Friday, October 16, 2009

Lexus LS/LS Hybrid Facelift and LS460 Version SZ

Since 1989, Toyota launched the Lexus brand to the American market, following with the launch of their luxury premium sedan named Celsior and it's sold to the world market as the Lexus LS. In 2005, Toyota brought the Lexus brand to its home country, replacing all the Altezza, Aristo, Soarer, Celsior, and Harrier names into Lexus names such as the IS, GS, SC, LS, and RX.

Now in 2009, the "Exaelitus" of Lexus gets its minor face-lift and next level of features to bring this premium luxury sedan the Lexus touch it deserves. Brace yourselves for the totally redesigned Lexus LS & LS Hybrid. Aside from the face-lifted LS & LS Hybrid (short wheelbase or long wheelbase), a sportier variant known as the LS460 Version SZ joins the LS family to bring adrenaline-pumping executives a custom treatment of this prime sedan.

For the minor change, both the LS460 and the LS600h received themselves a redesigned grille that enhances their L-Finesse philosophy to a whole new dimension. With the enhanced grille, new front bumper design, new set of rims, new rear lamps, and the sportier side from the LS460 Version SZ, proportion takes no substitute for this premium sedan.

From the interior, there is a comfortable side that scatters the enigmatic aura on the inside. Known as the Version UZ variant (similar to the Toyota Crown Majesta's high grade F Package), the optional ottoman rear seat and the rear entertainment system provide comfort and relaxation for the stressful executive on the rush. Also, there is an optional fine graphic meter equipped on the LS' instrumental panel, giving the driver a state-of-the-art technology provided on the long cruising trips ahead. For the wealthy Japanese executives, L-Select is now on the LS and LS Hybrid. The L-Select feature allows the customer to customize the LS' interior with the style he or she deserves, there are 30,000 combinations the customer has to choose from to mix and match the LS' interior style that suits his or her tastes.


Reader note: There is an inevitable cause why I called the Lexus LS an "Exaelitus" because of the CM song used in the Japanese commercial since 2006, it was composed by Yoko Kanno (famous for the BGMs heard from Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series) and sung by Origa. For the Lexus fans in the Philippines, stop by for that commercial I said about it.

From its new look, new features, same performance, same safety features, and the new custom LS460 grade, known as the Version SZ, the LS' minor change is the new world of luxury cars from all over the globe. How will the face-lifted beauty of this premiere Lexus sedan shine against other premium sedans? Be prepared to get your hands on the redesigned LS and the LS Hybrid from Lexus, and let your fancy hands flow freely on the road.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster (370Z Roadster)

When Nissan's Infiniti division failed to place the G Convertible to Japan due to the crossover EX placed as the Nissan Skyline Crossover, the Japanese automaker has something to fill it up:

In celebration of the Z-car's 40th anniversary, Nissan has just dropped the top of its latest Z34 Fairlady Z (known worldwide as the 370Z) and it is ready to turn the tables against other convertibles from all over the world, including the Lexus IS250C. The new Z Roadster from Nissan throws excitement for Z fans, thanks to its stylish form that based from the Z34 Fairlady Z, which launched since December 2008 via Nissan Premium Factory, with the soft-top that can open or close in just 20 seconds, to bring the image of this sports car the striking personality it gets.

From the sexier exterior, the new Z Roadster has all the features that make owners delve deeper to the open car. Depending on the variant, the new Z Roadster is equipped with double wishbone front suspension, multilink rear suspension, front and rear ventilated brakes, 3.7-litre V6 VQ engine that delivers 336PS of power with 9.4km/L of fuel economy, HID headlamps, aluminum wheels, power steering, and ABS for improved braking. There are many features to mention on this majestic beast.


The honest fact about the Z34 Fairlady Z's design was truly a Pinoy design, thanks to some Filipino designer, who hailed from Canada and educated in the United States, named Randy Rodriguez. Because of this, most Pinoy car enthusiasts cannot wait to hold their proud hands to the Z34's design that is mostly a Pinoy art. Even in its Roadster variant, this is truly the same Z design that carries the 40-year tradition alive and kicking. Everybody get ready because this latest Z Roadster is about to blow your minds everywhere.
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