Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's a dakimakura?

OK guys, you may not know what this is, but when it comes to this there is just one big question you ,anime otakus in the bedroom, may ask:

"Excuse me, but, what's a dakimakura?"

You may not know what a dakimakura is but here is a sample of what it looks like:

You see, that's how a dakimakura looked like, if I hoped that Comic Alley, the number one anime merchandise store in the Philippines, sells one of these cutesy pillow covers for your tall pillows.

A dakimakura is a kind of a tall pillow cover with a picture of an female anime character on it. (Like I shown it to you)

I know it sounds too weird to be true, but in the eyes of an otaku, its his or her (if any) prized possession in their bedroom.

To all otakus living in the Philippines, feel free to ask any of the anime stores all over your favorite malls (SM, Festival, Town Center, Greenbelt, or any mall you know) and tell them if the dakimakuras are on sale.

Take your time, guys!

Monday, January 4, 2010

What is the true meaning of the word "fan service" to you?

Hey readers, you know who this is. As I recalled most of the otakus from all over the world saying the two words spiced it up for something which I can't remember what this is, I don't really know what's the real meaning to the word some of the anime otakus called it "fan service" .
In people words, the word "fan" is used on people who take affection on everything popular, while the word "service" clearly states, well, um, help. I mean, what you help. Help. That's what service is. Service is what you help or serve to other people.
So what just meant on every kind of anime show that has the "fan service" treatment for otakus? Come on! Am I not the only otaku who know this kind of genre? Does a fan service anime creeps me out?

Uh-huh, an anime with a fan service genre really creeps me out. Oh, the naked stuff, and the "what's under her" stuff? I can't see it, it totally creeps me out to leaving one room to another, thinking it is way too sexy? Fantasizing a female anime character for something for your senses?

Aw, Eww, Ewww! I can't watch those kind of fan services? I mean, this is how fan services in anime shows treated fans like something gross?

No, this isn't fan service, it's uh.....uh.....






Just kidding!

Look. From my point of view, unexpected blowing of a female characters' skirts (especially that blonde-haired Akari Kirishima, from the new anime series, Nyan Koi!), gentle teasing, some moments from Fight Ippatsu Juden-chan, Kanokon, and others, wasn't simply more than just fan service, it's like you're relieving an (I'll put something irrelevant for my clarification) episode from Family Guy where Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian drank the whole ipecac syrup, and vomit altogether! Imagine I was about to vomit and break hives when I saw such nudity as part of the fan service genre.

As always, not all fanservices seem bad. Well, it depends on your pleasure for female anime characters, but not much. It would be a mess.
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