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Bitter farewell for Peter Falk a.k.a. Columbo

A moment of silence...

Another legendary celebrity was gone but never forgotten...

Legendary star Peter Falk, famous for being Columbo, passed away at the age of 83.


We may not remember who's Peter Falk but we will surely missed him. What I do remember him that he was on a Japanese Toyota Corolla commercial aired in 1995. Yes, about some of them remember that ad...

RIP Peter Falk (1927-2011)

Toyota New Avensis (ZRT272W)

2012 Toyota Avensis Wagon

Designed and engineered from the Great Britain via Toyota Motor United Kingdom, the Toyota Avensis the the Japanese car that has the appeals of European tendency because of its European style, good performance, and a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. Available this September 2011 is the base model of the Avensis Wagon.

Why they offer only the wagon variant of the Toyota Avensis? Most say that the Toyota Avensis Wagon is an luxurious alternative to the Corolla Fielder. When the Corolla Fielder is sold at Corolla dealers, the third-generation Toyota Avensis Wagon will be sold at Toyota dealers, Toyopet dealers, and Netz dealers, providing better choices for Toyota's wagon line-up. The only model offered for the Avensis Wagon is the base model.

2012 Toyota Avensis Wagon interior

You might think it was fully equipped but the Toyota Avensis Wagon has some of the interior stripped before exported to Japan like for instance the audio system. What would an Avensis Wagon do without entertainment and navigation? Ah the disadvantages of the Japan-spec new Toyota Avensis interior because it didn't offer the audio system. However, the interior design looks more "Cecilia" and it takes more than getting used to. Maybe a little practice goes a long, long way. If you were owning a Japan-spec Toyota Avensis Wagon, you might need to buy some new audio systems to put up on the deck. Japanese people are finding great ways to enjoy this Britain-built Toyota Avensis Wagon.

2012 Toyota Avensis Wagon

The Japan-spec Toyota Avensis Wagon is powered with the 3ZR-FAE (2.0-litre 4-cylinder DOHC) engine that delivers a modest 152PS/6200rpm of power output, 20.0kgf・m/4000rpm of torque output, and 14.6km/L (10-15 Mode) of fuel economy. The standard transmission is a 7-speed CVT with Paddle Shifters and Sport Mode for a more agile shifting at winding roads. The suspension is Euro-tuned to make cornering more fun because the Avensis Wagon has the suspension that was made for the sporty European roads.

Notable safety features include Steering‐assisted Vehicle Stability Control, Electric Power Steering, Anti-lock Brake System, Traction Control, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Emergency Brake Signal, Projector Discharge Headlamps, Intelligent Adaptive Front-Lighting System, Rear fog lights, Flat wiper blades, Global Outstanding Assessment compatibility body, and SRS airbags.

Available in three colors; Black Mica, Silver Metallic, and Super White II

My Comment:
Good to have the Avensis back in Japan despite the offering was the wagon variant. If they were the customers, what will they put up with to enjoy Toyota's Euro Style Wagon? Besides, sales of the new Avensis Wagon will start this fall so better start saving your hard-earned cash and leave the extras to the aftermarket audio systems to fill the gap of the Avensis Wagon's interior. I bet the Britain-made Avensis Wagon was surely a "Cecilia Alcott in the making" in the eyes of a Japanese customer looking for some Japanese car designed and engineered from Great Britain, because the Avensis is MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN!

Potential rivals include the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, Honda Accord Tourer, Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, Citroen C5 Tourer, Renault Laguna Estate, Renault Megane Estate, and the Peugeot 508 SW. Britain's Toyota is back in Japan...sort of. One day, if I owned the Toyota Avensis Wagon, I will paint that Britain-made Japanese car more Cecilia-ish than you can possibly imagine...

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Cars 2


The Cars are back on this high-octane, family-friendly, sequel! In Cars 2, racecar Lightning McQueen faces the most toughest challenge yet, the World Grand Prix. The World Grand Prix is the ultimate race that pits the world's best of the best cars within different countries; Japan, France, Italy, and Great Britain. This is what he accept because of the challenge by Italian racing superstar, in a form of a Formula One racecar, Francesco Bernoulli. Never know that McQueen had faced such a fierce rival in the World Grand Prix. With the help of his best tow truck friend Mater and the others such as Luigi, Sarge, and Guido, Lightning McQueen sets abroad all over to the World Grand Prix. However, the friendship between Lightning McQueen and Mater are tested while they were at Japan, the first area for the WGP. Problem is, the World Grand Prix is the big target by the most diabolical villain known by the name of Professor Z, with his rough and tough henchmen such as Grem and Acer. Within such outcome, the legendary super spy who looks like an Aston Martin DB5, Finn McMissile, along with his protege agent, Holley Shiftwell, steps on. When Finn and Holley met Mater, they mistaken our tow truck pal for a spy car and they needed help to stop Professor Z's plans to destroy the World Grand Prix while McQueen races against the best racecars of the world.

Cars 2 packs huge surprises that is more fun than telling that a wasabi is mistaken for pistachios. There were sumo wrestler vans, a white Alfa Romeo known to be Pope Pinion IV during Italy quests, an encounter with Uncle Topolino, a Bentley Continental GT known by the name of Prince William, Lewis Hamilton makes an appearance as a black sports car, some twists, turns, and a few laughs for the whole family. Who would have thought that most of us are willing to watch this high-octane sequel to the 2006 animated cartoon made possible by Disney and Pixar. Happy to the family that this is one good treat for Summer and more and more are releasing Cars 2 related merchandises such as the Cars 2 video game, die-cast cars, children's books, Hallmark cards, and other stuff that made Cars fans go crazy for it.

Lots of new character cars appeared such as Jeff Gorvette, Carla Veloso, Raoul Carole (a rally car), Rod Redline (a Dodge Challenger lookalike?), Miles Axelrod, A Petrov, Nigel Gearsley (an Aston Martin DBR9 racecar?), Max Schnell (German touring car), Shu Todoroki (Le Mans Prototype from Japan), Miguel Camino (racecar from Spain), Carlo Maserati (a Maserati Quattroporte), Lewis Hamilton as Lewis Hamilton himself as a car, and there's Darrell Cartrip and Brent Mustangburger, the guys who are commentating the whole WGP progress. There are more appeared and who do you think is your favorite car?

Yes, they're not here to win the race, THEY'RE HERE TO SAVE THE RACE! Cars 2 is definite a family-friendly car movie that makes car enthusiasts bring the whole family and this movie will be the most memorable in the eyes of kids and car enthusiasts alike. Someday, we'll have fun relieving it with those Cars 2 related merchandise and collaborations. For us, this sequel is explosively fun. Looks like we're gonna need more pistachios to watch! Let's celebrate their biggest comeback and boy, this is going to be fun!

"Na-discover niyo na ba ang new Selesta Classic?"

We are flooded by the laughter served from the June 24, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang such as:

- Ready for some vampire-slaying Bubble Gags?

- Two mathematicians pull off their Math-related "Pick Up Lines" in "MATHINDI", in case you missed it, the pick-up lines by these mathematicians:

1) Mahilig ka ba sa math? Pwede ba akong maging ADDITION sa buhay mo?

2) TRIANGLE ka ba? ACUTE mo eh.

3) Mahilig ka ba sa ANGLES? ANGGULO mo kausap!

4) EXPONENT ka ba? Ang dami mong POWERS!

5) Gusto mong gumawa ng PRODUCT? Mag-MULTIPLY tayo!

6) Mahilig ka ba sa ALGEBRA? Ako X, ikaw Y, X + Y = 6!

- The Bride, The Groom, friends, enemies, and strangers come together for some WEDDING PICTURES!

Wedding Picture 1

Wedding Picture 2

Wedding Picture 3

Wedding Picture 4

Wedding Picture 5

Wedding Picture 6

Wedding Picture 7

- Cheche and Bureche on a stormy typhoon night...

One stormy night with Cheche Bureche

- "Na-discover niyo na ba ang new Selesta Classic?" Bubble Gang does Selecta Super Thick Classic by gagging it as SELESTA SUPER THICK CLASSIC. Still at 1.5 liters. SELESTA, No. 1!

Bubble Gang does Selecta Super Thick Classic!

- One woman's TOUCH MOVE is all it takes...

- Some mishaps at the bridal gown shop...

- Some hassles during a shooting for some drama...

- IyoTube in Backstreet Boys' Larger Than Life

Lokomoko in Cebu Part 2!

Time for Part 2 of the "Lokomoko in Cebu" special aired since June 24, 2011:

- More gags in Cebu

- More Caloy Alde's Pick Up Lines that made the girls kick Caloy Alde's butt

- More Talentadong Family

- Welcome to the MAGALANG REPUBLIC!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The stuff Mang Ben can't reach

The stuff Mang Ben can't reach

Banana Split's Mang Ben is here again and this time, after enjoying himself with some kind of thing he's holding until his slippery hands got his thing below the truck. Mang Ben tries to push it with slippers, belt, even his clothes. Nothing happened! He's busted by the cops!

Sabi ni Misis: Tigilan mo yang pag-inom mo ng beer, masyado kang magastos!
Sabi ni Mister: Ikaw ang tumigil sa pagme-make up mo. Ang gastos mo.
Sagot si Misis: Nagpapaganda ako para sa'yo!
Sagot si Mister: Ako umininom ako para gumanda ka.

Capricorn - Isang bawal na pag-ibig ang iyong kasasangkutan! Go for it! Good luck!

Flashback: The Korean Woori Card Commercial made me "KILIG TO THE BONES"

That Korean commercial for Woori Card, aired since early 2003, made me "KILIG TO THE BONES" because, I don't know who are those two in that 2003 Woori Card Korean Commercial!

Back when our cable was CABLELINK, and with YTN (Korea's News Channel) on it, this is one of my favorite Korean ads to date because...who's that girl from the 2003 Woori Card Korean commercial?! I almost passed out when I watched this commercial over and over.

Details according to, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Hee Seon were on that commercial. Problem Solved. I want to watch that Woori Card commercial always because, that girl on that ad looks cute. (snicker)

The coolest Veloster for rally purposes

2011 Hyundai Veloster Rally Car

This is one of the coolest rally cars I saw.

Before the Hyundai Veloster went on sale in South Korea since March 10, 2011, the South Korean automaker builds the hype by creating a special Veloster Rally Car for the collaboration of Rhys Millen Racing and Red Bull.

I gotta say that this 500-HP Veloster Rally Car is the next best thing since the Rhys Millen Racing Genesis Coupe Drift Car but this is a different story.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe - Forza 3 Owner's View

If Best MOTORing is still alive, they would
give the CTS-V Coupe a try at Tsukuba

Isn't just Jeremy Clarkson or Tanner Foust
test driving the CTS-V Coupe?

The inspirational archer drawing his bows

FINAL IMPRESSIONS: The inspirational archer was the inspiration from Cadillac to create an aggressive CTS-V Coupe packed with a supercharged V8 engine. With all that might, the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is made to be one of the world-class sports cars and by interest, it was featured on Forza Motorsport 3 via the World Class Car Pack since July 2010, although one month before the CTS-V Coupe goes on sale.

Considering it an alternative to the Cadillac CTS-V sedan, the CTS-V Coupe is highly a crucial weapon for Forza 3 owners because of its FR drivetrain and if they have time, they can make some mods and decors to bring out the CTS-V Coupe's full potential and glamour while showing it on online races, especially on a game of tag or Last Car Standing. The CTS-V Coupe is a fun to drive American sports car but it is critically hard to master. Oh well, a little practice goes a long long way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What if we don't have elbows?

That question might be the perfect fit because in Ano Nga Kaya from the June 23, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings, Pooh imagines what if we don't have elbows like these:

Ugly approach


Cool can get even hotter

You see? Without our elbows, we can't do normal things. ANO NGA KAYA?


Looks like FASHION PULEZZZ busted another fashion victim! Why? Three violations: One, you wore a tube but you're not wearing strapless bra, Two, your pants have no pockets, and Three, you wear Kung Fu shoes. Tsk. Tsk. BUSTED!

Sabi ni Pedro: Bakit kapag pinapagalitan kita, di ka sumasagot...Paano mo napipigil ang galit mo?
Sagot si Juan: Naglilinis ako ng toilet bowl
Sabi ni Pedro: Paano naman nakakatulong yun?
Sagot si Juan: Toothbrush mo ang ginagamit ko!


Aries - Huwag lalabas ng bahay!

At Broadway, Seattle...

While we are going to Seattle Central Community College to pay some tuition, I saw a red Ferrari crossed by and wow, this is one fiery hot Italian sports car we wish to save some money at but not in a mood right now. We went to the Seattle Central Community College to pay the tuition for my class for this Summer 2011 semester.

After paying the tuition, we went to the bookstore to buy the book required for my class. It was titled "Discovering Computers Brief" and this is the book required for my class this summer.

After that, we take a visit to the newly opened Gamestop "The Broadway Building" branch. Looks like after class, I could just hang out and buy some new video games here! Isn't that convenient?

Huh, looks like the blockbuster Call Of Duty Black Ops is releasing another DLC pack titled ANNIHILATION this late June 2011. I wonder what new challenges await on this latest Black Ops DLC?

Wow, wide selection of video games. Looks like I'll go there next time if I have the money and the urge to buy video games. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cellphone signal problems and another showdown between Letterman and Alphabert

Mang Ben goes further for the cellphone signal

In another Mang Ben from the June 22, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings, Mang Ben received a text message from his friend, saying that she wants Mang Ben to come at Enchanted Kingdom. Mang Ben replied "No, I can't come at Enchanted Kingdom, too far" and he sent it. Unfortunately, "MESSAGE NOT SENT, TRY AGAIN LATER", the cellphone said because "NO SIGNAL". Therefore, Mang Ben goes farther and farther to get a cellphone signal. When the signal is OK, Mang Ben send it but unfortunately, he was at Enchanted Kingdom!

Mang Ben reached Enchanted Kingdom!


Letterman turned TUBIG into TUTUBI

Alphabert turned BASO into BANSOT!

Another showdown between Letterman and Alphabert occurred! When Letterman broke in some woman's house for some water, the woman got angry because Letterman trespassed for a glass of water. The reason why because Letterman will turn TUBIG into TUTUBI, turning a woman into a TUTUBI! Alphabert to the rescue! Alphabert fights Letterman with the use of BASO. And by BASO, Alphabert turned it into BANSOT, shrinking Letterman by the BANSOT size! Pow! Alphabert always wins!

Mar Roxas as a pedicab driver

In case you missed it, a photo of Mar Roxas as a pedicab driver appeared on ANG TV PATROL, regarding that Mar Roxas as DOTC secretary got complaints from other drivers, especially pedicab drivers.

Sabi ni Pedro: Maria, balita ko kamamatay lang ng boyfriend mo. Pwede bang pumalit ako sa kanya.
Sagot si Maria: Ewan ko, tanungin mo sa Funeralia kung papayag sila.

Gemini - Isa kang taong hindi naniniwala sa kapalaran, kaya meron akong sasabihin...NEVERMIND. Lucky number mo ay malas sa ibang tao.

The World God Only Knows Character CD. 00, 5, 6, 7

With The World God Only Knows II (日本名: 神のみぞ知るセカイII), Geneon Universal revealed another set of The World God Only Knows Character CDs ranging from Haqua, Kusunoki Kasuga, Chihiro Kosaka, and Jun Nagase, perfect enough for Kaminomi fans to find great ways to enjoy it. Don't worry, a little practice goes a long long way.

For a premium taste, Limited Edition packaging contains alternate covers that you can swap it anytime you want to bring out the premium taste in your ears. Got taste?

Yes. He's Got It. She's Got It. They Got It. Got it? It's a question on how far you will complete the whole Kaminomi Character CDs starting from Elsie, Ayumi Takahara, Mio Aoyama, Kanon Nakagawa, Shiori Shiomiya, Sora Asuka, Haqua, Kusunoki Kasuga, Chihiro Kosaka, and Jun Nagase.

Those character CDs taste like Kaminomi. Smooth, long in taste, and fans finding great ways to enjoy them!

Good luck completing them all before Kaminomi II ends!

1) Character CD 00 - Haqua (CV: Saori Hayami)
Kaminomi Character CD.00 - Haqua
Kaminomi Character CD.00 - Haqua

2) Character CD 5 - Kusunoki Kasuga (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
Kaminomi Character CD.5 - Kusunoki Kasuga
Kaminomi Character CD.5 - Kusunoki Kasuga

3) Character CD 6 - Chihiro Kosaka (CV: Kana Asumi)
Kaminomi Character CD.6 - Chihiro Kosaka
Kaminomi Character CD.6 - Chihiro Kosaka

4) Character CD 7 - Jun Nagase (CV: Aki Toyosaki)
Kaminomi Character CD.7 - Jun Nagase
Kaminomi Character CD.7 - Jun Nagase

RR's true route?

In case you missed it, comedienne RR Enriquez faces rumors that she's facing poverty because she has no business for her. She used to be one of the co-hosts of Wowowee right before this show has been pulled off and she was used to be a part of Banana Split before she got pulled off due to her low popularity.  I watched that on SNN Showbiz News Ngayon since June 6.

In RR Enriquez's Facebook page, she said that most of them think that RR's facing poverty.

In fact, RR Enriquez denies selling her condo units and her bags due to her financial problems. I wonder what will RR Enriquez's TRUE ROUTE would be? I kinda felt sorry for Rizza Masahista. Please come back, RR.

IS FACTS 開発へのこだわり - Vol. 03

Suppose the situation is just like The Getaway: Mark Hammond dropped a dead body of Johnny Tsai at some Chinese restaurant in the London Chinatown, apparently the Triads' hideout. After dropping the dead body of Johnny Tsai, you were spotted by the Triads and the Triads are chasing you. While you were chased by the Triads, you are luring them straight to the Yardies' hideout. That's a different story. You are not luring the Triads straight to the Yardies. You are chased by the Chinese Triads because of what you stole something from the Triads. It's the 100のヴィ学 of Infinite Stratos character who is from China and she's Ichika Orimura's second childhood friend. Her Pinyin name can be Ling Yin Huang (凰鈴音) but we can call her Rinin Fan, featured on IS (Infinite Stratos) DVD and Blu-Ray Vol. 3, on sale now. Now this is what the Triads are chasing at! We are almost got chopped by the Triads holding meat cleavers!

IS (Infinite Stratos) Blu-Ray Vol. 3

100のヴィ学: "It's time to meet the relatives, Johnny Tsai". Hey I said that Getaway line (Laughs) but not in a laughing matter right now because when I think about Fan Rinin, what goes on the fans' minds? Surely she's from China and she's the second childhood friend of Ichika. Her mind is not as sharp as a meat cleaver but she looks cool in her IS known as Shenlong. Above all else, Fan Rinin's so cute when you look at her pigtails. Speaking of pigtails, why would someone adopt the words "pork loli" in the first place? She's very rude on the beach episode anyway, I would remember that Fan Rinin poured something on Cecilia's rear and "boom goes the dynamite" when we see it.

Who's behind the voice of this "Made in China" pork loli? Asami Shimoda of course. What should I know? She's that voice of the Futami twins from THE IDOLM@STER video games. How did an IDOLM@STER star landed a role of being a Chinese student on IS? It seems more of a coincidence but doesn't matter. I'll start booking my trip to China and go for some track days at Shanghai International Circuit using the Lexus IS.

About IS DVD & BD Vol. 3: Triads, better lay down your weapons and your meat cleavers because there's more time to get your own copy of either IS DVD Vol. 3 or IS Blu-Ray Vol. 3. Infinite Stratos DVD and Blu-Ray Vol. 3 packs episode 5 & 6 in clear quality. Limited Edition packs another special novel written by Infinite Stratos author, Izuru Yumizuru. Also on the Limited Edition, another booklet that packs more on Infinite Stratos, and a special CD contains Fan Rinin's character song! You better be the first in line to get that Limited Edition and when it's sold out, run for your lives because the Triads have whatever they got to get yours! This is how you were "out from a frying pan" and into the comfort of your condo after buying your IS DVD/BD Vol. 3, in standard or Limited Edition.

For English-speaking customers:

Don't get left behind, still more to come....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flashback: The Premium Taste in Menthol

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Philip Morris commercial

Ah, the disadvantages of the new Philip Morris 100's. Does anyone remember those memorable Philip Morris ads? Does anyone remember the memorable Philip Morris jingle like "♫On and on the break goes on♫", I'm sure most of you remember those right.

What I'm remembering is every time after the 9:00 PM news break, they aired some kind of cigarette commercials in the past, most notably are from ABC-5 (the former name of TV5) and RPN9, where after those news breaks were those, most memorable are the Philip Morris TV commercials. Yes, I love those ads because people get distracted because of the Philip Morris 100's long shape and attractive menthol that makes it "THE PREMIUM TASTE IN MENTHOL". Whether if its the domino, helicopter, a bottle of champagne fell down the yacht model, kayaking, chess, walking at the park, one Philip Morris cigar fell off at the hotel and you want to catch it all the way through the pictorials of some celebrity, yes people find great ways to enjoy it.

Back in late 2000 or early 2001, Philip Morris added a new variant and does anyone remember the teasers saying "SEE THE LIGHT, AT SUNDAY 9PM, ALL CHANNELS" right? On that, Philip Morris Lights debuted and this variant carries the same great taste of the Philip Morris 100's, now in a lighter packaging. Anyone tried those, right?

The most memorable Philip Morris ad I saw is the most ominous one with the ominous arrange version of the Philip Morris jingle and with the "Got Taste?" slogan. On that ad, we saw young adults hanging out at nighttime. He's Got It. She's Got It. Got It? It's a question of taste. That commercial aired on the Philippines since early 2002. I first encountered one during an ABC-5 9PM News Break.

Back then, there were promos, here are some of the most memorable ones according to me:

1) PHILIP MORRIS Cash, Car & Condo (July 1, 1999 - September 30, 1999) - In that promo, anyone with a Philip Morris won 100,000 US Dollars, a 1999 Mercedes-Benz E240, or Millennium Suites at Makati City, Philippines.

2) PHILIP MORRIS 100's GREEN & GOLD (until September 30, 2000) - In that promo, anyone with the Philip Morris 100's won either a 2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK, 80,000 US Dollars, 24K Gold Bars (12,000 US Dollars each), or a trip to Gold Coast, Australia (4,000 US Dollars each).

3) PHILIP MORRIS LIGHTS COOL LIGHTSTYLES (March 17, 2001 - May 5, 2001) - This is a promo in celebration of the debut of PHILIP MORRIS LIGHTS. Anyone with a PHILIP MORRIS LIGHTS won 50 Ericsson cellphones or 50 Panasonic CD players.

4) PHILIP MORRIS STYLE IN MOTION (2001) - In that promo anyone who either have a PHILIP MORRIS or PHILIP MORRIS LIGHTS won 100 Palm M100s, 50 Casio Wrist Cams, 40 Ericsson T29s with Bluetooth Headsets, 20 Sony Handycams, 10 Fujitsu Lifebook Computers, 5 Peugeot Scooters, or a 2001 Audi TT Coupe.

Let's look back the good ol' disadvantages of Philip Morris 100's that is truly THE PREMIUM TASTE IN MENTHOL. Got taste?

Credit to Youtube user: juniorsky52
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