Thursday, October 1, 2009

When did Motorola has their own lottery?

Hey guys! I just received some eerie message, and it's said it was legitimate and endorsed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators, when did that happened?

89 New Fetter Lane London,EC4A 1AG U.K
Prof. Zachary Mackenzie
PHONE #:+44 7031840982, +44 7023058159


Finally today, we announce the winners of the MOTOROLA LOTTO 24 MEGA LOTTERY held on 29Th Sept 2009. Your company or your personal e-mail address, attached to winning number 23-76-06-54-42-100, with serial number 647489, consequently won in the Tenth lottery category.

You are therefore been approved for lump sums pay out of GBP £1,500,000.00 POUNDS ($1.723.448.18 USD) in cash Credited to file REF NO: MSW/56B-672GH/L and winning number 23-76-06-54-42-100, this is from total prize money of GBP 6,000,000.00 POUNDS, shared among the four (4)international winners in this category.

This Lotto 24 mega lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).This promotional Lotto 24 is the tenth of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public. To begin the processing of your prize award you are to contact your claims officer through our accredited Prize Transfer agents via e-mail as stated below:

All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn form 42,000 Names, 6,000 names from each continent, as part of International "E-MAIL" Promotions Program, and for the Continues use of E-mail. Your wining has been insured with your REF NO: MSW/56B-672GH/L and winning number 23-76-06-54-42-100. To claim your winning prize, you must first contact the claims department by email for Processing and remittance of your prize money to you. The claims processor is:

Contact Your Claims Agent Via Email:

Legal officer:
Mrs.Natalie Patrick
Tel: Call:(+44704 575 4105)
Fax: +44 7031861175

Do email the above email address, at once. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and winning numbers in all correspondences with your claims officer.

Claims Requirements:
1. Full Name:..............................................................
2. Address:............................................................... …
3. Nationality:..............................................................
4. Age:.........................Date of Birth:.............................
5. Occupation:.............................................................
6. Phone:...................Phone 2:...............Fax:.................
7. State of Origin…………………………….....Country:....................

Upon receipt of the duly requested data, I’ll send you the contact information of the payment office so you can proceed with affecting the release of your claim in anyway you fit, submit back immediately




Yours faithfully,
Prof. Zachary Mackenzie
Chief Announcer.

NOTE: Do not reply this mail. You are to contact your claims officer immediately by email. Or call your claims officer (Mrs.Natalie Patrick,Call:+44704 575 4105) to confirm your winnings.

You are advised to call your claims officer.

Lotto24 is a registered trademark.
Copyright©2000-2009 all rights reserved.
PATENT PEND. NO. PA 2000 01615.

As we all know it, it might be a scam or not, because I can't distinguish that kind of letter I've received the other day...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hayate the Combat Butler!! 2nd Season Original Sound Track

In the first season of "Hayate the Combat Butler!", we witness the ups, downs, and the jaw-dropping adventures (and misadventures) of our favorite butler-in-debt, Hayate Ayasaki, his mistress, Nagi Sanzenin, and her maid Maria. (Let us not forget her pet tiger named Tama!)With a mixture of comedy and action-packed adventures (plus the dames), it was a fair success that targets both male and female viewers. Aired since spring 2007 and ended in a 52-episode run in spring 2008, no wonder the first season of "Hayate the Combat Butler!" was a complete success. In spring 2009, the viewers strap themselves because the return of the anime series kicked their buttocks with more laughs, more action, more drama and more from their favorite characters!

As the 2nd series became a tremendous hit on TV Tokyo, Geneon Universal has whipped fans the Original Soundtrack from "Hayate the Combat Butler!! 2nd Season" Once again, Kotaro Nakagawa, who worked from the previous season for producing the show's BGM (background music), has returned for another round of new set of BGMs from the hit anime TV series that nearly kicked all the viewers out thanks to its unparalleled excitement and popularity of the 2nd season.

By the term "unparalleled excitement", the fans who are willing to buy this Original Sound Track and play it to their audio player would definitely hear 46 dynamic and majestic BGMs produced by Nakagawa-san himself.

Track Listings:
01. 快濶
02. 謳歌
03. 揚々
04. 決然
05. サブタイトル は
06. 珍妙
07. 無念
08. 迂闊
09. 躍起
10. 愛嬌
11. アイキャッチ ほ
12. 軒昂
13. 感懐
14. 難渋
15. 喧騒
16. 沈鬱
17. 懐抱
18. 懸念
19. アイキャッチ へ
20. 洒脱
21. 寂然
22. 稚気
23. 思慕
24. 追憶
25. 唖然
26. 逡巡
27. 戯言
28. 苦渋
29. 嫋嫋
30. 不覚
31. アイキャッチ と
32. 荘重
33. 焦慮
34. 安逸
35. 伊達
36. 鼓舞
37. 気楽
38. 弛緩
39. 膠着
40. 気概
41. アイキャッチ ち
42. 寂寥
43. 剥落
44. 悶々
45. 安寧
46. 聖夜


Hayate the Combat Butler!! 2nd Season turned the whole Japanese otakus and moes upside down with its added storyline from the manga, majestic voice-casting, unparalleled graphics, and the rush that both male and female viewers cannot describe how cool was 2nd season is. With the OST, viewers can listen back the memories from the 2nd season and the descriptions all up to the owners of this CD.

Hyundai New Equus Limousine

Since March 2009, Hyundai Motor Company has just released the all-new Equus, packed with new packaging, new luxury features, and the new Rear-wheel drive feature introduced since the Genesis launched in January 2008. If the normal-sized Equus not fit enough for the wealthy people everywhere, spark this;

The stretched long wheelbase version of the Equus known as the "Equus Limousine" has just finally arrived like a phoenix rise from the ashes of the luxury car industry. Since this is the Limousine variant, it matches the identical length of the long wheelbase versions of such premium sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus LS, and BMW 7-Series. Unlike the regular Equus, the front grille sports aggressively on the Limousine variant, giving this one-of-a-kind Korean luxury sedan the commanding excitement offered for the rich and famous. Although the rear side remains the same as the regular Equus, the side view filled with surprises, including the "Limousine" badge on the middle side of the Equus Limousine, to distinguish which Equus is the longest.

Although the regular Equus sports either a 3.8-litre V6 engine or the 4.5-litre Tau V8 engine, the longer Limousine variant sports two majestic engines to choose from: a Lambda V6 3.8-litre engine and the all-new 5.0-litre, Tau V8 engine that delivers 400PS of power. Available features on the Limousine variant is the world's first Emergency Stop Signal and Smart Cruise Control for driving moderation.


Now that the Equus Limousine, which is longer than the regular Equus, is out to Korean roads, consider the luxurious amenities offered for the wealthy businesspeople to provide comfort and relaxation for every man himself. The longer the premium sedan, the harder this luxury car falls against its rivals. The new Equus Limousine will soon stand tall against premium limousines that compete for the premium sedan crown. Let us hope wealthy Korean people get their dramatic hands on the luxury features made on the all-new Equus Limousine.

Suzuki Palette & Palette SW

With the caliber of the kei car and known as the rival of the Daihatsu Tanto, the Suzuki Palette is truly a small wonder, combining the degrees of the family van and the compact car to give this Japanese compact some amusement and excitement average Japanese families want to acclaim.

For the outer view of the Palette, it resembles the design quality that is somewhat similar to other Suzuki cars such as the Swift and the Cervo, but the body sizing is similar to its rival, the Daihatsu Tanto. With the cuteness of a small car and the family-oriented habit of a family van combined, the Palette stands out among the rest of people carriers sold in the market thanks to its pricing.

The spacing plays a big role for the Palette and it is great for accommodating owners everywhere. With this key role, the seating arrangement cannot be difficult and it’s perfect as a luggage carrier or something for a siesta among people.

The Palette's performance is handy capable for the driver who has a lot of options regarding this mini-kei-van; it was powered by the 660cc DOHC VVT engine capable of releasing 54PS at the fuel economy of 18.8-21.5km/L. Available transmissions are 4-speed automatic transmission and the world's first fully upgraded Continuously Variable Transmission. The Palette also comes with the optional four-wheel drive for all round amusement.

Palette SW

New to the Palette line-up is the exceptionally combative Palette SW variant. Like how it looks to be, the Palette SW is the main opponent of Daihatsu's Tanto Custom variant. Not only that, the new Palette SW is also used as Nissan's newest small van called the Roox. What to determine on the SW is the same Palette body size and this time, the front view for the SW is similar to the Stingray variant of the best-selling Wagon R. With the regular Palette having beige interior, the Palette SW is rigged with a dark interior to add coolness to this super-cool mini-kei-van. And available only for the SW variant is the turbo engine that delivers 64PS at the fuel economy of 19-20km/L. Best of all, both the Palette and the SW also comes with the optional CD Player with the back-view monitor for added parking safety and it comes with SRS air bags, ABS, Electronic Brake force Distribution, and TECT (Total Effective Control Technology).


The regular Palette variant is cute enough for families to take advantage of it, while the Palette SW is an extreme between young drivers and those who are looking for thrills on the road. No matter which Palette will you drive, this small van provides the respect made from Suzuki.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buick LaCrosse Second Generation

Since 2004, Buick's new premium mid-size sedan, known as the LaCrosse, replaced the traditional Buick Century and Regal as part of re-visioning the Buick brand. Not only the LaCrosse provides exceptional comfort as a sedan, but also this premium sedan's packaging and performance truly offered for executives everywhere. This year, when GM pulled out of bankruptcy under a new name, new set of rules, and a new lease of life for the company, Buick blows the cover for the new look and new features of the Buick LaCrosse. With this new premium look of this American executive sedan, this is truly an one-stop premium sedan offered for its packaging, styling, and performance you can trust.

The reason why automobile enthusiasts called the new LaCrosse a real "prize fighter" against Toyota's Lexus division is simply the way this luxury car was born to do this that the LaCrosse is the direct competitor to the Lexus ES (formerly known as Toyota Windom that is now sold in most countries, including the Philippines). How to consider the new face of the LaCrosse is simply beautiful enough to balance and contrast the aspects of both luxury and sportiness of the vehicle thanks to its new headlamps, new grille, new rear lamps, and the side view cannot describe where the lines start. Honestly, the exterior of the new LaCrosse resembles Buick's design language as seen on the Enclave crossover.

The second-generation LaCrosse carries two different types of engines to choose from; the 3.0-litre GM High Feature V6 engine capable of having 255-259PS of power and the high-performance 3.6-litre, HFV6 engine that delivers almost 300PS of power. All LaCrosse variants are powered with the electronically powered, 6-speed automatic transmission with Driver Shift Control. Aside from the engine and transmission details, the new LaCrosse has it all; MacPherson struts, two rear suspension choices (4-link or H-arm), power brakes, StabiliTrak, engine block heater, dual exhaust systems, and a host of packages available to suit the drivers' need

With the sportiness of the sports car, the premium luxury comes standard in the new LaCrosse; ice-blue lighting, premium audio system, panoramic sunroof, navigation system, rear-seat entertainment system, climate control, and longer legroom to experience the word "premium" to a completely new level. Much ado to advance the word "premium" , the LaCrosse exceeds the luxury amenities to bring executives a touch of class.


With the LaCrosse out to the public a few moments ago, General Motors' Buick division finally gets a face-lift thanks to the new look of the Buick LaCrosse. Because of such premium features to bring this premium medium-sized sedan a bar to rise, will this new look keep rising up the bar to General Motors? Step inside the LaCrosse and prepare yourselves to blown by the raw power of its V6 engine and make you comfortable on the inside.

Chevrolet Equinox Mk. II and GMC Terrain

The crossover that replaces the Chevrolet Tracker (OEM of the Suzuki Escudo), known as the Chevrolet Equinox, has received its full model change to please American consumers with its efficiency, space, quality, and all the premium amenities offered in one premium package.

But there is something else regarding the full-model change of the new Equinox, General Motors' GMC division used the Chevrolet Equinox's platform for its OEM, known as the GMC Terrain (the American kind because the Saudi Arabian GMC Terrain is a rebadged Opel Antara).

Much ado from that, the GMC Terrain is the replacement of the Isuzu Ascender and the Pontiac Torrent, and it shares the same platform as the new Equinox from Chevrolet. Despite the different exterior sides of the new Equinox and the GMC Terrain, these shapes came the same thing, just like the Chevrolet Suburban/Tahoe in which the GMC Yukon/Yukon Denali and the Cadillac Escalade shared the same body frame but filled with different strokes for these American rides. Now onto the details, both the new Chevrolet Equinox and the GMC Terrain have the available All-Wheel Drive option that gives them all-round cruising for adults on the road. The new Equinox only comes with the 2.4-litre, straight-four, engine that delivers over 184PS at the fuel economy of over 10.8km/L, while the GMC Terrain not only offers the 2.4-litre 184PS straight-four engine, but also the DOHC 3.0-litre V6 direct injection engine that delivers over 268PS at the fuel economy of over 9.1km/L. Both of these crossovers are equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission.

For peace of mind, both the Chevrolet Equinox and the GMC Terrain have all the following features such as electronic parking aid, anti-lock brake system, three-point center seat belt, child safety door locks, traction control, air bags, anti-theft, tire inflation/pressure monitor, side guard door beams, and OnStar services available for American residents only.

You have to hand it to them, these premium amenities from the Chevrolet Equinox and the GMC Terrain’s interior truly a grown-up quality for adults. With power windows, power door locks, power driver seat, front power lumbar support, cruise control, steering wheel with controls, illuminated vanity mirror, electrochromic mirror, and a variety of audio systems available, doubtless these crossovers truly are a premium quality touring lifestyle no matter what.


With the full model change of the Chevrolet Equinox, and the new entry to the GMC line-up known as the Terrain, these crossovers truly deserve the premium treatment they deserved for the whole family. To bring most of these crossovers, both the Equinox and Terrain grab every attention to everyone thanks to its premium styling, premium interior and everything that is premium enough to cream the competition.

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