Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Mabisa na, Matipid pa!!!"

On the October 26, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Frankenstein gags

- Looks like someone's no match against the maligno, unless you call a carpenter to cut down the bed's legs

- Mr. Assimo files for candidacy...

- Sniper's got a problem with the windows...Better fix it up to get his job done...

- Bubble Gang does THE GENERICS PHARMACY by spoofing this ad as THE GENERICH PHARMACY! Mabisa na, Matipid pa!!!

Bubble Gang does The Generics Pharmacy

- Cheche and Bureche at the cemetery!

- Is your car possessed by...well, something?

- This guy wants to take it seriously to get himself confined at the mental correction...

Mental Hospital

- IyoTube in Spongecola's Bitiw!

- Better wash your hands...please. We got some investigation to do...We're dealing against a killer who steals a hand...

Walang Hanggang Pamamaalam

The ending of 2012's most successful TV drama of ABS-CBN, titled Walang Hanggan, is definitely one of the most well-talked moments in the history. We know, this ending really shocked the world to the last minute.

In that ending, we saw the death of Katerina (Julia Montes) to the eyes of our main character, Daniel Guidotti (Coco Martin). As you may remember, she was killed by that bastard named Miguel Ramos, who was killed by Marco Montenegro (Richard Gomez).

Katerina's death is definitely left a huge mark on Daniel's heart. When Joanna (Melissa Ricks) visited the mental hospital to meet Nathan (Paulo Avelino) and explained everything about the truth, seems that like Daniel, Nathan can't accept the truth about Katerina's death.

Later on, Donya Margaret Montenegro (Helen Gamboa) was freed by the court and that made Manang Henya (Susan Roces) happy to have Margaret start a new life.

Because Daniel loved Katerina so much, he decided to stay at the graveyard for a few days and that made them worried for Marco, Emily (Dawn Zulueta), and others because bad things might happened to Daniel...and yet it did.

Because, Tomas (Joem Bascon) killed Daniel. Yep, Daniel was killed on Katerina's grave. He died because he was destined to...

When Donya Margaret returned home, Manang Henya want her to imagine that if Daniel and Katerina were around, it would be a happy experience to hear their joyful laughter between them.

In the end, Marco and Emily got married and gave birth to a baby boy named Daniel.

Having this drama around for 10 months is what made Walang Hanggan one of the most successful TV dramas of 2012 and yes, thanks to master director Wenn Deramas, the staff, the cast, and the fans who supported the whole drama to the very end, this ending is what they call it "thank you for your loyalty". I know...the whole Filipino community's been very loyal to this show and I was fascinated by it.

Enough said....

Friday, October 26, 2012

The worst car in the history of the world? Top Gear announces new DVD!

In time for Top Gear Live event at the NEC Birmingham, BBC announced this year's original DVD titled Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World, coming to DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital copy this November 19.

In this new original video, Jeremy Clarkson and James May are on the north in search for the world's worst cars in the human history and this one's the funniest. Aside from finding the worst cars, there are some cool cars to be featured on the original video such as the Lexus LFA, BMW M5 F10, BMW M3, Mercedes SLS-AMG, as well as never before seen on Top Gear such as the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Toyota 86. There's more too and also, The Stig's Yorkshire Cousin is present as well!


All fun and games here but the question is simple...WHAT IS THE WORST CAR IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD?! Find out when the DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital copy comes out in November 19!!!

For orders:

HSV-010 GT...more fun in Gran Turismo 5

Another car that is more fun only in Gran Turismo is this one, a weider HSV-010 GT race car from Honda...

This Super GT500 racer truly shocked the world...

This car is downloadable at the PlaystationStore for 100 Yen or $0.99 and with this price, you can experience the different kind of SUPER GT contender from Honda that dominated the 2011 Super GT season.

About this HSV-010 though, this is a different kind of SUPER GT500-class Honda racecar that replaced the NSX-GT racers after its tenure from 1997 to 2009 with 50 pole positions and 37 wins total. This is a race car nobody knows what that is and yes, this whole HSV-010 is a complete puzzle. At first though, it was thought to be the next generation NSX but thanks to today's economy, Honda pulled the plug on the NSX program (well, at least they told until the NSX Concept story that some say, it will come in the year 2015) late during the development stages.

Cutting through the corners...

The HSV-010 GT was powered by a HR10EG 3.4L V8 engine that is somewhat an upgraded version of the engine that powers the Formula Nippon racecar that achieves the 500HP regulations for the GT500 class of the Super GT. It was mated to a 6-speed Ricardo sequential manual gearbox, the same unit used by Nissan and Toyota in their Super GT machines, ensuring that their drivers will be hard pressed to miss a shift.

Check out the clips from Honda giving the HSV-010 GT the torture needed before it can race in the 2010 season...

The HSV-010 featured on GT5 is a #1 weider HSV-010, driven by Takashi Kogure and Loic Duval. It made a PP on the first race and then it won the 2nd race. I agree that with such cornering and such speed, the HSV-010 was a game changer in the Super GT history, even better than the old JGTC and Super GT NSX racers of yesteryears. Little known fact that since its debut year, the #1 weider HSV-010 garnered both the team and driver titles on the 2010 season and with such progress, they continued through the 2011 season and placed 3rd overall. That said, that accomplishment made this new Honda GT racer great on the Super GT series.

A perfect picture for a perfect magazine cover!

Sure, because Gran Turismo is a proud sponsor of the Super GT races as well as the D1GP, I'd expect that the HSV-010 stays here. Don't think that I'm lying since the 86/FR-S malarkey because the HSV-010 is one of the cars that have more fun in the world of Gran Turismo. So, the only way to sample the Honda HSV-010 GT is only on the PlayStation3 and GT5. Enough said.

HSV-010 GT in Suzuka

Trying to wow the Fuji crowd here!

Mazda Flair

When Suzuki launched the Wagon R a few years ago, Mazda decided to have its own version so they asked Suzuki to borrow one of these and badged it as the Autozam AZ-Wagon in 1994. This kei car has been spawned for four generations and it spawned in either a normal and the stylish Custom Style variant which was based on the Stingray. However, when the fifth generation Suzuki Wagon R was launched last month, Mazda is having some issues whether they decided to borrow one for their next AZ-Wagon or not but they have something else in mind. When Mazda borrowed the 2013 Suzuki Wagon R, they decided that they will no longer be using the AZ-Wagon nameplate and instead they decided to call it the Flair, and hold it, it's not to be confused with the recently launched Flair Wagon, which is based on the Suzuki Palette.

2013 Mazda Flair

Correct, it is essentially a fifth-generation Suzuki Wagon R with some Mazda badges on it. You still get the new mild-hybrid system named "ENE-CHARGE" (short for 'energy charge') and an energy-saving electric air conditioning system dubbed "ECO-COOL". I said that before but in case they forgot, here's a quick recap;

With the R06A engine combined with an electric motor/generator and a lithium-ion battery, this new ENE-CHARGE provides regenerative braking and at least some level of power assist to the internal combustion engine while it can also run certain electrical equipment. With all that technology, the new Wagon R can get up to 28.8km/l in Japan's JC08 driving cycle (67.8mpg US, 3.5lt/100km or 81.4mpg UK).

That makes sense? Good. On the new Mazda Flair and the Mazda Flair Custom Style, they both have the same fuel-saving technology and the 28.8km/L fuel economy. So what are you waiting for? If you are living in Japan, best to rush at your nearest Mazda dealer to check them out by yourself.


660 XG - 1,151,850 Yen
660 XG 4WD - 1,269,450 Yen
660 XS - 1,270,500 Yen
660 XS 4WD - 1,388,100 Yen

660 Custom Style XS - 1,354,500 Yen
660 Custom Style XS 4WD - 1,472,100 Yen
660 Custom Style XT - 1,472,100 Yen
660 Custom Style XT 4WD - 1,634,850 Yen

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

COMING SOON: New SM5 Platinum

New SM5 Platinum teaser

Well, what do we have here? It looks like Renault-Samsung Motors, the South Korean affiliate of Renault have released a teaser image of what they said this is the NEW SM5 Platinum. Could that be a facelift for the New SM5 (better known as the Renault Latitude)?

New SM5 Platinum...coming this November

Mitsubishi Outlander GF8W/GF7W

Right, it is now time to check out an all new Mitsubishi model and this one's rather different than what you've expected to be...

It's a crossover, it's Mitsubishi's answer to the Subaru Forester, and it's a seven seater. Yes. It's called the Outlander. When it was launched in Japan in 2005 as a replacement to the Mitsubishi Airtrek (2001-2005), this crossover is somewhat a Lancer with some extra seats, and made for family use. That was been around for seven years now with absolutely no further changes whatsoever. Yep, the Outlander though, is the only Japanese SUV that had few significant changes for several years, I think...until now....

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander

Because, yes, it's a full model change. This really is it. The all new 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander, the crossover redefined to be safer, fuel efficient, and more practical. One thing that I didn't noticed it that it kinda looked like a whale. Yep, the new Outlander's exterior design kinda looks like a whale of a blubber. Seems that the design are gone for a little "Free Willy". Get it? Free Willy! Anyway, enough of the whale stuff because someone's going to get mad about this story. Let's check out a few pointers between the new generation Outlander.

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander interior

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander interior

Joy of joys, the interior is all new, unlike the previous model's interior which is a bit dull, pointy, and feels like there's nothing to do. You can fit up to seven people, there's the Rockford Fosgate PRemium Sound System (DTS Neural SurroundTM, 9-speaker), Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (MMCS) on more expensive models, a well-mannered speedometer (that reads up to 180kph, much like most Japanese cars of today), 4WD mode can be engaged at the push of the button, and then the gear lever that takes advantage of its INVECS-III 6-speed Sport Mode CVT. Oh wait! There's some paddle shifters on the new Outlander as well! What Mitsubishi just did is made the new Outlander a premium blend of luxuriousness and sportiness in a crossover.

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander

4WD models of the Outlander comes with the 4J12 2.4-liter MIVEC engine while 2WD models come with the 4J11 2.0-liter MIVEC engine. Both of these engine types come with the Auto Stop & Go feature as featured in the new Mirage, Galant Fortis, RVR, and Delica D:5, therefore the one with the 4J12 engine will have a fuel economy of 14.4km/L while the one with the 4J11 engine on it has 15.2km/L. They're all based on JC08 Test Cycle so if you are asking what's the true fuel economy for this one, it's the JC08 that matters. That's it. JC08. In the past, the 10-15 Mode was used to measure the fuel economy of Japanese vehicles but in 2011, the term JC08 was used to measure a Japanese car's fuel economy.

4WD models of the Outlander do come with Mitubishi's Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC), the feature that you got from the current Evo X. It integrates management of its Active Center Differential (ACD), Active Yaw Control (AYC), Active Stability Control (ASC), and Sports ABS components, while adding braking force control to Mitsubishi Motors' own AYC system, making the new Outlander a little less complicating to drive.

If safety is what matters, the new 2013 Outlander now comes with something that is similar to Subaru's Eyesight system and that name, not to be confused with General Motors' eco-car stuff applied on the Buick LaCrosse, Alpheon, Buick Regal, and Chevrolet Malibu Eco, is called e-assist. How does e-assist work? It's simple, e-assist uses millimeter-wavelength radar as well as a camera to further increase driving safety and peace of mind. It also acts like a Volvo S60 because of its braking system from the e-assist, which halts the car automatically when it's near collision. That's very simple, and very clever, but be careful though. This auto-braking feature from the Outlander's E-assist may sometimes not work so driving concentration and alertness is needed.

I like to be deadly serious for a moment. This is the most well-mannered Outlander ever made despite the design that looks like a whale. However, there is a problem. It's not a mechanical problem, it's Mitsubishi Motors Philippines. They said they have no plans to bring the all new model yet. Back then, the previous models been offered but because of its strong yen, Mitsubishi Philippines axed the Outlander and focus on the ASX and the Montero Sports. Which means, that if you're a kid, you'll never have a thrill of having yourself at the back seat, enjoying this new model. Good thing, it's not as sad as the previous model we have.

Available colors: Copper Metallic, White Pearl, Titanium Metallic, Cool Silver MEtallic, Cosmic Blue Metallic and Black Mica.

2.0 20G - 2,427,000 Yen
2.4 24G 4WD - 2,692,000 Yen
2.4 24G Safety Package 4WD - 2,787,000 Yen
2.4 24G Navi Package 4WD - 3,100,000 Yen

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Thursday, October 25, 2012


THE IDOLM@STER, this title seems to be familiar if you are a complete speed freak. It's a game that pits you as the producer and nurture the idols of 765 Productions to fame and stardom. They did have a PSP game on it but now, in 2012, they're back. THE IDOLM@STER's back on the PSP. It's the new THE IDOLM@STER SHINY FESTA but however there's a bit of a problem. Which version of SHINY FESTA do I want?

HONEY SOUND - with Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki

Honey Sound

GROOVY TUNE - with Miki Hoshi, Takane Shijou, Makoto Kikuchi, and Yukiho Hagiwara

Groovy Tune


FUNKY NOTE - with Ami and Mami Futami, Hibiki Ganaha, Yayoi Takatsuki, and Iori Minase

Funky Note

If I was that geek in Japan shopping for one of these, my choice is simple. I went the one with Haruka, Chihaya, Azusa, and Ritsuko on it.

About Shiny Festa, this game is becoming a "rhythm action" game, much like the Hatsune Miku Project Diva video games before. So what you gonna do is simple, you gonna need a lot of concentration and timing to push the buttons right while listening to your favorite IDOLM@STER songs. Because I can't explain that on words, why don't we let the promo videos do the talking?

Oh wait! I almost forgot. Each version comes with a new anime footage and some bonus extras. The people from Aniplex's A-1 Pictures and director Atsushi Nishigori from the TV anime adaptation of THE IDOLM@STER, are now responsible for those three anime stuff included in three versions. Like I said, HONEY SOUND - with Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki. GROOVY TUNE - with Miki Hoshi, Takane Shijou, Makoto Kikuchi, and Yukiho Hagiwara. And FUNKY NOTE - with Ami and Mami Futami, Hibiki Ganaha, Yayoi Takatsuki, and Iori Minase. Each run about 23 minutes for you to enjoy.

WAIT! According to Namco Bandai, those who pre-ordered will get a "backstage pass" that allows buyers to log into the limited premium shop site, a product code for "The world is all one!!" song, and a serial number for obtaining an exclusive Haruka Amami idol card in the separate Idolmaster Cinderella Girls game.

So, how can I say about this game? Even though it has three different versions, the gameplay is still has some Project Diva push-button stuff to keep it in the rhythm. It's either a good, perfect, almost, or a miss but with such effort, your effort pays off.


Zone of the Enders HD Edition

In 2001, the high-speed robot action video game that was Zone of the Enders was launched and most of them surprised that this video game, packed with some anime and mecha stuff, were made by the man behind the phenomenal Metal Gear saga, who is Hideo Kojima. Then, two years later, the ZOE story progressed even further with ANUBIS Zone of the Enders (The 2nd Runner).

I can't ever recall that these two blockbuster video games packed with some anime and mecha stuff mixed with some genes from Metal Gear finally rebooted for the first time in HD and this, Zone of the Enders HD Edition, is a must have for fans and newbies alike.

Zone of the Enders HD EDITION (PS3)

Zone of the Enders HD Edition
(XBOX 360)

Now about that whole ZOE stuff, this was what they called it a "robot animation simulator" according to Konami. Hideo Kojima said that this game was a logical consequence of the gathering of people. It combines the genes of robot animation and the genes of Metal Gear (games) by the best anime staff and the best video game development staff. It was screenplayed by Noriaki Okamura from the Tokimeki Memorial Drama CDs, character design by Nobuyoshi Nishimura from Gundam, and mech design by Yoji Shinkawa from the Metal Gear saga.

In the first ZOE, mankind expands to space because of the population explosion can't keep up with the planet Earth but the Moon and Mars couldn't keep up with the entire population so mankind extends to Jupiter. A colony somewhere in Jupiter called Antilla houses about a hundred thousand residents involved in mining and transport. There was a war occurred and the main protagonist, Leo Stenbuck, who lost his friends and the brink of the war and blamed for not saving them, he panicked and ran away from the scene of the attack, inadvertently stumbling onto the cause of the war, the Orbital Frame known as Jehuty.

In the second ZOE chapter, with mankind expands to space even further and with the terraformed Mars houses colonies from various Earth countries, new resources and colonies come with bigger threats. New main protagonist, Dingo Egret, who was working on a LEV on Jupiter's moon Callisto, until he discovered an Orbital Frame, Jehuty, and its awakening reminds him of a distant past and he's facing ferocious attacks of BAHRAM. The battle between ANUBIS vs. JEHUTY, the Aumann project, has begun within the orbit of Mars.

For these HD Editions of ZOE and ANUBIS: ZOE, we can expect some amazing changes such as the 720p capability, remastered 2D graphics and fonts, 16:9 resolution, trophies or achievements to collect, and of course, a new opening sequence created by the studio that brought you Mobile Suit Gundam animes, which is Sunrise.

It's been over a decade since Zone of the Enders first released on the PS2 and this was the benchmark of high speed robot action. Players can pilot as the Orbital Frame prototype called the Jehuty and what they do is simple, FLY, SLICE, TARGET, GRAB, and so on. That's what made this ZOE game so special, it kinda reminds me of some Gundam video game. It maybe a video game with some anime, mecha, and some Metal Gear-ish stuff but it is an ambitious game fans remembered for and with this HD Edition, it gets even better. Better than the best! Even though it says HD, it doesn't feel like High Definition at all. It feels like....HAIDARAAAA!!!!!! That's right! HAIDARA!!!! A famous Zone of the Enders line every fans want to shout it out through a loud hailer every time they got indulged into playing into one. I like that.

Choosing which one of these two ZOE titles is the best is a bit too pointless but I will say this. While some agree that the first one is the best while some agree that the second one is the best, why don't we put it all this way that all those two ZOE chapters are the best? Let's not forget, we couldn't know where we are now without them. Both these titles were important to the whole Kojima Productions history ever since Metal Gear became a phenomenal hit. ZOE is kinda neither here nor there and ANUBIS: ZOE is the best chapter in all of human history. The players will be insane for letting us asking it...

For the ultimate fan experience, the ZOE HD Edition Limited Edition not only comes with the game itself, it also comes with the 364-page chronicle book that told the entire ZOE history, 148-page Reboot Book, and an 8-track CD that contains the main themes and some remixed ZOE musics.

Exclusive to the PS3 version of ZOE HD Edition, there is a demo for next year's Metal Gear Rising Revengeance included! You can have a first glimpse of Raiden's new mission with this demo included exclusively for the Playstation3 version. We said that because Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is available exclusively on PS3 next year.

Forza Horizon: My first moments...

So, Forza the moment the first time I'm playing this game, I am totally WASTED and ADDICTED to this game because...well, what can I say? It's a free-roaming racing game set in Colorado, where the festival occurs, jam-packed with half-a-decade-of-cars from around the world, music, and some party people. I really really love this game, makes me want to play some more and more and more and more and more until I had enough.

Here are some of my first moments of photos because photographing the whole progress is much more fun in Horizon...

Horizon starts with the VW Corrado, a beginner car everyone starts with

Mustang vs. Mustang!

An epic trip with a classic Boss Mustang!

Lancer Evolution X is probably one of the best 4WD cars on Horizon

You can go off-roading on Horizon!

The battle of the Brits

Nighttime muscle madness

The crowd loves the SVT Raptor!

It's going to be a photo finish!

Hey! What's Fujiwara's Hachi-Roku doing here?

My first barn find...was a Cuda!

Mr. Bean's car?!

What a spectacular performance!!!

Ladies and gents...I found another barn find!

Pretty cool, huh? There's more to come as I progress....

Anime Saimoe Tournament 2012 update (October 25, 2012)

The quarterfinals for the 2012 Anime Saimoe Tournament have come to a close and can't believe that most characters from Saki Achiga-hen are ruling with an iron fist. Anyway, who's catching up?

(Group A) 10/16:
* Saki Miyanagi - Saki Episode of Side A - 226 (Winner)
Koromo Amae - Saki Episode of Side A - 214

(Group C) 10/18:
* Hisa Takei - Saki Episode of Side A - 317 (Winner)
Yayoi Kise - Smile Pretty Cure! - 305

(Group E) 10/20:
* Yuu Matsumi - Saki Episode of Side A - 271 (Winner)
Sanya V. Litvyak - Strike Witches (movie) - 157

(Group G) 10/22:
* Nodoka Haramura - Saki Episode of Side A - 278 (Winner)
Ako Atarashi - Saki Episode of Side A - 262

(Group B) 10/17:
*Toki Onjouji - Saki Episode of Side A - 583 (Winner)
Akari Akaza - Yuruyuri - 417

(Group D) 10/19:
* Louise de la Valliere - Familiar of Zero F - 293 (Winner)
Hinata Hakamada - Ro-Kyu-Bu! - 258

(Group F) 10/21:
* Kuro Matsumi - Saki Episode of Side A - 213 (Winner)
Kirame Hanada - Saki Episode of Side A - 143

(Group H) 10/23:
* Shana - Shakugan no Shana III (Final) - 263 (Winner)
Sena Kashiwazaki - Haganai - 257


So, we got the final 8. But the question is...who will be the final four? Check back on the 30th!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's Do The News! (October 24, 2012)

Hey, I heard that Forza Horizon's finally out in the US while it will be worldwide this Friday.

I know. And hey, while on the subject of Forza....MY SRT8 392's ARRIVED!!!!

(cheers and applause)

The SRT8 392 Bonus Car!!!

Wow! Since when did you pre-ordered Horizon?

About that summer but sadly, at the Gamestop retail instead of online.

You didn't really know that took it long before the SRT8 392 arrived at your FM4, eh?

That's right but since I pre-ordered it on Gamestop, I got some bonuses for use at Horizon.

Oh wait. Since you pre-ordered it at GameStop, you got the 458 Italia and oh wait, since you are a GameStop Power Up Rewards member, you got a 2010 VW Golf VI R, right?

Indeed and since that we got the cars of our dreams, we decided to take a special treat for our newly arrived SRT8 392 by putting this car round our track...

So, what time?

I'd say it's 1:27:287. At least it was a good try while it lasted...


Right, the news, and big news today because XBOX is now launching the Entertainment Experience! Today as is NOW!

So, what's new about the XBOX Entertainment Experience?

Says here that the update maintains Microsoft’s “Metro” interface, but adds a new tile called “pins”, which allows you to pin your favorite apps, games, or other items to one easily accessible location. Additionally, the TV and Movie tabs have been combined into one channel.


Also, Internet Explorer is added as well!

So that means...we can now surf the net in the XBOX? That's something that the XBOX failed to do in the past, I mean, good job though. This is really the update most XBOX users are dying to have...


Fantastic! And oh...while the the XBOX 360 gained a big update, it seems that its console rival, the Playstation3...

Oh Captain Slow, listen, we heard that the PS3's been hacked again and this time, this is the most serious problem ever faced in a console. It was the LV0 encryption keys that the PS3′s entire architecture is based around were leaked and causing damage to the PS3's security model.

Huh? What's just happened?

Well, there was this hacker group called The Three Musketeers, and no, not the book, and not even the candy bar either. They were responsible for the LV0 keys but they decided that they'll not going to make it public until there was this Chinese hacker group leaked the LV0 keys and was going to charge for further custom firmwares, based off of their work. They decided to release the keys along with a statement decrying the initial leak that allowed BlueDisk-CFW to sell custom firmwares.


You know what that means?



I know. It is an uh-oh...Anyway, there's a new update but it's a mild update.

4.30, right?

Yes. And for this mild update, they are dropping the peculiar program called Folding@Home, which is an app that doesn't make sense at all...


Indeed and on that bombshell, on that news. Um...Tomorrow, we'll be tackling the results from the 2012 Saimoe Tournament, and tomorrow also, ZOE HD Edition and THE IDOLM@STER SHINY FESTA. Take care!



With the availability of the Zone of the Enders HD Edition draws near, the BGMs from the two ZOE games get remixed in Zone of the Enders ReMIX Edition.

ZOE ReMIX Edition features some of the handpicked ZOE background musics from the Zone of the Enders and ANUBIS Zone of the Enders (The 2nd Runner) remixed to give you a different ZOE experience at the comfort of your home.

01 Beyond the Bounds feat. K Á R Y Y N - Eshericks Remix -
02 Ardjet - DJ URAKEN Remix -
03 Vacilia County - Wrexx Remix -
04 Chaotic Fight - FIREWORK DJs Remix -
05 Train - Specimen A Remix -
06 City (The Earth Light) - DJ URAKEN Remix -
07 Leo! Leo! - Smooth Remix -
08 VR - Wall5 Remix -
09 ALOIVIA - arousal mix -
10 Final Battle - L.E.D. STYLE MIX -
11 Compression Space - evocation mix -
12 GLOBAL - Wall5 Remix -
13 Factory (Vivid Transparency) - Sota Fujimori Remix -


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Philippines' 2nd Saint - Pedro Calungsod

San Pedro Calungsod

On October 21, 2012, the Pope canonized Pedro Calungsod as Philippines' second saint since San Lorenzo Ruiz. It was the moment that all Filipinos been waited for because San Pedro Calungsod marks an important chapter to our religion. Being the country's second saint since Lorenzo Ruiz, I was becoming fascinated about the life of San Pedro Calungsod and discovering how did a youth became a saint.

To learn more about San Pedro Calungsod, you can visit the official website at:


Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition

When racing video game enthusiasts think about "Forza", they all know that this is a GT-beating racing game that is all focused on circuit racing and the finest selection of cars. This is it, what you're looking up here is the first ever Forza video game that is truly...just another free-roaming game where you are free to drive your car wherever you want, whenever. When we said free-roaming, I mean yes. This is the first free-roaming Forza game set in Colorado. Welcome to Horizon. Forza Horizon.

There was a festival coming out in Colorado and Horizon is all about the celebration of cars from different decades and because this is a free-roaming game, it's freedom to drive wherever you want, when you want it. Unlike previous Forza Motorsport games, the car list of Forza Horizon are handpicked by the staff deciding that only the best cars of the Forza franchise are welcomed, especially the 2013 SRT Viper GTS. Aside from the handpicked selection, there are new cars never before seen in Forza games such as the Ford Focus RS500, the all new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, classic Cinquecento Abarth, all new 2013 BMW M6 F13 Coupe, 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition (yes, really), 2013 Shelby GT500, Mercedes S65 AMG, and (since you've asked for it), a 1965 MINI Cooper S! There are 127 garage cars in Forza Horizon, plus Barn Finds, Unicorns, and DLC cars.

Apart from this free-roaming, there are new stuff that were never before seen in the Forza franchise such as...driving by nighttime and driving offroad! Offroad driving? Driving at nighttime?! Oh yes! It's possible in Horizon! Also, aside from races, there are some epic races where you can race against the helicopter or a jet! I know it's hard but you guys can do it. Don't give up!

Graphics-wise, well, thanks to the UK-based Playground Games, Forza Horizon delivers the best graphics of any other racing game and all that dynamism a fludic beauty really shows just how cool Horizon can be. It is truly breathless to see how Colorado is thanks to such graphics and what's amazed fans is the music. There was dubstep, rock, club, everything that was curated by BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the music offered on Horizon, you can turn the radio off. Simple as that.

However, there are a couple of problems on Horizon. Sure, Horizon features the most of the upgrade components for each car as in FM4, which can be saved as Setups.  Tuning specific settings (gear ratios, etc) is not available in Horizon. Sadly, Forza Horizon does not have an Auction House like the one in FM4. Simple as that, but there are some good stuff going on in Horizon such as Car Clubs, storefronts where you can buy tuning setups, designs, and vinyls, and hey...DLC Packs coming. If that wasn't enough, there's going to be a Rally Expansion this December. No details yet but this expansion adds more challenges on Horizon.

It is simply one of the best racing games of 2012 and to be honest, Horizon is all work and play where you can take your car, no matter what kind, all over the Colorado rockies and finding that sweet spot to take pics. It's more fun having multiplayer in Horizon and more importantly, this game is where all cars live. It is truly a celebration you really don't want to miss and hey, everyone's invited to the party.

The Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition is a must have for the Forza aficionados worldwide. With this LCE, not only you'll become a VIP on the game, you'll also get perks such as...

• Five Car VIP Pack (2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder, 2011 Koenigsegg Agera, 2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, 2012 Pagani Huayra, 2011 RUF Rt 12 R)
• Special recognition in the community as a VIP member with VIP icon affixed to their Gamertag in “Forza Horizon”
• VIP Rivals Mode Events: VIP members will have access to exclusive Rivals Mode events in “Forza Horizon”
• Exclusive in-game gifts from the Forza Motorsport community team
• Expanded Storefront: VIP members receive extra slots for things like photos, liveries, videos, etc. 
• Expanded MyForza Gallery Space: VIP’s can store an additional two videos and/or Big Shot images in their MyForza Gallery on
• Custom-designed Steelbook packaging 
• Horizon Festival ticket to access exclusive Xbox LIVE content 
• Day 1 Add-on Pack (Ferrari 599XX Evo, Gumpert Apollo Enraged, Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, Lamborghini Aventador J, 1957 Chevy Bel Air, and 2013 Mustang Boss 302)
• Horizon Accelerator Token Pack 
• Five exclusive LCE Car Pack liveries

Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Do The News! (October 22, 2012)

And now the news and I have a big question for those regarding yesterday. Has any one of you been in the Walang Hanggan thanksgiving concert? Raise your hands...

(audience raising hands)

I couldn't car about it...

What's the matter? You haven't been at the party? That party yesterday was even aired on ABS-CBN yesterday...

I know but I'm kinda late because of some important stuff to do...

What important stuff?



(audience laughing)

Oh come on...Perhaps you hadn't saw Donya Margaret, who was Helen Gamboa by the way, doing the Gangnam Style in front of the audience, especially Vice Ganda, who was part of the party, didn't you see it coming?

Ahem....It's more fun relieving a veteran actress' humble beginnings and poking fun that she does it all...

Yeah, not bad indeed. That party is star studded with the heroes and villains of Walang Hanggan ranging from Marco (Richard Gomez), Emily (Dawn Zulueta), Manang Henya (Susan Roces), Donya Margaret (Helen Gamboa), Tomas (Joem Bascon), Nathan (Paulo Avelino), Joanna (Melissa Ricks), Katerina (Julia Montes), Daniel (Coco Martin) and so much more, especially the bastard Miguel

(audience laughing)

There are guests as well.

Well, the thing is that for the past 10 months, Walang Hanggan is probably one of the best ABS-CBN masterpieces of 2012 and since it's going to end this Friday, this drama is always been a magnum opus of famous ABS-CBN dramas such as Tayong Dalawa, 100 Days to Heaven, Mara Clara, and many others. Even when the story ends, the loyalty still going on strong. Cheers!

(cheers and applause)

Ahem, bad news.


It's Matt Evans, the dude who was Pedro Penduko. We heard that he's arrested after he allegedly assaulting his live-in partner and her brother. That was shocking. I heard that while I was watching The Buzz...

Wonder what just happened?

That happened when Matt Evans turned 24. It was a fine party for him until the worst happened. What he did was he attacked his girlfriend and then he threatened him with a knife but his girlfriend smacked him, she called the cops and arrest him...What bad luck indeed for that actor....

Yeah, I know. This is somewhat worse than a fistfight at the men's bathroom...

(audience laughing)

So, I think it's almost time for Richard Hammond's Crash Course Season 2, right?

Yes indeed, it's on this Monday at BBC America! Don't miss it...


(audience laughing mockingly)

Oh guys. Hey now! We just heard that the Index spinoff titled To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is getting renewed for a second season under the title TO ARU KAGAKU NO RAILGUN S. Further details will be announced at an upcoming issue of Dengeki Daioh this October 27.

Yeah! Delighted to say that Biribiri's back with a vengeance and her friends.

A ha! And also, The basketball lolicon anime titled Ro-Kyu-Bu, is also getting renewed for a second series!

(audience applause)

That's brilliant! Both of these are getting renewed and hey! I think that's pretty impressive.

I know. Pretty impressive. Now, I think that's the news and oh, the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie, we all know that this was already shown in theaters in Japan back in summer and then expanded worldwide. Word from the net is that this live-action adaptation is going to show in theaters all over the Philippines this December. The film will begin screening at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Megamall in Mandaluyong City, and North Edsa in Quezon City on December 5.

Yes indeed and for those who want a taste of Hiten Mitsurugi, which was Kenshin Himura's signature attack, you guys can't wait to see it.

That's right, Captain Slow...

(audience laughing)

Should we do the Gangnam Style?

Uh....yes. Right after my potty break...

(audience laughing)

Forza 4 Head To Head: Track-day Ferrari ballers

Track-day Ferrari racers

I've already tested the F40, F50, and the Enzo Ferrari and I have to say that these hyper Ferraris really are nothing more than horses bolted with some blasters at their backs and they came faster than the announcer would speak who would have won the bet. What about these track-only versions?

The F40 Competizione, F50 GT, and the FXX, those three track-only stallions that you can't use it on the road and you can't race it on a particular race series? Those million dollar toys are hyper when it comes to speed and extremely brutal when you hear their exhaust notes. For me, I think it was the F50 GT because that noise really is the same as a baby crying uncontrollably. It reminded us like the baby we have in our home. E he he he....

Anyway, which one is the best? Let's start with the F40 Competizione.

The Competizione is a race-spec version of the F40, which only 10 units were made while the first two are dubbed as "F40 LM" and the remaining 8 being F40 Competizione. It was developed out of the Maranello car company's GTO Evoluzione project and it should theoretically have been suitable for a wide range of racing series. However, with the demise of Group B and sports car racing in crisis during the late 1980s, Ferrari customers were left with very few options for their cars. A lone F40 Competizione was on display at the Automobile Museum in Turin.

Across the line in 1:13.152.

Now, the F50 GT...

The GT version is a race-spec version of the F50 that should have been intended to use in the BPR Global GT Series but sadly, they didn't put it to production and only three cars were sold to the public; the prototype and two assembled specially for prominent customers. The 4.7 V12 engine produces about 750bhp of power and 519Nm of torque. It can go 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 235mph.

The F50 GT crossed the line in 1:10.8.

And now, the FXX.

Based on the Enzo Ferrari, the FXX is a racing-spec version of the said car that has some of the new developments from Ferrari and its suppliers. Priced at $1.8 million, this car is allowed for special track-day use and after that, the owners are entitled to be briefed by Ferrari on the car's performance. Ferrari's sister company, Maserati, has developed a similar car, the MC12 Corsa.

It uses the same V12 as the Enzo but with increased size to 6.3L so it produces 800PS of power and 686Nm of torque. It also comes with other technological features such as traction control, anti-lock brakes, and a rear view camera in place of the rear view mirror because of the lack of the rear window.

In the Series 13 opener of Top Gear, Michael Schumacher, in The Stig's outfit, drove his special FXX (black without a stripe, having red trimmed wheels, matte rather than chrome exhaust tips, and his personal logo stitched on the racing seats) and lapped the Top Gear Test Track in 1:10.7, therefore resulting him to show himself in front of the audience and to Jeremy Clarkson. appears it did it in 1:13.315, less than the time set by Schumacher....Hmmmm....Is it because his FXX's different than the other FXX's?! Never mind...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Forza 4 Head to Head: X5 M vs. X6 M

The BMW X5 M...

...and the BMW X6 M...

...both of these are crossovers that were beefed up by BMW's M division...what? M SUV's?! Really? They made some high performance crossovers? Whoa...That's kinda strange but yes, they're true. They really were the first ever high performance sport utility vehicles from the BMW M division and both of these do come with xDrive all wheel drive system and a twin turbocharged 4.4L V8 engine that churns out 555PS of power. However, what's the difference between these two? Let's find out. First up, the X5 M.

In an episode of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed this one and as we thought that this one will make mince meat out of sportscars, we were wrong. When we saw a drag race between the X5 M and the Jaguar XKR, this is a bit of a suicide. Even though it has launch control for the X5 M that propelled this mammoth for a quicker 0-60 time than the XKR, the XKR's top speed blasted the X5 M because the X5 M's heavy and enough said. Sure, the X5 was made for offroading but thanks to this M version, the offroad fun was gone can I say it? Never mind, let's start the clock!

The X5 M did it in 1:27.110.

And now...the X6 M...

When Jeremy Clarkson tested the original X6, he kinda disliked it. Even though he traveled around the world, from Australia just for the glove compartment, Spain just for suspension, the Alps just for offroad, and Hong Kong for some metaphors, he really really disliked it and perhaps that money that was used to spend it on the X6 should be spent for a summer holiday at Barbados. Now, in the M version, this has the same issues from the normal except that it was spiced up a bit. Like the X5 M, it do comes with a 4.4L V8 turbo engine so, nothing new here. For a car that was known to be a Sport Activity Vehicle, this is rather pointless. Think about the design, this car was made from a world to a world that doesn't exists anymore, like the skyscraper from Hong Kong, the one Batman jumped on....Remind you of any?

Start the clock!

The X6 M crossed the line in 1:27.608. Almost a few milliseconds slower than the X5 M but more importantly, both of them are rather pointless. What you see that these cars used to be a good cars for offroading but it was beefed up so it can no longer go off the road. What's this? SUVs that claim to be supercar SUVs? O ho ho ho ho....No. I should better go to sleep rather than driving these two again...AM I BOVVERED?!

ABT tunes the seventh Golf

ABT Golf 7

No kidding. They've done it again. The tuning commenced on the latest, seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf and it's all thanks to some German tuning firm, ABT Sportsline.

In addition to a wide body kit developed for this generation as well as the available 18 or 19-inch rims, the engine choices on the new Golf were tuned specifically from ABT. So on the 1.2 TSi engine, this beefs from 85 to 105PS. On the 1.4 TSi engine, the power output is bumped from 140 to 165PS. And on the 1.6 TDi, this goes from 180 to 210PS.

Renaultsport Clio III Phase One gets life anew by Cam Shaft

Cam Shaft Clio RS

What you're looking here is an old, third generation, Phase I, Renault Clio but it has been modified by Cam Sport. An old Clio has been spiced up a bit with something matte, something green vinyl, and something green rims that made it more sleeker and sexier and every angle but sometimes it is a bit nasty.

Power output is now 225PS thanks to some optimization on the car's computers, K&N Sports Air Filter, and Supersprint 100-cell sport catalysts and exhausts. Also, the brakes used on this modified Renault Clio was been derived from the hot Megane.

Platinum Motorsport's Phantom Conquistador

Rolls-Royce Phantom Conquistador
by Platinum Motorsport

Right, some tuning news and this time it's Platinum Motorsport, the guys that brought us that modified Continental GT on FM4 a couple of months ago. They're releasing their latest creation based on the ultra-luxury, ultra-expensive, fun for rappers, Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan fitted with the Mansory Conquistador body kit and a 26 inch Gionelle Santorini wheels. Those rims are huge and this modified version would be a perfect fit for the most notorious drug lord in the East Coast!

If all goes well, they'll be making four of these Phantom Conquistadors.

Recently Bought: Doctor Who 2010 XMas Special

This is what we bought's a DVD of the 2010 Christmas Special of BBC Doctor Who titled A Christmas Special.

Reason why is because Netflix doesn't have that one. Sure Netflix has all of the Doctor Who episodes as well as the specials but they didn't have that one. Shame on Netflix for not having the DW 2010 Xmas special...
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