Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Third-Generation - Phase II

2011 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class facelift

In 2006, the third generation of Mercedes-Benz's flagship luxury coupe, the CL-Class, defines the combination of luxury and sporty in a bold statement. Now, in 2010, things are going to be different as the third-generation CL-Class receives a huge minor change from the mainframe to its features to match up the recently face-lifted S-Class last year.

Two distinctive flavors are available for Mercedes-Benz's flagship sports tourer coupe; the regular CL-Class variant (CL500, CL600) provides exquisite luxury that is above the ante of becoming the most prestigious luxury coupe, and the aggressive AMG variant (CL65 AMG, CL63 AMG) provides unstoppable power perfect for the successful men who are ready to take on the world.

From its exquisite exterior, the CL-Class' interior boasts an impressive comfort that you can also find it on the S-Class, but since this is a coupe form of the S-Class, expect differences from the rear legroom.

Various engines are offered for the CL-Class, such as the 4.663 cc V8 engine, 510hp V12 engine, 630 PS V12 engine (CL65 AMG), and the newly developed 5.5L V8 Bi-Turbo AMG engine (CL63 AMG). Choosing which engine suited for you depends on your outcome of having your macho status around you. As for that, depending on the engine type, various transmission types offered for the newly face-lifted CL-Class, such as the 7G-TRONIC Transmission, 5-speed automatic (for V12 models) or the 7G-TRONIC Speedshift MCT (CL63 AMG).

My thoughts about the CL-Class:
The redesigned third-generation CL-Class was more of a manly factor for those who have their bodies sprayed in their leather-scented cologne, wearing the most manly clothes, and get behind the wheel of the CL-Class. I personally prefer the new CL63 AMG because of its new V8 Bi-Turbo engine that keeps me cool and hopping mad at the Autobahn. If someone has one, who knows, they will be the envy of everyone, even the rich college kids, powerful politicians, celebrities, and mostly adrenaline junkies. Try not to be ticketed when the policemen saw your newly face-lifted CL-Class speeding through the roads! Hope I can find one of those at Subic, Cagayan, or Cebu as a grey market import, just to be sure some Pinoy car addict might say the coolest two words, "Grabe! Bilis!"

Believe it or not, its Cheche Bureche again.

Last night's Bubble Gang episode with gags telling them what just happened, a male shopper looking for something macho to ease out his gay status, Cinderella's fairy godmother faces the jury, a K-Pop song played at the Iyotube segment with Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, polite drinkers according to Ruffa Mae Qunito, life of a newbie celebrity, and a real honeymoon gone weird.

Believe it or not, Cheche and Bureche are here again to play with us on Cheche Bureche. In this episode, remember what Dad says if who's a good girl deserves an ice cream. Bureche wants an ice cream, not Cheche. So, Bureche asks Cheche to hurt Bureche! Cheche hit Bureche with a vase? Whoa! Then, Dad comes and tells Cheche what just happened to Bureche. He realized that Cheche put Bureche to sleep. Dad deserved Cheche an ice cream. So much for a failed attempt for Bureche!

Also, Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong strikes back on Sumbong Sumbong kay Bonggang Bongbong, which the most annoying cases involve which cellphone rings even the text message is not theirs, a foam padding added to a person's thighs, and a well-dressed woman criticized by others.

Battle of the Brainless The Musical Round 2

Last night's episode of Lokomoko U on TV5 got student gags, prehistoric times gone twisted because of the invention of the ladder, another episode of Bahaw Ikalawang Hain, another Star Factory focuses on getting your banana without harvesting, and another Keso City episode that got us laughed with some jokes from the rats and mice.

In case you missed this episode, there is round two of Battle of the Brainless The Musical hosted by Valeen Montenegro!

On that round:

"Apir Tayo, Sumakit ang Ulo Ko, Sumakit ang Baywang Ko Sex ______"

The answers:

1) Bulaga

2) Balloon

3) Baril

4) Bazooka

5) Bulkan

6) Burles

7) Banyo

"Sampung mga daliri _____ at paa, dalawang tenga, dalawang mata, ilong na maganda."

The answers:

1) Kilikili

2) Kasukasuan

3) Kuyukot

4) Kuko

5) Kalyo

6) Kulugo

7) Kamao

Hope we'll see more of Brainless! Those wrong answers made me ROFL over and over!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Renault Latitude

Prior from the new, third-generation, Laguna-based, Renault Samsung SM5, launched since January 18, 2010, the French automaker decided to bring this premiere luxury medium sedan to Europe as the Renault Latitude.

Latitude, in scientific terms, is a straight line that goes north and south, or in irrelevant terms, freedom from restrictions. The Renault Latitude is beyond limits when it comes to its luxury car status, becoming Renault's new flagship sedan that suits the European executives everywhere.

Step inside the Latitude and glad to know that the Latitude's interior is a haven of hospitality. Since it was sourced from South Korea, the Renault Latitude comes with the Samsung Super Plasma Ionizer, providing the breeze of a Samsung Air Conditioner from your homes, to the Latitude's hospitable interior. The Super Plasma Ionizer helps remove allergy-causing bacteria, so stepping inside can be somewhat a clean getaway. Unlike the Nissan Fuga Y51's forest air conditioner, the Renault Latitude comes with the available air freshener, good enough to bring a fresh scent around the Latitude. I may not know what scent is inside but the Latitude's air freshener is no match for the Nissan Fuga's forest air con. To relax the driver, the Latitude comes with the massager to help relax the driver while being stuck at the harsh traffic conditions. This seat can be adjustable depending on the driver's conditions.

The Renault Latitude comes with different kinds of engines available as of launch. First off, the entry-level Latitude dCi 150 comes with the 2.0L dCi engine (sourced from the Nissan X-Trail and the Euro-spec Nissan Qashqai) that produces a power output of either 150 or 175 hp. The 150hp variant is the most ecological, yet economical, Latitude variant because of its part of the Renault Eco2 line, giving this flagship French sedan a true eco-car status. For those looking for more power, a V6 diesel engine is available for the new Latitude. The high-end V6 dCi240 variant comes with the power output of 240 hp and it consumes for about 7.2km/100L. For those who are looking for an eco-car can choose the the 2.0L dCi engine with the Renault Eco2 quality, but for those looking for power can choose the Latitude V6 variant. Which Latitude will you drive?

A host of safety features, including the Electronic Stability Program, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Adaptive Front Lighting System, Parking assist, fog lamps, and airbags, are available for the Renault Latitude. With those safety features, you can be sure that there is a "peace of mind" around you. For convenience, the audio system truly kicks it up to the passenger's sense of hearing. With the Arkamys 3D Sound Radio and the Bose audio system, assuring this combo would be a perfect time to listen your favorite tunes while relaxing with the Latitude.

My thoughts about the Latitude:

Now it is about time Renault decided to bring their newest flagship to Europe, prior to this year's Paris Motor Show. Completely sourced from South Korea, there is much assuring that their a 50% chance to expressing dramatic feelings while driving the Renault Latitude, since it was from South Korea, meaning a piece of Korean drama is lying inside the Latitude. The other 50% chance would be rather go French. With the suggested retail price of about 32,500 euros (about 4.5 million pesos), experiencing the Latitude first hand can be a dramatic attempt to tackle on the Versailles by night. The Latitude makes a perfect rival to the Toyota Mark X, Kia K7, Nissan Teana, Lincoln MKZ, Buick Regal, and the upcoming Hyundai Grandeur HG.

Lexus LFA to be cost around 40 Million Pesos, in just, only one color, and one LFA itself

During the Press Day of the 2010 Mondial de l'Automobile (Paris Motor Show), Toyota Motor Philippines and Lexus Manila decided to bring the ultra-powerful Lexus LFA to the Philippines early next year, in just one unit, in one color, RED

According from an article from Top Gear Philippines, this red LFA will cost about a whopping 40 million pesos! This car needs some Filipino, rich enough, to buy this ultra-fast Japanese sports car coming to Lexus Manila this 2011.

Note to someone who is willing to own the new LFA, be careful. Don't end yourself like this:

                                                        Photo Courtesy of Rhein-Zeitung

Look at the picture future Pinoy Lexus LFA owner. This is the Lexus LFA's first crash at Germany. The chief test driver of Toyota Motor Corporation, Hiromu Naruse, died on the crash. Please be careful to avoid such an outcome happened since June 2010.

Good luck, and drive fast, future Pinoy Lexus LFA owner.

When worlds collide...

Just when you thought that the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3 is the only game to have something Top Gear on it (probably because of the Test Track with The Stig on the E3 2010 trailer), think again.

The fastest-selling Forza Motorsport 3 teams up with BBC's car enthusiast show and magazine, Top Gear, for one unique package, and its only available at the "Ultimate Collection", coming this late October, the same date when Forza 3 arrived last year.

The Forza 3 Ultimate Collection (in limited availability) contains all of the content, from regular to DLC packs worth tens or hundreds of dollars on it! Also on the Ultimate Collection, 90 minutes of Top Gear content!

To add fun of it, "Stig's Garage Pack" includes the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (also appears on GT5), Lexus LFA (first time players can try this!), and the Koenigsegg CCX (familiar?)

Hope I can trade in my regular Forza 3 for that one, but first come, first serve because this one's limited availability!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Virtual Live Album U x Mishi

Maid-sama! Virtual Live Album U x Mishi

In the Maid-sama manga and anime, you may noticed about a visual-kei high school band known as the Council of White Rose Phoneme or in short, U x Mishi, consisting of vocalist Kuga, guitarist Sho, bassist Ko, and drummer William Adam Hugh. This visual kei high school band was a favorite of Sakura Hanazono, Misaki Ayuzawa's classmate. Lucky for you, a special Maid-Sama CD is made to getting to know more about U x Mishi.

This CD is jam-packed with U x Mishi songs vocalized by Kuga (CV: Kenji Nojima) himself, including the insert song Natsukoi Monogatari as heard from episode 10. Not only that, there's a drama part starring Misaki, Usui, Sakura, and the U x Mishi vocalist, Kuga.

It might seems to be OK getting to know more about this visual kei high school band, but I think this is a great addition to your anime/game music CD collection.

BMW X3 F25

The first generation BMW X3, launched since 2004, seems to be a good-looking crossover SUV set to rival the Lexus RX in a mild-mannered way. As years pass by, most people would not get a hold on the X3's outdated look with the appearance of the new BMW crossover, the X6, the X1, and the refreshed X5. To solve the X3 dilemma, BMW decided to turn from the boring to the bright by evolving the X3 from dull to drop dead gorgeous.

2011 BMW X3 F25 front

On the design side, the new BMW X3 F25 sports a front view similar to the X6 and the rear view that looks similar to the X1. Beyond that, this crossover finally gets a royal makeover, well tailored enough for the adventurous and the fearless to take on almost chaotic but fun.

2011 BMW X3 F25 rear

Two available engines are offered in the new BMW X3 F25, such as the 3.0-litre, 6-cylinder engine and the 2.0-litre diesel engine. On the 35i variant, only the eight-speed automatic transmission is available, while the 20d variant offers not just the eight-speed auto, but also the six-speed manual transmission as well. Keep that in mind that both of these engines are Euro5 certified, meaning they are all clean and good to go for the new X3. On the other side, the XDrive system is standard on all X3 variants for all-round traveling no matter where you want.

2011 BMW X3 F25 interior

On the comfort side, the new BMW X3 remains the same as for the older generation model. Which means, there is nothing more special about the refined luxury interior except for the separating net part that once you folded the rear seats, you can set that thing, separating you, as the driver, and the luggage space behind you.

My thoughts about the X3:
The new X3's exterior takes the boredom away from its rugged personality as a crossover, but the new interior is pretty much the same as other BMW models. With two engines available as of press time, you may notice that there will be a slow start for the new model, but do not fret, BMW plans more engine line-up for the new X3 soon, and also, we cannot wait for BMW to declare an Activehybrid or the M version of the new X3. Once more, the M Sport package is an optional feature to bring the star factor to the new X3. With sales start in Europe at the end of 2010, following in other continents next year, I expect that this new model will be declared a so-so. Even when the exterior sports a fascinating personality, there will be flaws around the corner.

Photo: BMW

K-On! Houkago Live!!

K-On! Houkago Live!!

Moments after the second season of K-on (日本名:けいおん!) ended in a not so major major way, there is a major major surprise for those who enjoyed the anime and listened to the songs from K-On. K-On Houkago Live is here and bringing the K-On fever to your PSP wherever you go.

The gameplay is much more similar to the Hatsune Miku Project Diva game, because you have to press consecutive buttons shown in the screen and be as accurate as you can while enjoying the song. K-On! Houkago Live!! features 19 songs such as the opening theme and closing theme of the first season, songs from the Hokago Tea Time album, or even songs from the Character Image Song series. Depending on the choice of five characters; Yui Hirasawa (CV: Aki Toyosaki), Mio Akiyama (CV: Yoko Hikasa), Ritsu Tainaka (CV: Satomi Sato), Tsumugi Kotobuki (CV: Minako Kotobuki), and Azusa Nakano (CV:Ayana Taketatsu), and depending on the difficulty setting, enjoying your favorite K-On song while accurately pressing buttons can be somewhat of a challenge. The better you play, the higher your rank and score is and you'll score some numerous items, some are useful, some are just for fun, or even something else.

Did you know, you can have up to 5 players via Ad-hoc to enjoy playing Houkago Time as a group and play cooperatively to gain a higher score.

There is also a surprise part, this game turns your PSP into a clock featuring one of your Hokago Tea Time girls; Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi, and Azu-nyan, I mean, Azusa. At a random time, you will hear a dialog from your favorite character. Not much of a surprise but it's fine for the fans.

A limited-edition item includes not just the game itself but also 5 UMD Cases, a PSP pouch, and a guitar-designed Cover to personalize the PSP just for you. There is another limited edition in a form of six PSP stickers to put it at the rear of the PSP to play Houkago Live in style. Hurry up because these are in a limited quantity basis. First come, first served!

3DS coming in 1st Quarter 2011?!

Recent news flying around from the guys at Nintendo at they will be launching the much-awaited Nintendo 3DS early next year.

I'm really preparing for this! With the launch date coming early 2011, and tons of new 3DS exclusive games, including Snake Eater (originally on PS2, now revised for 3DS), I'm sure most Nintendo fans will get into that. It will come this year! Now all it needs is some 3DS version of Loveplus as other otakus speak.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Servings also enjoying Baguio madness!

Not only last Saturday enjoying Banana Split's 2nd Year Anniversary at Baguio, this weekday afternoons, Banana Split gets cooler and cooler for this special week with more Baguio jokes, Mutanglawin trivia, exploring Korean culture in Baguio with Ryan Bang, more Krissy for you, more, and more for this special week!

Hope I'll catch up with these Baguio-filled fun only on Banana Split!

Spend a date with Yururi... a Passo Yururi special edition that is...

2011 Toyota Passo Yururi

At September 29, 2010, Toyota unveiled a special Passo with the special exterior color that was once available only from the Passo +Hana variant. Called the "Yururi", this special edition features a bench seat (once I can commonly see it in a two-tone color from the Passo +Hana variants) wrapped in some plain gray color. For convenience, a key-free system is added for easy access.

Seems the color seems to be bland, but OK for the eyes of a female driver. Aside from the colors offered from the original Passo, the color "Azuki Mica" is available. Great, what girls want is the Uguisu Metallic color as found on the Passo +Hana.

If I was a schoolgirl, I would gladly get my hands on such a girl magnet car. Expect limited availability for this car!

Eh? Toyota mulls Daihatsu-sourced kei cars?

Recently, I bumped into some news coming out in some Japanese car sites.

In translation: In 2011, Toyota will start selling kei-cars sourced from Daihatsu, or in another reason, Toyota mulls OEM kei cars from Daihatsu, starting from the Move Conte, the Hijet (anyone remembered that?), and another one that will be soon to be launched from Daihatsu.

Toyota plans kei cars from Daihatsu? Keep that in mind that Subaru already sells kei cars sourced from Daihatsu such as the Dias Wagon (based on the Atrai Wagon), the Lucra (based from the Tanto Exe), and the second-generation Pleo (sourced from the Mira), due to the partnership between Toyota Group and Fuji Heavy Industries. Seems that the partnership between Toyota and Daihatsu takes on a new level.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eh? Blackberry takes on the iPad?

Recently, I picked up some news that Blackberry, famous for their cellphone range, launched their take on the fastest-selling Apple iPad with the new Blackberry PlayBook.

Slated for sale next year, will this new gadget be a hit against the iPad? I think not because my first dent will be the sizing. The Apple iPad's screen is way bigger than the Blackberry PlayBook.

Guess I won't be expecting to see it when it arrives next year. I'll go stick with the iPad because this is way better.

Death of a Segway tycoon

Segway, a popular two-wheel vehicle, is a fun ride for those who are had it with their bikes or scooters. Some people know that Segways are fun to ride, some think that Segways eco-friendly, others think that Segways are boring due to slow speed.

The most trending news in the Segway history is the death of the man responsible for running the Segway business, Jimi Heselden.

Jimi Heselden OBE, age 62, died in an accident with his own Segway. Seems that the his Segway killed the CEO. How tragic and ironic.

Rest In Peace Mr. Segway CEO. Most Segway fanatics who read about this news should be careful while taking a spin on their Segway.

...and then there were fewer.

Besides, are there any Segways sold in the Philippines? 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bulilit Chacha looks more of a jejemon on He's Beautiful spoof?

Chacha, as Mi-nam, in He's Beautiful spoof

What? Chacha (who is the bulilit from the Camella Homes commercial from 2009) looks more of a Jejemon in the Goin Bulilit-gagged version of the hit Korean drama, He's Beautiful, called Sis Beautiful.

Chacha's take on Go Mi-Nam, a nun who was asked by the A.N. Jell manager to be the replacement lead singer of the band, seems to be sporting her Jejemon look. Heh? A wild jejemon is appeared on Goin Bulilit? On the spoof of He's Beautiful?! How can we been so... ah you'll see.


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Nokia C1-00

Nokia's first dual-sim phone, the C1-00, might seem to have a familiar feature found in most myphone cellphones, but this is Nokia's first of its kind to give cellphone users the free will to use two sims in one phone.

Perfect for those who want to use two sims, even when you're in side on two rival telecommunication companies, Smart and Globe, or even its subsidiaries such as Touch Mobile or Red Mobile. Imagine yourself keeping a secret to someone, the first sim you'll have is for your common pals, and the second one is for your secret buddies. Would that be nice to have this phone carrying two sims for your privacy? This dual-sim phone brings personal privacy to its personal taste.

Aside from its dual-sim functionality, the Nokia C1-00 features some entry-level features such as texting, calling, and normal ringtones. Also, the FM Radio (headset required) makes it a good addition to the C1-00. Good for those who want to listen to their favorite FM stations on the go.

The Nokia C1-00 comes in two exterior colors, red and blue, respectively, and I hope there will be changeable covers for Nokia's first dual-sim phone. But still, I would go for the myphone range because not only has dual-sim features, it has host of colorful features.

Photo: Nokia

Happy 2nd anniversary, Banana Split!

In celebration of Banana Split's 2nd year, the whole gang are going to the coolest place in the Philippines, Baguio!

In last night's celebration, we see jokes from Baguio, Mutanglawin trivia with Kuya Keem (John Prats' version of Kuya Kim Atienza) about the fertility huts, dance at the Baguio National High School, more showbiz news mash-ups on Balitang Siksik Showbiz Edition, then more gags in Baguio, Ryan Bang shows us the taste of kimchi in his new segment called Kaalamang Nakakahibang, some nighties sketch, another Baguio gags, Krissy (Angelica Panganiban) hosts some kind of advise-giving program called "Krissy for You", and saving it for last, Huwag Kang Lilingon!

Expect to see more Baguio madness on Banana Split next week, and oh, Happy 2nd Anniversary, Banana Split! (Krissy laugh)
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