Thursday, April 1, 2010

Volkswagen New Second-Generation Touareg

The long wait is over, because Volkswagen, the world's number one car manufacturer in the world, has just unleashed the full model change of its flagship sport utility vehicle, known as the Touareg. Since its launched in 2002 and made a minor change since 2007, it is surprising that the Touareg is Volkswagen's first off-road sport utility vehicle, armed with the capabilities to tear down mud, sand, floods, rocky roads, and every city pavements. This machine is tougher on the outside, luxurious on the inside. This year, the new Touareg is more reinforced than the previous generation and it continues the tradition to please off-roaders with its pride and power, determined to be the best German SUV made for soldiers without frontiers.

The exterior of the all-new Touareg is honestly a "soldier without frontiers" because of the design, that others think it is the same Touareg, with some minor alterations to the front and back. This new style derives Volkswagen new signature look found on the Scirocco. As for the interior, the new Touareg looks like the luxurious premium interior found on the Volkswagen Passat CC, giving the soldiers in business suits some rest and relaxation while tearing down the warpath.

At this second generation's maiden voyage, the new Touareg has the maiden engine choices available such as the 3.0L V6 TDI BlueMotion Technology diesel engine, a 4134cc V8 TDI diesel engine, and the new 3.0L V6 TSI hybrid engine. For innovation, this German Mauser is now armed with the new glare-proof Dynamic Light Assist. The Dynamic Light Assist allows adjusts the Touareg's lighting pattern to reduce its glare and has the ability to perceive incoming traffic at its pace. Aside from this wonderful feature, the new Touareg has the host of features, which finds soldiers useful for terrain combat. The Adaptive Cruise Control seeks the car in front's speed, and intelligently tells to stop or go. This technology is mostly similar to the Toyota Crown Majesta's cruise control capability. The Lane Departure Warning System prevents the driver from crossing to unnecessary lanes (mostly double yellow lines separating the entrance and the exit), and it triggers a beeping sound when a soldier is changing on the wrong side of the lane. This technology is more as the one found on the Nissan Fuga and the Kia K7. A Blind Spot Monitor is added to detect an incoming object coming at the driver's blind spot. This is useful for escape tactics when you are surrounded by the enemy. Lastly, the Area View (similar to Nissan's Around View Monitor) is equipped for parking safety. These features are equipped for drastic combat measures and how you will use these innovative technologies is up to you to decide when or where will you use them.

In terms for escaping from a chase, the new Touareg is armed with the next-generation 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, generated to make full capabilities of its ABS brakes, EDS, and ASR for off-road driving like no other. A V6 variant can obtain a special 4XMOTION system that serves as a Terrain Tech package, gifted to tear down the battlefield at the choice of five levels: on-road, off-road, low, center differential lock, and rear differential lock. In case for soldiers without frontiers ready to find out what transmission is equipped, the new Touareg is armed with the 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

My thoughts about the Touareg:
As a favorite among SUV warriors, the new Touareg boasts good-looking design, smart technology, combative performance, and the feel that allows owners to call this car, their own Big Boss of the road. And by this SUV's "Big Boss" feel, the new Touareg targets its number one rivals: the Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Prado, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, Mitsubishi Pajero, and the upcoming second-generation Porsche Cayenne. Combat veterans, powerful politicians, diabolical gang bosses, and wealthy armed men are always welcome to take the plunge of its "Boss" made from Volkswagen. For the second generation Touareg, this SUV will not win or lose; it always finds a reason to fight like real men fighting without honor and loss.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Buick Regal -U.S. Spec-

2011 Buick Regal
Born and raised in Germany (see :Opel Insignia), appealed in the Chinese market, and prepared to amuse American buyers who are enough of their ordinary premium medium-sized sedans. It is a clear point that the U.S. spec Buick Regal is making a grand comeback to its home country after six years of absence. Of course, we recognize that the new Regal is an OEM of the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia sports sedan, only this time, the sedan variant is only available as of press time.

Just what makes the new Regal a true luxury sports sedan offered against the competition? Despite being a "foreign exchange student" from the Autobahn, the design flow from Buick is truly American, giving this new generation model a dual citizenship status from car addicts. Meaning this sports sedan is half-German and half-American, if you know what I mean. This applies the same at the interior as well. The interior of the new Regal is the same as the Opel Insignia, except for the steering wheel, the ice-blue lighting, and the XM Satellite Radio offered as an option. When you spot their differences, it is obvious that the new Regal is sleeker than its European Opel Insignia counterpart is.

In the performance side, the engine line-up of the new Buick Regal is less than the engine line-up of the Opel Insignia. When the Insignia offered several gasoline and diesel engines, including the 2.8 V6 engine offered in the Insignia OPC/VXR range, the Regal only gets two engines as of press time. At the launch, the 2.4L Ecotec engine (soon to be equipped on the second-generation LaCrosse) will be the only mainframe available, while the 2.0L Ecotec turbo engine will become available this autumn. The only feature available as of press time is the six-speed automatic transmission, because the manual version will be available later.

My thoughts about the Regal:
Being a sports sedan with the dual citizenship status is not a joke for this situation. That is because the new Buick Regal was a hailed from Europe as the Opel Insignia, then it made a sensation to the Chinese executives, and it makes a public North American appearance to show the competition in which one has the guts to be the best luxury sports sedan ever made. The new Regal is targeted against other luxury sports cars in the world such as the Nissan Skyline Sedan (Infiniti G Sedan), Honda Accord Euro (Acura TSX), Lexus IS250/350, Toyota Mark X, Audi A4, and the Volkswagen Passat CC. Just like the General Motors' "may the best car win" campaign, the new Regal stands tall from the competition, and who knows, we might cross our fingers that we hope we can bring the Regal to our shores, and if possible, the head of Regal Entertainment named Mother Lily Monteverde meets her match.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Le Nouvelle TV5" Debut

Bienvenue, readers...

I saw an article that Philippines' TV5 (formerly ABC5) is making a major overhaul to prove it stands still against major Philippine TV stations such as ABS-CBN (the Kapamilya network) and GMA. (the Kapuso channel, one of my favorites) It's a fair fight but TV5 Philippines proves its still a worthy contender to the Philippine media industry. According to some sources, TV5 will shake off the "Shake mo, TV mo" slogan, making a logo facelift (a first of two years since TV5 debuted to Philippine soil), and promising a host of new shows, including a new comedy show starring Dolphy, a spin-off of Vic Sotto's Ang Darling Kong Aswang, a third installment of the Lokomoko series, and the return of children's favorite educational show.

It's a "vive la vive" world for this channel, calling this station a "Kapatid", giving the Kapamilya and the Kapuso some hard time, and the Philippine households might have time to choose which station is the best.

Who's the best Philippine TV Station?





Guess I'm not really bored. This is going to be a fair fight!

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