Saturday, September 10, 2011

What we learned on the September 10, 2011 episode of Sabadabadog

What we saw on the September 10, 2011 episode of Sabadabadog?

- Let's count with Sabadabadog and Ate Michelle! Time to count some "batteries"

- Even if it's rainy, Don Kahon took us for a field trip to Kuya Hubert's and he teaches us some fun art activities during a rainy day

- Let's move with Bebe Garu! "Kaya niyo bang tumalon-talon at umikot-ikot na parang ganito?"

- We learned the letter "NG"

- Kuya Tonipet told us a story of "Basketball sa Ulan"

- Mei-mei brought us in to learn about the number "2"

- Today's lesson: Just because it's raining outside does not mean that there's no playtime. You can still play, indoors!

Battle of the Brainless: Mindless Masters Edition Round Four!

What just happened on the September 9, 2011 episode of Lokomoko?

- Rural gags

- It's everyone's préféré! Battle of the Brainless Mindless Masters Edition!

Angel Locsintus Bacillus Shrotastrain

Cherry Guy Picache

Pip Sotto

Jinky Doo

Manny Misalucha

Question 1: Sino itong fictional character sa pelikula na ginagampanan ng actor na si Chris Evans? Siya ay may initials na C.A.

Answers: Cash Advance, Court of Appeals, Commonwealth Avenue, Cory Aquino, Cayetano Arellano, Justice Cayetano Arellano, Caloy Alde, Caloy America, Corporal America, COLONEL AMERICA

Question 2: Sino itong artistang pinag-aagawan ng mga lalaking sina Coco at Matteo? Siya ay may initials na M.S.

Answers: Midnight Snack, Magic Sing, Max Sorvan, Meteor Shower, Mega Star, Medium Star, Meryl Streep, Marita Sobel, Maritess Samson, Maricel Soriano, Meryl Soriano, Baby Meryl Soriano, Maita Soriano, MASTER SHOWMAN

- Magalang Republic in DEMOLITION

- More of Whose Line Is It...ANYHOW?!

1) Nung sanggol ka kailangan mo ako at ngayong matanda ka na kailangan mo nanaman ako! - Diaper

2) Lagi na lang masama ang loob mo pag wala ako. - pera

3) Lagi nyo na lang inaabangan ang katapusan ko! - buwan

4) Wag kang mag alala paliligayahin ko ang mga anak mo! - Toys/Laruan

5) Ang taong gipit sa akin kumakapit - Bumbay

6) Grabe! Ang mga magulang koy parang mantika - Baby oil

7) Buhay ng anak mo ang kapalit kapag nasira ako - Condom


What just happened on the September 9, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Zombies gags on the loose!

- The proposal's too hard for one psychic because that ruins her element of surprise

- Dan and Serye faces off in a dance session

- How does Bureche take advantage to Chris Brownie for recess?

Bureche talks to Chris Brownie

- Obvious ba ang pad ko? YAN ANG OBVIOUS because Bubble Gang does Modess Ultrathin by spoofing this commercial as PODESS ULTRATHIN! Obvious ba?

Bubble Gang does Modess!

- Your favorite PICKUP LINES players battling out for PICKUP LINES supremacy again!



Boy Pick Up

1) Photographer ka ba? Kasi pag nakikita kita, napapa-smile ako!

2) Uling ka ba? Kasi nagbabaga ang damdamin ko sa iyo!

3) Kuto ka ba? Kasi di ka matanggal sa ulo ko!

4) Intsik ka ba? Kasi I want to show my love and Hopia like it to you.

5) Buhawi ka ba? Kasi pinapaikot mo ang mundo ko

6) Bagay tayo...Kasi ang lighter pag pinatong mo sa pader, sumasabog...

7) Holdapper ka ba? Bibigay ko sa iyo lahat. Huwag mo lang ako sasaktan

8) Na-mi-miss kita...Thank you...

- Balitang News is all lubricated and vibrated to bring you some crazy news!

Balitang News

- His neighbor is his wife? OH NO!

- Welcome to Tragedy Bar, a place where you can cry all you want!

Tragedy Bar

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Run of the all new Porsche 911 Carrera S (991)

Porsche 911 Carrera S (991)
on Need For Speed: THE RUN

So this is it...

The all new Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) made a special appearance on the upcoming Need For Speed The Run video game, to be released this November 15, 2011, and the only way to get the 991 is pre-ordering the Limited Edition.

The new Porsche 911 (991) is the first to be equipped with the world's first seven-speed manual gearbox and this can be a huge advantage to the players.

Be sure to preorder this so you can be the first to try the 991!

Check it out! More Korepino!

Yes, Ryan Bang's in the house for another Korepino! Okay, here's the words;

1) The Korean word for "Qualities" or "Katangian" is Tuek Seong but sounds like "Tukso" or "Tease"

2) The Korean word for "Thin" or "Payat" is "Yalb Eun" but sounds like "Yabang"

Oh well, that's it for now!

Francis Tolentinoy (Manuel Chua)

ANG TV PATROL BREAKING NEWS! Seems that the fines are increased against those who are DUI (Driving Under the Influence). This was done by MMDA chairman (so-called) Francis Tolentinoy and whoa! Someone's caught for being DUI!

Tomorrow's weather will be MA-ULAN according to PAGASA KA PA!

Toyota Vitz RS G's (G Sports)

2012 Toyota Vitz RS G's

The latest addition of Toyota's Sport Conversion Series, known as G's (G Sports), is the Vitz RS G's, using the NCP131 Toyota Vitz RS as the base to create the ultimate Vitz that no other Japanese car enthusiasts never seen before since its preview at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Vitz RS G's features an impressive exterior design that is highly attractive in the eyes of Japanese car enthusiasts. With all that aero kit attached, this souped up Vitz RS is one heck of a monster. Imagine driving at the Hakone with that one! On the interior, red stitching is applied on the steering wheel, shift knob, and leather seats and the paneling is covered mostly with Carbon Fiber. The dark interior really makes it up for those who put on their leather-scented perfume. This has been proven to be manly enough to drive through the Shutokou and the touge. The all new Vitz RS G's is all about impression.

It is equipped with the 1NZ-FE (1.5L DOHC) engine that produces 80kW (109PS)/6,000r.p.m. of power output, 138N・m (14.1kgf・m) /4,400r.p.m. of torque output, and they can be outfitted with either a 5-speed manual or a Super CVT-i with Manual Mode. A specially tuned suspension and sports brake pads are equipped because this was engineered to be more of a "Fuji Speedway" material.

The Vitz RS G's is available in seven exterior colors such as White Pearl Crystal Shine, Super White II, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Black Mica, Super Red V, and Turquoise Mica Metallic.

My Comment:
You can't resist such a wild temptation on the new Toyota Vitz RS G's because of such aggressive exterior design. Once you're in, there's no way to forget about this car. With G Sports slogan "Control As You Like", you can have fun with the new Vitz RS G's as long as you like. This will be the envy of everyone at the Daikoku Parking Area.

Available at Netz dealerships this early October.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Wow! Diet Coke gets a minor change!


What a surprise. I noticed that the Diet Coke labeling underwent some kind of minor change. Made me shocked but remains the same great Diet Coke taste...

How does that new look made you feel?

Saan Kaya Galing?

Kuya Kim Atienza says "Saan Kaya Galing?" or "Where are these come from?" when we look at something good. Oh yes, this is the latest TV commercial for Pigrolac.

Remember what the the scientist from AKEY said:

"Only Pigrolac contains Pigrobuilders for lean meat production."

Sounds true and most people rely on Pigrolac as the best hog feed for productivity. LAMANG KA SA MALAMAN! Approved for the Baboy Kampeon (Swine Champion) in mind!

Rate ko: 3.1/5

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cool Metal...

Axe Shower Gel - Cool Metal

I'm guessing this is the newest addition to the Axe Shower Gel lineup - the Axe Cool Metal Shower Gel.

When I smelled it, I never thought this variant has the best smell ever compared to most Axe Shower Gels I've used in the past. I love this kind of Axe Shower Gel because of the added fine quartz and zinc that keeps me energetic all day long.

I've bought this at Safeway and upon my first week of using this, I am highly recommending this new kind of Axe Shower Gel to almost anybody...

Toyota to unveil PIXIS kei cars this month - first PIXIS is based on the Move Conte!

Toyota Motor Corporation will unveil the first of the new PIXIS sub-brand this late September 2011 under the name "PIXIS SPACE" (ピクシススペース), which was based on the Daihatsu Move Conte compact car. After the Toyota version of the Daihatsu Move Conte was released this month, there will be a Toyota versions of the Daihatsu Hijet Truck and Van coming this December and by next year a Toyota version of the upcoming Daihatsu kei car that provides a fuel economy of 30.0km/L in JC08 Mode test cycle.

Toyota will also make its own mini-store that sells these kind of kei cars called "PIXIS STATION" soon, until then, stay tuned before the reveal of Toyota's first kei car sourced from Daihatsu.

"An Die Freude" for Toyota...

Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition

Both the 2011 Nissan GT-R R35 Phase II and the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 will be passed out because the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition clocked the Nurburgring Nordschleife within a lap time of 7:14.64, making it the 4th fastest Production Vehicle in the Nurburgring!

Toyota Motor Corporation brought in test driver Akira Iida to conduct a Nurburgring time attack with the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition, equipped with Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires developed specifically to this car. A roll cage was installed for this car as well.

I am surely got my mind blown away upon seeing this result. As a matter of fact, we were passed out because of such lap time achieved by the most powerful Lexus LFA ever made.

Flashback: Obviously Sporty...

In a country like Thailand, it's a different angle to advertise such a Bridgestone product like the Bridgestone MY-01 Sport Tourer, a different kind of Sports Tire that can enhance your car's appearance and handling.

On that ad, we saw some geek asking to some man that he wants the man's daughter to go out for a church until the dad saw the Bridgestone MY-01 attached on the geek's Toyota Vitz/Yaris. The dad says "wait right here" and the girl gets inside the geek's Vitz/Yaris and they're going and when the Vitz/Yaris stopped, the geek says "wait right here" and then quickly modified the Vitz/Yaris and the geek turned into some kind of a street punk! When the street punk gets in, saying that it's hard to fool parents these days, turns out that the girl near him was actually some tough guy dressed as a girl!

The Bridgestone MY-01 Sport Tourer tires are the kind of tires which are "obviously sporty" on the outside and on the inside. Turns girls sitting next to the driver's seat into tough guys dressed as girls.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

David Coulthard versus the world on a special GT5 event

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Started since September 5, 2011 at 11:20 PM Japan Standard Time, a special Gran Turismo 5 event in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz was started and yes, 13-time F1 race champ David Coulthard invited GT5 players from across the globe to challenge against his fastest lap using the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on Gran Turismo 5 for the ultimate comparison between real and virtual racing.

The best 24 will be competing for qualifications at the Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands, United Kingdom and whoever set the best six qualifying times has a chance for a one-on-one duel against David Coulthard on a world famous venue (it remains secret for now) where everyone can watch the ultimate battle. Also, whoever from Mercedes-Benz world who made the top spot would win a trip to Brazil to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 27, 2011.

Good luck!

20 years of Nissan Serena

Nissan Vanette Serena (1991-1994)

Nissan Vanette Serena

1st Generation Nissan Serena (C23, 1994-1999)

Nissan Serena C23

2nd Generation Nissan Serena (C24, 1999-2005)

Nissan Serena C24

3rd generation Nissan Serena (C25, 2005-2010)

Nissan Serena C25

4th generation Nissan Serena (C26, 2010-onwards)

Nissan Serena C26 Highway Star V Selection

For twenty years, the Nissan Serena became a favorite among Japanese families. Now, in celebration of the Nissan Serena's 20th anniversary, a special variant was released under the banner "Nissan Serena Highway Star V Selection". (日本名:日産セレナハイウェイスターVセレクション)

The special edition Serena offers one-touch auto sliding doors, full auto dual air conditioning, "Relax Mode" headrests on the second-row seats, and loads of extras!

It costs 2,653,350 Japanese Yen for the 2WD variant and 2,887,500 Japanese Yen for the 4WD variant. It's our way for saying thanks for supporting the Nissan Serena for two decades!

Jaguar's hybrid sports car concept - C-X16

2011 Jaguar C-X16 Concept

Jaguar Land Rover pulled the wraps of their hybrid sports car concept that will make a world premiere at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Called C-X16, this concept car is powered by a supercharged 3.0L V6 engine that provides 376 HP of power output and 332lb-ft of torque output. It even has an electric motor that provides a 92 HP boost to the engine's power output and a eight-speed gearbox. The JAguar C-X16 can accumulate 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and top speed limited to 186 mph.

The future of hybrid sports cars never looked so brilliant...

Oh, too soon? Euro-spec Avensis facelift teased!

Euro-spec Toyota Avensis facelift?!

The Toyota Avensis hasn't been on sale on Japan before September 19, 2011, but the Euro-spec Avensis will be getting its first facelift on this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. The facelifted Toyota Avensis III will get a new front face inspired from the Indian-market Toyota Etios. No additional details are given yet before its Frankfurt debut.

Will Japan get this? Oh wait, too soon...

Kia confirms Pride Full Model Change!

2012 Kia Pride

Kia Motors confirmed that the compact car codenamed "UB" will be named as the all new Pride for the Korea Domestic Model, which was soon to be exported worldwide as the new Rio in sedan (except in China where it was sold as Kia K2) and hatchback. It was announced after the all new Pride made a world premiere at Geneva and New York.

Although no specific date is given, the Korean automaker said that it will be released later this month. It will come in sedan and hatchback variants, powered with either a 1.4L MPI engine and a powerful 1.6L GDi engine.

Some say that the new Pride's 1.6L GDi variant will also get idling stop function for enhanced fuel economy.

Stay tuned for more details!

Tawa-Tawa: A cure against dengue? (NOT!)

Dr. Enrique Una

Dr. Enrique Una told that there was a cure against dengue. According to him, the "Tawa-tawa" plant has effects to those dengue patients who drink but it's not 100% sure. If possible, this could be the cure against Dengue and the phrase "Laughter is the best medicine" became reality....JOKE LANG PO!

Tomorrow, the weather will be "MA-ULAN" according to "PAGASA KA PA".

Sprint joins fight against AT&T x T-Mobile merger

So, authorities are fighting against the incoming merger between AT&T and T-Mobile...

I've never hear this thing coming when that kind of merger comes with controversies....

And now, another one joins the fight against the AT&T x T-Mobile merger....

It's probably Sprint Nextel...

According to Sprint, if that merger of these two companies is accomplished, there will be less competition, high costs, restrict access to handsets, and it will ruin the future of these companies.

Last week, the Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit seeking to stop this controversial merger. That suit claims that this merger would violate antitrust laws that were made to prevent such monopolies and duopolies.

So what now? Is there any way to stop these two companies to collide each other?

A little "Smart Stop Package" for something "Prime" and "Precious"

2011 Toyota Vitz

For the 2012 Model Year, the Toyota Vitz receives new grades to fill on its lineup. If the entry-level Vitz F has "Smart Stop Package", well the Vitz U and the Vitz Jewela gets also the "Smart Stop Package" as well!

Toyota Smart Stop

Now, as I'm sure you know, the Smart Stop Package implements Toyota's idling stop system equipped on the 1NR-FE engine, allowing the engine to shut off automatically when stopped, providing an enhanced fuel economy of 26.5km/L on 10-15 Mode cycle (21.8km/L on JC08 Mode cycle). It pays to be a fuel efficient vehicle.

Also, three new colors are added but they are exclusive to the Vitz Jewela grade such as Yellow, Copper Metallic, and Sky Blue Mica Metallic.

2012 Toyota Vitz RS G's

Coming this October 3, 2011, is the all new 2012 Toyota Vitz RS G's (G Sports), a souped up Toyota Vitz RS courtesy of Gazoo Racing. This is now the production version of the concept model as seen on the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon and customers can now take advantage of its sleek and aggressive exterior design, red stitching on the interior, suspension courtesy of Gazoo Racng, Brake Pads courtesy of Gazoo Racing, and the 1NZ-FE engine.

Be sure to check them out on your nearest Netz dealerships!

Carol Bartz ousted!

Well, it had to happen. The head CEO of Yahoo, Inc., Carol Bartz was ousted from this position and Tim Morse, Yahoo's chief financial officer, declared interim CEO, while searching for a replacement for the ousted Carol Bartz.

That announcement was informed by Yahoo since Tuesday and yes, Carol Bartz never gotten that kind of memo.

Now, what will Yahoo's fate has been without her...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just can't get enough of KOREPINO!

We just can't get enough seeing the KOREPINO segment with Ryan Bang because of Korean words sound like Tagalog words and we love to learn from him (and some Korean girl sitting next to him). First off, the Korean word of "Shoulder" or "Balikat" is "Eo Kkae" but sounds like OKEY! OKEY KA RYAN BANG! Also, the Korean word for "salty" or "maalat" is "Jjan" but sounds like D'YAN! That's it for now...

The representatives from Philippines and China

THIS JUST IN ON ANG TV PATROL: The representatives of the Philippines and China have gone "LOST IN TRANSLATION" about the Spratly Islands dispute. Because they have gone lost in translation, they don't have any interpreters!

Tomorrow's weather, according to "PAGASA KA PA", will be "MAY BAGYO" and this typhoon name will be "RAMON".

Honda CR-Z recalled over ECU problems!

2011 Honda CR-Z

Time for breaking news! If the Honda Fit, Fit Aria, and the CR-V recalled over power window problems, the latest recall from Honda is for those who owned the CR-Z (6MT variants only). The CR-Z recall involved on ECU problems which may end up causing steering problems. It's like this, if you move left, it might end up going to the right. No accidents were involved but the Japanese automaker will send letters to those who owned manual transmission variants of the Honda CR-Z worldwide and Honda will take action to repair the CR-Z's ECU.

This is the 2AR-FXE engine...

2AR-FXE engine

The launch of the all-new, 2012, hybrid-only, Toyota Camry gave birth to Toyota's all new engine designated as "2AR-FXE". So what in a world is the 2AR-FXE engine?

Let me give you the details about this new engine. The new 2AR-FXE engine is a 2.5L 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve VVT-i inline Atkinson cycle engine which has a "Bore x Stroke" ratio of 90.0 X 98.0, compression ratio of 12.5:1, power output of 118KW (160PS)/5700rpm, and torque output of 213Nm (21.7kg-m)/4500rpm. With the new Camry equipped with the CVT and with this engine, it accumulates a fuel economy of 23.4km/L in JC08 Mode test cycle and 26.5km/L in 10-15 Mode test cycle.

This is just a fresh refresh about the new engine developed specifically on the new Camry, That's all for now and be sure to check out the all new Camry at your nearest Corolla dealer. Thank You for your time.


PSA: What if everthing in this world has breathalyzers?

The Mercedes-Benz Club of the Philippines launched a Public Service Announcement about breathalyzers. Of course in automotive safety, breathalyzers measure your blood alcohol content and the vehicle doesn't run in case of a drunk driver, preventing the cases of drunk driving. Now, on that PSA, we might imagine that what if everyone has their own breathalyzers. Even a cellphone has a breathalyzer.

There is just one thing, how can a drunk driver can bypass the car's breathalyzer? Finding someone who's not alcoholic of course. Sure, you can avoid penalty but it will cost you. Good luck.

Recall for Fit, Fit Aria, and CR-V

2002 Honda Fit

2003 Honda Fit Aria

2005 Honda CR-V

Honda Motor Co., Ltd announced a mass recall on the first-generation Honda Fit (Honda Jazz), Honda Fit Aria (Honda City), and the second-generation CR-V over the power window master switch problems. This issue also affected on the Philippines as well so Honda Cars Philippines informed owners of the Honda Jazz (built from 2005 to 2007), Honda City (built from 2006 to 2008) and Honda CR-V (built from 2005 to 2006) that they are affected by this problem and it will send letters to those owners on September 6. If there's a problem, don't hesitate to call the Honda Hotline at 1-800-HONDA (1-800-46632) or (02) 857-7240. Also visit the HCPI site ( for more details.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wow Mali pranks - September 5, 2011

Joey De Leon and Enchong Go take flight!

Man the Angry Birds, ladies and gentlemen! Because Joey De Leon, Enchong Go (CV: Wanlu), Mr. Fu, and the people of the Philippines throw in some pranks offered on the September 5, 2011 episode of Wow Mali such as:

1) Angry Birds - Those Angry Birds are attacking right where you stand!


2) Bagong Crush Boomerang - One gay says "he had a new crush" and that's YOU!

3) Doray Alaskadora - Ola! Doray Alaskadora irons your face because your face is GUSOT!

4) Extra Clapper- ...and action! Drama starts now!

5) Ipit - Excuse me, there's a toilet paper at your back! (There's also cans in your back too!)

6) OH MY LOLA - The manicurists got pwned on this prank where a LOLA unexpectedly appears

7) Jejemonster - The guy with the cap is asking directions. You turned around and then later, POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER!


9) Gulat Palaka - IT'S A FROG ATTACK!

Territorial Terrors! A new Camry of different territories!

In honor of the world-premiere of the all-new JDM Camry, let's compare the New Generation Camry of different territories!

2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry (US-Spec)

2012 Toyota Camry (Ukraine-spec)

It's simple. Back in late August 2011, US Toyota launched the all-new Camry with design derived from the previous Camry but edged it up to make it sportier. The Camry is the number one medium sedan in North America thanks to its durability. With such new look, the US-Spec new Camry is designed for the Americans in mind. The US-Spec Camry is offered in 2.5L petrol engine and a Camry Hybrid.

There's is a big catch. The US-Spec Camry will also be available in Australia by November as the new Camry Atara.

2012 Toyota Camry Atara

With details remain slim for now, some say that the Camry Atara will use the same 2.5L engine as from the US-Spec Camry...

With the US-Spec Camry out in the open, a country like Ukraine unwrapped a different kind of Camry which will the other parts of the world, especially emerging ones, get this...

2012 Toyota Camry (Ukraine-spec)

I've never thought that the Ukraine-spec new Camry looks elegant and intellectual, giving some kind of a "KAREN (可憐)" appeal to the customers but still it uses the 2.5L gasoline engine. That's not all, the Ukraine-spec Camry will also get a 3.5L V6 engine as well! This beautiful kind of Camry will be on sale at Ukraine this October...

So...this is it...on September 5, 2011, the real Camry is here...

2012 Toyota Camry

The new JDM Camry is now a hybrid-only sedan and its powered with the new 2AR-FXE engine with Toyota Hybrid System II. The new JDM Camry is similar to the Ukraine-spec Camry but with the much elegant grille that makes it more sophisticated like some kind of an upperclassman.

Now, I wonder which Camry we'll get....

Camry Modellista? Anyone?

2012 Toyota Camry Customize Car Lineup

Looking for something to make you feel like a upperclassman? Toyota offer some special Modellista packaging just for the New Generation Toyota Camry (AVV50). The Modellista Camry offers a special front spoiler, side skirt, and rear skirt. One aero kit can cost about 147,000 Japanese Yen. It can be offered in available exterior colors such as White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, and Attitude Black Mica. They also offer Modellista parts such as a special 19-inch Aluminum Wheel and Tyre set, Low Down Suspension, Trunk Spoiler, Mirror Finish, special Wooden Interior Panel Set to make it more classy and a Relaxation Cushion with the vibrator installed.

For details, please consult your nearest Corolla dealer...

New Generation Toyota Camry (AVV50)

The 2012 New Generation Toyota Camry takes on a whole new twist on Toyota's executive midsize sedan and for the first time in Camry history, the New Generation Camry is now a hybrid-only sedan, guaranteed to create a cleaner executive sedan that provides exceptional performance and optimum fuel economy which makes it "the first of its kind" and the new, hybrid-only, Toyota Camry is fully loaded with never before seen features!

2012 Toyota Camry

The New Generation Camry has an utterly familiar exterior design. The side view was derived from the previous generation Camry to keep it more of an instant classic. The new front grille looks exceptionally classy like the previous-generation, ASEAN-spec Camry, and this flawless design really knows that this new Camry achieved its style status. It provides a dynamic character on Toyota's executive midsize sedan molded with some premium aestheticism and partisanship, making it a one-of-a-kind luxury hybrid sedan which is much more stylish than the Toyota SAI and Lexus HS250h combined.

2012 Toyota Camry interior

If the New Generation Camry's exterior is the center of attention, the new interior really makes it up to satisfy the executive, providing more space to breathe in. On the driver's view, the new interior can be somewhat borrowed from the second-generation Toyota Mark X. Thanks to that, the new interior can be somewhat set to its premium level and with such craftsmanship, no wonder the New Generation Camry's interior mastered the art of perfection to bring the Yin and Yang between the driver and passenger. You should be happy with the available HDD Navigation System that helps you get through your nearest points of interest.

2012 Toyota Camry

And now, the main course of the New Generation Camry is the newly developed 2AR-FXE (2.5L DOHC Dual VVT-i) engine loaded with Toyota Hybrid System II. The new 2AR-FXE engine, developed exclusively on the New Generation Camry, produces a standard 160PS/6,000rpm of power output, 213Nm(21.7kg-m)/4,000rpm of torque output, and the fuel economy of 23.4km/L on JC08 Mode scale (26.5km/L on 10-15 Mode scale). One trivia that the 160PS power output can be increased up to 206PS once the 105kW 2JM electric motor is active. Like any other hybrids, the new Camry has EV Mode that keeps only the 2JM electric motor active rather than the 2AR-FXE engine for zero-emission driving. The CVT is the standard transmission offered for the new Camry for enhanced fuel economy and comfortable driving on winding roads. 

Being a SU-LEV (Super Low Emission Vehicle) needs to be the safest, and the new Camry has the memo for that. It includes the finest safety features available such as Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Electronic Brake force Distribution, Pedestrian Warning system that emits noise on some pedestrians, including the blind, Hill Start Assist Control, Discharge Headlamps, 7 SRS airbags, and Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) for a reinforced bodywork.

Available in seven exterior colors such as White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Dark Steel Mica, Attitude Black Mica, Olive Mica Metallic, and True Blue Mica Metallic. The new Camry comes in three variants; Base, G Package, and Leather Package. 

My comment: 
The big twist on the all new Camry is being a hybrid-only sedan for the first time even in a Japan-spec Camry. This has done because Toyota wanted to create a SU-LEV executive sedan capable of being luxurious and eco-friendly. You could say that the all new 2AR-FXE engine is definitely developed exclusively for this new model, and this new engine has the best fuel economy than the Toyota SAI and Lexus HS250h combined. Aside from that, the introductory price of 3,040,000 Japanese Yen shows that this must be a cheaper alternative to the Toyota SAI, which costs 3,380,000 Yen, and the Lexus HS250h, which costs about 3,950,000 Yen. I'm impressed but will the new hybrid-only Toyota Camry hit the Philippines soon?


Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Les frères Tulfo sont là pour vous aider!

Bonjour! It seems that TV5's NEWS5 division is raising the bar even further by bringing the three Tulfo brothers for the first time on the new program "T3: Kapatid, Sagot Kita".

C'est vrai, viewers! For the first time, Erwin, Ben, and Raffy Tulfo joined forces to bring you the best "public service" we want. All your problems and complaints are now being answered and taken action by the Tulfo brothers. This will put XXX and Imbestigador to shame, even though these three are not on the same timeslots.

Despite that, I hope T3 will do the same success as ABS-CBN's XXX and GMA's Imbestigador did, when it comes to take immediate action against wrongdoings that are highly common around the Philippines.

Get ready because T3 will start airing this Monday, September 5, right after Aksyon Prime!

The Tulfo brothers

Photo: Associated Broadcasting Company (TV5)
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