Friday, March 12, 2010

Audi RS5

To sum the words from some beer commercial in the Philippines, saying that only men should act like men, the beefed up version of the A5 coupe, known as the RS5, turns ordinary men into real road warriors of the Autobahn. To prove that the new RS5 is the inferno sports car for real men, here are the key points on observing the RS5's circles of hell, which is perfect for men to experience its hell-raising capabilities, from smoke to bourbon:

The RS5 is powered with the 4.2 FSI V8 natural aspiration engine, which has the power output of 450PS, the torque output of 430 Nm, the top speed of 250km/h, and the time of 4.6 seconds in the 0-100kph run.

The RS5 is equipped with quattro technology's first lightweight crown-gear center differential. (The differential with the shape of the crown) The crown-gear differential allows the RS5 changes the way it distributes the torque between the front and rear axles, for handling that is surely for real men only.

The Audi drive select that is equipped on the RS5 allows drivers to choose from three different modes; comfort for fuel-efficient purposes and comfortable driving, auto for sensing the driving conditions, and dynamic for agile driving performance. A fourth mode, available when the MMI option is equipped, allows drivers to customize the way the RS5 behaves.

The price of the new Audi RS5 is 77,700 Euros (guessing 5.5 million pesos), and its affordable than the Mercedes-Benz SL63/65 AMG.

My thoughts about the RS5:
Real Autobahn sports car only real men should ever try. The exterior is a drool-worthy experience, the interior has the smell of success, and the performance is truly a thriller. I can say that the RS5 is perfectly targeted for grown men who wanted to take a glimpse of this German devil with the burning passion to outperform everyone from its lust, greed, and gluttony over German sports cars with the desire for revenge. Go ahead, make yourselves comfortable, make yourselves manly, and be caught in the RS5's trap.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

The videos from scam sites (From acai berry scams to white teeth scams)

“Skeptical? I Don't Blame You. I Felt The Same Way."

According to the dictionary, the word "skeptical" is showing doubt. Why do these scam sites trigger the word "skeptical" when we leave the site?

Is it because we are trying to be seduced by these scams? What's the big point? When you are leaving a scam site, a pop-up appeared saying "WAIT!" or "Don't leave yet" or "Skeptical?", just ignore it and leave. I know these keep happening a lot.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Last year, Mercedes-Benz launched the all-new E-Class, in sedan, coupe, and wagon form. Then, the following, AMG, Mercedes-Benz's powerhouse sports division, muscled up the E-Class sedan and the wagon form, leaving the coupe version in question. At the North American International Auto Show last January, Mercedes-Benz has just chopped the E-Class Coupe's roof, and called the E-Class Cabriolet, the next big thing from the premiere German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz.

Expected to be on sale this month for European customers, the new E-Class Cabriolet welcomes the wind for the owners, thanks to the switchable soft-top that can be close or open for an appealing tour de force. Dubbed as the replacement for the axed CLK-Class Cabriolet, most Mercedes-Benz aficionados would consider this new model a nice addition to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class collection. With the sedan, coupe, E63 AMG sedan, estate, and E63 AMG Estate on hand, the E-Class Cabriolet is definitely a newest addition to the family. Judging from its striking design, you can rest assure that this luxury convertible is sexualized for the thrill of the owners who are ready to take it all day, all night, from the city roads to the highway roads, showing other convertible owners who is the "king of the hill", no matter what it takes.

From the 2.0-litre CDI diesel engine all the way to the high-performance 5.5-litre V8 engine capable of releasing almost 400PS of power, the new E-Class Cabriolet has a host of innovative features; including the Agility Control suspension, McPherson struts, high-strength-steel construction, direct steering, multi-link suspension, and much more. It also has optional features such as the speed-sensitive power steering, sports suspension, and Dynamic Handling package. With these features, there is no stopping for this unique luxury convertible ready to feel the open breeze.

My thoughts about the E-Class Cabriolet:
With the winds changing from different directions, it is good to say that this new E-Class Cabriolet is the best ride only an E-Class fan can get. From the Autobahn, Mt. Haruna, Tagaytay, Grand Canyon, and other places where the wind can reach people, the breeze will be on your heart, once you step inside on this new car. It takes patience for the customer to obtain the newest member of the E-Class family, but when it strikes, the customer is welcomed to give this convertible a spin on the open highway. The E-Class Cabriolet makes a perfect rival to the BMW Z4, Lexus IS Convertible, and the Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster, as car addicts say it. Be prepared to get a handful of this new treat from Mercedes-Benz.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Banana Split, Bubble Gang or Lokomoko High? Which is funnier?

ABS-CBN's Banana Split, GMA's Bubble Gang, and TV5's Lokomoko High...

These three comedy gag shows share in common: skits send viewers rolling on floor laughing, spoofing pop culture, and everything more funnier than people breathing an ounce of laughing gases. But as for me, which gag fest is definitely the funniest?
Banana Split is truly the spiritual successor to some of ABS-CBN's defunct gag shows such as Goin' Bananas, Klasmeyts, and The Yes Yes Show. At its maiden season, Banana Split packs a bunch of sexier artists and it makes viewers not only getting flirted by these sexy clowns, but also tickles them with hilarious gags. Now this show keeps changing and changing, with the addition of the country's hottest men such as Zanjoe Marudo and John Prats and the country's funniest clowns in TV such as Pooh, Pokwang, and ex-PBB housemate Jason Gainza. Not only that, it keeps evolving from a single-day time slot to a six-day time slot. (which viewers can watch it weekday afternoons) With Banana Split's line-up consists of NNNN (the Showbiz News Ngayon spoof), Brod Bro Bru (from the original, level up, props edition, to Brod, Bro, Bruce Lee), Mutanglawin (the spoof of Matanglawin), That's Impossible, Sosyal Pasosyal Wa-sosyal, Balitang Siksik, Show It, Nakakatarantongue Twister, Boys Over Acting (Boys Over Flowers parody), Bon Twilight Chiriri Kong Twilight (Twilight parody), New moon-ia (Twilight Saga New Moon parody), Agua Maldita (Agua Bendita spoof), and more, fans are getting hooked on ABS-CBN's hillarious gagfest that throws more laughing gas to viewers than its predecessors. I guaranteed that this is funny. But aside from the laughter served, there are dances also served in this show.
Bubble Gang is GMA 7's flagship comedy gag show, giving viewers non-stop tickling every Friday night at GMA 7 and for worldwide Filipinos; GMA Pinoy TV. Like a bubblegum, Bubble Gang sticks the viewers with the some hillarious gags and skits, including fan favorites such as spoofs from other GMA shows, Ang Spoiled (with Michael V. as Yaya and Ogie Alcasid as Angelina), Haka Haka (Mythbusters parody), Sumbong Sumbong kay Bonggang Bongbong (hosted by Michael V. as Bonggang Bongbong), Misspelling Gee, IyoTube (YouTube spoof with Moymoy Palaboy), Don't Eching Me (a lie-detector part hosted by Michael V. as Sweat), and so on. With over 14 years strong, this comedy gag fest is surely a legend to the long list of GMA comedy shows.
A worthy contender to the list of comedy gag shows, Lokomoko High from TV5 (formerly ABC 5) is an improved version of Lokomoko, with even more funnier moments that is crazier than your classmates from school and perfect for those who are ready for weekends, of course Friday night is Lokomoko time! Even it is new to the public, it keeps growing and growing until it reaches the funny zone. Of course, at the end of the Lokomoko High episode, a segment of this show called LBM (Loko Bidyo Moko) spoofs one of the hit songs we all love to listen to.
Verdict: Bubble Gang is truly a legend in the comedy show, while Banana Split keeps getting better and better, and Lokomoko High? Well, it may succeed just like those two. These comedy gag shows compete each other to prove which is funnier, and I want to find out which is which.
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