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To Aru Majutsu no Index Original Sound Track 1 & 2

Return back to Academy City and witness the psychological battle between good and evil one more time with the two original sound tracks from the hit 2008 anime based on the popular Sci-Fi pocket novel, To Aru Majutsu no Index . (日本名:とある魔術の禁書目録) All tracks are composed by I've Sound's Maiko Iuchi, which are sure enough to have your sense of hearing reminisce back the heroic struggle of Toma Kamijo, Index, Mikoto Misaka, and the rest of the gang who tried to save Academy City from rogue ESPers and evil masterminds who are willing to capture Index and the rest of Academy City. For an added treat both CDs contain TV-sized versions of two opening theme songs (sung by Mami Kawada, who did the ending theme of Hayate No Gotoku) and two ending theme songs (sung by Iku), but rest assured, their songs' full versions are sold separately as a maxi single CD.

While there is nothing special about both of these sound tracks, these two CDs are sure enough remember the entire Majutsu no Index storyline that made it a sensation among anime fans. Despite that, these sound tracks are quite good enough to bring back the memories of their psychic heroes protecting Academy City from the forces of darkness.


Volkswagen Group's Spanish marque, Seat (pronounced Seh-aht) stands a chance against other executive medium-sized sedan with their Exeo sedan, and if that was not enough to satisfy the needs for moderate buyers, the station wagon variant of the Seat Exeo, known as the Exeo ST (Sport Tourer), was engineered to be almost premium. It is the first time this Volkswagen marque from Spain did not use the names of Spanish cities (for instance, the Altea and the Ibiza) as part of the Seat tradition.

When I acknowledged the words "engineered to be almost a premium sedan,” well take at look how the Exeo's platform was derived from, it was derived from the latest-generation Audi A4 premium compact sedan’s body frame; you might check that it is somewhat more similar to its Czech counterpart, the Skoda Superb. The Exeo’s built not for luxuriousness, but for the grand touring experience. If I meant to say the statement "Grand Touring”, take a glance on the list of engines the Seat Exeo is in store for you. Depending on the variant, there is a choice of an entry-level 1.6L engine, turbocharged 1.8L engine, 2.0L TSI turbo engine, and for the diesel lovers, 2.0L TDI diesel turbo engine,

My pick was the 2.0L TDI diesel turbo engine because of this Spanish executive sedan's diesel capability, so saying that a car with a diesel engine has so many benefits from a low emission eco car.

There are other valuable technology offered on the Exeo sedan and ST:
1. Bi-Xenon headlamps with AFS, parking sensors for parking safety,

2. Rain and light sensors that allows the Exeo to activate the windshield wipers when rain occurs and the headlamps when travelling through dark areas,

3. Lastly, anti-theft system is equipped as an option to thwart the case of car theft.

My expressions about the Exeo:
Although it is a Spanish grand touring medium sedan and station wagon, built with the German flair, I might consider this would be a good start from other executive medium sedans, which are much pricier than the Exeo. With other rivals trying to stepping up for a chance, the Exeo sedan and the Exeo ST prove that this Spanish car might look for a prizefight ubiquitously.


Wish Mk. II from Toyota

For yuppies who wanted a multi-purpose vehicle with such features that will keep their confidence a mild touch, Toyota's finally got the answer for this, the second-generation Wish is finally come to reality!

Meet the all new Toyota Wish, a perfect multipurpose vehicle designed for the young drivers who can't identify the difference between a hatchback and a MPV at the same time. Notice the exterior, the shape and size does look like the present-generation Toyota Estima/Previa except there are no sliding doors, just traditional ones to keep the Wish a true MPV like no other.

Aside from the Previa-ish exterior, the new Wish offers two new engines available at a press time. Choose from a 1.8 litre Valve Matic engine that delivers a decent power of 133-144PS at a fuel economy of 14.4-16km/L and the high performance 2.0 litre Valve Matic Engine that boasts 158PS at the fuel economy of a not-so-bad 15.2km/L. No matter which engine you'll choose, the Wish comes with the 7-speed automatic transmission with shift pedals mounted on the steering wheel and the optional 4WD available only to the 1.8L variant.

No Wish has come true without the interior of the New Wish. Just look at it, it looks quite similar to the JDM Toyota van brothers, the Noah and the Voxy, especially seating comes reserved for seven people and the seat arrangements can be quite a crafty for luggage-hungry people.

Smart, sexy, savvy, and all fired up to challenge other MPVs like the Mitsubishi Grandis, Kia Carens, and the Nissan Grand Livinia, the all new, all refreshed Toyota Wish made young drivers' wishes come true thanks to all of the features only a guy devoted to Japanese MPVs could have wished for more. Not only that, soccer moms can be the perfect match for the new Wish and that's not all, all the people who are hip, bling-bling, emo, kawaii, and geeky are welcome to try it out and see what they wished for more when they lay a finger on the all new Wish! Once they've find out, this could be the best Toyota MPV, ever!

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

All new Chevrolet Camaro

After 6 years of absence, the return of the American sports car, the Chevy Camaro, is finally back from the dead! Since its return this year as a 2010 model, the Camaro is now mightier, fiercer, faster, deadlier, and harrier than the previous four generations that marked the true history of this legendary Chevy at all times (despite being rivalled by the late Pontiac Firebird).

How the Camaro did become during its grand comeback? Sure, it’s now an FR car and the results can be greater than racing a Sea Harrier in the airport terminal, but that’s just the beginning. As a muscle car, just like the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, even its Chevy brother, the Corvette (note to everyone that muscle cars tend to do the quickest acceleration at the expense of handling), the new Camaro handles everything like a monster machine with its wide array of engine choices and available transmissions to offer. It’s your choice: a 3.6 litre GM LLT V6 engine that blasts the maximum power of 304hp and the ultimate 6.2 litre GM LS3 V8 (for manual) or GM L99 V8 (for auto) that releases more than 400 horses, giving it more power, and more blazing thunder ever blasts in this Chevy.

Features for this raging American monster includes four-wheel suspension system, power steering, brakes, StabiliTrak electronic stability/traction control system, HID headlamps and more. These features brings the driver unleashed their beast inside of them, giving themselves the new term “Fast & Furious”!


Do you remember the Transformers movie? Bumblebee was one wicked awesome Chevy Camaro, and you can have him too! (Remember, this one does not turn himself into an Autobot!) Have him, and he’ll thank you for it, giving yourselves the greatest adventure of your lives!

As General Motors faced a financial threat to themselves, will the return of the Camaro unlock the truth to end their financial troubles? On the other hand, could there be flaws in this pony car? Once General Motors answered their questions, my wish is to get their prices slashed to attract plenty of customers, especially this car. It is their last hope, their last destiny, their last “Tarot card” waiting to unleash its magical power to end their worries finally.


Kia Sorento R (2nd-gen Sorento)

The global financial crisis seeks bad news to the world's greatest automobile manufacturers, but it seeks good news for Korean automobile manufacturers to get themselves ahead to become the number one automobile manufacturer in the world, and so does Kia Motors for doing it during these hard times. As for this week's Seoul Motor Show, the Korean manufacturer will unveil the "World Class Premium" crossover which is even better than before, the Kia Sorento. Redesigned, refreshed, revamped and ready to be the top of the line medium sized crossover in the world, including the Philippines, the all new Kia Sorento has all the features only a conservative person might get. By making the new Sorento a "World Prestige Class" crossover, the front side is equipped with the trademark Peter Schreyer H-Grille (found in the facelifted Optima, Soul, Forte and other models equipping this grille soon), giving it a true-blue Kia look to this crossover utility vehicle. As for the side, that does still looks like the new Lexus RX (formerly known as the Toyota Harrier) as from the previous generation but the mainframe is shared from two Hyundai SUVs, the Santa Fe and the Veracruz. And finally, the rear side is somewhat mistaken for the Kia Mohave (or Borrego to other markets) except it's shrunken down to medium SUV size, giving it a sophisticated look of a luxury crossover.

Now that the exterior details are told, time for the new Sorento to show everyone its new engine so fuel efficient, that no other crossover can achieve its fuel saving performance. The new Kia Sorento is equipped with a 2.7-litre LPI engine, a 2.4-litre gasoline engine and the new 200ps, 2.2-litre CRDI-VGT R-engine (a new breed of diesel engine made for Hyundais and Kias) that boasts the perfect fuel economy of only 14.1km/L! That is right folks, 14.1km/L! That is enough fuel economy to last longer for some globetrotting excitement for everyone who deserves a diesel engine!

For convenience, the Sorento replaces the traditional "insert key-start engine" system into an engine start/stop push button for easy starting this car, a smart key system allows the driver to open or close the Sorento with the push of a remote car key buttons, cruise control, a host of audio systems, and for the fun of it, panoramic moon roof (similar to the Nissan Teana) for the view to the top no other.


To tell you the strong expression for this crossover, consider yourself if you were the professor of some prestigious universities like De La Salle or Ateneo, a head coach of your favorite basketball team like NBA's Chicago Bulls, a famous news writer of some famous Filipino newspaper such as the New York Times or Philippine Daily Inquirer, a great newscaster from some of the world's greatest TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, especially ABS-CBN or GMA, an honorable businessperson, a fashion designer whose design shaped the world with fashion, a composer to the world's greatest philharmonic orchestras, a MVP of your favorite sports, an astronaut from NASA, a world famous mangaka, a world famous dancer, a director who wanted to create world famous film, a veteran lawyer, or a famous actor/actress who won the Academy Awards. This is how people who deserved the "World Class" title claim themselves to be the "World Class" people of today. With the new Kia Sorento, the title "World Class" might be yours for the taking! If other people saw you drive the new Sorento, people might say, "if whoever claims it must have mattered it" someday.
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