Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Since 2002, Cadillac launched the CTS to replace the Opel-sourced Catera sports sedan, and then in 2007, the CTS gained a full model change incorporating Cadillac's new design language from concepts to production cars. Last year, the CTS gained a new member, which is the CTS Sport Wagon targeted for those who had it with their European tourers. Today, a new sporty addition to the CTS range, from the sedan, the high-performance V, and the Sports Wagon, appeared that makes it a first of its kind since the Eldorado was eliminated a few years back.

Surprisingly, the new CTS Coupe is surely a prize fighter for Cadillac after General Motors reborn from last year's bankruptcy due to the Lehman Shock (a formal term for the world economic crisis), that is when General Motors is now focusing on the four surviving brands, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac. Now for the main aspect of the coupe version of the CTS, the design remains stale from the concept version as seen from the 2008 North American International Auto Show, except for the interior, which is somewhat out with the ordinary and in with the extraordinary. Judging from Cadillac's design philosophy, the CTS Coupe matches an aggressive stance and a keen sense of style, providing this luxury sports car an unmatchable finesse and judgmental personality that is truly a target among men with high I.Q.

Under the hood, the CTS Coupe is powered with the standard 3.6L LLT V6 engine that delivers a sportscar-class power of 304 horsepower with the torque output of 273 lb-ft. It also comes with the optional AWD drive train so you can experience more fun to drive anytime. To add fun to it, the new CTS Coupe comes with the sport suspension tuned for the punishing Nurburgring Nordschleife, to bring out the CTS Coupe's full potential in cornering tight spots, including mountain passes. What disappoints the CTS Coupe is the standard 6-speed automatic transmission, which makes this coupe somewhat sluggish to move further. However, for the Performance variant, an optional 6-speed manual transmission is available for those who are seeking some fun to drive experience. What makes the CTS Coupe special is the standard StabiliTrak for a safer feeling while cornering. No one says this CTS Coupe is not the kind of Cadillac you have expected from its European enemies.

The CTS-V Coupe

In addition to the CTS Coupe is the ultimate white-knuckle ride that is surely a huge threat to the Audi RS5 is the new CTS-V Coupe. The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is a field-upgrade version of the Cadillac CTS Coupe, and the V marque attached to this Cadillac coupe is the "V for victory" in the eyes of a true American car enthusiast. With the supercharged 6.2L V8 engine, Recaro seats, high-performance exhaust pipes, Nurburgring-tuned suspension, Brembo disk brakes, and a choice of a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, your I.Q. will sure be dropped from one to nothing if you are willing to be thrown to the excitement done by the new CTS-V Coupe. Despite the performance, I can assume that the CTS-V Coupe will not stand up against the newly launched Subaru WRX STi 4-door because of the Nurburgring lap time, but these two sports cars can become decent rivals in the eyes of a sports car aficionado.

My thoughts about the CTS Coupe:
There are so many reasons how this new CTS Coupe is now ready for action, it is because it will target the likes of the BMW 3-Series Coupe and the MB E-Class Coupe, it will bring out its striking beauty among Cadillac fanatics, and it with numerous options, this car would shine on the highway. If Top Gear Philippines place this car on the "Price This Car" segment, I would price it 5 million pesos for the base coupe and 8.5 Million for the CTS-V Coupe. The results can be obvious and in my honest opinions, both the CTS Coupe and the CTS-V Coupe are targeted by most celebrities, politicians, basketball players, and the rich kids trying to step up among the rest.

What to do with the useless "Wang-wangs"

Since we are now living in the age of "P-noy", the Philippines are now free of the noisy "wang-wangs" (we call them for sirens used by cops). The question remains in the eyes of a Pinoy with brain is, what can you do with all these useless wang-wangs or sirens to be specific?

Just ask Pooh from Banana Split. On the sketch called "Iba't ibang gamit ng isang gamit na walang gamit" (Several uses for useless things), Pooh, as Dr. RRR, shows us the many uses of the wang-wang now vanquished under the rule of the new Philippine President.

1) Can be used as a moving lights on parties, such as nightclubs, dance clubs, etc.

2) As a night lamp on the bedroom

3) As a buzzer on game shows

4) And also as an alarm clock for waking up

Guess this siren now removed on Philippine roads can have so many uses. ROFL

Friday, July 23, 2010

Misspelling Gee returns!

Another Friday night, another Bubble Gang episode.

With gags having parents telling their kids where did they get such a large money, massage, girls and gays fight in all-out hip-hop war, hunter vs. hunter, debating should never air such debates, another "Sabi-Sabi" episode, more IyoTube entertainment with our favorite Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, and that episode marks the return of the hilarious spelling quiz part called, the MISSPELLING GEE!

Think you know words? If Ogie Alcasid hosting this kind of spelling bee sketch, and have two students played by Maureen Larrazabal and Michael V, better start chuckling! The easiest words often misspell a lot by those two! ROFL...

And hey, on that IyoTube segment, that song you heard, was a remixed version of Charice's song titled Pyramid. Sounds enjoyable and fun with Moymoy Palaboy lip-syncing around Bubble Gang.

On Saturday, GMA will air a new kind of sitcom about a family of superheroes who are trying their best to hide their truth from the neighbors. It's called Kaya Ng Powers, and airs after 24 Oras Weekend.

Volkswagen Sharan II

While most of the European families readying themselves for their long summer getaway, it is not surprising that the brand behind the Beetles, Golfs, and Polos has just launched the second-generation Sharan just in time to prepare themselves for their long getaway.

Launched at the Geneva Motor Show since March and sales start this August, the new VW Sharan is mainly the target of small-sized minivans such as the second-generation Opel Meriva, Honda Freed, and the new Honda Freed Spike. With its trademark Volkswagen design, spacious seating arrangements, and good for seven people, especially the kids, this VW-made minivan is the main choice for the European families, even when the previous model made a milestone of having more than 600,000 Sharans sold worldwide.

Under the hood, the new Sharan covers 2 available engines such as the 1.4 TSI BlueMotion Technology engine, and the 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Engine. Both of these engines combine the aesthetics of being clean, powerful, and fuel-efficient engines, and henceforth the new Volkswagen Sharan dubbed as the perfect European eco-car for the masses. In addition, there are two available transmissions available for the new Sharan such as the 6-speed manual transmission and the 6-speed DSG.

The new Sharan's EasyFold seating system with EasyEntry function allows passengers to gain access to the third row seats without hassles. It can be folded for various seating arrangements available for multiple uses. These arrangements look perfect to bring more stuff around the average European family before beginning their big European summer break.

My thoughts about the Sharan:
While it may not seem to be a fun-to-drive minivan, this best-seller is now evolved to be a fuel-efficient eco-car targeted for European families readying themselves for summer break, from camping trips, wild adventures, tailgate parties, entrapment operations, or just for fun. Its downsize was the pricing because the Sharan's introductory price of 28,875 Euros is somewhat higher than the new Opel Meriva's introductory price of 15,900 Euros. However, the base 1.4L variant of the new Sharan's power output is 150PS, is higher than 100PS power output of the new Meriva's base 1.4L variant, which brings the new Sharan closer to its performance core. In my highest expectations, when Volkswagen returns to the Philippines, the new Sharan would be a hard-to-get among high-class Philippine people, especially the celebrities, because the pricing would reach to a Mercedes-Benz level.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Something's odd....

Every time when I switched the TV on to watch Hole In The Wall Season 2 on GMA, it shuffles me to some question why Ogie Alcasid often keeps his Kim Min-Yung role while Michael V switching roles week by week from Bianca, Min-Yung's die-hard fan, from week one, then he became as Kim Min-Yung's mom from week 2, and for this week, um, I think he dressed like Kim Min-Yung, only different, I wonder....

And if someone realized that did Bubble Gang made some sketch involved in fan service, hmmm, if you rewind your minds back at the May 21 episode (there was a Jejemon sketch) and if you saw the "Clothes Out" sketch, I think this is fan service.

Also, did you stay all afternoon long to see Banana Split Daily Servings? There is a mini-drama with the title so gross, you'll end up laughing and crying. It's titled "Ang Babaeng Hindi Maitaas Ang Kili-kili" (The girl who can't raise her underarm) and it makes me laugh and cry on Banana Split's mini-drama involving on the heroine named Josephina (Nina Jose) who struggles to fit in as the girl who can't raise her underarm. At first, we find out that whoever saw her shining underarm will end up being out of control, or even killing themselves, later, that shining part on her underarm was a monster inside Josephina vowing revenge on the death of Josephina's father who was killed by the cops, including her childhood friend Tonyo (Zanjoe Marudo), also, she was targeted by the enemies who can't show their bellies. Now, it seems that the underarm that made everyone idiots became a miracle. Whoever swallows the sweat of Josephina's underarm will cure themselves. Hmmm... scary but funny at first, and miraculous at later.

Oh well, an apple a day "melf me all da way" ROFL.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A very special font....

Last I heard, there was a very special font designed from the likes of popular K-On character Mio Akiyama.

It's called the "Mio Font" and here's the link:

To download this special Mio Font, scroll down and click the yellow square to download it. Whatever floats your boat....

Crissy's back! YAY!

That night's episode of Banana Split marks the return of our favorite Banana Split-gagged version of Kris Aquino, Crissy (played by Angelica Panginiban) in Banana Split's NNNN (Ntertainment News Na Naman)! Wow, seems we missed her, um you guessed it, her back, and now she's really back. She's really really really back.. With Crissy back to mess some with Bhoy (Jayson Gainza's take on Boy Abunda) and some showbiz news, Banana Split's NNNN is complete.

After NNNN, there's some Egyptian Fashion Show jokes where there's some part where, um, I don't know how to say it, but it's darn funny. Later on, some crazy tips from Melai from M3: Melai Mo Magwork, some dances, and another Mutanglawin episode where we learn about magic lamps and genies.

Think you can outsmart the third wish with another wishes? Think so!
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