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Dodge Grand Caravan Fifth Generation Minor Change

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan interior

If the revised Mk.5 Chrysler Town and Country made it more like an Americanized Alphard, then the revised Mk.5 Dodge Grand Caravan made it more like an Americanized Vellfire for sure. The sporty character of the Dodge Grand Caravan appeals younger buyers looking for some stylish minivans and this latest minor change made it more aggressive to appeal more adventurous buyers.

Armed with the revised front face packed with the new Dodge signature grille, it is pretty much to say that the revised Mk.5 Dodge Grand Caravan packs a punch to bring out its true potential of being the most stylish minivan ever made for the American clients. Good thing the new grille got it more astonishing than the boring front from the previous pre-facelift model.

Four grades are offered on the 2011 Grand Caravan such as the Express grade that is the basic grade with introductory features, Mainstreet grade that is an advanced version of the Express grade, then the luxurious Crew grade packs with everything premium, and the sporty R/T grade that carries the same features from the Crew grade and adds more sportiness on the outside to inside.

No matter which grade you are on, you can still get the standardly new Pentastar V6 3.6L engine that delivers the fuel economy of 17/25mpg. Power output is 283hp/6400rpm and it comes with a 6-speed AT.

My thoughts about the Grand Caravan:
The powerful face of the facelifted Mk.5 Dodge Grand Caravan brings out the eye of the tiger to the young drivers, under the new Dodge concept of Never Neutral. I guess I can't tell which of the two minivans, the Chrysler Town and Country/Grand Voyager and the Dodge Grand Caravan, can capture more minivan buyers from North America. The Chrysler Town and Country is built for luxuriousness and the Dodge Grand Caravan is designed for sporty elegance. It's up to you to decide which of these two is your pick.

Photo: Chrysler Group, LLC.

Chrysler Town and Country/Grand Voyager Fifth Generation Minor Change

2011 Chrysler Town and Country

2011 Chrysler Town and Country interior

The revised fifth-generation Chrysler Town and Country (known in Europe as the Chrysler Grand Voyager) brings this American take of Hyundai Grand Starex to a completely new level of premium luxury. The exterior sports a new trademark Chrysler grille, complete with the new Chrysler logo that is truly "Imported from Detroit", despite this minivan was made in Ontario, Canada but it truly has the heart of its Motor City citizenship. The side view can be somewhat similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 because of the silver side panels complete with the letters "CHRYSLER" spelled it out. The rear view is mildly revised complete with the new Chrysler badge on it and the letters "TOWN AND COUNTRY" spelled it out on the silver paneling. The new design makes it more luxurious and fit for a celebrity to get inside its charming minivan.

Judging from its VIP looks, the Mk.5 Town and Country minor change sports the only engine available in its range; the all-new Pentastar V6 3.6L engine, which boasts 283hp/6400rpm of power output and the EPA estimated fuel economy of 25mpg highway. It is available only with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Electronic Range Selection.

The interior was refreshed, making it more premium than the previous pre-MC model that is somewhat plain to look at it. Complete with the new redesigned analog clock, new optitron meters with information display, Two Overhead 9-Inch Video Screens (one in the 2nd row, and another one in the 3rd row), heated steering wheel, Super Stow 'n Go 2nd and 3rd row seats, Infinity Audio System, HDD Navigation System, Uconnect Voice Command, SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Backseat TV (plus one year subscription to SIRIUS), and Nappa leather-trimmed seats, rest assured that this is much more premium than the Hyundai Grand Starex Limousine, Toyota Alphard, and the Nissan Elgrand combined.

My thoughts about the TnC:

The refreshed Chrysler TnC Mk.5 is much more of an American Alphard because of the luxurious features offered. What we're going to miss is the Swivel 'n' Go seats but why the heck Chrysler Group, LLC dropped the Swivel 'n' Go for the revised Mk.5 Town and Country?

Anyway, the revised Mk.5 Chrysler Town and Country is much more better than the Hyundai Grand Starex, Toyota Alphard, and the Nissan Elgrand E52. The Koreans and Japanese are going to be upset when they encounter this. Thanks to the premium features, including two 9-inch rear monitors attached on the 2nd and 3rd row seats, needless to say that this fun to have someone watch two movies and enjoy their first-class flight to school, to work, or back home. Not only targeted for the soccer moms, but also the VIPs who are in need of luxury minivans. It should be arrived soon in Europe as the Lancia Grand Voyager soon.

Let's hope CATS Motors bring this latest minor change to the Philippines soon and I bet both the revised TnC and the Alphard go head to head on this category!

Photo: Chrysler Group, LLC.

SP1 - A very special Ferrari we wish to have

Ferrari SP1 meets Tsukuba

The special prancing horse gallops through Tokyo

Some Ferrari fans don't know what is the Ferrari SP1, but for those who didn't know how this car exists, the Ferrari SP1 is a special Ferrari F430 designed for the number one Ferrari enthusiast in Japan and also the chairman of some Ferrari Club in Japan, Mr. Junichiro Hiramatsu. Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, former Pininfarina chief stylist, this one-off special has some of the characteristics a common Ferrari don't have according to Hiramatsu-san. Only one car exists and it belongs to Junichiro Hiramatsu himself because this is a tailor-made special F430 model that revives the tradition of creating special Ferrari cars for very special clients since 1958, and this special Ferrari was created in 2008.

Striking elegance of the SP1

Beauty in the beast

We, die-hard Ferrari fans, can't get our own SP1 in real-life (because this is the "only" Ferrari exists and it belongs to a Japanese client), but in Gran Turismo 5, we can sample the first Ferrari from the Special Projects programme, created to meet the demands of very special clients, mostly Ferrari collectors, to create one-of-a-kind Ferrari cars for them. The Ferrari SP1 is listed as a Premium Tier car and it costs 1,500,000 Credits.

Blitzing through Fuji Speedway

Upon getting behind the wheel of Junichiro Hiramatsu's special Ferrari, it felt like this is more like the 430 Scuderia I drove on this game. Upon tuning Mr. Hiramatsu's SP1, it reaches 630HP, weighs 1208kg, and its Performance Points is 589. I'm pretty sure its up to you to decide how to tune your own SP1 in GT5, from the LSD, Suspension, and Brakes. It pays to discover the SP1's true potential on your own perception and your own ideas.

Racing through the corners of Suzuka Circuit

The Ferrari SP1 may be a one-off special, but it's still a Ferrari included in the game. We can't have our own in real life but in GT5, we can. Since this is a Premium Tier car, you can swap its rims and colors and do a Photo Travel with this car. The reason why I pictured this car in Japanese locations such as Suzuka, Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba, Tokyo, and Kyoto, is because to show how Japanese is this Italian one-off special. A fitting take for Mr. Junichiro Hiramatsu's special Ferrari made me jealous to have one of these...

"96 calories, 100% sarap!"

Phew! Despite all the worldwide messes happened on our lives, we're glad that only the laughter from the March 11 episode of GMA's Bubble Gang saved us all, like;

a) Graduation gags sacrificed our togas for laughs

b) Tagalog-speaking news with English translation is more hilarious to see on the BALITANG NEWS sketch! "I'm Electronic Ignition reporting" LOL

c) Bubble Gang does Lucky Me Chicken Sotanghon Lite! They gagged this commercial as Lucky Vi Supreme Chicken Sotanghon Lite! 96 calories, 100% sarap!

Bubble Gang does Lucky Me Supreme!

d) A hold-up gone "Twenty Pesos" problem at the dark.

e) Do graduates suffer from superstitions? I don't think so...

f) Cheche and Bureche meets Chacha (Gwen Zamora), a softie but toughie.

Cheche and Bureche meets Chacha

g) We guess this woman is too choosy for something...

h) Before retiring a maid, something foul is happening...

i) A puppet on a court hearing? This looks crazy...

j) IyoTube with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill

k) SWEET! Another Misspelling Gee! Check out the words misspelled by the contestants!

1) Requirement - Requrremente

2) Specimen - Easepeecayman

3) Protein - Purootane

4) Choir - Tschooaireeye

5) Geometry - Idiometry

6) Amputate - Iamphoohtousetaremphthy or Ampte

Whose line is it anyhow?

Despite the troubles happened, we are glad that we are saved by the laughs offered from the March 11 episode of Lokomoko U, such as;

1) Palengke gags

2) How the cave people created a statue in honor of their hero in another episode of B.C. Bisihan

3) Guess what, another round of "Use in a sentence" jokes in another Talentadong Family! \(^o^)/

a) Fortified: Twenty years ago, I was FORTIFIED years old

b) Lion: Iha, alam mo ba kahit hindi kayo tumatawa sa mga "use it in a sentence" ko, okey lang yon. LION!

c) Bulacan: Ikaw, puro kang kasinungalingan, BULACAN ng bola dito sa asawa mo!

d) Mistake: Nagugutom na ako, MISTAKE ka ba diyan?

e) Antipolo: Iba na talaga ang fashion statement ngayon. Si Uncle, naka-palda, si ANTIPOLO naman ang suot.

f) Caloocan: Kayo lahat kapag si Mare, mga bastos ang mga pinaguusapan, tawa kayo ng tawa lahat kapag ako nag u-use it in a sentence, hindi kayo tumatawa, sumasakit ang CALOOCAN ko. Itigil ang CALOOCAN ito!

4) Lokomoko U does Whose Line Is It Anyway! They spoofed the popular game show as "Whose Line Is It... Anyhow?" OK, WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYHOW?

a) Question: Pag Nagmahal Ako, Lahat Kayo Nagagalit! Wala ba akong karapatang magmahal?

Answer: Gasolina

b) Question: Hindi lahat nang hinog matamis!

Answer: Pigsa

c) Question: Sige kalimutan mo ako nang malaman ng lahat ang baho mo!

Answer: Deodorant

d) Question: Ako na lang lagi ang pinag iinitan nyo!

Answer: Takure

e) Question: The Filipino is worth dying for

Answer: Ninoy Aquino

f) Question: Hindi lahat ng nagbabato, adik!

Answer: Darna

g) Question: Balang araw, mapapasa-akin din ang katawan mo!

Answer: Sementeryo

h) Question: Wag kang mag-alala, nandito ako lagi sa likod mo!

Answer: Pwet

i) Anong kasalanan ko sa'yo? Iniwan mo na lang akong duguan?

Answer: Napkin



Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh great, here comes "Sinking of Japan"

No, I'm not referring to some Japanese disaster movie called "Sinking of Japan" or "Japan Sinks", this is how "Japan Sinks" gotten real since I noticed the news that Japan was struck by a 8.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan! Oh my gosh, this is how the anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 gets real. (--------_____--------)

Check out the articles:

My gosh, I hope everyone in Japan are OK, especially the Filipinos reside in this earthquake-struck country. Uhhh.....

I hope nothing's wrong to the Land of the Rising Sun, otherwise, it may end up like in the movie The Sinking of Japan.

Tested by the Performance Points regulation

Ford GT40 Race Car in Monza

Since the "special" World Classic Car Series was here on the Seasonal Events section that lasts from 3/2/2011 19:00 EST to 3/16/2011 19:00 EST, I've checked it out for a while and unlike the past Seasonal Events that requires a right car with the right drivetrain but no tuning restrictions, I've been tested by the Performance Points regulation.

When I checked the Entry Requirements, not only I have to use cars from 1969 or earlier, the PP required is 550 or below. So how can I get a fast car under 550 Performance Points? My car of choice was the 1969 Ford GT40 Race Car, one of the most expensive Standard Tier cars on this game that you can get from either purchasing it at a very high price or win it in a B-Spec Endurance race. In default, this vintage racer has a Performance Points of 570, power output of 482HP, and weighs 998kg.

The problem was I cannot enter this race without the needed regulations so what I do was using the handy "Power Limiter" in the car's tuning section. I dropped the GT40 Race Car's power output to just 400 HP, giving me 547 Performance Points! With the dropped power met the PP regulations, I entered this race and I won all five races from Cape Ring, Laguna Seca, Monza, Tokyo, to the developer-generated Eifel Kart track.

My lesson was to find a car that is somewhat near 550, then use some power limiter to sacrifice power to decrease PP and the required PP should allow you to enter those strict races.

I'm sure most online players applied those strict regulations during online races.

Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw didn't get her true love...again!

Poor Mommy D!

Episode 2 of Banana Split Daily Serving's Mommy Dionesia in Love was happened earlier! In this episode, Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw falls in love with someone named Diego. However, their last tango was; Diego was a girl because of the bra. Poor Mommy D! Will Mommy Dionesia Poohkyaw find true love?

Wow! It's a baby!

Another kick-in-our-butts fun and magic with Magic Singh! This time, he shows his magic to some pregnant woman, then someone with a dog showed up and explained why Magic Singh's here. His latest magic pops the pregnant mother's baby out but turns out the dog was inside the pregnant woman! Uh-oh! LOL! HA! HA! HA! HA! A kick-in-a-pants to laugh at Magic Singh!

Ambulance crashed unexpectedly

It's hard for someone like Jinx to be SOBRANG MALAS, especially when the ambulance crashed and the blind date gone ugly. But that's okay.

Art Throb goes hardcore

After that unlikely unluckiness from Jinx, Kuya Art, the Art Throb goes hardcore as he invites the kids to see how to make a "Boat in a Bottle" with the use of bottle, thread, scissors, 11 matchsticks, glue, and silk. Huh, even the kids didn't get it how to make a "Boat in a Bottle" like what the Art Throb do.

Idling Stop variant for the new MR Wagon makes a two-way tie with Daihatsu's TNP27 Move!

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon

With the continuous rise of gas prices and with the "War Zone" getting worse, people are looking for fuel-efficient cars no matter what lifestyles they are, and there is good news for the 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon, launched since January 2011; the X variant of the MR Wagon receives the much awaited "idling stop" system which will make it a two-way tie with the king of gas-misers, the TNP27 Daihatsu Move!

Scoop (Japanese Only):

If the latest TNP27 Move has a fuel economy of 27.0km/L (10-15 Mode), the Idling Stop variant for the new MR Wagon can go further for just 27.0km/L (10-15 Mode) thanks to the idling stop system that allows the MR Wagon's R06A engine to automatically shut off when stopped during traffic.

2011 Daihatsu Move Custom

Impressive, now looks like the new MR Wagon with the idling stop function dethrones the Toyota Vitz and the Toyota Vitz dethrones the Nissan March K13, so now the three kings of low fuel consumption are the Toyota Vitz, Suzuki MR Wagon, and the Daihatsu Move, for now...

2011 Toyota Vitz RS

Never see that thing coming, but I have a probability that the TNP27 Move will soon be dethroned by some future Daihatsu based on the e:S concept as seen on the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, right now we have to make do with the latest Three Kings of TNP such as the Vitz, MR Wagon, and TNP27 Move.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hyundai Veloster

2012 Hyundai Veloster
The question Korean car enthusiasts ask when they encounter Hyundai's Premium Unique Vehicle, the Veloster, is this: is the Veloster a sports car or a 2-box hatchback?

It isn't a sports car and it isn't a 2-box hatchback. The Hyundai Veloster is a Premium Unique Vehicle created under the "New Thinking, New Possibilities" strategy. Although the Hyundai Veloster was based on the 2007 concept car at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show, the number of doors is the trickiest part of this hot hatch. On the right side view, he/she thinks that the Veloster is a 5-door but on the left side view, it has a 100% chance of thinking that it was a 3-door hatch. The honest fact is the Veloster has four doors; two at the right, one at the left, and one at the rear. An orthodox possibility happened in the first time in world car history.

2012 Hyundai Veloster interior

The interior of the Veloster is somewhat similar to the Hyundai 5G Grandeur and that is because of the Fluidic Sculpture philosophy. One main eccentric part is the engine start-stop switch was placed in the middle and not on the driver side. What an eccentric invention for the best South Korean car maker.

The main engine that powers the eccentric Veloster is the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) 1.6-litre engine. This engine creates a power output of 140hp/6300rpm and the torque output of 17kg-m/4850rpm. The 6-speed AT variant of the Veloster accumulates the fuel economy of 15.3km/L while the enthusiasts' favorite 6-speed MT variant offers a fuel economy of 16.3km/L. Aside from that, there are lots of conveniences offered on the Veloster such as Side and Curtain Airbags, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, DMB Navigation System, Vehicle Stability Management, Active Eco Assist, USB and iPod connectivity, and Climate Control.

The Veloster comes in 9 authentic exterior colors;
1) Blue Ocean
2) Sun Flower
3) Green Apple
4) White Crystal
5) Sonic Silver
6) Veloster Red
7) Vitamin C
8) Phantom Black
9) Sleek Silver

My thoughts about the Veloster:
The Hyundai Veloster is the most eccentric hatchback I have ever seen in world car history because of its odd number of doors; two in the right side, one in the left, and one in the back. If they offered this in RHD countries, the doors may also be inverted, making it two in the left and one on the right. This odd combo is part of its "Premium Unique Vehicle" status and it targets young drivers who are looking for fun. What an odd-clustered combination of sexy, smart, and coolness.

In South Korea, Hyundai limits the production and sales up to 18,000 Veloster models to keep its premium value. Sales of this eccentric model start tomorrow and soon in other countries, including the United States. I'm afraid that HARI could not bring the Veloster to the Philippines soon because of our country's dirty fuel that can't stand up to the Veloster's GDi engine.

Still, the Veloster is much more of a threat to the Renault Megane Coupe, Honda CR-Z, Citroen DS4, or even the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Who's up for some party at the Veloster?

Ate Etang read a letter from a kasambahay who doesn't know about idioms

Roses courtesy from Alpha Bert
Earlier on Banana Split Daily Servings, there was another Alpha Bert episode! In this episode, a man visited his girlfriend without presents! His girlfriend got mad at him! Who needs help? Alpha Bert will help him! That day's word is "BOSES", then replace B with a letter R and the word is "ROSES"! The boy gave his girlfriend some roses and apology accepted!

Where's the dining table?

Then, there was another Dear Etang episode, whereas Pokwang, as Ate Etang, read a letter written from a kasambahay who does not know idioms and taking it literally. When her amo said "kakain ako sa labas", she removed the dining table and placed outside. Therefore, she got fired because she doesn't know what does this idiom means and taking it literally. Ate Etang's advice is to understand first what these idioms like "kakain ako sa labas" means. Who knows, when you heard the idiom "break a leg", you could really just break a leg literary. Speaking of which, does Ate Etang's kasambahay cooking a human being?!

Ate Etang freaked out!

F1 and Pirelli don't mix according to S. Vettel

Huh, it seems after Pirelli takes place as the official Formula One partner, only one F1 driver that says he's unfit for new Pirelli F1 tires that all teams will use. This F1 driver is none other than last year's champ, Sebastian Vettel, famed for not just a 2010 F1 Champ, but he made a special appearance on Gran Turismo 5 for the Red Bull X Challenge.


According to S. Vettel, these new Pirelli F1 tires can lose grip easily. They are good for just 16 or 17 laps and it cost the pit crew 10 seconds.

I guess I understand S. Vettel's point because for him, F1 and Pirelli don't mix. Despite that, the first race is about to start this late March at Australia. Can S. Vettel keep up on this latest challenge? We hope so for Red Bull Racing's young champ.

SWEET! Lexus LFA to be featured in Fast Five!

Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA, created by Toyota Motor Corporation that is limited to 500 units worldwide, is much more famous since it was featured in XBOX 360's Forza 3 and PS3's Gran Turismo 5! Now, the Lexus LFA is going to be featured on the fifth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, called Fast Five, starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

Seen on the latest Fast Five trailer, there was a smoke-colored Lexus LFA on it! Looks like it's making its first big screen debut! Fast Five will be showing in North America this late April!

Bridgestone will be the official tire for Tuason Racing School!


No longer supplying tires for Formula One (replaced by Pirelli) and now the Indianapolis 500 (along with its Firestone subsidiary), now famous for its "Reply All" and "Carma" Super Bowl XLV ads,  Bridgestone still got high hopes for the motor sports community, and now, Tuason Racing School and Bridgestone are now soon partners.

The reason why Tuason Racing School breaking up with Goodyear because they want to move on because of the management changes. For Tuason Racing School, Bridgestone tires are made for circuit, drifting, and kart racing, unlike Goodyear which focuses on drift tires.

MY SIDE NOTE: Looks like Mr. JP Tuason's taking a visit to the Taiya Cafe! Good luck on your new partnership!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Evo says "Help me", will you help?

Like a good neighbor, the Lancer Evolution is there

Stick together, never torn apart

Guardian angel

Scared from thinking that the Evo may be ended up either dead or evolved into something boring like the Honda CR-Z, some online Evo geeks started an online petition showing that the Evo needs to be saved, not killing it, not turning into something boring, keep the Evo tradition alive.

Called "Mitsubishi, Keep the Evo Alive", this petition found at shows how much Evo geeks love the Evo so much, they wish that Mitsubishi should not axe the LanEvo or turn it into something boring.

For those who are Evo supporters, please click on to this link:


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anong klaseng bag yan?

Ryan Bang, as everyone's favorite inventor Igor Stojokovic Krystic, invented something new on Tekkie Muna from the March 8 episode of Banana Split Daily Servings!

Endlezz Bhag 2011

He invented a bag? Nope, not just any ordinary bag, it's called the ENDLEZZ BHAG 2011! How does the Endlezz Bhag 2011 (jejemonized by the word Endless Bag 2011) work? It's simple; no matter how big or small you have, the Endlezz Bhag 2011 fits them all! You can either put one, or a thousand, or even a hundred thousand items on this kind of bag! Cool! Can humans fit inside the Endless Bhag 2011? Igor Stojokovic Krystic says it does!

Rendered speculation of Manny Pacquiao with his Charice
hairdo, along with Justin Bieber (as seen on Ang TV Patrol)

And by the way, a photo-gagged photo of Manny Pacquiao sporting in Charice's hairdo with Justin Bieber appeared on some report on Banana Split's Ang TV (♪Doo Wa Diddy Diddy Dam Diddy Doo♪) Patrol. Because of some reports that Charice stacked up against Justin Bieber at J-Wave's Tokio Hot 100 Award, Pokwang imagines that Manny Pacquiao's Justin Bieber hairdo is just not fit for him and his next hairdo will end up look like Charice's. Then, a photo appeared with a gagged photo of Pacquiao's Charice hairdo together with Justin Bieber. It was photo-gagged because Pacman's head was replaced from Charice's face, giving it an artist rendition of Pacman's new hairdo that is much better than the Bieber hairdo.

Kuya Art's sand art!

Does anyone made a "Sand Art" like what Kuya Art, the Art Throb, made? I'm sure nobody made that because, nobody made it like what Kuya Art does! In positive terms, I think the Sand Art looks good!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Memories Last

Memories last

Memories Last by Maon Kurosaki (who is behind the closing theme songs from Highschool Of The Dead anime) is the second closing theme song from To Aru Majutsu no Index II (日本名:とある魔術の禁書目録Ⅱ), Upon looking on the front cover of this maxi single CD, we see Accelerator and Last Order together. Well, it's up to you to describe how do you feel on this front cover. Anyway, once you plugged this maxi-single CD at your nearest CD player, this is just one of the finest anime songs to jump-start your days and nights the Index way.

The Memories Last maxi single CD packs with the Memories Last song, Best friends, and instrumental versions of these two. The Limited Edition packs not just the audio CD, but also a special DVD packed with the Memories Last music video.

This song is the best and it's great if you want to listen this over and over again.

See visionS

See visionS

Fast-paced, hyper, and fun to listen in the ears of Index fans. See visionS is the latest single from Mami Kawada and it is the second opening theme song from To Aru Majutsu no Index II (日本名:とある魔術の禁書目録Ⅱ), the second round of the 2008 smash hit TV anime.

This maxi-single CD includes the two songs, See visionS and Don't interrupt me, two instrumental versions of these, plus a very special track, which is none other than the 2011 version of the theme song from the 1st season, PSI-missing, titled PSI-missing 2011 remix!

The song fuses more on techno and pop, and with the combined vocal from Mami Kawada, the sense of enjoyment made this song indulged Index fans for more. That's just plain perfect for those who are catching up Index II. It's impressive to say that this new opening song is even more active than No buts!

Not just the music CD offered but also the special DVD packed with the music video of See visionS!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alpheon World Class Owner's View

GM Korea Alpheon '11

Face it, even where you're in the North America, China, or in South Korea, it's good to say that the Buick LaCrosse/GM Korea Alpheon is truly a world class luxury sedan that is the new class of world class. The design and silence of the LaCrosse or Alpheon truly stands out against European and Japanese luxury cars, even the BMW and Lexus.

Now, what would the Japanese and the Germans said when they encounter the LaCrosse/Alpheon luxury sedan? Last February, GM Korea launched a test drive event to those who owned a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Audi. It was made to check how does the Alpheon stacks up against the European and Japanese luxury cars of this category.

Pretty much to say that the Europeans and the Japanese who've indulged in the GM Korea Alpheon/Buick LaCrosse made them like this car because of its World Class Design and World Class Silence.

I hope I'll find either the LaCrosse or Alpheon as a grey import at Subic and see the difference.

Get stranded no more with some laughs!

James Bang vs. the holdupper

Aside from the "Stranded on deserted island" jokes and the Hot Issue offered on the March 5 episode of Banana Split, there was another James Bang mission! This time, it's James Bang versus the holdupper. To kick the butt out of the robber, one gadget is offered for James Bang and its called the Bang Magnet!

Bang Magnet
Ridiculous about that magnet. I thought this was going to attract the robber's knife, but this magnet is used to smack the robber's head, getting back James Bang's boss' wallet but wait, there's no money here! What just happened? Then boss appeared on the photo and said that she made utang out of James Bang. So what? Mission Complete? LOL

Kuya Jobert's back for your questions!

Jobert's back for some questions he like to answer for you in another ASK JOBERT. Questions spoke by the public, and Jobert answers them in a ridiculously funny kind of way.

Kuya Keem does the mirror scene from
Black Swan!

John Prats, as Kuya Keem, on Mutanglawin, discusses us about ballet, Black Swan, and the mirror scene from Black Swan. It's okay, even in TV, the mirror scene could be somewhat special and (LOL), Kuya Keem's freaked out because his reflection is different!

Magic Singh's sword magic gone tragic

After Kuya Keem freaked out on the mirror, Magic Singh freaked us out with his sword magic. Looks like his sword magic ended up in a freaked-out accident when he unknowingly stabbed someone from behind! TRAGIC!

It's fun to watch Banana Split every late Saturday nights! 

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