Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jaguar XFR

A fierce opponent of the current-generation E63 AMG, and the best British sports car engineered for the professionals, known as the Jaguar XFR, branded as the top-of-the-line premium sports sedan with some apocalyptic raw power from the 5.0-litre V8 engine equipped with something more apocalyptic than turbochargers: the supercharger itself. With 510PS of power, exploding top speed of over 250kph, and the top speed of 4.7 seconds in the 0-100km run, you will be surprised that the XFR can be a worthy opponent to the current generation E63 AMG, or possibly the upcoming BMW M5, which BMW addicts might predict the equipment of a V8 turbo engine occur.

What to consider the XFR is the exterior, at first glance, it looks like an ordinary XF, but thanks to some aero engineering, the XFR sports some monstrous aero equipment, 20-inch rims, quad exhaust pipes, rear spoiler, and the unique R badge to complete this demon's fashion statement. With this devil, the XFR will raise hell more than Hellraiser.

For my point of view about this British hell-raising commando, this has a lot of ammo, and it corners at all paths that no sports sedans handle this magnitude. If you are a successful businessperson who is looking for some need for speed, can you try the Jaguar XFR? This British sports sedan has the fun factor adults would enjoy.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Daihatsu Tanto Exe

Get ready to get your hands on something new, this new kei car is best to keep ever since the Move Conte and the Mira Cocoa. The best kei car from Daihatsu is finally emerged since the car's sneak preview from the Tokyo Motor Show. With excellence is the name of the game, the big brother of Tanto, the Tanto Exe, is born.

Why the Exe sub name? Like other Daihatsu cars such as the boxy Move Conte, and the adorable Mira Cocoa, the Tanto Exe is a separate car from the Tanto series, despite having the standard or custom line-up.

Now for the basics; since this is a kei car designed for adults, there are different styles to choose from; the standard Exe designed for the simple drivers who wanted this new car reasonably, while the sporty Exe Custom is the ultimate premium lounge gifted with glitz and glamour that this is set to please style-hungry customers. What does the Exe and the Exe Custom have in common? Three answers: Tanto-like front, lack of sliding door, and the Move Conte-esque rear side.

On the inside, this kei car has many premium amenities designed for the stressful drivers everywhere. This kei car packed with pockets, lights (including the top lighting, which is similar to the Kia K7 premium sedan), adjustable seats, tilting steering wheel, air conditioning, audio system, and the ability to play MP3s with the special wire that connects to the Exe's audio system with your device. The Custom RS variant gets not just all the features, but also a sporty MOMO steering wheel.

On the spacing side, the Tanto Exe is great when you need some quality time. Choose from a long-sofa mode, front-side flat mode, half-luggage mode, or a full-luggage mode, and see how these arrangements suit your spacing qualifications.

The Daihatsu Tanto Exe and the Daihatsu Tanto Exe Custom always carry a kei car engine that provides good performance, and best power on future cruises. A natural aspiration KF-VE engine gets over 58PS of power and maintain a healthy fuel economy of 18.6km/L (4WD) to 21.5km/L (2WD), while the Tanto Exe Custom's RS variant is equipped with a turbocharged KF-DET engine delivers an improved power of 64PS with the fuel economy of 19.4km/L (4WD) to 20km/L (2WD). Most Tanto Exe types are equipped with either a 4-speed automatic transmission of CVT.

As I told earlier, the excellence theme is the best game for the Tanto Exe. With the standard Exe and the sporty Exe Custom around, this is the best Japanese small car for its excellent packaging, excellent space, excellent performance, excellent fuel economy, and an excellent last-minute addition to the Daihatsu family. How describe the look and feel of the Tanto Exe? It is simple, this is surely the best Daihatsu car ever since this kei car's Tokyo Motor Show preview. From my point of view about the Exe, it looks moderate to look at the car's exterior, while the Custom model boasts a surprisingly good look among buyers who wanted style more than just dependability. Once you are inside the Exe or the Exe Custom, be happy for this kei car's excellence. You will need it.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Citroen C3

This is not a Citroen C3 like the one you seen before. One look of the new Citroen C3 surprises compact car lovers with the bold new surprises. You may acknowledge that this C3 is not the C3 of yesteryears; this C3 has reached fun to a completely new level.

What is new to the C3, you ask? For starters, the exterior design carries Citroen's new design flow, with the addition of the world's first zenith windscreen. The zenith windscreen increased the windscreen's height, giving drivers a massive view to the sky. Imagine driving through thie night and see the pretty stars noticeably with this windscreen.

Aside from the amazing look, the new C3 carries four gasoline engines (four petrol engines - 1.1i 8V, 1.4i 8V, 1.4 16V VTi and 1.6 16V VTi engine) and three diesel engines (1.4HDi 8V, 1.6HDi 16V and 1.6HDi 16V engine) to choose from. Depending on the engine type, the new C3 delivers loads of innovation features, such as the Gear Efficiency Indicator for manual transmissions only, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability program, speed limiting cruise control, six airbags, and the best sound-absorbing materials only the C3 has to offer.

While checking out the new C3's interior, you should know that this car’s best served with the zenith widescreen that provides total free view on the road. No new C3 is come informative without the newly designed instrumental cluster that provides the driver what was the C3 going on. Aside from the new instrumental paneling, an optional navigation system come in handy, and the optional Bluetooth connectivity provides Bluetooth-powered phones a wireless need.


Good things come to small packages, so that is why the all new Citroen C3 with the world's first zenith windscreen adds more fun, more thrills, and more to come from the owners who wished to try the new C3. Enjoy!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Renault Megane III

In Japan, the word megane truthfully means glasses. From the French automaker, Renault, the Megane name does not really refer to some eye wear from Japanese culture; the Megane is as a 5-door hatchback, 3-door coupe, or station wagon built for grand touring fun.

From the Megane's distinctive styling in each corner, you can rest assured that no other car can be as cunning as, enjoyable as, comfortable as this French car sold for the balanced car enthusiast. On the 5-door hatchback model, it is much more normal to look at it with its distinctive taste, giving this model an opportunity to compete against other hatchbacks such as the Mazda Axela and the Opel Astra. The 3-door coupe variant provides aggressive design and strikingly amazing features to compete the likes of the Volkswagen Scirocco. The new Estate variant brings the grand touring style on Renault and this would be a worthy opponent to the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, Mazda Atenza Sports Wagon, Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, and the Honda Accord Tourer. Above all, those Meganes would make other cars a suitable rival on the road. I guarantee it would be a so-so during comparison results done by automotive journalists.

A choice of a 1.6-litre, 2.0-litre, 1.3-litre diesel, or 1.8-litre diesel engine, and a choice of 6-speed manual, 5-speed auto, or continuously variable transmission deliver most of the Megane's unquestionable performance, depending on which body type you choose. Depending on the variant, the Megane gets most of the innovative features such as Electronic Stability Program, bi-xenon headlamps, optional fog lamps, seat belts, multi-information display on the dashboard, keyless entry, optional navigation system, and parking assist.

Sportiness on the outside, pure luxuriousness on the Megane’s interior, which others find somewhat interesting to feel at. The interior features give the passengers ease out of stress from the outside. The Arkamys 3D sound system gives the music you are listening in the Megane more realistic and clearer quality than you have never heard of it before, especially while changing tunes to your AM/FM/CD/MP3 player. To add fun of it, an optional panoramic sunroof provides passengers a view to the top. Just most of these features keep the Megane range enjoyable and comfortable adults would love to try.

Megane RenaultSport

Inspired by the Renault Formula One team, derived from the Megane Trophy Race Car, and using the Megane Coupe as the base, the RenaultSport version of the Renault Megane Coupe is engineered for the fast and furious drivers in France. Powered with the 2.0-litre turbo engine that delivers 250 PS, achieved a top speed of 245km/h and 6.1 seconds on a 0-100km run, the explosive performance of the Megane RenaultSport would take your heart-pounding experience to a whole new dimension. On track days, the RS monitor is surely handy for checking out your Megane RS's best lap times and your car's status, depending on your racing level. Consider driving on the Wangan expressway or the Autobahn with that one and regularly check your Megane RS's best results. Please note that the RS Monitor is not applicable when the navigation system option is placed on the Megane RS.

The third-generation Megane from Renault is one of the most eye-popping French cars you have ever faced on the Renault range. With the hatchback, coupe, and estate at hand, the new Megane takes the turn and into the loophole to turn the tables against other cars in this category. The hatchback variant looks normal in the eyes of a Renault fan, while the coupe variant explodes so much adrenaline to street-race for, and the estate variant is a grand touring must-have for wagon addicts. If these Meganes are not enough for you, the RenaultSport Megane brings the power of the F1 within reach. Judging on which Megane are you, rest assured that you can put or do not put your glasses and see the Megane for yourself. This French car is the perfect vision for the future of the Renault brand.

Cadillac CTS Mk.II

As a formidable foe to the BMW 3-Series, Lexus IS, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Audi A4, there is no surprise that the second-generation Cadillac CTS can outwit, outlast, outclass, and outclass any kind of luxury medium sedan at its core, even in a car enthusiasts' imagination.

With Cadillac's design flow inherited from the Cadillac Sixteen concept sedan, the second-generation CTS is somewhat more than meets the eye in terms of performance, quality, and packaging suitable for well-mannered adults. Besides its design, the CTS will come, not only in sedan, but also in sports wagon and coupe (coming soon), but for right now, let's focus first on the sedan and the wagon variant for a while. With the sedan variant boasts a lot of sportiness for adults, the sports wagon is some kind of machine that other station wagons never underestimate the power of the American-made station wagon. The CTS sedan combines the efforts of a sports car and a luxury car, while the CTS Sport Wagon provides spaciousness for everything, giving this station wagon premium quality adults would love to get.

Depending on the body style you choose, from the sporty sedan to the grand touring sports wagon variant, the Cadillac CTS is powered with either a 3.0-litre LFI V6 engine with over 274PS of power, or a 3.6-litre LLT V6 engine with almost 310PS of power. It also comes with an optional all-wheel drive, and a choice of two transmissions; a 6-speed 6L50/90 automatic transmission, or a 6-speed Aisin AY-6 manual transmission. Aside from these features the CTS stands safe for everyone, thanks to its StabiliTrak, daytime running lamps, ABS, disc brakes, tire pressure monitor system, and most optional for all General Motors cars: OnStar.

If the standard CTS looks boring or vanilla to feel at, consider this:

A high-performance version of the CTS, known as the CTS-V, is bound to be the perfect rival from the likes of the Audi S4, BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, and also the Jaguar XFR. With 6.2-litre V8 engine, delivering almost 570PS of power output, standard StabiliTrak system, power steering, limited slip differential, a choice of either automatic or manual transmission, a choice of five sleek colors, and loads of conveniences, the CTS-V stands everyone out and if you are successful, this could be the envy of your office mates, especially your last boss: your office boss!

With the coupe variant coming soon, what I like about the new CTS and the new CTS Sport Wagon is its conveniences engineered and designed to be almost a premium mid-size sedan for adults. Let's not forget the cunning CTS-V that brings seasoned sports car drivers a whole new level to the word: HOT WHEELS! It doesn't matter, while you turned your ordinary medium sedan in favor for the new CTS, you will never turn back to your old medium sedan again. Be warned.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cadillac SRX -Second Generation-

Derived from the Provoq crossover concept, and mostly targeted for well-experienced adults everywhere, the second generation SRX from Cadillac provides a whole variety of features and conveniences adults would love to enjoy, especially for the whole family.

This stylish crossover utility vehicle is no gimmicks for car enthusiasts like you; the new SRX looks more like a Cadillac CTS than the previous-generation model resembles like an Escalade. What makes the SRX stands out the rest is the strikingly aggressive design that gives this crossover the commanding presence adults would love to take at look at it.

From the SRX's striking design, the performance comes great with the choice of two six-speed automatic transmissions (Hydra-Matic or Aisin Warner with Eco Mode), and a choice of two engines (3.0-litre V6 or 2.8-litre V6 turbo). We might think the turbo engine looks great for adrenaline junkies, but the 3.0-litre V6 engine is a fresh start for first timers. The SRX also comes with an optional all-wheel drive, so you can go anywhere you want, all the time.

If you are concerned about the SRX, the safety features from this crossover got your back always. With airbags, daytime running lamps, traction control, StabiliTrak, anti-theft system, anti-lock braking system, keyless entry, tire pressure monitor system, fog lamps, and rear-parking assist, you can rest assured that you are safe in this vehicle always.

The SRX's comfort zone looks somewhat focused on hospitality and passion adults never faced from the previous-generation SRX. The accented French stitching that covers all the SRX's seat adds a nice touch to this crossover. It has an impressive paneling, entertainment system, AM/FM/CD/MP3/DVD player with navigation system as an option, and loads of accessories, including the optional noise canceling wireless headphones for the best sound experience, it might be best for everyone to take control of the SRX's interior features that treat them with the premium touch.

When compared to other luxury crossovers, such as the Lexus RX, Audi Q5, BMW X5, and Mercedes-Benz M-Class, the chances may vary for the crossover enthusiasts who wanted to take the verdict. It does not matter how well is the SRX's design, quality, and performance, the SRX is built mostly for the experienced drivers who are willing to take advantage of its premium features. Without those premium features, the new Cadillac SRX would be nothing, a ship without a water.

Photo: Autoblog

Mazda Carol HB25

2010 Mazda Carol

If you don't know what in the world is the Mazda Carol, then I'll explain more about this before explaining this latest model change.

Back in the 60's the Mazda Carol is a mini 4-door sedan built by Mazda. With the introduction of the Autozam brand in the 90's the Carol name has been revived as a cute kei car, but it's just a 3-door kei car. In 1995, the Autozam Carol received a full change way before Mazda stop making Carol cars in 1998. In 1998, Mazda brings in the new Carol, but it was an OEM of the Suzuki Alto. When the Suzuki Alto reached its 6th generation, the Carol is followed in a 5th generation basis.

When the seventh-generation Japan-spec Alto (not to be confused with the Maruti Alto sold worldwide, including the Philippines as the Suzuki Celerio), the Mazda Carol follows its model change as well.

Under the chassis code of HB25, the sixth-generation Mazda Carol tries to be more cuter as the Suzuki Alto. Since the Mazda Carol is the OEM of the Suzuki Alto, you can experience the same characteristics. The DOHC 658cc VVT engine, the available transmissions (CVT, 4AT, and 5MT), the same optional 4WD drive-train, and the same interior.

2010 Mazda Carol

My thoughts about the Carol:

With the Suzuki Alto (Japan-spec, not the Celerio) updated, the Mazda Carol is updated as well, but I think there's nothing much to say about the latest model. With the smiley face (or Nagare) in the front of the new Carol, the other views are the same as the seventh-generation Japan-spec Alto. In other words, this car is still boring for me so leave this one to Japanese women who had a liking over kei cars.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seventh-generation Suzuki Alto (Japan-spec)

Suzuki Celerio

2009 Suzuki Alto Concept

What is the difference of the seventh-generation Suzuki Alto (known in other countries such as the Nissan Pixo, or even the Suzuki Celerio) built for worldwide markets or the seventh-generation Suzuki Alto built for the Japanese kei car market? The answer is a lot, the Japan-spec Suzuki Alto is a lot different from the Maruti-spec Alto which is sold from other countries, including the Philippines as this, a Nissan Pixo, a Maruti Suzuki A-Star, or even as a Suzuki Celerio, like the ones sold in the Philippine market.

Before telling the details of the Japan-spec Suzuki Alto, let us review the quick rundown on what is a Suzuki Alto:

A - Affordable.

L - Light on gas.

T - Technology from Japan.

O - Outstanding value for money.

These words truly describe what the Suzuki Alto is, and now, it is about time to tell Suzuki fans the understanding of the Japan-spec Suzuki Alto. The Japan-spec's design derives from the pre-production model shown at the Tokyo Motor Show since October. It appears that Japan is the only one who did not get the seventh-generation model, but due to mishaps, they did not want the Maruti-made Alto's look, so they decided to create an original seventh-generation Alto design for the eyes of Japanese consumers, especially Japanese women everywhere. There is a detail that Mazda would use the new Japan-spec Alto for their OEM vehicle, known as the Carol, but Nissan dropped out the previous-generation Alto's OEM, known as the Pino, due to the arrival of Suzuki Palette's OEM named Roox.

Suzuki Celerio interior

2010 Suzuki Alto interior

When comparing to the Maruti-made Alto's interior to the Japan-spec Alto's interior, most Alto fanatics would spot the differences because the Japan-spec Alto's interior design may look somewhat vanilla than the Maruti-made Alto, but for the eyes of the Japanese women, the interior of the Japan-spec Alto looks cute as its round-like dashboard and scooter-like meter.

2010 Suzuki Alto

Unlike the Maruti-made Alto's performance features, such as having a 1.0-litre engine, and a choice of 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, the Japan-spec Alto carries a 660cc DOHC VVT engine that delivers less power but improved fuel economy ranging from 23.0 to 24.5km/L. Aside from the Japan-spec Alto carrying the 5-speed manual and the 4-speed automatic transmission, it also carries an improved CVT, found on the Suzuki Palette and Palette SW mini-kei-vans.


For over 30 years of Alto-ism served all over the world, the new Alto regained its legendary kei car heritage and now for the seventh-generation model, both the Maruti-made Alto and the Japan-spec Alto would work things out to the world thanks to the Alto's affordability, gas-mising attributes, innovative technology, and the value cherished among car enthusiasts who are looking for efficiency and affordability they can rely on. The new Alto makes a perfect rival to the Daihatsu Move, Daihatsu Mira, Mitsubishi Minica, Kia Morning, Mitsubishi eK Wagon, and the Honda Life respectively. You are welcomed to take full advantage of the new Alto and start the revolution that was happened for over 30 years of Alto-ism.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Peugeot 5008

In South Korea, they have the Ssangyong Rodius (Stavic) and the Hyundai Grand Starex. In Japan, they have the Honda Stepwgn, the Toyota Noah & Voxy twins, and the Nissan Serena. In France, Peugeot's new multipurpose passenger vehicle brings out the best for the European families everywhere. This is the 5008, the newest people carrier from one of hardest working French automobile brands, Peugeot.

Borrowed from the new platform used from the 3008 crossover utility vehicle, you can examine the design flow of this new family mover from the front, side, and the back. Most European car enthusiasts can feel the love-it-or-hate-it decision, once they tried the 5008 for the very first time.

Since the arrival of the 5008, there are two gasoline-powered engines and four diesel-powered engines available as of press time. From the 1.6-litre VTi engine to the 2.0-litre HDi FAP diesel engine, drivers can choose which engine type is suitable to the 5008. Only on the manual transmission-equipped variants is the gearshift indicator, which allows the car to determine the best time for the driver to shift gears.

On the safer point of view, the 5008 is equipped with six airbags, which provide maximum protection for everyone inside, intelligent distance alert system determine the right speed on the right road, anti-skid system, traction control, electronic handbrake, and hill assist. An optional phone added in the 5008, providing the most of the emergencies when needed.

With the interior features, such as the optional rear-seat entertainment system, panoramic roof, optional navigation system, USB connectivity, air con, heads-up display (same as the 3008), and many storage features, you can rest assure that these features are made to be almost premium. Aside from calling it a premium multipurpose passenger vehicle for adults, the 5008 is built for everyone, even kids who are enjoy watching their favorite movies at the passenger side.

Most Pinoy Peugeot fans would wished that this brand would not be abolished from the Philippine market, despite poor reputation, because there are more Peugeots to come in the Philippine market, such as the 3008 crossover, all 207 and 308 variants, the 407 sedan, estate, and coupe, the Mitsubishi Outlander OEM, known as the 4007, or even this 5008 MPV.

With the 5008, most parents cannot wait to take advantage of these rich features suitable on most occasions. Not only the families trying this new French MPV, but also people with great interests would love to witness the 5008 for their first test. Whether you favor it or not, the 5008 designed and engineered to be almost a premium, with the pricing most likely to credit for the drivers.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Therefore, it starts... The Volkswagen R-Line introduced a newest addition ever since the Scirocco was come back last year. Known to be the best of the Volkswagen R-Line models ever told, the Scirocco R is here.

With the sportier look than the regular Scirocco, the Scirocco R explodes the Autobahn with its performance, quality, styling, and packaging available for the German monster that brings out the gracefulness within.

What brings the beauty of this Autobahn beast is the new engine that was similar to the Golf R, the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, TSI engine equipped in the Scirocco R explodes over 265ps of power at the top speed of over 250km/h. Not only the Scirocco R armed with a manual transmission, but also this monster is equipped with Volkswagen's 6-speed DSG semi-automatic transmission with paddle shifters as an available option. Aside from these, the Scirocco R comes with the performance features that keep adults trying this car for some more, such as the XDS electronic transverse differential lock, electronic stability program, DCC Dynamic Chassis Control, and double-flow exhaust system.

Despite this Scirocco R will not come to the United States or even in the Philippines, regarding no announcement of taking over the Philippine distributor of Volkswagen, the raw power of the Scirocco R is exploding with fun and excitement for adults hitting the thrills on the Autobahn. With the estimated price of about 3,000,000 pesos, there is no doubt this monster would take a heavy toll on the car enthusiast's budget. Only a wealthy adult would take the chance of driving the Volkswagen Scirocco R and tear down the streets of Metro Manila, even on the Saturday night at the Metrowalk. Still, the Scirocco R is the perfect road mauler for the major adults who are looking for some real thrills on the road.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Meet Hinagiku Katsura, she is just your average teenage girl, charming, sweet, aggressive, wonderful, and daring enough to take your heart down! And above all, aside from being the Hakuo Gakuin Student Council President, she is the perfect "president of student government" and Hayate the Combat Butler's number one character among fans everywhere! And you can have her too in her first single album, sung by the voice over behind the tsundere student council president, Shizuka Ito!

This album is jam-packed with ten Hinagiku Katsura tunes, including "Power of Flower" found at Hayate the Combat Butler Character CD four and "Steppin'“, the ending theme song from the Hayate the Combat Butler original video animation. (if fans know what this is) So when you are a die-hard Hinagiku fan sure enough to admire her, and for those who wanted to be just like the "president of student government”, this music CD is for you!

Track Listings:
1. Steppin'
2. Power of Flower
3. スクールDays
4. 愛と情熱のカルナバル
5. 100点満点なんかじゃない!
6. 微熱
7. 想い絶ちがたく、初恋なりがたし
9. あしたのわたし
10. Heart of Flower

If you realize why the heck they choose Hinagiku, it is because she is just perfect for fans everywhere. Take her advice for it, this CD might rock your heart over Hinagiku-ism forever and ever. Get your wooden swords ready because she is here to rock your life!

Opel Astra - Fourth Generation

It has been moments since General Motors decided to axe the Saturn brand by next year and keep the Opel/Vauxhall brand to the European GM division. But the differences ascend to the boiling point since the new Opel Astra came to the public and soon reaches to the world market either this, as a Vauxhall Astra in the United Kingdom, or as the Buick in China and if possible, the United States as the replacement for the evaporating Saturn Astra.

Available as a 5-door variant only, following with other variants filling up the new Astra range sometime, the quality of this Opel provides exceptional design, unmatched quality, and the performance that is well-made for the premium hatchback for adults. At the first rate, the new Astra looks similar to the sports variant of the Mazda Axela (Mazda 3), with the headlamps shaped like the Kia K7 premium sedan, but the heart of the Astra truly bred in the Autobahn.

The new Astra has a list of engines available as of press time. From the 1.4-litre, ecoFLEX engine to the 2.0-litre, CDTi ECOTEC diesel engine, there are nine available engines to choose from. Aside from the engine choices, the new Astra comes equipped with the FlexRide switch, providing the feel of the luxury car, a compact car, or a sports car, all in one package. Choose which mode, and feel free to drive the new Astra any way you want. The Compound Crank with Watt's Link rear axle suspension provides improved control and stability, giving the new Astra's driving control enjoyable for adults.

The Astra's interior design still carries Opel's new design language ever since the Vectra's replacement, the Insignia, provided the new look of Opel. With the comfort of the sports car with the spaciousness perfect enough to carry luggage, the exceptional interior of the new Astra is truly a modern living for adults who wished to try this new hatchback.

With the new look of the Opel Astra; there is no difference between the words "luxury" and "sporty" all at the same time. The new Astra is a rival to the Mazda Axela, the Toyota Auris/Blade twins, and the Mitsubishi Galant Fortis (Lancer) Sportback. Promise this car, it will be perfect enough for adults to try this new hatch on the road.

Photo: GM Europe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nissan Roox

The cousin of the Suzuki Palette that was premiered at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is known as the Nissan Roox, a newest addition of the Nissan Kei Car line-up consisting of the Mitsubishi eK Wagon-based Otti, Suzuki MR Wagon-based Moco, Mitsubishi Pajero Mini-based Kix, and the Mitsubishi Town Box-based Clipper Rio.

There are two distinctive styles to choose from the Nissan Roox; the base variant (E & G) offers a simple taste for budget-conscious customers, while the flagship Highway Star variant offers an extreme taste of style just like the Suzuki Palette SW.

On the inside, the Roox has an interior tall enough to fit in four passengers, and it is arrangeable to suit your luggage needs.On the base variant, it offers both bright and dark colors, while the Highway Star variant offers the darkest interior color you will ever see.

Under the hood, the Roox comes with either a 660cc or a 660cc turbo engine (HIghway Star only) that comes with the Suzuki-sourced CVT for improved fuel efficiency. Most Roox variants may come with an optional 4WD for all-round fun on the go.

My thoughts about the Roox:

The Roox name combines the word "room" and "max", which means this kei car has a maximum interior room to fit in because of its tall shape. As an OEM of the Suzuki Palette/Palette SW, the Roox truly stands out the crowd of kei-car fanatics. Its turbo engine makes a cool addition for the Roox.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Renault Clio/Lutecia III Range Phase Two and Clio/Lutecia GT

The Renault Clio (known in Japan as the Lutecia) was known to be a trendy hot hatch in the 21st century since the arrival of its third generation back in 2006. In 2009, the Renault Clio line-up (from the regular, the spacious Estate, and the sporty Renault Sport) received a mid-life minor change for the first time and its minor change welcomes a new addition to the Clio line-up, the Clio GT.

The revised Clio III received Renault's trademark design as seen on the Renault Megane III, distinguished to show its true Renault side from the outside to the inside. The look of the normal Clio seems to be as bland as an old Twingo, while the Clio Estate remains true to its colors. Both the Clio GT and the Renault Sport Clio has testosterones aplenty because of its aggressive design, aggressive performance, and packs a sporty interior suited for the hardcore car enthusiasts.

There are a wide variety of engine options available for the Clio such as the entry-level 1.2L 16-valve engine, 1.6L 16-valve engine, and the RS-only 2.0L 16-valve engine. There is also a wide selection of dCi engines with Renault Eco2, making the Clio a well-balanced eco-compact.

My thoughts about the Clio:
Even without the V6 engine as seen on the second-generation Clio, we still enjoy plenty of fun time at the French streets with the Clio GT and Clio Renault Sport, but for true eco-car enthusiasts, both the regular Clio (in 3-door and 5-door) and the Clio Estate are strong recommendations because of the dCi diesel engines. These different Clio variants does not make any sense at first but as the enjoyment levels up, the Phase Two of the Clio III would be rather be an enjoyable French compact car for those living in Europe. Still, this is a sure thing for car enthusiasts to have fun with the Clio no matter what variant they are.

Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection

Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection

This music CD based on the Gran Turismo PSP game packs with 22 tracks contained on the Gran Turismo PSP game. It might seems to be OK about this CD but this is decent enough to play these in-game BGMs on your next road trip.

Gran Turismo Original Sound Collection makes it a decent addition to your video game soundtrack collection, but it can be a perfect listening choice for GT fans and car enthusiasts alike, to savor the music found after minutes playing the Gran Turismo PSP video game. It seems OK, but whatever. This is somewhat good.


1. Moon Over The Castle (2009 Remix Version)
2. City
3. rainbow 3000
4. close my eyes, eyes, eyes
5. Be lost in a Maze
6. Adrenalin Navigation
7. Windy
8. The Dubless in Tokyo
9. One Blue Spaceshore
10. Summer Searching
11. stepping inside with outside
12. Playing in 4D
13. Under the Huge Misting Tower
14. over the horizon
16. Walking throw Zero-Gravity Lounge
17. Yummy Trip 4:09
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20. planet tension
21. Be My Baby
22. Moon Over The Castle (Orchestra Version)

New MB E-Class

The all new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is now ready to take on other luxury medium sedans with its bold new look, new features, and a host of new engines to choose from. To make things possible, the new E-Class is a sure thing to bring the word "luxury" to a whole new meaning. Take a look at the exterior; it looks more noticing than the previous-generation E-Class, which is in fact the front headlamps look sophisticated than before, the side looks more nicer and the rear is somewhat look like another luxury car you know. These looks can be quite fresh and good enough for the executive to have a modern living. For safety and security, the New E is equipped with all of the features suitable for a luxury car such as the Intelligent Light System, Adaptive Brake system, Night Vision for superior visibility after dark, cruise control, parking system for good parking, lane assist that is effective for corrective lane changing, speed limiter, PRE-SAFE, the latest anti-theft system, and more features long enough to mention the whole humble machine.

The true modern living of the all-new E-Class is the interior. Just notice the ergonomics and the comfort inside. It looks just like the S-Class with the dashboard that is sort of look like the C-Class with some aspects only a true blue “Auto-Enthusiasten” can be fond of. Let’s not forget the audio system; it’s quite good for the executives to listen some orchestra music while driving on the highway.
For those who doesn’t deserve a modern living E-Class can also choose this modern living sports car, The E-Class Coupe. It should be available soon worldwide. The only question regarding the E-Class Coupe is, can this car replace the CLK?

And for those who are looking for some space, the E-Class Estate can be a perfect fit for you too. The E-Class Estate provides sedan-like capabilities with wagon-like spaciousness you can trust.

This is truly a good modern living executive premium medium sedan that is the target of other luxury medium sedans like the Lexus GS, BMW 5-Series and the Audi A6 while the E-Class Coupe is the betting target of the Audi A5. The E-Class Estate makes perfect enemies with the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon, Audi A6 Avant, and the BMW 5-Series Estate. No matter how many times you said “Modern Living” a hundred times before, think before you unwind, live, and steer the New E-Class anywhere you go.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Renault Fluence

Back in July 2009, in South Korea, Renault-Samsung Motors unveiled the third-generation SM3. A staunch Renault fan might think where the new-generation SM3 came from did. The true details about the new SM3 became unknown until now, at Renault, the French automaker unveiled the true form, which carries the elements of the Megane hatchback, and it is the replacement of the axed Megane Sedan. Meet the new compact Renault sedan, the Fluence.

Based on the Renault Megane, this new sedan combines the premium feel of the Fluence while preserving the sportiness of a sports car, all in one unique premium package. How to distinguish the Fluence's identity is the exterior itself. By observing the outer view of the Fluence, you can assure it looks like a combination of the Megane and the Laguna, while the flow keeps on going for this French newbie. By using the look and feel of the Fluence, the driver feels like influenced by the Renault design that carried a few years ago. Consider it a premium package for adults, if agreed.

Since its arrival, the Fluence starts with the 1.5-litre DCi common rail turbo diesel engine that delivers 86 to 107PS of power while preserving Euro 4 emission standards. This diesel engine not only provides wonderful fuel efficiency, but also providing hybrid-like attributes to the environment, thanks to Renault's Eco2. As for that, the Fluence comes with either a 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission, so expect the sluggish things to come for this. But do not forget; anti-lock braking system, electronic stability program, seat belts, side airbags, fog lamps, tire re-inflation kit, spare tire, and Carminat TomTom navigation system covers you most when you need it.

The Fluence's interior provides more room and exceptional comfort for four to five adults. With the leather steering wheel, CD/AM/FM/MP3 player, heated front seats, climate control, rear curtain, optional leather beige upholstery, and glass roof, there is exceptional comfort and luxury unlike any other medium sedans in the market. To shake things up for the car's interior details, it looks the same as the Renault Megane.

Since the Fluence arrived first at the Korean market as the new Renault Samsung SM3, and made a world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show since September, there is no doubt, how far this new premium compact sedan come first against the competition. This new French sedan really picks up a clean fight to those other compact sedans and on the side note, an electric version of the Fluence might come out sometime to whisk away the hybrid competition.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Volkswagen Golf Sports Line-up

It's not surprising why because of all such issues happened to Toyota Motor Corporation (such as the withdrawal from the Formula one Championship, and the Noriko Sakai drug incident which her Toyota Noah commercial was revoked on the TV sets), the Japanese automaker was dethroned by the brand behind the Beetles, Polos, and Golfs, Volkswagen. While Volkswagen gained the crown as the world's number one automaker, let this brand show you the three devils of the Golf hatchback, the first carrying the legendary sports marque, the second carrying a sporty marque too but having a diesel engine, and the third is the ultimate form of the Golf hatchback. These three sporty variants come in either 3-door or 5-door that suits the devil in the driver.

Let's begin with the GTI, the first sports line of the Golf hatchback line-up. While retaining the legendary red-lined grille with the GTI on the left side, the performance of the GTI is somewhat legendary, thanks to the 2.0L engine that delivers over 200PS of power with the top speed of 240km/h. The GTI comes with the 6-speed manual transmission or the 6-speed Direct Shift Gearbox.

Appearing on the Golf hatchback line-up is the brother of the Golf GTI; meet the Golf GTD, the sportiest Golf armed with the sportiest diesel turbo engine that carries two litres and it delivers a power output of 170PS with the top speed of 222km/h.

Now exploding on the scene is the successor of the previous Golf V R32, only this time, it doesn't carrying the "32" marque on it. The name simply called "Golf VI R" , the ultimate Golf ever built. With the aggressive styling, unique "R" badge on the left side of the grille, and its similarity to the Scirocco R, the new R is equipped with the 270PS, 2.0-litre engine that has an outstanding top speed of 250km/h. That was 10km/h more than the Golf GTI.

While Volkswagen taking the lead as the world's largest automaker, these three sporty Golf line-up are sure to fire up the driver's adrenaline for some more action, more speed, and more thrills on the road. The GTI might seem to be basic for a car enthusiast, the GTD can be a pleasant alternative to the GTI, and the R can be a big thriller on the road. Combine all three and it is a German roller coaster ride to Hell.

Photo: Volkswagen Group

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kia K7

The Nissan Fuga of the Korean market has set to harvest out of the barriers and approached to the horizon of the Korean automotive industry. Welcome to Kia's avant-garde flagship sedan that based on the KND-5 concept premium sedan under the VG codename, the K7 is here.

2010 Kia K7

The name "K7" is the first time Kia Motors using the naming structure the same way Audi and Renault-Samsung Motors do. The "K" letter stands for Kia Motors, the automaker's birthplace: Korea, the English word: kinetic, the Greek word: Kratos, and so on, relating to the letter K. With all the Peter Schreyer trademark designs earned by newer Kia models such as the Mohave/Borrego sport utility vehicle, Soul, the mid-size Forte sedan and Koup, and the latest second-generation Sorento (KDM name: Sorento R), this is truly a aristocratic invention that was based on the Hyundai Grandeur. (Known in other markets as the Azera) The K7 has packed with the aggressive front lamps, enlarged "Peter Schreyer grille”, scissor-type side mirrors borrowed from the latest Hyundai Sonata, Audi-shaped rear lamps, seven exterior colors, and a sexier side view that provides sportiness of a sports car with the glamour of a luxury car.

2010 Kia K7 interior

Aside from the attractive exterior, the K7's interior design provides an exceptional comfort and relaxation to bring most businesspeople what they warrant for a luxury sedan. From the high-tech dashboard, optional lighting that was borrowed from the previous-generation Toyota Mark X or the upcoming Daihatsu Tanto Exe small car, temperature-controlled steering wheel, climate control, engine start/stop button, leather seats, optional navigation system, and more of the interior features, no other luxury cars stand a chance against the beauty of Kia's new flagship sedan. It also has the welcome system that greets the driver by unlocking the K7 by itself when the driver with the corresponding key is nearby.

The K7 has a choice of three different engines to choose:
1. A Theta II 2.4-litre engine with the power output of 180ps with the fuel economy of 11.8km/L,

2. A high-performance Mu 2.7-litre engine with the power output of 200ps and the fuel economy of a moderate 11.0,

3. A flagship Lambda II 3.5-litre engine with the power output 290ps, with a modest 10.6km/L of fuel economy.

All K7 variants come with the 6-speed automatic transmission. For the peace of mind, the K7's armed with the finest features such as the Lane Departure Warning System, Electronic Control Suspension (available only for VG350 variant), Amplitude Selective Damper (available only for VG240 and VG270 variants), smart key entry, Tire Pressure Monitor System, RPAS reversing sensors, and Parking Guide System for parking safety.


Lighter body, higher performance, finest safety features, majestic design, impressive quality, these are the words only a staunch Korean car addict describes the true beauty of Kia's newest flagship sedan, the K7. Much ado being the replacement of the Opirus/Amanti luxury car (will they replace it? Because the face-lifted model, with the "Premium" moniker on it, still on sale), the K7 makes an impressive premium sedan ready to take out the likes of the Nissan Fuga, Toyota Crown series, Lexus GS, Audi A6, and BMW 5-Series. On the reverse side, it does not have the guts to beat its compatriot, the Hyundai Genesis.

Reader Note: Kia's newest flagship, K7, is driving its way to the Korean drama scene thanks to Korea's answer to ABS-CBN's Palos, which titled "IRIS" and it airs by KBS. (The station behind Boys over Flowers, the Korean version of Taiwan's Meteor Garden and Japan's Hana Yori Dango) Let us hope Crunchyroll putting up the Korean action drama, IRIS, on the list of Korean dramas served in this site, and as for you, Korean drama fans living in Korea, you should check out the thrilling action drama, IRIS, on KBS, which stars Kim Seung-woo, Lee Byung-heon, and Jeong Jun-ho. I bet you will like it thanks to the show's thrilling storyline.
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