Saturday, April 9, 2011


2011 Hyundai Avante

Remember the ad from the Super Bowl 2011: SNAP OUT OF IT

Now, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) wants us to snap out of the compact conspiracy with the launch of the fifth-generation Hyundai Elantra (known as the Avante MD) to the Philippines that will go on sale this June 2011!

Two engine types are available for the new Elantra such as the all-new 1.8L Nu MPI engine and the Gamma 1.6 MPI D-CVVT engine. The 1.8L variant has a power output of 150PS and a torque output of 18.2 kg-m while the 1.6L variant gets 130PS of power and 16kg-m of torque.

With pricing not yet announced until June 2011, HARI says that the high-end 1.8L variant will be priced below P900,000.

A Perfect Balance of winning the 2010-2011 Philippine COTY and bragging them to others with the Chevrolet Cruze

In the 2010-2011 Philippine Car of the Year, presented by the Car Awards Group, there were fourteen category winners;

1) Ford Fiesta

2) Chevrolet Cruze (also available in South Korea as the GM Korea Chevrolet Cruze)

3) Hyundai YF Sonata

4) Jaguar XF line

5) Subaru WRX STi 4-door (GVB/GVF)

6) Kia Soul

7) Mitsubishi RVR/ASX/Outlander Sport

8) Hyundai Tucson iX/ix35

9) Hyundai Santa Fe

10) Nissan Murano Z51

11) Foton MPX

12) Toyota Alphard

13) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport/Montero Sport/Nativa

14) Foton SUP (known as the Blizzard in the PHL market)

The winner is...


A perfect balance between winning a contest and a victorious reverberation. The Chevrolet Cruze is proven worldwide and we award this car because of its style, performance, and fuel efficiency. It's world proven.

Congratulations to the Cruze for winning the Philippine COTY and for a bonus;

THREE CHEVROLET CRUZE SUPER BOWL 2011 ADS FOR US TO ENJOY! Time to say "Facebook News Feed" and we will hear "First Post: Chevrolet Cruze wins the 2010-2011 Philippine Car Of The Year! Epic Win!"


"San Pigil, ito ang beer!"

What happened at the April 9, 2011 episode of GMA's Bubble Gang?

- Some World War II Imperial Japanese army checkpoint gags

- D' Wonder Boys are back sans Chang Ge. Only Yee Saw (Antonio Aquitania), San Ban Yo (Michael V) and Tang Ha Ko (Ogie Alcasid) showed up with fans screaming over enthusiasm with the Korean sensation!

- Toy guns and Cheche Bureche hurt a lot more than hurting Bureche!

Cheche got a toy gun?

"Huwag kang gagalaw"

OUCH! That hurts a lot, Bureche!

- How to deal a drunk guy at the bar...

- Bubble Gang does San Miguel Beer! They spoofed the San Miguel Beer "Isang Case" TV Commercial by gagging as San Pigil! Para sa tunay na saya, may tunay na sarap ng beer. San Pigil, ito ang beer!

Bubble Gang does San Miguel Beer!

- More prehistoric hijinks from Bubble Gang!

- The Battle of the Brands is brought to you by The Best coffee, Revenge shampoo, Yosi cigarettes, Happy tissue, Paracetukmol paracetamol, and Gora rat killer!

The Best coffee

Revenge shampoo

Yosi cigarettes

Happy tissue

Paracetukmol paracetamol

Gora rat killer

- Is the painting too dirty to clean it? Too bad, it's just a painting in sepia.

- In times like these, you need a good plan to save money. Just ask the Tropang Tipid.

- How the showbiz couple fit in their love life.

So much of Caloy's Pick-up Lines here in Bohol

What happened on the April 8 episode of TV5's Lokomoko U?

- Gags at the Bohol Plaza

- More Pick-up lines from Caloy Alde that leaves him speechless and noseless! LOL

Caloy Alde got sidekicked by a woman

That's gotta hurt!

- Jean Fundador (Princess Ryan) and the O.A. Girls (Milagring, Luningning, and Mariposa) performed some "hand-to-hand exercises" on O.A. -Ohtistic Aerobics-. Why Saw Saw Suka?

- More Talentadong Family vacation at Bohol with some "Use It" jokes offered from our favorite;

1) CANADIAN - Kanina sa taas ang bagal-bagal mo, baka ma-iwan CANADIAN!

2) TALK SHOW - Kahit wala na si Serapin, siya pa rin ang aking one and only. O-TALK SHOW, layuin mo ako!

3) CASHIER - Simula nang mawala na si Serapin, wala na akong CASHIER kumain.

4) TARSIER - Dahil hindi sa Bohol merong tarsier, makikita mo rin sa loob ng kotse. Merong primera, segunda, at TARSIER-a.

5) EXPORTING - My new boyfriend EXPORTING years old.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Battle of IS

IS (no, it's not Infinite Stratos) means Intelligent Sports and these two little words are best described on Toyota's Lexus IS sport sedan. Yes, I admit it that I love the IS because of its striking design, modest performance, and something you can sip tea at.

The Battle of IS begins with the Toyota Altezza,
known worldwide as the Lexus IS.

In late 1998, Toyota launched an FR sports sedan known as the Altezza. Everyone loves the Altezza, which later exported to Europe and North America as the Lexus IS. The Altezza is truly the predecessor of the Lexus IS of today but I think this is the first generation IS as far as other car enthusiasts know it. In Japan, it was separated in two trims; the entry level AS200 and the high-performance RS200. The enthusiasts' pick was the Altezza RS200 because of the sporty 3S-GE engine made possible by Yamaha. Little known fact that the Altezza RS200 is the weapon of choice from Saitama Alliance's Nobu from Initial D 4th Stage.

It isn't a sedan, it isn't a wagon. We called it Gita.

Is it a sedan? Is it a wagon? No, it isn't a sedan and it isn't a wagon. Toyota called it Gita. The Altezza Gita is the fastback version of the blockbuster Altezza sedan and it was exported to the North America and Europe as the Lexus IS 300 Sport Cross. The Altezza Gita was debuted in Japan since July 2001, two months after the Altezza sedan's Phase II. Honestly for me, the design of the Gita looks ugly and ruins the Altezza quality. I still prefer the sedan variant anyway. Good thing they don't make these anymore. In Gran Turismo 5, chances of finding the Altezza Gita (or the Lexus IS 300 Sport Cross) at the used car dealer can be somewhat a 1-in-10 chance. Still, nobody wants to show it online unless someone does an Altezza-only online race at GT5.

K-POP racer on IS

Now here's the Lexus IS200 I am not entirely familiar of, unless some car addict here in South Korea knows what it is. What they heard, this is the Lexus IS200 used in some racing championship known as BAT GT, the South Korean take on Japan's JGTC/Super GT, and this IS200 was used on the BAT GT's GT1 class. This BAT GT-spec Lexus IS200 first appeared on GTPSP and finding it on GT5's Used Car dealership is a tough find!

If I were a valet, I would take a joyride with the IS

In the summer of 2005, when Toyota Motor Corporation launched the Lexus brand to Japan, the Toyota Altezza name was renewed worldwide as the Lexus IS250/350. Two years later, with the introduction of the Lexus F marque, the high-performance version of the Lexus IS250/350 sedan, the Lexus IS-F, was born. It was debuted in Japan since October 2007 and later on sale at December 25, 2007. The Lexus IS-F is powered with 2UR-GSE engine that delivers 423 PS of power output and 51.5 kg-m of torque output. In Gran Turismo 5, it was listed as one of the Premium Tier cars and it costs 76,600 credits. The biggest downfall for the IS-F was its cornering. Drifting with the IS-F is highly difficult because of its 8-speed semi-auto transmission. Remember what Jeremy Clarkson said in one episode of Top Gear regarding the Lexus IS-F's transmission...


As a Premium Tier car, not only you can change the appearance of the IS-F, you can also make a Racing Modification of the Lexus IS-F as well! Faster, lighter, and more agile than the pre-RM Lexus IS-F, the Racing Modification is more like a Touring Car, even cheaper.

Dreaming of Laura Bodewig...

At the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Motor Corporation revealed the hotter side of the Lexus IS-F that others think it might have a potential of being a touring car at the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters). This is the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept. In real life, the Lexus IS-F never achieved a dream to race at the DTM but faithfully, the IS-F was used on the 24HR Nurburgring race along with the LFA. My IS-F Racing Concept is painted with a "Super White II" color I got from a Toyota car I bought earlier or acquired as a daily login bonus.

WedsSport IS350 ready for take-off!

At the 2008 Super GT, a Lexus IS350 steps in to the GT300 class. Dubbed as the WedsSport IS350, this Lexus is one heck of a mongrel at the Super GT GT300 class. One quirky fact that this racing machine was an Midship Engine Rear Wheel Drive, meaning the RV8J engine, used from the Formula Nippon Series, was mounted at the back. How the heck did they turn an FR car into an MR racer? Anyway, this was driven by Manabu Orido and Tsubasa Abe.

In Gran Turismo 5, "The Battle of IS" rages on because of the many choices of the Lexus IS players can choose, trick out, and race. In reality, don't let me catch you having someone cosplaying as IS's Houki Shinonono at the passenger seat of the Lexus IS350. One hold and it's like the "Valet commercial" from the Lexus IS!

Bedtime stories are always ready for take-off, especially on Banana Split!

The Magic Singh trick on the April 8 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings...

Igi Boy takes off!!

...made Igi Boy attempt to take-off to the skies after learning how to do levitation with Magic Singh. Uh oh... looks like Magic Singh's outwitted by Igi Boy! LOL

Story time with Kuya Jobert

While Igi Boy took flight using Magic Singh's magic trick, Kuya Jobert's here to make a twist on a fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Guess storytelling never been this funny with Kuya Jobert around us! ^o^

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Ford Explorer will "Go Do" to the Philippines at the end of 2011...?

Check out the scoop:

According to FGP president, Randy Krieger, the all new, 5th generation, Ford Explorer will "go do" to the Philippines at the end of 2011! Is that possible?

Toyota Camry/Aurion in a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Toyota Camry/Aurion in a Minsan Lang Kita
Iibigin episode

A rare appearance for the 8th generation, ASEAN-spec, Toyota Camry (not to be confused with the US and Japan 8th Generation Toyota Camry), also known in Australia as the Toyota Aurion, showing up in a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

This kind of Camry was driven by some character played by Lorna Tolentino...

Well, what do you think? A rare appearance on Philippine TV drama?

Taste changing pills, three things not to do, and how to make a cop car and a getaway car using papers, crayons, and scissors

I-Bang Sarap Pill


Briefing: To feed a picky eater, James Bang helps the picky eater's mom with the use of I-BANG SARAP PILL.

A time to eat...

...and a time to sleep

Turns out the I-BANG SARAP PILL is just a sleeping pill that wore off after 10 days! LOL ^^

Check out three not-to-dos on ANG O.A. MO!

Number One: Applying make-up before sleeping

Is that what you called beauty sleep?

Number Two: Bring your baby to the gym

Who brings a baby to the gym?

Number Three: Panic if you are past time of drinking your medicine but turned out you forgot to drink your vitamins

What she's panicking about?

I hope Banana Split promised you not to do it or else everyone around you will yell ANG O.A. MO!

Wow! Everyone loves to do art projects during hot summer days and Kuya Art, the Art Throb, is here to make a cop car and a getaway vehicle using papers, a black crayon, and scissors!

Cop car and a getaway vehicle created
by Art Throb

Well, he shortcut it but still looks nice though. ^^

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alpha Bert's new sidekick!

Another Alpha Bert adventure in the April 6 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! In this adventure; Kuya Jobert is tired of being Alpha Bert, so he surrendered his magic booger and throw it elsewhere. A young boy named Igi Boy noticed about what happened. Later on, Kuya Jobert got ambushed by two men who got their butts kicked by Alpha Bert before. As tensions rise, Igi Boy aided Kuya Jobert by throwing back the magic booger to Kuya Jobert, making a grand Alpha comeback! Igi Boy assists Alpha Bert by throwing him some "Pamato" and by "Pamato", Igi Boy advised Alpha Bert by replacing the letter T with the letter L. It's PAMALO! Alpha Bert kicked the bad boys' butt with a Pamalo, scaring them away. With close encounters between Igi Boy and Kuya Jobert, he thanked him and he wants Igi Boy to be his loyal assistant (in other words, sidekick) as Alpha Boy Regino!

Igi Boy and Alpha Bert

Looks like from now on, Alpha Bert's not alone! He's got someone to aid him!

Also, another magic trick from Magic Singh that will shock you by means of "Imaginary Rock" magic. You may think that he didn't have a rock but when he's HARA HARA KING KING, it was a rock!

Magic Singh holds an imaginary rock

and it landed on Rasheed!

A cute McDonald's commercial aired in the Philippines

Wow! What a cute commercial for McDonalds Philippines! ^_^

Titled "BFGF" this latest McDonalds Everyday McSavers menu is so cute showing two kids discussing BFGF. Then, she asks him if she's his girlfriend but he said he's not ready because the girlfriends are too demanding but the girl said she wants some McDo fries.

How sweet! (^o^)

IS -Infinite Stratos- OST

Infinite Stratos Original Soundtrack

This is liberation through acceleration.

IS (not Lexus IS, nor Lancia Stratos) -Infinite Stratos- is an anime series about a young boy, named Ichika Orimura (played by Kouki Uchiyama), who attends the IS School where his classmates were all females. It not just all about school time and some harem mayhem in IS but it's loaded with Gundam-style action because of the mobile suits known as IS -Infinite Stratos- are used in this anime and wow, no wonder the CG used in IS are superb and fast paced. What's appealing is the girls on IS, especially Houki Shinonono, who was played by Yoko Hikasa (famous for being Mio Akiyama from K-ON!). Other IS girls that are highly noticeable are Cecilia Alcott (played by Yukana), the British student of the IS School, Rinin Fan (played by Asami Shimoda), the gutsy Chinese student of the IS School, a French student of the IS School named Charles/Charlotte Dunois (played by Kana Hanazawa), and a highly mysterious German student of the IS School named Laura Bodewig (played by Marina Inoue). I don't want to remember the part where Houki kicked Ichika but Houki's tsundere attitude is remarkably a favorite in IS.

The 2-disc original soundtrack based on the recently ended IS anime is finally here and this isn't the Infinite Stratos OST unless its wielded with precision. The original score of the IS anime is wielded by Hikaru Nanase, perfect enough to relieve the fast paced, high-octane, 2UR-GSE engine blowing, high speed academy battle love comedy aired in TBS since early January 2011 for 12 episodes. Also included are the TV sized versions of Straight Jet (sung by Minami Kuribayashi) and all of the versions of the closing theme song, SUPER∞STREAM, sung by Yoko Hikasa as Houki Shinonono, Yukana as Cecilia Alcott, Asami Shimoda as Rinin Fan, Kana Hanazawa as Charles/Charlotte Dunois, and Marina Inoue as Laura Bodewig.


Disc 1:
1. The Battle of IS
2. IS学園
3. 篠ノ之箒
4. セシリア・オルコット
5. 鳳鈴音
6. シャルル・デュノア
7. ラウラ・ボーデヴィッヒ
8. 織斑一夏
9. 女子高ノリってやつか
10. 好奇の目
11. 女尊男卑
12. オペレーション IS
13. Are you all set?
14. 白式
15. ISの謎
16. ファースト幼なじみ
17. セカンド幼なじみ
18. イギリスより愛を込めて
19. 一夏は天然?
20. 明るい学園生活
21. なんでこんなことに…
22. IS実習
23. 二人の食卓
24. 特別な気持ち
25. シャルの過去
26. フランスより愛を込めて
27. hostility
28. VTシステム
29. 暴走
30. ドイツより愛を込めて
31. 楽しい特訓
32. 臨海学校
33. 急接近
34. 一夏争奪戦!
35. 一夏の決心
36. unknown
37. special mission
38. 襲撃者
39. 傷心

Disc 2:
1. 雪片弐型
2. 白騎士
3. 雪羅
4. 対峙
5. 紅椿
6. 福音
7. 零落白夜
8. 戦う理由
10. SUPER∞STREAM (#1 ver.)
11. SUPER∞STREAM (#2,3 ver.)
12. SUPER∞STREAM (#4,5 ver.)
13. SUPER∞STREAM (#6,7 ver.)
14. SUPER∞STREAM (#8~ ver.)

I guess this is not the Infinite Stratos OST unless I wield it with precision. Guess this is the perfect time to plug and play the Infinite Stratos OST straight to your Lexus IS250/350/250C/350C/F. Relieving the high speed academy battle love comedy straight to your ears is great while winding on your next road trip with your IS. This is liberation through acceleration.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Think you know flags? Just ask Kuya Jobert...!?

Woopie! More Kuya Jobert damoobs in the April 05, 2011 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! When Igi Boy is making some kind of a school project (hey, it's summer, it's not the time for school projects), Kuya Jobert showed up and with the flag confusion, Kuya Jobert explains Igi Boy that he knows all flags because his family were so-called historians. Care to know about the flags?

Flag No. 1: Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe flag

Kuya Jobert calls it: People's Republic of Posporonious (making matches?)

Flag No. 2: Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea flag

Kuya Jobert calls it: Republic of plantational family of Europe

Flag No. 3: Mozambique

Mozambique flag

Kuya Jobert calls it: the Plants vs. Zombies flag

Flag No. 4: Moldova

Moldova flag

Kuya Jobert calls it: FEU Tamarraw fighter Blue Eagle communication department of Asia

Flag No. 5: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina flag

Kuya Jobert calls it: Hey, is that Kuya Jobert's shorts? Eewww...

Flag No. 6: Seychelles (?)

Seychelles flag (?)

Kuya Jobert calls it: Republic of rainbow connection

Number of flags Kuya Jobert know: 0/6

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