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Both the SLS AMG and the LFA are my favorite dream exotics because of its monstrous performance. Upon every Forza 3 owners obtained the special Stig's Garage Pack as a prize or as a exclusive DLC in the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection, in stores now, owners can now take a joyride either the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Lexus LFA. Trust me, I tried both of these, and the results may differ from every car enthusiasts (and video game addicts).


First off, I tried the SLS AMG. At first, the engine sound of the SLS AMG's 6.2L V8 engine seems a bit harsh. The rough sound of this engine made me disappointed, but the urge of being a fun-to-drive exotic made me tickled by its desire. Cornering is a bit OK for me, as long as you need the right timing, and the right concentration to turn the Gullwing at any necessary corners. Feel free to ask how does the SLS AMG behaves in both real life and in video games, including Forza 3 and the upcoming Gran Turismo 5.


Time to hop inside the LFA! Upon trying the LFA, I can feel Mr. Hiromu Naruse's soul flowing through my hands. The LFA's 1LR-GUE (5.0-litre V10) engine packs a impressive sound and an astonishing performance. There is no way the Lexus LFA is quicker than the SLS AMG! For that, I really love the way the LFA moves. It's like a soul of motion drifting through my overall enthusiasm!

I prefer the Lexus LFA than the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG because the performance, the style, and the quality, its impressive that the LFA is much more of a exotic than the SLS AMG. I'll give a double thumbs up to Toyota Motor Corporation for creating this one-of-a-kind Lexus LFA! As I wondering, the SLS AMG is on sale at CATS Motors since its Philippine debut at the 2010 Philippine International Motor Show. The LFA? Sources said Toyota Motor Philippines and Lexus Manila will bring just one in one color, WHITE, at a hefty price of over 40 million Philippine Pesos.

Thanks to the DLC from Forza 3 Ultimate Collection, everyone can try both of these! I wonder what will I react if both of these appear on GT5...

Bata, Bata, Tayo'y Tumula again...

What just happened in the November 19 episode on TV5's Lokomoko U

- Gags involve in a game of bingo

- Another round of Pinoy Brainless with J.C. and Rainier

- Another episode of Bahaw, Ikalawang Hain that Pinky (Diane Medina) is pregnant?! After so much pictionary guesses and mishaps, Doc (Rainier Castillo) check ups Pinky and he told that Pinky is pregnant.

- Back at the prehistoric drawing board please because there was another episode of B.C. Bisihan, showcasing how the guitar was invented in the prehistoric times.

- Eh? Another "Bata, Bata, Tayo'y Tumula"? Remember last week? The book? Nagtula? Never mind. Another round of Bata, Bata, Tayo't Tumula is happened. The so-called Kinder One students doing the Otso-otso dance, then a batch of so-called Kinder Two students appeared in animal costumes.

1) "Sa aking nanggagaling ang ini-inom ng mga bata. Sino ako?" The audience said "baka", but the answer is "Yaya"?!

2) "Ako ang nag-gigising sa umaga, ako ay pumuputak-putak. Sino ako?" The audience said "manok", but the answer is "Nanay"?!

3) "Ako ay malusog, lagi niyo ako nakikita, ako ay may foot and mouth disease. Sino ako?" They answered "baboy", but the answer is "Kris Aquino"? (JOKE LANG PO!) The Kinder One students said "Lagot" to the one with the pig outfit who said this one, but she said, the teacher did it (???).

4) "Ako ang katulong ni tatay sa pagaaaro sa bukid. Sino ako?" They answered "Kalabaw" but the answer is a tractor?! Wait a minute...

5) "Mabilis ako tumakbo, mahilig ako sa damo. Sino ako?" They answered "Kabayo" but the answer is "Adik"? Eh, wha...?!

Gotta admit it that kindergarten never been this fun in Lokomoko U.

The appliances you love at the gags that make you yell...

The November 19, 2010 episode of Bubble Gang Kin-Z got gags that made them yell. Also, there are sketches involve on some guy at the gym thinks that he's gay, someone pretends to be sick, two men who are stranded on an island for 15 years, three men arguing each other at the beerhouse because of the change, alien invasion, some guy at jail is texting his wife, a doctor with a weird words, and a woman with a love among appliances.

It's "Heaven" with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill in another IyoTube segment.

Another week, another Cheche Bureche episode. Before these half sisters go to school, Bureche want a massage at the back. Cheche tries to massage Bureche but the results can be a pain in Bureche's back! LOL

War and Peace (and Harmony) in the Ilumina ending

Ilumina ending

November 19, 2010 marks the end of the fantasy drama from GMA, titled Ilumina, a fantasy depicting twins in an all-out war between witchcraft and sorcery.

In the finale, with the revived Romana (Rhian Ramos) reunited with Krisanta (Jackie Rice), the final battle between good and evil. As the battle rages on, the evil twins Elvira and Melina (Jean Garcia) uses the Ilumina to combine themselves as one because Romana's powers are stronger. With Elvira and Melina combined, darkness flows and Elvira's forces are gaining more strength. Later on, Antonio died on the battle. And now, the final battle; Romana and Krisanta face against the more powerful Elvira. Because of the Ilumina, Elvira's impossible to defeat, but thanks to the combined forces of Romana and Krisanta, they succeeded in defeating Elvira and the forces of good won. As light regains, Romana and Krisanta recovered the Ilumina from Elvira, and Romana used the Ilumina to regain "peace and harmony" among the white and black sorcerers, and reunite as one again.

With the war between good and evil ended, Romana and Krisanta visits their now-stoned father, Romano (Cesar Montano). The reason why Romano's turned to stone is to prevent his death, and with the twins recovered the Ilumina, they succeeded in reviving back their father.

The ending with a hint of "Peace and Harmony" that makes Ilumina a successful fantasy drama. Romana and Krisanta first became rivals and now teamed up to take out the evil forces.

How's that for the Regal comeback?!

Don't call it a Regal Baby, nor a Regal Idol, like what Mother Lily Monteverde said to those fresh Philippine actors and actresses appeared in various Regal Entertainment movies. What you see is the new Buick Regal. Today's Regal is the OEM of the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia in Europe.

It seems the Regal comeback is truly a budget-friendly sedan, beating out the likes of the Acura TSX/Honda Accord Euro, Volkswagen Passat CC, or even the naughty Volvo S60. Thanks to its pricing, fuel economy, and performance (I love the Regal CXL Turbo 6MT variant), the return of the Buick Regal won the 2010-2011 NADAguides Car of the Year!

How's that for a fresh European-American sedan? A true fit for the Regal Babies and Regal Idols from across the North America may find the Regal a suitable value for money.

Thank You Mother Lily, I mean, General Motors for having your Regal Baby, I mean, Regal Idol, I mean, Buick Regal won the NADAguides COTY for 2010-2011!

The new A8's body is a true "Militaires Sans Frontieres"

Since the Audi A8 hit European showrooms since early 2010, this premium flagship sedan became the talk of the town. And yes, this was my all time favorite premium sedan of 2010 since the Hyundai Equus and the Toyota Crown Majesta of last year.

It seems now, the new, third-generation Audi A8 received an award for best body, or in other words, won the Euro Car Body Award during the 12th International Car-Body Benchmarking Conference. 

Congrats to the Ingolstadt automaker for making the new A8 a true corporate mercenary fitted for the next generation of executive warriors from Europe. Hope PGA Cars grab the new A8 to the Philippines soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mahou Sensei Negima ~Mouhitotsu no Sekai~ Theme Song Collection

Mahou Sensei Negima ~Mouhitotsu no Sekai~ Theme Song Collection

Mouhitotsu no Sekai (Japanese for Another World) is a made for DVD episodes included as a limited edition on manga volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima! (日本名: 魔法先生ネギま!), a manga and anime about a young wizard in training (Japanese Harry Potter?!) on an assignment as a teacher to an all-girl class in Mahoragakuen. As far as I know, this was my all-time favorite thanks to Asuna Kagurazaka, Konoka Konoe, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Nodoka Miyazaki, and the rest of the Negima girls from the anime and manga.

OK, no more hassles please. This here is a Theme Song Collection from the made-for-limited-edition DVD. It includes four songs based on the Mouhitotsu no Sekai DVD episodes included on limited-edition Negima comic books sold in Japan. It has songs like Love Drive, Get A Chance!, Magical Twinkle Sky, and Good Vibration!! Those songs are wild and cute to listen to.

World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011 (PS3 Version)

Those who are a big fans of the once fabled and legendary UEFA Championship League can now enjoy the UEFA championships the way they want thanks to World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011 (日本名: ワールドサッカー ウイニングイレブン), known worldwide as Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

With famed soccer star Lionel Messi in the cover, players can experience the high-intensity soccer battles ranging from your favorite soccer teams and clubs from across the globe, from solo-player, two-player, to online multiplayers!

The graphics on WE/PES 2011 are so realistic, its like you're in a hot seat on a heated soccer match! It takes strategy, timing, and skill to gain the edge against your rivals.

The new Master League Online mode allows players to take on other players from across the globe with the use of a well-trained soccer team of their choice. This is surely mark a legend in the history of Winning Eleven series!

What can I say, Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is bound to be the best of the WE/PES series because of the online debut of the Master League mode that allows players to use their well-trained teams to take on the world, no matter what circumstances they take.

Toyota iQ Go 6MT or Honda Fit/Jazz RS 6MT

Toyota's sporty addition to the iQ compact, the iQ → (iQ Go)

and the recently facelifted Honda Fit/Jazz RS, now with the available 6-speed manual

Yes, I know. Both of these hot JDM hatches are armed with the sporty 6-speed manual. But which one's better in the eyes of a JDM hot hatch aficionado?

Launched at Japan in late August 2010, the iQ → (iQ Go) is the sportier side of the Toyota iQ micro car. In November 2010, a 6-speed manual transmission is offered on the iQ Go. The Toyota iQ Go 130G 6MT is powered with the 1.3 1NR-FE Dual VVT-i engine that produces a power output of 94PS and the fuel economy of 23.5km/L. Plus, the iQ Go 130G 6MT is equipped with the idling stop system and Toyota's Smart Stop technology.

CASE TWO: With the launch of the recently facelifted Honda Fit/Jazz and the addition of the new Fit/Jazz Hybrid, the Fit/Jazz RS is also facelifted and this time, not only comes with the CVT, but also a sporty 6-speed manual transmission. On the performance side, the Fit RS is armed with the L15A engine that produces 120 PS of power output and the fuel economy of 17.4km/L. Best of all, the Fit RS can fit up to 5 people. iQ Go can fit up to 4 people.

In the performance side, the Fit RS wins. The iQ Go outperforms the Fit RS because of the fuel economy. For seating and easy access, winner goes to the Fit RS thanks to the 5-doors while the iQ Go is only 3-doors. I would gladly prefer a Honda Fit RS 6MT rather than the Toyota iQ Go 130G 6MT because of its performance and easy access. Hot hatches never been this hot!

What to learn from the Kodo design...

When Mazda introduced the Shinari concept sedan to the public in Milan, Italy, this concept car gave birth of the brand's new design language, KODO.

Just what is a Kodo design? After the success of the Nagare design from concepts to production cars (Atenza, Biante, Axela, new Premacy), this new Kodo design implemented on the Shinari concept represents the "Soul of Motion".

Soul of motion? Everyone has a "Soul of motion" to keep themselves motivated. This concept car's new design philosophy "Soul of motion" depicts the way we, car enthusiasts, react.

Deciding which production car will wear the new face is a hard decision, but this new Kodo design philosophy is much more majestic than the previous Nagare design.

Imagine a Mazda car armed with the Kodo design and the future SKY engine. This results to a much greater purpose...

Ah...the soul of motion. Everyone has their own soul of motion.

Volt is Green Car of the Year

Remember when the soon-to-be-on-sale Chevrolet Volt won two COTY awards from Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine?

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Chevrolet Volt is awarded as "Green Car of the Year"! Not bad for America's true eco car!

Too bad we. Philippine Chevy fans, can't get the Volt unless the government has yet to approve sale of electric cars in the Philippines.

Ah...America runs on eco cars...

The next Impreza?!

Could this be the next Impreza?! As I know, this is a 2010 Subaru Impreza Concept as seen in this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

This is kinda awkward that this could be the next Impreza in the future, but AFAIK, Subaru tries to implement its new design philosophy under the  Confidence in Motion strategy.

It is a concept, but with that new trademark design, what production car will Subaru strike first with this?!

Possible targets:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Honda Life Fifth-Generation Minor Facelift

2011 Honda Life

2011 Honda Life Diva

The latest facelift of the fifth-generation JDM Kei Car from Honda, the Life makes it more of a welcome treat to please a bunch of compact lovers from across Japan. Now, only two types of Life, the standard Life and the sporty Life Diva, remained and both gained a new aggressive face. This facelifted Life can be an aggressive Life, but the facelifted Life Diva is the most aggressive Life made because the grille is similar to the Honda RK5/RK6 StepWGN Spada.

The oddity of the recent facelift is the interior. Now, the standard Life is offered with the light beige interior while the Life Diva's interior gets even darker and now armed with the ice blue instrumental cluster. There is no way the enthusiasts' choice was the Life Diva because of its sharp looks.

Also on the oddball side, the engines remain stale, even offered with the 658cc P07A SOHC engine (in Natural Aspiration and Turbo for Diva). They're all armed with the 4-speed automatic transmission, so there's nothing special about the performance.

My thoughts about the Life:
Life's good as we know it. For the Life's latest nip/tuck, everything's remain the same even with the new face, new interior, and something to wish for. Just what happened to the Life Pastel?! Never mind, well the truth is, both the Life and the Life Diva's refreshed to take on the best-selling Suzuki Wagon R and the upcoming fifth-generation Daihatsu Move and Move Custom.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Volt can kill two birds in one an COTY kind of way...

Chevrolet Volt

While not yet on sale (available only in selected U.S. cities, including Los Angeles), the Chevrolet Volt really "kills two birds in one stone", that is, won two COTY awards. One is from Motor Trend, and another one from Automobile Magazine.

Full scoop:

So much for Chevrolet's full-fledged eco-car. Not yet in selected dealers yet, but the Volt gained a lot of reputation. And yes, Chevy runs deep, just like the new TV ads in celebration of 100 years of Chevrolet next year.

Kudos to General Motors for receiving a lot of praise about Chevrolet's true eco car. And yes, no Chevy Volt for you, Pinoy Chevrolet fans, yet.

What will the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) react about the Chevy Volt? Yes, it is an eco car fit for environmentalists. However there could be an anatomy of a disaster on the Volt if things not met our eco car satisfactory.

The new Swift is 2010-2011 RJC Car of the Year?!

A few weeks earlier, the Honda CR-Z hailed as 2010-2011 Japan Car of the Year. Anyone got the memo?!

Later, in the 2010 RJC (Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan) Car of the Year, the winner goes to the all-new Suzuki Swift.

Scoop (Japanese only):

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And since the global Suzuki Swift became this year's RJC Car of the Year, maybe this car can do a bragging against its competitors.

I just really hope that this latest Suzuki Swift will arrive in the Philippines next year. If it hits, it will bring the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Getz, and the Kia Picanto a run for their performance.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When safety meets style...

2011 Subaru Legacy B4 EyeSight Sport Selection
2011 Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon EyeSight Sport Selection
2011 Subaru Legacy Outback EyeSight Sport Selection

In November 16, 2010, Fuji Heavy Industries, the mastermind behind Subaru vehicles,just unveiled a special edition Legacy Eyesight Sport Selection series for Japan only. For those Scooby fans who don't know what is EyeSight, then EyeSight is a technology that detects objects while driving. It was been available previously on Japan-spec Legacy and in Exiga last year. In 2nd quarter, 2010, the Eyesight is improved and its equipped with a special braking system and henceforth called "Eyesight Ver. 2", Subaru's take on Volvo's City Safety technology.

Ads showing how Eyesight Ver. 2 works:

See what I mean?

This special edition Legacy variants come with the standard Eyesight Ver. 2, Silver Alcantara and Black Leather seats, and a choice of four exterior colors; Satin White Pearl, Steel Silver Metallic, Graphite Gray Metallic, and Crystal Black Silica.

Full details (Japanese only):

We are unclear if MotorImage Pilipinas has to announce if Eyesight will be on Legacy variants, but in the meantime, the Eyesight Ver. 2 is for Japan-spec Legacy variants only.

Spanish in Tongue Tarang Tongue and Melai's tips to escape "usapang lasing"

Earlier in Banana Split Daily Servings, aside from plane jokes, today's Tongue Tarang Tongue showcased crazy sentences offered by a Pinoy (Ryan Bang), a Japanese (Pooh), and now Spanish (John Prats)

Here's the joke:

1) Pinoy: Judy Ann Santos
Spanish: Esperanza

2) Pinoy: Simot ang wallet
Japanese: Wanakopera

3) Pinoy: Baboy
Spanish: Porque

4) Pinoy: Sa akin lahat ang gastos
Japanese: Puro Abono

5) Pinoy: Sikat na sira ulo
Spanish: La Bida Loca

6) Pinoy: Para kang bago ng bago
Japanese: Dikana Nasenai

7) Pinoy: Hubad na babae
Spanish: Por no Mujer

8) Pinoy: Umiyak si Lea Salonga
Japanese: Saigono Iyaki

Also, Melai Cantiveros, everyone's favorite problem solver, is here for some tips for you, drunkards, to escape the usapang lasing on M3: Melai Mo Magwork.

5) Grow beards, and let the beards do the beer drinking

4) Pretend there's a cockroach in a glass of beer

3) Use camouflage to hide your way from the lasenggeros

2) Pretend you're drunk and GO NUTS!

1) Have your clothes stained in blood and tell them you killed the drunk men.

These are the "escape from usapang lasing" tips courtesy from Melai.

How the world's fastest roller coaster feels like...

The Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is just one of the many reasons how car enthusiasts from across the globe want to spend cold hard cash for some treats and surprises. And yes, the world's fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa, is the star of the theme park.

Imagine how would you feel in Formula Rossa? Just ask Ferrari F1 racers; Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.

Massa and Alonso experienced how the Formula Rossa would feel like, and yes, they actually love that ride!

OFWs working in Dubai, best to save up and when its Philippine Summer Time in April and May, bring your family and friends to Ferrari World.

I never though that Dubai packs a lot of surprises.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Year: 2010

Filmmaker: Universal Pictures

Cast: Eric Balfour,
Donald Faison,
Scottie Thompson,
Brittany Daniel

Skyline, what is this the Nissan car we love to call it Godzilla, or some skyscrapers we love to see? Nope, not these answers. Skyline is a sci-fi movie that made it more like some alien movies like Alien vs. Predator and Independence Day. This movie highlights on some alien invasion happening in Los Angeles. Aliens want to get some human brains for some life support for other aliens. First off, there was some light coming out, then if a human looks at the light, they will be abducted to death!

First off, Skyline has an eccentric storyline that made sci-fi geeks guessing what just happened, and yes, the storyline is rather ugly to look at it. Humans fighting for survival is somewhat a main theme of this movie, but Skyline has a different point of view.

Geez, hope someone make a better alien invasion movie rather than this, but still Skyline is a fun-to-watch alien invasion movie. As always, better luck next time Strause brothers.

Fly Me To The Moon...The Great American Songbook Volume V

Fly Me To The Moon...The Great American Songbook Volume V

Rod Stewart is back to serenade you with the latest installment of Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook series. The Great American Songbook V features more of Rod Stewart's take on some of the most American classics heard such as Beyond The Sea, Fly Me To The Moon, to Moon River. All 12 tracks are contained in this one-disc wonder just to sure that you can have a relaxing wake-up call to deep slumber with Rod Stewart's serenading voice that leaves you relaxed.

It is a hospitable treat to have Rod Stewart back. The Great American Songbook V is a good disc with all 12 tracks to listen and relax after having your rough work. This disc is great to listen while on heavy traffic or nighttime driving. If I load this CD on a car audio while stuck in night time traffic in EDSA, I can chill out and relax as the Rod Stewart songs come flowing through the airwaves.

A great CD perfect as a pre-Christmas treat or as a good Monito Monita gift for something soothing, and yes, nothing's too soothing than Rod Stewart's voice.

1. That Old Black Magic
2. Beyond The Sea
3. I've Got You Under My Skin
4. What A Difference A Day Makes
5. I Get A Kick Out Of You
6. I've Got The World On A String
7. Love Me Or Leave Me
8. My Foolish Heart
9. September In The Rain
10. Fly Me To The Moon
11. Sunny Side Of The Street
12. Moon River


Aston Martin Rapide Luxe

A more luxurious grade for the Aston Martin's flagship sedan, the Rapide, called the Rapide Luxe... geez, this trim sounds classy.


If this Rapide Luxe is out soon, I bet someone will hop on on the more flagship variant, especially James Bond! ^_^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eh? Malaysian Lancer EX?!

2011 Proton Inspira

In Malaysia, Proton officially unveiled the Inspira sedan. This is kind of familiar because the Inspira is the OEM of the Mitsubishi Lancer EX (Galant Fortis in Japan).


Eh? Malaysian version of Mitsubishi Lancer EX/Galant Fortis? This is somewhat eccentric...

2010-2011 Seattle Auto Show

Check out what I dig on this year's Seattle Auto Show at Qwest Field, Seattle, WA!

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