Friday, March 26, 2010

The Samurai Code - Ending

Samurai Code finale

The ending of the Toyota Mark X special TV drama aired in TV Tokyo, titled Samurai Code, turned out to be quite good. In the last episode, there was a party going on around there. When Kohei Sudo (played by Koichi Sato) sees that his rival (played by Shingo Tsurumi) shows up at the party, we didn't know why his rival showed up. On the following scene, the Credit Stars senior director and the Wise Coleman funds fund manager (played by Sawa Suzuki) agrees on the Urban Square plan. Then, Sudo reminisces the words Kaori (played by Manami Honjo) told, saying that life will be the way it is. Then, the two rivals showed up, with no words, and became friends again.

At the end of Samurai Code, we see Sudo, with the Wise Coleman funds employee Akiyama (played by Yuno Nakazono) walking with him. He gave Akiyama a car key, and she's happy.

That's how the special TV drama came to an end.

Let's wish Koichi Sato good luck for his next projects. (... and resume duties as one of JRA's Club Keiba navigators)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nana Mizuki's voice is too sexy for Paz. ;-)

When I was listening to the February 18 episode of the Kojima Productions Japanese Podcast, titled Hideochannel Radio (hosted by the Metal Gear god, Hideo Kojima, Yumi Kikuchi, and others), this Japanese podcast gave us the first taste of when will Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker release to the market. (As if, they will launch PW Asia-wide at the end of April and U.S. and European markets this June) Not only that, next month, the original game soundtrack and get this, Metal Gear series' first character song album are set for release. In case you didn't recognize, the Metal Gear series' first character song album will be released in Japanese music stores this April 7 and it packs not only the theme song, titled Heavens Divide (sung by Donna Burke), but also the series' first character song, titled Koi no Yokushi Ryoku, sung by the Japanese voice actress of Peace Walker's Paz Ortega Andrade (the leading lady of this game) and also the seiyuu of one of the hottest anime roles (Fate Testarossa from Lyrical Nanoha series, Moka Akashiya from Rosario+Vampire, and Hinata from Naruto series), Nana Mizuki!

I might be able to get a simple review, but remember, the launch date for this maxi single CD is on April, but I'll give you guys an early description on the first character song album from the Metal Gear series. I love the song "Heavens Divide". (as heard from the MGS:PW TGS 2009 official trailer) That song looks more from the ending theme from Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, titled Calling to the Night, sung by Natasha Farrow. Word from Konami is, they'll include this song on the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker OST on sale a week after the series' first character song CD debuted. For the song "Koi no Yokushi Ryoku":

What can I say? Nana Mizuki's voice is too...







TOO DARN SEXY FOR THIS! I LOVE THIS! (Can't wait 'till April 7 to acquire it at a very reasonable price!)

Before witnessing the character song's music video, the Hideochannel Radio podcast gave us the first listen to this song. Although, I got to say, Hideo Kojima-san and Yumi Kikuchi-san undeniably love it! The powerful tone (similar to Nana Mizuki's song, Phantom Minds, from Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st), the sexy voice, nothing can stop this song from uplifting not only MGS fans, but Nana Mizuki fans as well!

Let's give Nana Mizuki-san a massive two thumbs up for this song! (Best to forget from the Korean otaku marrying a Fate Testarossa dakimakura...)

Oh, and for fans living in Japan, best to catch the last Nana Mizuki Live Academy concert this March 27 at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya. 

The Samurai Code

Toyota's second-generation Mark X proves this FR sports sedan is the modern-day Kenshin Himura for drivers. That is when the second-generation Mark X slogan was "SAMURAI X".

By bringing the phrase "SAMURAI X" to reality, TV Tokyo aired a special twelve episode drama titled "SAMURAI CODE". This drama doesn't involve samurai warriors fighting for freedom, it revolves in the life of a fictitious Wise Coleman Funds senior director, Kohei Sudo (played by Koichi Sato), who tries to negotiate his way against his former best friend (a rival), the senior director of the fictitious Credit Stars (played by Shingo Tsurumi), because of the mall plan targeted at the flower shop owned by Kaori. (played by Manami Honjo) With Kaori's disappearance, how far will the senior director of Wise Coleman Funds drive his Mark X and negotiate his way against Credit Stars?

Don't miss the last episode of the Toyota Mark X Samurai Code special TV drama, airing this Friday at 10:54 PM (Japan Standard Time) only at TV Tokyo!

Koichi Sato (as the main character, Kohei Sudo, the Wise Coleman Funds senior director and the proud owner of the Toyota Mark X)

Shingo Tsurumi (as Sudo's former friend, now rival, the senior director of Credit Stars)

Manami Honjo (as Kaori)

Sawa Suzuki (as the Wise Coleman Funds fund manager)

Chigusa Takaku (as one of the Wise Coleman Funds employees)

Yuno Nakazono (as one of the Wise Coleman Funds employees)

Munetaka Aoki (as one of the Wise Coleman Funds employees) 

Takeo Nakahara (as Kohei Sudo's boss from Wise Coleman Funds)

Run Time: Almost six minutes

Air Time: 10:54 PM JST

Station: TV Tokyo

Carmaker made possible for this drama: Toyota Motor Corporation

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Atarashii Yes

Salyu's newest song, Atarashii Yes, as heard in the Toyota Sai Hybrid TV commercial in Japan, proves that our word "yes" has different meanings and how we say "yes" to the world is truly a commitment to the future. This maxi single contains the song and the medley of her upcoming single, Maiden Voyage, coming to Japanese music stores this week. About this song, Atarashii Yes changes the world with its simple tones, clearer sound, and greater expression for those who listened this new song. Of course, despite the Toyota Sai getting their bumpers kicked by the mass recall, most Sai owners really wanted to get their green ears listen to Salyu's new song that brings harmony beyond their acceptance. Because of this title, Atarashii Yes gives listeners how to express ourselves, aside from saying "yes" to ourselves.

It's your call. The word "yes" gives us new meanings once we listen to Salyu's latest song that was first heard on the Toyota Sai TV commercial.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The hit 1999 PSOne horror game from Konami, Silent Hill, has just been revisited on the Playstation2, Playstation Portable, and Nintendo Wii gaming consoles and this time, the story where it all began has just been refreshed, renewed, and the quality has just been improved for more thrills, more chills, and more suspense than the PSOne predecessor.

You know the story of the first one, right? It's about Harry Mason, the protagonist of this story, tries to find his daughter after a car accident. Then, he stumbles to the mysterious town called Silent Hill, a place where once you are here, there is no way out.

You might think you have already know the first one, but think again. Silent Hill Shattered Memories is packed with new elements, monstrous foes, and an array of useful gadgets, such as the portable radio (a classic Silent Hill element) that picks up a strange noise when the character is near to the monster, a flashlight allows you to look at places that are to dark to see (useful to find monsters hidden in the dark), and a cellphone that allows you to use its camera feature to seek monsters hidden from the naked eye.

I'm sure when you're playing Silent Hill Shattered Memories, you will experience the thrill from the original predecessor to a completely new level, and once you are hooked to this game, there is no way out until your pants got urinated from the fear caused in this game.

Think you are ready to go back from where it all began? Do it, if you dare.

Note: Silent Hill Shattered Memories is on sale at the U.S. and Europe. Japanese version on sale this March.
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