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Zonda R - The ultimate Zonda ever made...

Song played on my Personal BGM: Zombie by The Cranberries
From the album: No Need to Argue
The Phantom of the Shutokou

This is known to be the ultimate Zonda ever built for circuit racing purposes only. It was the kind of Zonda that can accumulate at top speed of 350km/h, 0-100km/h in 2.7 seconds, and it achieved a Nurburgring Nordschelife in 6:47.50, making it the fastest of the non-series/road-legal vehicles attempted. This is the Pagani Zonda R, the ultimate Pagani Zonda ever built.

The Zonda R rattles the expressway

When I first laid my eyes on the Pagani Zonda R, it was like that it was the most wonderful machine I have ever encountered. Upon hearing the engine start, this was a complete madman. I definitely want to hear the engine start of the Zonda R again and again until I pass out. Anyway, the Zonda R is a carbon-fiber bodied car that weighs to an impressive 1070kg, a reputation that this should have been gained the title of "SUPERLEGGERA" of non-series/road-legal vehicles but forget about it. The Zonda R is powered by a 6.0 L AMG V12 engine found in the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR, which produces 740HP of power, 523ft-lb of torque, top speed of 350km/h, 0-100km/h in 2.7 seconds, and it achieved a Nurburgring Nordschelife in 6:47.50. We sure know that watching some car magazine shows like Top Gear and Fifth Gear really payed off about the ferocious power of the Zonda R.

Here in Gran Turismo 5, you are seeking it as an enemy but once you have the Zonda R in your hands, you seek to this car as an ally. For that, you can upgrade the Zonda R's 6.0L AMG V12 engine to a maximum power of 815HP just by buying the High RPM Range Turbo Kit. It's up to you to decide which Suspension setting fits best on the Zonda R. The right suspension setting leads to greater cornering and greater lap times.

Attempting for the Nurburgring official record

Whoever owns the Zonda R on GT5 are often willing to show off their manly lap record that is on par against the Zonda R official record at the Nurburgring but this is just for fun. When the Zonda R's traction control is off, this one's extremely hard to control, even the launch is simply hard to handle. It takes practice and once you have the edge, you'll learn how to take advantage of the Zonda R's true self without the driving aids.

The Pagani Zonda R's Japan arrival

Patience is a virtue for those who have the keys to the Zonda R but if they want to take a break after rigorous battles, they can bring it outside for Photo Travel since the Zonda R is a Premium Tier car that costs 2,600,000 Credits and requires an A-Spec/B-Spec level of 23. This race car is all about respect. Once you're pushing to the limit, you'll never resist the temptation of speed. You should be happy about the way the Pagani Zonda R behaves but this car has limitations. Players online should know that once they looked at your Zonda R, they'll have some choices to make. Will they welcome you or not? That is the question only your mind can answer.


2012 Honda Insight

Well, it had to happen. After being on the market for about two years since its debut on February 2009, the Honda Insight (Honda Green Machine 001) will get its first minor change and its slated to debut on this month's Frankfurt Motor Show.

96 g/km* for the 2012 Honda Insight

The launch of the 2012 Honda Insight at Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) 2011 in September reaffirms Honda's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

The 2012 Insight is now even more environmentally friendly producing just 96 g/km* of CO2. Fuel economy and emissions have been improved by means of enhanced aerodynamics and powertrain efficiency. Reduced engine friction , Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and better air conditioning, benefiting from a new cold storage system, all contribute to lower fuel consumption.

The Insight also receives a fresh exterior design including a new front grille. The slimmed tail spolier allows for a wider rear glass area, and combining this with a modified tail gate garnish and a reduction in the size of the wiper motor unit results in overall increased rear visibility.

Adjustments have been made to the engine and suspension for an overall improvement to ride comfort and stability. The features within the interior have also been enhanced for a superior quality.

More details will be announced at launch.

There is a rumor that the Insight minor change will get a LEA-MF6 (1.5L SOHC i-VTEC) engine which was equipped on the Honda CR-Z and this will be labeled as "Insight Exclusive". A certain Minkara blogger told that when he was at some Honda dealership...

If his rumors are true, there will be such thing as a Insight Exclusive (インサイト・エクスクルーシブ).

More information coming soon...

Bird's Avenue again...

What just happened on the September 2, 2011 episode of Lokomoko?

- Ukay-ukay gags

- Let's go back to Bird's Avenue for some jokes with the birds!

- The doctors' struggles against the Dengue outbreak

- Time for another Whose Line Is It...Anyhow?!

1) Hay buhay. Patay na patay ang negosyo! - Punerarya

2) Hindi lahat ng puti, malinis! - Dirty White

3) Hindi lahat ng party, masaya - 3rd party

4) I'll be watching you! - CCTV camera

5) Kaya kong bigyan ng kahulugan ang lahat sa buhay mo - dictionary

6) Kailanan hindi bagay sa akin ang long hair - ilong

7) Malayo ang tingin, wala namang tinatanaw - umiihi


What just happened on the September 2, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Physical Examination gags have them saying "Maghubad Ka Na"

- Let's examine mixed languages from mixed ancestries

Milagros Stolichnaya (Russian - Ilocano)

Manolito Uy (Chinese - Batangenyo)

Princess Elizabeth Bito-on (British - Cebuano)

Gottfried Baddeo (German - Baklesh)

Jimmy Santos Bryant (Black - Carabao)

Rosaminda Dela Cruz (Spanish - Utal)

- Meet a different kind of serial killer - the GUITAR SERIAL KILLER who kills people by music

- Mr. Assimo at the boutique

- How Bureche take advantage of classmate Boobsie

Bureche and Boobsie

- Sa gerns malupit sa budget sulit! Bubble Gang does Pride Antibacterial by gagging this commercial as BRIDE ANTIBACTERIAL! Ganda!

Bubble Gang does Pride Antibacterial!

- Mr Assimo at the house

- Push Back and Sukli are on a all-out duel to battle Boy Pick Up on Pickup Lines! (By demand, here are the Pickup Lines offered. KATAHIMIKAN! GO!)

Push Back


Boy Pick Up

1) Crayola ka ba? Kasi binigyan mo ng kulay ang mundo ko!

2) Pagod ka ba? Dahil lagi kang tumatakbo sa isip ko...

3) Ang happiness, hindi nagsisimula sa letter H. Nagsisimula siya sa letter U!

4) Bubuyog ka ba? Dahil ako ang honey mo!

5) Hindi kita kaya sa suntukan. Dahil sa tingin mo pa lang, knockout ako!

6) Di kita kaya sa baseball. Kasi favorite color ko...yellow...

7) Basura ka ba? Kasi kung saan saan kita nakikita!

8) Kilala ka ba ni Manny Pacquiao? Hindi rin...

- It's a sermon of death sentence...

- Discover who is "BOY BAHO"

- Bubble Gang introduces their own "Pinoy Mutants" that will put superheroes to shame...

- Mr. Assimo at the office

- Time for Joktibee: Ang Lasing, at the police station, and at the classroom

- Iyotube in LIKE A G6

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Melissa's tips to slip past your Misis when you're home late

Melissa Ricks showed us top five tips for us to slip past our Misis when we're home late on LISTA NI MELISSA!

5) Tell her that there was a contest going on your office

4) Tell her that you and your kid are playing Hide & Seek

3) Tell her that you have amnesia

2) Tell her that you were kidnapped

1) Tell her that you're going to work

...and these were Melissa's tips to slip past your Misis when you're home late on LISTA NI MELISSA!

The thief

THIS JUST IN on ANG TV PATROL: The thief who got someone else's movie passes was caught! This thief stole the movie passes because he wants to watch WEDDING TAYO, WEDDING HINDI!

Official Automobil Lamborghini carbon fiber bags

Lamborghini carbon fiber bags

Don't worry, they're not made by Tonino Lamborghini (although most Globe users facing raps during the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini scandal), these carbon fiber bags were made byt "the real" Automobil Lamborghini, makers of the legendary Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo, and the latest Aventador.

We can imagine that this can be great unless if someone is cosplaying Railgun's Kiyama-sensei (cue: the Lamborghini Gallardo).


Jeep Wrangler Modern Warfare 3

2012 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty MW3 Edition

After the success of the Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty Black Ops edition, the collaboration between Jeep and the Call Of Duty series gets even further as the Jeep Wrangler Call Of Duty MW3 was unveiled.

To be released this November, the same month when COD: MW3 will be released, this special Jeep Wrangler will be available in 2-door and 4-door variants. It is available in two colors such as Black and Bright Silver and it includes special Call of Duty badges on the side view and a special Call of Duty spare tire cover.

We sure know that the 2012MY Jeep Wrangler will be featured on the incoming COD: MW3 video game this early November and this will be major PWNage to frag more noobs!

Further reading:

Eurasian Wagon Shootout - Avensis vs. Accord Tourer vs. i40

2012 Toyota Avensis

2012 Honda Accord Tourer

2012 Hyundai i40

Those three Eurasian sports wagons; the Toyota Avensis, the Honda Accord Tourer, and the Hyundai i40, truly have something in common. They are family wagons from Asian car manufacturers and they share the same European Elegance because of its design, quality, and performance. Most of these three have the European Premium but which of these three European Premium sports wagons is mostly a "suitable" type?

Slated to go on sale in Japan this month, with limited to 300 units available, the new Toyota Avensis returns with a new face and a whole new attitude. The only offering for the Euro Style Wagon is the entry-level 2.0 Xi variant but rumor has it that there will be a facelift next year and it will gain an additional variant. OK, let's not talk about it for now but let's examine what's up with the Avensis. Since it was designed and engineered in United Kingdom, the new Avensis comes with a stylish European design which is highly attractive in the eyes of Japanese consumers. The interior looks somewhat luxurious but a lack of audio system made Japanese customers have to make do with aftermarket audio systems or "Dealer Option" navigation systems offered from dealerships all over Japan.

The Avensis is powered with the 3ZR-FAE (2.0L DOHC Dual VVT-i Valvematic) engine that provides a power output of 152PS and 14.6km/L of fuel economy (10-15 Mode). The standard transmission is the Super CVT-i with a 7-speed Manual Mode which is highly essential on open roads. With Sport Mode on, the Avensis takes advantage of the Euro-tuned suspension for agile cornering on the touge. If you went for a city driving, you should be fine with the CVT but when you're out in the open and want to go for fun, you can switch it to Manual Mode to take control of the seven gears. The new Avensis is highly focused more on the driver's confidence.

Arrived in Japan in December 2008 and later received a minor change since February 2011, the Accord Tourer (CW1/CW2) is the wagon version of the Honda Accord (CU1/CU2) sedan. It might have the same prospects as the Toyota Avensis rival but based on my view, I think the Accord Tourer is much more attractive than the Avensis in terms of styling and interior. Today, there are two kinds of Accord Tourer models to choose from such as the entry-level 20TL and the flagship Type-S grade. The 20TL comes with a R20A (2.0L SOHC i-VTEC) engine that produces 156PS of power and 13.2km/L and the Type-S comes with a K24A (2.4L DOHC i-VTEC) engine that produces 206PS of power and 11.4km/L of fuel economy. These fuel economy numbers might not be as good as the Avensis but in power, the Accord Tourer Type S is our best bet. As noticed, the Accord Tourer comes with a 5-speed semi-auto transmission with Manual Mode but I think five gears can be somewhat a lacking to me.

This is a new entry from Hyundai and its slated to replace the i30CW although it has no direct successor after the upcoming i30 Full Model Change soon, the European Premium sports wagon, the Hyundai i40, was designed from Hyundai's R&D Center at Russelsheim, Germany, and manufactured at Hyundai's Ulsan plant at South Korean. It is believed that this is "Korea's Avensis Fighter" but can the Hyundai i40 keep up with the likes of its Eurasian rivals such as the Honda Accord Tourer and Toyota Avensis? What about Euro rivals such as the Renault Megane Estate, Volkswagen Passat Variant, and Peugeot 508 SW? Not sure but be patient. As for me, I don't like the front view of the Korean-spec Hyundai i40 but as for the side view and rear view, it really resembles like the Honda Accord Tourer and I really like it. The biggest impression for me is the interior. With such interior design, this beats the Toyota Avensis and the Honda Accord Tourer by a long shot! I am highly impressed about the interior design and there is a special feature that these two didn't have which is none other than the "Luggage Rail System", a first of its class feature for cargo stability.

Under the hood, the Hyundai i40 comes with two engine types such as a newly developed 1.7L CRDi-VGT engine and the newly-developed Nu 2.0 GDi engine. The new 1.7L CRDi-VGT produces 140PS of power and 18.0km/L while the new Nu 2.0 GDi engine creates 178PS of power and 13.1km/L of fuel economy. They are both come with a 6-speed semi-auto transmission with Paddle Shifters, making it on par against the Honda Accord Tourer.

The verdict: The Avensis, Accord Tourer, and the i40, really have impressive European design, European packaging, and European performance. Only one I will call it the best and I'll choose not just one but two Eurasian wagons; the Accord Tourer and the i40! Sorry Avensis, but see you on your next facelift....

Hyundai i40

Some say that a Korean car manufacturer created a vehicle that would take on the likes of other Eurasian cars such as the Toyota Avensis and the Honda Accord Tourer. Some say that this car was been designed at Russelsheim, Germany and manufactured at Ulsan, South Korea. All we know is that car is called the Hyundai i40.

2012 Hyundai i40
Hyundai Motor Company's European Premium sport wagon, the i40, is designed to take on the likes of other European designed sport wagons from Japan such as the Toyota Avensis and the Honda Accord Tourer. Originally that car would have been sold only to European countries but South Korea wants a slice of this station wagon. By demand, Hyundai began pre-orders of the European premium i40 since late August before the i40 officially went on sale at South Korea this September 1.

The Hyundai i40 is the wagon cousin of the Hyundai YF Sonata and according to Hyundai, the i40's design was penned from the Genus concept car as seen on 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Because wagons play an important role in Europe, the Hyundai i40 is designed to be more sophisticated and sporty to bring more "European Elegance" in the eyes. This design stays true to its "Fluidic Sculpture" design philosophy.

2012 Hyundai i40 interior
The i40 European Premium sport wagon features a European Premium interior that is beyond compare against the Honda Accord Tourer and the Toyota Avensis. Once you're sitting in the driver seat of the i40, you will experience a whole new romance this car company would like to know about. The Super Vision Cluster with 4.2-inch TFT LCD provides the driver a clear view of what's happening around the i40. A Dual Full-Auto Air Conditioner is added on the Hyundai i40 that makes it more essential to the passengers who wanted a cool interior at hot summer days and a warm interior at cold Autumn days at Seoul but this was just an option to replace the standard Manual Air Conditioner. An available DMB Navigation System with AM/FM radio and CD/MP3/DVD player gives a whole new meaning to the word "infotainment" and there is also a feature that allows you to slot inside your SD Memory Card for more. There is also a feature that brings more luggage convenience to the i40, something that its rivals failed to achieve, is called the Luggage Rail System. This rail system comes with the self-retracting adjustable straps for cargo stability.

2012 Hyundai i40
Despite being a sports wagon, the Hyundai i40 drives more European than being Korean thanks to its European-tuned suspension for agile cornering that is more likely to be beyond compare than the Toyota Avensis and the Honda Accord Tourer. A new Sports Mode System provides the driver three different modes to choose from depending on fuel economy, balance, and power. What's more that there are two different engines available for this sport wagon such as the newly-developed 1.7L VGT diesel engine and the newly developed Nu 2.0 GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine. The 1.7L CRDi-VGT engine provides 140PS of power output and 18.0km/L of fuel economy while the Nu 2.0 GDi engine comes with 178PS of power and 13.1km/L. Both are equipped with the 6-speed semi-auto transmission with paddle shifters, necessary to bring more "fun" to this European Premium sport wagon.

European cars need to be more advanced with safety features and the Hyundai i40 gets the memo. First off, the Vehicle Stability Management takes advantage of the driving aids such as the Cornering Lamp, Vehicle Dynamics Control, Electronic Parking Brake and MDPS. The Full Adaptive HID Headlamps takes advantage of lighting on cornering for enhanced safety on nighttime driving. What's more interesting is the self-parking feature called SPAS (Smart Parking Assist System) that allows the car to park itself. We call it "cheats" but this system never cheats on the driver. The i40 has 7 airbags equipped outside and it will be triggered in an event of the crash scene. 

Four different variants are available on the i40 such as the 1.7 VGT Modern, 1.7 Smart, 2.0 GDi Modern, and 2.0 GDi Premium. There are nine color variations available on the Hyundai i40 such as White Crystal, Sleek Silver, Titanium Silver, Stone Gray, Red Merlot, Eco Beige, Blue Spirit, Blue Passion, and Total Black.
My comment: If you are relying on HARI, well sorry because HARI cannot bring you the Hyundai i40 because the diesel engine is unfit on the Euro 2 compliant country like the Philippines and the GDi engine is unfit for the Philippines' dirty fuel. But for some relying on Grey Market imports, is there a possibility that our friends from Pitstop Motors or Hancars got the memo about the Korean-spec Hyundai i40? Let's wait... Anyway, as I can see from this Euro Style Wagon, the Hyundai i40 will be served as the replacement to the slow-selling i30CW (Elantra Touring). While the i30 5-door hatchback will be receiving a Full Model Change soon, the i30CW will be replaced by the i40 although both have no resemblances from each other. A Korean sports wagon with European Elegance really brings envy to its rivals such as the Toyota Avensis, Honda Accord Tourer, Renault Megane Estate, Peugeot 508 SW and Volvo V60. This is European Premium at its best.

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company

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Scarecrow art

Art Throb's scarecrow

The Art Throb (John Prats) taught us how to make a scarecrow with the use of hat, pants, long sleeves, buttons, sticks, yellow yarn, foam, and a sack. We're sure we haven't get the instructions but we're sure that this is the scarecrow the Art Throb has made.

Aside from that, Ryan Bang's here for another KORE-PINO words we are getting interested to! First up, the Korean word for "car garage" is "Chago" but it sounds like TAGO, or hide. Then, the Korean word for "stomach" is "Bae" but it sounds BEH! BEH! BEH!

Also, there are another batch of scenarios that you should take action without hurting other people's feelings on another NO HURT FEELINGS:

1) If you saw someone has pimples, say her that she's in love.

2) If you saw your friend munched too much, say that you went to the picnic

3) If you saw your friend wore a shirt backwards, say that his shirt looks good


Gas prices

THIS JUST IN...An ANG TV PATROL report is more about dropping gas prices. But on that report, we thought they dropped the prices but the price list is just on the ground.

Bro, alam mo ba na ayokong-ayokong tumatayo sa likod ng pinto? Bakit naman? Kasi napagkakamalan akong "Boy Next Door".

Pisces - Huwag muna magbabakasyon dahil baka mawala ka. Ito ay dahil mapapainom ka ng marami sa iyong bakasyon at mawawala ka sa iyong sarili. Baka hindi mo mahanap ang sarili mo.

Bukas ay wala kang lucky numbers dahil lahat ng lucky numbers ay nasa akin at wala akong balak ibigay kahit kanino.

Invisible Message

Invisible Message
Invisible Message (Limited Edition)
The insert song of the theatrical anime "Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven is a Place on Earth", titled Invisible Message by ELISA, has arrived and you can now listen to this song at the comfort of your home!

ELISA's 8th single album features the titular song, a new song titled WASURENAI KIOKU HA.KIMI NO MONOGATARI, and instrumental versions of these two. Limited edition packaging includes a different front case, and a special DVD which includes the music video and the behind-the-scenes footage. This is a must have for those who have already watched Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven is a Place on Earth.

01 Invisible Message 5:22 
02 忘れない記憶は、キミの物語 4:06 
03 Invisible Message [Instrumental] 5:22 
04 忘れない記憶は、キミの物語 [Instrumental] 4:06

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

Year: 2011

Filmmaker: Origin8media

Cast: Martin Escudero, Angelina Kanapi, Daniel Fernando, Eugene Domingo, Janice de Belen, John Regala, Kerbie Zamora, Lauren Young, Leandro Baldemor, Roderick Paulate

ZOMBA DAY has just begun...

From the people behind Tanging Yaman, In My Life, Magnifico, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Anak, and Milan, Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington is all about fright and laughter served on this movie. The film really adapts to its point of view about one man named Remington, played by Martin Escudero, who was cursed for treating homosexuals rudely and he was about to be like them.

In the beginning, Remington's mother, played by Janice de Belen, who was a cop, investigates an unknown murder of gays. The results turned out that the suspect behind the killings were to be unknown for now. Becuase Remington was cursed by a gay, played by Roderick Paulate, when he was a kid, Remington has to find that gay responsible for this but as it progresses, Remington's gayness is slowly appearing every day. It may also lead to a love triangle between Jigs (Kerbie Zamora) and Hannah (Lauren Young).

This movie is one heck of an Undead Nightmare with the hint of beauty, bonggang-bongga, and laughs that moviegoers will surely enjoy watching this film over and over again because of such humor is added on Patayin sa Shokot si Remington.

Thanks to the joined forces of award-winning filmmakers Michiko Yamamoto (writer of the excellent tearjerker Magnifico), Jade Castro (director of the charming love story Endo), and Raymond Lee (writer of box-office gems Anak, Milan and In My Life, and producer of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros), this horror-comedy movie is an all-round winner in our hearts of many, especially gays who are afraid of the Undead Nightmare but want to survive this one.

I really love this different chemistry between Gay Pride and some UNDEAD NIGHTMARE but guess if we combine both, I can't explain what's this word is but I think its something fun to explain after watching the whole Zombadings 1 movie.

This is one heck of a scary movie every Pinoy movie fans would love to watch! It's EPIC!

Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi!

Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi!

Year: 2011

Filmmaker: Star Cinema, OctoArts Films

Cast: Eugene Domingo
Toni Gonzaga
Zanjoe Marudo
Wendell Ramos
Sylvia Sanchez
Irma Adlawan
Nikki Valdez
Ramon Christopher
Teddy Corpuz
Paul Salas
Miles Ocampo
Wendy Valdez
Regine Angeles
Say Alonzo
Manuel Chua
Anna Luna
Vangie Labanan
Odette Khan
Lou Veloso
Miriam Quiambao
Dominic Ochoa

It's when two worlds collide when we have Zanjoe Marudo (The Wedding, Banana Split, Kristine), Toni Gonzaga, Eugene Domingo (Comedy Bar, Ang Tanging Ina series), and Wendell Ramos (Bubble Gang, Babaeng Hampaslupa, The Sisters, Sugo Mga Kapatid) come together to this wedding of the year and you are all cordially invited to this mayhem of humor and tear-shedding drama.

This movie pits the two female stars as cousins having two different views. Toni plays the role of Belay, a simple woman who was later worked as a Japayuki under her "Maribel" name. She does everything for the sake of one man played by Zanjoe Marudo. Eugene Domingo, on the other hand, played as Precy, a housewife who lives uncomfortably with her husband played by Wendell Ramos because of unfortunate events.

Most moviegoers found out that this movie is a bit too okay for them but this comedy-drama movie lacks some taste from other related movies such as Here Comes the Bride and I DO. It does not bore moviegoers but it lacks the fun factor, thus making it more redundant than it meets our expectations. I think this movie needs a little more sugar and spice for the laughing sensation.

Even though the storyline is too disruptive, the acting of both Toni and Eugene are sensational. I think these two are highly active than Zanjoe and Wendell.

Consider it a good movie to watch but we'll label it as "UNCOOL"


Riisa Naka

Japanese viewers find themselves confused after seeing the latest commercial for the second-generation Toyota Passo (トヨタ・パッソ) starring Japanese actress, Riisa Naka (仲里依紗). It was something like "ムムマッファ".

Oh dear, we don't really know what "ムムマッファ" is. Even the Japanese viewers got confused upon hearing the "ムムマッファ" word Riisa Naka said on the Toyota Passo commercial!

Waah! I'm confused!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A prototype racing machine made by Toyota, called Toyota TMG EV P001, broke the record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife under the lap time of 7.47:49!

Toyota Europe's plan for using the Electric Racecar protortype at the Nurburgring was to accumulate a eight-minute target time but as the TMG EV P001 armed and ready at the ring, the results are much greater than the target time! A lap record of 7.47:49 should be enough to take out the record held by the Peugeot EX1 concept, which set a lap time of 9.01:33. This should call the TMG EV P001 the fastest electric racecar at the Nurburgring. Well done, Toyota. The EV technology became the trend of tomorrow's racing.

Toyota Electric Racer Sets New Lap Record at Nürburgring

COLOGNE (Germany) - Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has set a new lap record for an electric vehicle (EV) at the legendary 20.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany.

The TMG EV P001, with 100% electric powertrain and Jochen Krumbach at the wheel, set a new lap record of 7mins 47.794secs to beat the previous lap record, which stood at 9mins 1.338secs, by a very substantial margin.

Using two electric motors, the TMG electric powertrain has a top speed of 260km/h which combined with 800Nm of torque to achieve impressive speeds on the extremely challenging Nordschleife track, which includes significant elevation changes and lengthy flat-out sections.

TMG's target prior to the 29 August record run was to become the first electric vehicle break the eight-minute barrier and this was achieved comfortably on a day when the notoriously changeable Nürburgring weather stayed fine, although track temperatures were relatively low.

Such performance shows TMG's electric powertrain is ideal to power any future single-make electric motorsport series and TMG will begin commercial sales of this technology in 2012. TMG continues to advance its electric vehicle capability for motorsport applications with in-house development of the electric powertrain and ongoing investigations into alternative chassis solutions.

Pascal Vasselon, TMG's Technical Director, said: "The goals for this project were twofold: obviously we wanted to set a new EV lap record and I am very pleased we could achieve that so comprehensively. On the other hand, we also wanted to learn more about the operation of our electric powertrain in extreme circumstances; in motorsport there is no more extreme circuit than the Nürburgring. On the record lap the TMG EV P001 performed better than in testing due to the improvement we already could make based on that experience. We have enhanced our electric powertrain development thanks to the information our engineers have gained and our future EV products will benefit from this project."

Rob Leupen, TMG's Director Business Operations, said: "This is a very impressive achievement which really shows the huge potential for electric powertrains to deliver fast, exciting action on the race track. There's no doubt that electric motorsport can be every bit as thrilling as traditional racing and it was an amazing sensation to watch the TMG electric vehicle fly past on the Nordschleife, with only the sound of wind rushing past and tyres squealing. To achieve a new lap record at the first attempt, and by such a huge margin, is a great achievement and I am very proud to see TMG's name in the record books. But this is not the end of the story for TMG and I hope we will see our electric powertrains in action on the track again soon."

The new lap record was completed on road-legal tyres, using the complete Nordschleife track. It was verified by independent lap timing.

TMG extends its thanks to its partners in this achievement: Aguti created and implemented the livery concept while rational motion integrated the electric powertrain, traction battery and control strategies. EVO Electric motor technology delivered the power. The TMG EV P001 is based on a Radical chassis as modified by TMG for e-WOLF.

The Lancia Flavia Convertible form

2012 Lancia Flavia

Back in the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, both the Chrysler 200 and the 200 Convertible debuted under the Lancia Flavia name. The new Lancia Flavia is the European version of the Chrysler 200 however, there are rumors that Fiat will not bring the Lancia Flavia to Europe because the company's diesel engine is too expensive to fit in.

However, Fiat gave a green light for the production-form Lancia convertible form. Why convertible? Despite a gasoline-only offer, the convertible is much more attractive than the sedan version.

Which means, the Chrysler 200 sedan will stay stateside while the 200 Convertible will be exported to the Europe as the Lancia Flavia.

Hayate No Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth Original Soundtrack

Hayate No Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth Original Soundtrack

With the success of the manga and the anime, Hayate the Combat Butler (日本名:ハヤテのごとく!) finally spawn a theatrical movie version for the first time titled Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven is a Place on Earth. The movie was shown in theaters since August 27, 2011 and this is one of the most memorable moments Hayate fans will surely remember.

For a big treat, the original soundtrack from Hayate No Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth has arrived! This original soundtrack contains movie BGMs scored by Wataru Maeguchi, plus Movie-sized versions of theme songs such as Bokura, Kakeyuku Sora e by Haruka Yamazaki (who played Ruka Suirenji on the movie), Heaven is a Place on Earth by fripSide, and Invisible Message by ELISA. Combine them all and you got a 34-track single CD to bring back the memories of watching the Hayate movie.

Distributed by Geneon Universal Entertainment.

01 お嬢様と執事~夏の田舎
02 僕ら、駆け行く空へ (Movie EDIT)
03 RO-I-HO
04 田舎くる?
05 なにもないがある!
06 昆虫観察、水遊び、ひまわり
07 なぎ払え!
08 大きな空と白い雲
09 一同団欒
10 真夏の夜のお約束
11 誰か一緒に……
12 お嬢様と執事~満天の星空
13 鈴の音を追って
14 金色の遊園地~只見遊園
15 離れ離れ
17 トロピカル~白皇のプールサイドにて
18 プレシャス~大いなる秘宝へ
19 思い出せない……
20 そんな只見遊園
21 1200万パワー理論
22 思わせぶりな執事
23 ハリーアップ~海原へダイブ
24 少女からの提案
25 鈴音
26 執事長唯一の出番
27 思い出せ……
28 remind
29 絶体絶命!~術式八葉
30 危機一髪!~白桜
31 お嬢様の執事
32 Invisible Message (Movie EDIT)
33 Heaven is a Place On Earth (Movie EDIT)
34 夏祭りの夜

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow Mali pranks - August 29, 2011

Enchong Go gets a haircut

Mondays are too boring but that's okay. With Joey De Leon, Enchong Go (Character Voice: Wanlu), Mr. Fu, and the people of the Philippines like you, turning this boring Monday into a "GOOD TIME" Monday is easy with the list of pranks pulled from the August 29, 2011 episode of Wow Mali such as:

1) Instant Acting - Everyone's fooled because when a woman got tripped, someone trying to help but someone says CUT! It was just a shooting! TISOD!

2) Doray Alaskadora - The difference of "have" and "does not have" according to our favorite troublemaker! Belt bags does count, sorry.

3) Gaya Gaya - This lady's does a mockery by mimicking your advice!

4) Panot Sya - One vendor says "This guy's bald!"

5) Dry Ice - Simple trick: Put a DRY ICE inside the pot, just add water, and guaranteed to fool others that you're holding something HOT!

6) Tulog sa Biyahe - One jeepney, more than a dozen sleepyheads waiting for you.


8) May Bata! May Bata! - Hey Mr. Taxi Driver? Did you hit the baby behind? Nah. If whoever put the "May Bata" plate behind, someone will yell! AAAHHHH!!!! MAY BATA!!!!

A Toyota Belta taxi saying "May Bata"

9) Star Confusion - Rocky Gutierrez, Lotlot De Leon, and Eddie Garcia were all confused in another STAR CONFUSION!

Rocky Gutierrez in a Wow Mali episode!

Eddie Garcia in a Wow Mali episode!

Ang alamat ng Coco Jam

Eventually, Lola Melai would have tell us the story about "Ang Alamat ng Pan De Coco" but whatever, let us tell the summary of this story:

In Aling Maria's bakery, there were two lovers named "Fan" and "Koko". Aling Maria does anything to ruin the relationship between Fan and Koko until a hit-and-run killed both Fan and Koko. While Aling Maria mourns the death of her daughter and Koko, she saw some kind of mysterious palaman. She tasted it and it was delicious. From that day on, she call this COCO JAM.

"Bawal umihi dito. Maka-carnap ang kotse mo."

ANG TV PATROL BREAKING NEWS! A Taxi Driver just got carnapped because he violated the "Bawal Umihi Dito" sign. Yes, he should have been informed. Aside the words "Bawal Umihi Dito", there are words covered by the carnappers. It says "MAKA-CARNAP ANG KOTSE MO."

Lalake A: Pare, ang bilis kong nabuo ang puzzle! 5 months!
Lalake B: Ang tagal naman 'nun.
Lalake A: Tagal pa ba yun? Eh nakalagay nga dito sa box oh, for 3 years and up. Di na nga ako inabutan ng one year.

Scorpio - Mali ang ginagawa mong paglilihim sa iyong kasintahan. Pero mas mali rin kung aaminin mo ang iyong kalokohan sa kanya.

Bukas, swerte ka sa pustahan, pero malas sa singilan.

Is Nissan ending the production of Teana?

2009 Nissan Teana

Earlier, I read a unsuspecting rumor on the internet saying that Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will cease production of the Teana midsize sedan, starting next year, because of sluggish sales and the continuation of the strong Yen.

That article was written in Japanese, but I managed to Google translate it.

Is there a possibility that Nissan will cease production of the Teana midsize sedan? Oh my...

Monday, August 29, 2011

新色: ブロンズマイカメタリック

2012 Toyota ist

A new color is added on the Toyota ist for the 2012 model year under the name: Bronze Mica Metallic!

Now, there are a total of nine ist color variations to choose from!
1) White Pearl Crystal Shine
2) Silver Metallic
3) Grey Metallic
4) Black Mica
5) Red Mica Metallic
6) Bronze Mica Metallic NEW!
7) Green Mica Metallic
8) Dark Blue Mica
9) Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic

The 2012MY Toyota ist is available at all Netz dealerships! Come see the new "Bronze Mica Metallic" color!

Audi TT RS - Forza 3 Owner's View

The Audi TT RS strolls around Suzuka

You know PGA Cars never sold the TT RS
in the Philippines but, what's that plate doing?

FINAL IMPRESSION: The Audi TT RS Coupe. A 4WD high-performance coupe that produces 340PS/5400rpm in power output, 450Nm/1600rpm of torque output, top speed limited to 250kmh, and 0-100kmh in 4.6 seconds. It is mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission for the fun-to-drive feeling. Here in Forza 3, the Audi TT RS is focused solely on its style, performance, and packaging. Most players find this car very amusing than the standard second-generation Audi TT because of its agility and the willpower to take against all odds.

Aside from that, players find this car their "everyday car" because they can decorate anything with decals and vinyls handmade by players to bring out some taste of glamour to the Audi TT RS. I often get a chance to take advantage to Post-it something on the TT RS' rear view because of...plates handmade by me. For instance, the "PGA Cars" plate I made really confuse others thinking that the Audi TT RS was sold in the Philippines via PGA Cars (which is the official Audi distributor of the Philippines) but honestly, PGA Cars never sold the Audi TT RS Coupe to the Philippines but only a handful of gray market imports would know about that.

I really like the way the Audi TT RS behaves...

1シリーズMクーペ X 河口まなぶ

Japanese motoring journalist, Manabu Kawaguchi, tells all about the BMW 1 Series M Coupe! On that video; Manabu Kawaguchi explains more about his impressions about the 1 Series M Coupe, the junior elite of the BMW M Power, while making the laps at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway. We were happy to see that video having Kawaguchi-san got behind the wheel of the junior elite member of the BMW M Power line-up, which is the BMW 1-Series M Coupe!

Love KOREPINO? Here's more!

Ryan Bang's here again for some KOREPINO words we all love to hear it from him! First off, the Korean word of "deep" is "Gip Eun" but it sounds like Gapan, Nueva Ecija! Then, the Korean word for "Yellow" is "Norang" but is sounds like Nora Aunor! WALANG HIMALA!

The doctor

For the headline, the doctor of the former president asked a plan for another operation of the former president's neck. One suggestion is...change to a much longer neck!

Magnanakaw A: Tama ka! Ang dami nating pera!
Magnanakaw B: Sabi ko naman sa'yo eh. Isang bangko lang ang kailangan nating holdapin! Marami na tayong pera! Sige! Bilangin mo kung magkano lahat!
Magnanakaw A: Pare naman, alam mo namang mahina ako sa math eh. Hintayin natin sa balita kung magkano!

Leo - Wag ka muna maglabas ng pera ngayong araw na ito. Maglabas ka lang ng pera pag meron ka ng ilalabas.

Bukas, maguunahan ang kanan at kaliwang paa mo habang naglalakad ka!

Urban Zone

2011 Audi Urban Concept

2011 Audi Urban Spyder Concept

Nope, I'm not referring to some show on ABS-CBN. I'm referring to the two Audi Urban Concepts revealed ahead from their world premiere at Frankfurt.

Both the Audi Urban Concept and the Audi Urban Spyder Concept are a 1+1 sports car study that shows the principles of lightweight construction, efficiency, and reduction. These concept cars are powered with two e-tron electric motors and a Li-ion battery which is great for city driving.

This is the future of eco driving according to Audi...

FX50 S. Vettel?

2011 Infiniti FX50 Performance Concept

Nissan's Infiniti brand unwrapped a Sebastian Vettel-inspired FX50 Performance Concept ahead from next month's Frankfurt Motor Show. Since it was inspired from Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing, is this SUV have the genes of know what...

Upon the appointment of having S. Vettel as Infiniti's Global Brand Ambassador, he was behind the cooperation of the design that brings more aero and performance using the Infiniti FX50 as the base.

Verdict: A Sebastian Vettel-inspired FX50 Performance Concept...does it have the genes of the X2010?

S. Vettel makes a triumph at Belgium!

There can be a miracle happened at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium! Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel emerged as the Belgium GP victor with teammate Mark Webber placed second! That's a 1-2 finish for Red Bull Racing! Placing third place was Jenson Button from McLaren-Mercedes, not bad!

That was such a suspense happened at Formula One but good thing, S. Vettel managed to hang in there 'till the very end.

What surprises await in Italy this 9-11?

The Bulilit Bank Job

What just happened on the August 28, 2011 episode of Goin Bulilit?

- Money-related "USE IT" jokes

1) Pounds - Kalabit ka nang kalabit, kulang ka talaga sa POUNDS-in!

2) Peso - Wag mo akong gagalitin! Baka gusto mong ilam-PESO ko ang pagmumukha mo!

3) Dollar - Sampung mga DOLLAR-ri, kamay at paa! Dalawang tenga, dalawang mata, ilong na maganda!

4) Dinar - Brenna, pwede ba kitang yayaing mag-DINAR?

5) Yen - Ang sweet mo Clarence. YEN ang gusto!

6) Pataca - Nagyayaya ka ng date, baka walang laman yang PATACA mo!

7) Ringgit - Izzy, mamatay ka sa RINGGIT!

8) Rupee - Ako ang bidang kontrabida. Ako si RUPEE!

9) Rial - Bea, nawawala ka na naman sa RIAL-lidad!


11) Thai Baht - Tatay, inaway ulit ako ng kaklase ko. THAI BAHT ganun siya?

12) Yuan - Nakita ko sa diyaryo yung number na tinayaan mo sa lotto! YUAN! YUAN!

13) Dirham - DIR-HAM, I miss you na. Sana pasko na para matikman na kita!

14) Euro - Darating ang araw, yayaman din ako! Ni-EURO-kan nyo ang pagkatao ko!

- bank gags

- Payabangan ng mga painter

- Goin Bulilit music video of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele

- Another round of "THE BIG GUEST LOSER" as the contestants having a hard time wearing their uniforms!

- Bank robbery gags

- The AZKALS' coach is having a different view to the players!

- Ready Get Set Goin in Holen One!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My experience of getting locked outside

Hi there, it's me, Leopaul!

I'll share you my story that is something embarrassing in my life...

When my two sisters left to Wenatchee and my other is still asleep upstairs, my mommy asked my to locked the doors but that is to the front. Meanwhile, I used the back door to get outside and when I'm outside, I went for a leisure walk. After my leisure walk, I went back to the back door when suddenly, I got locked, all doors! I tried yelling to my sister, Cecille, who is sleeping upstairs, but nothing worked. While I'm stranded outside, I have to say hi to our neighbor, Mrs. Ramos, before I have to come up with a plan. Good thing, I'm still in a Wi-Fi hotspot (because our house is a Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to Qwest, which is now CenturyLink) and while I'm stranded next door, I'm watching some NHK in my iPod Touch.

After watching some NHK on my iPod Touch, I have come up with a plan to get inside because some of the windows are opened. First, I have to realize that the window that leads to my bedroom is open but its too high. I tried getting the ladder but the ladder is chained from the balcony. Nothing worked until...

...I realize something that the window that heads to the living room is open but there's a screen attached. Good thing, some parts of the screen are ripped and I managed to get rid of the screen before getting through the window but it's moderately high so I have to get a chair outside. Later, I'm using the chair as a stand so I can reach through the window. After moments of grip, I managed to get inside my house. That was too close....

Audi A6 Avant Fourth Generation

2012 Audi A6 Avant

Following the footsteps of the fourth-generation Audi A6 C7 sedan, the Audi A6 Avant C7 provides the same level of the new A6 sedan with the added luggage space that what you should expect for a premium sport tourer in Europe. The 4th generation Audi A6 Avant targets the likelihood of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate S212 and the BMW 5-Series Touring F11 as the main rivals but the road ahead is not going to be easy for the new Audi A6 Avant C7.

In the exterior design, the new A6 Avant carries the look from its sedan counterpart but as a wagon, the styling of a German station wagon looks a little bit redundant. It needs a bit more stylish and reasonably mannered like the Honda Accord Tourer (Acura TSX Sport Wagon) but the side view seems to be grateful in the eyes of the businessmen. The biggest mistake of all is the rear view of the new A6 Avant because borrowing the rear lamps from the sedan version looks more overactive and overrated if you know what I mean.

As a sports tourer, the new Audi A6 Avant has a progressed luggage compartment with the capacity of 565 liters (19.95 cu ft). The rear seats can be folded down to make room with lots of items you have in mind, like for instance, a shipment of firearms, a giant statue to fit inside your mansion, several groceries, and other stuff you can fit in. It may be a family wagon, but the Audi A6 Avant focuses more on its premium status. What completes this is the Multimedia Interface (MMI) navigation plus with MMI touch that cooperates with a variety of driving aids and a Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System that brings high-definition audio from 15 speakers, which is great to listen to your favorite songs in high quality.

What's the next BIG THING for Audi is the internet connectivity. The available Wi-Fi Hotspot takes full advantage of mobile devices that connects to the internet like the iPhone, great if you want your iPhone go foursquare-ing while riding inside the new A6 Avant. Also, you can Google search points of interest - particularly conveniently via voice control. Those big advantages really made it progressed and the Audi A6 Avant has been progressed to make lots of friends and enemies in the luxury car industry.

Available engines for the Audi A6 Avant were the same as the sedan version such as 2.0 TFSI, 2.8 FSI, 3.0 TFSI, 2.0 TDI DPF 3.0 TDI DPF 204 PS and 3.0 TDI DPF 245 PS. A high performance 3.0 TDI DPF engine with 313 PS will be offered later. Depending on the engine choices, the transmissions offered on the new Audi A6 Avant are multitronic (CVT), 6-speed manual, and 7-speed S tronic. The 8-speed tiptronic will be offered later as well. Most versions come with the Audi drive select driving dynamics system that adjusts the key drivetrain, chassis, and driving aides within four modes such as comfort, auto, dynamic, and individual. For a lightweight feeling, a new "aluminum hybrid body" is placed on the new Audi A6 Avant, the first of its kind since the sedan, to make it more rigid, safer, and lighter than other premium wagons and depending on the engine types, the new Audi A6 Avant weighs 1,715 to 1,865 kilograms.

Safety is a top priority for luxury sport tourers and the new Audi A6 Avant has been progressed to be more safer unlike any other. Thanks to the MMI navigation plus, it makes full use of its safety features such as adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control with stop & go function and something similar to Toyota's NAVI-AI-SHIFT technology. FF models of the new A6 Avant will receive Electronic Stability Program with electronic LSD (Limited-slip Differential) to make handling more convenient.

The color variation on the new Audi A6 Avant includes Brillantschwarz, Ibisweiß, Aviatorblau Metallic, Dakotagrau Metallic, Eissilber Metallic, Havannaschwarz Metallic, Mondscheinblau Metallic, Oolonggrau Metallic, Quarzgrau Metallic, Daytonagrau Perleffekt, Granatrot Perleffekt, and Phantomschwarz Perleffekt.

My comment:
The new Audi A6 Avant is now ready to take on the big leagues of the premium wagon category because of its advanced features and the aluminum hybrid body armed and ready to show who's the best among the rest. The introductory price of the new Audi A6 Avant is 40,850 Euros, making the cheapest premium wagon of its class, toppling against the BMW 5-Series Touring and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. What about on the performance side? As surely known, the new A6 Avant can be the biggest loser on its class because only the V8-powered BMW 5-Series Touring and MB E-Class Estate can achieve that.

It's up to the driver to decide the outcome of the new Audi A6 Avant

Photo: AUDI AG


The Hamstars are back on the latest Kia Soul commercial aired on North America.

On that ad, there was a war going on but with the Hamstars driving the 2012MY Kia Soul, with the song, Party Rock Anthem, playing, PARTY ROCK!

This is one of the coolest TV ads ever seen from the coolest compact crossover from Kia, the Kia Soul!

If Yui Hirasawa became a car, this would be the Renault Wind Gordini Gibson...

Renault Wind Gordini by Gibson

Most fans already familiar about the Gibson brand because of the Gibson Les Paul guitar. Some otakus are familiar because this is the brand of the guitar Yui Hirasawa used on K-ON (take note, the Gibson Les Paul).

If Yui Hirasawa became a car, this would be the Renault Wind Gordini Gibson...

Unveiled at the Rock En Seine music festival, Renault and Gibson collaborate to create a one-off special based on the Renault Wind Gordini.

Not only the Renault Wind Gordini by Gibson made its premiere, Gibson unveiled five 1961 SG guitars loaded with Gordini livery! One of these will be given away as part of the upcoming guitar solo competition.

Despite being a one-off special used in the Rock En Seine music festival, this Wind can go "un-tan, un-tan, un-tan" like Yui-Hirasawa from K-ON!




Before tackling our CLOWN IN A MILLION update, here's the HOT ISSUE from the August 27 update of Banana Split:

1) Ate Ghuy, handang-handa na para sa pinakabago niyang project!

2) Tambalang Vi at Bot, bubuhayin na!

3) Blind item: Cheapanggang komedyante nagnakaw ng pitsel sa isang restaurant!

...and now for CLOWN IN A MILLION:

First, Gian Carlo Guhit from Sampaloc shows up. It's something we should smile about. "Ang pag-ibig ay parang LBM". LOL! Next up, it's Jun "Paris" Acedo from Quezon City. He's PARIS HILLBORN as we see him! After that, Alexander "Tsoknut" Castillo from Quezon City is on the stage. Tsoknut's got talent for humor! Those three turned out be great but only one is proven funny.

The winner is...TSOKNUT from QUEZON CITY! Tsoknut has more firepower than the "Human Appliances" we saw! Congratulations, Tsokunt!
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