Saturday, June 5, 2010

See what Ogie's holding at...

Ogie, as one of the rich kids, has an iPad

Recent episode of Bubble Gang showing another one of the "Rich Kids" sketches titled "Mayamang Raliyista" or Wealthy Protester in English. As I can see in this sketch is some familiar stuff Ogie Alcasid (the guy who was spoiled brat Angelina, or even Desperadas 2's Lugaluda) holds. Seems odd to me that what kind of stuff he's holding as if it was paper, notepad, or something else....

Oh, wait! He's holding some kind of iPad!

(Nosebleeds) Geez, makes me jealous that I want to have that kind of iPad because Angelina...I mean... Lugaluda... I mean.... Ogie Alcasid has one!

Even Showtime's Vice Ganda has one!

Take note, you can find the iPad at your nearest Power Mac Center dealers all over the Metro Manila.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What happens when you combine the elements of some mature racing games that is more of a simulation and fantasy racing games which power ups are the main basis?

With the slogan "race like a big boy", Blur combines the best of both worlds. Combining racing and combat is the best description on what this game is about. In Blur, you can take control of some of the coolest cars ever made, from Japanese tuners, Euro hot hatches, sport utility vehicles, muscle cars, and exotics. When you are behind the wheel, you are ready to race against other racers from across the globe, thanks to online multi-player system.

Power-ups are the essential tools in Blur, which players find it more useful to blow away the competition. Imagine yourself playing Blur with your friends, it turns out it's not a racing game, its a racing-fighting game where may the best racer lives! Sure, these power-ups come in handy, like blasting some orb-like attack to your opponents, leave a trap to fend off drivers behind, gain a speed boost, blow away nearby opponents, and repair your car on the track. There are so many power-ups to use in Blur. Experiment on trying various power-ups but remember, you can only carry three power-ups on the race.

Fans are the main point in Blur. If you win races, you will gain more fans, and if you gain enough fans, you can unlock various features that makes it more interesting to play the game, such as unlocking different vehicles.

My thoughts:
The cars used in Blur are not just ordinary racing cars, but they are the perfect war machines. Turning a racetrack into a war zone is just perfect, making Blur the ultimate racing game with war-like elements thanks to power-ups that makes it more addicting. Play by yourself, play against three friends, or even play against the world's best Blur players to see how battle-ready you are. Whatever it takes, Blur lets you race like a big boy.


Now on sale and available on PS3 and XBOX 360.

What is Party Pilipinas truly means for me...

Back in 1997, GMA aired a noon-time party that comes in Sundays known as SOP (an acronym of Sobrang Okey Pare) to compete with the long-running ASAP of ABS-CBN. I think both of these shows were enjoyable but it depends on which channel you are on.

But suddenly, due to the show's very bad ratings cannot compete the ratings of ABS-CBN's ASAP (now ASAP XV, commemorating its 15th year), 2010 would be the end of GMA's Sunday afternoon party show. Sure, it broke my heart for realizing it.

Makes me wonder how SOP got discontinued after 13 years of non-stop enjoyment with our favorite Kapuso stars, especially Regine Velasquez, Jaya, Ogie Alcasid, and Janno Gibbs.

The final concert truly saddens every Kapuso fans from across the world, but leaves us a decent smiley face. Makes me wonder how did that happened....

March 2010 saw a revision for GMA's Sunday afternoon party as SOP hosts; Regine, Jaya, Ogie, and Janno reprising their hosting talents to the newest Sunday afternoon party known as PARTY PILIPINAS.

HEHE, gotta admit that the theme song is great. Anyway, as for a fan of Pinoy television, I think Party Pilipinas can be a decent successor of SOP with new staff, new surprises and the same hosts. 

That's right, same hosts (Regine Velasquez, Jaya, Ogie Alcasid, and Janno Gibbs) do the party in this new Sunday afternoon party, with chunks of artists welcomed to this show including Mark Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go. This is odd because both of these were from ASAP, but why did they are switched sides?

There are so many newbies in the new show, including the Pinoy boy-band called XLR8 and the all-girl group known as Eurasia.

Looks OK to me, but is it cool or plain if you ask yourself?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

Year: 2010

Filmmaker: Star Cinema, Octoarts Films, Quantum Films

Cast: Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, Tuesday Vargas, Jaime Fabregas, John "Sweet" Lapus

A bride for the wedding, a judgmental ninang, a Bisaya-speaking yaya, a womanizing old man, and a gay beautician, I mean, image stylist. After a certain car accident during the eclipse, their lives have changed for now. OMG! What's going on with them?

Here Comes The Bride centers on five people stuck on each other's bodies. Angelica Panganiban (Rubi, Banana Split) plays the role of Stephanie, the bride who is ready for her big day, the wedding. Eugene Domingo (Comedy Bar) plays as Precy, the ninang who is very judgmental. Tuesday Vargas (Bubble Gang, Lokomoko U) plays the role as Medelyn, the Bisaya-speaking au pair or yaya hired by the parents of the son, who is the ringbearer of the wedding. Seems that the kid hated Yaya Medelyn so much. Jaime Fabregas (May Bukas Pa) plays as Stephanie's grandfather, Bien. John "Sweet" Lapus, on the other hand, plays the role of a gay beautician, I mean, image stylist, Toffee. Also appearing on the movie are Cherry Pie Picache as Stephanie's mom, Tom Rodriguez, Timothy Chan, and some extras, including Kuya Kim Atienza!

It seems weird for a gay image stylist stuck inside a woman's body who is the bride for the wedding set at the fictitious Virgin Beach resort, but for me, it seems hilarious, even the recognizable "Apir Apir Apir" part on this movie. Here Comes the Bride pokes fun at the audience not just the characters, but also the storyline that questions them what are they doing on other people's bodies? With the bride, as the ninang, stuck at the mental correction, the ninang, as the yaya, getting more judgmental, the yaya, as the lolo, speaks some Bisaya, the lolo, as the gay beautician, truly lives it up to his newly young body, and the gay beautician, cue the line please, "Ninang, there's a gay man inside my body!", I'm assuring that this movie is definitely hilarious to watch and memorizing the "Apir Apir Apir" part from this movie a hundred times!

APIR APIR APIR! A high-five for the staff and cast of this movie!
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