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Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Mk.3

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class interior

The latest Mercedes-Benz SLK Class' full model change is just the third generation of the blockbuster 2-seater premium sports roadster that keeps its sporty, lightweight, and compact characteristics, despite this latest SLK is now a miniature version of the exotic SLS AMG.

The exterior and interior design were heavily influenced from the SLS AMG sportscar, just how the second-generation received an SLR McLaren-like face. What's new on the SLK is the new Magic Sky Control roof. The new Magic Sky Control roof has a glass-top roof, similar to the Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet, that can be shaded from light to dark at the touch of the button. See something unpleasant in the sky? Just shade the Magic Sky Control roof to the darkest. However, if you want to see something beautiful at the top, try to lighten up the Magic Sky Control roof. This optional feature adds a wow factor the all-new SLK-Class.

As of press time, the all new SLK features the first three variants with new engine types. The SLK 200 BlueEFFICIENCY 6AT grade features the M271 engine that produces 184 PS of power, 270 Nm of torque, and top speed of 237 km/h. The 7G-Tronic variant of the SLK 200 BlueEFFICIENCY improved its top speed by 3km/h. The SLK 250 BlueEFFICIENCY variant improves the M271 engine with a 20 PS increase in power and an improved top speed of 243 km/h. The SLK 350 BlueEFFICIENCY is equipped with the M276 engine that has a power output of 306 PS, torque output of 370 Nm, armed with the 7G-Tronic Plus transmission, and top speed of 250 km/h. Most of the engines offered are Euro V compliant.

Other wondrous features on the new SLK include the new draught-stop system called AIRGUIDE, ECO start/stop system, available Dynamic Handling package, drowsiness detection system, PRE-SAFE, and other features that makes this new roadster reliable for the driver and passenger.

My thoughts about the SLK:
The previous second-generation SLK looks more like a baby SLR McLaren because of the F1-inspired front, but now, the latest third-generation SLK now became a baby SLS AMG with some elements from the CLS mixed. This premium sports roadster from Mercedes-Benz is now armed with the world's first Magic Sky Control roof that can be brightened or shade it just the way they want.

The pricing of the new SLK 200 BlueEFFICIENCY starts at 38,675 Euros (or about 4.45 million Philippine pesos) up to 52,301 Euros (about 6.1 million Philippine pesos) for the SLK 350 BlueEfficiency 7G-Tronic variant. Sales of the new SLK will start this late March for the European market and soon in other markets. I just hope that CATS Motors will bring this new SLK to the Philippines soon.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Ford Focus Third Generation

2012 Ford Focus

2012 Ford Focus interior

The third-generation Ford Focus is now a global vehicle, meaning that North American and international markets get the same new look as part of the One Ford program.

With the Europe market offered in three trims; sedan, hatch and station wagon, the North American Focus Mk.3 offers only two body styles; a 4-door sedan and a 5-door hatchback. What matters most is that the world is all one for the all-new, third-generation, Ford Focus.

The exterior of the new Ford Focus was inspired from the Ford Fiesta, providing some aggressive stance and European design suitable for the sophomores who are looking for something that is highly competitive against the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Mazda Axela/3, Mitsubishi Galant Fortis/Lancer, Subaru Impreza, or even the Kia Forte/Cerato and the Hyundai Avante/Elantra.

The interior of the new global Focus is highly improved to make it premium with some added premium features suitable for the savvy drivers. The available 8-inch LCD touch screen with MyFord Touch system is made for those who need to look for some directions, stay up-to-date with the latest news, or just listening to some music.

The global Focus comes with the new 2.0L Ti-VCT GDI I-4 engine that gains a power output of 160hp/6500rpm, torque output of 146lb. ft. /4450rpm, and it has a fuel economy of 36mpg highway on the 5-speed manual grade and 38mpg highway on the 6-speed PowerShift automatic with SelectShift manual control. In some states, an available Partial Zero Emission engine option for the 2.0L Ti-VCT GDI l-4 engine is available to make it more of an American eco-car.

The global Focus comes with the new Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS), which is great on your cornering preferences and with the Pull-Drift Compensation technology, you'll find less hassles on turning various corners. To eliminate the causes of under-steering, the new Torque Vectoring Control system is added for transferring the torque for optimum grip. Other cornering enhancers include the AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control, anti-lock brakes, and sport-tuned suspension.

My thoughts about the Focus:
Finally, the new third-generation Focus is now made to be a global vehicle, settling the differences since the 2nd-generation Focus that has separate tastes from the US and in the global market. Thanks to the One Ford program, this latest Focus is made to make it "The world is all one", providing some world class design, world class performance, and everything world class to appeal most drivers who had it with their Corollas, Civics, or even the Chevrolet Cruze as well!

I expect that this new global Focus will hit the Philippines soon if FGP has the chance.

Photo: Ford Motor Company

Uh oh...Ferrari FF's first mistake...

Uh-oh! British automobile magazine ,Car Magazine, made a first mistake on the already sold-out Ferrari FF shooting brake. Jethro Bovingdon, who works for Car Magazine, test drives the Ferrari FF, the Prancing Horse's first 4WD shooting brake, when suddenly during his first impressions, THUD! He blows the F-word and this means trouble...

Did the FF crashed? As the video said "We crashed the new 230,000 British Pound Ferrari FF", so I think it was a minor flaw for Ferrari's first hatchback.

It's up to you to think if that FF as seen on Car Magazine video crashed or not...

OVERKILL! Ferrari LMP Motorsport Ika-Musume F430!

Ferrari LMP Motorsport Ika-musume F430 '11

Oh my gosh! Another itasha racecar coming at the Super GT! This time, a GT300 class Ferrari F430 for the Super GT sports an itasha courtesy of Ika-Musume! Geso!!!!

What an overkill to see another itasha car coming since the Hatsune Miku BMW Z4, Good Smile Racing Porsche, and the Evangelion Racing Team Corolla Axio!

What do you guys think? Geso-worthy?

It's too eccentric for an Italian racer sporting some Ika-musume decal but because of that, most of them will call it "Ika-sha" because of the Ika-musume itasha!

Hey, looks like someone who's playing Forza 3 may try to recreate this kind of itasha straight to their race-spec F430!

More ohtistic aerobics!

Before summer in the Philippines became officially official, they were indulged in the laughter served from the March 25 episode of TV5's Lokomoko U such as;

- Gags at the poor village

- MORE Ohtistic Aerobics with Princess Ryan, Luningning, Milagring, and Mariposa!

- Meet a monkey named Enchong Go and ask some questions about this chimp on a sketch called "Unggoy Ungguyan"!

Enchong Go

 - More WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYHOW?! Here are some funny lines offered on that segment;

Question 1: Ako ay tunay na pinagpala, laging pinagpapala at patuloy na pinagpapala!
Answer: Construction worker

Question 2: Time, I've been passing time watching trains go by!
Answer: Guard ng LRT

Question 3: Iniiyakan mo pa ang pagkatay sa akin pero gusto mo naman ang ginagawa mo!
Answer: Sibuyas

Question 4: I lied!
Answer: Miriam Defensor

Question 5: Sige subukan mo ngang tumakbo pag bakal ang sapatos mo!
Answer: Kabayo

Question 6: When will I see you again?
Answer: Stevie Wonder

Question 7: Naalala mo lang ako tuwing masama ang loob mo tapos iiwan mo nanaman akong nag iisa!
Answer: Inidoro

Question 8: Sige magpakasawa ka! Alam ko namang katawan ko lang ang habol mo!
Answer: Hipon

"Nakakabusog, nakakalusog!"

Right on! Right before spending their summer vacation across the Philippines, they got laughed by March 25 episode of Bubble Gang such as;

- "Naliligaw tayo" gags got themselves lost behind for fun!

- Get to know more about K-POP's newest sensation, D'Wonder Boys!

D'wonder boys!

- Not all "Free Wi-Fi" is literally free for someone who has a temptation of Wi-Fi

- More Balitang News coming right at ya from Elueterio Ignacio and Electronic Ignition!

Balitang News

- Bubble Gang does Bear Brand! They spoofed the commercial of Bear Brand Busog Lusog Family Cereal Drink and gagged as Bear Blonde Busog Lusog! Nakakabusog! Nakakalusog! Try na!

Bubble Gang does Bear Brand!

- Cheche and Bureche at the zoo! Huh, looks like Bureche got attacked by the Giant Killer Gorilla on the loose!

Cheche and Bureche at the zoo

- Rewind back at the prehistoric times to see such a poisonous plant

- Rewind also back to see how a...oh well, anyway he throw something and let a fast-running caveman catch it but the fast-running caveman was eaten by a dinosaur!

- Looks like there's no hugging manner at the bed...

- Pouring free gravy on the rice? Hanging a camera (not using?) for your style? Middle-aged people wearing bright and colorful sandals? That's just too degrading to the public. Speaking of degrading, they're too annoying. And what do you do if you see something annoying? SUMBONG SUMBONG KAY BONGGANG BONGGANG BONGBONG!

- Episode 2 of Beke King, the gagged version of The Baker King! On this episode, we witnessed how Lat-Gu (Ogie Alcasid), Diegob (Michael V), and Melisya (Jackie Rice) made the most appealing bread that appeals more than Mader (Boy 2 Quizon).

Melisya's bear bread

Diegob's doll man bread

Lat-gu's Tina-pie

- IyoTube in Mariah Carey's Through the Rain

- The now-separate Siamese Twins want to be "stuck together"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Together Japan

Since the March 11 Great Tohoku Earthquake that destroyed most of our lives, making us worthless and we are almost giving up hope, Kojima Productions, the production crew famous for the Metal Gear franchise, launched a special site that give us some motivation and to make Japanese people "think positive" and "never quit" in the series of unfortunate events. This site was called Together Japan.

Just what Snake from MGS said that it's a time for a new hope, Kojima Productions provided us some "motivational" Kanji symbols, "Together Japan" kisekae icons on your Twitter profile pics, and some illustrations from your favorite Kojima Productions characters with a message from the illustrators that given us "hope" to "think positive" and "never quit" in Japan's dark times.

When this special site was first launched, there was a illustration of Ken Marinaris from Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (日本名: ANUBIS: ZONE OF THE ENDERS) drawn by Nobuyuki Nishimura with some motivational words in Japanese that I can't tell what it is but I think these will motivate desperate Japanese people in these dark times. Later on, the "Together Japan" illustration gallery added Django and Sabata from Boktai games, ANUBIS main character Dingo Egret, IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-han), and two Snake illustrations from Yoji Shinkawa; the first one has a message from Shinkawa himself that is very "motivational", and the second one that says "Hearts are made of Metal!!", making it the most motivational in the illustration gallery. There will be more to come!

Added also is the motivational lines that can be downloaded and can be a perfect ringtones.

In Japan's dark times, the courage of Japanese people are always solid. They will never quit no matter what and they will keep on fighting not for their home country but for themselves.

3/30/11 UPDATE: Mobile site open! A motivational audio quote from Mei Ling (CV: Houko Kuwashima) is now added to the list of motivational audio quotes and its now available for download!

3/31/11 UPDATE: Kanji for "HOPE" and "LOVE" now added! Motivational illustration starring Two-Han Princess are now added.

4/4/11 UPDATE: Audio quotes can be accessible on the mobile site. Check out the motivational words written in Japanese by Akio Otsuka (Snake from MGS series), Kikuko Inoue (Rose from MGS2 and MGS4, The Boss in MGS3, Sunny from MGS4, and Chico from MGSPW), and Tomokazu Sugita (Kaz from MGSPW).

7/21/11 UPDATE: Animated kanji now online and downloadableBadges with motivational Kanji now on sale exclusively at Konamistyle for 1260 Japanese Yen each, starting July 28!

「ハヤテのごとく!」のマリア - 100のヴィ学

Elegant and cute


This Sega Prize figure was debuted in early 2010 alongside with Hermione Ayasaki for a limited time as an arcade prize. Just like that, it was going, going, gone but I managed to get a hold of it from a Japan surplus since January.

It's her special ROUTINE!

Highly impressive for a highly-skilled maid of the Sanzenin household and her nekomimi look really hits the spot. Whatever the heck is, she still looks cute in any direction.

The Hakuo Captains

TAAMAH! It looks perfect with Hinagiku Katsura alongside. It's up you to decide who's cute...

How do you do, Master?

She looks elegant and cute for a professional maid but anyway, sorry for cutting this 100のヴィ学 short because I have plenty of time performing body search on her and who cares she could just kick me. LOLZ. No seriously, I had fun with this figure.

Kite-making and Ukay-ukay

Kuya Art makes a kite

Earlier on the March 25 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings, we got another art lesson from John Prats as Michael Chachapingao a.k.a Kuya Art, the Art Throb, on how to make a kite. Huh, nobody got it how but anyway, this looks cool with a design.

Everybody likes Ukay-ukay!

A troubled worker from the department store wrote a letter to Pokwang as Ate Etang on Dear Etang. Her problem was why did most people can't buy the clothes they tried at the fitting room and left a trace of body odor on it. Then Ate Etang gave her a tip so those who are working at the department store, listen up:

First off, try to make gulo-gulo or mess up the clothes, then add a sign that says "Ukay-Ukay" and it will attract more customers because we, Filipinos, love Ukay-Ukay!

Anyway, enough kites and ukay-ukay, what matters is,


I have a weird suspicion about this Multiply blog...

Angela and Jerome Multiply blog
on Green Rose

Notice something? This was some kind of a Multiply blog made by Angela Tuazon (Anne Curtis) on the Philippine version of Green Rose. As it says "Angela and Jerome", this was made in collaboration with her and Jerome Delgado (Jericho Rosales).

Suspicious? I think it was too suspicious why there was a Multiply blog set by a fictional character. Go ahead, look for that, it won't do any good looking for this "Angela and Jerome" Multiply blog. LOL

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The many faces of Godzilla

Song played on my Personal BGM: Athena Main Theme by Lee Dong-jun
From the album: Athena -Goddess of War- OST Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

The reason why most car enthusiasts from across the globe called the Nissan GT-R or Skyline GT-R Godzilla is this; if Godzilla (known in Japan as Gojira) is the king of monsters, the Nissan GT-R is the king of Japanese sports cars because of the engine that roars like Godzilla. Those three letters are always the stuff of legend in the JDM world. In Gran Turismo 5, we are often getting to know more about the legendary king of JDM.

R32 GT-R in Tsukuba

Seen here is the third-generation Skyline GT-R, which the chassis code is R32, and it was produced from 1989-1994. Most notable for being armed with the 2.6L RB26DETT engine and equipped with the ATTESA E-TS, Nissan's All Wheel Drive system with electronic torque split. The design of the R32 was penned by Nanganori Ito. Variants of this model include the base model, V-Spec, and V-Spec II. 

My 100のヴィ学: It looks okay for the R32 GT-R. At least what I can say is that the way the R32 behaves is just more of an original beast. Common known fact that this was driven by Night Kids' Takeshi from Initial D and Reina Akikawa and Koichi Hiramoto from Wangan Midnight. The reason why I pick an N1 version of the R32 because it looks more similar to Reina's R32 GT-R.

TRIADS! No wait, Triads drive black R33 GT-R models

From 1995-1998, Nissan transformed the R32 into the R33 Skyline GT-R, adopting the slogan "Minus 21 second roman" because of the Nurburgring lap time of 7:59:000 meaning that's 21 seconds faster than the R32's lap time of 8:20:000. With the same RB26DETT engine, the R33 got an improved ATTESSA E-TS that was called ATTESA E-TS Pro all wheel drive system, which contains LSD. The R33 GT-R was designed by Kozo Watanabe.

My 100のヴィ学: I've seen this R33 as the Chinese Triads' gang car on The Getaway, driven by the R200 Club and Takayuki Kuroki from Wangan Midnight and occasionally, this was rarely appeared in Philippine dramas. For instance, in the second book of Kristine, Rafael Rosell, as Marco, drove a modified R33 GT-R, then a red R33 GT-R appeared on Momay and it was driven by Justin/Jay-Jay's rival, Gary, who is the son of Auntie Hillary. My perception about the R33 GT-R is that it has something that the R32 couldn't achieve such as being more faster, stronger, and badder than its predecessor. Variants include are the Base, V-Spec, special edition LM Limited, and the Nismo 400R, which is a Nismo-modified version of the R33 GT-R.

God Foot vs. Kuroki

This here is my favorite Skyline GT-R of them all, and this is surely a quick fire thing that made them called it Godzilla, the R34 GT-R. Produced in 1999-2002, this is its ultimate form and it was still designed by Kozo Watanabe, who is behind the R33 design. with the same ATTESSA-ETS Pro and the RB26DETT engine, I think this ultimate GT-R has something that the R33 left. Despite it was discontinued in 2002, the R34 is still popular with JDM fans.

My 100のヴィ学: Driven by "God Foot" Hoshino from Initial D 4th Stage, personal car from Yamamoto from Wangan Midnight, incidental car on 2 Fast 2 Furious, this Godzilla is widely popular in popular culture that's for true. The reason why I love the R34 GT-R, it made me more like God Foot because the R34 GT-R can be somewhat fun to tear down all corners. Trust me, I've experienced it all the time when I got approached to this menacing beast. Anyway, the variants consisting of the base, V-Spec, V-Spec II, M-Spec, V-Spec II Nur, and the M-Spec Nur. The Nur variants are the special final variants just before the R34 and the Skyline GT-R's demise in 2002.

Before the R35:

Future GT-R in Tokyo

Before the Nissan R35 GT-R debuted in 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, let's rewind six years ago at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, where Nissan, headed by Carlos Ghosn now and then, unveiled what would the 21st century GT-R would look like and this time the names Skyline and GT-R will be separate. Then it begins...

At the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan redesigned the GT-R concept even further by introducing another concept that is "almost ready" to be on production form, which is called the GT-R Proto.

GT-R Proto in Bern Market Street

The design of the GT-R Proto is more feisty than the 2001 GT-R concept, but the process may take some time before its late 2007 premiere.

GT-R Spyshot? Indeed it was because of the Black Mask

Days after days, even when spyshots of this car occurred all the time, Nissan tries to perfect every angle this GT-R has. From the circuit-racing world, the Shutokou, and any other roads, this car tries to perfect its angle and now the awakening,

The R35 GT-R achieved its dream to battle
the Shutokou

At the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, "THE LEGEND IS REAL" because Nissan unveiled the R35 Nissan GT-R to the public and the crowd loves its comeback. It received the all new VR38DETT 3.8L V6 BiTurbo engine plus more new features that gives Godzilla a legendary stage to rage through. As what the in-game description says, the launch not only take place at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show but also simulcast online via Gran Turismo. It even gained a promotional role at GT5 Prologue as the main character car.

My 100のヴィ学: Fast fact that actor Richard Gutierrez drove one R35 GTR until this car was crashed and caused Richard Gutierrez to face some raps at the public because of his assistant's death. Anyway, forget about that and WHOA! This is how Godzilla became since its Tokyo debut in 2007! The power, the atrocity, the sound, I love it! What upsets me is the cornering because of its heavy body. I guess this is how GT-R accidents occur because of its heavy body.

R35 GT-R Spec V hanging out
at Shoren-in, Kyoto

In the winter of 2009, Nissan pushes Godzilla a little further with the introduction of the Spec V variant. The GT-R Spec V features the same, untouched, VR38DETT engine and a 6-speed semi-auto transmission, but it packs a high-geared boost, improved exhaust system for improved cooling and air flow, carbon brakes, redesigned Bilstein suspension, forged wheels, aero and cooling enhancements, and carbon bucket seats. The GT-R Spec V is 60kg lighter than the base GT-R because 1680kg is lesser than 1740kg, It's true that Godzilla's biggest enemy is Godzilla itself. In late 2009, it made an appearance at Gran Turismo PSP as a purchasable car.

My 100のヴィ学: I've been toying around with the R35 for 4 years and still it satisfies me, even with this lighter Spec V variant.

And now, here's a little something I got, the Nissan GT-R Spec-V GT Academy Version!

For academic purposes only, not for
city slicking!

Same specs from the Spec-V, only this time, you'll see the exterior dressed in GT Academy livery. To get this GT Academy Version GT-R Spec V, finish all 10 Super License tests in Gold, that's it.

I guess Godzilla keeps on evolving and learning how to use them all in Gran Turismo 5 is all up to you.

Hook on tight! And spit out something round!


On the March 24 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings, the kasambahay can't find something to hang it on the bathroom. Because of that, Kuya Jobert as Alpha Bert is here to help! The problem about this, how to hang something on the bathroom door? Get a book, and by book, that's the word of the day, BOOK. Then, replace B with H, and you have a HOOK to hang with! Another being was saved by Alpha Bert, the super hero who doesn't have numbers but letters that solve your problems!

Art Throb makes a paper sun

After that, we got another art session with John Prats, as Kuya Art, the Art Throb. He teaches us how to make a paper sun. It takes cutting and blowing off and poof!

And by the way, there was another Magic Singh trick on that episode. He hides something round on his hands and guessing where's the round part. It's not on his left nor his right, but POW RIGHT AT THE KISSER! It's on your mouth! Yeah, and what about that?

That ball's too big to choke,
Magic Singh

Nah, too big to choke the victim, Magic Singh...

Huh, look's like Bubble Gang's Ruffa Mae affected from the PAL Bomb Scare (which is a hoax, but it explains a lot)

"A trans-Pacific flight of flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) was delayed for some 5 hours on Tuesday night because of a bomb threat. The PR 104 flight from Manila to San Francisco City had to be secured when it landed in the US city after PAL workers received a phone call about a supposed bomb inside the plane. Among the passengers. But the bomb threat turned out to be a hoax. Among the passengers were Filipino celebrities Rufa Mae Quinto, Arnel Pineda, and Gloria Sevilla."

My Comment: Huh, looks like Ruffa Mae "Booba" Quinto was affected on that news. Even Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda is... Good thing, this bomb scare is just a hoax. Hope these artists are safe while taking a break at San Francisco...

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG 2nd-Generation

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG
Based on the second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class on sale in January 2011, the new CLS63 AMG is the elite 4-door sports coupe tuned by the elite Mercedes-Benz tuning arm, AMG. Despite the "63" naming, the new CLS63 AMG offers the new high-performance M157 5.5L V8 BiTurbo engine that creates an astonishing power output of 525PS, torque output of 700 N·m, top speed of 250 km/h , and can accumulate 4.4 seconds at the 0-100km run.

Just like the other AMG vehicles designating the "63" marque, the new CLS63 AMG is armed with the 7-speed AMG Speedshift MCT (Multi-Clutch Technology) transmission complete with fun-to-shift paddle shifters. The AMG Speedshift MCT transmission four different modes such as Comfort, Sport, Sport plus, and Manual, allowing the driver to choose which type is best suited on most driving conditions. Comfort is more preferable for those who are taking normal trips but the best part is the Manual mode, best suited on racing conditions.

My thoughts about the CLS63 AMG:
The second-generation CLS63 AMG is truly the darker side of the second-generation CLS-Class. This high-performance 4-door coupe truly expresses itself with its AMG suspension, AMG Speedshift MCT transmission, new M157 5.5L V8 BiTurbo engine, aggressive front view inspired from the SLS AMG, and the fresh dark interior only real men would want to be tempted by the temptation of darkness.

Ready to tackle most to the Autobahn, the racetracks, Shutokou, or touge, the new CLS63 AMG can be somewhat a German wrecking machine that has a forced to be reckoned with and its design flow truly captures the artisan spirit.

It's like revenge is a dish best served cold to the competitors.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Philippine Getaway...?

BMW MINI Crossover '11

Whether if its ready to take flight, take an emergency getaway when your baby's about to pee, order some sushi and slide it on the multi-functional center rail, looking for some wool, or just to multiply this car for the flow, you can't blame it on the BMW Mini Countryman (known in the JDM market as the BMW Mini Crossover).

Slated for an April Fool's Day release (April 1, which explains a lot), official Mini distributor, British United Automobiles, announced the pricing of this Mini Crossover starting at 2.38 million Philippine pesos for the Mini Cooper Countryman (chassis code: ZA16) up to 3.15 million Philippine pesos for the range-topping Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 (Chassis Code: ZC16).

Smells expensive but whatever. It's ready to getaway for April Fools!

Some cool commercials from General Motors!

Just before the American Le Mans Series started at Sebring last weekend, I noticed that General Motors aired a Corvette ZR1 commercial that said that they downgraded the ZR1's mighty LS9 engine to about 168 HP just to make it equal to the Sebring competitors.

That's not seem to be bad but the ALMS-spec ZR1 lost to a bunch of ALMS-spec BMW M3s. Anyway, it was a fair fight while it lasted for "THE FASTEST CORVETTE THAN EVER" at the ALMS at Sebring International Raceway.

Meanwhile, moments later, during the NCAA March Madness commercial break, there was a commercial for the turbocharged Buick Regal Turbo!


European-born and turbocharged. This is the kind of Regal we want...

Launch date of the new Prius wagon variant also hits a snag

After the delay of the Honda Fit Shuttle due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake, Toyota Motor Corporation also delayed the late April launch of the new wagon variant of the Prius (name still unknown yet) in Japan as well because of the manufacturing plant problems!


I don't believe this, first the Fit Shuttle, and now the unnamed Prius variant (in a form of a wagon or minivan, or whatever the heck is). The Great Tohoku Earthquake may have plunged the debutantes but I hope when the situation is back to normal (especially the Fukushima Daiichi plant dilemma), I hope these two will debut in Japan someday....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chinese Top Gear is no bootleg, but remains true to the original version's roots

Chinese version of The Stig

Is this it? This is the Chinese version of BBC's ultra popular motoring magazine show, Top Gear?

This claims to be their is the first 15-minute clip of the Chinese Top Gear, called Zui Gao Dang. As observed, there was the Cadillac SLS vs. the donkey, then there was the Chinese Stig!

What could it be? Well, even it is Chinese, it's still sticking true to the original version's roots.

Bumblebee's Chinese name will be Ke Mai Luo? (WHAT?!)

Chevrolet Camaro SS '10

What? General Motors decided to bring the fifth-generation Camaro (famous for being Bumblebee in the two Transformers movie and coming back on Transformers: Dark of the Moon coming this 3rd quarter 2011) to the People's Republic of China under a weird Chinese name; Ke Mai Luo (科迈罗).

Personally I think Ke Mai Luo is what Camaro is in Simplified Chinese but honestly, we don't what it is but GM claims it is a very "sonorous Chinese name". Most of them would Google translate "Ke Mai Luo" but nothing worked.

Anyway, this isn't the first time Bumblebee hits Asia. The Philippines, Japan, and South Korea (via GM Korea) were the Asian countries to get Bumblebee. The only offering is the 3.6L V6 engine and comes with a 6-speed auto or a 6-speed manual.

Let's see if Bumblebee makes a successful China debut under his new name Ke Mai Luo...

Bang Candies and bad underarm odors at the mall elevators

"May Halimaw!"

James Bang must save the little girl
from a candy-stealing ruffian

Ryan Bang, as James Bang, woke up from his sweet slumber for his biggest mission; stop the ruffian from getting the little girl's candy.

The ruffian said he want to be a kid again because of the little girl's candy. James Bang has one candy to end all candies! The Bang Candy!

Bang Candy

The Bang Candy can turn a tough ruffian into a little kid!

From tough guy...


...into little boy!

Handy! Man, I wish I want the Bang Candy so I can be a kid again! Hey, we all want to be kids again, right?

"Sorry Ate Etang, wrong chair"

Then, Pokwang, as Ate Etang, read a letter from someone on Dear Etang. This time, it's not from a kasambahay but someone who works at a mall.

Frustrated elevator lady

At first, working at the elevator sounds fun but as it gets longer, you got frustrated because of the people riding on the elevator with their foul underarm odor (or what we Filipinos said; mabaho na kilikili). Ate Etang's advice;

1) If you noticed someone who's taking a ride on the elevator with his/her bad underarm odor, tell him/her that this elevator's overloaded.

2) If you noticed someone who's taking a ride on the elevator with his/her bad underarm odor, tell him/her that this elevator's broken.

3) If steps 1 and 2 not working, wear a gas mask.

Elevator lady wearing a gas mask

Hmph... I would just go escalators instead of elevators at the malls next time. Those people with bad excess underarm odor would kill me if I ride in elevators at the malls. LOLZ ;-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Accent Wit and Veloster

2012 Hyundai Accent Wit

2012 Hyundai Veloster

The latest Hyundai hatchbacks of 2011, the Hyundai Accent Wit and the Hyundai Veloster, are just one of the coolest Korean hatchbacks I've ever seen. These are targeted for the "Raining Men" in South Korea, and it depends on their own discriminative tastes. The Accent Wit is the "Guy's Special" and the Veloster is the "Premium Unique Vehicle" under the new Hyundai communication brand, Premium Youth Lab, designed for young drivers' discriminative tastes and preferences.

First off, the Accent Wit is the hatchback version of the Accent RB (known as the Verna or the Solaris in Russia) that was launched on November 2010. The Wit was launched in early March 2011 along with the introduction of the 1.6-litre CRDi-VGT variant of the Accent RB.

My best pick on the Accent Wit is the 1.6-litre CRDi-VGT 6MT variant the reason why I pick this variant is because of the VG Turbo, Common Rail Diesel technology (is what we Filipinos love), and the fun-to-shift 6-speed manual transmission.

I guess this combo between VG Turbo, Common Rail Diesel, and 6-speed manual transmission, is just the right stuff for Filipino Hyundai fanatics like us to drool all over for anticipation, waiting for HARI's response if they will bring the diesel variant of the new Accent soon. Come on HARI, hit us up with this cool variant!

Second, there was the Veloster. Based on the 2007 Veloster concept, the eccentric 1+2 door (one at the left, two at the right) is just the most confusing part on this hatchback coupe, but the Veloster is neither a coupe nor a hatchback. It is a "Premium Unique Vehicle" created under the new banner of Premium Youth Lab, keeping the "New Thinking, New Possibilities" slogan fresh, alive, and kicking very well. With the limited availability of 18,000 units in South Korea, most men would have to rush in to this hot hatch before it's gone for good.

Armed with the Gamma 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) engine, and mated with either a 6-speed auto or a 6-speed manual, the Veloster is just one of the finest Korean hatchbacks most enthusiasts would love to indulge. Because of the limited availability, I think HARI can't bring the Veloster to the Philippines and besides, our fuel's too dirty for its advanced GDi engine.

Regarding that whole "Premium Youth Lab" thing, Veloster owners can participate in their BLU PYL Membership, where they get treated like royalty, and in other words, Veloster owners who are BLU Premium Youth Lab members receive special perks and privileges. This applies only to South Korea.

Deciding which Hyundai hatch, the Accent Wit or the Veloster, is a hard thing because not only they are hot, they are special in any ways. I just hope these two may come in the Philippines someday.

Grab hair by the horns!

Grab life by the horns, Rasheed!

HARA HARA KING KING! Another Magic Singh happened on the March 22 episode of Banana Split! On that episode, Magic Singh showed us a new magic trick; he wanted us to imagine what kind of animal is it when we closed our eyes. We can't say it but only Magic Singh can say it. If you think that's wrong, Magic Singh will turn you into the animal that was once Magic Singh predicted your guess! MAGIC!

"Hair dye? I thought you said Hair Die!"

Also, there was another letter read by Ate Etang on Dear Etang. This letter was written by a fired kasambahay who thinks "Hair Dye" is "Hair Die". Get it? Hair Die! The hairstyle of the dead! HA! HA! HA! Next time, pay close attention.

Kuya Keem and the "real" Ryan Bang

Also, Mutanglawin's Kuya Keem brings on Ryan Bang (and take note, the real Ryan Bang, not the Igor Stojokovic Krystic kind of Ryan Bang) to show what is a trap. Turns out Ryan Bang was succumbed on the trap and got speared! OUCH! That's gotta hurt.

Drinking softdrinks on the wine glass

"Your rice taste good!"

Sari-sari store saleslady

Are you drinking soft drink in a wine glass? Are you appreciated from the rice cooked from your girlfriend? Are you dressed in a saleslady uniform but working in the sari-sari store business? Three simple words; ANG O.A. MO!
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