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Let's see what happened on the June 17, 2011 episode of Lokomoko on TV5:

- Gags at the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers in Cebu!

- Caloy Alde has some pick-up lines to them females

- Cebu fun with the Talentadong Family

1) Island - Yung apo ko, ang laki na. ISLAND taon na ba siya?

2) Coconut - Dapat kainin ngayong yung chicharon dun habang malutong pa dahil kapag hindi, COCONUT yan!

3) Safari - Alam mo ba na hindi ka pwede mangumpisal sa madre, SAFARI lang dapat!

4) Calibrate - Sa bahay na lang tayo kumain para ma-CALIBRATE tayo!

5) Berdugo - BERDUGO from here?

Latest US-Spec Sorento commercial brings back the toys for another road trip!

The life-sized toys as seen on last year's Kia Sorento Super Bowl ad showed up for the second time in their latest US-Spec Kia Sorento commercial and yes, they're back for another Joyride with the upgraded Kia Sorento.

While not as good as the Kia Soul Hamster ads, the gang seems to be enjoying well.

Better not ask what was the song played on this ad!

Rate Ko: 2.9/5

Dahil big boy na siya...

Let's see what just happened on the June 17, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang:

- Those Bubble Gags had the Katipuneros tortured by the guardia civil!

- Start the day right with a little newsflash with BALITANG NEWS!

- Any situations you faced can be turned into tongue twisters as long as you listened at Mr. Tongue Twister!

- "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go" this old bride said.

- Dahil big boy na siya, Bubble Gang does Lucky Me Sweet and Spicy Pancit Canton "Rite of Passage" TV Commercial by gagging it as Lucky Vi Pancit Canton Sweat and Choosy! Sabi naman sa'yo eh, big boy ka na.

Bubble Gang does Lucky Me Pancit Canton
Sweet and Spicy!

- Meet a different kind of frat...GAY FRAT!

- Tough guys need counselling you know

- Bahay Kubo? Too out-of-date. How about BAHAY CONDO instead?

Bahay Condo
Kahit Munti
Mga Gadgets Ko Doon
Ay Sari-Sari
Flatscreen na TV
Blu-ray DVD
iPod, iPad, at iPhone
Laptop na malaki
Laptop na maliit
At saka meron pa
Portable MP3
Digicam, videocam
Wifi at HD
Sa paligid-ligid
Ay puro charger!

- This guy proves to be he's invisible

- One huge problem ruined this once in a lifetime wedding. ANDUN NA EH!

- Iyotube in Britney Spears' Lucky

- Proven gay? See if we care...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kia Soul Minor Change

2012 Kia Soul

Debuted since Autumn 2008, the Kia Soul is the kind of crossover that does everything with style thanks to its Peter Schreyer design that keeps it stylish. Now for the 2012 model year, the new Soul is back with even more style to wow the crowd than before. On the exterior design, the 2012 Soul receives some revised projector headlamps, redesigned front bumper, new set of rims, side lamps, and redesigned tail lamps. On the interior side, expect small updates occur to the 2012 Soul such as a new instrumental panel, heated steering wheel, and new blend of two-tone seats that provides a perfect balance of style and comfort. Did you see what I mean?

The 2012 Soul is now armed with the fuel-efficient Gamma 1.6 GDi (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine that provides the enhanced power output of 140PS/6300rpm, torque output of 17kg·m/4850rpm, and it comes with the standard 6-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy of the new Soul is 15.7km/L but with the standard idling stop function on the new Kia Soul ECO Plus, the fuel economy has improved to a whopping 16.9km/L. This is the most crucial effort to make the 2012 Kia Soul more fun and economical with the good combination of a gasoline direct injection engine and idling stop function. Two times the charm, huh?

My Comment:

The facelifted 2012 Kia Soul is made to be even more stylish than before and with the standard Gamma 1.6L GDi engine, power output and fuel economy has been improved to be labeled as a true eco-car sold in South Korea. If you need more fuel economy, the Soul ECO Plus has more because of its idling stop function that shuts off the GDi 1.6L engine automatically when stopped at the red light, if you know what I mean.

I can't wait for CAC to bring the facelifted Soul soon to the Philippines but unfortunately we can't get the Gamma 1.6L GDi engine because of the country's dirty fuel. Let's see if Ms. Ginia Domingo, CAC president, has the chance to put the Soul minor change to the query of upcoming Kia models soon to arrive in the Philippines. Everything seems to be bullish now.

Photo: Kia Motors

2012 Perodua Myvi based on second-generation Daihatsu Boon/Toyota Passo unveiled

2012 Perodua Myvi

2012 Perodua Myvi interior

The second-generation Daihatsu Boon never make it worldwide as the Sirion due to Daihatsu's retreat to the European continent by 2013 but that doesn't stop the new Boon to be a worldwide car because Malaysian subsidiary, Perodua, launched the all new 2012 Myvi based on the second generation Daihatsu Boon/Toyota Passo.

Since it's made from Malaysia, modifications are made to made it more unisex than its donor car due to its feminine characteristics.

Does the all new Perodua Myvi exceeds expectations? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second generation Cadillac CTS-V Sedan - Forza 3 Owner's View

Dubai version CTS-V sedan!

If Best MOTORing is still alive, they should
tear the Tsukuba circuit with this!

The king of super saloons

FINAL IMPRESSIONS: Some say that the second-generation Cadillac CTS-V sedan takes on the odds of the Lexus ISF, BMW M5. and Jaguar XFR. In Forza Motorsport 3, this is a different kind of super saloon that fueled my passion for those latest models. The second-generation Cadillac CTS-V Sedan is really a big bang for the Forza 3 owners.
To race, drift, drag, or tag, the Cadillac CTS-V Sedan does whatever you command and it listens to you when you hit the accelerator and waltzing the racetracks, metaphorically speaking. Upon getting behind the wheel of the 2nd-generation Cadillac CTS-V sedan, this is no ordinary sport sedan I faced and this one's definitely one of the best 4-door high performance sedans offered on this game. That was so great.

No Nagare, no problem

2011 Mazda Premacy

2012 Nissan Lafesta Highway Star

Indeed the all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star, launched yesterday, was essentially Nissan version of the third-generation Mazda Premacy/5. When I observed what's the difference on the exterior view, it's kinda appreciated that the new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star ditched Mazda's Nagare design placed on the third-generation Mazda Premacy. Why did Nissan do with that kind of approach?

First off, the Highway Star range on most Nissan minivans such as the Roox, Elgrand, and Serena, are hughly successful when it comes to styling and for the latest Nissan Lafesta Highway Star, this model focuses on style. First off, take a third-generation Mazda Premacy as a donor car, modify the front, remove the waves from the side view, and style is a necessity. Without Mazda's Nagare design, the all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star looks good. No Nagare, no problem.

The all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star is now here and feel free to schedule test drives at your nearest Nissan Red Stage dealers or Nissan Blue Stage dealers throughout Japan. If you have to choose between the third-generation Mazda Premacy (CWEFW) and the all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star (CWEFWN/CWEAWN), what would you prefer?

Fit Shuttle orders reached to about 7000 customers.

2012 Honda Fit Shuttle

With the launch of the 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle today, Honda said that orders for the Fit Shuttle range reached to about 7000 customers.

However, there's a unsuspecting twist according to Honda and it said that if you order one today, delivery time will take about two months, which is somewhat a short delay than the Toyota Prius α's delivery time of one year which means you may still have a chance to get one because it will take up to two months for the delivery of the Fit Shuttle.

Soon, let's compare the Toyota Prius α against the Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid. With Prius α's strong sales, can the Honda Fit Shuttle range fight back with its affordable pricing despite the Fit Shuttle's delivery time is two months? Snap our fingers folks.



Guess what, today was Ryan Bang's birthday and in the June 16, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings, Ryan Bang sings "I Lilly Lilly Like It" while the boys are dancing to the song. WE LILLY LILLY LIKE IT! Yes, "I Lilly Lilly Like It", that's going to be Ryan Bang's catchphrase.

In another "ANO NGA KAYA?", our friend Pooh imagines what if trash is money?

Gambling for trash

Pay it up with candy wrappers

Now that's garbage!

You see? One man's trash is really another man's cash, or is it? ANO NGA KAYA?

Sabi ni Titser: Good morning class. Our lesson for today is science!
Tinawag si Buknoy: OK Buknoy, what is science?!
Sagot si Buknoy: Ah ma'am, science is...ah...our lesson for today!

1546 said HAVEY and 7 said WALEY!

Taurus - Ikaw ay magkakaroon ng bagong trabaho. Ikaw ay magiging isang teacher. Pero dahil ay may zodiac sign na toro, ikaw ay hindi magtuturo kundi mag-totoro kaya ang tawag sayo ay hindi guro kundi Goro. Iwasan ang kulay na pula dahil galit sa pula ang mga toro. 

Honda Fit Shuttle (GG7/GG8) and Fit Shuttle Hybrid (GP2)

2012 Honda Fit Shuttle

When you talk about the all new 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle, what comes on your mind aside of being an MPV spin-off to the second-generation Honda Fit/Jazz? Well, if you think about it, this is ought to be the absurdly addition to the Honda Fit/Jazz range and it serves as the replacement to the Honda Airwave that was been discontinued since Summer 2010, you might heard of it but what are the details?

The Honda Fit Shuttle is separated within two kinds such as the gasoline-fed Fit Shuttle and the hybrid-powered Fit Shuttle Hybrid. Two birds of the same feather can be a pleasant outcome but the MPV look of the Honda Fit Shuttle and Fit Shuttle Hybrid is an unpleasant feat. At first, you will see the front view derived from the hatchback but when you look at the side and the back, that's a differently long story. It was a downright ugly multipurpose utility vehicle that only some of them would like to be accidentally rushed on one of these. Frankly speaking, I still prefer the five-door original Fit hatchback because of the right shape and the design flow of the new 2012 Fit Shuttle and Fit Shuttle Hybrid is just seems to be 54% wrong, 46% right. It's a win-win situation but still the new Fit Shuttle doesn't look a winner to me when it comes to overall styling.

Behind that ugly exterior, the Honda Fit Shuttle remains the same Fit interior and with the added space, users can accommodate various seating arrangements but unlike the Toyota Prius Alpha that can accommodate 5 or 7 passengers, the Fit Shuttle range can seat only five. There is no third row seats included.

The gasoline version of the Fit Shuttle is equipped with the L15A (1.5L 4-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC) engine that lashes out 120PS/6,600rpm of power, 14.8kg-m/4,800rpm of torque, and it can go for about 20.0km/L (10-15 Mode) of fuel economy if the choice was the Fit Shuttle 15C/15X (2WD). The Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid, on the other hand, is equipped with the LDA-MF6 (1.3L i-VTEC) engine with MF6 electric motor. The LDA-MF6 engine has the standard power output of 88PS/5,800rpm but with the 10kW electric motor active, the maximum power output is reached to 98PS, which is definitely not the most powerful hybrid MPV than the Toyota Prius Alpha. Anyway, the torque output for the Fit Shuttle Hybrid is 12.3kg-m/4,500rpm and the fuel economy is 30.0km/L. That is 1km/L less than the Toyota Prius Alpha but the Fit Shuttle Hybrid's starter price of 1,704,762 Japanese Yen (or estimated 1.5 million Philippine Pesos) can really be a notch against the Toyota Prius Alpha's starter price of 2,238,095 Japanese Yen (or estimated 1.6 million Philippine Pesos). Either way, they are equipped with the absurdly boring CVT transmission while the 4WD variants of the gas-fed Fit Shuttle comes with the 5-speed automatic transmission.

In partial terms of safety, the Fit Shuttle is ready with the HID headlamps, Vehicle Stability Assist, G-CON compatibility body, SRS airbag system, and some of safety features that can be a reliable vehicle on distant travels.

The Honda Fit Shuttle and Fit Shuttle Hybrid comes with 9 exterior color variations such as Horizon Turquoise Pearl, Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Milano Red, Polished Metal Metallic, Premium Deep Mocha Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Taffeta White and Green Opal Metallic (available at October 2011).

My comment:
The 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle might not be okay in terms of design but in ecology, both the Fit Shuttle and Fit Shuttle Hybrid are okay and ready to see what tomorrow brings. I'm sure that Honda Cars Philippines will not bring either the Fit Shuttle or Fit Shuttle Hybrid because these are unfit on our today's lifestyles. Let's see how will the Fit Shuttle range survive on such dreaded conditions, even the criticisms from the valued customers saying that the design is not somewhat good to look at it.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 2

Yo! Came back after the launching of the 2012 Nissan Lafesta Highway Star at the Nissan head office at Yokohama and after watching the latest Nissan Lafesta Highway Star starring Haruka Ikawa, adopting the new word for the new car "イケダン" or "ikedan" and yes most of the questions coming out to those car addicts who saw the latest Nissan Lafesta TV ad. In fact, I heard you, you guys said "What's the title of the song? I think it was by RIP SLYME" and I'll give you the answer, now and some others with my other set of top 5 driving musics (car commercial songs) for you to enjoy while driving or set it as a Gran Turismo 5 Personal BGM!

5) Question: Hey! I watched the latest Nissan Lafesta Highway Star commercial with Ms. Haruka Ikawa! Can anyone explain what was the title of the song played on that commercial? I think it was sung by RIP SLYME.

Answer: The title of the song from the latest Nissan Lafesta TV commercial is 甘い生活〜La dolce vita〜 and yes, it was sung by RIP SLYME. In that ad, I saw SU from RIP SLYME and he's a certified "イケダン" like what CM character Haruka Ikawa said. This song is from RIP SLYME's CD titled STAR and if you are overseas, order it from CDJapan. RIP SLYME's 8th album, STAR, is distributed by Warner Music Japan.

4) Question: I'm from South Korea and I love the Hyundai Accent "Guy's License" commercial! Anyone know what was the title of the song? I think this music sounds familiar...

Answer: Good question. The song played on the Hyundai Accent "Guy's License" TV commercial from South Korea is titled "Cold Rock the Mic" by Apollo 440. One music album has that song you are looking for since you are a big fan to the Hyundai Accent RB. The album "Gran Turismo 2: Music at the Speed of Sound - The Album" has the song you are looking for. Find it since you are a big fan of the latest generation Accent.

3) Question: I'm from Philippines, does anyone remember the Petron Diesel Max advertisement? If whoever remembered it, can you please tell me the title of the song? I think the lyrics goes like this "beep beep beep beep" and "sakay na kayo, kahit hanggang kanto, ang buhay ng tsuper ay di gawang biro".

Answer: Yes, I do remember the Petron Diesel Max TV advertisement and I know what's that song, it's titled Beep Beep! That song can be found at the album "Pinoy Ako" and it was sung by Michael Cruz.

2) Question: I'm from Japan and I do remember the Lexus GS450h TV commercial back in 2006. The music used in the commercial sounds beautiful. Can anyone ask me what was that song?

Answer: The song played on the Lexus GS 450h TV commercial from Japan is titled Benedictus and it was sung by the highly talented Hayley Westenra. Find this beautiful song on the album titled Pure.

1) Question: I love the Nissan Elgrand E52 commercial from Japan since last year. I love this luxury minivan even more! Please tell me what was the title of the song played on the 2010 Nissan Elgrand CM! I think it was from Van Halen...

Answer: What you heard was the "LIVE VERSION" of Van Halen's Ain't Talkin' Bout Love. Trust me, I love that song and especially the all new, third-generation Nissan Elgrand. The album titled Live: Right Here, Right Now has the live version of that song since most of the Van Halen songs are live. Find one copy and buy it!

And that's it for more. I'll be back when you want more. See ya!

Imported from Dubai...?

We Filipinos are valued customers of grey market imports because they offer fully-equipped cars rather than in local dealerships. As the government keeps a watchful eye against grey market imports because of the smuggling issues, we are still big fans of it. Most of the grey market import cars we commonly see at Subic, Cebu, Port Irene, Manila and other parts of the Philippines are from U.S., Europe, Korea, and Japan.

However, there is only one thing I am not utterly familiar of. Are you familiar about a "Dubai Version" vehicle? Yes, I kept commonly see on the classified ads and I still don't know what's a Dubai Version car and how did a Dubai Version car became a trending topic to the grey market imports?

How the heck did we get these "Dubai version" cars? Does a country like Dubai make these? Nope, Dubai doesn't make cars and they import it from countries like Europe, America and Japan like for instance, Toyota Sequoia, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Expedition, Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Mitsubishi Pajero, and other large SUVs that once we get it, we labeled them as "DUBAI VERSION".

The mystery behind a grey market "DUBAI VERSION" car remained unsolved and how the heck did a country like the Philippines snagged those luxury SUVs imported from Dubai. Why Dubai? How did we get those ultra premium rides straight from the Arab country like Dubai?

Hmmm, like what Pooh said, ANO NGA KAYA? What should we know about a Dubai Version luxury car? First off, the speedometers are in the kmh unit, not in a mph unit because it was set in metric/imperial units instead of English units. Another thing to spot a Dubai version SUV is the full options that a local car dealer would not have, especially the part where a DVD player is installed. Whoever bought those Dubai Version rides were especially politicians and celebrities. 

Do you remember the news about Gerald Anderson caught owning a smuggled, unregistered Hummer? No wait, he has a Hummer but his driver was caught. Yes, he owns that smuggled Hummer caught by the cops but what version is that smuggled Hummer? Is that smuggled from North America? No, that's from Dubai. It seems the government is keeping a watchful eye against smuggled vehicles because of the unpaid taxes. Heh, didn't realize that Gerald Anderson was a victim of those.

Something's fishy about the Dubai Version cars. How did we get those. A Ford Expedition imported from Dubai instead from America? A Toyota Land Cruiser imported from Dubai instead of being a converted unit from Japan? That feels wrong and I am not a huge fan of grey market imports from Dubai. I prefer gray market imports from America, Europe, Japan and Korea because these were made of and I hope that's a lesson served to all of you.

Can a country like the Philippines import some vehicle straight from Dubai even though it was not made in Dubai? For me, it's a wrong way because Dubai doesn't have manufacturing plants but sourced it from other countries.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Alphabert vs. Letterman once again!

Letterman turns PUTO into PUTOK!

Alphabert turns TAWA into TAWAS!

It's another round between Alphabert versus Letterman once again on the June 15, 2011 episode of Banana Split. When a guy named Manuel bought puto, he encountered Letterman. Letterman snagged Manuel's puto and turned it into PUTOK. Manuel got bad odor that caused humiliation. Alpha Bert to the rescue and fights back using the laughter of people due to Manuel's PUTOK. He turned TAWA into TAWAS. Alphabert passed the TAWAS to Manuel. Alphabert wins, Letterman loses by an angry mob.

Sigaw si Misis: Manganganak na ako! Manganganak na ako! Dalhin mo na ako sa delivery room!
Sagot si Mister: Ganun ba?! Tara, dadalhin kita sa McJolly!
Tanong si Misis: Ba't sa McJolly?
Sagot si Mister: Dun kasi may free delivery!

256 viewers said HAVEY while 5 said WALEY!

Aries - Mag-ingat para hindi madisgrasya... Dahil madidisgrasya ka kapag hindi ka nag-ingat. Lucky number mo ay kung ano ang lalabas na number bukas sa sakto ng Happy Yippee Yehey!

Horo-scoop with Zenaida Sebo

All New Nissan Lafesta Highway Star (CWEFWN/CWEAWN)

2012 Nissan Lafesta Highway Star

The arc Nissan fans been waiting for has arrived! The all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star provides a perfect blend of style, performance, comfort, and ecology, fused into one unique package. The all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star is sourced from the Mazda's Hiroshima Plant and in fact, the new Lafesta Highway Star is essentially an OEM version of the third-generation Mazda Premacy/5 (CWEFW).

When Nissan asked Mazda for their own version of the third-generation Mazda Premacy, there is only one condition before this Nissan version of the third-generation Premacy became a reality; discard the Nagare design.

It's good to say that the all new 2012 Nissan Lafesta Highway Star looks good without Mazda's Nagare design flowed from the third-generation Mazda Premacy/5 because the Nagare design will ruined its Highway Star status. How did the Highway Star trim became a sub-name for the new Lafesta? It's simple, the Highway Star variants in most Nissan minivans such as the Elgrand E52, Serena C26, and the Nissan version of the Suzuki Palette/Palette SW known as the Roox are highly successful and the reason to create a spin-off model is to provide a blend of style, performance, comfort, and ecology for the customers. What we're worrying now is Nissan halted production of the old Lafesta and the remaining will be sold under a new name "LAFESTA JOY" to differentiate it to the Mazda Premacy-sourced spin-off.

2012 Nissan Lafesta Highway Star interior

Open those two sliding doors with the use of the remote and you are ready to explore its 6+1 seater capacity. The middle seat at the 2nd row can be adjusted to make it as an armrest of as an access to the 3rd row seats. The new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star is born to be a multipurpose passenger vehicle and we salivated over it if we want to find one as a converted grey market import. Hey, does this Nissan version of the Mazda Premacy would come to Hong Kong soon? Not sure but be patient.

2012 Nissan Lafesta Highway Star

The all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star is available in three engine types. First is the LF-VE (2.0L 4-cylinder DOHC S-VT) engine, second is the LF-VD (2.0L 4-cylinder DOHC S-VT DISI) engine, and third is the LF-VDS (2.0L 4-cylinder DOHC S-VT DISI) engine with the Idle Stop & Go feature. The LF-VE engine has 139PS/6,500rpm of power output, 17.9kg-m/4,000rpm of torque output, and fuel economy of 11.2km/L (10-15 mode). This LF-VE engine is exclusive to the 4WD variants. Meanwhile, the LF-VD Gasoline Direct Injection engine contributes a power output of 150PS/6,200rpm, 19.0kg-m/4,500rpm of torque output and 15.0km/L (10-15 mode) of fuel economy. Available at the Lafesta Highway Star J Package. The LF-VDS engine has the same specs as the LF-VD engine but it is equipped with the idling stop function, making it the sixth member of the Nissan Pure Drive range. This function can shut off this engine when stationery like for instance, stopping at the red light. With this feature, fuel economy is 16.0km/L (10-15 Mode) so this makes it a class-topping minivan because of its superb ecology.

The all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star comes with five exterior colors such as Crystal White Pearl, Aluminum Silver Metallic, Metropolitan Grey Pearl, Sparkling Black Pearl, and Copper Red Pearl.

My Comment:

Perhaps this is a spin-off, I can't call it a new generation but with the all new Nissan Lafesta Highway Star, you can experience a new blend of family carrier on the go. Without Mazda's Nagare design, this is something we can fall in love at. It's odd that the front view has the grille of the Nissan Serena C26 while the whole body was derived from the third-generation Mazda Premacy/5. This minivan felt like it was taking a face off against its rivals face-to-face. I'm sure we can pray to have one as a converted gray market import from Subic, Manila, Port Irene, or wherever the heck Japan surplus cars are sold. The all new Lafesta Highway Star looks good without the plain-looking Nagare lines. Sounds cheesy but flattering.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

2012MY Subaru Legacy range receives some small upgrades

2012 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon

2012 Subaru Legacy B4

In July 14, 2011, Fuji Heavy Industries released the 2012 Subaru Legacy models (the Touring Wagon, B4 sedan, and Outback SUV) packed with some small upgrades. What's new for the 2012 Model Year? Let's see, the side mirrors changed, improved suspension, new Ice Silver Metallic color added, updated Eyesight safety systems, and something else to keep them updated for the 2012 model year.

2012 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5i S Package Limited

That's not all, the 2012 Subaru Legacy Outback received a sporty special edition under the trim name "2.5i Eyesight S Package Limited" and "2.5i S Package Limited" and this SUV version of the Legacy ditches its two-tone coloring and it wears some sporty rims to make it more advanced, stylish, sleek, and sporty.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Volkswagen Scirocco - Forza 3 Owner's View

Scirocco plays in the plain of Spain

You should find a gray market Scirocco

Dubai Version Scirocco!

FINAL IMPRESSIONS: The Volkswagen Scirocco in Forza Motorsport 3 seems to be odd even though its a 3-door sports hatch we salivated over the years. When switched to cockpit view, I was wondering why the heck it was set on a RHD (Right Hand Drive) basis? The speedometer seems to be not on the MPH basis and I think it's not some UK Version of the Scirocco. Maybe I'm guessing that it was some kind of a Japan-spec Scirocco perhaps? Doesn't matter which version is this RHD VW Scirocco but the thing is, it's still a Scirocco we salivated over it since VW USA didn't bring the Scirocco due to exchange rates.

One day, this Scirocco would be ours for the taking as a grey market import...

Mang Ben's Chopsticks Dilemma

Mang Ben holds some chopsticks

Another Mang Ben episode happened on the June 14, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings. This time, Mang Ben is having some hard time dealing with chopsticks. He can't finished his meal while some guy (Jason Francisco) finished the whole meal and broke the chopsticks. While the man is reading, Mang Ben swapped paper bowls and when he sees that his paper bowl has some noodles, he asked the waiter and he said he needs another one but no more chopsticks, spoon and fork is necessary. False move, Mang Ben!

In another "ANO NGA KAYA?", Pooh imagines what if all of the answers to the questions have trivia. The positive point is that you'll learn something but the negative point is that is time-wasting. Ano nga kaya?

Sabi ni Juan: Gustong magbawas ng timbang ang misis ko, kaya pinag-horseback riding ko.
Tanong si Pedro: Kumusta naman?!
Sagot si Juan: Ayun, nabawasan ng 40 kilos yung kabayo!

1,256 viewers said HAVEY while 5 said WALEY!

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 1

Hey there. Welcome to the new portion of my blog and this is called "Driving Music" where I will tackle more on car commercial songs and everything car-related like gas stations, tires, motor oil, car rental, anything car related. I will give you five recommended car commercial songs per random occasions. You won't guess when will I post next but as car addicts like us want to find out what is the song played in most car commercials from around the world, you'll be the best to know.

There are so many car commercials from around the world. In Europe, the U.S., Asia, any other country has car commercials playing good songs most car addicts will salivate it over and over until they get that song and play it while driving.

Car commercial songs can be a perfect fit to your car audio and it can be a perfect playlist to your Gran Turismo 5's Personal BGM feature! On my pilot post, I'll feature my top five recommended car commercial songs for you to enjoy. It's either play it on the car audio or play it while playing Gran Turismo 5 via Personal BGM! 

5) Where Do We Go From Here by Blake and Hayley Westenra
Where did you hear it: At the 2008 Toyota Alphard commercial from Japan starring Ewan McGregor
What is it look like: Click Here
Where can I find this song: A Maxi Single Album titled "Where Do We Go From Here" by Blake and Hayley Westenra. It was released since May 2008 but when I checked at CDJapan, out of stock. So sorry, so you have to find ways to find that song!

4) I Know Your Dreams by Akihiko Matsumoto
Where did you hear it: 2005 Toyota "Zero Crown" Commercial from Japan
What is it look like: Click Here. If you're not into that, let me describe that commercial. First you'll hear some Japanese narration, then you'll see the first-generation Crown, later on it fades, and later on, it turned into a Toyota Crown Athlete and later the words "ZERO CROWN, 第二章" (which means ZERO CROWN SECOND CHAPTER) appeared.
Where can I find this song: An album titled LINK+AGE and it features the best of Akihiko Matsumoto's original music score. There is even the song played on the Nissan Fuga (Infiniti M) promo movie called Vortex. Search that album on ebay or if you're not into that, find some ways to get that song!

3) HEY YOU by Eikichi Yazawa
Where did you hear it: 2010 Toyota Alphard commercial from Japan
What is it look like: Alphard at the start of the ad, later on an airship appeared above the Alphard. Man and woman exiting the blimp and entering the Alphard. Proof? Click here.
Where can I find this song: Eikichi Yazawa's album titled TWIST. Buy that album on CDJAPAN!

2) Neon Sky Rain by Vector Lovers
Where did you hear it: 2010 Kia Sportage R Pre-launching commercial from Korea
What is it look like: You'll see a robot approaching a white Sportage R. After checking the exterior, the robot opens the hood and gets inside the engine room. Click here to see it!
Where can I find this song: From the album Capsule For One. Download this song at

1) Hurricane 2000 (Rock You Like A Hurricane) by The Scorpions
Where did you hear it: From a Korean Kia Spectra Wing commercial
What is it look like: It's hard to describe what was that ad is. Please click here to see it.
Where can I find this song: Box Of Scorpions box set. It features the best songs from The Scorpions. Buy it at!

And that's my top five recommended car commercial songs for this post. I'll be back for more so if need questions, feel free to comment! I'm happy to understand your questions. If someone asks what was the song on a certain car commercial, that will be from me, OK? Bye!

Some "hot cars" appeared on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Toyota Sequoia (Dubai Version)
on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Nissan 180SX, Honda Fit, and Toyota Sequoia
on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Nissan Fairlady Z and Lexus LS460
on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34)
on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Nissan Fairlady Z and Lexus LS460
on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Some "hot cars", most are "Made In Japan", showed up on a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode last June 13, 2011!

In the parking garage, when Javier and his punks are talking and heading inside a white, souped-up, Toyota Sequoia SUV (is that Sequoia a Dubai Version or North America version? I think it's a Dubai Version because we Filipinos tend to buy expensive and large SUVs sourced from Dubai, you know) when a punk sawed a black, souped-up, Nissan 180SX. He said he wants one and he tries to hijack it but later got caught by the security guard and the punks (including Javier, played by Coco Martin) getting away. By the way, a red, first-generation, Honda Fit/Jazz, appeared too as a background vehicle. The boys didn't hijack it.

Later, I saw a blue Nissan Fairlady Z (370Z) Z34 and a luxurious Lexus LS 460 (USF40) also appeared on that episode as well and it revealed that Javier's punk friends were actually professional thieves.

I'm confused but what will it show up next?

Hyundai Genesis/Rohens sedan crashed during City Hunter taping

A Hyundai Genesis (Rohens) sedan crashed
during a taping for a City Hunter episode.

A Hyundai Genesis/Rohens sedan was crashed during City Hunter taping and City Hunter star, Lee Min Ho, was injured during the taping.

Don't worry, the City Hunter, Lee Min Ho, is still okay after a hurtful car crashed during the taping. Accidents rarely occurred and I kinda felt sorry for the Hyundai Genesis sedan crashed during a taping for the City Hunter episode. If he's okay, he'll be back for more stringent taping. Let's just pray for his recovery, okay?

McLaren-Mercedes' Jenson Button emerged as Canadian GP victor

In an impossible feat at the Canadian GP because of the rainy weather, one racer stood all the odds. Jenson Button from McLaren-Mercedes snagged the checkered flag and emerged victorious on the Canadian GP, leaving two Red Bull Racing players from 2nd-to-3rd place.

Hard to imagine how the heck did Jenson Button won the Canadian GP but in the team standings, Red Bull Racing is in the lead by 255 points, McLaren-Mercedes catches up by 186 points, and Ferrari placing third by 101 points. Now onto the driver standings; S.Vettel still in the lead by 161 points, Jenson Button in 101 points, and Mark Webber in 94 pts.

Let's see if Red Bull Racing seeking revenge against McLaren-Mercedes in Europe this June 26, if they have the chance (and the possibility of another S. Vettel Pole Position).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well played, Mavs!

Last Game 5 of the NBA Finals 2011 (best to 7), the Dallas Mavericks defeated Miami Heat and taken a 3-2 lead. Now on Game 6 of the NBA Finals 2011, the rest is history. Dallas Mavericks snags the trophy of being the winning NBA team of 2011, beating our favorite Miami Heat by 105-95.

I am neither side of Dallas nor Heat, but I do appreciated with the performance done by those teams. The German-born player for Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, is one tough athlete, he kept shooting hoops and that style puts our ever favorite Lebron James and Dwayne Wade from Miami Heat to shame. The toughness made the Mavericks star player MVP.

I kinda felt sorry for the Filipino coach for Miami Heat but that's okay. Past is past. Let's forget all about the bad times and let's all think about the good times.

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 Cabriolet

2012 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

The return of the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is just the perfect timing for young European drivers wanted to go out for the long European summer getaway. It targets the Renault Megane III Coupe-Cabriolet as a formidable rival but the Golf Cabriolet, based on the Golf Mk6, is just a bit too fat to look at it because it was something bland to think about the newest offering.

The Golf Mk6 Cabriolet might seem to be classified as a coupe-cabriolet as the Eos but when you're closing the top, the Golf Mk6 Cabriolet wears a soft-top rather than a hard-top like the Volkswagen Eos. It has been done because of the classic tradition of the Golf Cabriolets wearing the same soft-top roof. Despite its soft-top roof, the Golf VI Cabriolet provided a world-class silence, making it the quietest of its class, allowing it to withstand against over 5000 Hz of wind noises. The soft-top roof on the new Golf Cabriolet opens at 9 seconds and closes at 11 seconds, making it the quickest cabriolet to open and close, just like the Lexus IS250C and the Renault Wind.

The Golf VI Cabriolet can be personalized with a host of packs available to suit your needs such as the "Performance," "Design & Style," "Comfort," "Technology," "Light & Sight", "Mirror" and "Winter" packs. The Design & Style pack and the Performance pack are highly recommended to bring out the best on the Golf Cabriolet's exterior. It's up to you to choose which pack is best suitable on your new Golf Cabriolet.

Available engine types on the Golf Mk6 Cabriolet:
1) 1.2 TSI with 77 kW / 105 PS (entry-level)
2) 1.4 TSI with 90 kW / 122 PS
3) 1.4 TSI with 118 kW / 160 PS
4) 2.0 TSI with 155 kW / 210 PS
5) 1.6 TDI with 77 kW / 105 PS
6) 2.0 TDI with 103 kW / 140 PS

BlueMotion models will feature the innovative idling stop system that brings and engine to a complete stop when stopped at the red light, providing efficiency and low fuel consumption when you need it. Battery regeneration is also included in BlueMotion variants, henceforth that the Golf Cabriolet BlueMotion has the micro hybrid technology installed and when braked, the battery regenerates. A key feature to bringing the Golf Cabriolet to its eco-car status.

Choices of a 6-speed and 7-speed DSG transmission is a commodity for the new Golf Cabriolet. Beginners can choose the 6-speed DSG while advanced drivers can choose the 7-speed DSG as their desire to push it further beyond the autobahn for all.

Nine exterior colors are available on the new Golf Cabriolet such as Pure White, Dark Purple Metallic, Night Blue Metallic, Reflexsilber Metallic, Shark Blue Metallic, Sunset Red Metallic, Tungsten Silver, United Grey Metallic, and Deep Black Perleffekt.

My Comment:
The classic just got remastered and guess what, most of the features from the previous Golf I Cabriolet and Golf III Cabriolet gotten themselves a "TRANSFARRING" treatment and passed it on to the Golf VI Cabriolet as the donor. The new Golf VI Cabriolet might seem to be a late arrival but it's going to be an instant classic.

Photo: Volkswagen AG

Happy Independence Day, Bulilits! SUGOD MGA KAPAMILYA!

On the Independence Day (June 12, 2011) episode of Goin Bulilit:

- Some Use It jokes in time for Independence Day:

1) Hero - Bakit kita ililibre eh hindi naman tayo close! Ano ka, HERO?

2) Emilio - Huwag na kayong mainggit sa akin kung marami akong pera. EMILIO-naryo ako eh!

3) Del Pilar - Ang butterfly ay dating ca-DEL PILAR!

4) Andres - May eemail ako sayo, ano email ANDRES mo?

5) Lapu-Lapu - Kaya pala hindi kayo nagkakaintindihan, ikaw ang may kasalanan! Ang LAPU-LAPU mong kausap eh!

6) Luna - Gutom na ako! A-LUNA na ng hapon! Hindi pa tayo kumakain!

7) Jacinto - Di 'to asukal! JACINTO!

8) Melchora - Nakita ko yung ate mo, maganda! MELCHORA ha!

9) Teodora - Ang dami kong natututunan kapag pinapanood ko TEODORA the Explorer!

10) Jose - Kapag yumaman ako, bibili ako ng kotse at JOSE'n lot!

11) Diego Silang - DIEGO SILANG ka sa mundong ito!

12) Mabini - Mga ginoo, MABINI-bini at ginang, magsitayo po tayo para sa ating pambansang awit!

13) Gregorio - GREGORIO knock on your door! Ring on your bell, tap on the window too!

- "Sugod mga kapaitd" gags

- Payabangan ng mga nurse

- Katipunan gags

- "Guardia civil" gags

- Malaya na nga ba tayo sa mga dayuhan? Nash Aguas explains what if we're not free from foreign invaders

Is Nash Aguas look like Justin Bieber to you?

- Goin Bulilit's own SPONGEBOBCOLA does Spongecola's Tambay!


- Pasamo-sentimo is the name of the Ready Get Set Goin game on the June 12, 2011 episode of Goin Bulilit!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rich, big drivers like to play dress up too...

Lexus IS F at Ahrweiler, Germany

Yes, the rich, big boys like to play dress up before hitting the road with their fast cars. Are you a busy GT5 player who's planning to change your racing suit and helmet before you go? Now's a good time to toy yourself in style before going out as GT5 Update 1.10 offers the "Racing Gear" feature.

The "Racing Gear" feature allows players to customize themselves with a wide array of racing suits and helmet. You can also customize your B-Spec drivers the same way as you did on yourself, choosing the right racing suit and helmet that can be mixed and matched. You can also win more Racing Suits and Helmets by participating a certain Online Event such as Time Trials, Drift Trials, or Expert races.

To keep themselves salivated, they can took a profile pic of the customized driver within one of the nine poses. Give it a try!

Mazda 2 (Mazda Demio) - Forza 3 Owner's View

Blue as the SKYACTIV

The smile of the NAGARE face

FINAL IMPRESSIONS: Debuted in Japan since July 2007, exported worldwide including the U.S. and in the Philippines, and now listed as one of Forza Motorsport 3's world class cars via The World Class Car Pack since July 2010, it's great to know that the third-generation Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) is indeed a world-class compact car designed and engineered from Hiroshima/Hofu, Japan.
While not good in terms of performance, the Mazda Demio/2 in Forza Motorsport 3 is a great way to call it MIYO Mazda. MIYO MAZDA? That's Make It Your Own Mazda! Why MIYO MAZDA? Because like most Mazda models especially the Mazdaspeed Axela (BL3FW), the Mazda 2 can be decorated with any vinyls and stickers handmade by players. With such customization, the Mazda 2 is best to call it MIYO (Make It Your Own) Mazda. Now if only I can learn how to replicate the SKYACTIV i-STOP badge as seen on the recently facelifted Demio...


Let's see what just happened on the June 11, 2011 episode of Banana Split:


1) Chandara Carpark, miss na miss ang Pilipinas!

Ryan Bang as Chandara Carpark

2) Chariz, nainis, Facebook account inalis!

Pooh as Chariz

3) Blind Item: Grandslam actor hobby mang-carino brutal!

4) Blind Item: Sexy star parang may eye shadow ang kili-kili sa itim!

- Mafia jokes

- Melai Cantiveros' tips to avoid being a victim of some mandurukot on M3: MELAI MO MAGWORK! AAHHH!!!

5) Add a mousetrap on your pocket!

4) Reverse your pants!

3) Wear shorts and let the mandurukot go to his new possession!

2) Stay behind walls!

1) Wear pants with multiple pockets!

- John vs. Jayson! Manuel vs. Ryan! Banana Split Fliptop Rap Battle and some dance!

- Banana Split does Happy Yipee Yehey's Ikaw Ang Bida for the fourth time and Bratty's looking for some fat guy on IKAW ANG SIBA!


- A game of Just Draw It!
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