Saturday, April 2, 2011

Word? GM Korea Company in Arirang TV's Contenders this April!

This April on Arirang TV's employment survival reality TV project, Contenders (not to be confused with the boxing reality show The Contender or Aririang TV's former quiz show The Contenders) GM Korea Company (formerly GM Daewoo Auto and Technology) will be the participating corporation, looking for a new employee!

For those who don't know about Contenders; it is an employment survival reality TV project aired on a global Korean TV network, Arirang TV. Each month, there will be a participating corporation looking for a new talented and skilled employee. Eight will enter, only one will win his/her dream job at the corporation he/she wish to be a part of. It requires mental coordination, teamwork, cooperation, physical coordination, and determination to win that dream job. This show is just like The Apprentice.

Hosted by Lee Young Dae, Jahng Elloise, and PJ Rogers, this reality TV show airs at different timeslots depending on which country you are on every Sunday.

Now, this April on Contenders; GM Korea Company is looking for a new talented employee. Eight will enter, only one will work for Mr. Mike Arcamone! Which one of these eight will get a job with Korea's fastest growing car company that is a part of General Motors?

More about Contenders show at:

Chevrolet 5-year warranty! ^_^

Chevrolet print ad with Ryan Agoncillo

An award-winning customer care service that is brilliantly a good news for Chevy owners across the Philippines!

Since April 1, 2011 (they're not fooling), The Covenant Car Company Inc., the official distributor of Chevrolet in the Philippines, provided a 5-year warranty for every Chevrolet model they bought, from the Camaro, Cruze, Spark, and any other Chevy we know.

Buying a new Chevy never been this useful with this 5-year warranty that covers everything for your Chevy. As always,

"Chevrolet, is the car."

BMW Z4 E89 in a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

BMW Z4 E89 and a pre-MC Toyota Fortuner in
a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode

Well I'll be darn...

The second-generation BMW Z4 E89 appeared next to the "before minor change" Toyota Fortuner in a Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin episode.

It seems joy is what it wants to make pansin on TV dramas.

What do you guys think?

About the Mana Po Finale

Mana Po ending

Aw man. After weeks of Melason hijinks, the story of Mana Po is finally reached its climax.

In that final episode, Milo tries to rescue his mom, who was kidnapped by Johnnie, Brandi's childhood friend. After saving his mom, the bomb explodes. Later on, Brandi fights Johnnie to find out where's Milo. After that, Brandi rushes through Milo. While Milo was unconscious, he was in heaven and he had a close encounter with Brandi's deceased father. That's how he'll learned the truth about the wrong inheritance and the fact that Milo's alive. While Brandi's friends and Milo's family tried to wake Milo up, Johnnie approached unexpectedly and took Brandi hostage. The cops are here. As tensions progress, Milo woke up from the dead and took down Johnnie!

Moments later, the two finally know the truth about her father's hard work ended up in this crisis. Later, Milo and Brandi figured out what their future is; got married and gave birth to a child.

That concludes the Mana Po story. See you soon, Melason!

April Fools from Bubble Gang!

Yep, now that's what I called timing! That April Fools episode on Bubble Gang includes;

- "Hinalayan" gags

- Drunk guy's landed on the bed with his wife cheating to someone

- Didn't see that thing coming huh? More Balitang News with Eleuterio and Electronic!

- Cheche and Bureche in parks and ice cream.

Cheche and Bureche

- Bubble Gang does Bioflu! They spoofed the Bioflu commercial and gagged as Dioflu! Bago ka bumagsak sa flu, mag Dioflu!

Bubble Gang does Bioflu!

- Go back to the prehistoric times to see how a caveman got electrified by thunder

- Senators playing Pinoy Henyo in a sketch titled "Henyo sa Senado"

- Go back also at the prehistoric times to you'll see. You'll see how to treat a woman.

- Meet the oldest bouncer at the bar!

- A fortune teller predicts your bad luck at your future

- Is that true that they won't separate each other because they are gay?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bubble Gang's Wendell Ramos plays his "darker side" on Babaeng Hampaslupa! ^^

Ok, ok, everyone knows about Wendell Ramos, aside from being the dudes from GMA's Bubble Gang and one of the Philippines' ultimate heart throbs. Looks like he'll be showing off his "darker side" by playing as a villain in TV5's hit teleserye, Babaeng Hampaslupa.

Playing the role of Harry Bautista, Wendell Ramos will show off his darker side as a villainous hitman that further complicates the romance between Anastacia See (played by Alice Dixson) and Charles Wong (Jay Manalo).

Let's see how this drama gets even more interesting with this new character...

Aggressive Cruze for Malaysian customers

Chevrolet Cruze Special Edition '11

Exclusively for the Malaysian market and up to 300 units available, this Special Edition model of the global medium sedan, the Chevrolet Cruze (known in Korea as GM Korea Chevrolet Cruze), is loaded with some cosmetic mods from the front bumper, sporty rims, side skirts, and the rear bumper.

It pays tribute to the Cruze WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) car that won the Manufacturer's title and Yvan Muller for driver's title last year!

This kind of Cruze looks cool and I guess everyone's salivated it over for this! Especially the seniors who don't understand what 40 MPG (miles per gallon) is.

Transformation magic is also an April Fools trick!

It's April Fools day. Lots and lots of people playing pranks on hapless victims for fun. However, the biggest April Fool prank of all is the transformation magic let loose by Magic Singh!

"I want some magic!"

"What did you do to me?!"

At first, you want your woman nearby to be young and beautiful. Magic Singh performed a transformation magic on your woman. Your woman became more beautiful. Suppose you want to be more handsome, Magic Singh performed this magic on you but instead, you are a woman now! HA! HA! HA!


However, there are some three things that are not pleasant for April Fools day according to ANG OA MO!

Number One: You packed so much for your Subic vacation but you're not sleeping there!

That's a lot of stuff

Number Two: Pouring insect repellent not just your body, but your home as well!

So much use for insect repellent

Number Three: Laminated shirt(?)

Laminated shirt is a bad idea

I saw a Genesis Coupe near Uwajimaya!

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe spotted
near Kinokuniya Seattle store

Earlier, I saw a black Genesis Coupe while exiting Kinokuniya Bookstore, which is near Uwajimaya.

What's a Korean FR sports car doing nearby a Japanese store? Let me think, this car wants to brag against its Japanese competitors, hah?

Pretty sleek rear view, huh? Also, it's a 2.0T variant of the Genesis Coupe!

What's in store for this?

New Beginning of Another 100 Years

GM Korea Mi-Ray Concept '11

On the press day of the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, GM Korea Company (formerly GM Daewoo Auto and Technology), the Korean arm of General Motors, unveiled a concept sports car called Mi-Ray. Mi-Ray is derived from the Korean word "Mirae" meaning "future", which the Japanese word for "future" is "mirai" as well.

This is a new beginning of another 100 years for Chevrolet. For GM Korea, this is how the future shape up for the global American car maker reaching its centennial anniversary.

With the Chevrolet brand introduced to the Korean market and replacing the Daewoo nameplate, I think it was such a good idea for Mike Arcamone, the CEO of GM Korea Company.

For 100 years, Chevrolet runs deep. In South Korea;

"Chevrolet is the car."

Otomedius Original Soundtrack

Otomedius Original Soundtrack
What is Otomedius? The Otomedius game is in a form of a side scrolling shooter game, something known to be the cuter side of Gradius and TwinBee because this reminds me of the Touhou Project games everyone knows.

Those who are in love over the BGMs from Otomedius, well you're in luck, if you are in the Konamistyle site. The original soundtrack of the Otomedius video game has landed and it packs all of the BGMs from the Otomedius games in the form of a 3-disc packaging. What's more that the third disk features two bonus tracks that were known to be the theme songs from the latest Otomedius game, titled Otomedius X (Excellent!).

Talk about good vibes if you purchased it on Konamistyle and the pricing of 3600 Japanese Yen plus tax.

Fancy having this? We're not surprised if this CD is sold exclusively at Konamistyle. You may need to take some time finding this!


Disc 1:
01 天使たちのSTAR LIGHT
02 カード認証
03 アイキャッチ
04 セレクト
05 空中戦
06 サン・サルバドル島
07 東京(ビル街)
08 東京(首都高高架下)
09 アレキサンドリア(砂漠地帯)
10 アレキサンドリア(ピラミッド内)
11 南極(氷の洞窟)
12 南極(アイスキューブ)
13 中ボス戦
14 大ボス戦
15 リザルト
16 MAZED MUSIC (「グラディウス」より)
17 FLY HIGH (「沙羅曼蛇」より)
18 AIRCRAFT CARRIER (「グラディウス」より)
19 MAXIMUM SPEED (「グラディウスII~GOFERの野望~」より)
20 MOAN (「スペースマンボウ」より)
21 STAGE BOSS (「グラディウス V」より)
22 TITANS (「グラディウス IV~復活~」より)
23 DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE (「グラディウス2」より)
24 BURN THE WIND (「沙羅曼蛇」より)
25 POISON OF SNAKE (「沙羅曼蛇」より)
26 POWER OF ANGER (「沙羅曼蛇」より)
27 オープニング
28 カナディアン・ロッキー
29 ヴァルハラ~ブロックエリア~
30 大ボス戦~オーディン・コア~
31 ヴァルハラ~オルゴール~
32 イースター島
33 エンディング
34 天使たちのSTAR LIGHT(Karaoke Ver.)

Disc 2:

01 A SHOOTING STAR (「グラディウスII~GOFERの野望~」より)
02 TAKE CARE! (「グラディウスII~GOFERの野望~」より)
03 IN THE WIND (「グラディウスIII~伝説から神話へ~」より)
04 SYNTHETIC LIFE (「グラディウスII~GOFERの野望~」より)
05 SAND STORM (「グラディウスIII~伝説から神話へ~」より)
06 CRYSTAL LABYRINTH (「グラディウスIII~伝説から神話へ~」より)
07 CHALLENGER 1985 (「グラディウス」より)
08 BLANK MASK (「グラディウス」より)
09 FINAL ATTACK (「グラディウス」より)
10 COMBAT (MSX版「沙羅曼蛇」より)
11 POISON OF SNAKE (「沙羅曼蛇」より)
12 SILVERY WINGS AGAIN (「沙羅曼蛇2」より)
13 THUNDERBOLT (「ライフフォース」より)
14 PLANET RATIS (アーケード版「沙羅曼蛇」より)
15 SLASH FIGHTER (「ライフフォース」より)
16 SENSATION (「沙羅曼蛇2」より)
17 DEAR BLUE(「沙羅曼蛇2」より)
18 DESTROY THEM ALL (「沙羅曼蛇」より)
19 RISE IN ARMS (「サンダークロスII」より)
20 GREAT BATTLESHIP (「サンダークロス」より)
21 BATTLE SHIP (「スペースマンボウ」より)
22 AQUARIUM (「スペースマンボウ」より)
23 FIRST ATTACK (「サンダークロス」より)
24 HEAVY METAL BOMBER (「サンダークロスII」より)
25 SKYWALKER (「サンダークロス」より)
26 DOG FIGHT III (「サンダークロスII」より)
27 FINAL BASE (「サンダークロス」より)
29 イーバ星人の攻撃 (「出たな!!TwinBee」より)
30 TWIN FLIGHT ~SISILIA ISLE~ (「ツインビー・ヤッホー!」より)
31 水上の行進 (「出たな!!TwinBee」より)
32 霧の向こうのパラダイス (「出たな!!TwinBee」より)
33 雲海を越えて (「出たな!!TwinBee」より)
34 風の贈り物 (「出たな!!TwinBee」より)
35 SKY SWIMMING~RUINS~ (「ツインビー・ヤッホー!」より)
36 君に会うために...~THE CHASE~ (「ツインビー・ヤッホー!」より)

Disc 3:

02 BOOST UP! (「XEXEX」より)
10 A JOURNEY TO THE START (「グラディウス2」より)
11 A FIGHTER (「グラディウス2」より)
12 GALACTIC DESERT (「ゴーファーの野望 エピソードII」より)
13 RED DIAMOND (「グラディウス2」より)
14 COSMIC HEROES (「ゴーファーの野望 エピソードII」より)
15 DANCING VENUS (「グラディウス2」より)
16 KIILER CORST LAND (「グラディウス2」より)
17 DANCE OF MIDDLE EASTERNERS (「ゴーファーの野望 エピソードII」より)
18 CLOSE QUARTERS (「ゴーファーの野望 エピソードII」より)
19 SKY #1 (「グラディウス外伝」より)
20 共通ボスBGM (「ファルシオン」より)
21 NARROW ROAD (「ファルシオン」より)
22 CEMETERY (「グラディウス外伝」より)
23 BLACK HOLE (「グラディウス外伝」より)
24 CRYSTAL (「グラディウス外伝」より)
25 SNOWFIELD (「グラディウス外伝」より)
26 MOAI (「グラディウス外伝」より)
27 SPEED (「グラディウス外伝」より)
28 fly(「オトメディウスX(エクセレント!)」オープニング・テーマ) ~Short Ver.~
29 オトメティック(「オトメディウスX(エクセレント!)」エンディング・テーマ)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kuya Jobert tries to spin the trumpo

Let's see if you can spin the top, Kuya Jobert

Another Damoobs with Jobert happened on the March 31 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! A kid is having trouble spinning the trumpo and Kuya Jobert's here to teach him how to spin the trumpo. It ended on the trumpo landing on the man's head, ouch!

Another Swerteng Malas scenarios from Pooh as Natasha a.k.a. Ansha such as;

Scenario 1: You're lucky that you returned a bag to a woman and you got a kiss but you're unlucky if you met a jealous guy

Scenario 2: You're lucky if you saw a bag filled with a cellphone but unlucky that you found out it was a bomb detonator

Scenario 3: You're lucky if you got noticed by some male but unlucky that this guy turned out to be a homosexual.

HARA KING KING KING! Another Magic Singh happened on that episode too! This magic is simple; pick a card but don't show it to Magic Singh. Return it, he'll mix it up, he'll get a card and he'll say "is this your card?" One word of warning though, if you said the card you picked, you may end up being the card!
King me!

The Hours of Enzo Ferrari

Song played on my Personal BGM: Victory Drive (Magic Flute from The Queen's Aria) by Yucca
From the album: Prima donna
Explosive rivalry between Enzo and Viper ACR

Ever since the ultimate million dollar Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari, launched in 2002 in celebration of the brand's 55th anniversary, it seems that most Ferrari fans love to call this the ultimate Ferrari ever made with the name paid tribute to the founder, Enzo Ferrari. Talk about namesake, huh? Sadly, this million dollar Ferrari made up to 399 units available and it produced from 2002 up to 2004. The first Enzo Ferrari was truly a collector's item.

Tearing down the tracks of Nurburgring GP Track

The Enzo Ferrari wasn't the first time to appeared on Gran Turismo 5. It was first appeared as a purchasable prize on Gran Turismo PSP with a price that will surely put a hole in your pockets. Despite the million credit pricing, the Enzo Ferrari is one of the coolest Ferrari models you can drive. One word of warning however that I think the Enzo is hard to control but this is the fastest Ferrari production cars in history. It can even be a fierce rival to the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

Madrid will never be the same without Enzo

When I fully tuned this car, the Enzo Ferrari breaks to a mind-numbing 925 PS/8900 rpm of power output, weights 1044 kg, and it has a 644 Performance Points. Like I always said, its up to you to configure the LSD, Braking, and suspension. With results vary, the Enzo Ferrari can be the prancing horse with the force to be reckoned with.

Relaxing at the sunset

The Enzo Ferrari is branded as a Premium Tier car, meaning you can put some aero parts, change rims, and go out for a Photo Travel. I bring the Enzo out on a trip to Red Bull Hangar-7 and the Shoren-in temple in Kyoto and looks can be somewhat cool.

Japanese design is a fitting on the Enzo

Fast fact that the Enzo Ferrari's aggressive design was penned by a Japanese from Pininfarina, named Ken Okuyama. Italian performance with a Japanese design, what an impressive combination about this rare specimen! Anyways, I always love the tachometer because the numbers here are in a very sophisticated font.

Blaze through Monza

Since the car costs about 1,000,000 credits, it may take some races to win and snag this elusive Enzo Ferrari that is truly the ultimate prancing horse built for the elite drivers. If fully tuned, you can bring it in on some online races others allowing production cars only sans the Bugatti Veyron. Will they kick you out just by showing it your Enzo Ferrari at some online races? Who knows?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alpha Bert didn't bring any letters. Now what?

Turn HIKAW into HIKA!

Jobert as Alpha Bert sprung into action on the March 30 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings! Unfortunately, Alpha Bert forgot to bring some letters, making a battle against a thief more complicating, resulting to an unexpected freeze moment. After the freeze moment, Alpha Bert come up with a plan. Use a woman's earring and give it to the thief. You know that the Tagalog for earring is "hikaw" right? The word for the day is HIKAW. Alpha Bert managed to remove the letter W to the HIKAW word, resulting the word turned into HIKA. Therefore, the thief got suffered from asthma! KA-POW! Another impossible case solved. You're a real superhero, Alpha Bert! ^^

Magic Singh kicked Rasheed's butt always!
This time, Rasheed can't see because
Magic Singh poked him! LOLZ

Looks like Jayson Gainza, as Magic Singh, kicked Rasheed's butt again! This time, he poked Rasheed's eyes, resulting him to blindness!


(Way to cheered me up, Banana Split! I love this show!) ^^

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is the "S" in the LEXUS IS naming is Stratos? What could the "I" stands for?

Lexus IS-F and Lancia Stratos

Most Toyota fanatics know that the "IS" in the LEXUS IS250/IS350/IS250C/IS350C/IS-F naming is "Intelligent Sports" for sure, but for me I got my head scrambled up about the meaning of the "IS" naming.

Let me put it in a very funny nonsense way, pretending that I don't know most about the Lexus IS. Let's just say that the "S" in the "IS" naming is Stratos, commonly referring to the legendary Lancia Stratos. It's very funny for me that I think that the "Stratos" is the "S" in the Lexus IS name. Now, what could the "I" stands for? I guess I want to know what could the "I" in the Lexus IS250/350/250C/350C/F name is since I guessed that the "S" as in "Stratos". The letter "I" in the Lexus IS is what it might have been;

Charlotte "Charles" Dunois
from IS-Infinite Stratos-



This is the "I" in the Lexus IS250/350/250C/350C/F naming stands for? Infinite?

as in...


My gosh. In my nonsense way, I think that the "IS" in the Lexus IS250/350/250C/350C/F naming could possibly be INFINITE STRATOS! And that girl here was none other than Charlotte "Charles" Dunois (シャルロット/シャルル・デュノア), which she's from Infinite Stratos for sure!

False but definitely got myself a laugh when I tell other car enthusiasts what's the meaning of the "IS" in the Lexus IS name, it's not Intelligent Sports, it's;



S is for STRATOS, you know, like Lancia Stratos!

Let's pretend that the gift we got from Charlotte Dunois is just the keys to the Lexus IS-F and the Lancia Stratos! LOLZ ^^

A total nonsense and corniness for me but it serves my point of view.

Something's fishy... whoever plays GT5, I guess someone's using the songs "STRAIGHT JET" and "SUPERSTREAM" as Personal BGM, then race inside either the Lancia Stratos or the Lexus IS-F with these IS (Infinite Stratos) songs.


What's freaky, if someone plays FM3, they will make some Infinite Stratos itasha out of their Lancia Stratos and the Lexus IS-F!

Oh well...

Time to get off the Lexus IS or the Lancia Stratos. These give me a major headache about hearing the IS meaning, which is in fact, INFINITE STRATOS!

Kuya Jobert's no N00B!

Kuya Jobert sure knows how to play DoTA!

Another "Damoobs ni Kuya Jobert" happened on the March 29 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings where Igi Boy is having a hard time playing DoTA then Kuya Jobert approaches. Kuya Jobert's telling Igi Boy some "usapang lasing" to guide him while playing DoTA. While it progresses, Kuya Jobert takes place to play DoTA, but Kuya Jobert got lost in playing DoTA. The only thing that is GAME OVER, is Igi Boy ran out of internet time! Sorry, time's up!

Check three things Banana Split doesn't want you to do it on another ANG OA MO!

1) Pretending to be sick so you can let someone feed you

Say aahhhh

2) Wearing rain gear but the storms too far far away

Why are you in rain gear?

3) Slept for a week



Besides, its summer time and we need some art lessons. Good thing, there's Kuya Art, the Art Throb, to make use of our summer time for some art lessons, like this "munggo art".

Kuya Art's munggo art

Aside from Kuya Art's munggo art, Magic Singh popped up for one of his magic mischief!

Magic Singh tries to pop a balloon

The magic didn't pop the balloon but popped the pregnant woman! Ouch!

The Prestige K7 vs. 5G Grandeur vs. World Class Luxury Alpheon

2011 Kia K7

2012 Hyundai Grandeur

2011 GM Korea Alpheon

A trio of luxury Korean premium midsize sedans are one of my favorites. The Kia K7 (known worldwide as the Kia Cadenza), the Hyundai 5G Grandeur, and GM Korea's world class luxury Alpheon, are highly luxurious and both have GDi engines depending on the Korean executives' tastes. I wonder which of these three is my pick?

CASE ONE: On February 2011, the Kia K7 made its transition that all of the engines offered on this premium midsize sedan are all Gasoline Direct Injection engines. Now called "The Prestige K7", the Kia K7 now offers the 2.4L Theta-II GDi and the new Lambda V6 GDi engine, first offered on the Hyundai 5G Grandeur. The fuel economy of the K7 2.4 GDi takes about 12.8km/L while the K7 3.0 GDi goes for about 11.6km/L. The styling of the Kia K7 was too plain and bulgy but the headlamps seem to be a shining inheritance because when night falls, expect these daytime running lamps shine through.

CASE TWO: After its surprise appearance at one episode of KBS' action drama, The Fugitive Plan B, and debuted in South Korean market since mid-January 2011, the term 5G in the 5G Grandeur naming stands for "fifth generation", meaning that the Grandeur (known in some markets as the Azera) is now on its 5th generation. A legendary evolution on Hyundai's legendary name that made it the Korean take of Toyota Crown. The 5G Grandeur packs two engine types; a 2.4L Theta-II GDi and the new Lambda V6 GDi engine. The front looks more of an oversized YF Sonata and the rear view kinda looks like a Maserati Granturismo but the new 5G Grandeur is one beautiful specimen thanks to Hyundai's fluidic sculpture. This exterior look is way better than the Kia K7!

CASE THREE: The GM Korea Alpheon (formerly GM Daewoo Alpheon, after this company switched its name to GM Korea Company) was just a rebadged version of the second-generation Buick LaCrosse and it replaced the poor-selling, Australia-built, Veritas as the flaghsip model that takes on the likes of the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, Lexus GS, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The gorgeous exterior and the swooping interior lines truly made the Alpheon the new class of world class luxury. The 2.4L SIDI and the 3.0L SIDI engine are the available engine types available for the Alpheon. The 2.4L SIDI is a GDi engine that has a fuel economy of 10.6km/L and the 3.0L SIDI is also a GDi engine, packing a fuel efficiency of 9.3km/L. Not quite fuel efficient but its design is truly a work of art for the Alpheon.

As for me, I think the GM Korea Alpheon and the Hyundai 5G Grandeur are my pick when it comes to the design but if I had to choose one of these, I'd say it would be the Alpheon because of its world class design. The 5G Grandeur looks more of an oversized Sonata to me but I think the new look would need to be more attractive to appeal more Korean executives. Both the K7 and the 5G Grandeur are more fuel efficient than the Alpheon because their advanced GDi engines are optimized to make it more powerful, emit less, and labeled as full-fledged eco cars. It's up to you to decide which of these three sovereign Korean sedans is your pick. ^^

GT5 Remote Racing 101

Song played on my Personal BGM: Design for Tomorrow SACROMONTE MIX by Morgan Fisher
From the album: NON MON -Morgan Fisher CM Works-

Hey GT5 players! I think some of you never heard of Remote Racing right? Even when Remote Racing was implied on the Version 1.06 since February 2011, I think you guys never heard of it and focused on just online A-spec races.

I tried Remote Racing and it doesn't matter how my B-Spec drivers win or lose. What matters most is their participation. The more times they participate, the more cash you'll redeem after you select Receive Prizes on your B-Spec driver you shared online.

First off, share your B-Spec driver (or drivers if you have many) online by enable "Share with Friends". After sharing your B-Spec driver online, go to the [Community] section under [My Home]. At the [Community] section, select [Remote Race]. It can be found under the [My Lounge].

At the [Remote Race] section, select which race you want to start. Please take note that up to 16 B-Spec racers are allowed to race. When you select a race, you can choose your own B-Spec drivers. After selecting your own B-Spec driver, you can add your friends' B-Spec driver. Just remember that you need to have your friend shared his/her own B-Spec drivers.

If you want a replay of your hosted B-Spec race, turn on [Save Replay]. When you select [Enter Server Standby Mode When Race Ends], it will automatically set to Server Standby Mode after the race.

What happens if you are in Server Standby Mode? There's a catch, you can initiate Remote Races anywhere from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phones. Have your computer set to the official Gran Turismo website. No matter which language you're on, select GT5 My Home and log in using your Playstation Network account. At the GT5 My Home page, when you see the word "You are now ready to start a remote race", just click it and a pop up window will appear, using the same procedures what you did at your PS3; select a race, choose your own B-Spec driver, choose your friends' B-Spec drivers, and then click [Start Race].

Keep that in mind that the higher the B-Spec driver's level, the more this driver has an edge on winning battles but it doesn't matter. Participation is the key.

Remote Racing is a new way to play Gran Turismo no matter where you are. Just leave your PS3 to Server Standby mode, walk away, and set Remote Races no matter where you are! Cool! While you were gone, your driver will gain more cash just for you!

Class dismissed! Have fun using Remote Racing!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Winning the Korean COTY award makes the Kia K5 an EPIC RIDE!

2011 Kia K5

Launched at the Busan International Motor Show since late April 2010, outclassed the YF Sonata in sales, now famous for its "Epic Ride" advert, Kia's K5 (known worldwide as the third-generation Optima) awarded as South Korea's 2010-2011 Car of the Year!



Once you're driving the award-winning K5, brace yourself with the policeman, bad guy, God of the sea, alien, and the ancient chief come getting their hands on Kia's world best medium sedan that is not your average midsize sedan.

Anyway, congratulations for the Kia K5/Optima for winning the award!

Now, South Koreans will have to wish for the T-GDi variant and the hybrid variant of the epic K5 to come to the South Korean market soon! ^^

This robot looks familiar...

Kuya Keem meets Demobot from Inkredibulok!

Hey this robot from the March 28 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings looks familiar...

Wasn't that the evil robot named "Demobot" from the Goin Bulilit special episode called "Inkredibulok" that was aired since January 16, 2011?

Huh, looks like Demobot showed up for the second time to mess Kuya Keem!

First attack

The first round of the 2011 Formula One Grand Prix at Melbourne, Australia ended with reigning F1 champ since 2010, Sebastian Vettel, winning the first round thanks to his pole position during the qualifying round.

Not bad for S. Vettel! (^_^;)

The end of F1 2011 round one made Red Bull Racing - Renault to the 1st place at 35 points while McLaren-Mercedes landed 2nd at 26 points, and Ferrari made it on 3rd place with 18 poitns.

Further details;

See you guys in Malaysia for Round 2!

BMW 6-Series Coupe and Convertible (F12/F13) Full Model Change

2012 BMW 6-Series Convertible and
2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe
Since 2003, BMW returned the 6-Series as a grand touring sports car for the elite customers. The old Chris Bangle design from the previous BMW 6-Series truly captivated most men in their 30's to 50's because of its masculine looks, smart technology, and ravaging performance.

Now, in 2011, the BMW 6-Series was progressed even further on its latest full model change, designated by the chassis codes F12 on the Convertible and F13 on the Coupe form. In an unexpected twist, the Convertible variant of the new BMW 6-Series will be the first to be available to the European market this Spring while the new 6-Series Coupe will be follow shortly this Summer or Autumn, depending on market conditions.

Heavily influenced from the 2010 BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept at the 2010 Mondial D' Automobile at Paris, France, the new 6-Series boasted an impressive elegance in the front and back. What puzzles me is the new rear view that is somewhat similar to the Nissan Silvia S15. What an unexpected twist for this new generation 6-Series.

Available as of press time is the choice of two engines; the N55B30 3.0L L6 TwinPower TurboValvetronic engine and a N63B44 4.4L TwinPower Turbo direct injection engine. The N55B30 engine is loaded with 320 PS of power, 450 Nm or torque, and can reach 5,7 seconds on the 0-100km run. The N63B44 engine, on the other hand, is loaded with about 408 PS of power, 600 Nm or torque, and can go for about 5 seconds on the 0-100km run. Both of these engines are loaded with an 8-speed Sports automatic gearbox and comes with an idling stop system courtesy of BMW EfficientDynamics that allows these majestic engines to shut off when stopped on the traffic, giving it an optimized fuel efficiency and less emissions. Another eco-warrior made for the elite drivers.

My thoughts about the 6-Series:
As of press time, the new 6-Series got themselves turbocharged, which is a good news for those turbo-hungry car addicts, but the bad news was there's no manual transmission yet for the new 6-Series. On the other hand, the new 6-Series is destined to be an eco-warrior thanks to the idling stop feature courtesy of BMW EfficientDynamics, which shuts down the engine automatically when stopped.

Because of the unexpected twist, only the Convertible variant will be first to be on sale, starting at the ridiculous pricing of just 83,300 Euros (or if it hits in the Philippines, an unbelievable pricing of a possible 9.6 million Philippine Pesos may occur) for the 640i Convertible. Should Asian Carmakers Corporation bring this new model to the Philippines soon? I don't know and I'm not a future gazer you know but still, this turbocharged model really hits the spot! Looks like the Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio are going to be upset with this one!

Photo: BMW AG

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peugeot 308 minor change advert is ♪walking on the rain♪

This latest commercial for the Peugeot 308 minor change looks intensive. Seeing a woman getting soaked in the rain sounds original for that ad and the 308 minor change really hits the spot!

Speaking of somebody asking what was that song played on this latest Peugeot 308 ad, the song played on the new 308 ad is "Walking in the Rain" by "Flash and the Pan" and this song really connects to the intensive commercial for the new 308.

A very intensive commercial with a very relaxing song!♫

One day at Barrier Audi - About the 3rd generation A8

Aggressive approach

After getting myself motivated from the Super Bowl commercial (you know, the Release the Hounds commercial), I visited the Barrier Audi dealer in Bellevue to check out the new, third-generation Audi A8. Like what they said, luxury has progressed.

Mastering the weapon

On hold


First attack

Upon getting inside, I felt I was some kind of a corporate mercenary in Berlin, but the new A8 is just the tour de force for the elite customers looking for something far advanced than the Lexus LS, BMW 7-Series, or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The dashboard looks remarkable, the MMI system doesn't look shabby, and I even tried to get a hold of its handwriting recognition!

Choose your selection

Which fits best?

The MMI is good

I need to listen to some classical music

iPod Connectivity

The MMI interface on the new A8 is exceptional. Also, I even managed to try out its iPod connectivity. Never know it offered some high tech features on this majestic premium sedan but the pricing really scrambled my mind.

WHOA! Someone left a PSP!

In case you're wondering, I got behind the wheel of the LWB variant of the new A8, but despite its long wheelbase, it's still the sharp-dressed A8 I've ever experience.

Every master needs a weapon

It makes me feel like a commander when getting inside the new A8. Looks like this is great before hearing the Kenny G. LOL The new A8 escaped the confinement of old luxury and luxury has progressed. A brilliant masterpiece created by Audi.

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