Saturday, May 30, 2009

Audi A4 allroad quattro

Dubbed as the combat crossover wagon that leaves the Subaru Legacy Outback die, the crossover utility vehicle grade of the popular Audi A4, known as the A4 allroad quattro, proves that this sports utility wagon reaches beyond the bounds across the European peninsula. As the cheaper alternative to the aging-but-still-on-sale Audi A6 allroad quattro, this allroad quattro proudly takes its position as one of the undeniable crossovers ever sold in the market. Using the A4 Avant as its base, this crossover combines the ruggedness of the sports utility vehicle and the compatibility of a station wagon, all in the same pace that keeps the head in the game. The A4 allroad quattro's interior remains true A4 quality, giving passengers some time to accommodate inside, even the luggage capacity seems to be good to fit at it. The innovative MMI system provides the driver a variety of options such as playing music, access navigation, call people, and more to do from this feature.

Three available engines are offered for this combative crossover wagon such as the 2.0 TFSI turbocharged engine with the Audi valvelift system, 2.0 TDI turbodiesel common rail engine delivers 170bhp of power, and the flagship 3.0 TDI V6 turbocharged common rail diesel engine. Most engines are approved for Europe's Euro 5 emission standards. The A4 allroad quattro offers two transmission types such as the six-speed manual transmission and the high-performance 7-speed S tronic transmission. This S tronic transmission gives the driver the shifting feel of the sports car every time this semi-automatic wonder is active on the go. The Off Road Detection system comes in handy because it detects which road surface this crossover is on and how the Electronic Stability Program will work depending on the surfaces, you are on such as tarmac, gravel, snow, or whatever you are.

My thoughts about the A4 allroad quattro:
Since this is the rival to the latest Subaru Legacy Outback, the A4 allroad quattro combines the grand touring quality of the A4 and the ruggedness of the Audi Q7, giving this sports utility wagon a change of pace, conquering different roads at different places. Perhaps, we have to wait until PGA Cars will bring the A4 allroad quattro to our shores, and when it happens, it will be more than enough to spend your 5,000,000 pesos on this grand touring crossover. Just how the pricing goes, if you can't afford to buy the A4 allroad quattro, buy the Outback instead, but if you really do not like the Outback because it is not your type, you can give the A4 allroad quattro a go-go.

Skoda Yeti

When most of the adventurous people think about the yeti creature, they know that the yeti (abominable snowman) is yet the scariest creature travelers in snowy places feared of its appearance. From Volkswagen's Czech automaker, Skoda, the Yeti crossover is one small SUV other SUVs may fear of its ruggedness.

Despite the Yeti name, which the yeti is mostly scary for children to think of, the design of this Czech utility crossover did not scare most of the European families, but the ruggedness is the only monster of this caliber. What captures the Yeti's presence is the interior of this intimidating beast.

The interior of the Yeti is a beauty within the beast's exterior, aside from being practical for the whole family or individuals looking for some adventure. Take a closer look on:

1. Those who navigate through lost areas with the help of an optional navigation system,

2. Using the air conditioning to cool down the whole family through hot summer nights or warm themselves through breezy nights everywhere,

3. Watch the birds flying high with the panoramic sunroof,

4. Listen to their favorite music with the use of the sound system with MP3 connectivity,

5. Moreover, arrange the seating arrangements suitable for their schedules, such as placing heavy boxes and put them all up for some recreational fun on their camping trip through the woods.

There are several points of the Yeti to take part for its dependability:
1. A choice of available engines o choose from, such as the 1.2 TSI, 1.8 TSI, and 2.0l TDI diesel engine.
2. 5-star safety rating by the Euro NCAP
3. Bi-xenon headlamps,
4. Nine airbags,
5. Electronic stability program,
6. Hill Driving Assistant,
7. ABS Off-road,
8. ASR and EDS Off-road,
9. Starting Assistant allows the Yeti to start the car on difficult situations, from tarmac, gravel, snow, mud, sand, rocky roads, and so on.
10. Lastly, the Yeti has the choice of a 6-speed manual transmission and Volkswagen's 7-speed DSG auto transmission.
Without these main points, the Yeti would be nothing but a weak creature that cannot scare most of the thrill-seeking adventurers.

The ups of the Yeti: The families and adventurers' high on the road, innovative features, best safety features, it brings out the beauty within the beast.

The downs of the Yeti: It looks cute, not cool.


Lotus Evora

The question for sports car enthusiasts is, is this a next-generation Lotus Elise? Or is that the return of the Lotus Esprit? There is one big answer to these two questions: a plain solid NO. The truth is, this is neither an Elise nor the Esprit (which is gone a few years ago). This is the new age Lotus sports car named Evora. The Evora name remains the Lotus legacy of having their car names start with the letter E such as the Elise and the Europa and its Lotus' newest kind of sports car to bat out the likes of the Chevrolet Camaro and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe in the face of the diminishing sports car industry today.
How well do you know the Lotus Evora? Here’s a quick glimpse of this new age sports car;

1) Hydraulic-assisted power steering for some full cornering at all places, including city roads.

2) Interior features such as a flat-bottomed steering wheel, Air Conditioner, and a choice of an ALPINE sound system or an optional navigation system to reach the places of your choice.

3) Adjustable Recaro sports seats (optional for the 2+2seater variant.)

4) Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure

5) Suspension system thanks to Bilstein

6) Powered with Toyota’s 2GR-FE 3.5-litre engine (found on the Toyota Alphard and the Lexus RX350) which has the maximum output of over 280PS at the fuel economy of 13.8km/L thanks to its fuel and CO2 emissions.

7) Superior braking system.

If you have no idea what this sports car was, well think twice before you encounter this new kind of sports car from the British sports car manufacturer. It might be new to the weakened market today but it sure packs a huge blast among sports car enthusiasts from all over the world. Aside from its good looks, enhanced suspension, good braking, and the performance you can almost had it with your old sports car.


All new Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, B4 and Outback

The action is ended, the floundered are recognized, the legend was finally reborn, and the dawn of Subaru's legacy, that excelled for more than two decades, is finally unleashed their ultimate rage that will overcome the plan for world domination over recession. Just what you have expected that all is lost, the raging miracle of the new fifth generation Legacy has finally unleashed the aura so intense, no other cars can find its true naming than this.

By perceiving the "Grand Touring Innovation" that dates back its 20-year heritage, all three Legacies such as the Touring Wagon, the B4 sedan and the crossover Legacy variant, known as the Outback, have finally gained its marvelous appearance.

By observing the look of all three Legacies, you will notice some surprising changes from various turns. The B4 variant (BM9) boasts some sports car looks just like its Impreza Anesis brother because of its sedan qualities while the Outback variant (BRF) provides a rugged exterior just like the Subaru Forester and the Subaru Tribeca and lastly, the Touring Wagon (BR9) is all-round from sportiness and ruggedness, giving it a true quality of a station wagon for the Subaru fanatics. Also, the frame-less windows are finally removed to give all three a perfect side view and enhanced beauty of the all-wheel drive at all sides.

All three Legacies have different transmission choices such as the 5-speed automatic transmission, 6-speed manual transmission and the new Subaru Lineartronic CVT transmission. For the Touring Wagon and the B4, a 2.5-litre SOHC boxer four-type engine or a 2.5 DOHC Boxer four turbo engine is offered for these two Legacies, while the Outback provides not just the 2.5-litre Boxer four-type engine, but also the new 3.6-litre DOHC boxer six-type engine. Best of all, the SI-DRIVE is an inevitable feature for all Subaru cars. Set it to Sport mode, and the Legacy will act normal for you, while the intelligent mode provides the best in fuel efficiency and the Sport Sharp mode allows you to push the Legacy to the maximum level.

Witness the miraculous interior in all three Legacies, providing the climactic comfort and all-round fun for the driver and the passenger. With a choice of several audio systems, climate control, adjustable seats and SRS air bags at several places, the inside view of the Legacy will keep your look out for more and you will beg for some more.


Just when you've thought all the things you've cared was lost. The real miracle begins when you step inside the all-new Subaru Legacy. From the outside, it looks so sexy but on the inside, it is a person’s cause for your intellectual craze over Japanese cars. It is the greed, life, truth, regret, love, health, laughter, sorrow, fear, rivalry, anxiety, academics, art, jazz, worry, pride, jealousy, disapproval, envy, and devotion best served with the mixture of air, water, earth, and fire from the intense aura of the new Legacy. Step inside the Legacy, and you will see the miraculous style and the intense aura inside. The choice is yours.

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries

Toyota Prius Mk. III (ZVW30)

In the automotive business, there are angels and demons. The angels mentioned is the fuel saving machines and hybrid cars while the demons were the gas-guzzlers (for example, heavy SUVs, and those that emit black smoke). From Toyota, the number one automobile manufacturer in the world, comes the new look of the world's legendary mass-produced hybrid car that became the worldwide phenomena for everyone. A hybrid car claims all reviewers' praise and the numerous customers who are environmentally conscious. A hybrid car that has finally claimed the new title: "Super Hybrid Car,” welcome the all-new, fuel efficient, third generation Toyota Prius!

The long wait is over. The world's first mass produced hybrid car that started the hybrid craze is now on its peak of becoming the legendary hybrid car of today. Just how "super like Superman" is the new Toyota Prius? For starters, the exterior of the all-new Prius is somewhat of a face-lift but the look is quite new to the public thanks to its Air Management aerodynamic design that brings hybrid fanatics a new reason to start another hybrid revolution. Now that the details of the Prius’ exterior told, brace yourselves for the mind that matters all hybrid cars!

The improved 1.8L 136PS hybrid engine powered with Toyota's remarkable Hybrid Synergy Drive is the brains that powered the whole hybrid machine. For the biggest amazement to all hybrid crusaders, the Prius' fuel economy has reached a record-breaking fuel economy of over 38.0km/L! No other hybrid cars can achieve this kind of fuel economy because of the hybrid system that makes the Toyota Prius a formidable hybrid car for the masses!

No super hybrid car can be super without the superb interior of the new Prius. Just take a roam all over the interior and you will observe some futuristic looks and that is not all, to find out how the Prius is doing, the Eco-Drive Monitor got this super hybrid car covered. The Eco-Drive Monitor displays the Hybrid System indicator, one-minute to five-minute fuel efficiency rates, fuel efficiency history (similar to the Honda Insight), and real time energy consumption. For sound quality, this hybrid machine is equipped with the Prius Super Live Sound System (identical to the Toyota Premium Sound system from the new Crown Majesta) to bring the best sound like no other.

As I watched the sneak preview of the new Prius in Japan, this hybrid car truly expresses the title "Super Hybrid Car”. It is not that whole Superman part; it was the outstanding fuel economy. Now, the whole world will experience the superb fuel economy at a very modest price compared to the Honda Insight. People get ready to hum the "Main Title March" because Toyota's legendary hybrid machine has finally gained its new form.


Photo: Carview

Lexus IS Convertible

Did you love the sedan look of the Lexus IS (formerly known as the Toyota Altezza)? Like the way this Lexus runs? Did you enjoy the intense F variant? Well, say hello to the new variant of the IS that is a hardtop coupe cabriolet that is quite not the replacement of the SC and the fierce rival of the new BMW Z4 and the soon to be released Infiniti G Convertible (Nissan Skyline Convertible), the IS Convertible.

Forget about your stressful work, forget all about your worries, forget all about your worst lives with your ordinary car and forget about the way convertibles should behave, because the way the IS C behaves like it some kind of miracle, replacing the irrational manner of the sports car with the intense aura of the luxury cabriolet. The front side might have the same look as the IS sedan but look at the rear side:

The oddity of the rear view from the IS C is quite amusing because of the rear lamps changed into some kind of coupe-like perfection just like the BMW 3-Series Coupe did to the rear lamps but the odds is quite an irrational miracle for the IS C. With the 2.5L 4GR-FSE engine delivering a miraculous 215PS, 6-speed super Electronic Controlled Transmission, Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management, Electric Power Steering, Anti-lock Brake System, Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control, there is no miracle is quite enough to shine this Japanese cabriolet into something that you can put the open air into your wildest imagination.

Aside from that, the IS C has the safety and security features that put drivers in the miracle that keeps them safe and secured from harm and car theft such as the Pre-Crash Safety System, Intelligent Adaptive Front lamps System, airbags, reinforced body, security system, and the ultimate miracle of safety: Whiplash Injury Lessening Concept Seat.


As Lexus remains the SC for no reasons, they made another convertible that has the capability of the IS with the open-air elements of the SC that is a sure rival against other convertibles sold in the market. Before you can try this miraculous convertible, you have to feel the way the IS C behaves. One look of this new Lexus Convertible will delivers a double dose of pure adrenaline fun and excitement in the open air. If that happened, it would have been such a miracle to try it.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

New BMW Z4

Since 2003, BMW's top of the line roadster known as the Z4 is truly the replacement of the aging BMW Z3 and it’s known to be one of the best European sports cars ever built. It even make its appearance on Japan's Super GT and its popular by Japanese racing fans because of its unique design that may find others conceiving. Now, on its second generation, the BMW Z4 is now sleeker, stylish, aggressive, and sexier than ever.

To make things easier for BMW, they turn the Z4 from the soft top roadster and coupe into a roadster equipped with power retractable hard top. That’s right folks; it’s now a hard top roadster, meaning that BMW don’t need the coupe variant because of its combined quality of the open roadster and the hard top roadster at the same time.

At first, the Z4’s equipped with three straight-6 engines such as the sDrive 2.3L, sDrive 3.0L, and the top of the line sDrive 3.5L High Precision Injection and Twin Turbo that blasts the three hundred horses within reach. Not only that, 7-speed automatic double clutch automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission, aluminium front axle, Dynamic Driving Control, Adaptive M suspension, Dynamic Stability Control, 50:50 weight distribution, and a rigid body shell for added toughness also added in this roadster.

For safety, the Z4 has all the safety features that no other sports car should ever possess with; run-flat tires for tire durability that can keep you away from costly tire changes, roll-over system, high performance braking system for maximum stopping power, adaptive headlights that is suitable for dark areas, and more.

On the inside, the Z4 remains the same like the previous generation, but it now has a sophisticated look that only a man can fit in. That is not all; the BMW Z4 is equipped with the iDrive system that provides the driver several options to choose from while driving. For the perfect outer view, the Z4’s hardtop provides the panoramic view, as you have never been experienced from your whole life.


Despite being a two-seater sports car, the performance is quite fierce and blood thirsty like the Kamandag and gentle like the sirens. It is good to say that the new Z4 is truly the beauty of the beast in the world of sports cars. Once you had it, you might be yourselves to do it for another round, and once you are done with it, you might keep it as the perfect road killer to topple off against other sports cars in the industry.

Photo: BMW
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