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Moshidora (2011 film)

Moshidora (2011 Film)

Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909-2005) wrote a book that reveals the hidden truth behind the word "management" and how respectful company leaders read the book Peter Drucker wrote, gained potential in management.

Moshi Koko Yakyu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no 'Management' o Yondara or MoshiDora for short, which translates to What if a Japanese Female Baseball Manager Read Peter Drucker's 'Management, is last year's best-seller novel highlights about a young teenage high school student named Minami Kawashima who takes place as the acting manager for the school's baseball team while her friend was sick. She's having a hard time managing a baseball team and she finds some help at the bookstore where she bought the "Management" book by mistake. It's a minor mistake for Minami because she was confused between the words "Manager" and "Management" at the same time. But then, something good happened to her after she bought the wrong book. The words and quotes of Peter Drucker's Management motivated Minami Kawashima and led the baseball team she manages to victory.

This best-seller novel spawned an anime version aired on NHK for 10 straight episodes and now, the movie version is now here and it stars AKB48's Atsuko Maeda as Minami Kawashima. Come to think of it, the best-seller novel that spawned both the anime and the live-action movie was an aggressive approach to bring Drucker's message to the viewers and inspire them the true meaning of leadership and one day, you will know what is the truth behind management and how you use it is up to you.

Atsuko Maeda's overall audience impact is somewhat a home run but the story stays true to the novel itself but with some minor changes happened. You can't tell what is the difference between the story from the MoshiDora novel, the MoshiDora anime previously aired on NHK since Spring 2011, and now Summer 2011's MoshiDora movie. Good to know that there are lessons learned and Peter Drucker Management quotes you may need to remember in order to be a successful leader in the future. Feel free to find out how does Drucker Management help you and what you can say about the inspirational MoshiDora.



Atsuko Maeda from AKB48 as Minami Kawashima

Haruna Kawaguchi as Yuki Miyata

Minami Minegishi as Ayano Hojo

...and others.

Official Site:

Photo: Moshidora Film Partners

Nissan GT-R Spec V - Forza 3 Owner's View

Lexus LFA vs. Nissan GT-R at

A counterfeit NISMO GT-R RC
racing through the Nurburgring

Houki Shinonono itasha GT-R Spec V
(Godzilla smells like Tsubaki shampoo!)

Final Impressions: When I heard about Forza Motorsport 3's Hot Holidays Car Pack, which includes the Nissan GT-R R35 Spec V, it was like what was that and how can I get that? Now, with the Ultimate Collection in hand, I had the urge to grab Godzilla with my own hands. Wow, Godzilla is sure is hungry for opponents at Forza 3.

When modified and rightly decorated, the GT-R Spec V made it more like it was qualified at the FIA GT1 and whoever owns Godzilla has the right to modify and decorate any way they want. They can also create a replica of the Nismo GT-R RC or the GT-R racing machines as seen on the FIA GT1. Every GT-R mods are different and how to use it is up to you.

The GT-R Spec V is the Godzilla of all the Godzillas because of its performance and in Forza 3, modifying Godzilla is a trial and error process.

We're digging for jokes!

Let's see what we dug on the June 3, 2011 episode of "new" Lokomoko on TV5:

- Mine gags got the miners gone "mine"

- Another B.C. Bisihan episode where our Neanderthal pals created the "first"  footwear.

The first footwear

- More jokes from "Talentadong Family";

1) Paradise - Kasi kahapon naglalaro kami ng kumare ko ng mahjong, tapos hinahalo namin yung pitsa, tapos nahulog yung dice. Nagalit sa akin si kumare. Sabi ko "sus, PARADISE lang eh!"

2) Ano ang tawag sa saging na nasa stick? Bananacue! Sa kamote na nasa stick? Camotecue! Baboy na nasa stick? Barbecue! Kabayo na nasa stick? Carousel!

3) If they said "sige", Jojong Bingi said "sine".

4) Delicious - Inday! Duster yung ipapadala ko. DELICIOUS!

5) Delicacy - Kanina, nakita ko yung asawa mo natapilok! Nagmama-DELICACY!

6) Chairman - Yung aso ng kapitbahay, ang tapang-tapang. Siguro, CHAIRMAN shepherd yun.

7) Thirty-two - Don't touch that, that's dirty! Don't touch that also, that's THIRTY-TWO!

- One of Wanlu's puppets, Nicolo, asks more to the gang.

Nicolo speaks

- Another round of Whose Line Is It...Anyhow?! on the June 3, 2011 episode of "new" Lokomoko on TV5! Here are the lines;

1) We serve and protect! - Condom

2) Patay ka! Wala ka nang lusot! - Dead End

3) Ang dami niyong sumasawsaw! - Patis

4) Lagi na lang akong napagkamalang kulay! - Yelo

5) Lagi na lang akong laman ng dyaryo! - Tinapa

6) Deposito kayo ng deposito ayaw nyo naman mag withdraw! - Poso Negro

7) Tinalupan nyo na ako, dinidikdik nyo pa! - Bawang

"Hanggang saan aabot ang twenty pesos mo?"

Anything happened at the June 3, 2011 episode of Bubble Gang?

- Suppose your parents asked you at the table and you said you are unhappy with the college course you're parents enrolled you. What course do you want? We prefer these Bubble Gags as a course.

- There's no way Bureche can't get the balloon that high!

Bureche can't reach the balloon
that high!

- Well, looks like the dying deserved a special treat we called "Funeral Shower"

- Hanggang saan aabot ang twenty pesos mo? Bubble Gang does Selecta Cornetto by spoofing this commercial as Selesta Surenetto! Sarap ng twenty!

Bubble Gang does Selecta Cornetto!

- The two boys figuring out that selling sago and orange juice is harder than what they think.

Sago for sale

Orange juice for sale
- This news flash almost had it with their...almost had it!

- Witness a different kind of genre. It may be formerly known to be "Game Show Today" but now it is called "TALK SHOW TONIGHT!"

The dancers

Raymart from Caloocan

Menchie from Quezon City

- Iyotube in I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor!

- James Wang (guest star Jacky Woo) faces some interview problems

James Wang and the BBG reporter

The end of the 21st century Mara Clara

Mara Clara ending

Mara Clara ending

The Mara Clara ending is what everyone's been talking about since the original. It turned out to be one of the best endings ever experience since the 21st century Mara Clara aired on late 2010 as the remake of the classic 1992 drama that starred Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes. By interest, two Goin Bulilit graduates, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes were the 21st century Mara Clara fans loved.

On the final episode, fugitive Gary David (Jhong Hilario) kidnapped his wife Susan (Mylene Dizon) and Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) for torture until he wants Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana) back. Susan told the truth that she is pregnant to Gary and the whole lie was just protection so her child would not be just like that bastard. Before Alvira, Amante (Bobby Andrews), and Clara (Julia Montes) rushed to Gary David's whereabout, Nanay Lupe (Gina Pareno) persuaded them to keep Gary alive if they have the chance. While the three rushed through the warehouse, Gary begins the torture against Mara by placing her at the water tank to let her die. With Mara at the water tank, the two fathers showed up for their last showdown. The final showdown is on but Amante got pushed over by Gary. With all the struggles, Clara approaches to the water tank to save her rival Mara. With Mara OK, Amante survived the fall and the worse gets even worst when Gary's about to do some hard time against Alvira. He was about to kill her but Susan foiled her husband's evil plot. Gary's about to kill Susan but Clara took the bullet. With Clara took the hit, Susan stabbed Gary with a pipe she used earlier. The threat is over. The cops are here, and Nanay Lupe approaches to Gary, her son, and he said his last words before his untimely death (?).

At the mental correction, Clara encountered her father (again). Was Gary alive? Nah, that's just Clara's imagination because Clara's at the mental correction. Mara approaches to Clara and she told that Susan gave birth to a healthy child. There is still hope for the both of them and things are looking back to the way it was.

Now onto my final impressions, the 21st century Mara Clara was aired in late 2010 as part of ABS-CBN's new genre of reviving classic dramas with a fresh generation. Both Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are highly impressive pulling out what they got from them to satisfy fans. Even when the 21st century Mara Clara ended, the future of both Kathryn and Julia still looks bright indeed and we're looking forward for them what comes next for them. Thank you very much!

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The IDOLM@STER 2 (日本名:アイドルマスター2) is already out now since late February 2011 and this game built the hype of the IM@S fandom Japanese otakus loved because of its perfect voice acting. It seems that The IDOLM@STER TV anime is almost ready to be aired on TBS this summer and before that anime comes, THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 SECOND SEASON Series is now here and those who are featured were actually unlockable characters after you cleared something at this game! Yep, that's right, we're talking about Iori Minase, Ami Futami, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki. A perfect addition to complete the whole IM@S 2 Master Artist 2 Series!

Let me recap first in case you forgot, in THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 FIRST SEASON Series, the selection consists of Haruka Amami, Hibiki Ganaha, Miki Hoshii, Makoto Kikuchi, Chihaya Kisaragi, Takane Shijou, Yukiho Hagiwara, Mami Futami, and Yayoi Takatsuki. Now on the SECOND SEASON Series, the selection consists of Iori Minase, Ami Futami, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki. Think you can complete them all before the IM@S anime debuts this July 2011?

SECOND SEASON 01 - Iori Minase (CV: Rie Kugimiya)
THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 SECOND SEASON 01 - Iori Minase

SECOND SEASON 02 - Ami Futami (CV: Asami Shimoda)
THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 SECOND SEASON 02 - Ami Futami

SECOND SEASON 03 - Azusa Miura (CV: Chiaki Takahashi)
THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 SECOND SEASON 03 - Azusa Miura

SECOND SEASON 04 - Ritsuko Akizuki (CV: Naomi Wakabayashi)
THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 SECOND SEASON 04 - Ritsuko Akizuki

Release Schedule:
SECOND SEASON 01 & 02 - May 25, 2011
SECOND SEASON 03 & 04 - June 22, 2011

Yumeiro Patissiere bids farewell...

Yumeiro Patissiere
DVD Vol. 1

Check out the scoop:

Aw, looks like we're going to miss Yumeiro Patissiere because the author, Natsumi Matsumoto, told to her fans that YumePati is finished at Shueisha's Ribon magazine July 2011, on sale now. According to the article, Yumeiro Patissiere is declared up to 10 volumes since the manga debuted on 2008. It's about a young teenage girl named Ichigo Amano who attends to St. Mary Academy to perfect her baking skills with a little help from a spirit of sweets named Vanilla.

This manga was spawned into two anime series and it even has a video game under the title Yumeiro Patissiere My Sweets Cooking at Nintendo DS.

Looks like we're going to miss the delicious cakes and desserts offered on this anime. orz

With the manga ended, we're still waiting when will English versions of this manga come out soon!

New Lancia Ypsilon

2012 Lancia Ypsilon

If you remember the game Gran Turismo 2 from the PSOne, chances are that you remembered Lancia's compact car known as the Y (it's full name was Ypsilon). The Lancia Y is a compact car that succeeds the Autobianchi Y10 from Italy, which the name Lancia Y10 was used in other European countries. By 2003, the Lancia Y underwent its first full model change and now adopting its full name "Ypsilon" while retaining its 3-door look and it is essentially used the Fiat Punto's platform. European women are the target customers for the Ypsilon because of its compact sizing. At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Lancia's gone full force and henceforth unveiled the second full model change of the Lancia Ypsilon with a twist. What's the twist happening to the new Ypsilon? It's simple, the all new Lancia Ypsilon is now a 5-door hatchback. The reason how did the all new Lancia Ypsilon became a 5-door model is because of the secret rear doors attached to it.

2012 Lancia Ypsilon

Despite the addition of two doors, the new 5-door Ypsilon is now heavily inspired from the Lancia Delta, making it the Delta's "mini me" because of the design cues and the first to come with Lancia's new trademark grille. While the previous Ypsilon is targeted for young females, today's 5-door Ypsilon is now heavily targeted to young adults at all genders. This could be a decent competitor to the Nissan March/Micra K13, third-generation Toyota Vitz/Yaris, Chevrolet Spark from GM Korea Company, Citroen C3, or the second-generation Kia Morning/Picanto. A different premium comes around and stays around on the new Lancia Ypsilon 5-door.

2012 Lancia Ypsilon interior

At the center of it all, the new Ypsilon's interior possess a top-notch balance of style and comfort. Conveniences can come at different sizes and the new Ypsilon packs the best interior design when it comes to choosing the right European compact car fit for everyone's personal preferences. Which reminds me, the new Ypsilon interior looks somewhat similar to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta but the new Ypsilon's interior is classified to be premium and it packs a premium blend of charm and wit.

At the beginning, the new Lancia Ypsilon 5-door packs three engine types such as the 0.9L Twin Air 85PS engine, 1.2L 69PS engine, and a 1.3L Multijet 95PS diesel engine. Most of these engines are equipped with the idling stop function that automatically shuts off the engine when stationary. Before you say please, it comes with a 5-speed manual transmission so don't be shocked why did this city car come equipped with a stick shift because the customers demanded it to be more fun to drive, clean, and economical. No wonder the new Ypsilon is classified as a city-class compact.

My Comment:
The Ypsilon of yesteryears was just a three-door compact but today's Lancia Ypsilon is now essentially became a 5-door compact car that rocked the world since its Geneva premiere. The reason how did the new Ypsilon started with just 5-doors remains a mystery for now but for the fun of it, this looks more like a Giulietta junior to us but ready to beat up the Chevrolet Spark for good.

Photo: LANCIA Automobiles - Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

RVR ROADEST! (This is how an ASX should have been!)

2012 Mitsubishi RVR Roadest

Mitsubishi Motors launched a very special variant for the RVR (known worldwide as the ASX and Outlander Sport in the North America) that packs a much aggressive stance for the Japanese customers. Called the RVR Roadest, this RVR is now welcomed to the Mitsubishi Roadest series ranging from the Outlander Roadest, Delica D:5 Roadest, and the Toppo Roadest.

While no performance upgrades occured, the RVR Roadest had some cosmetic upgrades such as a sporty grille, fog lamps inspired from the Citroen DS3, piano black paneling, scuff plate, chrome rings mounted on the Drive Mode Selector switch and Air Con dials, rear air dam, Roadest emblem at the back, and RAYS 17-inch rims to add some elegance to the RVR.

Wow, this is how our ASX should have been but the RVR Roadest is available only to Japanese customers. We are getting envy.


The first bite of FT-86

Song played on my Personal BGM: Freaky by Koda Kumi
From the Album: Kingdom

The FT-86 Concept burns through the streets of Madrid

At the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the FT-86 Concept to the public and this concept sports car draws a vision of what will the 21st century Hachiroku will look like. IT was a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (makers of Subaru cars) and it pays homage to the Sprinter Trueno AE86, one of the most popular Toyota sports cars in the past. With Toyota Motor Corporation having close ties with the Gran Turismo franchise, they decided to immortalize the FT-86 Concept as one of the playable cars of this game. Since this is utterly new, it was listed as a Premium Tier car.

Testing its capabilities at Fuji Speedway

Most GT5 players already have one of these future Toyota sports car because it is attainable by winning the FR Challenge at the Beginners Series A-Spec. When fully tuned, the FT86 Concept can go as much as 374HP/8700rpm worth of power output, 239ft-lb/7400rpm of torque output, weighs 890kg, and 516 Performance Points. That was from mine so results may vary.


For those who think that the FT86 Concept is not good enough because turbo is not its necessity, the FT86 G Sports Concept is their turbocharged alternative. Appeared at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon as part of launching Toyota's new G Sports (G's) line-up, the FT86 G Sports Concept is a revision of the FT86 Concept but with some aggressive touches such as the carbon fiber hood, sporty G Sports rims, and a rear spoiler that fits well to be called the "Takumi Fujiwara" of the future.

Resting its engine at Lucerne Chapel Bridge

Most of them already have one because they won it as a prize car at the FR Challenge B-Spec race. Once fully tuned, the FT86 G Sports Concept can achieve 382HP/7900rpm of power, 255ft-lb/7400rpm of torque, weighs 910kg, and it has 517 Performance Points. Not quite good with its statistics but it sure is a collector's item. Little known fact that the FT86 G Sports Concept comes with the Maziora paint that is uniquely pearlescent (GT5 calls it Color Shift) and it comes 9 Maziora colors such as Maziora Everest, Maziora McKenley, Maziora Matterhorn, Maziora Mazeran, Maziora Seyfert, Maziora Trapezium, Maziora Plreadesll, Maziora Andromeda, and Maziora Andromedall. Think you can collect them all if one FT86 G Sports Concept costs 500,000 credits? If not, you still have a chance getting one of those paint jobs as a log-in bonus. Probability can be 5%.

Brothers in arms

They're showing it who's got the nerve
to be on the production line!

Having both the FT86 concept and the FT86 G Sports concept immortalized on GT5 is such a great idea because both Toyota Motor Corporation and Gran Turismo have close ties. As in real life, when will they come out in production form? Time will tell but in the meantime, you have to make do with these concept Toyota sports cars on GT5.

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Railgun Extra School Swimsuit Figure GET

Sega Prize To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
EX School Swimsuit Figure

Sega Prize To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
EX School Swimsuit Figure

Sega Prize To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
EX School Swimsuit Figure

Sega Prize To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
EX School Swimsuit Figure

Read the full story: 

The dark side of the Fiesta

2012 Ford Fiesta AB35

In New Zealand, Ford unveiled a much "darker" side of the Fiesta in a form of a special edition Ford Fiesta AB35. It was made in collaboration of New Zealand's rugby union team known as All Blacks and as the name says, it is limited to 35 units available.

Do I think that Ford Group Philippines need to create special edition Fiesta models because it was too popular for Philippine customers? Hope so...

GM Korea Chevrolet Cruze5

2012 GM Korea Chevrolet Cruze5

When the Chevrolet Cruze arrived in South Korea in March 2011 (when Chevrolet is officially official in South Korea) as a replacement to the highly criticized GM Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, it became the status symbol of being a global compact sized sedan targeted against the Kia Forte and the Hyundai Avante/Elantra. When Summer 2011 begins in South Korea, GM Korea Company sizzles up the heat with the addition of the 5-door variant of the Chevrolet Cruze known as Cruze5 (쉐보레 크루즈5).

GM Korea's Chevrolet Cruze5 has the same "perfect balance" of style and performance of its sedan counterpart now with the added space that makes it a decent rival to the Kia Forte Hatchback and Hyundai i30. The South Korea's "Big 3" are ready to lash out their blend of hatchbacks and this Cruze5 tops it all with its European design, dynamic front view, attractive rear view, and the same interior styling from the sedan. As a hatchback ready to take on Europe soon and the rest of the world, the Cruze5 is designed to fit the most out of everyone with its 5-seater capacity and the seating arrangements that will surely fit your personal preferences.

Two engine types are available of the Chevy Cruze5 such as 1.8 DOHC ECO-TEC engine and the 2.0L VCDi Common Rail diesel engine. The 1.8 DOHC engine produces about 142ps/6200rpm of power output, 17.8kg·m/3800rpm of torque output, and the fuel economy of 13.7km/L. The Cruze5's 2.0L CRDi engine releases a powerful 163ps/3800rpm of power, 36.7kg·m/2750rpm of torque, and the fuel economy of 15.9km/L. Consider the CRDi engine equipped on the Cruze5 a perfect balance of power and ecology because of its Euro V compliance. Most of them are fully equipped with the 6-speed Hydromatic transmission that allows this automatic transmission to go from AUTO to MANUAL for fun driving.

My Comment:
A perfect balance of style and performance is what you expect on the Chevrolet Cruze sedan that was made in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon. With the hatchback brother, the Chevrolet Cruze5, you can expect the same perfect balance of style and performance from a sedan, now with the added space perfect enough for the long Korean summer getaway. This looks great for the young adults when they want to do some free time anywhere at the streets of Seoul.

If only The Covenant Car Company Inc. has the chance to bring the Korean-made Chevy Cruze5 to the Philippines, this could be the perfect rival to the Mazda3 hatchback, Hyundai i30, or even the Ford Focus.

Photo: GM Korea Company

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I've added a SHOUTBOX on my site!

Hey guys, this is Leopaul!

Guess what, I've added a feedbox on this site courtesy of Shoutbox!

You are free to chat whatever you want and feel free to ask some questions, comments, or suggestions about my site. Please be sure that profanity, scamming, sharing of personal information, and showing links to nude images are HIGHLY PROHIBITED on this chatbox!

If you have questions, feel free to use this! I will continue to improve this blog even further!


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Once a problem, always a problem

Mang Ben falls in line

Mang Ben just made a huge problem. He's just falling in line for some job applications when suddenly, he's about to go to the CR. While struggling, he imagines those in his thoughts...

Something watery

Something something watery

Something something something

He's going to the CR but with a risk: FALL BACK TO THE LINE AT THE BEGINNING!

Check out set of problems that once solved, it created a double whammy on NEW PROBLEMA such as:

Number One: You want to buy food so you resort on breaking the piggy bank but it ended with your fingers wounded by the cut


Number Two: You want to escape from a meeting by lying to him but later on the lie became the truth in just a phone call away


Number Three: You want to make lusot to your wife because she caught you having a number two but number two times two equals TROUBLE!

Number two times two equals

Like what Major Problem said, just never mind about the problems because if you forced to solve it, there's going to be major major disasters or worse... NEW PROBLEMA!

Sabi ni Misis: Darling, dati lagi mo akong hinahalikan sa leeg, ba't ngayon hindi na?
Sagot si Mister: Kasi, darling, noon may leeg ka pa!

The results? 3,567 viewers said HAVEY while 8 viewers said WALEY.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997) - Forza 3 Owner's View

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997)

Naomi Umegae itasha 911 GT3 RS

Final Impressions: How did I got attracted to the roaring temptation of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS? Well for some reasons, I did so many things on this racing machine. I even race or made a battering ram against other players on the Last Car Standing online game. It was pretty tempting to take a spin of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997).

Whoever made a Naomi Umegae itasha out of the 911 GT3 RS, I say Thank You for having such a good design and that fueled my enthusiasm over the 911 GT3 RS. Technically speaking, the 911 GT3 RS had a rough start but it sure is tough to master until I get the hang of it.

Now if only I can find a real life 911 GT3 RS in a gray market dealer somewhere at Metro Manila...

Juke Type V and Juke Urban Selection - Special Edition models!

2012 Nissan Juke 15RS Type V

2012 Nissan Juke 15RX Urban Selection

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. launched two special Juke models exclusively on the Japanese market. First off, the special edition Juke 15RS/15RX Type V is known to be the entry-level special Juke grade because of the introductory price of 1,621,500 Japanese Yen or 1,500,000 Philippine pesos estimate for the Nissan Juke 15RS Type V.

For those who think the Juke Type V is too bland for you, Autech came up with a special Juke variant called "Juke 15RS/15RX Urban Selection" and it features a stylish grille, low down suspension, exhaust finisher, 17-inch aluminum wheels, and an "Urban Selection" emblem to add a nice touch. The special edition model is bound to be the stylish Juke ever made.

Both of these are exclusive for Japan only.


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Beware of everything O.A.!

Beware of some things Jason Francisco featured in ANG O.A. MO such as...

Number One: You love to swim at the pool so much, you don't want to get off!

Get off the pool! 

Number Two: Attracting a lifeguard no matter what it takes!

Attracting a lifeguard

Number Three: You're following someone like a stalker no matter where!

Why are you following me?


Sabi ni Manuel: Sino 'yang tinitingnan mo, love?
Sagot ni Pooh: Ex ko iyon, love. I heard lasenggo na siya after our break up 7 years ago!
Sabi ni Manuel: Grabe ha, haba ng celebration!

6543 viewers love the joke while 2 were not!
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