Pete and his pals are here again to answer life's hardest

- Sa mabuting usapan, ba't di mo na lang daanin... sa ECHOSANALAN!

- IyoTube in Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Forza Horizon: Built for the road ahead

You can't beat the classics!

Living it up to its name

Whether if its the legendary Ford GT40 Mk.II that ruled Le Mans in the 1960's or the sensation of 2005, which is the Ford GT, that tries to modernize its superior predecessor, these are the best Fords I have ever driven in Forza Horizon. Sure, they maybe gone a few years ago but their sensations never been forgotten. I can't believe that in the past, Ford made their own Le Mans contender in the 60's to kick Enzo Ferrari's butt and then in the 21st Century, they made a modern take of the GT40 that bring Ford to the world of performance benchmark, gaining the slogan "Built for the Road Ahead" at that time.

I think they looked so fantastic to drive such legends and I think it's even more fabulous to drive this...

A topless Ford GT?!

This is one of the cars you can find on Forza Horizon's December IGN Car Pack. It's the never-before seen Ford GTX1, a roadster version of the Ford GT as seen on the 2005 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Sure it may have the same engine from the hardtop Ford GT but with no roof, this is no ordinary open-top Ford by the looks of it, this is just hotter than a hickory smoke sausage! Woo-hoo!

Ford said that the GTX1 blends Ford design and engineering innovation, one engineer’s personal creativity and commitment, and the quickness and capability of the aftermarket. I kinda understand that but this is even more than that. This is love at a completely new level every time I set foot to the GTX1. The perfect backdrop in Horizon is just a perfect chemistry to show how the GTX1 was made to do and would you look at that, getting lost in Colorado with this kind of car, now what a charm for me.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's Do The News! (December 13, 2012)

(cheers and applause)

In the studio...

Hardly believe it....I hardly believe that it would happen...


You were saying that more and more car enthusiasts prefer Corvettes than Vipers?

Seriously, yes. It was like the case that, you know, 2013 GT500 vs Camaro ZL1. Ford said that the Shelby GT500 is the king of V8's because it has the most powerful V8 engine in the world but some say they like the Camaro ZL1 very much than the latest GT500. It seems that more and more prefer the "loser" Chevy than any other American carmaker that targets against Chevy's finest. Now that we're in the case of Vette vs. Viper...look at it...


Corvettes are better than Vipers...

Let's prefer Corvettes...45% prefer Vipers....are you sure is that accurate?

Yes. It's a popularity contest. Seems that Corvette has the most supporters than Vipers.

That's great Hammo but you know that next year will be the year the Corvette gets regenerated, right?

Oh...I almost forgot about that memo but still, for me, Vipers are better than Vettes, but not all the time because there are a bountiful of enthusiasts claiming that Corvettes are better than Vipers because of its heritage, its fan feedback, its performance on the road and motorsports, and also, loyalty.

Shall we do the news then?

Right, the news and we'll begin with the Mini Paceman, because now that Mini announced their new John Cooper Works version of the Paceman, which is essentially a 3-door version of the Countryman with a memo of..."Oi, Watch It Spaceman!"

(audience laughing)

What do you mean by that?

Well, it's a JCW version. It's a shouty one like that scene from Doctor Who where Donna Noble says "Oi, Watch It Spaceman!". Wanna know how "Oi, Watch It Spaceman!" that is? Check it out...

2014 Mini John Cooper Works Paceman

(audience laughing)


Oi, watch it Spaceman!

Spaceman? More like BITE ME ALIEN BOY!

(audience laughing)


Get it? BITE ME, SPACEMAN!!!! (laughing)

(audience laughing continuously...then stopped)

Anyway, enough about that now, what's up with that OI WATCH IT PACEMAN?

Let's will have a turbocharged unit delivers about 215hp (218PS) and 280Nm (207 lb-ft).





Stop it!

(audience laughing)

Anyway, after much speculation, BMW unveiled the Gran Coupe version of the BMW M6. Here it is...

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

That's basically a 4-door saloon version of the BMW M6 and it still has the same 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo engine from the standard model.

Hey, do you think this is a much worthy opponent to the Audi S7 and the Mercedes CLS63 AMG?

(audience laughing)

What did you say?

Um...I was asking if this is a proper rival to the Audi S7 and the Mercedes CLS63 AMG...

By the looks of it, not now at the moment, and in the meantime, let's advance...

(Homer: Push Notification)

Hey buddy, what's that?

Oh! It's that noise again. It keeps doing it every time. It always sounds like Homer Simpson's in my iPhone...

(audience laughing)

Uh, must be your new app you have a few weeks ago...What was that app again?

Simpsons Tapped Out...

Simpsons Tapped Out! Of course! A Sim City-like game with a Simpsons twist! Good thing I never had that app...

Why Hammo?

Because the push notifications are too noisy for an app that was oh so great!

(audience laughing)

That's two things! Thanks, Hammo! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the news! Well, it seems that DMC will be making a tuned version of the Lamborghini Aventador just by injecting 200 more HP to to the standard model and...that's not all...look...

DMC Aventador LP900 SV



That thing really looks like the one-off Aventador J! I mean look on the outside, that looks nearly identical to the Aventador J! Remarkable!

I know, that is remarkable but I wonder...could it be as remarkable and stunning than this?

Vorsteiner Renazzo V

It's from Vorsteiner. This is their newest entry to the Vorsteiner lineup, it's called the Renazzo V and it is essentially based on the Lamborghini Gallardo but seems that the front view now kinda looks like the Aventador perhaps... That looks yummy enough in the eye of the beholder.

Indeed and before we end this, can I just say one thing to those idiot boys around here...

Take THAT society!!!

(audience laughing)

What is it for?

THAT THAT SOCIETY!!!! TAKE THAT INDIA!!! No Mitsubishi Mirage for Indian market and Toyota's India subsidiary, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said no new models coming in India in the next three years! TAKE THAT SOCIETY!!! Pbbbt!!!!

Oh geez...

And on that bombshell, that's the news!!!

SRT Viper

I've already toying around with the all new 2013 SRT Viper in most games such as Car Town, Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon, and Need For Speed Most Wanted (ahem, the 2012 one, not the 2005 kind of Most Wanted you've remember). I've already told you that new Viper sports a new look, new V10 engine, and a new level of Viper-ness that some Viper loyalists believe that they're better than the undisputed king of American cars, the Chevrolet Corvette. As for me, I was in a bit of a shock that I thought that this new 2013 SRT Viper is a much better alternative to the Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1. I'll report this kind of

2013 SRT Viper

Before that, here's a bit of a history lesson about the Viper heritage. You see, the Viper project began in the late 80's when the people behind the legendary Viper wanted to create a modern day version of the legendary Shelby Cobra. When Bob Lutz once ruled Chrysler with an iron fist, he enlisted help to Tom Gale at Chrysler Design to make a modern-day Cobra into fruition and the pre-production mule appeared at the 1989 NAIAS, which such feedback propelled to a wildly successful 1992 debut. The elite few behind this project is called Team Viper. These guys were also responsible for making high-performance versions of other Chrysler models, thus better known as the Street and Racing Technology or SRT for that matter. With several years passed, the Viper recipe really is a poisonous redemption that rules the performance benchmark with an iron fist and right until the death of the Viper in 2010 due to the economic climate.

However, even when the Viper stopped in 2010, when Fiat's Sergio Marchionne took over ever since Fiat took over Chrysler during the financial crisis, he said that the Viper will rise again like a phoenix rose from the ashes and a couple of years it is. The Viper returns with a indefinite vengeance to claim back what it took during its two year hibernation.

2013 SRT Viper interior

Former boss of Dodge, now boss of the SRT brand, Ralph Gilles, told that for its rebirth, it should not be based on anything, has a very rearward cabin and a long hood, and most importantly, a more forgiving car to drive and accessible to more people. In the past, most Vipers don't have a host of safety features such as traction control and stability control, therefore most Vipers are made to be almost challenging for beginners. I wouldn't believe that those who once owned a Viper must have been braved enough to master the venom within. Anyway, now onto this new model, the promises that the SRT CEO told were fulfilled...nearly. It's not based on anything because the body and the platform are all new as well as its components, the interior cabin is very rearward, the hood is very long to accommodate its extra-large 8.4L V10 engine, and also more forgiving to drive and accessible to more people because for the first time in Viper history, the all new SRT Viper now comes with a host of safety equipment, especially traction control and stability control.

Thankfully though, it still retains the proper 6-speed manual transmission but it was developed to survive the massive and unforgiving torque coming from the V10 engine that powers it.

2013 SRT Viper

When I drive one of these in such video games, I was gonna say that the all new SRT Viper is going to be as unforgiving as the past Vipers but for me, it's almost unforgiving as other Vipers of yesteryears. It feels more civilized, it feels like a European exotic in terms of handling. Seems that the Americans finally made something that the Americans would be proud of but one thing though...could the SRT Viper be more enough to rattle down against the Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1? General fact though that the all new Viper's 8.4L V10 engine produces much more power than the ZR1 and thanks to the SRT Viper's weight loss diet, it produces a power-to-weight ratio of 4.91, which means that's more power to weight than the ZR1 and also a Lamborghini Aventador, but we're not into that because you know that the V12 Lambo can crush an SRT Viper easily on the straights. Mind you, we did put both the SRT Viper and the Corvette ZR1 in the straights and the results are by such luck.

Instead of putting such differences, the producers told me to take part of a week-long Car Town challenge, which is known to be as Who Rules? In the first installment, there was a comparison between the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang. I voted Mustang but the results picking up that there are more Camaro supporters than Mustang supporters. Anyway, forget about that and I was on the second chapter and this time it's the war between America's finest sports cars such as the Corvette and the Viper. I was in a bit of discussion about the odds between the Viper and the Vette, then some agreed that the Corvette has more of the heritage than the Viper, but then I protested (like a Doctor Who scene where The Doctor pushed the PROTEST button), saying that Vipers will always be the king of American sports cars because their big, heavy, V10 engine, can't be beaten by such a loser car from a loser American car brand that is Chevrolet. The discussion went on and on and on right until the fateful day that...if I'm honest...I'm with the Viper supporters because I'm doing this for the honor of the new 2013 SRT Viper. As I joined with fellow Viper enthusiasts in a game of Who Rules, it seems that the results shown that there are more and more enthusiasts saying that Corvettes are better than Vipers but it's too early to declare the winner so what I do is to convince more and more Car Town noobs, amateurs, and vets asking that Vipers are better than Vettes. I've tried so hard right until the final day of the Who Rules event, which is now. In the end, it seems that there are more Corvette supporters than Viper supporters, proving that Corvettes are better than Vipers. End of discussion.

Even when the all new SRT Viper suffered a humiliating loss in a game of popularity, it still beats the Corvette in every intangible way. On the city streets, the Viper tries to be more of a show-off and tries to attract more fans than the Corvette. On the road however, it started to become more of a civilized but deadly road warrior rather than being a crazed gladiator. A big powerful engine with a mix of spartan driving manners is what made the all new SRT Viper a different kind of spartan in the west. The base model starts at $97,395 while the GTS model, which is loaded with more gizmos than the standard model, costs $120,395 (both excluding $1,995 destination).

Photo: Chrysler Group LLC.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Forza Horizon: Toyota's present-day crowning glories

The Lexus LFA and the Scion FR-S are what I'm calling it the present-day crowning glories of Toyota Motor Corporation and here in the fantasy world that is Forza Horizon, these new JDM royalties are trying to show what they're capable of...

Walker Lexus Ranger

The thing about the LFA though is that this limited-to-500-units masterpiece feels like a racing car and it sounds like a racing car that's because of Toyota Motor Corporation collaborate with Yamaha to provide some acoustic tuning to the LFA's exhaust so it sounds like a F1 car every time when you're foot is on the pedal. It maybe the first (and last) Japanese grand tourer to have a V10 engine, it maybe rare due to limited production, it maybe carrying a very expensive price tag but this Lexus LFA is a golden opportunity to show off its natural talent in Forza Horizon.

Bringing the sport to Horizon

When the rest of the world called this the TOYOTA 86 or GT86, the North Americans called this the Scion FR-S. Never mind about the analogy because it maybe not as quick as other sports cars but when it comes to corners, this FR-S has good handling. Less grippy, more fun. That's talent to you and me. It behaves and waggles just like its spiritual predecessor, the AE86 Sprinter Trueno. A good story though that my cousin told me that this is the car he should have bought rather than the old white Mazda RX-8 he currently had. I was gonna told that to you but I told my cousin that the FR-S has less of the power than his RX-8 so who cares about it? Even though it's less powerful, the FR-S is the kind of car my cousin would never ever get off from his dreams. It's your fault, cousin. It's your fault. You were given a choice...

The LFA is like a samurai descended from the clouds in the sky while the FR-S is like a ninja swiftly moves in the blink of the eye. A car carrying a huge pricetag and huge power or a car carrying a cheap pricetag, less powerful boxer engine and a natural talent of cornering might sounds ridiculous if you were to choose but the decisions are all up to the drivers. It's the drivers, not the cars, that makes the difference...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Stig: The Untold Story

The Stig: The Untold Story


Fans of Top Gear are always asking the most impossible question of all time. The question that must never been answered, hidden in plain sight. The question we've been running away from all of our lives; WHO IS THE STIG?

The author who is responsible for this book tries to delve readers deep to unmask the truth behind the iconic tamed racing driver and guess what? They've tried... It may sound humorous but this book is all about behind the scenes unraveling the secrets inside The Stig's helmet and why does The Stig never speak or rather an anti-social kind of person.

Kinda hard to think that the author responsible for THE STIG: THE UNTOLD STORY spend several years observing Stig's daily routine from Surrey to another part of Surrey to the very ends of Surrey and then, unexpectedly, to Finland before returning to Surrey. People involved in Top Gear were welcomed in telling about who is The Stig as well as former Top Gear presenters and celebrities who are involved from music, entertainment, arts, literature, sports, anything else. Jeremy, James, and Richard are also present as well but this whole "WHO IS THE STIG" story is becoming too much for this book here.

The Stig The Untold Story maybe a jam-packed must have for every Top Gear fan but this book is all about slowly revealing the truth inside Stig's helmet, one by one by one by one page. If you don't want to know who is The Stig, better not buy this book but if you're brave enough, this book is yours for about 18.99 British Pounds Sterling. Hurry up though, The Stig may end up buying several copies when he sees one and stores these copies on the Lambo...

It's true that THE STIG: THE UNTOLD STORY is the book The Stig doesn't want you to read but this is much more fun to poke fun at him rather than stripping off Stig's clothing...Some say, whenever he sees you reading this book The Stig doesn't want you to read, he'll punch you in the face...Sorry about that...


14th Generation Crown teased, coming this CHRISTMAS 2012

2013 Toyota Crown teased

Ladies and gents, Toyota Motor Corporation teased the next generation Toyota Crown series as well as its new logo for this 14th Generation.


The slogan for this next generation is...


The next generation Toyota Crown is coming...CHRISTMAS 2012

All new 2014 Silverado teased...

2014 Chevy Silverado teaser

From the beginning of your workday to the end of the day, the Chevy Silverado is one of America's most dependable trucks in America and now a full-model change is in full swing. Chevrolet Trucks teased their next generation Silverado with the topic #RaiseTheBar. It's set for a viral reveal this week (Thursday/Friday to be precise). Stay tuned...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nintendo Wii U

With sales of the current Wii have plummeted thanks to the XBOX 360 and the PS3, it seems that Nintendo decided not to give up on their resources regardless of competition and the customer satisfaction. So when Nintendo decided to create a brand new console, it was like, hey! Let's make a totally different console to get ourselves on top! And there's the result of their R&D done...

Nintendo Wii U

Here it is and what Nintendo do is a console that that has a controller that looks like a portable hand-held device but really is a controller for this console. It's kinda dramatic but what Nintendo made is just a side-story to the Wii. Welcome everyone to the brand new Wii U. It maybe just an evolution of the family-favorite Wii but does it have the pros to get Nintendo back on top?

First of all, let's talk about this different kind of controller that Nintendo calls it the GamePad. It may look like a portable hand held gadget but this serves as a second screen on your video game. For example, when you're seeing the actual gameplay on your TV, the GamePad serves some of your gameplay progress. Really? A controller with a screen on it. I'm fine of having consoles with the barriers between me, my game, and my TV but what Nintendo claims that this GamePad feature breaks the mold between you, your games, and the TV. There are many ways to use this GamePad feature such as viewing your gameplay on your TV and the GamePad, holding it vertically, use its touch screen to control gameplay, or you just wanna play the whole game in your gamepad without the TV. That's very clever and that's witchcraft. So, good job then and for a real surprise, it's BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE!

Why? On the Wii U, you can also use the classic Wii controller for added perspective or if you have some of the Wii controllers in your box, you can use them for multiplayer fun.

There are two sizes on the Wii U. The entry level Wii U called the Basic costs 26,250 Yen and it has about 8GB internal flash memory, plus support for external USB hard drives for additional storage. For hardcore players having their cash burning their pockets, there's the flagship Premium Set which is black-colored, costs 31,500 Yen, and 32GB HDD plus a gamepad stand, gamepad cradle, and a console stand to keep it organized. Built in software includes Nintendo TVii, Wii U Chat, Miiverse, Internet Browser, Mii Maker, Nintendo eShop, and Wii Menu.

Selection of games? At its first day, buyers are opted to check out Wii U games for the first day such as New Super Mario Bros. U, FIFA 13, Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, Monster Hunter 3G HD Edition, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Assassin's Creed III, ZombiU, and Batman Arkham City Armored Edition. More games such as Call of Duty Black Ops 2, NBA 2K13, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and more will be added later on.

I almost forgot, if you're into internet videos or streaming or whatever suits your fancy, fear not because apps like YouTube, NicoNico, and Hulu are available in the Wii U's e-shop so if you got one, there's a better time to sit down, grab a popcorn and enjoy the movies! (Thumbs up)

This new game console from Nintendo is a sure fire thing to have an invitation to the elite club of video gaming consoles but Sadly because the only thing that were accepted to the elite club were the near-decade aged XBOX 360 and the PS3 because despite their age, they've showed how wild, how cool, and how awesome they're offering. The Wii U though is just a different story. What they've should have done is a console that not only has the capabilities of old-school technology with new-generation fun but also the freedom for the players to control. Beneath every serious game creator lies a ten-year-old kid inside, waiting to spur its creativity to make things right.

...It's kid's stuff. It's obvious...

Subaru Pleo Plus

2013 Subaru Pleo Plus
2013 Subaru Pleo Plus interior

The trend of kei car rebadging is becoming a bit too far here in Japan and the Daihatsu Mira e:S, launched last year, became a subject of rebadging. Sure, Toyota borrowed one for their new Pixis Epoch and now, in a terribly confusing way, Subaru decided to join in the fray by borrowing a Daihatsu Mira e:S and replace it with Subaru badges. What do you get in return? Something called the all new 2013 Subaru Pleo Plus! The most fuel-efficient Subaru offered and the most affordable.

Starting at 795,000 Japanese Yen, the Pleo Plus is equipped with the special KF engine that accumulates 52PS/6800rpm of power output and 60Nm/5200rpm of torque output. It even comes with a CVT for optimized fuel economy and smooth driving. Because it's fuel economy is rated at 30.0km/L in Japan's JC08 Mode scale, it is the most fuel efficient Subaru ever offered for fuel-conscious drivers in Japan. The secret of getting a good fuel economy for this new model is because of its Eco Idle (Idle Stop and Go) system, newly developed i-EGR (ion controlled Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system (that applies the ion current combustion control, in which ions in the combustion chamber are used to identify the state of combustion, to EGR control), lighter bodywork, thermal management, and Eco power generation control (with regenerative braking functions).

I'm afraid I have no words to describe this new Pleo Plus but if you live somewhere where a Subaru dealer is nearby and if you're too lazy to get a new Mira e:S or a Toyota Pixis Epoch, consider this. End of discussion.

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Forza Horizon: Oppa Gen Coupe Style

Just K-POP-ing around...

At Forza Horizon, we don't do that latest craze made by someone Korean that is somewhat a two-word craze where the first word starts with G and the second word stats with S. Wanna guess what that is? Spoilers, we don't do that here but with the only Korean that was accepted on the Horizon fest, which is the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, it seems that it tries to show how K-POP worthy of being in the party.

With its 3.8L Lambda V6 GDi engine that produces 350PS of power, that's a lot of power for something Korean but even though it's not as quick as its other rivals, it sure knows how to do the G thing in the corners. A piece of K-POP would be enough for this car though and that would be nice to drive one of these to see if this car's fit enough for the party...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fancy driving two Nissan Jukes? Get Asphalt 7 HEAT!

Nissan Juke Nismo and Nissan Juke R
on Asphalt 7: HEAT

For its latest update on Gameloft's ASPHALT 7: HEAT (Version 1.0.5) available on iPhone App Store and Android store, this mobile racing game added two kinds of Nissan Jukes to up the ante. The Nissan  Juke Nismo and the Nissan Juke-R are there on this latest updates and if you want them, win them on those special challenges offered.

About the Nissan Juke Nismo, this was unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and what this is, is a Nismo-tuned version of the wild-looking Nissan Juke crossover compact. The chassis which has been lowered and stiffened, while the 1.6-liter direct injection turbo gasoline engine has been uprated to deliver more power and performance. As for the Nissan Juke-R though, what happens when you put some of the Nissan R35 GT-R know how in the Juke's body? The result is a monster of a masterpiece.  A Nissan Juke fitted with the GT-R's VR38DETT's engine is not the kind of Juke you would expect on the road and it's made in a very limited production run thanks to customer interests. The first owner of this wild and monstrously wicked Juke-R was in Dubai and that guy must have been lucky to drive one of those...

Anyway, if you have Asphalt 7 and if you haven't updated to Version 1.0.5, do it now. These two Jukes are waiting for you...Don't have A7 HEAT? Buy one at the app store!

It's all thanks to our friends at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd and Gameloft!

Let's Do The News! (December 9, 2012)

(cheers and applause)

So, the experiment continues on eh?

That's right man. I'm still continuing my science experiment for the upcoming C7 Corvette on GT5 before Chevrolet reveals it all in January.

So in terms of straight-line performance for the upcoming C7 Corvette, are the stats still a SPOILER yet?

That's right! Spoilers!


(audience laughing)

Anyway, let's do the news!

Right indeed and it seems the fourth installment of the Pacquiao-Marquez fight occurred and hey! Guess what?

Pacquiao-Marquez 4
(image: Reuters)

Listen old man, we've watched the fight and Pac-man lost. Knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez after six rounds...Honest! I'm not joking! I've witnessed with my own eyes!


Yeah! Pacquiao lost the fight!

I think it was odd because in the last three fights against Juan Manuel Marquez, it seems that Pacquiao edges out against him but for this fourth fight, everything's changed. Marquez has the advantage and it's absurd.

Do you think 2012 became a bad year for Pacquiao?

Well frankly yes. Manny Pacquiao got beaten twice. It's like the pact of the devil that gets the best of him. Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, they've beaten the once-great Manny Pacquiao and it looks like his performance is slowly degrading. Is Pacman's fame faltering within 2012's double loss in boxing?

Well, I think yes. I'm scared about Pacquiao's fame but still it's not as dirty as the Pacquiao-Bradley fight which sparked criticisms. Do you think this fourth fight between Pacquiao-Marquez fight sparked even more? I mean hey, his loss in this fight is considered a fixed point, right? FIXED POINTS CANNOT BE REWRITTEN.

FIXED POINT? You mean that this year's fights of Manny Pacquiao, the two fights of 2012 that made Pacquiao lost, cannot be rewritten even for the time turner?

(audience laughing)

Correct. You'll never rewrite such a fixed point. That's DA RULES...

Da Rules

(audience laughing)

Anyway, enough of that. There's a saying that goes... ‎"You won't really know what will happen in a boxing ring. Hard work doesn't always pay off. But the ones who succeed are the ones who worked hard!!"

Where was that?

It's from an anime titled Hajime no Ippo, a boxing anime series. Listen, please don't even try to criticize about this fight. They did fair and that's it. They're not cheating. They're doing right things, win or lose.

I think you're right James. To win with pride or lose with dignity, all it comes is from the knowledge of what they do best. Can we just put this sadness behind us? Anyway, moving on because here's the photo that the BBC sent to everyone teasing something Doctor Who-related. Here it is...

What's that all of the circular stuff on this?


(audience laughing)

I think it's something a bit spirograph-y about this pic the BBC sent to us...What's this? A chandelier with some Spirograph stuff on it?

(audience laughing)

Uh...may I interrupt with some Spirograph jokes about this but what they said that they're just Gallifreyan writings on it and BBC said that's the teaser for the new interior of the TARDIS.

(huh?) interior of the TARDIS?

Well some say it's a BIG YES because this is a new look for the TARDIS's control room. It will be revealed in this year's Christmas Special which features The Doctor's brand new partner, Clara, played by Jenna Louise Coleman, the souffle girl.

(audience laughing) (awwww)

In fact, I'm still got a funny feeling that I'm feeling blushed every time I said souffle girl.

What is it? You think she's too cute for you?


What are you talking about?!!!

Come on old man, I think you're having a crush on that souffle girl...Souffle girl! Souffle girl! Souffle girl!

(audience chanting: souffle girl)

Hammo! Cut it out! I'm not having such a crush on that souffle girl...

Maybe if its Christmas Eve, you're going to make a souffle and if it's Christmas Day, the day that the Doctor Who Christmas Special comes...

STOP IT!!!! STOP IT!!! Please don't mention anything about souffle girl...

All right...I promise...(giggling)

Anyway, there's been another recall for the all new 2013 Ford Fusion saloon and this time it's for the faulty headlamps.

Huh? Another recall for an all new Ford model? Oh dear...

I thought that the 2013 Ford Fusion would be a better substitute for the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu but thinks to some issues such as the fire risk of the 1.6L EcoBoost engine that was equipped on the Escape and now the faulty front lamps issue, turns out that this new model is not quite as reliable as the all new Malibu. Speaking of the Malibu, Chevrolet issues an "emergency minor change" for next year.

What? "Emergency minor change?"

Just like the not-for-Japan Civic as seen in the 2012 LA Auto Show, Chevrolet issues an emergency minor change for the current-generation Malibu, which is now a global midsize sedan, due to sluggish sales. Even though it's now a global midsize sedan, it's not enough for that so seems that an emergency refresh sounds fine but that's off the record about that.

Question is...Fusion or Malibu? Which is better?

(audience murmuring)

Hyundai recently revealed their facelifted 2013 Equus/Centennial and look at this...

2013 Hyundai Equus Facelift

So...what to expect on this facelifted Equus this time?

Let's of chrome trim strips on the front and rear bumpers, new set of alloy wheels, new mirrors, new controls for the audio system on the steering wheel, new dashboard, and a BMW-like shift knob that was applied on the K9.

Also, aside from the 2013 Equus comes with its cheaper alternative, the Grandeur, now on its 2013 model year...

2013 Hyundai Grandeur

Psst...hey buddy. No time to mention what's updated on those Korean-made luxury cars. Those damn smugglers will get them noticed...

(audience laughing)

Anyway, on that bombshell, that's the news!

GT5 C7 Corvette fast is this? Spoilers...

Straight-line performance is the next lesson...

Last time, I've downloaded the free C7 Corvette Test Prototype for the Gran Turismo 5 video game on PS3 and I want to conduct series of brainy experiments to see if Chevrolet's trying to reinvent its next generation Corvette until the grand unveiling at the 2013 NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan. I've tried beating the time set by The Stig in the Corvette C6 ZR1 from Top Gear and barely nailed it by three attempts. Now, the science lab continues and this time it's the straight line performance...

Most forum-goers often start fast is the C7 Corvette with the LT1 V8 engine on it? I'm afraid that I'm going to use the good old River Song catchphrase here....SPOILERS I meant to say it...but rumors say that the 0-100kph time for the C7 Corvette with the said engine will do about under four seconds. All the details remain SPOILERS for now but since this is Gran Turismo 5, I decided to use the Speed Test mode to predict its straight line performance according to me...

Photo: How fast is the C7 Corvette? Spoilers... #corvette #one13thirteen @corvette
My predictions for the C7 Corvette's
straight line performance

My prediction was that while some say that the C7 Corvette powered by a 6.2L V8 LT1 engine on the front can do 0-100kph in under four seconds, a possible top speed would be about 318kph or in the eyes of Englishmen would say 198mph. 198mph...hmmm...this predicted top speed could be somewhat on the edge of Ferrari territory perhaps? I think not...or could be because I'm not one of Chevrolet's or from the Corvette camp.

As told, the C7 Corvette's straight-line performance remains CONFIDENTIAL and TOP SECRET for know and the experiment I've conducted on GT5 is just only a prediction of what the C7's straight line performance will be. Besides, I'm still not giving up doing some science lessons on the upcoming C7 Corvette...
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