Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lincoln MKT

From concept to reality, and fully equipped with an array of premium amenities suitable for the VIP, the new Lincoln MKT answers the endless questions of honor in terms of quality, luxury, appeal, power, and the trust wanted by first-class consumers.

The letter "T" in the MKT naming stands for "touring", referring to its grand touring quality for this premium crossover. To have Ford's premium luxury brand create this one-of-a-kind grand touring crossover, the MKT is equipped with the signature Lincoln design found on the Genesis-fighter MKS and the recently face-lifted MKZ. This gives the MKT an appealing beauty and extensive trust in the eyes of an American executive.

Under the hood, the MKT offers two distinctive engines to choose from, such as the natural aspiration 3.7 L Cyclone V6 Duratec engine and the powerful 3.5 V6 EcoBoost twin turbo engine which has 355HP of power and the torque of 350 lb•ft. Just try to compare this to the Nissan Skyline Crossover! The MKT is equipped with the 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle shifters, needed for having this crossover with the feel of the sports car.

In terms of safeness in the eyes of the safety-conscious driver, the MKT is equipped with an array of safety features. The Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning system keeps an eye on the road conditions while travelling on a highway. Anti-lock braking system is added for effective braking and cornering at various corners that are too hard for the crossover to stop and turn, especially when armed with power steering. Other safety features include the rear-view camera, AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System. In the event of a crashing situation, the SOS Post Crash Alert System is the most vital feature for the MKT. If you have a teenager who was a driver's license and tells you to take the MKT for a spin, it is good to know that you have MyKey system. This MyKey system sets limits on the MKT before passing the spare key to your teenage child before taking a spin on this crossover. It is obedience to the next level.

The MKT's hospitality side comes inside and it has the most luxurious interior features available for the touch of class. First, it can only seat seven people, and the seating arrangements are all too common in the eyes of upper-class families. Combine the SYNC connectivity and the THX-certified surround sound system, and you can have the best musical sound quality and the power to connect your favorite songs while driving the MKT.

My thoughts about the MKT:
With hospitality, power, and prime as its main keywords for this premium crossover, the MKT makes a worthy contender on the latest Cadillac SRX. As more and more people rely on crossovers, my bet is not going to be easy getting the MKT because of the price. If Ford Group Philippines brings the MKT, it would be a worthy contender to the Nissan Murano, Lexus RX350, Toyota Fortuner, and the BMW X3. One question is, can the Lincoln MKT outclass the likes of the Buick Enclave? You decide when you try them both.

Source: http://leopauldelr.multiply.com/reviews/item/252

Kia Forte Koup

Since 1996, Kia launched their first-of-a-kind coupe, known as the Elan, but the Elan was not Kia's first coupe because this coupe was a rebadged Lotus Elan that lasted a few years ago. Now in 2009, under the abused economy that sweeps through millions of people like tsunami, Kia Motors just unleashed their production version of the Koup concept sports car that was now a 2-door variant to the expecting Kia Forte. The first coupe truly made by Kia is the Forte Koup

The commanding power of this new age sports coupe is now ready to blaze some tango in the road. A great addition to the Forte line-up that revolutionized the Kia Motors history thanks to its "Peter Schreyer grille,” fitted to the face-lifted Optima, Soul, Sorento R, and other possible models in the future. (However, who is first?)

At first glance, the Koup is somewhat similar to the concept version, but for this production version, you have a new point of view to blaze the strikingly aggressive front side and the stylish rear side that you might have a chance to mistake it for a Chevrolet Camaro or a Dodge Challenger because of such sporty headlamps. Under the hood; the new 2.0L Theta engine that has the power of 160ps at the fuel economy of only 12.9km/L while the 1.6L engine carries the exact fuel economy of only 15.0km/L at the power of over 126ps. Aside from that, the Koup’s equipped with Vehicle Dynamic Control, 4-disc brakes, airbags for safety, Auto-light Control, etc.

The Koup's interior remains the same quality from the Kia Forte. This means, there is nothing surprising for this sports car having a stale interior from the sedan variant. With the AM/FM/CD player, MP3 player connectivity, climate control, leather seats, and an unique dashboard for the Koup, doubtless this sports car has all the conveniences adrenaline junkies have to offer.

Even it is a coupe; it still cannot beat the Hyundai Genesis Coupe because of its speed and the FF drive train. However, on the bright side, you can challenge the Civic Type R with this one. Despite being a non-drift car, you can make do with all the gripping throughout the city streets and the mountain roads everywhere but just to be sure, stay smart when you are handling this majestic Koup because the adrenaline-pumping action might slip in your mind and throw yourself for the rush.

Source: http://leopauldelr.multiply.com/reviews/item/116

Peugeot 3008

Talk about a muscled French crossover! The French automaker Peugeot created an unique crossover with the shape of an one-box car with the elements of a Sport Utility Vehicle known as the 3008 and it was here in the European market for a few weeks ago. Regardless of shape and design, this crossover is the perfect shape for Peugeot's success of creating a crossover so unique, you cannot tell if it is a sports utility vehicle, a multipurpose passenger vehicle or a hatchback.

For starters, the 3008 combines the essence of strength, power, and dynamism to release its full potential for the driver's eye. As mentioned, the front side remains the traditional Peugeot look to give this crossover the tradition all French cars deserved. On the rear side, you can see cool-looking rear lamps that look similar to some vehicle drivers know.

The 3008 is fuel efficient and it carries four available engines to choose from, such as the 1.6-litre HDi diesel engine with the fuel economy of 18.9km/L, a 2.0-litre HDi diesel engine, a 1.6-litre VTi engine, and the 2.0-litre THP engine that has the fuel economy of 13.2km/L.

Despite being a "spacious and tall" vehicle, the 3008 is equipped with the finest handling technologies such as the Dynamic Roll Control System to bring the body roll control standards to its new heights while the Grip Control system optimizes the traction in the front wheels for all-road cruising, especially tarmac, gravel, or snow.

The interior of the 3008 is unique for a "spacious and tall" vehicle, especially the Multiflex interior that allows the user to adjust the seating arrangements for some piece of spaciousness at all points of view. For the conveniences, the 3008 is equipped with the next-generation of equipments for the driver like the Head Up Display (similar to the Lexus RX), Distance Alert system, automatic electric parking brake, hill assist system and the optional satellite navigation system that covers most of the European roads.


Part hatchback, part SUV, part MPV, and an all round winner for the drivers' hearts. Consider it a family-friendly alternative to such expensive crossovers in the market, the 3008 can be a perfect addition to your family. It will take you wherever you will go.

Source: http://leopauldelr.multiply.com/reviews/item/117

New VW Polo

Meet the little brother of the legendary VW Golf, which is now better than the average compact cars in history, this is the all new fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo. Since its preview at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, most VW fans really know that the new Polo shares the platform used in the Seat Ibiza known as the VW Group A0 platform. Truth is that this platform also used in the next Audi compact car.

At the front side, you will notice that this grille has the same look as the Scirocco and the new Golf, then the side view is quite a hatchback feeling that carries on the VW hatchback tradition from the Scirocco and the Golf as well, and the rear side looks just like the late Volkswagen Lupo used to be. Without further ado, the new Polo contains two types; for sportiness, try the 3-door variant and for passenger care, try the 5-door variant.

Are you trying to pull the ropes yet? The new Polo has different engines available, like the 1,2L 3-cylinder engine that has a fuel efficiency of over 18.1km/L, 1.2-litre TSI turbo engine that has the power of over 105 PS, 1.4-litre engine that has the fuel economy of over 16.9km/L, and a 1.6 TDI turbo diesel engine with the optional common rail diesel.

A commanding presence meets commanding renaissance when you step inside the interior of the new Polo. What surprises you is the same VW interior look as found on the new Golf and the Scirocco. On the other hand, the legroom for the new Polo is not quite bad and the instrumental panel is not quite dull in the eyes of the driver. Best of all, there are many options made suitable for the new Golf, including a navigation system that allows you to find the places you want to go.


In general, the word "polo" is an equestrian sport has done in European countries and it is known as the other side of rugby or soccer or football or whatever that is. In the Philippines, the word "polo" is the clothes we wear as a school uniform or as a casual wear to the public. Once you are in the new Polo, your boring life is about to wear off and so is your worries everywhere. Think about it, this hatch will be the bearing target of some rival hatchbacks including the Hyundai i30 and the Mazda3.

The all-new second-generation Mazda 3/Axela (BLEFW/BLEFP/BL3FW)

Over the years, the Mazda 3 (Axela) is quite the replacement for the retired Mazda 323 (Familia or Protege to the U.S. market) and known as the most affordable Mazda ever built in the whole Mazda history. Known for such rivalries from other compact class cars such as the Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, or even the Hyundai Elantra/Avante and Kia Rio/Pride at the same time. Now for this year, meet the aggressively nicer side of the all new, environment-friendly, gas-miser Mazda 3.

2010 Mazda Axela Sport

At first glance, the new Mazda3 looks aggressive from the front and back, and how the front side looks like is quite similar to the Mazda RX-8 and the MX-5 (Roadster) and the rear side is a face-lift from the previous generation Mazda3. After all, despite reached to its second-generation model, the looks remain the same, from the sedan variant, hatchback variant, and the striking Mazdaspeed variant.

2010 Mazda Axela Sedan

Are you ready to find out the friendly side of the new Mazda3? The 1.5L engine that delivers the fuel economy of over 18.4km/L, and the 2.0L engine with i-stop system that has the fuel economy of over 16.4km/L while the Mazdaspeed3 remains the 2.3L engine with the fuel economy of over 11km/L. An available transmission is either a CVT, 5-speed automatic or a 4-speed automatic transmission while the Mazdaspeed3 remains the sporty 6-speed manual transmission.

2010 Mazdaspeed Axela

What is i-stop?
New to the Mazda scene is the completely new eco-friendly i-stop feature exclusive to the sedan and sport variants that carry the 2.0 MZR DISI (Direct Injection Spark Ignition) engine. The new i-stop system is an intelligent proprietary engine stop-start system that improves fuel economy by approximately 10 percent. For example, when you are driving to a highway with that Mazda3, then you will brake through some traffic conditions, the pistons will stop working while the alternator control and the throttle control remains working, then after the stop, the combustion restart would take 0.35 to get your Mazda3 going. This is faster than other cars going back to the "drive part" in over 0.8 seconds. While words cannot describe how the new i-stop works, it might be best to put it in a pictorial example:

Mazda i-stop procedure

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

As shown, you will understand the basic principles of the new i-stop feature found on the all-new Mazda3.

After explaining how i-stop works, let us look the interior:

2010 Mazda Axela interior

The 3's interior is similar to the Renault Megane, but the steering wheel is somewhat similar to the one found on the Mazda 6 (Atenza) 5-door hatchback variant because of some optional paddle shifts. More than that, there is an optional BOSE sound system, AM/FM radio, optional keyless entry like the start/stop button, dual zone automatic climate control, rear window defogger, and a choice of cloth-trimmed or leather-trimmed seats and more.

The new Mazda3 (Mazda Axela) is now aggressively nice for every consumer who wanted a convenient car for the masses. With the endless rise of fuel prices, it is good to know that the new i-stop system will keep the engine paused while idling and restarts in over 0.35 seconds. This i-stop feature saves a lot of gas during a long stop at the traffic or at the parking lot. If you like sedans, pick the sedan variant, if you are a devotee for hatchbacks, try the hatchback variant, and if you are the wild driver who wanted to tear some fun, try the Mazdaspeed variant.

Photo: Autoc-one.jp

SEAT Ibiza Mk4

Honestly speaking, the fourth-generation Seat Ibiza finds its true distinctive sportiness from the outside to the inside. With other competitive hatches, including the latest Volkswagen Polo V and the upcoming Audi A1 mini compact car, seem to be roaming around the European peninsula, the Ibiza tries to stand out the crowd with its distinctive taste available from the Spanish marque of Volkswagen.

Ibiza 5DR/3DR

SEAT Ibiza

Normally, the 5-door Ibiza and the 3-door Ibiza SC does not seem to be standing out, despite the sporty character involved in the exterior. With the design courtesy of Luc Donckerwolke, the fourth-generation Ibiza attained a sporty exterior that is a tradition of Seat's design philosophy. No one knew in the eyes of a Spaniard, the reaction to the Seat Ibiza would be elegante y deportivo or sleek and sporty as what would the Spaniards want to say about it.

Under the hood, the Ibiza is armed with Volkswagen-engineered engines to choose from depending on your taste for performance, ecology, or different perspectives. Many would pick the entry-level 1.2 12v engine, some would pick the 1.4 16v engine, and a few would pick the 1.6-16v engine. Please take note that some engines I mentioned were gasoline engines offered for the Ibiza and Ibiza SC. Aside from these gasoline engines, there are diesel engines offered on these Ibiza variants, including the 1.9L TDI engine which is classified as the top-tier diesel engine for the Ibiza.

To give out the best for the Ibiza and the Ibiza SC to maneuver various directions, the Dynamic Steering Response is equipped for fine-tuned handling and enhanced safety that gives out the best of the cornering basics for this Seat. The Power Steering equipped on both of these Ibizas are speed-sensitive assisted to give out enhanced steering response on various speed conditions, no matter how slow or fast your Ibiza reaches. Electronic Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Program are also equipped for enhanced safety on the road.

However, aside from all of these features, the Ibiza's interior seems to be plain, even if it is sporty enough to relax some Spaniards from the outside. If a Spaniard gets bored enough while driving the Ibiza, the sound system packed with 6-speakers, radio, CD/MP3 player, and USB connectivity are sure enough to bring enjoyment while taking a spin on the Ibiza. The board computer equipped on the Ibiza/Ibiza SC got the drivers covered with some various options, but it seems plain to use it.

Ibiza Cupra

SEAT Ibiza Cupra interior

Go ahead; Seat dared the Spaniards to try the high-velocity ferocity of the Ibiza Cupra on the streets, the highway, the Circuit de Catalunya, all the way to the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife. The Ibiza Cupra has it all: aerodynamics, race-inspired cockpit, sports-tuned suspension, 7-speed DSG automatic transmission, and 180 hp, 1.4 TSI, twin-charger engine that is destined to be the alternative to the Renault Megane Renault Sport.

Ibiza FR 5DR/3DR


If the Ibiza Cupra seems to be expensive, the Ibiza FR and the Ibiza SC FR are the cheaper alternatives for the Ibiza Cupra. With the FR delivering both of these Ibiza some moderate tuning to the exterior, FR badge, race-inspired cockpit, Electronic Stability Program, Anti-Lock Braking System, Traction Control System, and two available engines (1.4 TSI and 2.0 TDI CR) offered. You will be glad to have it.

My thoughts about the Ibiza:
With an odd flavor of sportiness and luxuriousness combined for the fourth-generation Ibiza, this Spaniard would try to play fair in the competition already leaded by European hot hatches, including newer ones such as the Citroen DS3. If other Spanish car enthusiasts found out that if the regular Ibiza does not stand out to their senses, there is the Cupra variant dedicated for adrenaline-pumping Spaniards. The Cupra variant ranks out against other Ibiza variants, including the latest Ibiza FR variant. However, can it outflank against the Renault Megane Renault Sport and the Volkswagen Golf R?

Honda Stream facelift and Stream RS-T

As a multipurpose passenger vehicle that is served between middle-class families and yuppies everywhere, the Honda Stream is quite a good choice for everyone thanks to its sporty looks and the affordability you can depend on.

The front side is quite a similarity to the Mitsubishi Grandis, but the design is truly a Honda quality that is quite impressive for the "man of the house". As for the sporty exterior, you can also check out the interior of the Stream. Since this is a seven-seater car, you can fit as many passengers if you want and best of all, you can change the seat arrangements as many times if you want for the luggage-conscious person. As for the seat arrangement, there are so many conveniences for a MPV lover has to offer on the Honda Stream.

For the performance you can trust for a family mover, the Stream is powered in two different engines to choose from, from the 1.8-litre i-VTEC engine with the power output of 140ps@6,300rpm and the high-performance 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine that boasts a power of 150ps@6200rpm. An available transmission is either a 5-speed automatic transmission or a fuel-efficient CVT. The Stream has a DBW (Drive-By-Wire) system that allows the driver for some comfortable acceleration depending on the situation.

For safety, the Stream provides a peace of mind for the driver and the passenger with a wide array of safety features such as anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability assist, HID headlamps, Collision Mitigation Brake System, Active Cruise Control, SRS airbags, G-Force Control Technology and a reinforced body for toughness. There are so many safety features in store for the Honda Stream. Check it out!

New to the Stream line-up is the aggressively sporty version of the Honda Stream. The Honda Stream RS-T is quite different to the original version, but the sportier side of this MPV is one hot-looking machine designed for those who wanted a piece of action. From the sporty exterior, the Stream RS-T is a five-seater car, meaning you can fit only five people in this sports wagon. Despite being a five-seater wagon, the Stream RS-T has all the sports amenities offered like a sports car, including a red illumination instrumental panel.


Can you think this MPV is a lot of nonsense from others? With the Stream and the Stream RS-T, the word nonsense is out in your vocabulary thanks to its spaciousness and comfort you will going to like it for a very long time. Picture this; this is a perfect family car when you want to bring them to a long vacation or two.
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