Saturday, November 28, 2009

Renault Fluence

Back in July 2009, in South Korea, Renault-Samsung Motors unveiled the third-generation SM3. A staunch Renault fan might think where the new-generation SM3 came from did. The true details about the new SM3 became unknown until now, at Renault, the French automaker unveiled the true form, which carries the elements of the Megane hatchback, and it is the replacement of the axed Megane Sedan. Meet the new compact Renault sedan, the Fluence.

Based on the Renault Megane, this new sedan combines the premium feel of the Fluence while preserving the sportiness of a sports car, all in one unique premium package. How to distinguish the Fluence's identity is the exterior itself. By observing the outer view of the Fluence, you can assure it looks like a combination of the Megane and the Laguna, while the flow keeps on going for this French newbie. By using the look and feel of the Fluence, the driver feels like influenced by the Renault design that carried a few years ago. Consider it a premium package for adults, if agreed.

Since its arrival, the Fluence starts with the 1.5-litre DCi common rail turbo diesel engine that delivers 86 to 107PS of power while preserving Euro 4 emission standards. This diesel engine not only provides wonderful fuel efficiency, but also providing hybrid-like attributes to the environment, thanks to Renault's Eco2. As for that, the Fluence comes with either a 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission, so expect the sluggish things to come for this. But do not forget; anti-lock braking system, electronic stability program, seat belts, side airbags, fog lamps, tire re-inflation kit, spare tire, and Carminat TomTom navigation system covers you most when you need it.

The Fluence's interior provides more room and exceptional comfort for four to five adults. With the leather steering wheel, CD/AM/FM/MP3 player, heated front seats, climate control, rear curtain, optional leather beige upholstery, and glass roof, there is exceptional comfort and luxury unlike any other medium sedans in the market. To shake things up for the car's interior details, it looks the same as the Renault Megane.

Since the Fluence arrived first at the Korean market as the new Renault Samsung SM3, and made a world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show since September, there is no doubt, how far this new premium compact sedan come first against the competition. This new French sedan really picks up a clean fight to those other compact sedans and on the side note, an electric version of the Fluence might come out sometime to whisk away the hybrid competition.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Volkswagen Golf Sports Line-up

It's not surprising why because of all such issues happened to Toyota Motor Corporation (such as the withdrawal from the Formula one Championship, and the Noriko Sakai drug incident which her Toyota Noah commercial was revoked on the TV sets), the Japanese automaker was dethroned by the brand behind the Beetles, Polos, and Golfs, Volkswagen. While Volkswagen gained the crown as the world's number one automaker, let this brand show you the three devils of the Golf hatchback, the first carrying the legendary sports marque, the second carrying a sporty marque too but having a diesel engine, and the third is the ultimate form of the Golf hatchback. These three sporty variants come in either 3-door or 5-door that suits the devil in the driver.

Let's begin with the GTI, the first sports line of the Golf hatchback line-up. While retaining the legendary red-lined grille with the GTI on the left side, the performance of the GTI is somewhat legendary, thanks to the 2.0L engine that delivers over 200PS of power with the top speed of 240km/h. The GTI comes with the 6-speed manual transmission or the 6-speed Direct Shift Gearbox.

Appearing on the Golf hatchback line-up is the brother of the Golf GTI; meet the Golf GTD, the sportiest Golf armed with the sportiest diesel turbo engine that carries two litres and it delivers a power output of 170PS with the top speed of 222km/h.

Now exploding on the scene is the successor of the previous Golf V R32, only this time, it doesn't carrying the "32" marque on it. The name simply called "Golf VI R" , the ultimate Golf ever built. With the aggressive styling, unique "R" badge on the left side of the grille, and its similarity to the Scirocco R, the new R is equipped with the 270PS, 2.0-litre engine that has an outstanding top speed of 250km/h. That was 10km/h more than the Golf GTI.

While Volkswagen taking the lead as the world's largest automaker, these three sporty Golf line-up are sure to fire up the driver's adrenaline for some more action, more speed, and more thrills on the road. The GTI might seem to be basic for a car enthusiast, the GTD can be a pleasant alternative to the GTI, and the R can be a big thriller on the road. Combine all three and it is a German roller coaster ride to Hell.

Photo: Volkswagen Group

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kia K7

The Nissan Fuga of the Korean market has set to harvest out of the barriers and approached to the horizon of the Korean automotive industry. Welcome to Kia's avant-garde flagship sedan that based on the KND-5 concept premium sedan under the VG codename, the K7 is here.

2010 Kia K7

The name "K7" is the first time Kia Motors using the naming structure the same way Audi and Renault-Samsung Motors do. The "K" letter stands for Kia Motors, the automaker's birthplace: Korea, the English word: kinetic, the Greek word: Kratos, and so on, relating to the letter K. With all the Peter Schreyer trademark designs earned by newer Kia models such as the Mohave/Borrego sport utility vehicle, Soul, the mid-size Forte sedan and Koup, and the latest second-generation Sorento (KDM name: Sorento R), this is truly a aristocratic invention that was based on the Hyundai Grandeur. (Known in other markets as the Azera) The K7 has packed with the aggressive front lamps, enlarged "Peter Schreyer grille”, scissor-type side mirrors borrowed from the latest Hyundai Sonata, Audi-shaped rear lamps, seven exterior colors, and a sexier side view that provides sportiness of a sports car with the glamour of a luxury car.

2010 Kia K7 interior

Aside from the attractive exterior, the K7's interior design provides an exceptional comfort and relaxation to bring most businesspeople what they warrant for a luxury sedan. From the high-tech dashboard, optional lighting that was borrowed from the previous-generation Toyota Mark X or the upcoming Daihatsu Tanto Exe small car, temperature-controlled steering wheel, climate control, engine start/stop button, leather seats, optional navigation system, and more of the interior features, no other luxury cars stand a chance against the beauty of Kia's new flagship sedan. It also has the welcome system that greets the driver by unlocking the K7 by itself when the driver with the corresponding key is nearby.

The K7 has a choice of three different engines to choose:
1. A Theta II 2.4-litre engine with the power output of 180ps with the fuel economy of 11.8km/L,

2. A high-performance Mu 2.7-litre engine with the power output of 200ps and the fuel economy of a moderate 11.0,

3. A flagship Lambda II 3.5-litre engine with the power output 290ps, with a modest 10.6km/L of fuel economy.

All K7 variants come with the 6-speed automatic transmission. For the peace of mind, the K7's armed with the finest features such as the Lane Departure Warning System, Electronic Control Suspension (available only for VG350 variant), Amplitude Selective Damper (available only for VG240 and VG270 variants), smart key entry, Tire Pressure Monitor System, RPAS reversing sensors, and Parking Guide System for parking safety.


Lighter body, higher performance, finest safety features, majestic design, impressive quality, these are the words only a staunch Korean car addict describes the true beauty of Kia's newest flagship sedan, the K7. Much ado being the replacement of the Opirus/Amanti luxury car (will they replace it? Because the face-lifted model, with the "Premium" moniker on it, still on sale), the K7 makes an impressive premium sedan ready to take out the likes of the Nissan Fuga, Toyota Crown series, Lexus GS, Audi A6, and BMW 5-Series. On the reverse side, it does not have the guts to beat its compatriot, the Hyundai Genesis.

Reader Note: Kia's newest flagship, K7, is driving its way to the Korean drama scene thanks to Korea's answer to ABS-CBN's Palos, which titled "IRIS" and it airs by KBS. (The station behind Boys over Flowers, the Korean version of Taiwan's Meteor Garden and Japan's Hana Yori Dango) Let us hope Crunchyroll putting up the Korean action drama, IRIS, on the list of Korean dramas served in this site, and as for you, Korean drama fans living in Korea, you should check out the thrilling action drama, IRIS, on KBS, which stars Kim Seung-woo, Lee Byung-heon, and Jeong Jun-ho. I bet you will like it thanks to the show's thrilling storyline.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

K-On! Character Image Song Series

K-On! is a manga and an anime revolves about high-school girls joined a small music club that needs to be saved from being faded away from their school. With the success of 13 episodes in the anime, why not take a chance to listen to the songs done by your favorite K-On! characters? In every K-On! Character Image Song CD comes with a different K-On! character you love!

  • Yui Hirasawa (CV: Aki Toyosaki)

  • Mio Akiyama (CV: Yoko Hikasa)

  • Ritsu Tainaka (CV: Satomi Sato)

  • Tsumugi Kotobuki (CV: Minako Kotobuki)

  • Azusa Nakano (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)

  • Nodoka Manabe (CV: Chika Fujito)

  • Ui Hirasawa (CV: Madoka Yonezawa)

    With the anime's success, these Character Image Songs are packed with fun and excitement lyrics sung by favorite K-On! Characters. For the lowdown, Yui & Mio can be a good start for first-timers, while Ritsu, keeps fans warmed up, especially Tsumugi. Azusa on the other hand can be a collectors' choice because she's the K-On! fan favorite. The final two (Nodoka & Ui) will let owners to describe how these two CDs feel. Take your pick and enjoy your K-On! madness everywhere you go!

    K-On! Original Sound Track

    "K-On!" (日本名:けいおん!) is an anime about high school girls joining a small music club that it needs to be saved from being faded away from their school forever. With the elements of friendship, fun, rivalry, trust to each other, and inspiration revolves the story, (not forget the moe-ness) this short TV series gained a lot of reputation from anime fans all over Japan, admiring more than other Kyoto Animation shows such as "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Lucky Star", "CLANNAD", "Air", and "Kanon". Best of all, this show provides more music, more fun, and more cuteness from our favorites such as Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi. (Don't forget Azu-nyan or Azusa Nakano)

    This original sound track of this TV Show brings back the memories of viewers taking from the main cast joining the "Sakurakou K-On Bu" all the way to their club's success. Provided by Hajime Hyakkou-san, the original sound track contains the following tunes to bring otakus back the memories of Sakurakou K-On Bu and the ups and downs of everyone in this story:

    1. Have some tea?
    2. Morning dew
    3. 急げや急げ!
    4. かわいい陰謀
    5. 2匹の子猫
    6. いい夢見てね
    7. Cotton candy
    8. Virtual love
    9. タンポポ宅急便
    10. うっかり君の為に
    11. Genki!
    12. おばあちゃんのタンス
    13. The other side of evening sun
    14. Dead soldiers(笑)
    15. Hold on to your love
    16. Falling reinforced concrete
    17. Small flashing
    18. けん玉くん
    19. 軽い冗談
    20. クレープはいかが?
    21. Happy languidness
    22. Emerald green
    23. My hometown where it snows
    24. 銀世界の朝
    25. Tea at the night of Christmas
    26. 子猫の演奏会
    27. Patrol of stroll
    28. Doki Doki Friday night
    29. りんご…Ringo…リンゴ飴
    30. 15歳のマーチ
    31. じゃじゃ馬3人娘
    32. Hesitation
    33. ピンチ大好き!
    34. ドレスにクレープは似合わない?
    35. あの日の夢
    36. Happy End

    For an added surprise, there is a free card based on the cover with the picture of Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, and Tsumugi Kotobuki, so you can keep the fondest memories of K-on-ism!


    Surprisingly, this original soundtrack of this anime is not much of a turn-on, but with the free card inside, it shouldn't be a worry for the K-On fan and the memories of this TV series can be preserved just by plugging in this CD to the nearest player and enjoy the K-On madness on the go.
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