Saturday, August 6, 2011

Elmo and Arkin Magalona guested on a Sabadabadog episode!

Hey! Does anyone watched a recent episode of Sabadabadog?

- Elmo Magalona guested along with Arkin Magalona. It's simple really. Elmo Magalona guested on a segment with Sabadabadog character, Bebe Garu, and both Kuya Elmo and Bebe Garu showed us a move called "kandirit", jumping with the use of one foot.

- Arkin Magalona guested and on that episode, Sabadabadog can't draw and Arkin drawn as many. Our lesson was do the very best we can and don't quit! This is like a story Kuya Tonipet told us about an elephant who can't draw but doing his best to draw.

- We learned today's letter; L

- Don Kahon visited an art museum

- We discovered a new color: Ube (Purple/Violet)

Mr. Bean just survived another car crash!

Remember Rowan Atkinson? The guy who played Mr. Bean and he has the record holder of being the fastest in Top Gear's Star In A Reasonably Priced Car in a Kia C'eed category? Guess what, Mr. Bean just survived another car crash when his McLaren F1 got crashed into a tree and a lampost following with the car caught fire. It seems that the McLaren F1 is one heck of a high-risk car because it has no Traction Control and no ABS brakes. Didn't realize that Mr. Bean does not only own a green Mini but also he's a car enthusiast.

Good thing it was a minor injury and in a few days, he's okay.

"Hotdog-sarap, tuna-healthy!"

What just happened on the August 5, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Office gags

- Meet Mr. Santos, or who's the real Mr. Santos? Time to find out who's the real Mr. Santos...

- Another Bubble Gang Pick Up Lines battle! Duhat and Bagwis competes and whoever wins, gets to challenge against the champion of Pick Up Lines, Boy Pick Up!



Boy Pick Up

- Hindi na ako baby! Bubble Gang does Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog by gagging this commercial as Send-churi Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog! Hotdog-sarap, tuna-healthy!

Bubble Gang does Century Tuna
Healthylicious Hotdog!

- Cheche and Bureche take exams. Who cares if someone cheats?

Cheche and Bureche taking exams

- Get to know about his "syotang balbon"

- Have your say about the debate of removing billboards at the metro.

This is the scariest billboard you can see!

- The Bubble Gang version of the Talking Twin Babies are on a talk show about why are these two fighting each other!

Interview with Talking Twin Babies!

- It's a different kind of family; The Cellphone Family! Their cellphones speak louder than words!

- IyoTube in Crazy For You

Battle of the Brainless: Mindless Masters Edition Round Two!

What just happened on the August 5 episode of Lokomoko?

- Cliff gags

- Makata Tawanan is back and the whole Lokomoko gang are about to clash in an all-out Balagtasan!

- For the second time, round two of Battle of the Brainless: Mindless Masters Edition with Angel Locsintus Bacillus Shrotastrain (Tuesday Vargas)! Check out the questions along with brainless answers that sound wrong but definitely funny!

Angel Locsintus Bacillus Shrotastrain
(Tuesday Vargas)

Ranier Requestas (Rainier Castillo)

Diane Kananaman (Dianne Medina)

Joseph Fruit (Joseph Bitangcol)

Empoy Garovilo (Empoy)

Question 1: Sinong artista ang matagal nalagi sa Amerika at ngayon ay isang bagong "Kapatid"? May initials siya na N.A.

Answers: New Arrival, Noah's Ark, Neil Armstrong, Nicanor Abelardo, Nelson Asaytono, Ninoy Aquino, Noynoy Aquino, Babae si Noynoy Aquino?, National Anthem, N.A. Lopez

Question 2: Ano itong lugar na kung saan nakikita ang mga senador? Nagsisimula ito sa letrang "S".

Answers: Sabungan, sinehan, sing-along bar, simbahan, sampayan, sementeryo, sauna, Session Road

- Another game of Whose Line is It Anyhow?! Check out the lines;

1) Hindi ko hinahangad na ipagmalaki mo na ako'y sa iyo. Ayoko lang naman na sa harap ng maraming tao, ganun mo na lang ako itatanggi! - Utot

2) Pabigat nalang ba ang tingin mo sa akin? - paperweight

3) Hindi lahay ng bag, pwede paglagyan. - Eyebag

4) Lagi niyo na lang akong tinatapak-tapakan. - sahig

5) Bakit ba di ko marating ang swerte? - Malas

6) Wala akong mukhang maihaharap sayo. - Likod

7) Wala ka nang ginawa kundi bilangan ako! - Calculator

8) Pinaglalaruan mo lang ako! - Laruan

9) Pambihirang buhay 'to. Tinorotot na naman ako! - Torotot

Now that's a loss!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Aston Martin DBS - Forza 3 Owner's View

The Bond Car from Casino Royale and
Quantum of Solace

This Cecilia Alcott itasha option looks
fit on you, Mr. Bond!

FINAL IMPRESSION: Indeed the Aston Martin DBS is Daniel Craig's Bond car of choice because Daniel Craig, as James Bond, drove it on 007: Casino Royale since 2006 and 007: Quantum of Solace since 2008. It seems that James Bond got himself another mission and this time, he takes on Forza Motorsport 3, using the Aston Martin DBS as a playable car.

Sadly, the Aston Martin DBS' Performance Index is on the S range, meaning that it does not being welcomed to a game of Tag or Last Car Standing. What it makes up is the class S races. Despite that, players are very happy trying out this kind of Bond car at all directions. The Aston Martin DBS is one heck of a fun-to-drive Aston Martin because it has the potential of being a Bond car.

Moshidora Original Soundtrack

Moshidora Original Soundtrack

Based on a best-seller novel, Moshidora revolves on the life and times of Minami Kawashima, a high school student who takes place as the manager of her school's baseball team while her friend, Yuki Miyata, was sick. Because of Minami's troublesome first time as a manager of a baseball team, she went to the bookstore until she bought the book, titled Management by Peter F. Drucker, by mistake. Her mistake of purchasing this book became her biggest opportunity, as this motivation has lead the baseball team she manages to victory. The Moshidora anime was aired on NHK for 10 straight episodes since April right before the live action movie version spawned in June.

Time to relive the moments from the Moshidora anime as the original soundtrack from the Moshidora anime has arrived. It features anime BGMs scored by Jun Sato and it also features TV-sized versions of Daisuki dayo by momo and Yume Note by azusa. All of these tracks will make you relieve the inspirational tale of a Japanese baseball girl who meets Peter Drucker.

01 夢ノート (TV-size) / azusa 1:30
02 みなみの笑顔 1:48
03 タッチミー 1:50
04 ライラック・マインド 1:40
05 ひかりの道 2:03
06 On The Road 1:59
07 One More Out 1:41
08 フルロック・ターン 1:30
09 程高の魂 1:53
10 待合室で... 1:32
11 ドラッカーの軌跡 1:41
12 みなみのひらめき 1:52
13 海への回想 1:46
14 星になれれば 2:19
15 裕之助の苦悩 1:29
16 イノベーション・シュプール 1:49
17 パワープレイ 2:02
18 甲子園への道 1:55
19 スリーフィート・ライン 1:54
20 重い砂 1:42
21 101球目の恐怖 1:46
22 破られた約束 1:53
23 気まずい星出 1:32
24 スコアボードを見るな! 1:36
25 Poping Fly 1:31
26 コミカル・ポカーン 1:46
27 陽ふたたび 1:36
28 シルエット・グリーン 1:49
29 調和と葛藤 1:56
30 みなみの笑顔 (Guitar Ver.) 1:50
31 切ない迷路 1:45
32 旅立つ夕紀 2:31
33 オレンジの瞳 1:43
34 夢ノート (Brass Band Ver.) 1:31
35 灼熱下の応援 1:47
36 If (Brass Band Ver.) 1:33
37 大好きだよ (TV-size) / momo 1:16

Weightlifting with Mang Ben

Mang Ben lifts weights

Time for another Mang Ben! Mang Ben (Jayson Gainza) challenges some guy to some kind of weightlifting. First off, the lightweight challenge. Both the man and Mang Ben passed the challenge. Then, it's off on the middleweight. Both of them still got it. And for the final challenge; the heavyweight. The man couldn't lift it until Mang Ben's turn and managed to lift it! Mang Ben wins and he gets an extra heavy small trophy!

Babae: Alam mo nung bata ako, tuwing kasal, lagi akong tinutukso ng matatanda.
Lalake: Talaga? Anong sinasabi nila?
Babae: Sabi nila "Uy susunod na siya!" Kakainis nga yun buti tumigil sila.
Lalake: Kelan sila tumigil?
Babae: Nung minsan nagpunta kami ng libing. Sabi ko "Uy, susunod na sila!"

Scorpio - Madami ang bagyo ngayong buwan na ito. Kaya bukas hindi ka papaso. Hindi ito dahil sa baha, suspension ng pasok, o masisiraan ka ng sasakyan. Ito ay dahil masisisante ka na bukas!

Bukas naman, mapapainom ang lahat ng kaibigan mo ng TUBIG!

Your GT5 Seasonal Event Time Trial Companion - Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car

Song played on my Personal BGM: Only You (Cover Ver.) by David Choi
From the Album: Only You (Korea Special Edition)
Not your diplomat's sports car

In a previous Seasonal Event Time Trial titled the 690HP Super Speedway Indianapolis Time Trial that was started since late June and ended since early July 2011, you'll notice that the rules allow production cars up to 690HP of power and 1200kg in weight. Out of the cars with 690HP and 1200kg, there was one kind of car topped the fastest lap time of 0:47.107 and in the following Seasonal Event Time Trial called 394HP Special Stage Route 5 Time Trial (limited to production cars with tuning allowed up to 394HP and 1200kg), which runs from July 27 to August 10, there was one car that has the fastest lap time of 1:27.754. This car known as the Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car was the ultimate racing machine that conquers any kind of time trials that have that kind of regulation.

The Samurai Stig

The Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car is the street legal version of the Nissan R390 GT1, a race car built for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1997 and 1998. Sadly, only two R390 GT1 Road Cars were built and the first one is stored in Nissan's Zama factory in Kanagawa prefecture. There wasn't any customer of this million dollar car. The Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car is capable of reaching from 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds and the top speed is 350km/h. Here in Gran Turismo 5, finding it on the Used Car Dealer is very tough and it takes about a 10% probability to obtain this rare machine. A maxed out R390 GT1 Road Car can go as much as 722hp/5800rpm of power but when it comes to Seasonal Event Time Trial regulations, players can tone it down a little to meet its expectations. Such aerodynamics and the available spoilers at the GT Auto is much possible to attain the true ferocity of the Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car. Once driven in time trials, forever smitten in time trials.

R390 GT1 Road Car
invades Spain

It may take days and budgets to find this elusive R390 GT1 Road Car but once you have encounter it on the Used Car Dealer and with enough cash, you can buy it, slap with the spoiler, change colors, maximize its power, do whatever you want. When it comes to Seasonal Events Time Trials that require production cars that goes from about 400+, 500+, 600+, or 700+hp and 1200kg in weight, just remember that once you checked the records, you won't be surprised that most GT5 players relied on the Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car. We'll just label this as the "King of Time Trials" because most players took credit for it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aventador is 3rd fastest in the Top Gear Test Track

Season 17 of BBC's Top Gear closes with the first run of the ultimate Lamborghini flagship, the Aventador LP700-4. Seems that Richard Hammond take a liking to the Aventador's top speed and its powerful agility. That supercar got him either Helsinki syndrome or Stockholm syndrome.

Wouldn't you believe that? And by the way, The Stig drives the Aventador while listening to some Petunia Clark music inside. In the end, the Aventador scored 1:16.5! That's faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport for sure! What a great way to end this season!

And by the way, the Lamborghini Aventador will be featured in the upcoming Need For Speed The Run game via the limited edition packaging. The limited edition will include cars like the Aventador, the upcoming Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, and for the first time, the upcoming Porsche 911, soon to be featured at Frankfurt this September. Need For Speed The Run will be on sale this November 2011, so watch out!

Space City Art

Art Throb's Space City Art

We got another art lesson with Banana Split's Art Throb and this time he taught us how to make a Space City Art with the use of Styrofoam, lots of paper plates, carton from tissue paper, pingpong balls, and various items. First, get a Styrofoam, put the tissue paper carton as a pole that serves as a foundation, place some paper plates, whatever I didn't get any of that but that's how a Space City Art goes.

Rasheed: Johnny, kukunin ko na po yung kaldero, sabi ni tatay.
John: Oh, Rasheed, ikaw pala yan! Kamusta ka na? Nag-aaral ka pa ba?
Rasheed: Opo, college na po ako!
John: Talaga? Ano ang kinukuha mo?
Rasheed: Kaldero po!

Sagittarius - Mai-in love sa iyo ang lahat ng pinanganak sa zodiac sign na Taurus. Mayaman, mabait, at sobrang flawless ka! Asa ka pa! Ang lucky number mo ay 5 minus 72 times 280 divided by 830. Kung mahina ka sa math, malas mo!

Bukas ang ending sa basketball ay 5-3, kung anong liga, i-Google mo na lang!

Railgun PSP game to arrive this late November

It says it all. The upcoming To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game will hit stores this November 2011 and this game is more like a visual novel to them. Check out the first screenshot of this game;

Looks nice, right? Some say, that limited edition packaging will include a Kuroko Shirai figma courtesy of Max Factory. Looks like we'll better start saving for this kind of packaging right before the late November release of the Railgun PSP game!

Photo: ASCII Media Works/Kadokawa Games

インフィニティ, FX35とFX50を一部改良

2012 Infiniti FX35 AWD Limited Edition

For the 2012 Model Year, the Infiniti FX35 and FX50 gets a minor change by any means of a new face that sports Infiniti trademark grille first seen on the Infiniti M37/M56 (Nissan Fuga Y51), revamped instrumental panel, standard heated front seats, and a Infiniti FX35 AWD Limited Edition model which sports a special Iridium Blue exterior color!

More can be found at:

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 7

Earlier, my computer's being mugged by some hacker who lives at Egypt and it left a message saying "Hyundai Veloster ad music" on it. What should I know? I don't know that. I managed to run away from that question and this time, time for another emergency meeting. Which means, I am talking about another set of 5 Driving Musics recommended on your car audio if you are a car enthusiasts who loves listening to car commercial songs, so listen up and here it is;

5) Titans by Vangelis from Alexander OST is the song used in the Nissan Elgrand 10th Anniversary TV commercial. iTunes has one.

4) Be my Baby by Complex is the song used on the Toyota SERA commercial since 1991 and the Toyota bB commercial since late 2008.

3) One of a Kind by MiChi is the song used on the Subaru Dex commercial since 2008.

2) Someday by EXILE is the song used on the Toyota WISH commercial since 2009.

1) Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle is the song used on the Subaru Pleo commercial since 2002.

Well, enough for that. If someone hacked my computer once more, we're doing this thing over and over until one of you stopped Google searching for car commercial songs because those "Mindless Masters" would do that too.



The much awaited RUN FOR YOU maxi single from mega-popular J-Pop Boy Group, KAT-TUN, has finally arrived! Yes it's here folks. The song used on the latest Suzuki Solio commercial has arrived and you can now listen to this latest Suzuki Solio commercial song at the comfort of your home or inside the Suzuki Solio!

This maxi single comes with five tracks such as RUN FOR YOU, COSMIC CHILD, DIAMOND, & FOREVER, and SWEET CHAIN. They are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings over KAT-TUN over and over again. This is the next best thing since ULTIMATE WHEELS! What do you think?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SKYACTIV crossover

Mazda CX-5

The first Mazda crossover to be armed with the SKYACTIV technology, the Mazda CX-5, has been previewed for Frankfurt launch and it will be on sale worldwide next year. Necessarily, the CX-5 is the production version of the Mazda Minagi Concept, a crossover inspired from the Shinari concept sedan that applied the new Kodo -Soul in Motion- Design Philosophy. Some say, the new CX-5 will be powered with either a SKYACTIV gasoline engine or a new SKYACTIV diesel engine. Do you think it will sell here in the Philippines soon once it was debuted in Frankfurt and in Tokyo soon?

BMW Z4 (E89) - Forza 3 Owner's View

This is how a bad businessman parks...

The Japan-only BMW Z4 Silver Top has arrived!

FINAL IMPRESSION: The second generation BMW Z4 (E89) is definitely one of my favorite Bimmers in the Forza Motorsport franchise. When it was debuted on this game via the Jalopnik Car Pack, we weren't surprised that we have gotten a chance to try out the E89.

If it wasn't for its good looks and cunning agility, none of us would have been addicted to the E89. Speaking of which, remember the special edition, Japan-only, BMW Z4 Silver Top? Yes you can mimic that by painting the E89's roof silver and the whole body black. There are tons of customization that are welcomed to Forza players who fell in love with the second generation BMW Z4. It's worth attempting it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


2012 BMW 1 Series M Coupe

There I said it. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Why? Because reports said that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, launched in the Philippines last week, had every last model sold out. Or should I say, all limited units of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe are all been spoken for, in short, SOLD OUT! Wow, that was quick.

The first two units were spoken for while the following six would arrive from 4th quarter 2011. Remember, production of the 1-Series M Coupe is limited until December 2011 so better wish to have one of these!

Another very special Samurai X

2012 Toyota Mark X 250G Relax Selection
Black Leather Limited

There was another special Samurai X in Japan. Nope, we're not meant to say that anime, it's another special edition for the second generation Toyota Mark X. Following the success of the Black Limited launched last year, the special "Black Leather Limited" is now available on the new Toyota Mark X.

The Toyota Mark X 250G Relax Selection Black Leather Limited and the Toyota Mark X 250G Four Black Leather Limited features literally Black Leather seats with Ash Brown wood paneling. They are guaranteed with luxury.

The Toyota Mark X 250G Relax Selection Black Leather Limited costs 2,980,000 Japanese Yen while the Toyota Mark X 250G Four Black Leather Limited costs 3,211,000 Japanese Yen. Available at Toyopet dealerships starting September 11!

See the difference - 2012 Daihatsu Move Custom RS vs. 2011 Move Custom RS

2011 Daihatsu Move Custom RS

2012 Daihatsu Move Custom RS

This is much more fun to spot the difference but not now. For the 2012 Daihatsu Move Custom RS, the difference can be seen on the alloy wheels. Although, we do kinda miss the good alloy wheel design from the 2011 Move Custom RS because it looks nice. Now the new alloy wheels for the 2012 Daihatsu Move Custom RS kinda reminds me of those from the 2012 Subaru Stella Custom R Limited S but the alloy wheel design looks redundant and misleading.

The good news is that the 2012 Move Custom RS's fuel economy has just increased slightly. Previously the 2011 Move Custom RS 2WD's fuel economy weighs in 22.0km/L but now, the 2012 Move Custom RS 2WD's fuel economy gained an additional 0.5km/L, making it eligible for Japan's "Eco Car Genzei" system.


Lucky and Wacky jogs

Who do you want to jog with?
Lucky or Wacky? You decide...

Lucky (Jobert Austria) and Wacky (Jayson Gainza) competes again on the August 2 episode of Banana Split! To prove that one is compatible enough to jog with Wendy (Sunshine Garcia), Lucky and Wacky challenges them to a jogging contest. As the contest starts, Lucky gets away with it and while Lucky's away, Wacky wants to have Wendy for a jogging. Wacky wins!

A Japanese actor got sacked due to racist remarks against the Koreans...

Yesterday, I received a news that a Japanese actor got sacked by his agency because of his racist remarks by Twitter. In general, a Japanese actor by the name of Sousuke Takaoka got sacked by his agency, Stardust Promotion, because his tweets offended the trend of Hallyu (Korean Wave). In fact, that Japanese actor must have hate everything Korean (from K-Pop music, Korean celebs, Korean dramas and so on).

Takaoka said he accuses Japanese TV network, Fuji TV (famous for airing the One Piece and Dragon Ball animes), for airing too many Korean shows, calling this network an all-Korean channel. It happened in July 23, 2011, when that actor refused watching Fuji TV because he claims that this Japanese TV network is too Korean. He said that Korean programs brainwashed many Japanese youth and made them real bad. That was the reason why Sousuke Takaoka got kicked out by Stardust Promotion since July 28.

With Takaoka fired, we may believed that this Japanese had started the whole anti-hallyu revolution. With that, some Japanese netizens want to follow what Sousuke Takaoka did. They want TV ratings to be dropped and they want to target against everything Korean. Some say, they will use the date, August 8, 2011, as their Day of Rage. Their Day of Rage is simple; stop watching Fuji TV in order for their ratings to drop.

Japanese people are one of the foreign people who got hooked on the Hallyu (Korean Wave). They're like us. We love the Hallyu. We love K-POP, we love Korean celebs, we love Korean dramas, and we also love Korean cars (well at least the Japanese used to).

Back then, there was Hyundai in Japan but in late 2009, Hyundai decided to withdraw the Japanese market due to poor sales and focusing more on the Hyundai Universe bus. Fortunately, sale of Korean-made cars is not the last of it because GM Japan just launched the Korean-made Chevrolet Captiva for the first time in Japan. Also coming soon is the Chevrolet Sonic, known in world markets as the new Chevrolet Aveo.

If Japanese people ended up hating the Hallyu, well fine because if you do, you're missing out all of these. Stop the hating! Please! We're only doing this to keep this whole Korea-Japan friendship safe from those lifeless people who hate the Korean Wave.

Mugen Civic

2011 Honda Civic 2.0 S Mugen Limited Edition

While waiting for the "true" new Civic to arrive in Japan soon, Honda Cars Philippines offered a special Mugen Civic Limited Edition, which is limited to 26 units available on selected Honda dealers across the Philippines. The 2011 Civic 2.0 S Mugen Limited Edition features front and rear bumpers, side skirts, front sports grille, ventilated visor, rear spoiler, forged gunmetal aluminum alloy wheel, heptagon nut set, door under-garnish, and a Mugen emblem.

The 2011 Civic 2.0 S Mugen Limited Edition costs 1,398,000 Philippine Pesos and on sale this August 5 but Honda Cars Philippines are accepting pre-orders now.

Stella Custom RS

2012 Subaru Stella Custom RS

Due to demand that Subaru fans want to have the turbo version of the 2012 Subaru Stella (based on the fifth-generation Daihatsu Move), Fuji Heavy Industries released the much awaited 2012 Subaru Stella Custom RS loaded with a turbocharged 660cc engine! The 2012 Subaru Stella Custom RS's turbo engine produces 64PS/6400rpm of power, 9.4kg-m/4000rpm of torque, and fuel economy of 22.5km/L (10-15 Mode) in Custom RS 2WD variants.

It features 15-inch Aluminium Wheels, LED illumination projector HID headlamp with autolight, side turn lamp, roof spoiler, keyless access and push start, luminescent meter with blue ECO signal. side skirts, MOMO steering wheel, disc brakes, SRS airbags, and nanoe diffuser.

The 2012 Subaru Stella Custom RS is available in FF and 4WD drive-train and suggested retail price starts at 1.49 Million Yen (856,000 Philippine Pesos estimate).

Two new colors are added on the 2012 Stella such as Silky Maroon Crystal Metallic and Urban Night Blue Crystal Metallic (available in Custom variants).

Monday, August 1, 2011

New StepWGN variants!

2012 Honda StepWGN G Smart Style Edition

2012 Honda StepWGN Spada Z HDD Navi Edition

Today, Honda launched three new variants for the highly successful 4th Generation Honda StepWGN such as the G Smart Style Edition, G HDD Navi Smart Style Edition, and Spada Z HDD Navi Edition.

Features of the Honda StepWGN G Smart Style Edition:
1) HID Discharge Headlights
2) Power sliding doors
3) Honda Smart Key System
4) Security Alarm
5) Available in CVT FF variant and 5AT 4WD variant
6) Priced from 2.34 Million Yen

Features of the Honda StepWGN G HDD Navi Smart Style Edition:
1) Full-seg Honda HDD navigation system interface and other features to enjoy high-definition terrestrial digital TV broadcasting
2) Available in CVT FF variant and 5AT 4WD variant
3) Priced from 2.55 Million Yen

Features of the Honda StepWGN Spada Z HDD Navi Edition:
1) Full-seg Honda HDD navigation system interface and other features to enjoy high-definition terrestrial digital TV broadcasting
2) Available in CVT FF variant and 5AT 4WD variant
3) Priced from 2.828 Million Yen

Hope you'll enjoy their latest StepWGN offerings!

Of racing car and SALAMIN

Art Throb's race car

In the August 1 episode of Banana Split, Art Throb (John Prats) taught us how to make a racing car using two square-shaped cans, barbecue sticks, 4 small cans, and a scissor that can cut through metal. That looks nice.

Alpha Bert and Letterman created SALAMIN!

Because of the old woman's blindness, she can't see a thing. Good thing, Alpha Bert (Jobert) and Letterman (Jason Francisco) are here to help. First off, Letterman got the whole SALA and with the word SALA, Alpha Bert added the letters MIN and voila! It's a SALAMIN!

Volkswagen Eos Minor Change

2012 Volkswagen Eos

As the time flies fast, technology changes fast, as technology stresses you down, silence yourself by getting inside the new Volkswagen Eos minor change. The minor change Volkswagen Eos is your only convertible buddy that can escape the technology-induced stress of your everyday life.

The Eos Minor Change features a new front view that was heavily inspired by the Volkswagen Passat B7 while the rear view sports a Golf-inspired tail lights. the new design provides exceptional luxury and sportiness, balanced into one unique "Das Auto" packaging. As a minor model change for the Eos, it still remains the open-air goodness only a stressed driver would love to sit down and relax.

If you meant to say "sit down and relax", the interior of the Volkswagen Eos' has been mildly revamped for comfort and a lap of luxury. Despite being armed with rear seats, there is a very poor legroom at the back. What makes it up on the rear are your stuff. There are various technology offered on the new Eos, including the "Premium" multifunction display with color screen. The available audio navigation system is the essential Eos tool for the driver because you can talk, ask directions, listen, or do whatever you want. The Dynaudio sound system equipped on the Eos makes you relax because with such good quality, listening to music sounds relaxing. With these premium features, the new Eos is somewhat a great convertible loaded with luxury car-like quality, perfect enough to ease away your stress.

Performance-wise, the new Eos comes with 1.4 TSI 122 PS engine, 1.4 TSI 160PS engine, 2.0 TDI engine, and the high-performance 2.0 TSI engine. Some variants will offer either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) transmission with Manual Mode to provide easy shifting convenience. Other variants may feature BlueMotion Technology that offers the finest eco-car technology, such as an Idle Stop & Go feature.

For the added peace of mind, the new Eos offers a wide variety of safety and security features that is provided to bring you a safe driving on the road such as Light Assist, Park Assist, Park Pilot, Electronic Stability Program, Keyless Access, ISOFIX, airbags, and more safety features necessary on your trip.

The new Volkswagen Eos' available colors include Candy-Weiß, Salsa Red, Schwarz, Black Oak Brown Metallic, Horizon Blue Metallic, Indiumgrau Metallic, Night Blue Metallic, Reflexsilber Metallic, Rising Blue Metallic, Silver Leaf Metallic, Deep Black Perleffekt, Candy-Weiß Schwarz, Salsa Red Schwarz, Black Oak Brown Metallic Schwarz, Horizon Blue Metallic Schwarz, Indiumgrau Metallic Schwarz, Night Blue Metallic Schwarz, Reflexsilber Metallic Schwarz, Rising Blue Metallic Schwarz, and Silver Leaf Metallic Schwarz.

My Comment:
What would you pick to get away from the technology-induced stress at work? Time to pull the plug of your stress and get inside the new Eos. The new Volkswagen Eos is loaded with new features, new packaging, and a new look that retains its Eos quality but sticks to the design philosophy. The Volkswagen Eos minor change is dubbed as your one and only Time-Off Car. Get away with it.

Photo: Volkswagen

If the compact disc age is gone...

2012 Ford Focus interior

Now what if in the future, in car entertainment systems will not have CD Players and most of them has all-digital in car entertainment systems from USB, Bluetooth, auxiliary inputs for MP3 devices, and taking advantages of cloud computing services. Just ask Ford Europe, they ditched the CD changer options on the Euro-spec Ford Focus Mk. 3 since sales of CD were dropping and digital downloads are very high in demand.

Ford's global trends and futuring manager, Sheryl Connelly, said that in-car entertainment technology is moving digital faster than any kinds of the vehicle experience and the in-car CD player is about to be obsolete like pay telephones.

If her statements were true, imagine if other car companies like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, General Motors, or even Hyundai Motor Group, would follow suit as well. If that happened, I would better go yell to a bunch of Conyo Drivers (nope, not that Wow Mali prank) and Mindless Masters (nope, not that one from Lokomoko when they did Battle of the Brainless). I mean what would exactly happened? This is getting fudge-ing serious. What the fudge? If a country like Japan rely on CD and pretty soon car companies would offer all-digital in car entertainment minus the CD players, what would they get? Fudge-ing disorder. 

Global trends might come with global disorders, if that idea from Ford Europe become a worldwide reality, what would you know? They'll spiraling out of control saying what happened to the beloved CD players? We're getting annoyed. If those anime otakus heard of that, where can they find some anime songs (openings, closings, original soundtracks, character songs, insert songs) if they're not going to place them on the CD players? If you were living in a foreign country and the anime song you're looking for is available only in Japanese iTunes but not in your iTunes, what would you expect? Well, sorry, enough's enough. Ford Europe's idea made them out of fudge-ing order. They're having disorders. They're not acting like a bunch of "Conyo Drivers" and "Mindless Masters" on the road.

I'm getting angry on that article I saw. If that trick from Ford Europe comes true and applied worldwide from other car manufacturers, swear to everyone that I'll blow my whole computer sky high. This gave me high blood. I was going to about to rip the whole book into half and man, I'm getting angry right now. Everybody's getting angry. The whole world's getting angry right now. The whole otaku community's getting angry. Sorry, enough's enough. The trend of an all-digital in car entertainment is not quite a very good idea. If they would never give way to CDs, that's when the strike will happen.

Ford Europe, you've provoked us with that kind of approach. Most music lovers love to buy songs in iTunes but for anime otakus, it's not enough. Limited availability is nothing more like an embargo to them. We really won't let that to happen because if you do, we will really don't know what to do next.

Born Electric

BMW Concept i8 and BMW Concept i3

BMW Concept i8 and BMW Concept i3 previews the newest electric cars from BMW under the BMW i Brand, which provides zero emissions and good for the environment. Both the i8 and the i3 will be produced and on sale in the year 2013 worldwide.

The i3 is more of a city compact electric car while the i8 is an electric sportscar. Never realized that BMW renamed this concept from Vision EfficientDynamics Concept to BMW Concept i8.

They'll be making a world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

What do you think?

Hungary meets the UNEXPECTED

We never knew with all the suspense happened at the Formula One, the Hungary GP is much more different than the past races. In Hungary, Jenson Button from McLaren-Mercedes gets his first win. S. Vettel placed 2nd place and Fernando Alonso placed 3rd. Never seen that thing coming right?

With all the commotion, Sebastian Vettel from RBR-Renault still leads at the Driver Standings at 234 points while Mark Webber from RBR-Renault still at 2nd place at 149 points and Lewis Hamilton from McLaren-Mercedes stays in 3rd place at 146 points. So far, Red Bull's still in the lead.

What happens next in Belgium this August 28?

Bulilits on the street

What just happened on the July 31, 2011 episode of Goin Bulilit?

- Ano daw ang pinagkaiba ng:

1) Hagdan sa escalator - Ang hagdan kapag nasira, hagdan pa rin! Ang escalator, kapag nasira, nagiging hagdan!

2) Ibon sa ipis - Ang ibon hinahabol mo kaya lumilipad! Ang ipis hinahabol ka kaya lumilipad!

3) Pulitiko sa Amerika sa Pilipinas -  Ang pulitiko sa Amerika, artistahin! Ang pulitiko sa Pilipinas, mga artista!

4) Basketball sa Saudi - Ang basketball kapag naka-steal ka, mabilis ang kamay mo! Sa Saudi, kapag nag-steal ka, putol ang kamay mo!

5) Pilipinas sa aso - Ang Pilipinas, kapag umuulan, baha! Ang aso, kapag umuulan, baho!

6) K-Pop at OPM - Mas mahal ng Pinoy ang K-Pop!

7) Sinungaling sa basketball player - Ang sinungaling, naga-alibi. Ang basketball player, naga-alley hoop!

8) Barbero sa accountant - Ang barbero, magaling magkwento. Ang accountant, magaling magkwenta.

9) Natrapik sa Edsa at ng mga natrapik sa C5 - Ang natrapik sa Edsa, nagsisisi na hindi sila nag-C5. Ang natrapik sa C5, nagsisisi na hindi sila nag-Edsa!

10) Dagul kay Izzy - 1 inch!

11) Administrasyong Aquino sa Goin' Bulilit - Sa administrasyong Aquino, bawal ang corrupt! Sa Goin' Bulilit, bawal ang kumurap!

- Gags at the street

- Boy Scout Clarence prepares his Del Monte Spaghetti Merienda Pack for his scout friends!

- Payabangan ng mga rakista

- Goin Bulilit's music video of Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory

- The neighbors are arguing about the karaoke machine

- Anong pinagkaiba ng mga lalaki at babae kapag nag-uusap?

- Ready get set goin in Tupi or Not Tupi!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Audi Global City showroom launch

Audi Global City Showroom launch

PGA Cars Inc., official Audi distributor in the Philippines, began its operations at the new Audi Global City showroom located at Taguig City. If that wasn't enough for them, PGA Cars launched the all new 2012 Audi A6 sedan as well. What a great way to start business at a new dealership!

Also, the Global City at Taguig City will serve Lamborghini vehicles soon. Can't wait!


Photo: Top Gear Philippines

Italian Casual - Fiat 500 1.2 8V Lounge SS

Song played on my Personal BGM: Blue Zone by Shizuka Kudo
From the Album: Blue Zone

The real beauty outshines all compacts

Back in 2007, the 21st Century Fiat 500 (Cinquecento) was released and the design really paid tribute to the Dante Giacosa's 1957 original rear-engined Fiat 500 and also inspired from the 2004 Fiat Trepiuno Concept car from the 74th Geneva Motor Show. It was the world's most trendiest compact cars because of its cute design, performance, value, and fuel economy. The model featured in Gran Turismo 5 is the Fiat 500 1.2 8V Lounge SS and it is known to be the flagship model of the Fiat 500 lineup.

The Fiat 500 outshines the night

This Fiat 500 Lounge is listed as a Premium Tier car and it can be obtainable for 23,300 Credits if your A-Spec or B-Spec Level is 1. It's not quite hard to obtain that kind of Italian casual compact car but let's look at how it goes; it was powered with a 1.2L 8-valve engine that produces 68HP/5500rpm of power and 75.22ft-lb/3000rpm of torque. Overall, the normal 500 1.2 8V Lounge SS weighs in 1010kg. In the hands of the owner, he/she can tune it to the maximum power of 263HP/7300rpm, 197ft-lb/6100rpm of torque, and weighs 858kg (853 with the added Carbon Fiber Hood). With that stats, it provides a go-kart like agility to the Fiat 500.

Slipped past the San Galgano Abbey

Because the exterior colors are offered in Bossa Nova White, Pasodoble Red, and Mod Blue, you can always change the color of your own choice by stopping by the GT Auto. Change the color of the Fiat 500 1.2 8V anytime you want and feel free to slap in some new wheels and aero kits to bring out its sporty look.

Fiat 500 precision driving at Tsukuba

It will take moments to master the Nuova 500's potential but with a little practice, it will be your responsible partner on the racetracks. Above all else, it was a fun-to-drive compact car. Maybe drifting with the 500 is not a good idea because it might end up falling down the 500 or also ended up going in two wheels like I did. Well, it depends on the suspension settings but plan your suspension settings carefully!

Fiat 500 precision driving at Fuji Speedway

Be sure to find the right settings for your 500! Timing is necessary to ease out the disadvantages and a little practice with the 500 goes a long long way. After all, the new Fiat 500 featured in GT5 really taste like the real-life new Fiat 500.


Ah, Club Mwah, the official venue of Banana Split Extra Scoop. This is where John Prats, Jayson Gainza, Pooh, Melai Cantiveros, Ryan Bang, Jason Francisco, Kuya Jobert Austria, Badji Mortiz, Sunshine Garcia, and Angelica Panganiban wow the crowd with some dances, Hot Issue, Banana Classics presents some "Baluktot na Tinidor", Bulaklak, Jumbo Hotdog, Spaghetti, Yeye Vonel, Kiliti, Otso Otso, Simple Lang, Iyugyog mo, and others. This is the perfect venue where clowns are having a massive competition to see if they can go to the Laugh 10 on Banana Split's Clown in a Million.

Noel Gascon from Makati, Third Boncayao from Alabang, and Leo Priscilla from Cainta throw in whatever they got to laugh the whole Club Mwah audiences. Noel shows his comedian profession, Third Gorgeous weighs in the differences between rich and poor, and Leo shows his siga-ness. The winner is Leo Priscilla from Cainta!

Because you asked for it, here's the HOT ISSUE for this week:

1) Tunay na dahilan ng pag back-out ni Ate Ghuy sa kanyang pagbabalik sa Pilipinas, ibubulgar na!

2) Buwis Buhay Blind Item: Starlet type maging boldstar!
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