Saturday, February 28, 2009

Citroen C3 Picasso

The newest member of the Citroen Picasso line-up, ranging from the aging Xsara Picasso, the C4 Picasso, and the Grand C4 Picasso, is all revved up to show the Kia Soul and Toyota Corolla Rumion boxy rivals who is the boss. Welcome to the Citroen C3 Picasso, the newest addition of the Picasso range.

Judging by its funky exterior, the C3 Picasso can be somewhat plain but aggressive in the eyes of the hardcore driver. Nevertheless, what I can say is the design of the C3 Picasso looks similar to the Kia Soul compact crossover. Imagine if a driver parked the C3 Picasso near the Kia dealership, the dealers might mistake it for a Kia Soul.

Step inside the C3 Picasso and you will be amazed by the panoramic glass roof that gives them more time to peek at the stars and the blue sky while laying down on the foldable seats, which is of course, part of the Picasso trick to have owners fold the seats to create various seating arrangement for various situations. The front glass has an extended height, designed to increase driving visibility and awareness while driving the C3 Picasso. There are various options available for the C3 Picasso, including the Citroen MyWay navigation system that takes you places you want to see, air purifier to bring aromatic fragrance inside, and automatic climate control. It even has the USB/iPod connectivity as an option.

A host of gasoline engines and diesel engines are available for the C3 Picasso, including the 1.6L, 16 Valve, HDi engine that has 110PS of power and approved for Euro4 emission standards. Most variants are equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission. The C3 Picasso also has Power Steering, Anti-lock Braking System, and Electronic Stability Program (as an option) for increased stability.

My thoughts about the C3 Picasso:
Try to park the C3 Picasso at the Kia dealership. A few seconds later, the dealers might confuse the C3 Picasso for the Kia Soul. Anyway, the Citroen C3 Picasso is the compact MPV that is the newest member of the Citroen Picasso range, consisting of the outdated Xsara Picasso, C4 Picasso, and the Grand C4 Picasso. Just try to impress everyone with the most stylish addition of the Picasso range. If looks can kill, it would be such an endless story for you.


Zettai Karen Children Original Sound Track 1 & 2

From Shogakukan, publishers of favorites such as Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Kenichi, Law of Ueki, and Hayate the Combat Butler, comes an action-packed story about three psychic heroines summoned by the organization dedicated to vanquish evil and save the world. Titled Zettai Karen Children (日本名:絶対可憐チルドレン), this manga became a sensation and the anime is a not-so-shabby flavor for the boys and girls who are addicted to those three psychic heroines; Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho. To top it all of this Zettai Karen fandom, Mr. Kotaro Nakagawa is all psyched up for the creation of two soundtracks packed with BGMs from the hit TV show that is psyched to the maximum level. Each BGM has its own unique flair and taste that fans find it amusing to listen all over.

O.S.T. 1 Track Listings:
1. かいきん!!
2. いっけぇー!
3. まっかせなさーい
4. ふーんなるほどね
5. しゅつどう!
6. うまくやっていけるかも
7. □スポンサーさん1
8. どないしてん?
9. きんちょうする~
10. ほな いくで!
11. オヤジだ。。。
12. あいつ…
13. やばいー
14. くっそー!
15. いつでもいっしょ
16. だれ!?
17. ガキっていうな!
18. なんでわたしだけ…
19. □Aパートここまでよ
20. まっけないよ!
21. ザ・チルドレン~たんじょう
22. ザ・チルドレン~めばえ
23. ザ・チルドレン~めぐりあい
24. ザ・チルドレン~せいちょう
25. ザ・チルドレン~みらい
26. なにかが
27. チームだからね
28. わかっちゃった
29. どーすんのよ
30. □Bパートはじまるよ
31. わるくないもんねー!
32. しぶい…けど
33. おねが~い
34. なんかおこりそう
35. やられちゃうかも
36. きにしてるの?
37. うわマジ!?
38. ちょっとみてあげようか
39. ひとりじゃないよ
40. □スポンサーさん2

O.S.T. 2 Track Listings:
1. トリプルブースト!!
2. マジかあぁーッ!
3. ほな いくで!
4. なめんじゃねーっ!!
5. いいこになります
6. ようちゅういだわ
7. なっとくいかない
8. ごめんなさーい!
9. あたしがなんとかするから!
10. □ Aパートここまでよ 2
11. あたしらのモンだーッ!
12. さすがにキッツイわ…
13. しんじられるから
14. くるわよ!
15. やーん、あたしも!
16. かなしいじじつ…
17. きもちわかるもん
18. なにがおこるっていうんだ?
19. しかたないわよ 試聴する
20. そうはいかへんで!
21. なんか くじけそう…
22. □ Bパートはじまるよ 2
23. ズルいー
24. くそっ あいつらー!
25. うーん でも…
26. うんめい!?
27. あんしんして
28. よみとれないわ!
29. いーじゃん いーじゃん
30. どういうことやのん!?
31. ぜったい あやしいわね
32. よませてもらうわよ
33. おねがいだから…
34. きょうりょくするで!
35. そんなのやだ…
36. ケリつけたるッ!!
37. あたしとやるきか!?
38. よわさ…か
39. しんぱいしないで
40. きっと かえられる
41. かいきん!! (Vocal Version)

What's great: Nakagawa-san's work for Zettai Karen Children psyched fans by listening to the anime's BGMs.

What's not so great: What else?

All-new Insight from Honda

Despite the economic knockdown that suffers around the world, especially automobile manufacturers, Honda never throw down the towel for automobile manufacturing and as a result, the return of Honda's finest hybrid car, and possibly the Toyota Prius's biggest rival, the Insight is a sure breakthrough and a completely new meaning to their brand slogan, "The Power of Dreams".

What is in the Insight? For starters, the Honda Insight’s powered by a 1.3 litre VTEC hybrid engine with the power output of 88ps at 5800rpm. Because of its hybrid capability, the fuel mileage of the new Insight is a sure 30km/l.

For the exterior, the front headlamps is similar to the European Honda Accord, with the side of the Honda Civic and as a blast of the past, the rear side remains its Insight-ism as the original Insight a few years back. To put this, the rear side tires of the Insight can be seen in full-view than being half-view from the previous Insight.

As a rule for comfort, the interior is identical to the Honda Civic; because of the steering wheel, the speedometer, the dashboard, they look similar. It is a simple way Honda created such comfortable interiors for such eco-friendly cars such as the Civic Hybrid and the new Insight just in case.

AS A RULE: If someone is an ecologist, an economist, or someone who has a dedication for hybrid cars, you can consider the new Insight from Honda as the true companion for the environment. After years of hiatus, Honda finally realize something on how to create hybrid cars for the world, especially the hydrogen powered FCX Clarity sedan. Therefore, there is a reason why they returned it because Honda wanted to revolutionize the hybrid market to the world. As a rule, I may consider the new Insight in my list of my must-see cars thanks to its hybrid capability engineered by Honda.

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